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Worker Bees’ Daily Bites

9 out of 10 taste-testers agree: Today’s wrap contains 100% more flavor than the leading competitor.

What a Headache

The FDA swipes 15 migraine medications [1] off the shelf.

Conspiracy Theorists, Pay Heed

Evil secrets lurk at the farmer’s market [2]…or something. We still think farmer’s markets are better, and it’s usually not difficult to find a good, low-priced one. But everyone’s a critic.

Flickr Member Photo [3]

Going Mental

An important new brain discovery will help scientists better understand mental disorders [4].

Diabetes R Us

Many times, dire predictions about global health catastrophes turn out to be a little exaggerated. Not so for everyone’s favorite unnecessary disease. Diabetes is spreading even faster [5] in some western nations than scientists predicted.