Going Primal Helped My Asperger’s

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I experienced an unexpected side effect from following your plan.

I suffer from a form of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome, the two worst effects of which are difficulty with eye contact and not understanding facial expressions.

Within a week of starting The Primal Blueprint, I noticed I was looking my boss in the eye, which is something I have had a lot of trouble with in the past.

I’ve always found eye contact to be very difficult, even with loved ones.

I just thought you might be interested in hearing about this, I’ve heard gluten-free diets could help children with autism but I’m 53 years old and have lived with this my whole life.

If I never lost weight or felt better (I’ve also lost a lot of weight and feel better than I have in years!) I would do this plan just for the connection I have found with my family and co-workers.

Thank you for your work on The Primal Blueprint, it’s made a real difference in my life!!!


Update: 11/16/2009


Here is the sum total of what your plan has done for me. I almost hesitate to write it since it sounds like I’m extolling the virtues of a miracle drug; my wife says I’ve gone completely nutty about it.

I started eating Primal Oct. 10th of this year. So far, I’ve experienced the following:

1. As I mentioned in my earlier note, my Asperger’s Syndrome symptoms have lessened. As long as I can remember, I’ve been unable to make consistent eye contact with anyone, including my family. If I tried to maintain eye contact, it wore me out and made me extremely anxious. It is such a little thing to a normal person that they might not understand what a liability it is when you can’t do it.

About one week of changed eating habits have enabled me to maintain good eye contact with my family and co-workers; just this one thing made the program worth while. I’ve been getting along with everyone so much better, my grandson in particular. Our relationship has improved so much that it is just wonderful.

2. I’ve had a problem with seizures for the last 10 or 12 years. These were mostly mild, I’d have 2-3 every evening when I was tired. They used to wear me out and my eyes would go bloodshot when I’d have them. I’ve had MRI’s and extensive checkups with the doctor, they could never find anything wrong with me. After the first week on the diet, the seizures subsided. Since that time, I’ve had 1 extremely mild seizure. (I write this on Nov. 16th)

3. My blood pressure went down considerably. I have run about 135 over 85 for years, that’s on blood pressure meds. I had to start cutting my pills in half since my pressure has been about 105 over 60 the last couple of weeks. I’m hitting the doc up to let me off of it altogether since I know the medication is not good for my body if I don’t need it.

4. I lost about 12 lbs over the last month, more importantly, I lost four notches in my belt. My face, legs and arms are noticeably thinner, no change in exercise patterns. ( I walk a mile or two a day and do some light body weight exercises.)

5. Last, but certainly not least, my arthritis pain has completely subsided. Both of my knees, my right hand and my back used to hurt so bad I seldom wanted to go out after work. I’ve gotten so perky my wife wonders if I’ve been substituted for her real husband.

Once again, thank you for the work you are doing!!!

You have made an incredible difference in my and my family’s lives!!!


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