Dear Readers: What Do You Want from Mark’s Daily Apple?

QuestionsAs many of you know, it’s my life goal to help 10 million people get healthy. To that end, I’ve got big plans for Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint in 2014. From several new books and events, to a Primal certification and much more, it’s looking like it will be a great year. I’ll be sharing all the details with you next week.

But it all starts and ends with you, Mark’s Daily Apple readers. You continue to be my primary focus and, as always, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. So today I want to know what you want out of MDA. See the contest below. But first…

I’d like to whet your appetite with some juicy topics I’ll be tackling in 2014 blog posts. Here are just a few that I’m working on in draft form for publication this year.

  • What Do We REALLY Know About What Our Ancestors Ate?
  • Is a Calorie a Calorie?
  • How and Why Your Body Stores Fat
  • Why I Believe in Supplementation
  • How to Be an Endurance Athlete on a Ketogenic Diet
  • How to Reverse and Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes
  • The Best Exercise There Is, Hands Down

That’s just a taste of what I have in store for this year. Now it’s your turn…

The Contest

“What do you want me to write about?” My articles are constantly informed by the thoughts and ideas of my readers. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see me research and write about this year. In the comments section below, tell me one topic you’d like to see covered, or one question you’d like to see answered, or the title of one blog post that just has to be written this year. I’m leaving this fairly open ended. No idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Prize

A 30-serving supply of Primal Fuel.

The Deadline

Midnight (PST), tonight!

Who is Eligible

Everyone. I’ll ship the Primal Fuel anywhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to everyone that offers an idea. I’ll see what I can do to give you what you want in 2014! Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Elimination Communication! Also known as “Infant Potty Training”, but might better be called “What Would Mama Grok Do?”

    1. Mama Grok was so attuned to her child that she just “knew”. Some primitive tribes are still this way. So maybe they are not so primitive after all!

      1. I suffered a traumatic brain injury 22 years ago & was in a coma for 10 days. I have had a miraculous recovery and cannot complain. I think with the increase of soldiers coming home with T.B.I.’s, the nutritional component of a patient’s recovery needs to be addressed. I really think this is something that could benefit a lot of people. Perhaps a talk given to families/patients who are currently rehabilitating,or the medical community at RIOSA (Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio)or continuing ed. for neurologists? I would like to see this information given to doctors! (Perhaps a nutritional course in medical school?) Or how about getting the “crap”they teach in our schools getting rewritten?

    2. Easiest tip on potty training came from my Mom.
      As soon as baby can sit, after every meal sit baby on the potty and look at picture books together for about 10 minutes. Within 2 weeks of doing that there will be the first time that baby (accidentally, of course) pees in the potty. Applause for baby! Continue for several months. Yes, it is very time consuming in the beginning but will save you (and baby) a ton of time, energy, frustration and money (less diapers) in the end! Plus you will never have a baby that walks away from the potty because you are having fun looking through the books together. 😉
      Sonja (from Switzerland)

      1. The primal lifestyle makes perfect sense, but I would like to know why there is so much conflicting information! Is it true that one diet would be good for all? Or is it ‘ to each his own’? Do the food manufactures and drug companies really run the show?

        1. Chris Kresser just published “Your Personal Paleo Code” which attempts to address the disparities in the primal/paleo world by helping one tailor the diet to the individual. I’ve only just started it, but I reckon that could help you navigate your way through the acestral fitness info. I’d say also read, read, read and the good advice will float to the top.

        2. I agree with Carolyn K, I read The Primal Blueprint (TPB) early last year after being informed of it by a friend. I thought I was reasonably healthy prior to reading TPB but I was so wrong and it all became clear the further I got into the book. I now live by the primal diet and also quite sadly preach to all my friends family and associates in an attempt to also get them hooked!

          However, as Carolyn states there is so much conflicting and confusing information published by so called dietary experts and even professional bodies such as the department of health! I would like to see a post detailing where all those others obtain accurate or inaccurate information in order to issue statements advising of what is classed as a healthy food but clearly isn’t if you live by the primal code!

          A great example would be oats, in England it is well published that oats are classed as a ‘Super Food’ but after reading TPB this is clearly not the case. Can it really be that all these dietary experts are putting peoples health at risk by publishing misinformed information produced by scientists and research and if this is the case how are they allowed to do it??

        3. I just finished Death by Food Pyramid and loved it. In it, Denise explains how our genetic pattern can affect how we digest starch, react to sugar, and tolerate (or not!) dairy.

          Also, Mark, can you do one of your stellar researching jobs on Liposomal C? I’ve been using it less than a week and yet it has wrought amazing benefits to my sleep and energy level, already!

    3. I agree. Also my 2 year old granddaughter is so fussy about what she eats! Doesn’t seem to want healthy food except fruit. I have friends who have the same problem. She catches every cold that’s going. All this modern processed food probably effects their immune systems. We know what to eat, but how do we encourage small children to go back to basics with their eating habits?

      I also agree about help with the female hormone stuff!

      1. This may sound harsh, so I apologise for that in advance, but just don’t offer her anything other than (a wide range of) healthy foods. Have no others in the house and ensure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to food. Unless she is autistic or has other possible similar issues, she will not starve herself.

        Straightforward, but takes some work and a hefty dose if positivity and optimism to get into. At the end of the day, if she kniws she can hold out gor another option, she will. Also, never cajole or bribe – child led means she’ll eventually eat as much or as little of a food that her body needs at the time. Good luck and you’re not alone 🙂

      2. Put nothing but healthy, tasty food in front of ’em. They’ll eat it. If the youngster doesn’t eat a given food the first time, serve it again (and again, and again). Over time, the child will have at least TRIED just about everything and will ultimately find an array of healthy food that he or she DOES like. Of course, the following is anecdotal evidence, but I know lots of people with children through my line of work/community activities, and I have seen them really break down into two groups (cliche, I know) when it comes to child-feeding: those who stick to their guns on serving only healthy choices and those who supplement the picky eater’s diet with junk ‘just to make sure he/she’s eating SOMETHING’. Every time, the healthy-food crowd ended up with non-picky eaters and the junk food-feeders were stuck between a rock and a hard place throughout those all-important early years of growth and development (G&D). I can’t begin to put a number on the times that I have seen this scenario play out exactly this way. Sure, a lot of kids will become less picky over time, but the importance of EARLY nutrition cannot be overestimated. I was raised in the latter (junk food) parenting environment and missed some valuable G&D opportunities as a child, but my spouse and I were determined not to allow that to occur in our own home. Everyone at the table was served the same foods at every home meal, and we all ordered off the standard menu (or shared if the child was too young to order) at exotic ethnic restaurants (no kids’ menu grilled cheese!). I’m telling you, even toddlers can handle this. Mine became spice- and texture-adventurous at a very young age. On the flip side, one of my siblings took the junk food route and guess what – ALL of the children, even the ones who started out eating anything, years later STILL refuse to eat real food!

        1. You are so right about this. My daughter worries that her daughter isn’t eating enough so will give her what she likes (junk food) after the disliked food is thrown on the floor! Teresa’s comment about too much fruit encouraging a sweet tooth is probably also a problem!
          Antakya – I experienced the same as you. We had to eat whatever was put on the table – there was nothing else or we went hungry. I was brought up on a farm in England and we were fed natural farm foods – meat, fruit, eggs and fruit etc. I did spend much of my childhood running around freely as we were encouraged to play outside whatever the weather. We were very healthy too!

        2. I’d like to agree with this but it’s just not true. This does not work for every kid. If you have a terribly picky kid, the kind that has less that 30 accepted foods, and will starve himself for days rather than taste something new or different, please seek medical help. There are a variety of medical conditions that can lead to such behavior. For example, it turned out my son had several food allergies and sensory processing disorder. Once we identified the allergies (which we’re still working on for the milder ones) and got him into occupational therapy, we started to see improvement, but we still have a long way to go.
          I get tired of people who have clearly never dealt with a truly picky eater saying things like “If you just keep offering them food, eventually they’ll eat it.” Or “They won’t starve themselves.” Not true! Plenty of children have starved to death or close to it in eating battles of will with their children. We look at those parents like they must be monsters, totally forgetting that WE ADVISED THEM TO DO EXACTLY WHAT KILLED THEIR CHILD. Thankfully, most parents won’t stick it out that long. Most will cave after their kid doesn’t eat for four or five days and give them the freaking breakfast cereal or french fries or whatever it is that they will eat. And then we are judged harshly for that. We are considered weak and inept parents. Until you see your toddler go days without food of his own free will because he refuses all the food you’re offering him, you probably should reserve your judgement.

        3. Yup, friend of mine w/a 2 yr old, says she’s going through a phase of not liking “veggies” (imagine eye roll @ this point, please…) When do 2 year olds call the shots? BTW self same child has suffered running nose since she was practically born (prob dairy intolerant). Mum and Dad quite sickly as well… breaks my heart but sigh you can’t save everyone…I’ve changed her nappy a couple of times and it’s basically diarhea cuz all she’ll eat is fruit (or junk mum gives her). Kids are uber clever at manipulation, I don’t mean that in a bad way, but give an inch, they take 10K!!

      3. When I have my grandkids(4 and 2), I only offer them the same foods I eat (primal). By the end of the week they both do not have a problem eating what I eat. And neither have starved to death. But then mom and dad come home and its back to SAD. The oldest is back to being puffy with in a few days.

        1. You go, Debi! At least you’re setting an excellent example for them when the grandchildren are with you. Your influence is priceless in their lives .

        2. When we were young my mother never asked what we wanted to eat nor did it enter our heads that she would. She cooked food and we ate it. We were always so hungry, after playing outside for hours, that we would never have dreamed of refusing what was put down to us. It was the same with my own children. Today’s children, my grandchildren included, are so different in as much as they don’t play outside so much and don’t have the freedom we used to have. Instead young children are given more freedom inside the home to question things and decide for themselves what they want to eat, to wear, to watch and to do. I’m not saying that this is necessarily always a bad thing but parents need to be parents and stop being led by their children.

      4. I agree w/ all the folks who’ve already replied & also think that fruit is too sweet: it trains the baby’s palate to expect something sweet. Think of fruit as an occasional treat; offer it only after the baby’s palate is firmly used to meats, eggs, vegetables, & possibly dairy products.

      5. My 2 grandchildren are amazing in what they will eat. They eat everything that mom and dad eat and not puree’d either. Grandson is 2 1/2 now so this is not an issue but granddaughter is 9 months and still has quite the gag reflex. It is not the same as choking. Sort of stunned me at first but she gets the job done. She eats whole broccoli, spears of roasted sweet potato, rice, whatever the family is eating. It is amazing to see her pick up a grain of rice. She also feeds herself so mom and dad can eat their dinner at the same time. The kids don’t “see” different foods being given to one or the other so may eliminate the finickyness. I agree that she should be only given healthy choices and everyone on the same page – mom/dad and grandparents/aunts & uncles.

    4. More topics on joints and how to supplement to keep them healthy as we age. Too many supplements and unreliable info. on this subject out there makes it confusing…

      Also, should we lift lighter loads, more reps, less reps, in the weight room as we age to keep them healthy, etc? Why do our joints get sore, etc? Thanks.

      1. +1 on joint mobility, especially avoiding and reversing arthritis.
        Also would be interested in covering more around newly arising DNA testing like ’23andme’ and how to interpret findings, what are the latest updates, how to make it a powerful ally.

        1. Joint mobility and how to take care of your back. Too many people have back issues these days. How did Grok avoid our issues?

    5. Mark, the one thing I would like in 2014 is to persuade you to hold a couple of regional seminars / other forums in the UK. Reading the blog and the books and watching the videos is one thing, but for us poor brothers and sisters in the UK to have that opportunity to interact in a different way would be great. You have a good following over here and I think it would be worth it.

      1. Absolutely agree with this! We need forums and seminars in the UK. We need to spread the word! At the moment I tell people to take a look at your website.

    6. We potty trained both our kids the same way. When it got warm in Minnesota, we took the kids and a potty chair out in the back yard, took off their diapers and played in the yard until they wet themselves. They stared wide-eyed, and we acted surprised and pointed out that next time they should use the potty chair because it won’t be messy. Then we hosed them off. It literally took a few days and nearly no effort and they just learned to trot over and use the potty.

      The whole time we played, kept it light, and never criticized. It worked better than I could have imagined.

    7. I would like to see some research being done on Chronic Lyme Disease and the Paleo diet. I suffered for 59 years with Chronic Lyme until a brilliant doctor diagnosed me correctly. I never had a tick bite, never a rash, but my mother did and I believe it was transmitted in-utero to me. I went through many different treatments over the past two years, but I am now free of Lyme and the many coinfections I had. I had gained over 100 lbs through the years as well. I began the Paleo diet several months ago and I can’t believe the energy I have now and the weight (and inflammation) I have dropped. There are millions of Chronic Lyme sufferers in the US (and the world) and they need to know that this Primal way of life will help them to regain their immune system function! There are also many people suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ALS, MS, lupus, Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s who don’t know that what they really have is untreated Chronic Lyme. Researching and reporting on Lyme would do the world a huge service! Thanks!

  2. I’d like to see more about female hormones and how the primal plan can help women pre-, peri-, and post-menopausal.

    1. Agreed, just hit 45 and starting to think of that and fear my hormone crash as mine are still doing what they should!

    2. +1 to that as well. I’d also love to see more on how it can help women with hormone dysfunction issues (ie – PCOS, etc).

    3. Yes, I’m 51 and had a mirena coil put in 16 months ago. Although I’ve been low carbing totally successfully for over 10 years now, in the the last 12 months I have gained and gained and boy is it proving hard to loose. I’m putting it down to the progestrone in the coil, it’s the only thing that’s changed. Would love to see more info on line and in print about the effects that female hormones at verious times in our lives have on weighty issues.

      1. I’m in the same boat – Mirena coil, gaining weight, can’t shift it. It’s so depressing.

        1. Not in the same boat… but my wife is. We have both been primal for two years. We both feel fantastic. Problem is, I have lost 30 pounds but she continues to slowly gain. We are in our early 50s. What can be done to reverse this obviously hormone related weight issue??

        2. Switched to copper coil for the same reason and I really wanted to rid myself of the ‘fake hormone’ in May. Much better! I actually have periods again and feel much more like my *real* self. YES I have been able to slowly lose most of those extra pounds. However, I am also finding this isn’t the same metabolism I had when I was in my 30’s, so I think all of the women’s issues should be very high on Mark’s list for 2014. A few more topics:
          – hysterectomy pros and cons
          (I think if it our reproductive systems were naturally drying up and falling out, this might be a natural alternative. However, nobody can tell us for sure if this is a bad choice for our future aging and health. My OB/GYN hates me because I denied him revenue to perform surgery ‘because I’m finished procreating’. *snort*)
          – for those who have already had a hysterectomy, what about HRT?
          – metabolic syndrome in women vs men
          Note that all this blather is coming from someone who is evolving into the PB lifestyle, and if these things are covered somewhere and I’ve missed the information, please point me in the right direction!)

      2. “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause”

        “Thyroid Guardian of Health”

        “Stop the Thyroid Madness”

        “The DHEA Breakthrough”

        “Adrenal Fatigue the 21st Century Stress Syndrome”

        Just a few book titles that have been helpful to me.

        1. My hysterectomy was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was 46, single mom to a sometimes very difficult female teenager and in between semesters of respiratory therapy school; I was so miserable and exhausted the prior semester It’s a miracle I learned ANYTHING, much less kept up my As & Bs and somehow got through my clinical rotation. With a history of surgical treatment for PCOS 23 yrs earlier I could tell from my pathology report that my ovaries were all messed up again; the doctor stated “this doesn’t make any sense” (including the strange case of my disappearing fibroids–too long a story for here). Anyway, my recovery was slow and bumpy w/ having to go back to class less then 2 weeks afterward but I felt so much better it was definitely worth it. I did HRT for a couple of years but it didn’t do that much for me so I quit. Now I have several places where I cannot get cancer b/c they’re gone–and good riddance.

      3. Consider thyroid issues, also birth control is not primal, think about it.

      4. GET RID OF THE MIRENA!!!! it is a death sentence – active ingredient is a derivative of the poison used in the holocaust. Had mine removed after 10 years (gained 25 kg and an autoimmune disease in this time). Within 8 months have already lost 14 of those kg’s AND the disease, with no change in diet.

    4. I’d like to see a book on the Primal influence on hormones for both men and women. One book divided…Primal Woman, Primal Man. Most of what I read on the Primal/Paleo diet pertains to men.

      1. Love this plus how a primal diet can “hopefully” elimate the need for prozac type drugs:)

    5. Absolutely agree. Just give Goldie the prize and a hug. I would LOVE to see more women-specific pieces. I’m a narcissist like that.

    6. Goldie nailed it! Please a blog on peri menopausal & paleo benefits

    7. Definitely on how to build muscle for the first time post-menopause. It is tough and the usual plans apply to men. Or maybe younger women, but no one is really addressing the challenge for older women. Especially those who are coming to strength training late in life.

      1. Great idea, Debise! I have been thinking about this for my mom, who is mid-60s and has never done structured exercise. She’s falling apart and needs some help knowing how to get started.

      2. +1 Very frustrating to lose ground and find yourself with muscle loss!

      3. I agree. I will soon be 71 years young and would like to get stronger in order to live another 30 or so years in order to see my great, great grandchildren grow up.

