It’s a Fried, Fried, Fried, Fried World

ABC interviews a fried success: meet the man behind fried oreos, fried twinkies, fried Coke, fried avocados and many, many other fried delicacies.

From the vault:

Fried whole potato on a stick

Fried hot dog fried in deep fried french fries on a stick (scroll down; hold breath)

Deep fried lattes, finally!

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12 thoughts on “It’s a Fried, Fried, Fried, Fried World”

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  1. I know that I feel strongly about personal responsibility when it comes to health, so I am probably overly sensitive. Having said that, it really does bother me when I see people being so flippant about eating harmful foods.

  2. I know this guy personally. He’s really nice and the people who work for him are all like family. I am not defending him, but it is customer demand that lines his pockets. He wouldn’t fry it up if people didn’t buy it. I wish he was serving the food of his heritage at the fair. Yummy Armenian food…

  3. Deep fried Chardonnay & Spam? Together? Yuck. Just… yuck.

    Primalman, I agree with your sentiment. It’s amazing how people can have an attitude of “Haha! This could kill me! How wonderful!” because they don’t have any immediate repercussions from it. I doubt those same people would stand on the roof of a moving vehicle while saying “Haha! This could kill me!” Or maybe they would. Darwin at work, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Since changing my eating habits I’ve noticed myself being very aware of what other people are eating. I find myself being judgmental (although I try not to do this!) and feeling upset that people are so intentionally unhealthy. The cost of poor health affects everyone in some way, even those who are in top condition.

    It’s just hard to muzzle myself when I run into obese friends at the grocery store and see their carts loaded with soda, loaves of bread & Little Debbie snacks. In the past I wouldn’t have even looked at their cart, now I find myself wondering when they’re going to find out they have diabetes if they don’t have it already. But I know no amount of “This is what’s good for you” will change anyone’s ways, so I keep silent and take heart in knowing that at least I can do better for myself, if no one else.

    Seeing the people in that video brought that feeling of “How can you treat yourself that way?!” to the surface. I can’t imagine that stuff tasting good, it looks totally gross to me and I’m still not even a tenth as “healthy” as the rest of you Apples. Even when I ate horribly I wouldn’t have touched that junk. Well, I like a funnel cake at the county fair, but deep fried twinkies? Oh hell no.

  4. I agree with the sentiment that it’s not about attacking an individual, and we hope it didn’t come across that way to everyone. This man, while still responsible in his own way, is simply providing what people unfortunately want. We are all responsible for ourselves. Too bad people are so unconcerned about their own health, huh? 🙁

  5. Well, they are at the L.A. county fair. Maybe in real life people are more concerned about their health. The guy is obviously happy and proud of his business. I wouldn’t eat it, but good for him. People need to be responsible for themselves. Lemur, I have the same feelings. How can people expect to feel good when their grocery carts are loaded up with crap?

  6. I believe in letting people be responsible for themselves, but I also believe in educating them. That is, everyone should make their own decisions, but those decisions need to be well informed. We don’t have a good education system that teaches people about health and nutrition. We don’t have an educational system that teaches people how to research and teach themselves. In the absence of these things, people like this can and do take advantage of people’s ignorance by selling them crap that will kill them. How is this different from me selling lead coated toys to kids?


  7. I, for one, don’t really care what people eat. It’s the beauty of freedom to be able to eat what you want. I WISH people ate more healthy but I don’t begrudge them nor judge them if they don’t adhere to what I think is right. If anything doing that just pisses people off, there’s always a tactful way of trying to get people to change. You may never get someone off of grains, but cutting down and more protein? Probably. Cutting out all junk food? Probably not. Cutting down? Probably.