August 30 2009

Getting Primal: Home Gym Style

By Mark Sisson

This reader created video was submitted for a Primal Blueprint Contest. Click here to find out how you can participate and win Primal prizes!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Primal: Home Gym Style”

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  1. Hey – Great video. Just watch those deadlifts. Back looks really rounded. I’m normally never one of those guys to critique someone’s form (especially someone w/ the stones to put it up on the web) but that’s one exercise fault that can really leave you out of commission.

    Very cool use of cinderblocks by the way.


    1. hey, thanks for the comment. yeah i agree, i thought i had perfect form til i watched my own video…wow i had no idea i was rounding my back so much….so if nothing else at least i saw where i needed some work.

    2. I totally agree deadlifts are awfull – sorry. can really damage and hurt your lower back, and although its a great video to post something like that on your website is bad for everyone watching thinking its good and the right way to do it… no no no.. hang cleans look good but there should be more of a “hang” there.. anyway sorry but thinking purely about everyone else at home watching this and thinking of their safety as well as yours.. keep that back in neutral position!

  2. Anytime. I find it really hard to have an accurate picture of what your form really looks like, especially when you’re pulling something heavy. The gym I go to sometimes does videos of us doing the workout of the day. I often cringe when I see myself.

    Anyway, cool video man..

    Take care.