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Don’t Miss the Ancestral Event Of the Year—Paleo f(x) 2018!

Paleo f(x) [1], my favorite holistic health and fitness event in the world, returns to Austin, TX, April 27-29th! Yup, that’s right around the corner! In case you missed it the last 6 years, Paleo f(x) [1] is the ultimate Who’s Who gathering of the ancestral health movement—as well as the best Primal party you’ll ever go to hands down.

I’ll be one of the speakers in several Mastermind Panels, including “State of the Paleo Union” and “The Smart Art of Endurance Training,” and I’ll be giving a talk on “The Evolution and Future of Ancestral Health Coaching.” Our very own Elle Russ, host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast, will also be speaking about her continuing research and experience with The Paleo Thyroid Solution. And my friends, coauthors, and fellow keto aficionados, Brad Kearns and Lindsay Taylor, will be there doing Q&A and other activities (be sure to check out their Keto Happy Hour), as will our Primal Health Coach and Primal Kitchen teams.

You’ll also be getting deep inside the brains of other world-class speakers including New York Times bestselling authors, physicians, scientists, athletes, health entrepreneurs, fitness professionals, biohackers, and more. Robb Wolf will be joining me, along with Chris Kresser, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, Ben Greenfield, Sarah Fragoso, John Durant, and dozens upon dozens more. You can register for the event and see a full list of speakers here [1].

I had such a great time rubbing elbows with thousands of like-minded Primal/Paleo enthusiasts at last year’s Paleo f(x). The Palmer Events Center featured all the biggest companies in the ancestral health sphere along with over 30 expert speakers. Overall, there wasn’t a dull moment, an empty belly, or a lack of enthusiasm among the pop-up community of Primal/Paleo attendees.

2018 promises to be even more of a thrill. The event [1] features:

I’ll also be walking the ground floor for the entire event, so it’s a great chance for us to meet. Or catch me at my talk, when I’ll discuss the Primal importance of finding an avocation that excites you. I’ll share a bit about my own long and circuitous path to building my Primal businesses and offer some insight into how to discover hidden opportunities that can change your life.

Paleo f(x) takes place at the Palmer Event Center, a premier space in downtown Austin, adjacent to the city’s best food, music, and culture. Last year our Primal presence filled the streets, pervading every corner of Austin for the weekend.

This event is just around the corner (and tickets traditionally sell out), so be sure to register today! [1]

Check out the website to learn more [1] about why you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Want To Virtually Attend?

And if you won’t be able to make it to Austin, no worries. The Keynote Stage will be livestreamed, and you can virtually attend by registering for the livestream option [2].  You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group of other Livestream attendees. Want to purchase recordings of the livestream events? You have that option, too.

Whether you attend virtually or in-person, you’ll discover:

Plus,you can watch mastermind panel discussions on alternative medicine, caring and feeding a healthy gut microbiome, and health entrepreneurship!

Get your livestream ticket now [2].


Get your ticket to attend in person. [1]

I look forward to seeing you there!