        1. My vote goes for this. I need to fend off osteoporosis. My mother has it. My maternal grandmother lived to be 96 but was pretty much confined to bed for the last 2 years of her life because her bones had deteriorated so badly. I don’t want to end up like that. I depend on dairy, including cheese, as a source of calcium, but if dairy is questionable as a primal food or someone can’t tolerate dairy, where do they get calcium? I make bone broths, but I’m supposed to be getting 1500mg calcium per day according to CW, although I’m finding out that perhaps a lack of calcium isn’t so much the issue as lack of vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin K2, magnesium, lack of exercise. I’d like your take on this, Mark. And thank you for all the good information you put out here.

    8. Great suggestion! I am 52 and I would have to say that concerns about the effects of hormonal changes in my future lurks in the back of my mind!

    9. Absolutely! I’m only 30 and have gone primal to try and re-balance my hormones which are crazy out of whack. I’d love to read more about it!

    10. Ditto times 100!!! I’m 55, and although I’ve had much success with PB, I know that my hormones are playing a big role right now but I don’t quite understand how. Also, as an aside, I’m struggling with rosacea despite eating very well and would love more articles on that subject.

    11. Agreed. It’s a challenge to find information on the difficulties that some peri- and post- menopausal women have with weight loss while following a Primal lifestyle.

    12. Agreed on the subject of hormones (post menopausal) also info on how to reverse hypothyroidism. Only med I take and would like to get off of it!

      1. Yes, hormones, reverse hypothyroidism and that and the weight gain that goes with it. In a nutshell, healing your endocrine system – all your hormones and glandular system!

    13. I need help with this too! 52 year old woman, I am Paleo, exercise, use supplements wisely etc. but still can’t lose weight. I don’t gain luckily and am healthy so I am thankful for that. I really need to lose about 30 pounds please.

      Thanks for the chance to win and for asking for our needs.

      Keep up the great work!

        1. I’ve been trying to be primal for the last 6-8 months and I crossfit 4-5 days per week. I’m 47 and haven’t lost any weight…’s super frustrating because I have about 40 lbs to lose and they won’t budge!

    14. Goldie,

      The Hormone Cure book written by Sara Gottfried, is a really nice comlimentary book to the Primal Blueprint lifestyle. (In fact, maybe Mark could partner with her in a seminar or something??!!)

    15. Absolutely. More info on menopause and how it makes it so hard to loose weight.

    16. +1 on this issue from Goldie (Primal, Menopause, Hormones, Weight Gain)
      I am 52, been paleo for two years.

    17. I agree with others posting interest in understanding how primal helps with female hormone function. My angle is how it can address female fertility issues. It would also be great to hear more personal testimonies on how primal may have reversed ovulation and luteal phase defects. There are also so much conflicting information on supplementation to fix these issues too.

    18. To add to the above, not just how the primal plan can help, but how menopause affects weight loss, stress responses and sleep. Also, how to balance female hormones if they are out of balance.

  3. Great idea, business-wise. Keep it up Mark! I’d love to see a post on “primalization” efforts across the globe…i.e., which (if any) cities installing squat toilets? Are they building lots of cool urban playgrounds? Maybe this could be a countdown of most “priaml-friendly” cities?

    1. You don’t have to look too hard around the world for a squat toilet….

  4. I’d like to see an article weighing the pros and cons of moving to another region/country to pursue a healthier lifestyle. For example, moving from the Midwest U.S. to the west coast, or, say, moving to a tropical place like the Philippines.

    1. I like this one too! I live in Wisconsin, and I’m determined to move to a different state in about two years. Not because of my health, but just to get out there and experience a new place! Although, the adventure(s) may have some very positive effects on my health too!! 🙂

    2. I lived in the Philippines, they really love their highly processed francise foods! Jolly Bee is everywhere, as with KFC and some McDonalds. The street food is very oily, even their bread has sugar in it. If you want a good diet in the Philippines then you’ll have to do all the cooking yourself. But labour and produce are cheap so you could just hire someone to cook for you! Unless you live in a country area then walking is hard, the sidewalks are full of holes and signs and all things except people walking. If you want to move there for health then a coastal/mountain place would be nice, cities there are not for the health conscious. Would be really cool if you found the right place!

  5. I would like to know the best way to keep my skin from aging, and gain muscle tone.

  6. I’m super excited to see what you have to say about calories being just calories – and reversing type 2 diabetes!

  7. “So you’re a female crossfitter…” when, what, and how much to eat for optimal performance AND getting or staying lean.

    1. Same here – not necessarily a cross-fitter, but pretty darn active and love to lift weights. Food quantity and portion sizes would be helpful. Seems the harder I exercise or the more active I am the hungrier I get – makes perfect sense but its like having to make a choice between exercise and being lean – not both at the same time.

      1. +1 on this. I was steadily losing weight during the summer by eating well, biking a lot, playing softball and sand volleyball, and the occasional body weight work out. When fall hit, I joined a gym because I wanted to get really strong and lift heavy. My appetite increased and while I saw muscle gain, it seemed I stopped losing fat. Can you do both at the same time (gain muscle, lose fat) and how? It’s been a frustrating winter on that end.

    2. +1 for getting lean and blasting fat while doing crossfit as a woman

    3. Yes this is a great idea- I would be very interested in this as I have just started cross-fit after being Primal and lifting weights/strength training for about 6 months. my body composition has improved dramatically but I feel like i eat alot more than my peers, even if it is healthy Primal fare! advice on portions, energy intake etc would be great!

  8. I’d love to read some thoughts about sustainability of “primalization” across the globe? Could our planet support everybody living primally or what could a primal perspective for all people look like?

    1. I agree, I was vegan for a while, because I was concerned of how the animals were being treated and how the farming of animals has gotten out of hand. I am doing my part to purchase local, organic, farm/field raised beef and chicken. But what about the rest of the country?

      1. Another +1! Mark got me to give up being vegan (bye-bye, processed soy), but sustainability is an issue given the huge population-to-surface-area ratio that now exists, courtesy, in large part, of mass/commercial farming practices.

    2. We artificially increased the population to over 7 billion using grain.

    3. Mark already had a very good post on this topic. It could use a repost, though.

  9. Anything biohacking related (improving sleep, memory, endurance, libido, etc.)
    I’m also very excited to hear more about your endurance athlete/ketogenic topic!

    1. Yes!! I’d love to hear more about libido issues in younger women!

  10. How to convert people we know and love to primal-paleo-ancestral …

    1. This is close to my idea about getting our parents on board. Good one.

  11. I am a massive supporter and think I am the UK version of Grok himself!

    What I would like to know more about is your thoughts on over farmed produce, whether it be GM fruit/veg farmed on chemically enriched soil or meat filled with water, salts and buffers. I.e the pesticides and additives.

    I think the title ‘Mutant Korg living’ might work.

  12. More kid/family-centric primal ideas — quick meals, “road food”, vitamins/nutrition for kids.

    1. I have several friends who are interested in Primal eating for themselves although at the same time they are skeptical and resistant to making the changes. They have grade school age children and I don’t really know what to say to them when they ask me about whether this way of eating is ok for kids. They are very concerned about taking grains out of their diet.

    2. YES please!!!
      Easy to follow and something to get the kids involved.

  13. I find the human nature aspects of why people diet very interesting. Picking apart the threads of cultural pressure, health goals, body image and plain ole competitive drive is endless fascinating. I’m finding it especially interesting that when someone does loose weight or achieve a health goal the people nearest them are usually more negative than supportive. Are they threatened? Jealous? What gives? I also like Dear Mark days when smaller topics are brought out. Things like “did grok have dandruff?” That would be a good one. Ha

  14. I’d like to see an article about calorie and macronutrient cycling within a PB context. It’s a fairly typical approach for bodybuilding/powerlifting, but it can be difficult to achieve eating primally.

  15. Primal Careers: what careers can individuals pursue to promote the primal lifestyle? Some obvious ones would be farmers, doctors, and dieticians, but what about in fields like business, engineering, etc.?

    1. +1 ( from a student about to graduate and hoping to combine a passion for healthy living and supporting myself financially – this would be a great read)

    2. Yes, please!
      Very timely for me, as I’m graduating next year and am a little taken aback by the way (large) businesses operate. Mostly with regard to pressure and stress handling.

    3. +1 Primal Careers or an affiliate program. I have been primal for two years and have a passion for spreading the paleo lifestyle. Thought of becoming a personal trainer or starting a health food business. Would love to hear more . .

    4. +1 please!! I’m in a cubicle job right now. It’s fine because it pays the bills and I’ve learned a lot here, but I’m ready to move on, especially now that I’ve started on my journey to living a Paleo/Primal lifestyle.

    5. Yes, that’s a good one. I feel like I’m in the film Office Space at work and would love to ‘do something else’, just don’t know what. I need Mark to tell me, and if he knows how many roads must a man walk down, some guy keeps asking that on the radio so he could help him as well….

    6. I’m sure some of the younger crowd may also be interested in primal dating–are there Paleo/Primal dating sites?

      1. Not just the younger Groks!

        I would liketo find out if anyone has started an intentional community with the paleo lifestyle. I see a lot that are vegan, but not paleo. Permaculture based.

  16. I would like to see information regarding ways to strengthen some of the physical weaknesses that are barriers to exercise. For example, I developed patellar tendonitus in an exercise program. How do I strengthen my knee, or the muscles around it, to prevent it in the future?

    1. This is my main concern these days as well. Every time I try to build muscle I seem to injure myself. I’m tired of being frail & fragile!

      1. Greetings,
        If you are serious and committed about gaining more strength you might want to track down a copy of the book convict conditioning by paul wade. It is a formulated bodyweight progression for making your whole body really strong. 10 progressions for each exercise(pushups, chins, squats, abs). been on it for past 6 months and have been really enjoying it. 2 20 min workouts per week.
        good luck

  17. I’d like to learn more about traditional diets from around the world- ancestral health. What we can learn from Indian/ asian, African dietary habits

    1. +1 I’d like to explore the differences in what primal is for different ancestral lines, such as Asian Primal, Central European Primal, African Primal, etc. etc. etc. People from coastal regions may do better with fish and aquatic plants, vs. a central European who may do better with red meats, poultry, and game like rabbit and venison. More on this would be great.

    2. Check out Chris Kresser’s site … he did a series on other cultures’ foods not too long ago.

      1. Hi Mark
        Similar to these comments, as a non-US reader, I’d like to see more international perspectives on primal/paleo.
        Perhaps inputs from international correspondents from Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia/Pacific. I’m available if needed. 😉
        MDA Global Enterprises?

  18. I spend a lot of time in very remote places working as a humanitarian. Food is usually very simple there, mostly rice, beans and very little fruit and vegetables. So my question would be:
    “How far can you go with Protein supplements (or primal fuel)? Can you replace two meals every day for several months (assuming you also take vitamin supplements), or is it just not feasible / healthy?”

    1. I don’t think having just Primal Fuel as a meal replacement for that length of time would be healthy. Primal Fuel is protein and a decent source of calories but does not provide extensive micronutrition like the Master Formula.

  19. Eating primal at restaurants is always a great topic, with specific recommendations if possible.

    And I agree with the primal family topic.

    1. I was thinking about this earlier today! New to all of this, but thought that a Brazilian “rodizio” grill restaurant could be really good for primal eaters?

    2. I would love to see primal recommendations for eating out, especially with specific recommendations for specific restaurants!

  20. Primal Climbing!

    I’d like to see an article on the best way to eat during a day rock climbing. Short bursts of very high intensity climbing interspersed with periods of standing around belaying another climber. I don’t usually feel hungry during the day, but am ravenous after it. What kind of food and pattern of eating would best promote recovery during the day itself, and what would be best before and afterwards.


  21. I would love to see more articles dedicated to women, specially regarding fat loss. Maybe a little more participation of your wife?

    I frequently observe that a lot of the suggestions here are great for men, but not so much for women. Maybe because it doesn’t consider our monthly periods and its implications! (:

    1. Yes! I have had mainly male nutritionists/trainers and a lot of the feedback is from the male perspective. There are a lot of things in one’s diet that effect hormones in women much differently than in men. Something to do with how our estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels are affected by eating primally. I have had a lot of problems with balanced hormones and have always been told it’s hereditary. I have just completed week 1 of my new primal lifestyle and one of my remaining concerns is birth control/hormones changing from my new diet.

    2. Yeah. A lot of primal/paleo resources leave out more than half the population like their needs are so small it’s not even worth addressing!

  22. I want to know if hormonal birth control is really as safe or optimal for health as “they” say it is. Why isn’t the Paleo Community talking about the 60% of American women who are manipulating their hormones? Is hormonal birth control really safe for women’s health?

    1. +a zillion.

      I get that birth control isn’t “primal” (at least not the hormonal kinds) but it would be nice to have some info from a primal perspective about what types of birth control impact our hormones the most and the least. I want to be close to my partner without the stress and worry of becoming pregnant. I’d like more info beyond the BC webpages (sponsored by the companies themselves) and beyond the horror stories you hear from all the things that went wrong. Scientifically, how much of an impact do IUDs, the pill, etc., have on women’s health? Is it worth worrying about? Or does the relief from stress associated with the possibility of becoming pregnant justify hormonal birth control? Just a few questions to get you started 😉

    2. If you really think about it, there is no way it can be optimal for health, much less safe. It is wishful thinking that women could just pop a pill and avoid pregnancy with no side effects, and it always was. I bemoan this fact as much as anyone. But I unknowingly allowed the pill to ruin a decade of my life. Messing with your hormones as much as the pill does can do absolutely no good.

      I would love to hear from Mark/Carrie about this too!

  23. I’d like to encourage more local growth in the Primal community. Encouraging people to start “support group” for their area.

    I’m in New Orleans and started a group in April. We now have 400 local participants. It has made a huge difference in the success rate when you have a good support network that understands you!

  24. First of all I wanted to tell you how much your site means to me. I keep trying to break up with Primal but I just can’t quit you.

    That being said, I should say that the reason I have my doubts at times about primal is because I am a 56 year old female who detests exercise and feebly forces herself to make an effort to include it as a natural part of her life. What are the doubts? I keep seeing the references and inclusion of a very strongly based activity component — example: your PrimalCon agenda is focused very strongly (it seems) on activity or workout. That is not to say it’s a Bad Thing. I just wonder if the lack of activity or the gradient of activity presents an issue overall.

    You may have already blogged about this so you can tell me to shut it but I’d like to see an article focused on older people and the success or challenges when opting into a Primal lifestyle: this would include going from sedentary to reasonably active, flexibility challenges, issues with health care professionals, etc. Taking decades long “learning” and transforming it completely away from accepted tenets for health and the social issues inherent to that.

    Many posters have already touched upon their encounters with challenges but generally they’re younger (these kids!) and I do believe that there is a hurdle that is different for old women (or men) than there is for kids in their 20s and 30s. (HEY YOU! GET OFFA MY LAWN!!!)

    So: blog me. Reassure me. Send my spirits soaring. Tell me it’ll be okay to flaunt the wisdom handed to me by my mother and hers. (Needy much?)

    1. I agree with Julie, more about women’s specific needs. I also agree that lots of the posts and followers on MDA seem to be very hardcore in terms of their exercise habits – not at all what is recommended in The Primal Blueprint. More about moving frequently at a slow pace and sprinting/lifting heavy things once in a while!

      1. I am 60, have osteoporosis & also spondilitis in my neck, so mustn’t lift heavy things. I have eaten primally for over a year, but I haven’t done any exercise for many many years & it was not something I enjoyed at school. I would however now like to start exercising, but I would like to know how to start & what type of exercises to do bearing in mind my problems. Also, how to make it enjoyable so that I keep it up! My muscles feel quite weak, so it would be nice to be able to strengthen those & also to help my lungs, as I suffer from asthma. I believe that as we get older, our glutathione levels decrease which means that we do not get rid of toxins & viruses etc so easily & I understand that exercise can help to boost glutathione levels, so I just wondered if there were any exercises in particular to help with that? Thank you.

        1. Yep, that’s me. I’d like to exercise more but anything other than walking makes me hurt. Is this DOMS? Arthritis? Muscle imbalance? Am I out of whack? If so, how do I fix it so that I CAN exercise more. I would like to see more on this.

    2. I’ve suffered with migraines for years to the tune of 8 or more a month. My integrative Dr. had me switch my eating habits (in Aug.) to almost all Primal. Today is Day 68 without a migraine!! I’ve adapted quite well to the new way of eating. But I, like Julie, LOATHE exercising and have no motivation or desire. I am a 50 year old female, 5’5″ and 105 lbs. No weight problem here, but I also have no muscle tone, not a lot of energy and I’m quite the weakling. So, talk to me about that, please!

      1. Your story is similar to mine. It has taken me almost four years to learn all the things that caused my migraines. I wrote a blog post about my experience. But mostly I’m allergic to msg and gelatin (you know that healthy stuff in natural beef broth). I was still getting a few migraines here and there until I realized I was taking vitamin D in gelcaps (GELATIN caps). The reason I’m replying to you is because you’ll be surprised what is causing your migraines. I can’t believe that good, natural ingredients (even vitamins) could cause them if you have an allergy. You really need to be vigilant and listen to you body! Good luck to you!!A-Crapatarians-Migraine-Solution-by-Tamara-Warren/c2550/1

      2. Karen, I never had energy in my pre-paleo life. After about 5 years on and off paleo with a 20 kg weight loss my thyroid function improved, I warmed up and I developed energy for the first time in my life. I like exercising now (used to hate it). I even took up karate 3 years ago and though I have to pace myself at the age of 63 I think that is largely because I had seldom been fit in my life until I gave up bread, etc. I am developing muscle tone and strength – slowly, but its happening. The big change is that I no longer have to think about whether I’m prepared to walk from one end of the mall to the other, or walk down the street, or go down on my hands and knees to scrub the floor. I just do it.

