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Does 2015 Have Your Name on It? (plus 21-Day Challenge News and a Chance to Win)

“This is going to be my year!” It’s a common refrain as we change over the calendars every year. And I thoroughly believe each and every one of us should be thinking this exact thought today. As brazen a statement as it might seem, it encapsulates the full possibility and responsibility of owning this year [1] for yourself. The fact is, this year does belong to you. The only requirement is being lucky enough to be alive today. That’s it. If you’re beginning the year in health far poorer than you’d hope, 2015 is just underway. No matter if you have weight to lose [2], strength to gain [3], eating habits to change [4], or stress to be conquered [5], 2015 is one day in. What could you be doing, feeling and seeing by next New Year’s?

What will you do with this one priceless year?

Let me propose something bold. (Do you expect anything less from me at this point – those of you who’ve been here before?) Today – this year – let’s go for broke….

Going for broke: let yourself imagine what that could mean for you and your life. And no small thinking [6] here! Let’s shoot those limitations [7] down right away. Think creatively, expansively. What would you like to be able to do?

Let me cut into the good self-reflection for a moment and offer a word of caution about framing these visions. So often people say, “I’d love to get back to X,” X being back to 180 pounds, back in some old jeans, back in shape the way they used to be. Used to be. Back. Old. In reality, you’ll never really get back to X, no matter what it is. That’s a good thing.

It’s not about going back. Don’t dwell in past visions. They too often breed unhelpful comparisons [8] and put an artificial “cap” on our success. So many of us go through life with a fixed sense of self. We hold onto a misguided and tightly circumscribed sense of what we’re capable of [9], what we can look like, what we can enjoy, etc. It’s time to lose those old stories [10] – no matter how great we think they were.

Can we bring ourselves to believe the past wasn’t the pinnacle? Can we fathom for a minute that we can do better and enjoy it more by doing it differently this time? I’d consider myself living proof [11] of that concept, and I can show you thousands of success stories [12] that demonstrate the same. My experience of 60-years-old beats my experience at 30 hands down.

Let’s envision forward. What you can be today is the best possible version of yourself [13]. For this to happen, it’s critical to change your language and mindset. No one here is going backward. Today you know more than ever about real health, and you’re going to use it now to your full unbridled advantage. You’re going to expand your body’s capacity – and your self-concept [14].

So, how about this instead?

“This year I want to become leaner, healthier, stronger, better than I ever have been. I want to feel a sense of vitality [15] I’ve never experienced in my life.”

So much better, right?

Now let me sweeten the deal….

This year I’ve slated the annual 21-Day Primal Blueprint Challenge for January 12 through February 1. Yes, I’m aligning the massive reader initiative and ambition we see at every Challenge with the fire power of New Year’s resolution [16] time. While there’s never a bad time to reclaim your health and vitality, I just wanted to see what kind of combustion was possible. Consider that a Challenge in itself!

I have no doubt this community will offer an unmatched energy and enthusiasm. As unbelievable as this is to say, I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to the Challenge and the surprises it will bring.

On your end, you can expect a whole host of products, contests and other goodies as well as great supporting content – including for the first time ever an accompanying free app for those who register for the Challenge by January 12.

Be sure to check back on Monday for more details – including initial registration. There’s a time urgent piece here. Challenge participants will only be able to join the Challenge app from January 5th to the 12th. Don’t miss out!

Finally, let me offer this encouragement for anyone who’s still straddling the fence [17] or who’s simply new to MDA. You will find everything you need here for each and every one of these 21 days to meet this Challenge. No one goes it alone. Prepare to be offered the tools and information you need to initiate change and to maintain your momentum. Prepare to be inspired by the outstanding support of this community and to be astounded by the extraordinary videos, recipes and strategies other readers will share in the contests, forum and comment boards.

Know that – no matter where your health is at – you can begin this Challenge counting on the faith of others until amazing outcomes can finally convince you of your own inherent capacity and the potential of the Primal Blueprint [18] for better living. Welcome to your year.

I want to know what your self-challenge will be for 2015 and for these upcoming 21 days? Who’s in? What vision will you be working for? Share your thoughts and questions, and I’ll randomly select one winner to receive a free bag of Primal Fuel [19]. (Sweepstakes ends Jan. 2, 2015, 10 am PST.)

Thanks for reading everyone. Happy New Year!

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