August 22 2007

Spin the Bottle (How Coke Is Remarketing Itself)

By Mark Sisson

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketDiet Coke used to work hard to prove that it was more than just water and chemicals – consumers wanted to feel that they were getting something for their hard-earned dollars. To that end, marketing played up the great taste and refreshing benefits of Diet Coke.

Fast forward a couple of years, when water – particularly bottled water – is all the rage (never mind that thousands of children die every day from lack of access to water). Now, Diet Coke is falling all over itself to trump up the fact that it’s practically identical to water! Hey, it’s 99% water!

Which is funny, because why would anyone want to pay for 99% water with added chemicals?

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12 thoughts on “Spin the Bottle (How Coke Is Remarketing Itself)”

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  1. I’m surprised they don’t trump up the fact that it’s low in saturated fat.

  2. And has no trans-fats. Much like the name-brand pepperoni is now carb-free!

  3. I Personally Know Someone That Drinks A Diet Coke From The Time She Gets Up Till She Goes To Bed, She’s “ADDICTED”!!! I Drink Water Sun Up Till Sun Down, Drink It Only Because You Can’t Beat It To Quench Your Thirst, It’s “HEALTHY”(Just What Our Body NEEDS, And Exactly What We Were Intended To Drink) I Will Tell You- I Feel Alot Better Than She Does, Go Figure!!!!

  4. But isn’t bottled water on its way out as well? I heard San Francisco is thinking of banning bottled water because it’s a waste of packaging (i.e. no good for Mr. Earth).

  5. I Also Saw On The News That The State Of Illinois
    Is Talking About And Highly Considering RAISING Taxes On Bottled Water, I Saw It On WGN Chicago News. They Reported Cigarette Smokers Were Laughing About Raising Taxes On Bottled Water Because Some States Raised Taxes On Cigarettes. My Daughter Lives In Georgia, She Tells Me Georgia Raised Cigarette Taxes There.

  6. I would love to see the bottom line on how much Coke spends on marketing, esp. image marketing.

  7. I love the idea of a really high tax for bottled water. Then, like cigarettes in New York, will there be a bottled water black market?

  8. Soda sales have leveled out this year instead of the usual increase. Time to remarket…

  9. There are many, many Diet Coke addicts out there. I’m surprised they still have to do advertising considering people drink that stuff like it is crack.