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Do Cold Busters Like Emergen-C and Airborne Actually Work?

Yes, they do. However, understand that these natural cold and flu remedies are not really “curing” anything [1]. If you see a product claiming anything along those lines, that is a red flag. But what many of these products do – and homeopathic remedies [2] do not fall into this category as they’re completely worthless – is simply boost your immune system with vitamins and sometimes additional minerals or phytonutrients. In fact, many of them are not unlike a potent multivitamin. The studies on “curing” colds with natural remedies are inconclusive, but studies have shown time and again that vitamins like C, the B-complex, and many other supplemental nutrients absolutely have immuno-strengthening properties. That’s why I recommend always taking steps to boost your immune system on a daily basis, whether you’re sick or not. Don’t wait until you feel the first itch of a sniffly nose to begin boosting your immune system. Prevent what you can before you even get it.

In general, the core factors for a strong, healthy immune system are:

– Regular, if not daily, exercise

Multivitamin [3] supplementation

Fish oil [3] supplementation

– A clean diet based around fresh produce and whole foods

– Avoidance of sugar

– Stress management

– Daily sunshine

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