Dear Mark: Raw Eggs

raw eggA glassful of raw eggs incites mixed reactions for many of us. It’s routine for some and revulsion for others. Commonly associated with bodybuilders and boxers (the Rocky scene) who want to bulk up, a lot of folks who fit neither category include them on a regular basis for simple nutritional reasons. However, there’s more to the picture, as this reader’s email suggests.

Dear Mark,

I have searched the site to see if there is any pros/cons of eating raw eggs. I know in the past, CW says that eating raw eggs can create a biotin deficiency in our bodies. I like having a couple of raw eggs in my whey protein drink after a workout. Do you have any information that would be helpful in the use of raw eggs?

Eggs in general are a nutritional (and wholly Primal!) powerhouse with impressive supplies of selenium, iodine, phosphorus, molybdenum, choline, lutein, vitamins A, B2, B5, B12, E, D and K. Add to this a healthy 5.5 grams of protein, 20% of your RDA for tryptophan and essential fatty acids. But what’s the specific draw to raw eggs?

A lot of folks choose to eat raw eggs because some nutrients can be diminished by heating. (Although this is true of cooking just about anything, cooking also makes certain nutrients more bioavailable – hence the constant pull and push between the raw foodists and traditional cooks.) Some people feel any change in the chemical structure is to be avoided. Others don’t. Although some vitamins (like vitamins C, B6 and B9) are more fragile and lose potency during heating (the more/longer heat, the more loss), other nutrients are enhanced. As reader Tuscoyote noted in the forum a few months ago, researchers have found that egg protein is more bioavailable when heated. (Thanks for the NPR link, Tuscoyote!) Here’s the study referenced in that interview. The study showed that egg protein is more digestible (94% versus 55-64%) when heated, probably due to alteration of the protein’s structure and the ability of digestive enzymes to infiltrate peptide bonds. Whether you eat your eggs heated or raw (or a little of both) in part depends on your goal in eating them to begin with.

As for drawbacks, there’s the well-circulated salmonella risk, which isn’t the dire prospect it’s often made out to be. The risk has been estimated as 1 in 10,000 (CDC) or 1 in 30,000 (Risk Analysis journal). And though washing eggshells can reduce much of the risk, it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. Salmonella can be present in the yolk due to infection in the hen’s reproductive tissue.

Of course, not all eggs are created equal when it comes to salmonella or nutrition. Not only are organic, free range eggs more nutrient-dense, one study found them to be significantly less contaminated than battery cage hens. Hens that graze and eat a natural diet as well as have more space to roam (to avoid living in feces) are naturally healthier. While the survey determined a quarter of battery cage groups to be contaminated, only 5% of those that were both organic and free range showed contamination. (Free-range, non-organic came up at 6.5%.) Simple refrigeration can keep any salmonella bacteria from multiplying, which minimizes the risk of actual illness from contaminated eggs. In those who are very young, pregnant or immune-compromised, salmonella risk is more of a consideration.

As you mention, eating raw eggs carries the eventual risk of a biotin deficiency. Although egg yolk is actually a rich source of biotin, the white contains avidin, a glycoprotein that bonds with biotin, preventing the nutrient’s absorption. Avidin is generally inactivated when cooked, which makes the biotin in the yolk fully available for absorption by the body. You don’t have to rule out raw eggs by any means. I wouldn’t advise eating them daily for long stretches of time without a biotin supplement (supported within a B-complex intake, since these vitamins work synergistically). If you’re eating them just a few times a week, the risk for deficiency isn’t as great, but I would still do a supplement or at least make sure I was getting a hefty amount of biotin rich food (swiss chard, tomatoes, carrots, liver and others) the days I eat raw eggs. As a compromise, some folks will just eat the raw yolks alone and cook up the whites later.

All that said, raw eggs can be part of your Primal fare. (There are advantages to cooked eggs, but it’s however you enjoy them.) If you like raw eggs, I’d say have at it – with the above info in mind. If you would rather cook them, I’d suggest going easy on the heat to avoid overcooking. Some folks suggest choosing cooking methods that leave the egg yolk intact and soft (like sunny side up or poached) because of concerns about oxidizing the cholesterol. I’m not too concerned about the small amount that might result from my breakfast routine. For myself, I take a middle road (mostly for taste). Sometimes I do my omelets, but just as often these days I’ll poach them so the egg white is cooked and yolk runny. Just had two for breakfast in fact.

Let me know your take on raw versus runny versus fully cooked. For those who go raw or not, how do you eat them? Thanks for all your questions and comments, and keep ‘em coming!

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I love eggs. I eat them raw in my protein shake. I fry them for lunch. I make custards with them for dessert. Cooked or raw, you can’t go wrong.

    1. I start my mornings with a semi primal coffee. I’ve always been a cream and sugar coffee drinker so here’s my coffee. I heat up some eggs still in the shell in a pan with water to about 140 degrees, then drop in the 2 eggs and a few extra egg whites into a vitamix blender set on the lowest speed. bring some milk to a boil in the microwave and add it with some instant coffee and a little agave nectar and a tbsp or so of extra virgin coconut oil for flavor. Not entirely primal but so good.
      I am wondering about oxidized cholesterol with the boil milk and yolks but I don’t think I’ll find an answer to that one.

      1. I’m not one to tell someone what to eat cause I love pizza, but I do for most of the time eat healthy. First off, sugar is responsible for over 70 different health problems, so it might be a good idea to just avoid it or exchange it for pure stevia. Check out if you don’t believe me. Secondly, your cream is most likely from homogenized and pasteurized dairy products. Also, not healthy. Read Boiling milk kills off all the good that it does your body. Best milk to look for is organic grass fed raw milk. Google it. Most of the time, you have to go to a farm to look for it, but it’s worth it.

        As far as your concern for oxidation, anytime you cook eggs, you oxidize the cholesterol in it which forms free radicals in your body. Raw eggs won’t do that to you. Same thing happens with milk. If you cook milk, you oxidize the cholesterol within it. Raw milk is far safer.

        1. Almost everything you said about pasteurized milk is entirely wrong. Sources: ( ( ( When using non-pasteurized dairy products you greatly increase your chance of contracting Listeria, and other nasty food borne illnesses. These illnesses will take you out of the gym or your workout routine or off your normal diet for a number of days if not weeks.

          1. Yeah, if you’re getting your milk from a place like the places they house cows for mass producing milk; it wasn’t a problem before they started keeping them in such conditions.

            Cows that are on small farms being taken care of by a competent farmer are safe. Dairy farmers don’t drink pasteurized milk, unless they are mass producing dairy, for a reason.

          2. Jacob , first of all your research header is an FDA GOV study , the FDA is one of the most crooked unethical agencies that has ever graced the this Earthly planes existence and any quotes ,studies or imput from them is to be discerned from this self appointed overlord authority . The difference between the superfood Raw milk and the undigestible glue called pastuerized milk is incalcuable , every nutrient is destroyed and denatured in the process , the protien is destroyed , the calcium is ruined all enzymes , probiotics , growth factors are removed making it pure poison! So the next time you have the ability to learn something new from a person that has done some homework , I am always amazed I have been studying Holistic nutrition for 20 years and still have full blown arguments with an person that thinks they qualify as an expert because they talked to their doctor or watched Dr Ozz on thursday !!!

        2. This is a reply to Jacob immediately below. Strangely, there is no “reply” button in my browser beneath Jacob’s post, so I am offering it here.

          I am not sure if Jacob is trolling, but believe the disparity of sentiment comes from the interpretation of the word “safer”.

          When considering pasteurized milk, it does seem safer in the short-term. Certainly our culture has generally adopted the believe that unpasteurized milk is very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost because somebody somewhere got sick from exposure.. Good FDA documentation supports this belief. To this end, I have never known anyone that got sick from eating sterilized food lacking some/all enzymes or bacteria (i.e. a Snickers Bar). Hence, it would seems safer to avoid any & all activity that might harm the body. It would also seem safer to avoid lifting weights at all cost. I would have never injured my lower back doing squats, or injured my elbow doing French Curls if I would have avoided the gym.

          The general assertion herein is that long term safe health is better served by feeding the body active enzymes and bacteria and gym workouts – despite the fact that somebody somewhere in history was indeed actually harmed by these things.

          On a personal level, I drank grass fed Jersey cow milk for about 1 year. It tasted wonderful, and I never got sick. I stopped drinking the stuff because the milk fat content was extremely high and I was putting on weight. And, getting the milk was a hassle.