  25. I’d like to see you cover a few controversial topics such as alternative medicines, you political view and how you see society developing and how you thinks schools should be changed

    1. +1…along these lines, any myth busting would be great to see!

  26. I’d love to see an article on preventing cancer. Lost step dad to it last year and now watching my mom go through ovarian cancer, so it’s kind of top of mind! Also anything on balancing women’s hormones would be very interesting. Appreciate all the work you do!

  27. More help on menus, please. I’m struggling with getting enough variety into a week’s menus, and hubby is complaining about limited choices. Trying to keep strict pale in addition to severe egg allergy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all looking the same.

    1. Diane,

      Every Saturday morning I Google for primal/paleo meals based on what meats I have or what I’d like to eat (generally grass-fed ruminants 4-5x/week, wild caught fish/seafood 2x/week and pastured pork/poultry 1-2/week). I bookmark those recipes on my iPad so they’re handy for making dinners during the week. I’ve started doing this on a monthly basis now (instead of weekly). We usually don’t repeat more than 1 recipe per month, so there’s a lot of variety, and we keep the recipes bookmarked in our favourites that we want to try again. There have been very few recipes that we haven’t enjoyed, but some we learn are better ‘weekend’ than ‘weekday’ meals, because of the amount of prep time required.

  28. I am getting ready to start a family in the next year or so. I would love as much information as possible on ways to have a primal pregnancy (what to eat, exercises, etc.)

    1. Primal pregnancy info would be great – I just dropped the question and she said yes and we will eventually be having children since there seems to be some primal urge to do so!

    2. Yes please! More info on primal pregnancy, breastfeeding, and primal parenting would be great!

      1. Just to add something to your question… my soon to be daughter-in-law has an ob/gyn who is very on board with primal. She has suggested to the dil not to eat grains during her pregnancy because of the complications it can cause with blood transfer, and the amount of nutrients the baby receives. I do know, during my pregnancy, (25 years ago), I ate as healthy as I could, refused the fast food track, and after a C-section, I delivered a healthy 10+ pound baby boy.

    3. Another great topic! Not sure which one I like more, this one or the one about birth control. Maybe do both! 🙂

    4. Pregnancy as well as recovering from pregnancy. While all the extra weight is gone, my body feels drained after 3 pregnancies. What needs special attention after pregnancy – depleted minerals? nutrients? hormones? offset chronic lack of quality sleep? Thank you for asking and doing what you do!

      1. Agree, but need this now for daughter in law, who is having a csection early February. Daughter delivering end of May so would still be useful, although she’s had a c section in the past, we’re hopeful she can deliver naturally this time.

    5. This is one I was going to suggest! Pre conception too! Best fertility plans for men and women (their needs are different!)

      Also, pregnancy recovery and breastfeeding lifestyles. Remember, recovering from cesarean and vaginal birth are both different.

  29. Ferritin deficiency for athletes and wannabe athletes, especially females – how it can be missed by the usual iron deficiency test (which only looks at hemoglobin levels), how to fix it, how often to retest levels …

    1. Supplementation is the fastest way that I’ve found to raise iron levels, despite all that liver I’ve eaten. One of the things that GPs tend not to mention (know?) is that the hard iron tablets aren’t very effective. You want to find some gel caps. When my iron levels were hovering around 14 my father/haematologist told me to pop three pills a day for a few months (at meals). Once I was up to double that he told me that for menstruating females it’s worth while to take one iron supplement a day forever, as women are very seldom at risk for over supplementation (males are a different ballgame). Unfortunately, all iron supplements tend to come with some unpleasant digestive issues. See if you can get your hands on Feramax.

      1. The need for supplemental iron is not “forever.” It should only continue until you have stopped menstruating. The need for iron is because of regular blood loss. Once the blood loss stops, so should the need for regular iron supplementation.

  30. mio piacerebbe sapere di più su dieta chetogenica e attività come ciclismo

    1. “I would like to know more about the ketogenic diet and activities such as cycling”

      Don’t you just love Google Translate! Lol

  31. Primal on a Budget

    This is an expensive eating style if you do it right and stick to pastured livestock. How can it be adapted for people on a budget? And I don’t mean the slightly less affluent, I mean people who are already really just scraping by.

    1. This is a great topic based on today’s economy and a lot of the health issues are prevalent in lower income families and people that cannot afford the good meat sources indicated in a lot of the MDA reads.

    2. +1, +1, +1.

      Along these lines, also taking into account the fact that almost 30% of Americans live alone, which has implications for how much food you can buy at one time, and also that many people live in small spaces and don’t have room for a freezer to keep half a cow in.

    3. A couple of unconventional methods I have had success with…
      City: Dumpster diving. Go to the health food stores. They often throw away perfectly good stuff. In cities, this is easy, safe, and at least in NYC perfectly legal! (The only downside is that I would often be tempted by the free non-paleo treats.)
      Outside of city: Roadkill. If you find a fresh roadkill deer for example, butcher up as much as you can and freeze it. Eat like a king for weeks. There is no higher quality meat and fat than wild animals.

    4. This would be very helpful – not everyone in my family is ready/willing to commit to a primal diet so we don’t get any (or much) of the savings that would be realized from not buying non-primal foods/snacks/etc…

  32. How beneficial can the Primal Lifestyle be when only grocery store food (meat, seafood, veggies, fruits etc) are available for consumption. Of course it would not be optimal but wouldn’t the basic changes of eliminating grains, legumes, etc set you on an improved, healthier path?

  33. I would like to see some body composition results with numbers. There are so many different foods, ways of fasting, ways of exercising. It would be very interesting to see some case studies with specific body composition numbers that would allow others to see how eating and exercising actually affects people. Not just those needing to lose a lot of weight, but maybe those who are maintaining, gaining muscle, or trying drop that last couple of body fat %.

    1. If you were to do this, Mark, I volunteer. It would give me the ultimate (but small) push to gain muscle (exercise more) and drop about 5% in body fat.

    2. +1. As a youngish post-menopausal woman (currently 52), I’d love to volunteer for this.

      1. here’s another 52 year old woman, peri-menopausal, that will volunteer.

  34. I would be very interested to see you take on cultures that are historically vegetarian or mostly vegetarian. Why does it not seem that they are subject to constantly high levels of inflammation or other bad things?

    1. Robert Lustig would say that lack of sugar is the common thread between healthy societies around the world. Seems logical …

  35. I’d like to know who won the Death By Pyramid book contest.

    1. Linda H. was the grand prize winner of the Tropical Traditions gift certificate. Other winners include:
      Aaron O.
      Abbe D.
      Amanda L.
      Elliot L.
      Greg B.
      Mary H.
      Maureen M.
      Rachel C.

  36. Hey Mark, Congrats on being named one of the most influential people in health, if any one deserves it you do!

    I’d love to see some more posts for very specific types of training. such as the Primal lifestyle and Bodybuilding or the Primal lifestyle and marathon training.

    I know these are specialized things, but I’d love to see the flexibility of the Primal diet for those who do have specialized sporting/fitness fields and how tailoring it for their sport can help them perform better.

  37. I would like to see more on regional adaptations in human evolution beyond what you have covered with lactase persistance and skin color. I’m curious about how humans have evolved to adapt to their local foodsheds. I’m an APOE 3/4 which has implications for chronic diseases but may be protective against acute infections.

  38. I would love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Pelmutter’s book, “Grain Brain”

  39. I really like the ideas about paleo for women – pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormones. I practice fertility awareness and therefore am very ‘aware’ of how my body cycles and my hormones. But I’d love to read more about how a paleo lifestyle affects it.

    My (more specific) topic suggestion is unrelated to that though. I suggest an article about supplementation and gut flora. As in when you should take it, how often/how long, what types of gut flora you should supplement versus try to get naturally.

  40. As my wife and I are expecting our first child this year, I would like to see more articles about healthy pregnancy and babies.

    Maybe something on food aversions during pregnancy and potential risks of “cheating” during these aversions.

    1. I would too like to see more on healthy pregnancies (safety of raw milk, and some of the other foods CW says no to during pregnancy), babies and women’s health (menstrual cycles, natural birth control, skin, hormonal acne) in general. Maybe even a bit about essential oils. Thanks Mark! Great work.

      1. I would like to see something on the effect that the paleo / primal lifestyle has on hormone driven health issues like breast cancer. For instance, how does the paleo / primal lifestyle help to regulate the production or overproduction of Estrogen? How does it help us to protect ourselves from a second round of cancer once diagnosed? Breast cancer is written about as primarily a woman’s issue but it is an issue for both men and women. I love the idea about a split book on men and women and the effects and benefits of paleo as we age and how our hormones and nutrient levels change with age.

        1. I would love to see something about reduction in breast cancer recurrence with primal nutrition.

      2. I really like the natural birth control method as opposed to the pill. My husband and i have a 100% success rate of avoiding pregnancy or achieving pregnancy when we wanted. A local nurse mentors us in the method. We are not Catholic and this is not an older generation rhythm method.
        we follow everything except when im fertile we use condoms.

  41. I see a few people have touched on this idea… but I would like to see more about COMMUNITY. How many people are really jumping on the proverbial bandwagon here, and where are they? What parts of the country (US, but also other countries) are more people living primally and what are the trends? Where can we find Paleo restaurants and stores? I want to make this my permanent lifestyle, and I want to be around others who are the same, not just virtually, but FOREALZ! 😉

    As always, THANK YOU!

    1. +1 Yes! Me and my love plan to move in the next couple of years, and I would love to know of places that make it easier to live primally. In terms of community, abundance of local primal goodies, and lots of nature and sun exposure! I’m sure there are places all over like this but I’ve been finding it difficult to find them through research! Any input from fellow readers would be great, too!!

      1. hey there – I live in New Zealand and I gotta say, we have it good compared to North America. Grass-fed beef is the norm and because we have year-round gardens it is relatively easy to keep yourself supplied with organic greens on a regular basis. Farmers markets are a dime a dozen, almost everyone has their own lemon, orange, grapefruit, apple etc. trees in the backyard, and because the climate is pretty temperate you can keep active in the outdoors year round. I am from Canada and lived in the USA for a stint so I know the comparison and although it’s still requires more work and planning, I think it is easier here to be paleo than in North America.

        1. Thank you, Michelle! I will definitely look into it 🙂 Sounds wonderful!

  42. Information about PCOS and endometriosis, how to improve those conditions with diet.

      1. Wow. You’ve got enough topics for a lifetime here. For those with hormone issues, I highly recommend Candace Burch’s blog at She’s a health educator from Portland, Oregon, who focuses on women’s hormonal issues. She’s be great for you to connect with, Mark.

  43. Mark, I would love more info on Primal Fat and am I eating too much. I’m fairly new to the Primal way of eating and am not loosing as fast as I thought I would, and am wondering if it’s that I’m eating too much fat, even the “good for you” fat?
    Thank you !

    1. Totally agree – I am having the same issue. Need filling food ideas.

  44. I’d like to know if there is any value in periodic sleep deprivation. “break night” if you will; is hormesis at work with sleep?

  45. I would like to see a break down of preference scientifically for which is better from these three:

    -Local non-organic vegetables

    -Organic vegetables (but not local, who knows how far how long traveled)

    -Frozen vegetables (possibly the freshest, or maybe they pick the less desirable of the crop for freeze)

  46. I am currently pregnant and, similar to what Noel posted, it would be great to see an article about eating primal before, during and post-pregnancy (and natural nutritious ways to overcome morning sickness!). Many pregnancy books, postpartum books and OBs mention nutrition, unfortunately it’s the S.A.D. nutrition. When it comes time to breast feed, that same S.A.D. promotes dairy, which often causes gas in the baby’s stomach as well. We don’t give our babies cow’s milk when they are infants, why would we consume the cow’s milk then breast feed?
    Along the same lines would be suggestions about primal workouts during the different trimesters.
    Thank you!

  47. What to do if getting OFF statins (IS there a rebound effect) and eating eggs raises triglycerides and eating fruit raises glucose. Not much left. Doctor is having a fit over lipid numbers and I am just confused. A post on these items would be SO helpful.

    1. I went off statins and my numbers went up a bit, but I have stayed off of them and my numbers have moderated. My doctor wants me on statins, but at this point is okay where they are.

  48. I would love to see something about kids and supplements (magnesium? Vit. D? calcium?); I’d also love to see a kid-specific food guide pyramid (one that doesn’t worry about carbs, for instance). My son is 12 and recently interested in healthy eating, but lots of the information I have is about reducing body fat (because that’s my own concern). It’s hard to convey accurate information to him that doesn’t result in him reducing calories below what he needs, IMO.

  49. I would like to see more info on 24 hour + fasting, benefits and downfalls.

  50. Thank you for all your hard work and great advice. I’m here everyday getting new tips and encouragement.

    One thing I’m struggling with is sticking to the diet. I do cheat occasionally but within reason. Lately, I just want to sit down and eat bowls of ice cream, cheese Danish, candy bars, cookies, cake, etc. And a whole loaf of crusty French bread with butter. What can I do to eliminate or at least mitigate these cravings?? I don’t know how much longer I can hold out! Thanks so much!

  51. I’d like to know what your genuine thoughts are on the progression of the primal lifestyle, particularly the diet. Without doubt through the years you must be learning more from experience. Have any of your prior theories been debunked or proven with time?

    I’ve been primal generally for the last year. The reason for my question is to see if we are learning. US news released their best diets for 2014 analyzing 32 diets, and the paleo diet ranked last. I think this was mainly because it is deemed difficult, but wondered what you thought. Thanks!

  52. My request is for you to do more articles on athletic performance. I feel like you have done such tremendous work for people who were overweight/obese, had metabolic issues, and even just average people who feel better now. Those stories are always inspiring and great, but now that we’ve gotten past the 80/20, I’d like to see more stories about how to be Primal and a high-level athlete, in terms of training, rest, nutrition, and all of that good stuff. I’d like to see “the last 20%”.

  53. The topics you normally have that I like the best are your reader letters on Monday, your success stories on Friday and the links on Sunday. What I would like to see is when someone posts an interesting follow-up in the comments, you follow through with an article about it.

  54. “Primal Warnings….” You could explore all the ways that going Primal might be abused in a way that is unhealthy. For example, I think eating Primal can make starving yourself more comfortable than it is on the SAD, and thus enabling those who may be anorexic to continue being unhealthy.

    1. Interesting.

      I’ve also seen some evidence in the scientific literature that the lowest mortality rate is in people who are about ten pounds over what is currently considered “healthy weight” by the medical community. How might this fit in with the vanity streak among many primal eaters, or are there issues with the methodologies of these studies that should lead us to discount them?

      1. This is true! Overweight people live longer, statistically speaking, than “healthy weight” people. The difference in lifespan between “healthy weight” people and obese people is not statistically significant. (Bacon, L. Health At Every Size. p. 125-127)

        Check my source, and you’ll see that Dr. Bacon sites 13 large, peer reviewed, clinical and epidemiological studies to back this up.

    1. Yes, where to find REALLY primal meat? What about a list of local trusted producers (meat especially)?

  55. In light of this year’s CES showcasing beds and other gadgets that promise “smarter sleep” to let sleep make you smarter, I would love to read your thoughts on the dilemma this creates. Entitled: The modern sleep paradox: can technology and gadgets solve the problem they help creat? Would be a welcome addition to your previous ruminations on all things bedroom related.

  56. Perhaps tips and ideas for starting Primal Based Businesses? Guest posts from successful Small Business Primal Owners?

  57. Does IF’ing increase blood sugar?
    Is IF’ing effective for middle age and older adults?

  58. I’m curious to hear your opinion on the Fukushima radiation and whether it may or may not be affecting primal food sources on the west coast of North America as well as seafood from the Pacific.

    1. This is where I was going, though please don’t limit it to North America. There are lots of countries and (already depleted) fisheries in the Pacific that feed the world, this is a global concern.

      Which seafood from the Pacific is still safe to eat and for how long?
      Any precautions we can take to protect ourselves when eating seafood?

  59. -Ancestrally Inherited Gut Powers!

    Mark! I’ve been waiting for a chance to have write about ancestry and how people from certain backgrounds are more able to digest and absorb certain foods! I think that most people know about lactose and how people with herding ancestry can digest that more easily.. but are there any other “powers”?

  60. Keep up the great work! I’d like to see posts on autoimmune disorders and systemic candida overgrowth: causes and primal cures.
    And I second the ladies who said birth control and hormones would be excellent topics.

    1. I would also like to see more on auto-immune disorders. I have rheumatoid arthritis and understand that IFing might not be right for me. What other things should I be concerned about and do I “have” to do the auto-immune protocol (cut out eggs and nuts, etc) or only if the paleo diet itself isn’t enough?

      1. I agree. Also, a review of what to have doctors look for when you’re experiencing autoimmune symptoms but don’t have a diagnosis.

    2. Definitely second this … an article on Hashimoto’s would be great. There is so much conflicting information out there.

