Dear Readers: What Do You Want from Mark’s Daily Apple Videos?

This is not a real video...

It’s Monday and that usually means another round of Dear Mark, but today I have something a little different in mind. Today I have a question for you (along with a chance to win a Primal prize).

Since I launched Mark’s Daily Apple way back in 2006 it’s been my goal to help 10 million people take control of their health. While MDA now reaches millions of people every month I’m always looking for new ways to do a better job, so I’m coming to you for ideas. This is a joint effort after all. I couldn’t do it without you.

Over the years I’ve published nearly 4,000(!) blog posts. I don’t know the exact figure, but it’s probably upwards of 5 million words. That’s a lot of writing and I don’t have any plans to slow down, but I feel like it’s time to take things to the next level. I’m seriously considering publishing regular (say, monthly to start, and perhaps weekly down the line) Mark’s Daily Apple videos. Imagine instructional/how-to videos, interviews with experts in the paleosphere, and videos that give you some insight into my Primal life. While I have a few ideas of my own, nothing is set in stone just yet. That’s where you come in…

The Contest

“What do you want from Mark’s Daily Apple videos?” My blog, my books, what I do are constantly informed by your thoughts and ideas. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see on my part in this next stage of Mark’s Daily Apple. In the comments section below, tell me your ideas for future Mark’s Daily Apple videos. What kind of videos would you prefer (educational, how-to, motivational, interviews, etc.)? Which topics interest you most (nutrition, weight loss, fitness/training, Primal lifestyle behaviors (sun exposure, sleep, stress management, barefooting, etc.), cooking, etc.)? Do you prefer short, medium or long form videos (less than 2 minutes, 2 to 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes)? And lastly, tell me the title of a video you would like to see made. That’s it. I’m really interested in what you personally would find useful, and what you think would best serve the Primal movement. 

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Prize

A 15-serving pouch of both the Vanilla Coconut Creme and Chocolate Coconut Primal Fuel.

The Deadline

Midnight (PDT), tonight!

Who is Eligible

Everyone. I’ll ship the Primal Fuel anywhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to everyone that offers an idea. I’ll see what I can do to give you what you want! Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. No videos at all. I read the blog from work, and I prefer written word one can read at own speed!

      1. I agree with this! I think a podcast (I was actually looking for a MDA podcase this morning before I saw this post and was disapointed there wasn’t one!) would be great we could even listen while we get our primalized activities in or while whipping up some yummy Grok approved eats!

      2. I also prefer podcasts. I’ve limited myself to only listening while cleaning my house, so needless to say, my house stays much cleaner these days.

    1. Agreed…I also read MDA at work so video would complicate things. Although a middle line might be a video with transcript below.

    2. Agree completely. More often than not I am not in a situation where I can’t easily listen without imposing on someone else nearby. I very much dislike the trend towards video blog posts as a regular thing, although a special entry once in awhile is probably fine. That said, if my preferences turn out be a minority viewpoint, please at the very least include a text version for those of us who prefer or need it. Thanks!

      1. +1

        I am a mom with three loud, busy children under the age of six. I have trouble watching a video, which requires full concentration, simply because of constant interruptions. Written blog works much better because I can come back to it easily, as many times as necessary. Also, I find that I am better able to retain information I read, as opposed to hearing.

        Topics: Better/more thorough coverage of primal, as applied to young children. I.E. more “this is what the research demonstrates,” less “I think it’s probably this.” I realize there isn’t a lot of definitive nutritional research using children.

        Discussion of nutrition and its effects on neurological/developmental issues in children. For example, a recent study out of Australia which linked maternal iodine deficiency to speech and language delays in children, which pediatric supplementation for could not fully correct.

    3. Yep. If you do video, please keep it short and don’t sacrifice the text. I don’t like video for complicated subjects because it’s much faster to read/study the written word. There’s no way to “skim” a video and quickly come back to subjects of interest. If you want to show us physical exercises or how to cook something tricky, video is good for that. Other than, video is a bit over rated.

      1. +1 I dislike video because I can’t skim or go easily back to parts I want to spend more time with. Video makes me feel trapped in someone else’s schedule.

