Friday Health News Roundup

Burger King Rethinks Advertising at Kids (Sort of)

The fast food giant is putting a stop to certain ads directed at children. While this is a promising step, there’s certainly room for improvement: only ads featuring meals with more than 560 calories are getting cut.

FDA Misfire?

After the FDA issued a warning that antidepressants increase suicide risk in teenagers, prescriptions dropped – but suicides spiked dramatically. What’s unclear is whether or not there is any causative link.

Sick? Lonely? It’s Genetic

Of course it is! Scientists say that health problems such as inflammation, reduced immunity and heart disease are higher in people who report being socially isolated. In a recent study researchers found that (ready for this?) fourteen lonely people had certain genes that “overexpressed”, thus indicating a genetic link between loneliness and health. (To be fair, a prior study of 8,000 twins suggested a probable relationship.)

FDA’s Top Legal Counsel Heading for Private Sector

Well, it was fun while it lasted! Another FDA head honcho terminates the government fun and goes back to the private sector. Sheldon Bradshaw was supposed to be a breath of fresh air for the agency because he had no reported ties to drug companies, but he proved to be standard issue, offering one-on-one meetings with pharmaceutical companies during his tenure.

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  1. The FDA has certainly over estimated the positive affects the anti-depressants are having on the teens while also under-estimating the suicidal side affects brought upon by the medication. This evidence is nothing more than statistics, but should bring to the FDA’s attention that further investigation needs to be done.