The Best Way to Get Diabetes: Follow the Diabetes Dietary Guidelines

I recently came across this outrage from the most authoritative diabetes organization in the country:

I wish this “learning center” were a joke – the title certainly is. (I doubt the Greek playwrights could have come up with something so morbidly ironic.) The federal government’s dietary recommendations as per the Food Pyramid are recycled here for diabetics as a beneficial course of treatment for successfully managing blood glucose and insulin. Note that the only difference between this path to diabetes and the regular one is that American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association moved legumes – rightfully – from the meat and fish category to the base of the pyramid. Of course that change pales in comparison to the utter lunacy of recommending a diet of 60-70% grains to diabetics! These are our most esteemed diabetes “experts”. The truth is that if you want to know why we’re facing a diabetes epidemic, look no further. If you want to develop type 2 diabetes, I’m stumped for a more expeditious way to do it.

My dietary recommendations are vastly different and you can see my pyramid to get an idea. If you’re new to this site and are unfamiliar with why grains are the last thing any of us – but especially anyone with blood sugar concerns – should be consuming so recklessly, read my definitive guide to insulin, blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes. The insulin response is one of the most important original mechanisms to have evolved in all animals including humans. The current lemming fidelity to the grain-based diet is but a flash in the evolutionary pan – and a dangerous one, at that.

By the way, the site linked is a commercial one that sell diabetes products. They lifted the pyramid image from the ADA. I’d do the same if I wanted to sell more glucose monitors and syringes.

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