          For me and my body, raw eggs are a boon. They are cheap, they make me feel better. And, they help me keep my weight down.

          After drinking thousands of eggs, I am not worried about salmonella – despite was the CDC or FDA might convey about the distant history of these problems. I’m more worried about smallpox than salmonella.

          For my LONG TERM safe health, I’ll keep drinking raw eggs.


        3. I’m also replying to ‘Jakob’ re: pasteurizing milk.
          There were several outbreaks of milk-borne illnesses in the early 20th century, and this was directly related to the cleanliness of the dairy facility and the cows living conditions. In this day and age it should not be a problem. When compared to other sources of listeria, ie: cantaloupe, raw dairy is the lowest. Pasteurized dairy has a higher count of causing it. So…

          1. have been getting my raw milk from friends for the last 18 years. have never gotten ill, my children were vibrant, healthy and strong, no one in my family became ill from drinking raw milk. my farmer friends take milk to the house straight from the tank. Have never gone to the store to buy pasteurized milk. They are both in their late 70’s. Never been sick from milk. So when they offered to give me as much cream as I could handle I jumped on the offer. So made homemade butter as well and surplus is turned into ghee. You haven’t had good fried food until you’ve had it fried in ghee (clarified butter).

      2. microwave???? what is the point of having raw eggs when you put microwaved milk in your body? strange. if you must boil, use the stove.

        1. People, microwaves do not radiate your food-_- the radio microwaves dissipate instantly when the magnetron is powered off. All it does is heat the food

    2. I’ve been researching eggs in general because my father has had a couple of strokes and has atrial fibrilation and someone said to feed him lots of eggs. He has avoided them for years because of the so-called cholesterol dangers. What I found is that among many nutrients, eggs are an excellent source of the amino acid, Taurine, which is very good for heart function (especially irregular heartbeat) and helps prevent strokes. When I shared this info with my mom, she said her friend’s father lived to 110 years old and drank 10 raw eggs blended with orange juice every single day. Even if you wouldn’t attribute his longevity to eggs, at the very least you could see that he couldn’t have had any significant biotin deficiency and there were obviously no cholesterol dangers associated with the eggs- especially that many eggs and for so long.

      1. My grandma had a friend who lived into his 90’s. His breakfast for most of his life was scrambled eggs with garlic.

      2. There is no scientific evidence that milk causes any health risk. Just because someone with a nice title says it. I have yet to see anywhere where it’s been scientifically proven milk harms your body. Stop believing everything your read on the internet. If milk harmed your body. There would be a warning label on the container. Or milk companies would be getting sued out their asses. Use your head people. If you drank milk every day with and without being warned got deficiencies in your body… You would sue. Were are the law suits??? Yea… That’s what i thought. “Its on the internet, so it must be true” method of think of the common man now… I drink almost half a gallon of milk a day. And I run marathons. Go to the gym. I’m in the army so i pt. I’m in spec ops army. So I pt hard…. And I have yet to have any problems with milk. Milk has been out for so long. It used to be the only way to gain weight before these protein shakes hit.. And yet you haven’t heard one story of milk killing some one… Arnold used to drink like a gallon a day. Looks fine to me. Start using your heads instead of relying on other people to use their heads then write about it on the internet

        1. What other animal in nature drinks milk once it has grown beyond a baby?

          1. any animal that has access to it! Cats love it, Dogs lick it up… was milking a goat recently and the dog and cat came and licked up the milk from the ground (the little first bit you clear out). If I would have let them, they would have loved to eat the milk!

        2. Actually, Arnold has said “Milk is for babies… I drink beer.”

        3. “If milk harmed your body. There would be a warning label on the container.” HAHAHAHA! LOL! You just killed me. Dude, just think about ‘Lactose intolerance’. Think about it. Have you? Now remember the times where you used to drink natural milk made specifically for your species, do you remember? No. Because you were under freakin’ 5. Cow milk is intended for baby cows. Intended by who? Nature, that’s who. And she’ll turn your life upside down if you rink that milk that she intended for the baby cows. Sooner or later it’s gonna either kill or injure your insides even if you or your doctor don’t know it and wether you want it or not.

      1. All right, that is sooo unnecessary it’s ridiculous, I wanted to post something in case you come back. If you tend to think of people like that you only start with yourself first…. 🙁

        1. after confirming the details about raw eggs. i took my first ever raw egg (from free range )and its been pretty easy drinking it raw without blending it n stuff. lets hope for best

      2. Miguel is right, i suggest you go a check the casein content difference between human breast milk and cows milk, they are different and have different effects on the body.

    3. Lately been eating 4-5 raw egg whites and through in one with it’s yolk. Fresh eggs from our hens….. Mix in some fresh goats milk from our goats…
      Add some fresh fruit , blueberries / strawberries / apples / banana and or a tad bit of honey from our neighbors and or some organic maple syrup. Blend it all up. Good stuff…oh yeah and a nice cup of freshly ground organic sumatra coffee run through the expresso machine mixed in with some raw sugar and more goats milk…
      Can we say Good Morning!

      1. Lately been eating 4-5 raw egg whites and through in one with it’s yolk. Fresh eggs from our hens….. Mix in some fresh goats milk from our goats…
        Add some fresh fruit , blueberries / strawberries / apples / banana and or a tad bit of honey from our neighbors and or some organic maple syrup. Blend it all up. Good stuff…oh yeah and a nice cup of freshly ground organic sumatra coffee run through the expresso machine mixed in with some raw sugar and more goats milk…
        Can we say Good Morning!

        I mix it up every few days and scramble some or sunny side up….either way organic – free range eggs… store bought has nothing on them…..look and taste better….

      2. 🙂 I do likewise but without any additives other than an ounce of goats milk and a little…every little salt. Same with coffee minus the sugar and milk. That’s breakfast about four times a week. Also, our eggs come from our own hens, too. One of the best things…I believe..I can do for myself. And my grandmother had a raw egg in a little milk every other day during the winters, most of her life. Never saw a doctor..not at all…and live to reach her century! (She also had meat every day cooked in animal fat, only spread she used was butter and had no health problems except a ripe old age!

        1. My father have been drinking raw eggs with squeezed orange juice for over thirty years and still going on strong. You guys have to get the OG experience coffee. The best and you save a lot of money in comparison to starbucks and others. Not only it has a wonderful taste but one cup will have your motor running all day. I have a cup every morning and a cup before i work out takes my workout to the roof

    4. i break eggs wit mah butthole and poop the egg white into my protien shake and eat it

      1. no way! I do the same thing! I’ve been doing that since I was 2.

    5. I drank raw eggs and milk my whole life. I was raised in a rural area and no, we did not live on a farm or raise chickens, our eggs came from the supermarket. Many people in my area drank this. I never got sick. For me it was a godsend because I didn’t like to eat much and I was very tiny girl growing up and a very small woman until after 40. I still weighed only 95 lbs when I was 40. I was always active and worked out and my size was genetics because my father was 6’2″, strong as an Ox, and never weighed over 142 lbs his entire life. After 40 as I became less active I quit drinking this due to calories and weight control. However, I still love it. But I would mix 2 eggs, 2/3 cup of milk, a little nutmeg and cinnamon, a touch of sweeter (honey, sugar, your choice) and mix with some ice to make it very cold. I drank it immediately. It was a great substitute for a breakfast meal because I never liked eating in the morning even though I grew up in a family of 8 and my mother prepared a huge breakfast every morning because it was the most important meal and my father was a drywall (sheetrock) worker and he had to have a large meal with meat.

      1. You just described a virgin egg nog (which one-serving size is known as a flip.)

        Flips/(homemade) egg nog is the only way I take my eggs completely raw. After some years of making hollandaise sauce, I finally think runny egg yolk is tasty.

      1. Yes,

        But I can’t really covey that the raw eggs CAUSED me to lose weight. For me, I think the eggs simply curbed my appetite, and displaced some of the bad foods. And, strangely, I seem to feel better when drinking raw eggs.

      1. Is there a significant nutritional difference between the brown cage-free eggs I purchase at Costco, and their white “normal” eggs? I have noticed that the brown cage-free yolks are more perky/taller, but I can’t really feel a difference when I eat them. Also, thanks for the link.

    6. I’ve been eating 4 whole, raw eggs in my shake for about 3 months. Is this too many eggs per week????

  2. I primarily eat them in a scramble or sunny side up_ but this post makes me curious about raw eggs. I might whip up a pwo shake and crack some in.
    My cousin used to just crack them straight into his mouth… Now that’s primal.