    3. I was just thinking about the same thing when I read the article! I am a Primal (for one year) 67 y.o. female who in this past year has been diagnosed with microscopic lymphocytic colitis and lupus of the skin. Both are autoimmune issues. Both have no real way of curing them, and the prescriptions that are issued for them have side effects that are every bit as bad as the original problems. I am currently refusing to take the prescriptions, but I have not found any “naturally healthy” way of dealing with the problems. Maybe if I had been Primal all of my life I wouldn’t have these problems, then again, maybe it wouldn’t have protected me at all! Maybe it all just comes down to genetics … how can we know? Hindsight is 20/20, but what are we looking for?????

  61. I would like to know what foods/habits/living styles/ways of thinking in our modern society you would consider so “toxic” that we should work to eliminate them entirely from our lives?

  62. I’d be interested in hearing your take on highly sensitive people (HSPs). Also known scientifically as Sensory-Perception Sensitivity. Apparently around 20% of all species have heightened biological sensitivity, a genetic variance that has both positives and negatives to it. It has some connection to the whole introvert/extrovert model of personality, but also involves sensitivity to food and has a deep connection to our roots, for example, HSPs were more likely to be the silent scouts, hunting deer, rather than the warrior.

    1. +1
      In my experience, in modern society it seems to have way more negatives than positives (both socially and food-wise).
      Please consider this request.

  63. Mark, thanks for the blog! It has been incredible what it has done for me, and now my family has been slowly coming on board, as well as some co-workers. Keep up the great work. A lot of what you have been doing is hitting the spot, so there won’ t be a lot of change needed.

    I would be interested in the chemistry side of things, especially the effects on cholesterol control, the necessity of control, triglycerides, and the effects of all this on older adults. I am currently early in my primal journey, but I am getting some good blood chemistry results and may soon be off my blood pressure meds, but I am concerned about my doctor wanting to put me on statins. More articles covering the latest research on heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, and effects of primal living would be great.

    And again, thanks for all that you have done. And thanks to all the folks who contribute. I am mostly a silent partner, but I appreciate all that this community puts out here, especially the success stories.

  64. I am looking forward to hearing more about reversing and/or eliminating Type II Diabetes.

  65. I would like to see a detailed post on which veg nutrients are lost during cooking, and/or how to prepare veg such that you maximize the nutrient contents.

    Also, there is some confusion on nightshade veg. A clarification on the use of those and the risks involved would be appreciated.

  66. What goes on in the body that allows some people able to eat a standard american diet, achieve peak fitness levels, and not seem to be affected on the outside while others experience so many of the negative affects of grains discussed on this website.

  67. Mark,

    Thanks for all you do & the impact you’ve had on my life & the lives of many many others.

    I would like to see some more posts around how you can use a primal lifestyle to support other activities – for example bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, rock climbing etc. Some of these activities require lifestyle changes and specific diets to maximize performance – I would prefer to maintain my health via my Primal lifestyle while partaking in some of these activities.

    Thanks again.

  68. I’d like to see something regarding the theory of “digestive leukocytosis” and the ideas of raw food vs cooked food for health.

    I’d also love a comment from Mark on the article from US World Health reports recently that placed Paleo/Primal diet in LAST place (DASH diet in first!! ><) for overall best diet. I'm sure it caused as much an uproar for other fellow MDA readers as it did for me while reading it.

  69. Hey Mark- I’d love to see some posts on creative ways to get in a resistance workout at home.

    I love me some pushups, pullups and squats, but it’s hard for me to get very creative.

  70. Since mine seem to be a never ending source of joy I and I have never see the topic covered I was wondering what the best advice is for Primal sinus sufferers?

    1. +1 Is there a nontoxic, effective relief? Chemicals are quicker, but I’m concerned about using them.

      1. This would be a good topic.

        While we wait, may I suggest sinus rinses and elimination diets to identify food intolerances? After identifying my food intolerances, I went from about 4 sinus/ear infections a year, sometimes up to 8, to no sinus issues. I had my first ear infection at one month old. now, I don’t even have post nasal drip unless I eat a food I am intolerant to!

    2. Your posts always give me a good chuckle. Thanks for the little moments of joy you bring to my life.

    3. Even if just for interest and general learning in an open minded way, have a look into Buteyko Breathing Technique. Hard but can yield results.

  71. How can Primal eating be applied to people that don’t eat meat.

  72. I’d mostly like to see more of the research on mental clarity and energy, especially while aging. The effects of primal living on things like cancer are intriguing also.

  73. I am a mom raising to paleo kids (age 8 & 10) and I would love to hear a guest post from one of your children on what they think about the paleo lifestyle! Are they totally on board? What do they like or dislike the most about the paleo style, etc.
    Thank you so much for this website….it has been amazing for our family!

  74. Perhaps an updated look at legumes. I know Stephan Guyenet wrote an article on them recently arguing that they are Paleo. They’re a great cheap whole food that when properly prepared don’t seem to cause to many problems for most folks.

  75. I would love to read about baldness. Is there any relevant research suggesting nutrition or lifestyle can influence losing hair?

    1. Go to Cooling Inflammation (a blog by Dr. Ayers) and he discusses baldness.

  76. I would like to see information on herbs (that we grow ourselves) and how they impact our health. Paleo men might not have grown herbs, but they gathered them, because they are healthy and make eating more of a pleasure.

  77. I would love more information on nutrition and if primal vegetarian/ veganism is feasible.

    1. I would love to see an article series on bodybuilding and primal living. I know it’s vain but I think a lot of people come to this site looking to aesthetic reasons.


      -Having a bodybuilding physique with all the health benefits of a primal diet

      -Thoughts on low carb bodybuilding diets. (Anabolic diet, BodyOpus)

      -Carb cycling for bodybuilding purposes

      -Pre-contest diet and peaking for shows using primal food sources

      -Bulking and cutting using primal methods

      -Using primal exercise and movements for bodybuilders and fat loss/ muscle gain

      -Female bodybuilding or figure competitors using primal eating

  78. I would like to see an article on how to do an elimination diet for pain related issues.

  79. Some thoughts:

    1. I’d like to see a definition of “processed” food. Systemically, what do we mean by “processing,” and is it a useful concept?
    2. I’d like to read about antidepressants and the primal lifestyle. Many or your readers are deciding whether to go on or leave antidepressants. I know you aren’t a doctor and can’t give medical advice, but you can solicit your readers’ input, or ask Emily Dean to write a few posts on it.

    Thanks for everything!

    1. I would personally love to see a post about how to make eating Primally can be sustainable for the entire planet. As our population has exploded, there are more people consuming more resources and i fear that we may damage our environment if we all abandon the SAD. I hear this argument all the time from my non-primal friends (especially vegetarians) and would love to have a snappy comeback.

  80. I would like to see more about training for those of us who actually enjoy running those 10K and half marathon (or longer) distances. I am a 11-12 minute mile runner, still early in my primal journey, and I struggle with balancing your guidelines on avoiding “chronic cardio” but still getting 2-3 runs per week in the medium intensity range (not sprinting, but definitely faster than “moving slowly a lot” intensity). I appreciate the range of contributors and the openness of this community, and I would like to see the “mid range” exercisers included more in your articles.

  81. Since it is virtually impossible to avoid the toxic soup we live in today, I would love to hear your thoughts about how toxicity can hinder weight loss and what detoxing protocols you find most effective.

  82. Primal Comp!
    Like a CrossFit comp, but consisting of the 4 essential movements and their variations.

  83. I’d love for you to research and explain the following:
    “Eating more primal foods to increase metabolism and muscularity.”
    A large group of my fitness friends and I get so confused as to whether we should intermittent fast/window eat to gain muscularity and lean out or if we should eat as often as we are legitimately hungry to gain muscularity and lean out/up our metabolism.

  84. Primal sleeping! Grok didn’t sleep on a bed, should we? What kind? Firm? Soft?

  85. I’d like to see an in depth explanation of thyroid disorders (particularly hypothyroidism). What are the underlying causes and how (if at all) are these disorders improved/worsened by lifestyle choices. I’ve tried asking my doctor, but the answer I got was “There’s nothing you can do so take this pill for the rest of your life.” I have a feeling there’s more to it than that.

  86. Id like to hear more about how to get back “on the wagon” and how to stay on. Including under less than ideal circumstances.

    1. Yes! Right now I am very unsure about whether our future grokling is going to be getting vaccines until they are of school age (even then!) and my husband and I are both anti-flu shot. Are we right or paranoid?

  87. So often we are confronted with the issue of having nothing “healthy” to cook in the house, or feeling tired or lazy. The toughest part of eating right is simply having what you need at home to feed yourself and your family. What are, in your opinion, the absolute essential snacks or quick meals to keep in the house at all times to satisfy hunger while still staying primal?

  88. Tweaking / adapting the Primal lifestyle / diet / training as appropriate for the 60+ years old crowd. 🙂

  89. 1- What kinds of blood tests/physical tests can we use to determine our medical/healthy related shortfalls? And how can we interpret them?

    2- Vaccines–no BS: what’s the deal. There are so many extremes and much misinformation. Which are life-savers, and which are a waste of time and potentially harmful due to the lack of long-term studies done on them?

    3- What is our best ‘go to’ for a PCP/doctor when the Primal Docs portal doesn’t include any practitioners in our area?

  90. I’m very visual, so more diagrams and bullets would be helpful, as opposed to lengthier paragraphs. This would encourage me to read the posts daily, knowing that I could gather the most important information quickly.

    1. That’s a good idea! Dr. Mercola has a sidebar on each post with a quick run down of the key points in each day’s article. Very handy when you only have a few minutes.

  91. I’d like to see an article on fitness when you’re unfit, dealing with chronic fatigue, or otherwise find yourself utterly exhausted after even the simplest of physical activities. Essentially – how do I start from nothing without backsliding into less than nothing?

  92. I’d like to see information about how to be primal in the winter. How can we get outdoor sunshine when the temperatures don’t cooperate? Winters can be so long in Minnesota and I am having trouble coming up with entertaining exercise and even easy winter meals.

    1. +1. Not just temperatures not cooperating, but insufficient UVB for those of us living north of the 37th parallel.

  93. I would like to see some kind of resource relating to Primal retailers? Are there retail stores out there focused on the Primal/Paleo market? If so, where are they? Are they selling your books, or primal beef/chicken/pork etc.

  94. I’d like to see a post regarding what the “heavy hitters” are. For example, I can’t seem to manage full paleo or even primal. So, in an effort to keep myself from falling completely off the wagon, I have focused on gluten free. Is that the best path? Or should I just focus on organic everything? Or sugar free? Or is dairy really the biggest issue? If I’m going to pick one thing to focus on, what should it be?

  95. I would like to see some more articles on debunking many conventional wisdom studies/facts. Also a way to go somewhat primal for the vegetarians and vegans seems like a good idea.

  96. Mark: great topics you are already going to cover. My interest is decreasing systemic inflammation. My c reactive test was 12. Not good but I have been working on solutions through Thanks and continue to walk in the Light. Gary

  97. Information about how much and what kinds of sprouts can be used as a diet base? Sprouts are easy and cheap gardening. What percentage of my diet can be fulfilled by them?

  98. I would love to see more about Low Lectin Primal for dealing with arthritis. Weight lifting with arthritis?? Recipes for low lectin would be awesome!!

    1. Don’t even know what lectin is, but looks like I could use some information on this.

  99. I’d like to hear about a few things in the future:

    Why this type of diet continues to receive low points from the “established authorities”.

    What is the effect of this eating style on hormone levels in males over the age of 50

    What if any research has been done on athletic performance. I suspect I already know the answer to that one, as most crossfitters, bodybuilders, powerlifters and sprinters already eat this way. Very interested to see discussions regarding endurance performance on this type of diet and proper carb ratios/types for same

  100. I’d be interested in advice on when Primal ISN’T a good idea – for example, there may be some indication that doing Primal with a hypothyroid condition causes more issues than it cures, once the disease has kicked in. Possibly a similar argument with Type 2 diabetes – eating Primal probably helps keep these nasty critters at bay; but what about when the axe has already fallen?

    1. I happen to have Hashimoto’s, and everything I have read supports a Paleo/Primal lifestyle with the exception of consuming cruciferous vegetables…broccoli, and cabbage, UNLESS, it is partially cooked, or steamed to destroy the goiter something enzyme. Same issue with nightshades, tomatoes, and eggplant. If you keep those items out of your diet, or at least minimize them, you should be fine. I think the biggest thing is to keep any grains, and “man-made” foods out of your diet, you should be fine. I have been following as close to 80% as I can, eliminating grains, processed foods, and sugars, and I find that I sleep better, have better elimination, have a better attitude, and look at life as a place I want to be. When I have the “white” foods in my diet, I can honestly say, I am not a very pleasant person. As for your hypothyroid condition, present the paleo/primal diet to your endocrinologist, and ask their opinion.

  101. Hormone balancing w/ primal living- when to test and when to wait

  102. I think it would be great if you could investigate primal sources of meat, etc, in other countries. We don’t have access to Trader Joe’s or Tendergrass Farms outside of the U.S., so where can we get our pastured meat, etc.

    I would also like to read more about your take on living presently i.e. mindfully (meditation based stress reduction, etc.)

  103. It would be interesting to hear what you have changed your stance on (if anything) since starting Marks Daily Apple. Since it’s a continuous exploration, have you found out things that make you reevaluate earlier statements? I constantly refer to the MDA archives when I want to look something up (and you have always written about it!) and sometimes when I read an article from 2007 or so, I wonder if there have been new developments since then.

  104. You’ve done a great job addressing nutrition and fitness and I’d love to see the holistic approach continue by addressing addictions. Some are legal such as nicotine and alcohol, and others illicit, but all are equally damaging to the body inside and out. I know Grok didn’t have access to cigarettes, 8-balls, and cheap malt liquor, so an addiction to these things certainly isn’t primal.

    A primal approach to addressing addictions would be pretty awesome.

    1. I thought about this one as well. Would really love to find a “primal” way to overcome my addiction to tobacco.

  105. Female hormones. I have mid stage adrenal fatigue and my hormones are trending low across the board. I need to know what women can do to help their adrenals to help their hormones and generally just optimise their production and all this with more specific examples during different stages of our lives: young adult, pregnancy, breastfeeding, middle age and so on. Also how does exercising etc. affect our hormones, adrenals etc.
    I have been going to different websites to get some of this information and not to you 🙁

  106. Blog title: You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

    How to introduce primal to your parents and actually help them change their thinking, diet and health.

    1. +1. My 2 cents, slow but steady, some sticks. (But then, my Mom told her brother they were not going to eat crap when he came, first night he arrived off to get pizza and coke). How are more success stories from the 60s, 70s and beyond. Especially women. Can you dig one up that spent alot of time in front of the tube, reformed and got some health results? Maybe soliciting for success stories in this age group.

  107. Topic i’d like you to cover is more of a primal connection… is it worth homeschooling? benifits, cons? Wife and I more and more talk and consider about homeschooling when we have our first child. At first I was against this, but giving it some honest thought and it definitely seems more primal: child connected with her mother, constant connection while theyre developing, just seems more tribal. i’ve known many duo income parents that seem like 10 hours of day you aren’t with your child just seems BAD especially while theyre developing. If you can manage it, is this a truer primal path like our ancestors than sending your child do school? id love to hear more discussion on the topic.

    1. I have a friend who home schools her two kids, and they absolutely THRIVE on it … getting straight A’s. They get lots of social integration with other home schoolers, through the internet and Skype, and planned social get-togethers. The mothers seem to be wonderfully dedicated to their kids best interests.

  108. There’s a lot of talk about FAT. More specifically fats in food.

    I’d like to see an article on the different types of fats. Good fat, bad fat and how to get my body to burn the extra fat stores that are hanging around while i consume the good fats available in food.

    There may be a perfect timing of eating good fats after or before I exercise that I am missing. So basically.. an article that helps put fat in its rightful place.

  109. What is the ideal ratio of the amino acids Methionine and Glycine in the average human being diet? In this lifestyle when one does not consume nose to tail and just eats muscle meats, I imagine the ratio favors methionine….does this have negative side effects?

  110. Paleo and Glycemic Indexes, when it’s critical and when it’s ok to be flexible

  111. I’d like to see more info on calorie restriction and what it does to mess up our metabolism. All of the women in my office are now on a diet and eating fat free crackers and Weight Watchers frozen lunches and it drives me bonkers. They get mad at me when I have my bacon each morning as they are jealous and I tell them get rid of the crackers and have some protein for goodness sake! These are the same ones who will wind up binging at night on carbs of course because they ate like 1000 calories that day.

    With that said I sometimes struggle to get to 1,700 cals on a busy day and it’s hard to figure out what I should add to it. I’m already eating enough protein, moderate once a day starchy carbs and lots of fat. Guessing I would up the fat but not sure.

    Info like this would be most appreciated and may help me to convert some of my co workers!

  112. Many of us are coming into the Primal lifestyle later in life with older kids and teens we now want to raise to be healthy eaters. How do you handle a family who may feel resentful at losing some favorite foods?

  113. I’d like to see stuff on what healthy/reasonable portion sizes look like, and also information on mindful eating

    1. Yes. I think you addressed portions and too much fat, but it would be good to hear it again.

  114. I would love to see an article series on bodybuilding and primal living. I know it’s vain but I think a lot of people come to this site looking to aesthetic reasons.


