Deep Fried Potato on a Stick

Oh, dear…and we were just getting over deep fried lattes.

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18 thoughts on “Deep Fried Potato on a Stick”

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      1. You skewer the potato on the stick first, then cut around the potato radially as if into slices, but moving the knife continually upward so a slice never gets fully cut off. Then you pull the potato coil gently apart until it looks nice. I’ve never deep fried a potato but I have roasted veggies like this because everyone asks how to do it!

  1. It may make your heart stop, but you have to admit it looks cool 😉

  2. @Mikeymoo – lol, it does take a certain finesse 😉

    @Brian – be sure to wash it down with a fried coke.

  3. its just one big huge curly fry…. :shutters: how do you eat it? how can you eat it? i think i gained a pound just pondering it….

  4. Hey, those fried potato curlies are being sold by a Korean street vendor for only $1, and they’re not nearly as disgusting as these:

    I actually tried one once and lived to regret it. Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese bakeries sell starchy white buns stuffed with hot dog slices drizzled in mayo, ketchup, or both, served cold. Mmmm!

  5. Polypore mushroom influence, surely?

    Mmmm. All that surface area for Vile Fatty Fryer Gunk to stick to.

    Modern food is amazing, in a very bad way.

  6. Sir Hola..Any chance that’d you care to comment on Taubes new book Good Calories, Bad….. ?
    Also his article on sat fat in the New York times in 2002..type in Taubes and Fat Lie and NYT and up it should pop.

    All good things,
    Simon Fellows

  7. TwistedChips have come up with a nice, full stainless steel tornado potato cutter at a very fair price.
    The only 4-IN-1 spiral cutter in the world that can make: Tornados Potatoes, Curly fries, Ribbon fries and Angel Hair Fries. You can also slice vegetables like zucchini, carrots, radish, onions, and cucumber. w w w . t w i s t e d c h i p s . c o m

  8. What if that potato was deep fried in free range pastured pig lard?

    Is it the carbohydrate density that’s the problem? or is it the type of fat used for frying that’s the problem? (polyunsaturated) or is it the frying part of the deep fried that’s the problem? Lard is saturated, so therefore is stable in high heat. They used to use lard in the old days, but shifted from “unhealthy” lard, to “healthy” vegetable oils. LOL!!!!

    Phew, I had a good chuckle there typing, “healthy vegetable oils”!

  9. Have you heard of a machine that cuts the potatoes for the potato on a stick