    1. I also enjoy my eggs mostly scrambled. I enjoy them sunny side up other times too. I have been curious about raw eggs recently and will experiment by adding a couple to a smoothie.

      If I learn to handle raw eggs in a smoothie then talk about a simple and easy meal to make!!

  3. I eat eggs every day. I’ve actually been doing the ADEAD (a dozen eggs a day) that you suggested in the ‘How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle’ post. It’s going really well. I like to eat them throughout the day all different ways. The best I’ve found are the ‘sunny side up’. They have a little bit of the raw goodness but the whites are mostly cooked…m-m-m-m-m eggy!

    1. I agree- variety is the spice of life! but i usually eat my eggs over easy to neutralize the avidin in the whites and not damage the cholesterol in the yolks!
      The liver can then recognize the cholesterol (if yolk is raw) and produce less of its own natural cholesterol, which places less stress on the body.

      I also love my hemp, chlorella, & nuts for protein too! 🙂 how about you?

  4. The Cavebrother and I go through 35-40 eggs a week. Once or twice a week I put a couple in a shake. I didn’t know most of this… but it seems like I’m doing it right. Hooray for me.

  5. I cook 2 eggs sunny side up on medium heat using about 20 grams of pasture butter in a small pan. Only cook them until the white is half done (mostly uncooked on top).
    Then slide them onto a warm plate and pour the molten butter on the top of the egg white to cook the rest of the egg white. The yolk will stay almost uncooked.
    Best of both worlds I think. Raw yolk and cooked whites.
    Plus the liquid butter together with egg tastes phenomenal.
    That, plus a 1/4 avocado and a hand full of raw spinach makes the perfect breakfast.

    1. Thanks for this. Love the idea of finishing the cooking by pouring the butter over. I will do this for brekky tomorrow

  6. I pasteurize my eggs for putting in shakes. I’ve read that this increases the level of protein digested to that of cooked eggs and eliminates the biotin issue. The eggs also last longer in the fridge. Although I tend to go through them in a week anyway.

  7. I love my eggs. Did the raw thing a couple of times, but I prefer lightly scrambled and/or sunny side up. My family keep telling me I eat to many because of mainstream nutrition “fact”. I just laugh and continue to eat about six a day.

  8. If I’m cooking, the eggs are lightly fried in butter over low heat and covered. This cooks the white and spares the yolk.

    If I’m going raw, I toss the white and fill a glass with five or six yolks. Maybe sprinkle a bit of black pepper, then down the hatch.

  9. don’t forget about pickled eggs! I put some peeled hard-boiled eggs in with beets. In a couple days you have some lovely purple eggs to slice up for the big ass salad.

  10. Rotating protein sources is important to keep away food allergies. Peanuts, shellfish, strawberries, chocolate, wheat, eggs and dairy are some of the more antigenic (irritating) foods, whereas rice is not that antigenic.
    An elimination and reintroduction diet is an excellent way to determine allergies but it takes time, discipline and attention to detail.

  11. Dude,

    After going 25+ years of not eating eggs, they are (back?) in my diet – which you get a partial thanks for.

    Scrambled with meat, plenty of veggies, a couple dashes of sriracha sauce, and maybe some sweet potatoes make for a most satisfying breakfast!

  12. I like eggs. While I have eaten them raw, I never found them to taste as good that way. I usually eat them as an omelet or cooked over-easy in bacon grease. Yum!

  13. The study on raw egg protein available was done on five ileostomy patients. Are there other studies that show the same thing but studied people in good health? Perhaps those patients were not adapted to raw eating or perhaps their condition skewed the results.

    1. Actually these studies are best done on ileostomy patients, which is why it is sometimes very difficult to do a good bioavailability study. The idea is to distinguish between digestion and absorpiton by the human (via stomach and small intestine) vs. digestion / fermentation by its gut flora (in the large intestine). This cannot really be done while the large intestine is still hooked up.

      Primatologist Richard Wrangham explains these studies in his latest book, “Catching Fire,” which describes some of the research on how nutritional bioavailability of certain foods may be increased by cooking (particularly meats, eggs and starchy roots).

  14. I like my yolks soft/runny, hmm so creamy~
    I dont’ like egg white in general…but I hate to waste, so I eat them anyways, but definitely cooked.

  15. My six hens are giving me 4 eggs a day! Hopefully soon I will get 6 a day. I usually eat them fried in butter with with a runny yolk. I also hard boil some to take with me on the go.

  16. Wow … I’d really like to try a raw egg, but it just looks so creepy! I’ll have to try one in a shake sometime. I cook my eggs pretty well … I like them crispy. But I will try to get used to them on the softer side. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Well,i have resd thru most of these comments on eggs cooked or raw,and while i like eggs and i have had them every morning for as far back as i can remember. my chose is sunny side up with my bacon and a potatoe patty.i am now 77 and dispite some warnings from my doctor my health is fine,and of course i luv my egg nogg,wish i had agood recipie so i did not have to buy the stuff

      1. Google it… omg much better than store bought… I use coconut milk recipe

  17. Rusty, what do you feed your chickens? I’d like to raise some, but I’m not so sure that they need to eat grain. I know left to their own devices, they eat bugs. But if I want 4-5 in my backyard, what’s the best way to do it?

    1. Countryside Organics has an excellent soy-free organic feed, although it is pricey compared to soy formulas. Grains don’t hurt chickens the same way they do ruminants, they actually do eat some naturally. They are omnivores, they eat anything! Including, as you said, bugs, but also small reptiles/amphibians, rodents, etc. But sufficient green plant matter is also important, that’s what gives pastured egg yolks their beautiful orange color. You can build your own mobile coop pretty easily and cheaply ($100ish for materials for the simplest designs, plus 4-8 hours labor) that you put them up in at night (they eventually put themselves up, you just have to lock the coop) to keep them safe from predators, and you can let them free range during the day. Then, when they eat up the grass where the coop is, you just pull the coop to give them a new patch. Hope that helps!

    2. I would like to raise chickens. What is healthy and safe to feed them?

      1. We have had six chickens since late Spring when we got them as pullets. We feed them an organic feed, occasionally a little scratch. We bought two coops and, because we are close to woods where fox, feral cats, racoons etc. abound we DO have a run for them but we bought a ten x fifteen chain link dog run, cutting openings just big enough for the doorways to the coops to enter into the run, coops are outside the run so as not to limit the chicks space. We got some branches from the woods, some pvc pipe and made corner perches for them (they are also flighty girls!) and we clamped a heavy duty tarp over the back half of the chain link run so they have some weather protection (the run backs up to our big shed). We had Hurricane Sandy, Nor’ Easters, blazing heat and all came through healthy and happy, never once not laying. We give them ears of corn, turnip greens, mustard greens, herbs, fruits they CAN have (they LOVE watermelon) other veggies, Kashi, Quinoa, cooked pasta (not often). They’ve grown up beautifully and lay very well…big, brown eggs with beautiful yolks. A good site for you would be Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

    3. actually…free range chickens produce very healthy eggs and are more recommended than grain fed, the same can be said of beef/turkey etc.

    4. Try ordering some meal worms online for your chickens. Make a farm for them to procreate. You can find sellers and instructionals online

  18. I recently decided to lightly whip a raw egg in a fancy champagne glass and down it. It was a wonderful experience that I will repeat over and over. As a woman on the go it’s a breakfast that can’t get any easier!

  19. Cooked eggs make me feel sick to my stomach. I eat raw yolks just fine.

  20. I have been eating between 6-10 eggs everyday for the last 3 years. Just started using coconut oil for the scrambling!

    I love eggs.

  21. Charles Poliquin,a trainer of elite athletes wrote that hot tap water running over the eggs for 1 min. would eliminate the avidin issue and make the protein more bio available.I assume that is room temperature eggs.

  22. Rusty, what do you feed your chickens? I’d like to raise some, but I’m not so sure that they need to eat grain. I know left to their own devices, they eat bugs. But if I want 4-5 in my backyard, what’s the best way to do it?

    I have a small coop with a wire run. The coop has a box at the back where I can reach in and collect the eggs. They are fed laying pellets which does have grain. They are allowed to free range also and love eating bugs grass and lots of other stuff. I have seen them eat a frog before!

    1. The chickens on our farm love fresh weeds and greens but also eat grain. They love the bugs and worms from fresh spread compost. Yum.

    2. It sounds to me like you are on the right track,but if in doubt go to your local feed store and talk to someone there,these people are well versed ib all type of feed.

  23. Anyone ever eat the shell?

    I had a teammate in college who would put a whole egg, shell and all, in his protein shakes.