    4. I would like information on helping hypothyroidism with the primal lifestyle. Any way you want to deliver it. Maybe a series of short videos.

      1. I Quite agree. I have had my family of 5 adults on the primal diet for a year now and everyone has done well on it ( Even starting into extended family) except for my wife who does most of the cooking and the shopping because she has hypothyroidism. We are 100% primal

    5. I’d be interested in seeing:
      – Paleo recipes and cooking
      – exercise tips for better form on various exercises
      – short interviews / discussions with other folks in the health and fitness scene
      – inside looks–“My Standing Desk” segments from you, friends of the site, readers, etc.

      1. That would be neat…maybe a section of pictures of everyone’s standup desks. I’m sure the varied implementations would be extremely interesting.

    6. +1 I avoid videos completely, there’s just no appropriate time in my day to view them.

    7. I am more of a fan of the written word. Videos have little appeal to me. I would like to see some webinars to discus topics with time for live questions and answers. Need more tips for menopause. It seems to change everything.

    8. Personally I love the video idea; I do love to read your blog but as you’ve said you won’t be slowing the key bashing down I believe the videos can only further help you engage with people and promote the primal cause! I also think those who stumble onto your website who are crashing after a sugar rush (and who really need to hear the message!) would engage with the easier effort of watching a video than reading a blog. I’d like to see videos in all the areas you’ve mentioned above but I’d personally love to see a video called ‘primal stress relief’ which could inform about how primal food, exercise and even lifestyle vision (impact on stress levels and showing methods to achieve this) work together to create a more relaxed version of self. A video like this would help me no end! Around 5 minutes per vid is a good time I think but I guess thats up to the subject matter. Thanks Mark, definitly a positive step forward in my opinion 🙂

    9. I like the idea of video, we are in the 21st century and times have changed. Video is a valuable tool in illustrating an idea and for educational purposes, it defiantly has a place. I am sure many people like myself read the blogs in the evening after a tiring and stressful time at the office. (My eyes are tired) it is nice to sit back and listen, reading the odd bullet point, looking at the occasional graph, diagram etc.

      A cholesterol and arterial sclerosis video would be very informative with images to illustrate a great one would show how important particle size is, especially to newbie’s who have yet to be convinced.

      As part of the learning process many people require visuals, others oral or some kinetic. See hear or do / touch, to put it simply. Most of us require a combination of all three.

      Please lets have video for limited subjects. Enthusiasm when talking about some of the subject matter is important, I am sure Mark will be able to convey this more easily with video. That is not to say that his written word does not do this, but some subject matter is more easily conveyed through the spoken word and visuals. You can also see the speakers eyes and gauge sincerity.

    10. +1 hard to re-watch or re-listen to a section that is of particular interest as well.

  2. I definitely think there should be a series of several “basics” videos for all the people who come here looking for information: 3 minutes long or so, and they could be things like “Lift Heavy Things” or “Sprinting” or “Squatting” primers, along with nutritional ones. Short and to the point, with links to articles and more info.

    And a 3-minute recipe video channel would probably do great.

    1. I agree with the short and to the point videos. I would use them to send the link to the people who express some interest in how I eat/live. I currently send them links to the blog posts, but a lot of people don’t read. A video would hopefully get them interested.

  3. I read MDA at work, so I like having text over videos, but I would love to see interviews with other ancestral health folks and maybe some recipe/cooking videos.

  4. Fitness videos. Shorter videos are better than longer ones. I do not like vlogs, however. I prefer to read.

  5. I look forward to reading your blog every day so a video would have to some additional and different. I like the idea of motivational and how-to videos – perhaps a sneaky insight into what your pantry looks like?! I think people always like to be able to see examples of how other primal people live, so perhaps interviews with others, maybe mini ‘a day in the life of…’ videos could be really fascinating!
    Exciting stuff!

