Can Vegetarians and Carnivores Agree? Factory Farms Stink!

Is such a thing possible? Some of you are vegetarians, while others are confirmed steak-lovers, and we’ve had some lively debate about meaty matters in the last week! But there’s no question that factory farming is not what’s best for the earth, animals, or humans, either. Is there?

Check out which states have the most factory farms, and then tell us what you think!

Factory farming

– via Jul at Veggie Chic

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6 thoughts on “Can Vegetarians and Carnivores Agree? Factory Farms Stink!”

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  1. Does the state of Texas do anything right?
    I really am waiting to rejoice with all my might when Texas and Texans get their wish and become their own country.
    Texas draws my keenest ire!!

  2. Factory farms, USDA slaughterhouses, improper livestock feed, loopholes to organic, free-range, and grass-fed definitions. It’s actually easier to not eat meat than to try to sort out whether what you’re being fed is actually what you believe it is.

  3. I noticed that my home state, Colorado, is one of the culprits. Let me just tell you that the area I live in (The North Fork Area on the Western Slope) is full of small organic farms and orchards. We need to support local small farmers. Just remember, when you buy produce from the supermarket, about 19 cents goes to the farmer. When you buy directly from the farmer (like farmer’s market or CSA’s) 100% goes to the farmer!

  4. It is very difficult to locate a Pro-Factory Farm site to allow for balance on the issue.

    Clearly, there are some benefits:
    1. Low Cost
    2. Efficiency
    3. Safety: Lower quantities of producers leads to easier oversight

    I realize that many participants on this board lean left and, don’t misunderstand, I’d prefer free-range and organic, but not everyone can afford such amenities. There is a hungry world that needs to be eat and if the Global Warming zealots are correct, Factory Farming could become a necessity for survival.

    1. The U.S. wastes nearly half of all the food it produces. If we were to all pull together and return to local, organic farming and livestock practices, it would force us to eat healthier and waste less. Less waste would even out the cost difference. This is not a pipe dream. All it takes is cooperation.

  5. My Uncle is raising me a wild turkey for thankgiving on his property. Isn’t that nice of him? You’re all invited…