    1. The shell is rich in calcium, so it certainly can’t hurt. Some people grind up the shell to use as a calcium supp.

  24. I used to love soft boiled eggs, now i love raw egg yolks, I eat the yolks with a bowl of raw cultured (fermented) cream – usually kefir cream. It’s just like custard – and full of amazing fat. so satiating as well. I save up the egg whites, and usually cook them for my mum as i don’t care for egg whites much, but im thinking next time i might try and make meringues with stevia

  25. Between myself, hubby, and the little sprouts in our home we go through at least seven dozen eggs a week – and that’s just breakfast. In general, they’re scrambled.

    When I’m pregnant or want to boost milk supply for a nursing Grokling, I make a shake with two raw egg yolks in it daily (I just can’t do the whites raw).

    I also love the raw yolk in steak tartare. That’s a tasty dish!

  26. I like eggs cooked in any form, mainly poached. I very rarely eat raw eggs, maybe 3-4 times a year.
    Organic eggs taste better.

  27. I have chickens, and second the above comment that organic eggs taste better. There is a clear difference between the egg yolks in eggs from my chickens, and those bought at the store. They’re much deeper yellow, and a lot creamier.

    If you’re eating homegrown eggs raw, please make sure that you’re thoroughly washing the shells of the eggs first, because they can contain loads of microorganisms.

  28. I’ll pass on the raw eggs. I like to cook eggs sous vide so that the yolks are runny and the whites are like soft custard.

  29. I eat about three eggs a day. I cook two of them (scrambled or fried with the yolks runny), and the third I crack into my hand, let the white run out, and swallow the yolk whole.

  30. I make a Jay Robb chocolate egg mocha a few times a week. Frozen banana, water, one farm raised organic egg, ice, 1oz heavy cream, 1 tsp instant coffee, 1 scoop whey protein powder. Mix in blender, I use the Bella mixer (like the Bullet) and it tastes like a super smooth frappe from the old days.

  31. I toss a raw egg from my own backyard chickens into a smoothie a couple times per week. Usually, I gently fry in butter or make a tasty veggie scramble.

  32. Eggs are amazing. I eat them everyday.

    As a kid, I always loved to eat my eggs Sunny Side up. I guess it’s true that we instinctively know what to eat when we’re younger.

    I eat them scrambled every once and a while, but I can’t resist a classic.

  33. add a little nutmeg, coconut milk and vanilla and you’ve got some egg nog.

  34. I personally eat my eggs cooked. I enjoy an omelet filled with veggies 3 times a week. I cook on low to medium heat and leave the yolk runny. This makes for a perfect breakfast. A green smoothie beforehand makes it completely perfect of course!

  35. I read this great article on eggs a while back from dr.Mercola

    there’s a couple of other articles on eggs there too.

    I think I read something about eating the egg whole – both yoke and whites eliminated the deficiency issue – but I can’t be sure if it was completely – or to a minor point (which might be significant if one east a great deal of eggs a day)

    Eggs are great 😀

  36. Everyday for the last 18 months my breakfast has been a smoothie consisting of: 4 (even 5 or 6 if in strength/size mode) whole raw free range eggs, frozen mixed berries, coconut cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, water.
    Just this week I also started adding some psyllium husks & chia seeds – a bit of extra fibre to accomodate increased caloric intake through heavy strength phase.
    I know I should use more variety – I do for other meals – but damn, this smoothie is delicious! I never get sick of it, and clearly have no allergic tendencies to the raw eggs.
    Have given this recipe to several friends/family/clients too, and all feedback has been positive.
    Raw eggs gets 2 thumbs up from me.
    But some Biotin supps you say?….will look into that.

  37. After a bad experience with raw egg as a child (I drank one thinking it was orange juice – I know, better for me, but not what I was expecting), I just recently started eating eggs again. I’m sticking with cooked for now.

  38. I’ve been eating a lot of duck eggs lately because my brother and his family have a pet duck that lays like crazy. I don’t know what they feed her, but the yolks are huge and golden, almost twice the size of the chicken egg yolks. I’ve been frying them in a pan with some salsa, leaving the yolk a little runny. Delicious.

  39. I have been eating raw eggs for about a year now. I always purchase free-range, organic eggs and wash the shell with water and grapefruit seed extract.

  40. I sometimes have raw egg with orange juice, but I don’t think I can have them by themselves

  41. I’ll have three eggs over easy, cooked in coconut oil with a dab of hot sauce on top.

    Oh, and a cup of coffee.

    Separate check from all these other folks, please.

  42. Re duck eggs – be cautious about eating these raw as they have a porous shell which means that they’re more likely to be contaminated. Fine to eat cooked.

    Goose and turkey aggs are good too.

    Anyone tried ostrich eggs? Now that would be a good find for Grok.

    I like to add hard boiled eggs to salads. (but not ostrich, obviously!)

  43. Last week, I tried a whey protein shake with raw egg, vanilla and frozen berries. Mmmmh, it was delicious! I like them more and more. Half a year ago, when I made the transition from low carb to PB I needed about 10 eggs, a week. Now this is not enough: 15 – 20 ! I just recognize: The more eggs I eat, the better I feel 🙂

  44. Thanks Mark. Not much out there on eggs. I wonder if anybody has some info on what type of eggs to buy at the store. I know the best way is to get them from a local farm you have visited but until I get around to do that, How can I trust that the cage-free eggs were fed quality food; and that the free-range eggs, were not merely given a ten minute window with an open door to the barn?

  45. I love eggs, especially lightly poached in vinegar and then with crumbled blue cheese on top. Divine.

  46. Here’s a favorite egg dish I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

    Brown 1 lb. hamburger
    Add 1 box organic tomato soup
    Add Italian spices
    Bring to a slow boil
    Poach some eggs in it

  47. o_O CW must be crying out: “You are killing yourself, no more than 2 whole eggs a week… cholesterol will kill you” lol

  48. hi, dear all,

    in singapore,for breakfast ,
    we enjoy softboil egg, some where in between raw and cook….

    one day 5 softboil egg
    one day 5 egg omelete


  49. Raw eggs is the only way I will eat them.

    Even as a baby I refused egg flavored food and despise eggs.

    Only in a protien shake can I have raw eggs, so that is how I started doing it. Cooked eggs alone? No.

    Sadly this limits me as 85% of all breakfasts in business or anything include eggs. Funny sometimes that nobody expects someone may not like them.

    1. Hello friends,

      Should I take boiled milk with whey protein shake and raw yellow egg.

  50. I eat raw in smoothies 2-3 times during the week (wash the shell with Veggie Wash). On the weekends, I eat huge omelettes with some combination of peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, some kind of meat, and various seasonings according to mood. On the side is fruit and yogurt with some ground flax meal. This will hold me all day even if I am playing disc golf for 7-8 hours, on my feet the entire time. Pretty much all ingredients are organic and/or free-range.

  51. You guys need to check out Egg Whites International:

    100% pasteurized liquid egg whites that are tasteless, mix great with protein powder, and are truly safe to eat.

    I buy them in gallon containers.

  52. I’ve read recently that raw yolks contain so much biotin that even if raw egg white binds some of it, there’s enuff leftover to take care of any deficiency. I suppose you can find at research to support both views. What makes sense to me (evolutionarily speaking) is that Mr and Mrs Caveman, if/when they found some bird eggs, probably would not have waited to arrive at the homestead and make an omelet, but would have eaten it right then and there as a delicacy.
    I add an egg or two (raw) to my protein shakes, and during the week also eat cooked eggs.

  53. Hey. I’m so glad I found this site. I just recently started drinking 42 eggs per week. And I feel awsome! I’m a weight lifter. And I feel so much stronger and energetic. But can someone tell me if I’m over doing it? Am I harming my body cholesterol-wise? Or anyother way? Please let me know. E-mail me at [email protected] thanks!

  54. What a great website! Lots of info! Question: Can someone tell me definitively if eat ting the whole egg raw is better than eating just the yolk raw, cholesterol-wise and biotin-wise? I eat them raw for the protein, but my Doc told me I need to lower my count last week. I don’t think it’s high because of the eggs, tho’.


  55. Excellent post, I just bought your cookbook and can’t wait for it to ship. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  56. Hi…I am female, drink a whey shake daily with one raw egg added. To avoid a possible biotin deficiency, can I just add one extra yolk and save the whites for cooking omlets? Thanks to anyone who can let me know if this is a good/bad idea. shirl
    [email protected]

    ps.big fan of Mark’s

  57. i decided to down 2 raw eggs this morning. 3-4 years back i couldn’t imagine myself doing it, so i guess i can relate to a couple of the pussy posts.