    1. I hate videos on websites that do not need to be there. CNN has become horrible at this. I read blogs at work and listen to podcasts at work and while driving. I find it very difficult to watch video at work. It even annoys me in the evenings. The only time I find myself watching a video is if I want to see proper form on movement, learn a metabolic conditioning technique, or see a recipe prepared correctly. That’s it. Why else would you need video? Short and as a reference. Look up Pat Flynn, Al Kavadlo, and Builit Lean on youtube and you will see insanely useful videos.

    2. I love the concept of “A Day in the Life of”. I would certainly watch those.

      Beyond that, I am with the majority and prefer to read as MDA is part of my lunch routine.

  6. As a Primal first-year college student, I would love to hear your younger Worker Bees’ perspectives on how to maintain the Paleo/Primal lifestyle in college. Your own posts have been tremendously helpful, Mark, but I’d imagine that your younger Bees, some of whom have probably just entered the working world, would be able to provide their $0.02 on this too. As for the types of interviews, motivational and interview types are personally the most helpful, but I’d also love to see how some of them have eaten and exercised Primally on a strict meal plan or in a gym where you’re kind of left to your own devices as far as knowing what to do.

    I know this focus probably caters to a smaller demographic of people, but I still think it would be helpful for teens and twentysomethings. It’s not really a “Primal 101” so much as it is a “primer” for how to maintain the lifestyle in a decidedly un-Primal environment.

    The length is irrelevant, IMO. I’d imagine that interviews would naturally be longer. It would be really cool if you interviewed Primal high school/college students like Christy in the most recent success story!

    1. +1 to this I’d really appreciate some more posts/videos aimed toward the college crowd

  7. I’d take a postcast over a video. I read mda from work and if anything I wouldn’t mind popping in a headphone and listening to you banter with someone about a subject.

    1. I agree with Peter. Podcasts Mark! Podcasts! Please!

      And I also agree with Jamie that videos should be (and would be very useful as) resources for technique or recipes.

  8. I love blogs, but I think short videos would be great 3-5 minutes, on cooking, recipes, fitness. Those would be great…. maybe even some inspirational speaking/jokes… something to change it up a lil

  9. In my opinion, the best candidates for videos are those demonstrating the fitness/training aspect. The post in the last weeks on squat form (I believe it contained a video) was immensely helpful.

    Also, “modular” videos would be great. What I mean by modular is videos of any length and the topics you mentioned (nutrition, weight loss, fitness/training, Primal lifestyle behaviors (sun exposure, sleep, stress management, barefooting, etc.), cooking, etc.), however, with a tip on which other videos would combine well with the video currently being watched.

  10. Hi Mark,

    I really enjoy videos, I fnd them the best way to absorb information so some more MDA videos would be great. New visitors are directed to the ‘start here’ section of the site. If there were videos to compliment this section, giving the main underlying principles of MDA it would reach a lot of people in my opinion.

    All the best,


  11. A monthly podcast of interviews with guest speakers, for example: experts on primal related subjects (nutrition, general health, psychology, workouts, etc). Recipes… I do not find it very interesting: a list of ingredients and the steps are more easily printed from a webpage than followed on a video.

    As for the length, being monthly, I guess it can be longer but no more than 20 minutes anyway. The references can be provided as links, for completeness.

  12. I too prefer text and reading over video, but some videos that may interest me would be interviews with other primal folk and perhaps a room-by-room tour of your home with tips on how to primalize, i.e. dark shades on windows, helpful kitchen gadgetry, fitness implements in the backyard, home office, best products in the bathroom and other ideas for helping the home to support/mesh with the Primal Connection. Video is probably the most useful for communicating ‘how-to’ information–inspiration and information is easily covered in text. Ideally not more than 5 minutes.

  13. I consume my MDA at work. Vidoes would work best if the audio portion was super descriptive since I would most likely just be listening to them with headphones. I would probably listen to it more like a podcast.

    That being said, perhaps rehashing your written content into audio/visual format. I find that at work, I have a harder time justifying reading a 750 word blog post than I do listening to a 30, 45 or even 60 minute podcast. Personally, it would make your work much more accessible to me.

