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Worker Bees’ Daily Bites

The peanut butter scandal continues, ice cream supposedly boosts fertility, and a half glass of wine a day is the fountain of youth. Oh, and the FDA has created a hurricane-like warning system for flu epidemics. But 9 out of 10 dentists agree, today’s roundup still beats yet another day of Britney’s bald head and Anna Nicole’s burial. (Come on, journalists! There are things going on in the world!)

So We Asked These Dudes

Wine is better than beer and drinking it makes you live a lot longer – or so claims a new study done on a bunch of old guys. Though the report is already flying around the web and may hit the evening news, don’t reach for that trendy modernist cube of pinot just yet. The study is not really a “study” (and we love the news source for pointing out the study’s problems in a handy-dandy blue sidebar – you must click below).

This study is yet another review of a collection of questionnaires. This one involves men – born about 100 years ago – who filled out seven questionnaires over the course of 40 years. While evidence does point to the antioxidant value of vino, today’s report is just scraping the barrel. No more wining.

Just like grandpa used to make...

Yep, It’s True

You can reduce your risk of heart disease by taking good care of your gums. Flossing is just as important as brushing – did you know that? Sure, it’s annoying and tedious and twanging your incisors like a harp gets old, but do it anyway.

Javiera de Aguirre photo

We Don’t Like These Numbers

3 out of 4 Americans are overweight. 1 out of 3 women die of heart disease. And 1 in 4 girls have HPV, the STD that causes cervical cancer. An ounce of prevention…

Yes, it’s true: HPV affects 1 in 4 teen girls.

Fish in a Barrel

We know we pick on the FDA a lot here at Mark’s Daily Apple. Mainly because it’s just too easy.

Today, the Feckless Death Administration has warned people not to consume raw milk. Why?

Well, in a seven-year span, exactly two people died from bad raw milk. Yes – two. No one should die from milk, but come on – more people die from drinking regular milk than that!

Raw milk has its dangers. It’s not pasteurized, so it has the potential to contain bacteria and viruses. But pasteurized milk is hardly nature’s perfect food. For one thing, calves die when fed pasteurized moo juice (all the precious enzymes and living bacteria are neutralized). For another, standard milk has other contaminants like pus, blood, chemicals, antibiotics and recombinant bovine hormone.

Mark gets concerned (make that livid) when the FDA scares people half out of their minds over relatively insignificant health threats. Which brings us to the next bone of contention.

The FDA has created a catastrophe warning system for epidemics similar to that oh-so-effective terror alert color system. It’s yet another beautiful, inspiring graphic from the folks who brought you Labelman.

Another brilliant graphic from the FDA
Arrow of death

What’s your pet nickname for the fabulous institution we call the FDA? Let us know, Apples.

Also, Sara will be bringing you a handy report on dairy, fat, fertility and cellulite – and how it all really does relate – in tomorrow’s edition of Smart Fuel. In the meantime, no, ice cream isn’t the new wonder fertility drug (bummer).

UPDATE: Oops – the arrow of death is from the CDC. But it’s still silly.

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