August 25 2009

Getting Primal with Grok Music

By Mark Sisson

This reader created video was submitted for a Primal Blueprint Contest. Click here to find out how you can participate and win Primal prizes!

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28 thoughts on “Getting Primal with Grok Music”

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  1. Grok on, man! That was awesome. Makes me want to run out and get some clubs and a mace!

    Fantastic job with the music, too; that was classic.

  2. I listened to that a dozen times to get the words, NICE job!

    No Franken foods, Grok on!

  3. That was just superb – the production values, the music, the star – and all of course on a solid primal foundation!

  4. Awesome Vid. I won’t even bother submitting anything. That was inspiring.

  5. I’m going to have my man carry me up the stairs like that, too! I weigh 112, I hope he can handle it!!!!

  6. Fantastic, oh to be that young again. You’ve got my vote for sure.

  7. I WANT THAT! What you do! And how great you look, the lifestyle clearly shows! Want that too, in the female version 🙂
    Very inspirational!

  8. WHAT WAS THAT AT 3:20?
    A MOUNTAIN LION?????????????????

  9. I was worried you and the cameraman were going to be “primal-dinner”!!! LOL
    Dr John

  10. I’m a Grok-in-training and I really like the diversity in this workout. And it looked fun to boot!