  58. I have been eating raw eggs for a while now and feel fantastic. I take a great multi and fish oil supp with 2 raw eggs and have energy all day long. I don’t think I can go back to a “normal”

  59. I have a broken wrist and started eating raw eggs 4 days ago. 2 eggs with a glass of milk, and my movement in my wrist is improving on an hourly basis. It is incredible. My friend told me about it because it helps with Sperm count as well.

  60. I’ve been eating about 3 raw eggs daily for the past two weeks mixed with a bit of yogurt. I’ve felt absolutely great since. Of course I make sure the eggs are organic (and by the way I’m in Denmark) so I think the farms are slightly more reliable than back home in the US.

    If you can find a reliable source, I would certainly recommend consumption of raw eggs.

  61. I’ve been eating about 3 raw eggs daily for the past two weeks mixed with a bit of yogurt. I’ve felt absolutely great since. Of course I make sure the eggs are organic (and by the way I’m in Denmark) so I think the farms are slightly more reliable than back home in the US..

    If you can find a reliable source, I would certainly recommend consumption of raw eggs.

  62. I really enjoy drinking a raw egg shake every other morning after I do push ups. I crack 5 eggs (3 whites, 5 yolks) into a quart mason jar. Then add 1/2 banana and fill to the brim with raw Jersey milk. Blend with an immersion/stick blender. It’s insanely rich and satiating. Another favorite is scrambled with cheddar cheese and dandelion greens, fresh garlic and bacon strips.

  63. So a little late to the game here, but my naturopathic doc and trainer advises raw eggs, too. Just read Catching Fire, however, and the study sited shows less protein available to the body when raw, as was discussed above. So… what’s the verdict? I’ll eat cooked or raw but which is healthier? Anyone?

  64. Raw organic eggs mixed with some heavy cream and nutmeg makes such a perfect and quick and easy breakfast, especially for if you’re on the go. Fills me with energy too.

  65. I grew up eating raw eggs. My vegetarian mother ate them raw until she passed away at age 91. In our family that was kinda young to die. I eat 3-4 raw eggs every morning from my own free-range chickens. I don’t mix them, because it is best if you just put them in a glass one at a time and gulp them down. I’m going on 60 and haven’t had a problem yet with a biotin deficiency or salmonella. My 91 year old mother never took any medication her whole life, except maybe an asperin. I don’t need to take any either. Eating raw eggs is a part of the reason why I’m healthy. Ever wonder why a doctor will ask you if you are allergic to eggs before he gives you the flu shot? Just eat raw eggs and you won’t get the flu, but eat them from healthy chickens.

    1. Doctors ask if you are allergic to eggs before a flu shot because the vaccine contains egg white. But hey, eggs are so good for you, they may well help keep the flu at bay.

  66. Mark I love this post! I actually grew up eating raw eggs but stopped once I turned about 25. Thanks so much for this great post!

  67. Raw eggs are great for protein shakes, such as this one which I created:


    1 tablespoon of raw almonds
    1 tablespoon of raw cashewnuts
    1 tablespoon of mixed dried raisins/currants/ sultanas
    1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
    1 whole raw egg
    150ml of natural unsweetened yogurt
    2 tablespoons of cod liver oil
    4 tablespoons of coconut cream
    1 medium-sized banana


    1. Use a food processor to grind the nuts, dried fruits and cinnamon into a fine mixture, and empty into a blender.

    2. Add in all the other ingredients and blend into a smoothie.

    3. Serve chilled.

  68. i have just start eating raw eggs they taste bad but … its day one on eating

  69. I had a great recipe for a smoothie I drank when pregnant that had raw eggs in it.

    I know the raw egg thing freaks some people out, but you just have to make your own decisions.

  70. Great info, Mark. I stopped eating raw eggs because of the protein bioavailability issue, but with this info I may re-incorporate them to a degree. I don’t like the idea of throwing protein down the drain though (I lift weights and am bulking right now.) I used to make a shake with 6-8 raw eggs, a splash of milk, and 4 TBSP of ghiradelli hot cocoa powder-all blended. It was indistinguishable from chocolate milk!

  71. I started eating raw eggs in Japan as SukiYaki – lightly mix eggs in a bowl and dip your hot fatty steak and vegetables in the raw egg then eat – outrageously delicious!

  72. After raising chickens I got into the habbit of eating raw eggs. If you like the taste if cream cicles, heres a really quick and tasty way to eat a raw egg. Crack open one raw egg into a glass. Add a 1/4 cup or so of cranberry juice (I tend to use light, no sugar – as I only do enough for the taste). Then throw in a show of heavy cream. Take a fork and do a light mix to break up yold and separate white(this is the secret of getting down a raw egg, having it alrweady separated so it doesnt get stuck in the throat and cause it to come back up). Its delicious and fast! Give it a try


  73. I’m wondering if fermenting raw eggs would inactivate the avidin.

    Specifically, I’m wondering if a put a dozen raw eggs in a batch of sauerkraut and let the whole thing ferment for two weeks, would the avidin still be active enough to bind with the biotin?

  74. i would scramble them on half max heat cook the whites completely, but have the yellow half cooked so that it’s runny but chewy. Sounds gross, but very delicious

  75. i eat a dozen raw eggs a day…. Whites only…. 4 when i awake 4 before i lift and 4 after….. I put em in a coffee cup and throw em bak. R the yolks as healthy for u? I usually just throw them out but occasionaly use em as a face wash

  76. i gave my cat a raw egg yesterday – he loved it. He is old – is it a good routine to start? What are the health benefits for him? Thanks everyone!

  77. Worry not about avidin. If you eat raw carrots, raw beetroot, sprouts, raw cabbage, in short, heaps of raw vegetables you will get heaps of biotin, not to mention an abundance of trace minerals, living water, free amino acids, vitamins and co-factors. Wild beasts eat them whole; snakes swallow them whole. We love to complicate things because in our limited process of learning through abstraction be have to separate, divide, denote everything into its parts then observe how certain parts react with other parts, then conote and try to build a complete picture again, often making erroneous propositions and conclusions. WHEN IN FACT things work in synergy, they are integral, they compliment. For instance vitamins isolated don’t work for us very well, but with all the other raw componants it becomes highly bioavailable.
    I reckon raw, unmixed, one at a time in a glass as mentioned above, followed shortly afterwards by a raw vegetable salad with avocado.

  78. My spouse and i ended up being really happy when Emmanuel managed to carry out his survey with the ideas he was given out of the weblog. It is now and again perplexing to just happen to be giving out guides which people have been selling. And we also discover we need the writer to thank for that. These illustrations you’ve made, the straightforward site menu, the friendships your site make it possible to create – it is mostly unbelievable, and it is facilitating our son and our family imagine that this matter is cool, which is certainly really fundamental. Thank you for the whole lot!

  79. i like to cook my eggs this way….after water is boiled, turn off heat, then crack the egg/s into the water. let them sit in water for about 2min, you will have nice softly poached eggs with still runny yokes, longer if you want firmer yokes. this way i can multi task at same time without worrying over cooking the eggs. basically is poaching eggs without the vinegar and heat.

  80. I drink them raw with sugar and then have a pomegranate juice ready on the side, to wash down!

  81. Oh eggs are soooo tasty! I’ve had a few raw ones before but prefer fried sunny side up, runny yolks with tabasco and salt n pepper! Add a piece of toast to absorb the leftover yolk juice wow.

    I’ve been thinking about trying the prairie oyster drink: a raw egg yolk w/ dashes of hotsauce, worchestershire sauce and salt n pepper. A hangover cure but sounds good!

  82. I eat 4 raw eggs per day,but i havent experience any change yet .How long will this take.

  83. Just read that study on the bioavailability of raw vs cooked eggs. Pity, I had just gotten into the habit of having 3 raw eggs in my milk every day for lunch, and loved the taste but even more so the convenience of not having to boil them in the morning.

    Guess I’ll go back to boiled eggs – 50% vs 90% protein digestion is significant to me.

  84. I used to feed our dog a couple raw eggs a day. The dog got weaker & weaker and after about a month could hardly stand. Started cooking the eggs and he came back to normal, which is frisky, in a few weeks.