  14. Motivational videos would be great. I’d like to see “Day in the Life”, 3-5 minute videos of Primal folks (especially Mark and other Primal stars) doing their thing. Different workouts, cooking and eating beautiful food, what they are eating and how they choose it at the grocery store, the Farmers Market or a restaurant. What kind of relaxation activities (or lack thereof). Examples of livin’ the good life.
    Grok on!

      1. I love the idea of the “day in the life” but I could also see it broken down:

        1. This is what I eat! (interview 3 or 4 primal people and see all their meals)

        2. This is how I “Lift Heavy”

        3. This is how I move

        4. This is how I play,

        Thanks Mark…think the idea is awesome!

  15. My own preference is short videos (less than 5 mins). I would like ‘quickfire’ content, so that you give us information on a subject (eg. recipe, fitness, weight loss, sun exposure, etc) and give as much overall information in as short as time as possible! Then if we want to get more in-depth information, we can search thru your website.

    I’d also like to see somebody interview you. Maybe with a list of questions gathered from your followers. You could be interviewed from a newbie perspective, or from the more experienced.

    And please have the videos showing the lovely sunshine you guys get over there, just to cheer the rest of us up 🙂

  16. Seconded on the “basics” videos of 3-5 minutes on FAQ-type topics. I think those would be really helpful for my husband. He’s eating what I eat but hasn’t read the book yet and probably won’t have time to for a while. He’s definitely still in a low calorie/low fat mindset when he’s making choices for himself. Would be nice to have something to point him to other than just me clumsily trying to explain the book.

    But for myself, what I’d love are LONG form videos, where you extract the audio and post to iTunes on a subscription basis. I guess you might call it a “podcast”…hee hee. Yep, those 60-90 minute Q & A or interview form podcasts are my very favorite for long walks with my dogs. Personally, I’m much less likely to watch a video than to listen to a podcast, unless, I suppose, it’s demonstrating something that must be seen to be understood, in which case, under 3 minutes is best for me.

  17. Motivational stories… nothing keeps me focused more than seeing someone elses success!

    1. I would like to see motivational success stories in video. Maybe as a success story ‘revisited’, after a written submission has been posted,and is popular or very interesting, that person could be revisited to bring the success story to life. Seeing a video of that persons workout routine, cooking, or whatever it is about that particular story that makes it special!


  18. Video type: interview/podcast see: london real or joe rogan for example
    Topics: depends on the guest and co-host if applicable
    Length: 10-60 minutes
    Must do title: Top 10 primal/paleo myths debunked

    Alternative video type: just pure Q & A or “FAQ of the PACK” or something, hehe

  19. For your first video, I’d like to see, “A day in the life of Mark.” What does your work day look like” I want to see your office and staff and the people behind your website.

  20. I would like to see interviews with others involved in the ancestral health movement and how-tos centered around fitness/exercise as well as some primal lifestyle topics. I feel these would translate to a video format the best (as opposed to nutrition/weight-loss). How-tos I would think would be around 2-5 minutes in length, with interviews being longer (10+ minutes).

    For instance, a how-to video could be how to assemble aspects of a home gym without going out to buy lots of expensive equipment. Stuff like making your own pull-up bar, or creating sandbags and other makeshift weights. There could be demonstrations on specific exercises that can be performed with these items.

  21. What I would like to see is some 2-5 minute videos comparing some of the ways food affects our bodies. Animations and visual effects can explain some if the deeper science in the Primal Blueprint that might be hard to follow just by reading.

    I always feel more impact when I’m shown how bad something can be rather than how good something may be. What motivated me towards bieng primal the most was the negatives of the SAD, the positives of bieng primal were and added benefit. AND if its all in a video it may lead to more “ah-ha!” moments.

  22. I think a great series would be a sneak peak into the Primal lives of past MDA success stories. I’d love to see inside their fridges (yours too!), pantries and get a feel for what their daily primal lives look like. I’m always looking for ways to improve the way I do things, and sometimes all it needs is a little inspiration.

    A “cooking” show type series would also be fun, where a whole primal meal is prepared.

    Then again, I’d also really love to see interviews with health professionals.

    In general, I do prefer to read my news rather than watch, so whatever you do I think should be out of the ordinary.

