Eggs Are Good for More Than Silly Cliches


People like to use eggs in words like eggscellent, eggxactly and eggstatic.

Poor eggs. I recommend using them in your meals instead – and think beyond breakfast on occasion. Eggs are slowly regaining favor after their Humpty-Dumpty fall during the whole cholesterol paranoia of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

We know that they contain valuable protein, vitamins and minerals: stress-busting selenium, antioxidant E, and eye-healthy lutein among them.

Because I am an egghead (sorry), I’m proud to bring you the latest findings from a study Mark pointed out to the Bees in the Journal of Nutrition. In a study that was randomized (good), controlled (great), and cross-sectional (nice), scientists found that a daily egg gave people’s eyes a boost with lutein and zeaxanthin (an antioxidant from the carotenoid family) and didn’t raise their serum cholesterol. Not that we worry too much about cholesterol anyway. That’s right – we don’t lose sleep over cholesterol! Just one of the many MDA ongoing health debates you might want to check out in the forum.

Whip yourself into shape!

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So scramble, Apples!

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8 thoughts on “Eggs Are Good for More Than Silly Cliches”

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  1. Mark,

    Good One!

    I Love Eggs, I think they’re GREAT! 😉
    Especially the Omega 3 variety…
    Studies on folks who had as much as 20 eggs per day for prolonged periods showed no (NONE) elevated LDL Colesterol levels at all!

    It’s good stuff!


    1. That’s good to know because I consume seven omega 3 eggs on most day; a four-egg omelette for my breakfast and three hard-boiled eggs in my lunch.

  2. Eggs… its whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Ok, not really but sometimes! I enjoy eggs at any point during the day and LOVE them raw in my smoothies!

    The egg really is incredible.

  3. I can’t believe I only started eating eggs last year!!!! Now they are a daily staple. Good to know they help your eyes too seeing as my sight has always been less than perfect (to say the least haha)

  4. I love eggs. I have added 3 hard boiled eggs to my daily routine and my blood work is phenomenal.

  5. I eat up to 12 eggs a day. Results good or bad yet to be determined :).

  6. I absolutely love scrambled eggs but I wish someone with authority could tell me that there is as much lutein and zeaxanthin in scrambled eggs as in ‘over easy’ eggs. I have read that to get the maximum lutein and zeaxanthin, they have to be eaten with a soft yolk. Does anybody out there know the difference in the amounts of these minerals in the same amounts of scrambled eggs and ‘over easy’ eggs?

  7. I have eggs as my main breakfast for over 3 months now, and it really help me get in shape.