    1. There’s a substance – forgot what it’s called – in egg whites that protects the yolk, but it also inhibits the absorbtion of some nutrients. Cooking the white removes/denatures most of it. Some people also see problems with eating raw egg whites – so if you’re going to give raw eggs, stick to the yolk, or cook it, as you now do if you want to keep the white. Though most of the nutrition is in the yolk, the white just has protein and some trace elements, but nothing more.

  85. Hey Mark,

    both me and my Doggie have Omega 3 eggs on an absolute daily basis, and we have never been healthier! 🙂

    If I give them to him raw I make sure to always throw them into boiling water first for some 20 seconds, in case of salmonella.

    Thanks for the good stuff,


  86. I drink 5-6 raw eggs most weekday mornings to save time on my breakfast routine (I do eat a lot of carrots and tomatoes, never knew that it was helping me avoid biotin deficiency til now). I also scramble and poach them regularly. And my wife makes amazing devilled eggs with primal ingredients. It is a goal of mine to have a chicken coop of my own someday to have a steady source.

  87. I put 6 whole eggs in a whey protein shake every morning and before i go to sleep i have 2 eggs with shake.i raise 20 hens and feed them the egg shells (crushed)in with the layer pellets. they also roam 5 acre’s at will and eat everything from grass to frogs

    1. I read somewhere that the body can only absorb (or digest?) around 30g protein per hour (or two hours) so it’s overload to go beyond 30g ..6 eggs should be the maximum at once, and usually a whey protein shake is 30g protein too, so it’s a double dosis ..drink half shake with 3 eggs ..wait an hour or two and drink again..

      (I have no idea how exact scientific studies has been made ..maybe it’s not the same for all people, and depends what else you have been eating, etc..)

  88. I agree with hoff, my chickens are in a hen hoop to keep them safe from predators (we live in the mountains), but we move it around all the time so they get to eat grass & worms. I supplement their feed with all my kitchen scraps & crush up their shells & feed them back to them. Their shells are very hard & the yolks are thick & deep yellow. I keep some of them to dry & grind up for a calcium supplement. Talk about the “circle of life”, I also feed them the greens out of my garden that they have fertilized!

  89. i eat 10 eggs daily and its too yummy and also help to grow up my body.

  90. Hey, I literally don’t enjoy egg but the fact is….I always drink eggs few times a week after a really hard work out like 2-3 push ups till my arms and chest feels sore iv been doing this for month every week! And I looked at my chest just before shower (accident) and im like wow lol seriously my chest and arms feel stronger including my neck and legs (also look cool) just to say that it’s worth drinking eggs even thou there isn’t a scientific proof of it being better than cooked but it is 😉

  91. #1 I had to leave a comment to say thanks for the info on the raw egg drinking – I have zero clue about this sort of stuff (exercise and health in general!) but *really* do need to put on some weight, so again thanks for basically telling me it’s ok, and

    #2 I really did love your Clooney piece lol – even though I’ve done what you would rather me not, it really did encourage me to comment – top work 🙂

  92. The biotin defiency only occurs when you only eat the yellow part…I’m pretty sure. Either way, nature balanced the egg perfectly so nothing will happen if you eat it together.

    1. Biotin is in the yolk, the whites have anti-biotin properties when raw.

  93. i eat them on the go, just use my keys or whatever to crack the top, job done
    great protein snack when you are busy

  94. i have been eating raw eggs in my protein shake every morningfor the last
    year. to be honest i cant taste them. I just wanted the protein and i thought it reduced the fat. im not fat. But i work out almost everyday.I only eat 2 a day though, i can go all day until 7 or 8 until i get hungry.I will do more research.

  95. What about raw eggs in chocolate mousse? I know it’s not paleo or anything…lol… but a simple mousse of just dark chocolate, raw eggs, and black coffee seems like a decent dessert option to me! However, the yolks are broken up and stirred, and the whites are whipped until stiff peaks form. Do they lose nutritional value from this?

  96. I have just started eating them after my morning runs—–2 eggs yolks, straight from the shell (drain out the whites into the compost) into my mouth. Squish around the deliciousness. Thinking about it now, Maybe I’ll add some salt, pepper, and other herbs to it next time! or smear it on toast with ghee! yum yum! i also eat them super runny with multigrain toast with ghee or if I’m out and about hardboiled. Thanks for the article! <3

  97. Raw egg is considered very vital in my meal….,can’t just do without it.

  98. have free range chickens.. all my eggs are fertile. does that make any difference in the or con??
    79 and eat at least 3 every day with two table spoons of garlic, cayenne pepper and some parmazan cheese..

  99. I work in a very busy office and am on a high-fat low-carb way of eating. For the past several months, I’ve been gulping down 3 raw egg yolks and about 1 TBS of extra light olive oil. voila. Lunch is done in 5 minutes PLUS with no carbs I don’t suffer the afternoon drowsies. I do NOT do this for the taste! LOL. I do it to save time. I HATE it when I accidentally break a yolk. YULK! :o) This simple and inexpensive lunch and munching on raw almonds and drinking plenty of ginger water tides me over until supper.

  100. I usually do 2 hard-boiled eggs in the morning, it’s easy and fast. Am I maximizing the nutrients this way, especially biotin?

  101. I eat 2 or 3 raw egg yolks every day, maybe once a week I will eat the white as well. I mix them with kefir, and usually carob, lucuma and a little honey, although sometimes I make a savoury version, maybe with curry powder. I love them, feel they work really well for me.

  102. I eat 12 eggs a day raw or cooked as long as I’m getting 12 in im fine! Vince Gironda the iron guru used to consume 36 eggs a day with half and half to get the most muscle gains his maximum definition diet!

  103. I tried raw egg for the first time this morning I went crazy sick I threw up for the first time in 8 years I was so gutted because I was planning the rvaf diet and eggs were defanatly the bonus, I didnt even get through the whole egg it was just one bite of the white, does anyone have any tips on what I can do instead of cooking it, what to combine it with that wouldnt make me feel as sick my throat is so gluggy right now from it Im experiencing difficulty in breathing and Im not weak or anything im a 21 year old female and immensely healthy with natural muscles I just can’t get over the disappointment.
    Any tips would be much appreciated thanks.

    1. maybe you were very unlucky to get a really bad salmonella egg, or maybe your imune defense system is not good with salmonella.. i read that you can become imune to salmonella ..anyway, always buy organic eggs, never eat raw cage eggs..

  104. I find all of the info above very interesting – however, have recently been told by a health professional that eating raw egg white is a waste of time as you cannot absorb any of the nutrients and so cooked is the only way to go. Has anyone got any factual information to support or deny this. Thanks :o)

  105. I have never tried that is it good to drink raw eggs
    Though I see some do is it good for you

  106. Every morning for the past 2 months i have been blending 1 large cup consisting of milk, 2 raw organic free range eggs, and 2 table spoons of organic honey. It really tastes amazing, better than any shake I have had, plus it keeps your energy up. Perfect for my 2 hour daily martial art classes.

  107. Just so you know Mark the important amino acid tryptophan in eggs is very heat sensitive meaning you lose out on many health benefits such as melatonin and serotonin production which is so necessary for feeling good and regulating our sleep patterns.

  108. Timely blog piece! Late Spring we got ourselves six pullets strictly because, while don’t over-indulge in eggs we don’t believe in factory chicken farming and the
    “cage free etc” in stores didn’t quite satisfy either. Once they began laying it was amazing and, since late Fall, I have gone back to something my mother gave us on winter mornings…raw egg flipped just a little in about an ounce of milk and a little salt. Her mother taught her…Gran had a raw egg in milk every winter morning. Gran lived to reach her century, no HBP, no high cholestrol (that she or we knew of, anyway 🙂 ), no heart disease. She ate red meat every day also, using animal fat for cooking and never used any spread but pure butter. I love raw eggs…sometimes about an ounce of goat’s milk added, sometimes just the egg and not completely flipped..the yolk only slighty punctured by a knife, first. I don’t do diets per se (although I am very careful of how we eat…organic beef when we can find it, organic chicken, wild caught fish and lots of veg…but I can say that on the days I have a raw egg for b’fast I’m never hungry until dinner (bonus!). It’s been quite some years since I had the raw egg regimen and yet no stomach discomfort or distress at all, from day one.

  109. I like raw eggs that’s all, sems like I am addicted I can’t stop it

  110. I believe the raw egg yolk is a blessing. I eat only the raw yolks, avoid eating the egg whites, and limit the calories to 1,500 so I can get thin and live longer. Check out if you don’t believe me. I don’t eat the egg whites. I give them to a neighbor who believes in cooking all of her food.