  23. I rate there’s plenty you can try: 1) a 1 minute “Everyday Plaeo Hacks” style video that explains something that could be confusing / new at a very simple level – not much detail. 2) 3 – 5 minute simple cooking videos – you can even theme them for different audiences (e.g. busy moms, workaholics, students etc.), poosibly even with some humour thrown in. 3) continue with your workout basics series you had on youtube. 4) Shopping guides – almost like “a day at the market” and what you found there, questions to ask etc.

  24. I’m sure you have addressed this in a post somewhere in the archives, but I’d like to see a video on Primal movement. I would love a set of simple equipment free exercises that can be done easily at home. It’s great to think about going to a park and using the equipment there or running sprints on a grassy hill but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate and it would be great to have a few exercises I can do in the comfort of my dry, air conditioned living room.

  25. i think it would be great if you had videos that showed the correct techniques for various exercises. cooking videos would be really cool as well. on the more controversial side, you could have debates with health experts when their knowledge is flawed and/or have a discussion when their knowledge is sound >:) and i’m kidding when i say a debate, but rather you guys could throw out various points regarding why something is good or bad so people can get a more broad understanding of various nutritional aspects!

  26. I think short Primal Fitness how-to’s would be endlessly useful, as well as interviews with other great primal minds on different topics.

    The how-to videos seem to work best in short format (3-5 min) while the interviews would likely be better if they were longer.

    “Primal Fitness 101” is the 1st one I’d clink on.

    Grok on man… looking forward to it!

  27. I’d like to see videos about nutrition, recipes and fitness, but I will like to see personal stuff too, like what your pantry looks like, etc.

    More importantly, the video must be of good quality, HD with good sound (no sound echo).



  28. Mark, I love the idea of you adding more videos. I think that there should videos of preparing primal food, and or meals to show people how easy and healthy it is. I think when newcomers see that it is a balanced meal without the grains, it will be easier for them to let go of the grains and starches and eat like Grok.

  29. 1. Videos on weight lifting and their associated primal dietary requirements

    2. Primal cooking show?

  30. I would like to see Mark in front of a brickwall doing standup comedy.

    “Do you ever notice how grok…..”

    But seriously, very specific how to videos. Its one thing to read how to do something, its another to actually see someone doing it. I guess the length would depend on how long it takes to explain and show something.

    1. Mark,

      I’d like some reality show type videos featuring The Sisson’s daily life. Seeing you actually living primally would be really cool!

  31. As a new person to the Primal lifestyle, I would love to see a video for beginners on the basics of how to shop/how to cook/how to move, etc. I absolutely love your website and I am so grateful for the information that you provide.

  32. I think you should have a short ~5 minute video each week with a core aspect of primal living to focus on for the week. Explain why it is important to our health, and if need be (like an essential movement) have a short instructional video to explain it.
    You could also have a quick Q&A segment asnwering quick email questions. Also, to increase public involvement, allow readers to send in short videos of themselves doing some aspect of primal living in their own lives to help us feel like more of a part of the website itself.
    As for a title, I think it obviously has to be Mark’s Minutes.

  33. The thing I’d most appreciate in video form would be short, specific/targeted fitness ‘coaching’ – the recent KStar one was great. They wouldn’t all need to be technique-focused; stuff like “fitting a burst of movement into a busy day”…

    I don’t eat dairy, which might be one reason why video recipes/food topics are less important to me. Also, my best recipes are the ones we make up based on ingredients on hand and past experience… which I think is a very Primal way to cook!

    I also like the direction you’re moving, with focus on the Primal approaches to matters other than food/fitness. I think those would be harder to turn into videos than an exercise session – and maybe more profoundly rewarding. I’m intentionally incorporating awareness of ancestral heritage into playing with my dog, gardening, socializing, and Looking At Stuff outdoors, for example, and I appreciate your directing our attention in those directions.

