From Adrenal Fatigue to Keto Clarity: I Now Have More Energy than I Can Handle!

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Lucky me. I’ve been fit and happy my whole life; always followed what I believed were healthful ways-of-eating along with workout plans that made me feel great and kept my body trim. And, for a long time I was really in shape. But, little by little I was amping up my cardio as well as my carbs, and I would reason this madness by thinking I had earned more carbs through working out so hard. At one point I was doing five Spin classes a week, along with an hour plus of weights 4 times a week, plus running, and whatever else I could throw in the mix.

I was sailing along pretty great until I turned 50. Then my Father called to tell me he had 4th Stage Bladder Cancer, and a couple of months later, he passed away. We were very close so I was immediately plunged into instant adrenal fatigue. It was so bad at one point that I registered zero adrenaline, even when confronted with a terrifying situation. I was gaining weight in spite of all my workouts, not to mention that I wasn’t eating much. Huh? One day, I was driving my car on the freeway when another car blew one of its front tires and came careening toward me and a friend. I had no reaction, just turned the wheel to avoid the accident while my friend was screaming his head off. That was my turning point. I knew I had to address my adrenal fatigue and change how I ate and worked out.

I did a LOT of research, consulted a Naturopath and immediately cut out all exercising for a month. I began taking adrenal supplements, followed a vitamin protocol, removed as much stress as I could and went on with my life. During my exercise hiatus I read as much as possible about nutrition and how it affected adrenal fatigue (which in turn affected weight loss) and after going down several rabbit holes online, I found Primal Blueprint!

I ordered the book, joined the website and haven’t looked back once. I am now in the best shape of my life, have more energy than I can handle (or anyone else can handle, for that matter). I work out with weights for 30 minutes about 3 times a week using compound movements like squats and pull ups and others that Mark recommends. I walk a lot, and once a week or every 10 days I do 6-10 minutes of HIIT cardio. I’ve successfully shared the book and methodology with several people (one of whom actually plays Frisbee with Mark!).

About a month or so ago, I decided to take it one step further and began Keto. Total brain clarity and energy, never more up and happy in my life. Then lo and behold, recently received info from Mark about a Keto Summit and am listening to those podcasts excitedly. Life is GOOD!

And to think, I could still be a very average 20 pounds overweight, dragging around with zero energy and thinking that is totally normal. Ha! Thanks to Primal Blueprint I will never have to worry about that!


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  1. Way to go Wendy O! You seem like a human dynamo. Great story about facing a stressful situation in your life and putting the brakes on chronic exercise and carbo loading. Lost my dad last year, he was my hero and best friend, tore me up big time and I still miss him. I’m sure your father was proud of you.

    1. Thanks so much. It’s a constant evolution which beat de-evolution every time

  2. Wow Wendy…thanks for the inspiration on a cold Friday morning! We’re the same age, and like you I’ve been able to maintain my weight easily most of my life. Exciting to hear about the energy and clarity you have going Keto! You look amazing and it sounds like you feel even better. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, but it’s great to hear how you went from a crisis situation to thriving. And the month off from exercise was so smart.

    1. I am clearer now mentally than ever before in my life. Thanks for the kind words!

      1. Would love to know what a typical day looks for you (regarding food) now that you have gone keto. I feel great doing what I consider high fat, moderate protein and low to moderate carb, but really curious about keto.

  3. Thank you, Wendy, for an inspiring success story.

    “I began taking adrenal supplements, followed a vitamin protocol”

    Can you please shed some light on this – what supplements did you take? Ashwagandha? Rhodiola rosea? Or something else? What did your vitamin protocol look like?

    1. I love Rhodiola and find it helps a lot. But, for me personally, the best is Adrenal cortex pills. I used to take a lot of vitamins. Now just a multi, D3 and VC. Thanks for reading!

      1. Thanks for a very inspirational story. Could you share a little more about the Adrenal Cortex formula you use and what is “VC”? Thank you!

  4. Congrats, Wendy, and thanks for sharing! I can relate to your story as a person who tends to overdo it; I think that even if we’re not suffering from full on adrenal fatigue, we can hit a healthy balance with a lot less effort than we think…and in our 50’s, it’s easier to run ourselves into the ground than when we were in our 30’s! Thanks for the keto info and the inspiration!

    1. Ugh, Tom. I am still tempted to push the limits. I am inherently Type A but find that Mark’s books and Primal protocols keep me more in line. Thanks for reading my story!

    2. I am such a type A person that my inclination still is to burn the (healthy!) candle at both ends. Conscious efforts to do less and gain more in so doing!

      Thanks for the nice words

  5. Wow, Wendy. I briefly glimpsed your B & A photos before I opened up the post and thought, “Well, she’s a lot younger but I sure wish I could l look like that.” As I started reading the actual post, surprise!, you are roughly my age. When I read about your father, I had a momentary moment of panic when I thought perhaps I’d accidentally posted my journal without knowing it! I lost my dad to Stage 4 kidney cancer a couple of years ago. I was already paleo at the time (albeit half-assed paleo) but I’m sure that helped me cope. I’m very sorry about your dad.
    I too have recently gone keto. (Can you see why I was feeling a sense of deja vu??) and that is the missing link for me too. I know that not all women do well on keto, but I sure do. I am never hungry, never craving junk, and yet more than enough energy to be really active and the weight is melting off. I surely hope I look as good as you really soon!