  111. I use to cook my eggs for 6 months, then I switched to raw eggs for another 6 months. Main reason I switched was because of the oxidation of the eggs when cooked, but this post really cleared up a lot. I’m going to start cooking my eggs again and leave the raw eggs for my after workout protein shake.

  112. I make 1 cup of milk 1 raw omega 3 egg and 2 tbsp of nesquick powder. My mom always made it for us as kids growing up.When we didn’t have time to eat in morning. Now as an adult I make it for breakfast when I want something fast.

  113. I am not in the best of health , I feared I had an egg allergy but realise it is only when I eat cooked or overcooked eggs I suffer with problems , also realise I did not have theses problems when I was doing raw eggs. I am back on raw tomorrow , I seriously need the benefits and can try to find out what is causing problems in my diet, thanks , this site has awakened me – I dont know why I cannot process cooked eggs but I enjoy and feel the benefits of raw – lightly poached eggs do it for me , hard boiled causes excessive wind (pardon me) – I am trying to find the culprit in my diet but i know raw eggs arent the culprit. I can drink em down fine – milk,honey, banana and egg , mmmmmmmmmmmmm breakfast , but if i have hard boiled, like i did last week – i suffer like you would not believe. Still have trapped wind behind left shoulder, not slept in days, at times feel like a woman on the verge of giving birth it is THAT sore. sorry , digressed – im back on eggs, totaly raw tomorrow and hope it lifts my health. thanks for the site and thanks for al the comments (apart from the obviously insane and deleted ones) I dream of owning my own chickens , my friend had some chickens at her home and the difference in the eggs is like chalk and cheese – i never have seen yolks like these since – shame i live in the city in a dark and unpredictable one aswell. I shall give eggs a try. My son loves the milk honey and egg mix for breakfast – i usually throw in some blueberries or whatever and it works for him . keep up the eggs people!

  114. Great article that explained the topic in an easy to understand way. I usually drink two raw eggs every day, 5 days per week and have done so for years accompanied by intense workouts. It’s the perfect and easy “snack” in the afternoon and I have only positive experiences from it. I think too many people overthink things and thus become afraid. It’s not a big deal, just like this article so greatly pointed out.

  115. I have about 9 raw eggs a day. My fave way is

    Blend up 150g cottage cheese until it is a liquid. Crack in three or four whole raw eggs, a splash of milk and a banana and blend it all together and drink.

    Banana is optional for different taste

  116. I eat them raw, with a cup of milk, and 2 tea spoons of honey, mix them up and drink them, never have had any problem, When I drink them a lot, I gain muscles burn a lot of fat and stay active all the day long. and guess what, I feel so strong I used to have a back issues from a car accident and when I kept drinking it I feel much better than before.

    I eat it also, cooked, boiled, and sunny side eggs, but the best of the day when you drinking it, and you feel the heat in your body and start sweating and you feel the energy kicking out.. you would like to punch the wall to see how strong you are. LOL….


  117. I eat raw eggs only to add proteins in my fruit smoothie, but I normally prefer to have them cooked mainly because of the salmonella thing…

  118. I heat up some coconut oil in a pan, add in 4 eggs and make some only-just-cooked scrambled egg, I add some butter (homemade from local grass-fed cream) on top while it cools down, and then separate 2 new yolks from the whites and pour the yolks over the scrambled egg. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.

  119. Raw yolk, cooked white! Support your local farmers market!

  120. The best way that I’ve found to eat (or stomach as the case may be) raw eggs has been in homemade “ice cream.” My favorite has 2 raw egg yolks in it and includes coconut milk, raw yogurt, strawberries, pineapple and shredded coconut with a little honey to taste. Yummy and full of nutrients.

  121. I buy eggs from trader joes. Organic free range are tuese safe to consume raw?

  122. I eat about 18 whole raw eggs a day.

    Specifically, I blend the following 2-3 x per day:
    -6-9 Whole Raw Eggs, the cheap eggs
    -Strawberries, half container
    -Banana, whole
    -Peanut Butter, 2 tbs

    I’m a bodybuilder looking to put on weight, I’m 165 lbs, ~ 7% body fat, workout an hour each day doing a free weight/crossfit type workout.

    Do you think I should stop the shakes? Honestly I love them, and feel they are very rich in vital nutrition.


  123. Does anyone know if blending raw eggs alters the structure enough to reduce absorption/benefits, compared to just consuming whole?

  124. im about to try my first 2 raw eggs after a workout is that ok for my age

  125. my son was 5 years old he eats raw egg it good for him or not?

  126. i love taking raw eggs.i have been taken it daily for a year now and it is best for bodybuilding.

  127. I believe that Raw Eggs are great for you and I eat them daily up to 8 a day, my husband does up to 10 a day. Our health has improved and I get my info from a real scientist who truly believes raw eggs are the perfect vitamin. I leave my eggs out on the counter in a cool dry place, I see huge benefits from my Raw egg routine. The research I have knowledge of and trust tell me, eat Raw eggs as many as you can!

  128. Drink ’em slow, whites first. Savor the yolk. Unbelievable delicious when you get used to it. Then eat a green salad and nothing more. Great snack or small meal.

  129. Drinking the whites of the eggs with some greens and milk in the blender is a great way to start my day.

  130. Hi Mark – I usually have my raw eggs in a blender, with a glass of whole milk, a squeezed orange and a shot of honey. Recently, I am having 3-6 yolks with warm butter, in a bowl. Any comments? Thks!!

  131. When I grew up in Europe in a rural area, mother used to feed us raw eggs most mornings,beaten with milk and honey.She also would soak the whole raw eggs in lemon juice for a day or so until the calcium shell was totally dissolved into the juice. This way she was sure we all got enough calcium along w. our protein and other nutrients eggs contain. Today chickens are fed differently, so my question is, is it still safe to consume my eggs that way ?

  132. I have started eating 12 whole eggs daily as part of my body recompocision diet 12 months ago with awsome results, 8 of those eggs i drink in 2 daily shakes raw
    Crack them in shaker, shake and drink
    Accompanied by strawberies or blue -erries

  133. You can eat raw eggs however… While eggs are an excellent source of protein with almost 93% of weight of protein being absorbable by the body, raw egg white is an exception. A substance in raw egg; white called avidin prevents the body from absorbing the protein. You must first cook the egg to break down the avidin.

  134. I have been trying to eat raw egg yolk (not the whites) everyday. I put it in my smoothie along with flaxseed. Those both, I think are really good for you. I put it in my smoothie because I can’t stomach the raw alone. Although it is easier to eat egg yolk in a fruit smoothie it is still extremely hard and it makes breakfast not enjoyable at all. I have no Idea what to do.. I want to find an easier way to eat raw egg yolk. If I Do sunny side up eggs.. will that destroy any enzymes from the yolk? Or is it completely protected? Do you have any other reccomendations of how I could take in the egg yolk quick and slightly more tolerable?

  135. Half glass milk and 2 raw eggs in it for pre-workout
    Is it beneficial

  136. My understanding is that washing egg shells is NOT recommended as it can make salmonella (if it is present) move from the outside to the inside of the egg.

    This is an interesting piece from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland that talks about this:

  137. I gave up eating cereal for breakfast in the mornings and only have eggs, organic oatmeal, or smoothies. I have recently taken a great appreciation for asparagus and fry some of that on my stainless steel pan (love). Next, I fry two or three eggs in some bacon fat with a generous supply of pepper and Real Salt. Bacon is hardly needed this provides so much flavor.
    I think I will stop cooking my eggs the way through in spite of its tidiness on my plate and to eat ALL of the goodness. (Without toast it is a bit harder to get it all without using ones fingers). I’m still a little reluctant to introduce raw eggs to my small children’s diets. I have no idea what the Primal dies is but Blessings to you all.

    If a man think he knoweth anything he only know that which he ought.

    1. I worked in a stressful office and didn’t have time for a proper lunch break – and since carbs make me drowsy, I started gulping 2 to 3 raw egg yolks a day for lunch (let the whites go down the drain), and ate about a tablespoon of coconut oil that I had mixed with a bit of cocoa powder and artificial sweetner. no carbs and enough calories to sustain me until suppertime! and the raw egg yolks I’d just gulp down like a pill. never had to taste them!