    -Having a bodybuilding physique with all the health benefits of a primal diet

    -Thoughts on low carb bodybuilding diets. (Anabolic diet, BodyOpus)

    -Carb cycling for bodybuilding purposes

    -Pre-contest diet and peaking for shows using primal food sources

    -Bulking and cutting using primal methods

    -Using primal exercise and movements for bodybuilders and fat loss/ muscle gain

    -Female bodybuilding or figure competitors using primal eating

    Read more:

  115. I am new to the Primal journey. I would love to explore ways to combine this new lifestyle with exercise and rehab for degenerative bones in the neck due to accidents and lower disc issues. Would love to hear how trained athletes overcome these issues as the continue in their careers.

  116. I would like to see something about diet vs exercise- I know that my primal diet and activity are both crucial, but as someone new to this I can only make so many changes at a time. If I was to focus on one thing first, which is the place to hit the hardest first? If I want to experience changes in how feel, perform and look, and I was to start somewhere, would you go for exercise or total diet changes first?

    What is the interaction between the two?


  117. Is love to hear your thoughts on testosterone and hormone replacement therapy for those who have tried all the natural ways.

  118. I would like to see more about an ideal day to day exercise and meal plan. I understand you have a lot of articles on food and exercise, but sometimes putting it all together and kickstart a plan seems to be overwhelming to me!

  119. Tips for ridding grains from your child’s diet (or at least seriously reducing them). I’m paleo, my daughter’s dad is paleo, but I still feel as though grains make up 60% of my daughter’s diet (she’s 5). It’s very difficult to get her to not eat so many grains, not to mention what they give her at kindergarten! I don’t want her to grow up with the same “grain issues” that I did… I’d love an article about this!!

  120. I apologize if these would be redundant posts, but I’m fairly new to the site and haven’t read the extensive archives:

    1. Top 7 lifestyle changes that make a difference, in order of most impactful to least.

    2. Why running is NOT bad for your knees, and how to keep the knees healthy as we age.

  121. As early MDA adopter, I want a debate between Mark and Joel Fuhrman.

    The 2 lifestyles are the leading edge of nutrition these year, and the question of meat impact on digestive cancers (intestines and colon) should be set once and for all.

    Both communities would greatly benefit, and this fits the 10 million goal.

  122. I’d like to see something on long term implications of the primal and/or paleo diet and lifestyle, by those who have been doing it for a while now, say 8 years or more – has the weight stayed off? Have the health conditions it helped to reduce or eliminate stayed away?

  123. 1. The effects of going too low carb for too long
    I’d like to hear about the long term effects of going too low carb, specifically when young people (teens, early 20s) adopt and stick to what they think its Primal (many consider primal or paleo to be low carb). Many young adults try being vlc while still working out and I find this particularly an issue for females. Being a female who did this myself, I now have been dealing with so many issues surrounding hormones and anxiety.

    2. More about females specifically (especially the effects of this diet on our horomones and ways to make sure we’re balanced and not painting ourselves into a corner)

    3. Why we should (or should not) eat ‘proper’ carbohydrates, male vs female

  124. How can someone with fibromyalgia (chronic pain/chronic fatigue) follow the paleo lifestyle if she can’t do intense workouts? it’s almost impossible to lose weight or get fit.

  125. I’ve been “primal” since Aug. I still have a hard time with no grain. I miss pasta, french bread. I didn’t eat alot but maybe once a week. None of the subsitiutes I’ve look for are tasty for me. I get bored with vegetables and would like new ideas.
    Even meat can get tiresome at time. I wouldnt mind great steaks all the time but I don’t have the money for that.
    I would also like more info on collagenous colitis and the primal diet. Not much info out there on this

  126. I have been contemplating about the following thing – it is preferred to eat seasonal regional food. But in today’s age of limitless travelling and moving for jobs around the world, shall we stick as much as possible with what is in season in our region where we were born (in my case central Europe) even when we live on the other side of the globe, or shall we eat according to where we currently are? Im not talking about food tourism here, Im talking long-term living in a foreign country far from my own.

  127. Would love to see some info on what to eat for energy.. specifically if I workout in the AM; what kinds of things are best to eat for dinner the previous night that will benefit me in the morning workout.

  128. Great idea Mark! I would love to see something on how to go Primal when you’re morbidly obese and suggestions for how to adapt exercises etc until your body becomes fitter and stronger.

  129. I am new to your blog and newsletter so you may have covered this but… I would like to learn more about the best way to incorporate fiber into a low carb diet.

  130. So, it’s flu season down here in the south, and you go to the hospital because your throwing up, etc… And other than meds, the one thing you’re going to get prescribed is to eat crackers and drink 7-up (I’m obviously being very generic).

    I think it’d be nice to see you address if this is wise for someone of the paleo mindset/belief and what some alternatives might be.

  131. I would like more information on cholesterol and tryglicerides, optimum levels for health. I dont know if I beleive what my doctor is saying. I am refusing to take statin drugs.

  132. As a school teacher, I would like to see a post about diet and how if affects students’ performance academically and behaviorally.

  133. This is just one example, but when specific brands (e.g. supplements) are mentioned, they tend to only ship to the US. I would love if there were more recommendations for mainland Europe and the UK (and the rest of the world depending on where you live). Perhaps even some altered “recommended best foods” lists for different areas depending on what is readily available and cheap in that country.

  134. Mark, I am a 56 year old male and after 1 yr of living the primal lifestyle I am stronger and leaner than I was in my youth. When people ask me what I did and I explain the Primal Blueprint , they tell me that it is extreme. I would like to hear about better ways to convince people how simple and natural the primal way of living is. Thanks Tom

  135. I’d like to hear your thoughts on leaky gut and autoimmune conditions, and how they may be triggered by diet.

  136. I’d like more information directed towards women. Specifically, middle-aged women. Hormonal struggles, weight loss, age appropriate work-outs and balancing macros for the female needs. I think, in general, females need a higher carb count to feel their best and to find that sweet spot for weight loss.

    I’d also LOVE to see a pole offered – to measure the demographics of MDA followers. You might find it easier to target interests and needs if you have a target demographics. Besides, I’m just curious! 🙂

  137. I’d like to learn how to break through a plateau. I’ve been eating extremely well, and doing all the lifestyle things you recommend, and have at least 30 more lbs to lose, but haven’t lost anything for months.

    1. If Grok was feeling ill….and found a pile of poop from a healthy animal or person…..would Grok give himself a taste –> poop transplant?

  138. I’m always fascinated by the modern inventions that CW tells us are essential, but that we actually don’t need, or could even be harmful to us. Like cushioned shoes, or shampoo. What else am I wasting my money and heath away on, that I’d actually be better off without?


  140. I think a great topic for 2014 would be a closer look into the impact that the SAD has had on our brains, and what types of foods/brain training/exercise can be done to assist in reversing this process quickly and effectively.

    Another topic would be a comprehensive look at men’s health issues related to common problems like prostate issues and the best foods to combat it.

    Not a topic idea. But it would be great if you had an app that provides better access to the wealth of information on your site. Organizing all of the data by topics would be very helpful for thorough understanding of what has been written on the site.

    Thanks for all of the great information! Keep up all the great work!

  141. I would love to learn more about how to incorporate primal living with my teenage boys. They have such a high metabolism, how can I keep that going and improve their diets? Peer pressure to eat junk is high in the area…..quick teenage approved menus would really help me.

  142. Hints, tips & tricks on how to make favorite recipes primal. Maybe giving helpful substitutions for frequent, non-primal ingredients as well as how to use almond flour instead of coconut flour

  143. Info on how gut health influences the appearance and health of your skin.

  144. I have a 7 year old boy and would like ideas on how to cut carbs for him without him feeling like he is missing out. He loves carbs, granola bars, pancakes etc… but I eat low carb and would like to transition him with the least amount of pain possible. He is a little picky so that makes it tough…
    Thank you!

  145. Mark,

    I’d love to see you on a show like The Biggest Loser. Watching the show preach the virtues of whole-grains just makes me cringe. Maybe you can do a biggest loser type challenge with some human lab rats and other health bloggers to see which method of living works best, CW or PB.

  146. I would like to see more on whether or not there is much merit to the idea that different body types require different diets. In particular, it fascinates me that my two children eat pretty much the same but one of them has always been very overweight while the other stays fairly slim. It seems he has a body that simply processes the same food differently than his sibling. Similarly, my wife and I can eat pretty much the same (in fact, I eat a much higher volume of food than her) and she remains very overweight while I do not. Activity levels are all about the same so it seems to be mostly different body responses to food. Even more fascinating to me is that my overweight child & wife both consistently have much better blood test results than my thinner child and myself. Can there really be a universally appropriate diet for all people? Or are some bodies built for a high carb/low fat diet while others thrive on a high fat/low carb diet, for example.

    1. +1. Also, is there anything to the idea that people from different areas of the world have evolved to eat differently.

  147. I would love ideas on how to teach my mini Gork to go primal even though the schools are teaching the SAD diet.

  148. Hi Mark

    As a woman in her early 50s, struggling with menopausal weight-gain and a total inability to drop the pounds and keep them off, I’d love it if you could write an article to address this, as I’m starting to feel my fight is a hopeless one. I was always very slim, never had any problems with extra pounds, but over the past 4 or 5 years, I feel I’m fighting a losing battle, it doesn’t seem to matter how much exercise I do, or how carefully I eat.

    Please help!

  149. Mark,

    I would like for you to get on Dr. Oz’s show and set the record straight there is too much mis-information! We are way over due and It is time for you to be heard on national TV with a very large Dr. OZ audiance and to save America from our failing misinformed ways! Grock ON Mark!!


  150. I’d love to read more about primal women, especially the later stages of life. And since people in general did not live very long, few women would have experienced menopause.

  151. “What Do You Want from Mark’s Daily Apple?”
    To answer the question directly: I want it to give me the magical words that will inspire/motivate me to overcome the mountain of obstacles to living in a more natural manner.

    1. Ah, for “magical words.” Yes, how to overcome the “I just don’t care enough to be primal today…..”

  152. Hi Mark,

    I’d love to see an article on your perspective on Leaky Gut Syndrome. It’s not a recognised condition here in the UK and is laughed at by the medical profession. It makes total sense to me and I truly believe it’s what causes most of my ailments.

  153. I’d love to read an article on strategies for convincing our doctors that Primal makes sense and a little on why nutrition is so lacking from most primary care MD’s treatment plans. As an ND, I have many opinions on this, but I’d love a Mark’s Primal point of view on this to be shared with the community.

  154. I am curious to read about the changes in work/leisure time.

    How much did Grok work? When did he do it? Is there an optimal time we should spend working? How does working 5 hours vs 10 hours a day effect output quality and quantity? Where did the 40 hour work week come from? Is there solid reasoning behind it? etc.

  155. More on spirituality and how the mind can sometimes take over the body. You could have the best diet, the best sleep, exercise perfectly, live in a toxin free environment, lab tests normal but still you feel a gap inside you, which manifests as a variety of clinical symptoms.

    Mental health problems and how they manifest into body symptoms could trick even the best Harvard educated physician.

  156. I’d like to see more posts about how Mark’s Daily Apple is dealing/is going to deal with the popularization or ‘massification’ of Primal/Paleo ideas. How will it maintain a strong core of values and maintain effective as the ideas on the site are spread to more and more people who potentially have less ‘buy-in’ and will approach Primal Living as another quick fix or fad? Its great that more and more people are pursuing the tenets of Primal Living but do you suspect the quality of people’s execution of these ideas will suffer on average? How will followers deal with more and more conversations about their Primality at gyms and in supermarkets and at the work place? I don’t mean that to sound negative! Thank you for your hard work, Mark.

  157. I would like to see a compilation of data on primal/ paleo adherents. Are we predominately white, middle class, ages 20-?, or is there diversity within this community? How much diversity? How can the paleo community “spread the word” to other groups who need this info? Are we just a phenomenon of the Western world because we have time and money to worry about such things as fat % and macro nutrient cycling?

  158. I would love to hear about how diet can help depression. Given that im new to all this, I’m having a hard time balancing my mind/body. Thanks

  159. Best Paleo foods to eat before/after both strength and cardio training to achieve optimal performance and recover effectively!

  160. I’d love to see a discussion on the mental and motivational barriers we face in a world that is inundated with ads for instant gratification and our surroundings are filled with people who don’t live the paleo lifestyle. I think/feel there’s a psychology to what paleo people are having to battle every day where the average person I know tells me it’s ok to cheat. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth. So I feel this topic is at the core of what we’re trying to accomplish; societal pressures to fit in (and ultimately fail).

  161. How about the evolution of cancer and how a primal life can prevent it!

    1. Cancer is not a disease, it’s a symptom of chronically abusing your body with a carcinogen. It’s an amazing survival mechanism your body has to protect your tissues from the carcinogen abuse. Without cancer you would have died many years before it developed. I am not saying cancer is a good thing, by no means, what I am saying is that it’s the body’s last effort to “notify” that you are doing something bad to your body.

  162. I would love to see a post on the currant viability of eating wild caught fish from the west coast. I live in Oregon and local is best. But this Fukushima radiation spread is starting to worry me. I know it’s early days yet for research, but what are they finding out in the ocean, and how will it affect us?

  163. I agree with many of the comments posted about additional content. I would also like to some progressive series of information. It would be nice to have more complex ideas discussed over several posts that are all linked together – Almost like primal classes. For instance you may write a piece on calories starting with calories 101, then a 102 to discuss different types of calories and how they help the body, & so on. Or a whole series on the pathologies and disorders made better by a paleo diet – skin conditions, type II diabetes, stomach issues, etc.

  164. Certification? What certification? As a nutrition coach, I would LOVE to hear more about getting certified with PBP and spread the word!

    Also, I had an idea about a year ago. I want to give free, yes completely free seminars to people about this way of life. All handouts free. All information free. Because health has become a passion of mine. As a certified coach, I am able to charge people for this service but I don’t want to. However, should they wish to hire me personally, I will do this for a VERY small fee. Its not about the money for me. It’s about getting people healthy. So, how about writing up some stuff to share with others over, oh, say, 4-5 meetings/weekly seminars.

    Whatcha think?

    Thanks for all you do Mark!

  165. Dear Mark,
    Please discuss primal living and type 1 diabetes. There is plenty of information on type 2 but so little one type 1. How are we “primaly” different?

  166. I would like to see MDA scrutinize the raw vegan (fruitarian) diet.

    Followers of this diet (one of whom is a family member of mine) seem to be full of zeal about their diets and also hell bent on discrediting the paleo, primal, and low carb diets.

  167. I would like learn more about how the primal diet might allow for someone who has been on thyroid medication for years to wean themselves off. Is that possible? I asked my prescribing doctor yesterday if I could, and even though he is a big supporter of the paleo diet – he thought it was not a good idea.

  168. I would love to see an article about How Not to Hibernate for those of us who are forced into caves for 1/3 of the year. Yes, I am from Minnesnowta, and this dry, cold air is frequently making me sick (probably inflammation too). And what sunshine for vitamin D? I’m tempted to use a tanning bed.

  169. I’d like to see some more info on epigenetics, possibly with specific guidelines for optimization based on the time before you’d like to have children. For example, based on the information available, you could make recommendations for both mother and father from as far out as multiple years, up to the time of conception, and even throughout the pregnancy.

  170. I’d like to see more about moving to a new country to pursue a healthy life. For example, moving to a country that has more company mandated leave time.

  171. I would love to see more articles targeted towards women’s unique dietary needs based on hormones and hormonal imbalances — not just in regards to fertility/pregnancy/breastfeeding but also for pre-, peri-, and post-menopausal women who are done with having babies (or not having any at all).

    Also, I would love to see more articles on how to feed kids primally, and what the differences in nutritional needs and tolerances are for kids vs. adults.

  172. I’d really like to see a post on “Common paleo mistakes: How you might not be getting everything you need from the diet and how to fix it”.

    I’m in love with this community and these posts. It’s great to see how many people are anxious to learn and grow. I appreciate being pushed to be better by you all everyday.

  173. Studies done on milk and other dairy products made from breast milk. Primal raised.;)

  174. I would love to hear more about getting into nose to tail eating and more offal recipes.

  175. As one who is challenged with a number of health challenges from hypothyroidism and gluten sensitivity, I’d like to see more about Primal living in combination with thyroid issues and such. Also a huge one for me, keeping primal, while traveling worldwide. Every trip I take requires significant planning and prep to keep my primal side on track and it would be great to hear how others handle it.

  176. I want a single blog post that I can send to family and friends that will once and for all convince them that fat is healthy and that living primally is the healthiest way to live.

    I find myself sending tons of videos, articles, and links to people, but they feel inundated with too much information and then message never makes it accross.

    So my suggestion is a single, concise, scientifically backed, culmination of the Primal Blueprint that can open the eyes of people living by the conventional modern diet.

  177. Autoimmune skin conditions — I have very minor issues — should that raise a level of concern that one has an autoimmune condition — or is this just an annoyance? Maybe also soliciting ideas/tweaks to primal from readers that solved various nagging problems (mine – rosacea).

    Success stories are great, please solicit some from older folks (65+) which detail over coming health problems, medications, lack of ability to move, etc).

  178. My husband has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so we’ve just started going Primal. More info about how this program will help his situation, such as, will his diabetes “go away” after several months/years on the program? Is it directly related to weight loss, or are there other things that change? Thank you for your help!

  179. I would be really interested in learning even more about inflammation and the role it plays in a variety of preventable chronic illnesses and how to combat it. And even more – how to more effectively communicate about this lifestyle to naysayers who do not believe that grains, excess sugar etc. are harmful (or not worth cutting out due to taste, cost, convenience). I’d like to articulate that this primal lifestyle is more than a fad.

