Fried Lattes…Finally!

Remember one Able Gonzalez of last year’s fried coke fame? (You do.) The deep-fried bad boy is back, along with all the usual suspects at this year’s Texas Food Contest. The TFC is the biggest fried food competition in the country, of course. Last year’s body bombs included such mega-hits as fried coke and fried avocados. This year the offerings include fried guacamole bites, which must be confusing for the chips, and deep-fried lattes.

Unfortunately, the Starbucks set has not taken to the deep-fried lattes (something about bad foam). Alas, Able has not been able to top last year’s sweet fried coke success: according to the original article, the food engineer concedes he’ll likely never again top the creation that skyrocketed him to fame in fried delights.

Deep-fried oddities have long enchanted Americans, but in recent months our tubby population has dabbled far more than a toe into obsessive-compulsive territory…

The Jersey Shore has deep-fried Twinkies and Oreos.

Carnivals everywhere are heating up with deep-fried candy bars.

And while a crush is one thing, who will answer for the love affair with deep-fried pizza?

From deep-fried pickles to breaded cicadas to fried cheeseburgers (roll over, Monte Cristo), we’re showing strong growth in fried innovations.

But I think we can do better. Are we America or aren’t we? For starters, why don’t we have deep fried soup? And breaded beer? Fried nuts would be a welcome addition to the stale offerings at most bars. And one would think breaded bread would be a staple by now!

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