  138. I have two raw eggs every morning along side a bowl of oatmeal. Just crack them into a cup, then throw them back 1 at a time. I also take hard boiled eggs with me to work. Dollar for dollar, can’t go wrong with including eggs in a balanced diet. One of the common foods our ancestors survived on… I’d say our bodies have evolved to make good use of them in any form they come

  139. Almost every morning, I pick up 10 eggs. I wash them with soap and bleach, rince them well and break them into a recipient. With a spoon, I pick up all the yolks and put them in the blender. Sometimes I use all the yolks, sometime I use 2 or 5.
    I cook the egg white and put it to cool off in the fridge freezer part. Meanwhile I peel 4 bananas and add them to blender (or sometimes one well ripe plantain). I then add the egg while and mix the stuff. I don’t eat meat. I eat fish and rarely chicken. But I make so much muscle and I feel so freaking healthy!!!!!!!

  140. I drink raw eggs that are blended up in a blender once a week, I believe that it is good for protien, but i also eat something such as fruit like berries with the eggs because they are high in biotin. I believe that the key is to eat fruits and/or berries with eggs because they are high in biotin.

  141. On the idea of “allergies,” my understanding of allergies is that ANY protein that makes it through the stomach without being broken down in to amino acids SHOULD be attacked by the immune system. That may be an “over-simplified” idea though. (That is from Dr. Jerry Tennant who says that most people have a deficiency of stmoach acid which is the source of ALL of their food allergies.)

    Can providing nutrition trigger a beneficial detox- even rather harsh? Then, because of the sudden activation of the immune system due to the nourishment, some people may panic and say there is an allergy to that food source.

    To me, the entire realm of what is called allergies is a realm of paranoia (and paranoid delusion). Further, the way that most people relate to diagnostic labels is what I call demon worship. The basic idea is that demons possess an organism (my anemia is causing me to have low iron levels, my arthritis is causing my joints to be inflammed, my baldness is causing hair loss, my cancer is causing tumors).

    For more, see

  142. Is there much of a difference if I drink only the yolk? I like to make egg white omelets and don’t want to waste the yolk. Is it terrible if I just drink the yolk? Should I mix it with something else before drinking?

  143. Love raw eggs!
    Love raw milk!
    Never ever ever use a microwave or consume
    microwaved food…and won’t have one in my house!



  144. I usually eat my eggs cooked sunny side up with the yolk left liquid.

    But after workouts I gulp down 4 or 5 RAW.
    I dont know I do feel that they work great raw post triaining

  145. Careful, I eat eggs every day for breakfast. Have since I was a kid. When I started doing raw eggs, I started getting hives, rashes, and speckles all over the place.

    Turns out a lot of us are allergic to eggs in their raw form, even though we can handle them just fine in cooked form.

  146. Hi,
    My morning meal for the past 30+ years has been frozen strawberries , frozen banana slices , 1raw egg , 1 envelope of Carnation chocolate Breakfast Essential , 1.5 scoops of protein whey powder in a blender with 1% milk. Never had a salmonella problem. Also consume my share of hard boiled eggs each week.

  147. I eat raw egg with freshly cooked rice with a tea spoon of soy sauce, lots of Japanese people eat this in the morning
    Eating raw egg gives me a lot of energy and wake up in the morning feeling good

  148. Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to know so much approximately this, like you
    wrote the guide in it or something. I think that you just can do with a
    few percent to pressure the message home a bit, however instead of that, that is wonderful blog.
    A great read. I will certainly be back.

  149. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really
    useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you
    helped me.

  150. Interesting article I just read on Albumin which may be a longevity factor for Whales, Apes, humans and other long lived mammals. However, only the albumin that is made by the body (liver) may work-the other kind the body seemingly destroys; although for burn victims (skin seems to have a lot of albumin in it) use of albumin seems to help in the short term.
    Have decided I will start eating the whites-though ultra-lightly cooked, I eat my yolks practically raw (with a few drops of homemade Lugol’s Iodine-used to toss the whites and just eat the yolks. What they hay, eh?
    Here is the site for the curious: do not be off put by the name: tongue in cheek I suspect ~
    The fingernail cleaning bit kind of interesting. Yea paranoia.
    Namaste and care

  151. Some raw egg ideas …

    0. Raw eggs on their own taste rather bland. So ……

    1. Cold raw eggs: once in a while, if there is just a bit of salsa left in the fridge, I pour it into a bowl, then pop two raw eggs. Since the salsa is already hot and spicy, I do not have to add anything further. However, if I want to make it more filling, I add a bit of sour cream. If I want to make it even hotter and spicier, I add a bit of curry powder or Tabasco sauce.

    2. Half-cooked: if I have a batch of bone or chicken broth, I sometimes pop a couple of raw eggs into a bowl. Although the broth is hot, once it is inside the bowl, it is no longer being heated, resulting in eggs that stay mostly uncooked. (Only a portion of the egg white becomes cooked, the rest remains raw.)

  152. I love riding my bike. I go mountain biking in bike trails once or twice a week for 22 miles and i will be 63 in 2 1/2 months. An hr before i go out i have: a shake with milk and pnut butter 2 raw eggs and uncooked oatmeal and a banana. It is not heavy and i feel great. Raw eggs are only eaten one or twice a week. Is that cool !?!?

  153. My dad has a free range chicken farm and I seem to mix up 2 raw eggs in my smoothies all the time. It helps me in my workout as well as giving me the strength to get through the day.

  154. just asking, would someone or anyone know if eating hard boiled eggs then drink orange juice can be harmful? i have my co worker and an acquaintance who happen to eat just that and after a while they started vomiting and has lbm too…its like food poisoning..

  155. problem with studies cited is that its raw egg Whites.. Nothing about raw whole eggs or raw egg Whites with other food. When eating Nothing else then the Whites the enzymes to digest it isnt released

  156. Can I take a row yellow egg with whey protein shake gold standard.

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  158. Hey all, would it be safe to assume that separating and consuming the egg yolks raw, (however you’d prefer) would keep the biotin, vitamins, good cholesterol and fatty acids available, while scrambling/frying the whites would nullify the avidin and make the protein more available? although it’s a little more work of separating the yolk and making 2 dishes instead of one, you can keep the whites in a pint jar in the fridge (which’s what I do) and/or separate a dozen eggs in advance and use as you please… Any thoughts?

  159. When I received this unit I tested the water with the enclosed kit and also purchased a ph test kit. It tested out at >8.5. So I believe it is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

  160. My breakfast is cooked scrambled egg whites and a glass of raw egg yolks. I find raw egg whites unappealing but love them cooked, and vice versa with the yolks. It feels natural and tastes great.

  161. I enjoy my eggs “lightly cooked”. All my eggs are from my own hens. I keep them at room temperature. They rarely last longer than a week because I eat them nearly every day. I put them in a pan on the range with some butter or coconut oil, and wait until the whites begin to get milky. Then I pour it into a bowl and slurp them.

  162. I know this is an older topic, so I won’t hold my breath for a reply, but if the main drawback is the biotin binder in the egg white, which from reading this seems to to be the main concern, couldn’t one avoid the issue by eating/blending just the egg yolks?

    I ask because I am trying Mark’s primal coffee (egg yolks, coffee, sugar, salt – but I use honey instead) and it was that which brought me here.

    @ all, does the hot coffee cook the egg?

    Link to the coffee recipe I reference earlier:

  163. You need to make your site more readable by organizing points in bullets instead of this block style. It makes reading tiresome, at least for me.

  164. I watched a video recently by Cyrex Labs on their Array 10. It suggests cooked eggs are more allergenic/reactive when cooked. At least this is what they are seeing when immune response is measured with cooked vs. raw. This would seem to suggest they are less digestible when cooked since it is typically complex/large proteins that tend to be reactive.

  165. Began eating 12 eggs a day to put on muscle. About 8 of them are raw. Holy hell! Libido is almost annoying at this point. I feel like I’ve taken viagra and have reverted to the age of 14. I’m assuming the cholesterol is aiding testosterone production. Although I’ve recently added in Brazil nuts which Tim ferriss says increase libido.

  166. I was wondering whether taking a broad spectrum digestive enzyme tablet before consumption would improve the amount of protein digested from the raw egg?

  167. My dad, born in 1898, would have for breakfast, two raw eggs in juice glass with a splash of venigar, salt and pepper. Any thoughts on this?

  168. My dumb sister thought it would be funny to crack open a raw egg into my hot chocolate, what will that do to me? Is it bad for me?

  169. I love to have a raw beaten egg whisked into my coffee daily. (Egg flip). Is it ok?

  170. Another solution is to eat only the yolk and discard the white altogether or use it for something else. I have been doing that for years and find having a few eggs daily is wonderful. One can use yolks also for smoothies and other foods. I teach it to parents around the world and children love it in smoothies; they get such great nutrition while loving it.