  180. I am sure you have already touched on this before, but: auto-immune issues and primal lifestyle fix, or “cure”, or…?… coupled with: hormonal issues, coupled with: stress issues….all of which I think are somehow (some-where) related….aren’t they?
    and to add to that, I will agree with some I saw here already re: cost effective primal living, and also careers in this area…..??
    I will remain forever grateful my husband stumbled upon you, and shared you with me!!!!

  181. More detailed information in getting started with the squat and the pull up. There are do many mistakes you can make. Primal Fitness is a great start but for those that are far from a pull up it can be discouraging.

  182. THANK YOU for all you do Mark! I would like to see a post on what do you recommend for people that have fallen off the primal bandwagon. Maybe even suggest the types of primal foods that might accelerate the process. I stopped eating primal a while ago and I’m having the hardest time getting back into it. I know this is the only way to live and eat happily, and won’t hear of anything else. Or if you already posted on this, could you please point me to the link?

  183. I would like to see a blog on the best primal starter & recovery foods for working out, I run, cycle, lift, & swim & would love to read about foods that are primal & can give me the energy at the beginning of my work out & foods that help build my muscle while staying away from my gut! Love the site, keep up the good work in 2014!

  184. I like see a 6 week or 12 week workout program on DVD – Primal style.

  185. I’m a 64 year old woman who is eating Paleo. Would like to see more information geared toward both men and women of my age or older.

  186. More on sleep, please. Like when you are doing everything “right” and it is still not happening. Actually, this is probably related to the hormone suggestions listed at the top of the comments.

    But really, I eagerly read everything that you provide, Mark. Your website is the only one I read daily!

  187. Hi Mark / Team,

    I have been following the Apple since 2009, and love Mark! I also follow RAW food experts and find good advice from both sides of the table. My question, for lack of understanding, is why very popular groups like Forks Over Knives claims such things as the following:

    I guess what I would love to see more is explanation / conversation between RAW and Primal. I like to consider myself both, because I believe in RAW veggies and meat.. But along the way I find myself in the middle on all these topics. I plan on attending Primal Con for the first time this year and look fwd to your response. I was hoping to send this to Mark directly, but don’t know how. It would make my day if he answered this in a post. Thanks for your time, Grok on!

    Chris Otsen
    [email protected]

  188. Hi Mark,

    How does a primal diet affect menopausal symptoms (the science behind it). I ask because my 11 years of hot flashes and night sweats (after a hysterectomy at 42), miraculously ceased after going primal. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled, but I’d like to know WHY?

  189. How is the gallbladder related to gluten sensitivity and the PB diet?

  190. I would love to see a “recipe of the week” on the blog. I have a fair number of Primal/paleo recipes that I use regularly, but a new delicious main course is always welcome.

    I would also like to see a discussion of eating out… many of us travel for business and are at the mercy of restaurants… tips and tricks to staying Primal on the road would be great.

  191. How to lift heavy when your doctor tells you not to because of a compressed disc (rehabbing after back injuries, how to keep moving after your told not to)

  192. I’d love to see you follow this resistant starch trend a little more closely, I think it has truly awesome potential, and could be beneficial to a huge number of people.

  193. Autoimmune disease and Hashimoto’s in particular. What your thoughts are on taking synthetic thyroid hormone (I’ve taken it for two years and had a severe adrenal crash…after doing research, I suspect it was caused by the Synthroid and now I’m trying to get off it).

    Love your site!

  194. Blog – Primal Living and Aging – 60 and beyond – a pratical guide.

    Will be 60 in two years. Started primal last May, lost weight, lowered bp and feel better in general, I had to have eye glass prescription changed this summer as my ‘aging’ eye sight improved. Eye doctor said that eye sight improved due to diet change. Would like to hear about Primal living and aging – a pratical guide. How do I find a primal doctor? What is a healthy work out that’s enjoyable – I want to relax as I get older. Also, i’ve worked out/walked/ran most of my adulthood – however, I was never a super athelete. I used to call my jogging – slogging – slow run low to ground. I do heavy lifting, but prefer that it’ occurs as ranch work or in the garden. What does 60 – 80/90 look like primal? What’s a day in the life? Most of us will be working full time – so the view needs to be realistic. Isn’t that what we are all shooting for- longevity? Everyone that I know my age is low fat/vegan/pilled up/mentally tired and think they are healthy as heck. I know Mark is a ‘prime’ example of primal. How does it look like for the rest of us and how do we sustain the lifestyle in our 70’s and 80’s? Thanks!

  195. “Health Benefits of Magnetism: Fact or Crap?”

    The more I read about EMF levels and our health, the more concerned I get about it. Grok did not have a cell phone or constant wireless signal buzzing in his brain. I’d love to hear your take on this topic. After all, the same people telling us that all that EMF is safe are the same ones that say whole grains are healthy. Whose koolaid should we be drinking here?

  196. I would LOVE to learn more about cravings. Why do women crave different foods than men? Why do we even crave certain foods, especially once we eliminate them? How do we fight those cravings successfully without blowing what we have already accomplished?

    I love your blog and all the information you share with us, Mark. Thank you so much!

  197. primal pregany, pre-pregnancy nutrition/supplements, activity/exercises pre/during/post pregnancy!

  198. I find the issue I have with justifying my choice to follow PB is lies in the evolutionary component. Many people have trouble accepting the rationale; even I feel that it is impossible for us to say, ‘Grok didn’t eat grains,’ or the like without lying. Though I believe in the idea, evidence is hard to attain.

    I’d like to see an article about this evidence, maybe including information about modern-day hunter-gatherers.

  199. Suggested Topic: Are we turning into the Borg?

    An article on all the new health/fitness/body monitoring gadgets that are appearing on the market and how they might augment the Primal lifestyle.

  200. Advice for Primal teens/college kids- staying Primal and making good choices when presented with typical canteen food and living in a very non-Primal environment (cough, alcohol, cough) How food affects the hormones which induce puberty. Also, how to encourage/explain the Primal Blueprint to fellow teens without appearing like a nutrition geek!

  201. These aren’t original ideas, but I have to jump in that I would also LOVE to hear your thoughts on:

    #1 – The most primal-friendly cities/areas to live
    #2 – Your tips for the best primal pre-conception diet/exercise and pregnancy

  202. I am a trail runner amongst other disciplines! And have found a huge primal alignment with the author of ‘Born to Run’ Christopher McDougall. He believes we were Born to Run to survive, and due to our physique designed to ‘run down’ our prey. He maintains we were built to be endurance athletes, maintaining a consistent pace over long and extended distances, tiring animals down by raising their core temperature to a point of breakdown. Humans (as with our predecesors – the primal link) can sweat, cooling our core temperature down and enabling us to maintain physical exertion over extended periods. I would like to see at article dedicated to the alignment in the primal theme of both yourself and Christopher Mczdougall. The only anomaly that could receive attention is that you do not prescribe long sustained endurance type exercise. It would make for interesting reading and provide clarification!

  203. I would like to see:

    -articles connecting psychology (for example Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) with Primal living – we need to primalize not only our pantry, but also our behaviors (social anxiety, fears, being braver, experimenting).

    -even more articles on building a tribe and connectedness with other people – they are awesome! Thank you Mark, after reading your articles about importance of social contact and play something clicked in my mind and I started enjoying being with people and meeting new people so much more! You have not only changed the way I eat and move, but also my social life. So thank you! You are the best!

  204. Primal bulking! I lost a lot of weight doing paleo and primal and am currently doing the Whole30 to start off the new year while continuing to maintain. However, I’ve become quite serious in lifting heavy things and want to start getting bigger safely and healthily. So anything like that would be awesome!

  205. Love the “What Would Momma Grok Do?” idea!

    I would like to see a whole series of these because there are tons of issues related to fertility/pregnancy/nursing. One topic that I have been struggling with and there is not enough solid information about is nutrition for breastfeeding: for quality/quantity, how much of what a woman eats ends up in her milk, alcohol/caffeine, etc. There have been a few MDA posts that have touched on the issue But not nearly as in-depth as I’d like!

    1. Also, wold love to know how to boost calorie intake for breastfeeding – I am usually so satisfied eating primally that it can be hard to eat an extra 800 + calories!

  206. For a long time, I participated in Meatless Mondays, trying to do my part to help reduce my carbon footprint. I also tried to limit meat consumption to one meal per day for the same reason. I have now changed my habits to include grass-fed organic meat in many of my meals each week. However, I still wonder about my impact on the environment as a result of my increased consumption. Has there been research to show that animals (cows especially) produce fewer emissions when provided a more natural diet? I would like to think that spending the extra money for meat that was sustainably raised extends beyond the animal’s and my health, and would like to know how far my ‘contribution’ (per se) goes.

  207. I have been following your bog for some time now and you have inspired me to change my diet and made me search for more answers. However some of your advice / thoughts conflicts with other well informed commentators on the issue of nutrition post fasting. I would love to know if all my efforts are going to waste by not protein fuelling straight away after a training session. My life dictates that I train in the morning (don’t ask), but by following the only eating after midday and sometime not til the evening I am worried that I am conflicting my efforts. Dr Mercola and others insist you need to inject fuel post training session. However you have hinted at, but not really explored that this may not be necessary. Please can you explore this whole issue in detail.

    Thanks – Love your work !

  208. I just finished reading a book called “The Wild Medicine Solution” bu Mase Guido. Very interesting reading on how aromatic, tonic and bitter herbs were very important part of our ancestor’s diet. Some of these could even have an epigenitic effect. Would like to see more information along this line.

  209. A day in the life of someone changing to live the primal living way. Tell, enumerate, describe the activities of one person during 24 hours trying to change to live the primal way.

    The choice the person has to make based on the events, schedule a person is facing.

    We all read what you are saying, but changes are something scary for a lot of people. Explaining the rational, the pattern of the primal living way during one day would help people understand how we make choices, on what values we make those choices.

    The timeline can be 1 week, or 1 month. But the principle need to remain focus on telling, enumerating, describing the activities of one person trying to change to live the primal way.

  210. More paleo breakfast options for those who don’t eat eggs please. Having said that, my blueberry and kale and coconut milk smoothly this morning was awesome.

  211. I know for many (including myself) who have adopted the primal lifestyle, it isn’t always easy to bring the spouse and kids on board. So we often eat our separate ways at meal time. It would be fabulous if there were a book and/or blog tailored to children and adopting the primal lifestyle. While many of the books out there are fairly easy to read, they are not kid friendly. I think more pictures and illustrations would work well with children.

    I think startting children off the right way at a young age could make a HUGE difference in health all around the world.

  212. A couple thoughts come to mind:

    Tips on combining a primal lifestyle with a homestead lifestyle. The two seem to naturally compliment each other.

    Tips for identifying GMOs and the risks associated to them.

    How to “main stream” primal living.

  213. I know that your posts about gardening and building things yourself don’t get the level of comments/hits that posts about kettlebell and bodyweight workouts do. I’ve done my share of both, and I must say that as far as getting things done around the suburbs and feeling good about what you did with your day/hour of “me” time (not to mention saving money), growing vegetables/chickens, chopping wood, building a fence, these things are rewarding on many levels. As I’ve moved more toward these kinds of activities and away from the gym, I pass by the people beating on a tire outside a gym and really question what it’s all about. I get it that these activities are harder to schedule and more weather and season dependent. The gym can be fit into a lunch hour and help keep you in shape, but I think helping people build activity with purpose into their lives would be a great area for MDA to continue to focus on. Habitat for Humanity, trail building, things that have a goal beyond getting on a good sweat, there are all kinds of things people can do to exercise their body, mind, and spirit that don’t involve reps and weights but do improve health. You don’t have to have your own piece of land to do these things. Any thoughts/studies in this arena would be very motivating/interesting.

  214. Book reviews or insights into relevant books. I’ve just started reading Trust your Gut which suggests your stomach is a like a second brain. I’d love your insights on that.

    I would also second the idea of more on paleo and hormones and women’s health.

  215. I am a few months shy of 65, overweight and finding it hard to maintain let alone lose on primal or anything else, out of shape, arthritic and generally frustrated at ever finding something that will both work and be something I can actually live with. How about some help for folks like me, something not designed for young, fit body builders. Even if I can just stop gaining and get some joint relief, I’ll be happy.

  216. Skin health. There has been some mention on your site about your diet and vitamin supplements regarding skin health, and I have tried some, but I still have trouble with tenea versicolor, despite being mostly primal and taking gut flora and garlic supplements daily.

    Thanks mark!

  217. I would like you to address how one gets over all of the years of brainwashing (really since youth) about the standard American diet. Every time I eat my 3 egg omlet for breakfast I still take a deep breath and say to myself, “In three months I’m either going to be extremely fit or I’m going to have colesterol level of 500!” You see, I still have a hard time letting go of all of the fat, cholesterol myths that have been drummed into us.

  218. A “Primal relationships” series – first date to moving in together to creating a primal home?

  219. I’d like to see more information on what you can eat if you have primarily been a vegetarian (we eat fish but have been off meat for a while and for a host of reasons). Also interested in the discussion on past evidence and forensics regarding a primal lifestyle. Medical archaeology and the health of our ancestors is fascinating. I don’t think there is a perfect, mythical primal context in which humans have existed, no golden age so to speak, but it is obvious our modern, industrialized ways are very unhealthy.

  220. Has anyone done any research on allopathic medicine versus classical homeopathic treatment for various illnesses / diseases / first aid in the paleo-primal community? I’m really trying to distance myself from allopathic medicine (vaccines, routine health care tests and visits, prescription medications) and use more natural methods, but I’m curious about the science of it all. And btw there’s a night-and-day difference between using homeopathic remedies in an allopathic manner versus using homeopathy correctly as Hahnemann intended

  221. As with many others here who are parents…how eating paleo, or just cutting out so much sugar, from kids’ diets can change their behavior and sleep patterns.

  222. I’d like to see info on the Primal Brain. There is conversation out there about sugars and grains having a deleterious effect on the brain. Perhaps causing Altzheimer’s, brain fog,and depression…What effect does going primal have on how we feel now as well as undoing past damage…That sort of thing would be helpful.

  223. I am a 65 yr old overweight (but losing) woman struggling with insulin resistance. I would love a weekly article on specifics of dealing with this while going Paleo. I sometimes find it confusing to know the difference between ok for Paleo, but not if you are insulin resistance, or ok for Paleo but not if you are trying to lose weight.

    My husband is 67 and he would like more info on fuel foods for long bike rides, runs, etc for the average older man that likes to exercise, but is not a triathlete.

  224. I’d like to know how we can stop the Monsanto’s of the world from destroying the natural environment. If we don’t stop them soon, there will be nothing nutritious to eat regardless of what style of diet you want to follow.

  225. Responsibility. Accountability. Survival of our species. Imagine a study, generations into the future. Imagine them studying the their twinkie laden McChildren ancestors of today.

  226. Hey Mark!
    Thanks for all you do! If you haven’t done a post on this already, I’d like to see more on tips for cooking in bulk. I like to have meals ready for the week to save me time, energy, and money! Topics on efficiency,, meal prep, avoid losing money on food due to spoilage, etc.

  227. How to transition from years of eating disorders to being healthy.

    I was shocked to learn that despite being obese, I typically eat 1400 kcal a day, with a few days a month going way over on carb binges. I then tried eating as much primal food as I possibly could in a single day, and barely hit 2300 kcal. That was a revelation.

    I’ve been starving myself for 15 years, going from full on anorexic in my teens, to binging and being obese. My idea of portion size and my ability to gauge hunger/fullness has been completely off since I was a child.

  228. We live in a fast food world. We don’t know what they microwave, what they add, etc. But what are our BEST choices for eating on the run when we are not home all day? My refrigerator is usually half empty, anyway.

  229. one more thing:

    -maybe a guest post from experts of positive reinforcement (Karen Pryor etc.) on how to create long-lasting behavior modifications that stick? How to gamify the gradual shift to leaving primal and make it more fun? clicker training style? 🙂

  230. Your thoughts on medical recommendations for those 40+. I’m a 42-year-young female who hasn’t been to the doctor in over two years. (No scripts, no health issues , no reason to go – did have blood draw/test just to check basics on my own). I realize I should go in for a checkup but keep putting it off, partly because I don’t have a new physician since a recent move but mostly because I’m afraid I’ll get hit with a whole test-to-do list for a woman my age. Are they really necessary? And how often do any of the tests indicate an abnormality that really isn’t, leading to further unnecessary tests and/or procedures? (I have good health insurance so cost isn’t a concern.) Thanks for all you do!

  231. An article about thyroid & overcoming/supplementing/living a paleo lifestyle with low or high thyrpid… helping to get rid of food allergies/sensitivities through your diet… increasing bone strength (for those who want to strengthen bones or are afraid of brittle bones as they age)… or an article about what is the best way nutrients are absorbed.

    Thank you for your awesome website! Your articles are always great to read, thank you thank you!

  232. I would like to know what solid data exist on the effects of a primal diet/lifestyle compared between adults and non-adults. Are they generally the same or do they differ in some important way? My concern is what removing a staple such as rice at a young age might mean for the developing child.

