Five Years Paleo—and NEVER Looking Back!

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Three days before Thanksgiving, my husband came home and told me “We are going Paleo today!” We had been hearing about the amazing benefits of going Paleo from friends, but I was skeptical!

How could anyone maintain that as a lifestyle? I don’t want to do another yo-yo diet! There is NO way this is going to cure us.

After battling depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anemia and IBS for years, I decided that the doctors weren’t being helpful, and I was sick of feeling emotionless on medication.

“You are too young, it must be stress! Take this pill and this pill twice a day!” – I am so over hearing this!

My husband suffered from severe social anxiety and bladder issues that were also chalked up to stress. He was in and out of the doctor for the bladder problems, but no one had any explanation. We both decided that if the doctors couldn’t give us a good reason, we needed an alternative.

No one ever asked about our diet. Doctors didn’t seem to care or bother to link food to health.

Paleo promised us a change, one that I was very reluctant to believe in but, at that point, we needed to try something else.

After I began reading success stories, I was immediately intrigued to see if food really could heal!


We jumped right in 3 days before Thanksgiving in 2011. The first holiday Paleo was tough but when we got home, we bought a copy of Mark Sisson’s 21-Day Total Body Transformation, Melissa and Doug Hartwig’s It Starts with Food and Practical Paleo’s Cookbook. These were the only books our local bookstore had in stock for Paleo. We devoured every tip, trick and fact we could read about Paleo.

By day 10 of our 21 day transformation, we were hooked on Paleo.

Not only did Brandon’s bladder issue go away almost immediately, but he lost over 60 pounds in the first 3 months.

It’s been 5 years, and I have yet to have a severe panic attack or need medication. I no longer suffer from IBS or anemia.

Brandon and I both became relieved from anxiety, and my depression is now manageable and only occurs seasonally! (I still hate being cooped up in the winter season!)

The truth is, I was so against going Paleo because of my preconceived ideas against the word “DIET.” I didn’t think Paleo was going to help, and I didn’t want to feel like I was on yet another failed diet plan.

This Thanksgiving week, we are celebrating 5 years. 5 years of freedom from medication and medical conditions. 5 years of freedom from bloating and exhaustion. 5 years of freedom from the fear of my next panic attack.

We have come a long way and continue to learn how to improve our Paleo journey. Paleo has given us an entire life change. We now have 2 beautiful kids, and we’ve never felt better.

I started blogging my Paleo journey with a friend on a website called farm fresh and active. Now I write full time for I share recipes and I coach others on their Paleo journey.

My husband is now the lead bassist in our church, and he plays for over 1300 people every Sunday. He has taken on a new job and leadership positions at work.

I’m no longer anemic, and both our kids are fantastic eaters! We couldn’t imagine where we would have been if we hadn’t found Mark’s Daily Apple and a few other informative bloggers. We’ve been so blessed to watch others begin their Paleo journey and inspire others to Go Paleo.

So from Paleo skeptic to Paleo blogger, I now know that Paleo is truly powerful and can drastically improve lives.


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