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Good Fat, Bad Fat Has Arrived! Order Your Copy Today and Get a Free Gift!

I talk a lot about fat on this blog—body fat, healthy fat, harmful fat—so when I came across Romy Dollé’s book Good Fat, Bad Fat [1], I was more than intrigued. The only problem was, it was written in German. So my team and I at Primal Blueprint Publishing [2] collaborated with Romy and scientific consultant Torsten Albers, MD, to give you the English version of Good Fat, Bad Fat…and today’s release day!

In a nutshell, Good Fat, Bad Fat [1] educates readers on all aspects of dietary fat, and dispels all the “fat phobia” misinformation promoted by the mainstream.

In Good Fat, Bad Fat, you’ll learn how to:

• Break through your resistance to eating fat and gain a clear understanding of the health benefits of good fat
• Increase fat intake with nutritious fats
• Eliminate bad fats from your diet
• Enjoy 70 delicious, perfectly balanced macronutrient recipes
• Stay motivated with inspirational success stories, easy-to-understand summaries of scientific studies, psychological insights, and relatable personal anecdotes

It’s actually Romy’s second book with us. We published Fruit Belly [3] last year, which is a four-day step-by-step plan to eliminate the digestive distress and health problems resulting from weight loss diets featuring large amounts of fruit, salad, and low-fat dairy products. If you battle fruit belly, it’s a must-read.

As for Good Fat, Bad Fat, I’m commemorating the launch with two deals:

1. Order Good Fat, Bad Fat [1] by May 25th and get a free digital copy of the PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Mayo eCookbook.

2. Buy the limited time Super Fat Bundle [4] before midnight on May 25th, and you’ll get:

It’s just $49.95 plus FREE Shipping & Handling.

Both these deals turn into pumpkins at midnight on May 25th. You don’t need a coupon code. Just click here [1] to purchase the book and we’ll ship it to you pronto and email you the PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Mayo eCookbook soon after.

If your pantry is empty and you want to stock up on condiments with the Super Fat Bundle, then click here [4] to order.

But before you go, check out this recipe from Good Fat, Bad Fat. A little teaser if you will!

Rösti with Fried Egg

Servings: 3 – 4



Serving suggestions:

Instead of a big rösti, divide the grated potatoes into three or four servings to share.

That’s it for today! I hope you love the book. And I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.