  233. Mark,

    I hate to be selfish here but I would like it if you discussed either of the 2 issues that have effected my life, and thus my health, the most. In 2003/2004 my marriage fell apart, I caught my then wife in an affair, we were in counseling for over a year and we divorced. The entire process sent me into severe depression for several years. I was on several antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds over those years. Eventually, I was able to get passed this and diet was one way. That said, after I moved out I did rely on alcohol to too great an extent. This is a battle I’m still fighting. And while I do feel that I beat the depression, trying to survive as a divorced father is incredibly stressful. Therefore, I am asking you to write about marriage, family, etc, especially vis-a-vis it’s role in our ancestral life. I hope you see where I’m going with this. I’m not asking for you to be a priest. I would also like to see you discussing alcohol dependence. As always, I appreciate your help greatly. Thanks.

  234. Please address Restless Leg Syndrome, causes and remedies, its relationship to food and environment, do drugs really work?

  235. Child free and not SAD at all!

    My husband and I have enjoyed your blueprint etc. but like most of these kinds of books they tend to refer to things that aren’t “us”. We don’t have kids, and we don’t follow the standard america diet, never have… he’s a marathoner and i’m a beginner triathlete. So once you cut out all references to SAD and “busy moms” and a rather meager bit of exercise… So… we are also 50 year olds. I guess we
    could use some information that’s a bit more relate-able. 🙂

    Ditching the grains has helped me lose 5lbs.. and it’s only been 7 days! I’m also sleeping like a stone… Thank you.

  236. I would love to continue seeing new recipes, specifically ones that can be ‘staples’. I think it would also be awesome to dive into how paleo can effect the health and lives of older adults in our society. It would be great to see longitudinal studies on if being paleo can help in the aging process!

  237. I would like to see how Primal diet fits with different religious beliefs. I have preached Paleo/Primal to friends in my belief system (Protestant Christian) and others and I hear people tell me that they can’t follow how this fits with their religion. I was able to do the research and find out the truth for myself but you have a greater platform.

  238. How to briefly present a strong case for Primal to someone who thinks it is probably another fad and is not interested in CW’s methods of deprivation- I mean health! 🙂

  239. Three years ago, I needed a change. My research led me to Mark Sisson. The first 60 pages of Primal Bluprint basically descripted my current lifestyle. I adopted a paleo centric diet, with supplements. The results were stunning, according to my PCP who asked what exactly did I do. I outlined the diet and other paleo centric activities I incorprated. Of course the PCP was skeptical.

    Three years on, feel better, sleep better, metabolic rate great!

    Mark, I think you should write about how to deal with menopause/andropause. In my 50 something circle of friends this is a big issue. NO ONE I know wants to take blue pills or adopt hormone therapy to combat the aging process.

    Keep up the good work, you make a difference!

  240. Women’s issues ( balancing hormones, pregnancy, weight loss, etc ) and raising little groks. Also different body types. I follow the primal diet quite strict, if I really control portions and walk a bit I can slowly drop weight, but any real exercise and everything stalls? Its bizarre.

  241. I have been an avid reader of your since the Fall. That being stated, I have been slow to ‘give up’ my modern diet habits. Happy to say that with 2014 here, I am making it a priority to eat as primal as possible.

    The one thing that I would suggest is a section on how to shop/eat primal on a fixed income. From reading other articles outside of this forum, I understand that people who are living at or near the poverty line are experiencing a huge issue with poor diet, lack of exercise and all of the related health issues that come along with that.

    I think that an article or maybe even a video clip showing how to shop on a limited budget would go a long way.

    Thank you for all that you do and for helping to bring this to the masses. Maybe this has been done already. I am fairly new to the site and I have been following it and reading mostly entries since my arrival to this blog.

  242. I would also really like to see some research into success rates. I know we all drink the kool-aid, so none of us is likely to pipe up and say “it was a total failure for me.” But there are people out there for whom this approach fails. Who are these people? How many of them are there? Why did they fail? Any time you tell someone that xyz works 100% of the time, they question your credibility. If I could tell my mom this works 83.2% of the time and that other 16.8% failed because of ___ then maybe she would try it.

  243. My issue is how to deal with other people who do their best to derail your Paleo child. My daughter is 5 and we eat a (mostly) Primal (or Paleo plus raw dairy, whichever you’d like to call it) diet at home. But her friends do NOT eat this way, and neither does my family. My daughter goes to visit her Nana and Poppa and comes home with the biggest sweet tooth possible. She goes to a friend’s house (often with meals in her backpack) and comes home having been fed microwave popcorn and pizza and candy (and the food is still in her backpack).

    It’s frustrating. These people know how we eat, and they know she has behavioural issues if she eats grains/artificial colours and flavours, yet they continue to do it.

    How do we stop it?


  244. I would like to see some articles specifically for silver surfers (me) who have recently found primal/paleo living.

  245. How to convert nutritionists, and to support that, encourage proper research/testing that proves the health of this lifestyle.

    I just read some article by US News about the best diets (reviewed by a panel of nutritionists and dietitians). They put Paleo at the bottom of every list, and had the nerve to give it 2 out of 5 stars for nutrition, solely because grains are excluded ergo “the risk of nutrient deficiency is real.” They actually gave the Slimfast diet higher scores. Who in their right mind thinks drinking two meals a day out of a can is healthier than a plate of veggies and meat? They also put it at the bottom for controlling diabetes – a diet with no sugar, no refined garbage, and low carb.

    Also, I second the requests for primal on a budget – add some tips for people in rentals (no freezer space for bulk meat) or singles/students too please.

    It would be great to come up with a community thing to give people a chance to find others in their area. They might share places they find good meat/farmers markets, meet up for hiking, or just make new friends.

  246. Mark, although you have written about everything imaginable about being primal, I think you should venture into primal politics. Meaning you should be a force to help get legislative policy changes done. Speaking out in your blog about “The Farm Bill” and GMO’S when these issues arrive at the Senate or House of Representatives would be a great service to the primal movement. Rallying your blog followers to vote or call their representatives would go a long way to preserving the option of having organic primal food conveniently available in every ones home town, not to mention preserving open space in which to GROK OUT. I think it would be a great detriment to have the blog following that you have and not use it to promote and preserve the pathway to a healthy and happy primal lifestyle.

  247. Also expounding more on the Primal Law, “Avoid stupid mistakes” would be grea!.
    I’ve found that being Primal has made me a more responsible person.

  248. Practical life implementation.

    One of the things that first drew me to MDA was how “real” it is – how to cope/deal with family, friends, cravings, access to real food – the sometimes harsh reality of making a lifestyle change. I like that there’s an entrepreneurial bent in the people here – people who are really doing their own thing – because making the leap hits every part of your life, including your work.

    So I always like the articles on how someone who, for example, has three kids and works in stodgy finance in downtown Chicago and (like, ahem, a friend I know), carves the time to exercise, procure and prepare great food, and take a walk in the woods – with all the gritty particularlities that make those things a real part of your life, away from the computer screen.

    Also, with kids, I love articles about how things to keep in mind for their growth, health, and well-being.

    1. James, I recommend to you the book, The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo

      Grok On!

  249. It seems there are plenty of older folks on this bus. 50 to 70 years young. As one of them I’d like to know more about tailoring the primal lifestyle for my age group. Particularly when it comes to getting an intense workout without causing injury. It seem that my muscles can get stronger faster than my connective tissue. You have addressed growth hormone producing strategies for hard gainers but what about us elders?

    By the way, thanks for all you do. Like some of the commenters above I am already at a fitness level that rivals where I was 40 years ago. Quite unexpected I might add.

  250. I like to read about how Paleo/Primal can be used as a Template and the various ways you can change it to best fit and work for me an an individual. For instance I thought I had problems with dairy, but I’m starting to think my issue is with Nightshades (which makes me happy and sad at the same time). Basically I want to see more articles about how you can use food as medicine, and what foods can help/hinder certain health issues.

  251. I’d love to hear about how to raise Primal children. Primal has changed my life. I lost 40 lbs easily in the first 6 weeks, and have kept it off easily for 5 years. My wife (who is underweight) tried it, and lost MORE weight, so she had to stop. Since my wife does most of the child feeding, Primal is never front of mind. My wife is big on healthy (organic, etc.), but convenience trumps all. My daughter’s genes are more aligned to mine (tendancy to be overweight) vs. my wife’s, so I think Primal will benefit her in the long run.

  252. hi mark i would love to know what you think of other fitness gurus perception on what they think about low carb living. e.g. tony horton, shaun t etc. all people who are fitness freaks what do they think about our lifestyle? also i would love for you to give people my age (16) an idea how to not feel burdened by their parents or in my case parent to eat carbs, i find it silly having to chuck food away and say i ate it because i dont want to eat carbs! thanks alex.

  253. I would like to see a specific post directly related to different body types and how hormones affect them and how primal can help each. You have to admit there are very distinct body types. For instance, I get really fat in the middle around the waist. I am an apple shape for sure with long legs that stay thin. I know others that will get the biggest butt you have ever seen but their waists stay tiny tiny. Primal helps everyone (as it has helped me) but this body shape thing is a curiosity to me. I would love to see what Mark has to say on it specifically.

    OR….primal specifically geared to women. Especially those in their late 30’s 40’s and early 50’s. Ugghh! I love my mind at 44 but I hate trying to navigate this wacked out ship!

  254. How about a post on carb intake in regards to geographic location, like higher/lower elevations and closer/further from the equator.

    Also i’ve been wondering how Daylight saving time affects our circadian rhythm.

    P.S. Some new “workouts of the week” would be great as well!

  255. As a primal adherent and nutritional science student I’m interested in the primal certification mentioned here, I want to find a way of taking this to the general public, all credentials help.

    1. Me as well!!! I am currently enrolled in Institute for Integrative Nutrition and plan on coaching others (just like you Mark!)

  256. I’d like to hear what you think about the most likely forms of dementia that most of us are likely to experience, either as patients or as caregivers. Or both, which is what I kind of think it might wind up being for me. Not a cheerful topic, but It has been a real big part of my life these last ten years or so, and I suspect that your approach — which tends to involve both knowledge and humility in the face of uncertainty — would be helpful.

  257. I absolutely love the “Is it Primal”-type content, so anything like that is great, since more and more “Paleo TM” (to quote Angelo Cuppola) is coming out, the fringes of “what’s Paleo” is being explored more and more, and some of these fringe ingredients really get me sometimes. I love the way you always look at things from more than a “yes/no” standpoint, as well, since our lives our more nuanced than that.

    I’m also always fascinated with anything to do with how society functions as a group, and how we function in it, so things along those lines (how to interact within a world that so disagrees or misunderstands how/why we do this), is great.

    Also maybe more discussion on the raw/cooked-food balance? I recently heard a fascinating talk on Latest in Paleo about how cooking increases the calorie-content of our food; what do you think on that?

    Or maybe the merits of having your own homestead vs staying in cities and sourcing your food well? Or a balance between the two?

    Thanks so much for all the great content!

  258. I recently lost a step-daughter to breast cancer, she was only 31 when she passed. I would love to see more on the relationship between positive lifestyle choices concerned with not only food and supplementation but also the relationship with a positive mental attitude and mindset and how it can affect quality and quantity of life as it relates to illness and disease.

  259. I would like more articles and information on living the Primal lifestyle for those suffering with chronic health conditions – where sprinting/heavy lifting/hiking in the mountains and all the other physical/outdoors lifestyle is not possible when someone is living with a chronic health condition. These are such complex illnesses and are multi-system illnesses often affecting almost the entire body. The answer for health and wellbeing is therefore much more complicated and in-depth. Also, results are often not as dramatic and successful as other Primal success stories – the improvements can be minimal or sometimes for long periods of time non-existent and it can be extremely disheartening as you read all the amazing success stories.

    The Primal lifestyle has to be dramatically altered when someone has an auto-immune or neurological condition – such as ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia, which affects millions of people in America alone. (I personally live in the UK)

    My Primal lifestyle has had to be dramatically altered and amended. Outdoor life can mean simply sitting in the garden in the fresh air and sunshine. On good days, a very, very gentle walk. Yoga Nidra rather than a typical yoga practise. Every single aspect of the lifestyle has to be adapted to my daily capabilities.

    1. Yes! Some extra steps or precautions for those who have more extreme situations! (autoimmune)

  260. I’d like an article about Primal and conception, pregnancy. Is Paleo a good diet for before-during-after pregnancy? 🙂
    I’d love to read about that! 😀

  261. A Failure page. Wait – stay with me on this!

    A number of people try and fail on Paleo/Primal diets (falling off the wagon or failing to get results). It is crucial to find out why in order for them and others improve. If you select a case study that represents certain types of failures, it could help many others understand the ‘why’ and apply solutions.

    Primal is a Brand of Paleo that is helping many, but if the goal is improving the health of 10 million people, then it would be effective to expand beyond the “Friday Success” population and get to those struggling the other 6 days of the week. A failure page of profiles is a risk to the Primal Brand, but the reward would be huge if those could be turned into Friday pagers.

      1. Alison Golden has lots of great articles on Paleo fails and how to avoid them/get back on track.

    1. I really understand your concept – because I live a Primal lifestyle as much as I possibly can, but am restricted by suffering with ME, a debilitating neurological and physically restrictive condition. As I struggle to succeed, it is quite disheartening to think everyone else has dramatic cures/improvements to their lives and health and I’m still struggling so much with everyday. Real-life stories could be very supportive 🙂

  262. Mark, I would love to see more about hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism and how Primal helps this.

  263. Is a high LDL particle number (as measured by NMR lipoprofile or apoB) a risk in an otherwise healthy, ideal-weight person with no insulin resistance, and in the absence of any inflammation by several biomarkers, and zero cardiac calcification?

  264. I would like to have more discussion on cholesterol. I fight “high” numbers according to my doctor, but have been eating Paleo since July. I know there is new thinking out there on the subject.

  265. What I would like to see/read about- I am 57 this year and would like to read how to increase a slower metabolism for my group.

  266. FODMAPs — for those of us with self-discovered (with your help – thanks so much!) problems with so many awesome veggies, what and how much should we be eating to maximize the nutrients we get from real food? And how should we best supplement to get the rest? What might a typical day/week of ideal eating look like? I’ve seen other resources out there; however, I trust this site for the most common-sense/don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff approach. Kudos for that!

  267. Happy New Year! I would like to see information on raising children (infants-though Mommy) all the way to Teens. My 2 young daughters (4 and 5) are progressing great with our Primal family. We are expecting in July, and would love to see suggestions/tips on what Mothers can do as primal moms nursing infants, and then options when we switch the little critter to people food!

  268. I would love to see articles on:
    – foraging for wild food. Perennial plants that grok would have loved, that we can grow ourselves.
    – research on attachment parenting. I think many modern methods of child raising, are substantially different from how grok would care for their young. How does for instance early weaning and separation from primary caregivers affect us? How are we affected by rushes of cortisol flowing over our brains on a regular basis?

  269. I’m “senior” aged but not ready at all to retire. I’m busy….1 full time office job & working in our business after work hours…not to mention volunteering & grandchildren. So I would like to read more about realistic changes I can make in my life…without the time for marathons & eating at a school cafeteria or on the fly. How can I develop a primal lifestyle without jumping off the cliff to do it! I am very active, but I am in my first office by 7 a.m. & home from second office around 6 or 7 pm on a normal day. The rural area I live in has no gym to stop in to after work. I do have a work room in my office, but I have no equipment for working out. So I just want to hear real suggestions on real life changes. Thanks!

  270. The role of genetics in:
    Taste preferences, satiety, what foods we may do best on given our genetic (evolutionary) and epigenetic (modern exposures and stressors) influences.I know you have done extensive research on this, but there is ever increasing data about the role of genetic polymorphisms in our health and there must be a link with the foods we eat. Additionally, there are companies attempting to sell you over hyped nutrigenetic tests full of recommendations for which the clinical utility is questionable. I would like to know if there are pieces we can put together….for example if I have a polymorphism in one of dopamine receptor genes that confer increased motivation for reward seeking behavior, how should I supplement or adjust my eating to achieve balance in my brain? If my ancestry is northern European but I am vegetarian, how might I be lacking important fatty acids from the fish my ancestor enjoyed daily?

  271. I’d love to hear more about overcoming food intolerances and why these intolerances seem to come and go for no reason. I’ve been eating Paleo for the past year and have noticed changes in different food groups that my body reacts to. It used to be gluten, then it was raw dairy, and now it’s nuts. How long should these food groups remain out of one’s diet when they notice a reaction? Why are foods that never were an issue before now causing ezcema, breakouts, and tummy aches?

  272. Many of us notice things about the way we respond to food, exercise, emotions, life etc that are indicative of a messed up endocrine system. I would love to see a guide as to what to look for in your life to indicate a faulty endocrine system, what foods and exercise we can eat/do to influence what hormones and when to get a doctor involved for blood testing and potentially recommendations for getting your doctor on board.

  273. Not so much a specific topic, but ……..How about a web conference/seminar on hot topics in the Primal world? kind of a poor man’s Primal Con? for those of us who can’t afford the time or money to attend Primal Con this year?

  274. I would like to see an article that guides us through hormone control. What blood tests would be most helpful, what to look for on the results and where to start in getting things back to normal (with differences for men and women)

  275. I’d really like to know why a primal diet is best for someone on a high intensity training schedule looking for the best performance and muscle gains. I always wonder why everyone outside the primal community recommends eating things that the primal lifestyle tends to shy away from, yet you are insistent that eating primal is still the way to go for people on a high intensity program. This is one of my favorite topics to see you cover, and if you would be able to hit this one on the head, it would really help me justify all the things I’ve been doing and working so hard for, instead of just going low carb “because this one really good website said it was a good idea” during my training cycles. It’d be very interesting to really see the true relationship between primal living and a slightly more rigorous training program 🙂

  276. What is the benefit of going primal for the planet? I’ve some friends who are vegans for ethical and political reasons. I often find myself argueing that it is possible to live on an ancestral diet that is not only healthy but also good for the enviroment. Maybe you can back me up!