    1. It’s such an ongoing experiment for us all to find what works.

  6. Wendy, what an inspiring story! I went through the same adrenal fatigue ordeal and spiraled into an anxious mess before I got my life back together through a mix of a good support team, and yes tons of vitamins, and spirituality. It was tough for me to lay low on the workouts as well but cutting stress was the biggest benefit of all! Thanks for sharing your story. You are a true warrior!

    1. Nicely done, Suji. It feels good to be back with the living. Yay you!

  7. Great story. Love reading those of a similar age. You are looking fab at 50!!!! Wondering if I need to look closer at keto. What does your daily menu look like? I have a similar work out regime but still have 25 lbs to go. Maybe need to change up nutrition as I have been stalled out for 10 months.

    1. Nutrition über alles. Eggs and pastured meat for breakfast if I don’t fast until lunch. Lunch is protein, good fat and veggies (no root vegetables) and dinner is the same. I really have never felt better. Nuts and cheese are allowed in moderation but I can’t eat them in moderation. I am an all or nothing woman so I leave them out!

  8. Can you please recomend a brand of adrenal cortex supplements please?

    1. Lots of them out there. I use one called “Adrenergize” which I love. Just don’t get any vegetarian adrenal support pills and you’ll be cool.

  9. Re: More energy than you can handle. I recently went keto, too, and my leg muscles are tensing up from not enough activity. (This has happened when I went keto in the past, too, and I found I needed to do squats every day to keep my knees happy.)

      1. I’m taking tension out with one of those grooved balls (Rogue fitness MobilityWOD Supernova) and it’s helping a lot.

  10. Hi Wendy, congratulations on your success! I’m curious about how you began Keto. What did you do to make that transition? Thanks for your help.

    1. Check out Keto Clarity with Jimmy Moore. It’s a book, or listen to his long-running very successful free podcast called Livin’ La Vida Low Carb

    2. Checkout Stephanie Keto in YouTube ,maybe you did it already 🙂
      Super Keto inspiration!

    3. It wasn’t that big of a jump from Primal to Keto. A lot of Ketoers (is that a word? It is now) experience Carb flu but my carb levels were already low from eating Primally.

      1. Thanks Wendy. You’re right, it isn’t that big of a jump from Primal, which I’ve been doing pretty faithfully for the last five years. I thought I was eating HFLC already, but apparently I need to up my fat by at least 50 to100 grams more to begin with. All this has been really helpful and I appreciate the responses.

  11. So sorry to hear about your dad. That is an amazing way to turn your life around after such a difficult time. I know I first discovered primal/paleo through health reasons, not so extreme as yours, but I was having recurring tonsillitis and knew I had to get my health in order. I’m a few years younger than you, but how inspiring, you look fantastic.

  12. Congratulations, thanks for posting, will pass it to my keto-wannabees friends, amazing role you are!

  13. Hah! I would totally give this woman a standing ovation.
    As in clap clap clap – more like appreciatively POUNDING claps, even til my palms were sore.

  14. I’m curious about the women who have not had success with keto – like me. I never felt worse, to be honest, when I tried this. I need some carbs, even if its berries, or beans or squash. I do power/vinyasa yoga 5-6 days a week and I’ll go for a long 60-90 minute walk twice a week (i.e. not over exercising). I’ve loved adding avocado to my diet but, like you Wendy, I’m all-or-nothing so nuts, coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, cheese – yikes!!

    1. Hi Wendy, indeed very sorry to hear of your father’s passing. My sincere sympathies. Very proud of you for moving forward in your life.
      In one of your posts you make reference to “breakfast if I don’t fast until lunch”. Are you doing Intermittent Fasting from time to time? If so, can you share a bit more about that?

      1. Sorry I missed this. I was doing IF but find it too tempting to shove food down my throat afterward. Ha. If I don’t eat breakfast, it isn’t planned. I’ve had the best success just listening to my body and what it needs.

  15. Hi Wendy, indeed very sorry to hear of your father’s passing. My sincere sympathies. Very proud of you for moving forward in your life.
    In one of your posts you make reference to “breakfast if I don’t fast until lunch”. Are you doing Intermittent Fasting from time to time? If so, can you share a bit more about that?

  16. Hi Wendy~ your story is very inspiring! I think I’m suffering from long term adrenal fatigue. I started keto 3 months ago and have only lost 4#. Can you offer any suggestions or direction on adrenaline and other supplements? I went on Atkins 15 years ago with great success and was expecting similar results with keto. I’m really stumped here.

  17. What an amazing transformation and inspiring story ! I have started taking some multi vitamins do they really help ?

  18. It is 2019, but I just found this article regarding adrenal fatigue. I would like to contact this writer to gain more information about her process of healing.
    Thank you.