Is the FDA Serious?

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FDA Officially Jumps the Shark

The FDA is attacking your freedom. That’s no hyperbole, and it’s not just because we take issue with Labelman. Evidently, the FDA figures they’ve done such a bang-up job regulating drugs safely and effectively, why not extend their sticky fingers responsibilities to other profitable public health modalities? Read this, or this or this to find out what’s going on. Hint: any vitamin, herb or alternative therapy may soon be regulated as “medicine”.

Admittedly, this sounds great – we all know there are plenty of fake diet pills and far too many snake oil supplement hucksters out there. However, think about how this move also significantly reduces your freedom.
Bringing natural therapies under the jurisdiction of the FDA has all sorts of implications:

– Will natural therapies be turned into Big Pharma profit projects? How does one patent an herb, anyway?

– What about people who have no access to a doctor or health insurance? Or seniors who are on limited budgets?

– Why should the FDA be given any further control when its existing credibility and capability are already legitimately in question?

Read about it. And then, if you have a moment, do something about it here.

UPDATE 5/2/07: Mark has reigned us in. His experience in the supplement industry and a double-check analysis reveals: “no dice”. Apparently this is really an old issue that’s been dredged up again. Visit this link for a good perspective.

If Only

Chocolate is better than kissing, according to all the latest reports. Scientists say the sweet treat really, really does make you feel better than a tasty kissing session. Hmm. (Not buying it!)
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