  277. Hi Mark,
    I decided to become a health and fitness coach and run my own business. It is a dream, mainly because I’d like a lifestyle and business that allows me the freedom to eat, move/exercise and sleep in the ways that work out best for me! I was also feeling drained working 9-5 in a cubicle! I would LOVE your advice on being an entrepreneur and giving others diet/exercise/lifestyle advice!!! Can’t tell you how thankful I am for MDA!!! MANY THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!!

  278. Dear Mark,
    Please discuss primal living and type 1 diabetes. There is a wealth of information on type 2 but so little on type 1. How are we “primaly” different?

  279. Hey all fellow Groks! I would personally love to see a blog post on how the entire world could be Primal yet still have it sustainable for everyone. sometimes I worry that if everyone switches to this way of eating and leaves SAD behind, we might do permanent damage to our planet — or more specifically, how CAN we get the entire world to eat like this and make it sustainable? But for now…..I’ll keep eating Primally and feeling GREAT!

  280. Some more focus on health challenges and exercises for the aging might be helpful.

    Exercises: Many of the exercises are too damaging to my joints at 60+ so running, jumping and any impacts are out. The high repetitions (e.g. 50 push ups and 50 squats) cause joint pain and other issues so I have to use much lower repetition levels.

    Health Challenges: As I’ve added more clean protein to my diet my uric acid has started increasing. So the elimination of sugars and corn sweetener hasn’t addressed my underlying gout issue. Also, with borderline low thyroid I have to be very careful of which foods I eat to avoid stressing that. My doctor recommends Testosterone because of low levels and low adrenals but I’d like to find natural alternatives to a prescribed medicine.

    All of these seem to be related to the overall topic of aging, especially for me since I didn’t start exercising until much later in life so don’t have the foundation.

  281. It’s hard to ask for more from such an already comprehensive website. I saw someone else comment about macro-nutrient cycling within a PB context. It’d be interesting to see an article about that.

  282. Personally, I have experienced benefits from adapting a Primal diet and lifestyle, going on 6 years. However, is everyone’s experience 100% positive all the time? I don’t want to be negative, but are there any potential downsides or unfavorable impacts of a Primal diet, on certain conditions, certain people, etc.


  283. I would like you to reflect on the things that shaped Groks mindset compared to what shapes ours in the modern world.

  284. I would like the topic of offal covered more. Offal recipes, why eating organ meats is so good for you, how to eat nose to tail, links and resources for preparing offal recipes, and where to find grass fed organ meats. Thanks

  285. primal tweaks for women. Men seem to melt when they switch to primal but I find my journey sllllllow. Painfully slow. An all or nothing type of gal, any kind of tips/tweaks/addiotnal rules you could share to really see results especially to get the weight off first (we can just stick to the regular rules) would be great.

    I find myself being tempted to quit eating primal to switch to a diet just to see results.

    +1 on the hormonal birth control issue but not on should I or shouldn’t but in which way we can eat/move/etc to minimize its potential impacts

    +1 on looking into the sustainability of the whole planet eating this way

    +1 on Why I Believe in Supplementation

    +1 How to Be an Endurance Athlete on a Ketogenic Diet

    Also, paleo junk food: does it exist? Is moderation ever recommended? (ie Buffalo hot wings, bacon, cheese, …)

  286. I would love to see more on the topic of hormesis in general, but specifically nutritional hormesis–such as the idea that some of why veggies are so good for us is because they actually stress our system in a beneficial way. I have read up on that a bit but don’t feel confident in my understanding of it

  287. Primal eating in different cultures around the world. More history on ancestors from different cultures (did you know that in the beginnings of Daoism in China, the Monks believed in fasting and elimination of grains in the diet that would heightened one’s path beyond this life?).

    What would Grok-San eat? =)

  288. Mark, I’d like to see you do some kind of article on the ethics of eating primally. You talk alot about local and pasture raised animals, but tell us why that matters for the animals: you know, vs. standard american factory farming etc.



  289. What dishes can be eaten at the leading fast food establishments? It’s not ideal but if you had to what would it be? I think a list for these places could help when people are out together. Also I wish there was more of the info available for uk primates

  290. How about you expand upon your fiction writing?? Start maybe a web series titled ‘WWGD’ or ‘What Would Grok Do???’

  291. I’d like to see some information on how primal can impact specific diseases. I know you have written about some diseases already but I would think there are others out there that could allow you to reach out and connect with other people that need to know about primal living.

    I also wouldn’t mind some examples of ways we can improve our hunter/gathering skills, such as actually taking hikes and gathering edibles as we go. I find this is a great way to get me out and moving, plus I am collecting healthy foods (that I always need to scour for recipes for) and I get to engage a lot of muscles in the process as I squat down to collect purslane, dandelion, and other yummy wild edibles.

    Just some thoughts.

  292. I am a female type 1 diabetic. I have been paleo for 6 months. To keep my blood sugars lower than 120 post meal, (as per Dr. Bernstein’s book The Diabetes Solution) my carb count us in the ketogenic range. In your opinion, is this okay long term? My weight loss has been minimal and I my hair has begun to thin even though my hypothyroidism is under control. But when I eat carb dense vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots and even sugar snap peas) it spikes up in the 160’s. So any additional info you could share for us type 1 diabetics would be great.

  293. I would love more information on first-timers, I have been transitioning to a Paleo Life Style but always have difficulties with breakfast and snacsk. Thanks for all your info.

    Riverside, CA, USA

  294. I would like to see more fitness related content. Like how to get Strong and lean! Seems like that has been missing as of late.

  295. I would like to know how to help people understand that our sedentary lifestyles of TV and video games is killing us posturaly as well as cardiovasculary. We have to move or we will die!!! Ok so we will die anyway but we will do it sooner if we don’t exercise!!!!

  296. A topic to be covered could be more about when paleo isn’t a quick fixture disease or weight loss. Or another, yet related for me, topic could be depression and paleo. It is really disheartening to see all the quick fix miracle stories … What about those of us who keep pursuing through the long haul with minor improvements?

  297. What did Grok use for daily soap, shampoo, and cleaning teeth because it’s probably healthier than what is used today?

  298. How about a blog focused on leading our teenagers to the Primal Lifestyle. One is a vegetarian and the other is a carnivore. Both are carboholics. They’re both thin, relatively healthy but it’s a matter of time before their diets catch up to them and their future offsprings.

  299. Article on Primal athletes and preparing for competitions (programming leading up to the event, nutrition during etc.).

  300. We all know about nutrition & exercise & how important to your health but i would like to know about how genuine deep breathing & the various techniques of breathing affect or improve your health/exercise etc.

  301. Hi,
    I’d like to see more articles with respect to combating the areas that fail with age. For instance, eyesight, decreased agility, less vitamins and minerals uptake, hormone reduction, more aches and pains, less ability in the bedroom, reduction of mental ability etc.

  302. How about a post on “Primal Play in the Winter,”?? Here in DC (and south), we really don’t get snow very often, so the typical winter sports are out AND it’s cold and rainy, so we can’t hike as often as we’d like.. Any ideas for setting up a “playground” indoors? Any other indoor (or outdoors with no snow) ideas or suggestions?

  303. So many great topics are already covered. I like success stories – and personally would like to see more about older women – although they’re all inspiring. I keep coming back to the site because it helps me keep on track.
    The Primal Fuel prize is fantastic because it’s a chance to try the stuff. It’s too pricey to take a chance on. Sample sizes would be nice.

  304. I have read 3 different books that mention the study done by Ancel Keyes with the war objecters. Maybe you can discuss more about how starvation diets, which have long stood in the way of doing real good for ourselves. I have seen first hand the behavioral symptoms Keyes saw in his subjects, in fact the similarities were slightly frightening. My boyfriends mother starved off 250lbs on a 700 calorie a day diet. At 65 5’5″ 135lbs she is still 32% body fat and still starving herself most days of the week.( Im 185 lb and 37% bf)She is crazy neurotic about food, ocd with most other things, and paranoid (nsa will spy on her, world war 3 that sorta thing).

  305. Hi Mark

    I am really keen to see your post on how to be an endurance athlete on a ketogenic diet. I think that will be fascinating.

    I would also be really interested to see if you have any information on mid-distance racing (like 800m and 1500m on the track, or 2km rowing) and diet. Is it possible to make a paleo diet work with training that is heavy on work sitting omewhere between aerobic and anaerobic systems – e.g. longish intervals of 2-10 minutes with shortish rests?

    Thanks for all your informative content.


  306. I’d love if you had a database we could join to meet other primal folk in our local area for companionship, exercising together, sharing meals or just local shopping tips and meal ideas. Caring for my elderly parents, I’m burned out on cooking, yet eating out is often less healthy and definitely more expensive. I could use the support from more like-minded friends. Sharing locally-grown produce would also be great!

    1. and Dairy free —–(why not have a gelatin protein with some other good Dairy free proteins to complete the amino acid profile…..or just leave it as just Gelatin since it’s amino acid profile has benefits!)

  307. I’ve seen a lot recently about gelatin being an anti-aging sort of thing for your skin. I want to know about gelatin. How is the kind you buy different from the kind that’s in bone broth. Are either one effective for slowing or reversing the aging of skin?

  308. Posted a comment , not sure if you recieved it as i was having a couple problems posting it

  309. I would like to see more easy to go meals or plans. I work full time, commute 4 hours a day, go to school online, and manage a household while my husband is in Afghanistan and has been for 3 years. I need quick meals that are freezer ready available for the teenagers to pop in for dinner, quick breakfast to go, lunch options, snack, etc. Like i said I am always on the go and really need fast ready to go meals. Thank you so much Mark for your website!!

  310. Hey Mark! I would like for you to research and post on the GUT MICROBIOME…all aspects. How important the gut IS to diet, immune function, aging, and more. How is our diet, VLC, LC Paleo feeding or starving our healthy bacteria? What wipes us out and how do we repopulate, SBO’s, probiotics? What about resistant starch in this mix, FMT’s? I’d like to know your take on this KEY TOPIC, all in one post, rather than bits and pieces to answer this or that. IMHO, all problems start with a compromised gut. Why not tackle the real ROOT CAUSES of all the other topics that will be posted here?
    Thanks and happy 2014!

  311. I would like to see articles about good vs bad fat in the diet; how it relates to lipid panel; what to say to Dr who wants to put you on statin because total C is higher but triglycerides are low. So what does a bad lipid panel really look like- where statins are appropriate? Like to see info on the science of cholesterol and how it really relates to heart disease. Also, fruit: Does the fructose in fruit act the same on the liver as table sugar? (Thus increasing cholesterol and BP?)

  312. It’d be great to get a post about movement quality. How we should stand, walk and sit. Expand on some Gokhale ideas.

    Maybe something on a Primal winter. Whether the sun in the Midwest is giving us ANY vitamin D, the benefits of lowering the thermostat, how to deal with the cold as primally as possible.

  313. Another topic I’d love more info and help on is feeding my tiny son who is currently 3 years old. He’s very picky, but now entering an age where he’s aware and understands whats around him. So. What to do with picky paleo eaters? And how to teach him starting when he’s so young? There are not a lot of resources out there.

  314. I would like to read more about Paleo and grains given the significance of best-selling books like “Grain Brain” by Dr. David Perlmutter and “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis.

  315. I’d be interested in paleo personal hygiene, too. Soap, shampoo, deodorant, or just stay stinky?

  316. Damage repair!!! For those of us already suffering from certain health conditions (ie: MS, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.)

  317. 1) I would like you to research if candida really exhists and why there appears to be a connection between this ,our hormones ,mental health and arthritus when we eat the wrong types of foods .
    2) Why the primal diet appears to eradicate the symptoms of candida
    Thanks Mark

    1. and some extra help for those with a gut that just wont stop being leaky

  318. I would be very interested in knowing how a Primal diet can help prevent cancer, or prevent it coming back. I went Primal (more or less!) after a cancer diagnosis and feel very healthy, but does it play a specific role in preventing cancer?

  319. I’d like to see some information geared towards teen aged athletes–specifically in those sports that require a high amount of endurance and strength, such as rowing or cross country skiing.

    1. +1
      Me too! I have a 15 year old son who plays sports every season and he is always so tired but also bored with his homemade lunches. He needs more protein for sure, which I have been able to provide via protein shakes.

  320. I would love to see more posts about exercising and strength developement. Since the WOW posts were discontinued, MDA got a little bit nutrition-heavy, in my opinion. Especially stuff aimed at advanced trainees is lacking a bit.

  321. I would love to see an article on Keto Primal, i.e is it a good idea, how to figure out your macronutrients, etc. I also would like to see info regarding hormones and women, especially peri- pre- menopause. It’s still years away, but how do I avoid hormone supplementation when that time comes??? Thanks for all you do Mark! Here’s to a great 2014 at MDA!!

  322. I would like a list of resources in my community.Perhaps a network of primal/paleo minded gyms,trainers, restaurants, physicians,etc. Not many speakers come to Florida. Need to find a local community of people who eat/work out/ relax for this way of life..

    Would also info geared for older women.

    Would like to see videos for foam rolling, using bands when a little sore,etc.

  323. One criticism I have heard of the primal lifestyle is that it is only for the well off — those who have the leisure time to seek out local, high-quality food, do the research required, sleep and exercise as needed; and those who have the money to afford grass-fed meat options and gym memberships. I know this is only partially true. There are ways to make the most of both time and money and live the primal lifestyle.
    But I also fear that the folks who need this message most — those who are ruining their health with cheap, processed food — are not hearing it. Folks who are struggling to make ends meet often move from one financial crisis to another and have more difficulty thinking long-term.
    I have encouraged my daughter — a financially strapped phd student — to go paleo, and she is making it work. I know it can be done. But she is well educated and has a pushy mom!
    I would like to see you address ways we can get the real food message out to folks who believe they can’t afford to eat well. I have heard that the less money people have, the more likely they are to be obese and be stricken with diabetes and related diseases. These are the people who need our message more than anyone, and I fear they are not getting it.

  324. I don’t have time to read all of the comments, so I’m sorry if any of these have been suggested.

    I would like to see more suggestions for kid-friendly meals, especially toddler age, and how to make sure picky eaters are getting the nutrients that they need.

    Also, more on whether to use modern medicine for illnesses or injuries. For example, I have a torn rotator cuff and bilateral carpal tunnel. Is it best to have surgery to try to get back to my best ASAP, or go all natural the way grok would have?

    Lastly, I’d love some smoothie recipes, especially for my kids.

  325. Bodybuilding and Paleo is great but gaining muscle seems to a lot easier the more carbs you have. What are your thoughts on bodybuilding while eating paleo? Is this an exception to have more carbs from grain?

  326. It would be interesting to hear about your thoughts on how our (human) DNA is effected/not effected by our (human) attempts to improve the ‘natural original’. For example does the introduction of man-made butter in the form of margarine effect our bodies permanently?

    Making comparisons to the original, like in this case butter from cow milk, and also the many other human attempts to improve on nature.

  327. I would like to see more information that applies for people over 70. For example your exercising videos are great because they show the steps. But I know from my experience I just can’t work off as many calories as I would eat normally because of my age.

  328. I would like more information on lipids: should a statin be recommended when total C is high(er) but triglycerides are normal? What to say to the Dr who puts you on a statin in this situation? What about high LDL if HDL is also high? What is the science behind cholesterol and how it relates to heart disease? When is a statin actually beneficial?

    Also fruits: Is the fructose in fruit metabolized the same as table sugar? Does it have the same impact on the liver (high cholesterol, high BP)? More on the dangerous effects of sugar and how it is responsible for heart disease/high cholesterol rather than cholesterol in the diet.

    More simple (30 minute or less) recipes.

  329. Some more “definitive guides”, like the ones in the Primal Blueprint 101 section.
    For example one about the effects of cooking on nutrients (vitamins, anti-oxidants, or why overcooking a broth is maybe not a good idea). Another example, one guide about isometric exercises: I am integrating some yoga positions like headstand, handstand, advanced tuck planque and wall sitting in my workout routines but… is headstand healthy or are there counter indications?

  330. I’d like to see an article or series on how to set up the ultimate Grok cave, i.e: everything you can do to set up a primal house in a modern world. Everything from lighting, EMF, layout, etc.

  331. A while ago I wrote you (January 2011 in fact, just found the email) and in response you said:

    “Big fan of game meats. Healthy, healthy stuff. And you’re right, I am a little light on post material about hunted foods; may have to do a “health benefits of the kill” post at some point in the future.”

    I don’t know if you already did that post and I somehow missed it, but if not, that would be my suggestion.


  332. Encouragement article: A reminder of how following any of your suggestions can make a difference. It gets easier to follow the lifestyle over time. Many people will give up/quit on themselves and their slow progress if there is not a gentle reminder that they are on the right track. Many articles are applauded by the people who “truly believe”, but those who are feel they are struggling may feel that they”ll never get there.

  333. I want to know
    How To Go Primal when You’ve Got Cancer
    Do that blog and I’ll be happy