  34. I think it would be great to have a variety of topics. And I’d say I would be more likely to watch the shorter ones (5 minutes or less). You could show us some quick recipes and workouts, and general tips on Primal life… maybe use topics that aren’t big enough for a full article, and turn them into short videos, or even do a compilation of a few quick tips? Interviews are a great idea, too! I would love to see your family interviewed. How about one called “Inside Mark’s Kitchen?” Would love to see what’s in your fridge and pantry!

  35. I prefer short videos. Anything over 4 minutes or so and I get twitchy! I mostly read from work, and longer videos are harder to justify watching when I should be working.

    How-to videos would be great. They could range from exercises to perfecting primal mayo and beyond! I don’t really care for the video-lecture format myself. I like to see demonstrations of things. Interviews might be interesting, but again the length of the interview might kill my interest before I even get started.

  36. I really don’t like short videos of 2 min or less because they are always rushed and leave out good content. How-to and educational videos are great, and can also include a guest presenter or an interview, so you kill 2 birds with one stone. I would personally like to see more about Primal lifestyle behaviors because I’m always looking for ways to make my life more primal outside of just food. Motivational stories are always great as well. I also agree with Dustin from a few comments above

  37. I would like to see longer videos that go in depth on different specific topics each month. Maybe there could be a few sections, workout, health/nutrition, recipe/cooking demonstration, science. It would also be nice if the videos could be available to stream on a Roku channel and other similar options.

  38. One of the outstanding things about your written articles is your use of references. Hard to capture that in a video, so please confine the videos to instructional topics: exercise, cooking techniques, etc. Things that are more effective when you can see someone actually doing it.

  39. I would like how-to and informational/educational videos. I think they would be helpful to the MDA members who are new as well as strengthening the mind of longtime MDA members. I prefer long videos because I believe that it is not possible to dissect the complex world of ancestral health in less than five minutes.

  40. I think short motivational type videos would work great for helping people that struggle to find time to implement certain facets of the Primal Life. I personally find it difficult sometimes to squeeze even a 10 minute “workout” into a day after working 8 hours and doing many fathering activities. Sometimes I also wonder what I should eat for dinner that follows the Primal pyramid. Maybe if there were 5 minute short videos that one could view like a mental or emotional boost to those of us in the rat race of life.
    “Tuesday Grocery Store Squats”
    A quick video showing you doing a proper form Romanian Squat off the crisper shelf in the grocery store with a short narrative motivating us to take 5 minutes out of the day “to bust out some squats while shopping, and by the way! have you ever had a Steak and Arugula Salad? ON your 10th squat grab a head of Belgian endive then hit the link for the recipe”
    I think seeing a person happily finding time in a busy life to do that, and show that anyone can, would not only inspire more nay-sayer types, but also may connect some blog posts to other articles that didn’t have a connection before.

  41. I really like interviews and educational videos. As far as content perhaps lifestyle behaviors. I prefer 2-5 min videos.

    Title: Sleeping Well Without a Bed

  42. I’d like to see motivational and how-to videos, probably 2-5 minutes long on fitness, cooking, and Primal behavior. It’s one thing to read about a squat/sprint/etc., and yet another to see it. It’s also one step up from reading and seeing pictures of success stories to seeing videos of them. Finally, Primal behavior fascinates me and it’d be great to see real life examples of how blackout curtains and blue-light eliminators work in someone’s home, how people play, even their primal garden spaces and homes, and so much more.

  43. I would love to see a 2-5 minute video going through some short fitness routines. Another cool idea might be to quickly go over some of your primal concepts, just a quick definition, maybe some graphics. That way if we have friends with questions we can just shoot them a little 2 minute video with the answer.

    A video I would love to see is “5 minutes to better sleep” I still struggle getting my sleep in check. If you had a 5 minute video explaining some ways I could do it, that would be great.

  44. I strongly prefer text! I can read far faster than a video, and can read and re-read whatever section I wish without having to queue up a video. So if you must post videos because of those who prefer them, then please provide a full written transcript whenever possible. Thanks!

  45. I like the idea of “Basics” videos to start. Take the Primal Principles and do one or two – kind of like a how to series. When I was back in the vegan world (thankfully I’m back to being a carnivore – what I’m supposed to be), Brendan Brazier had a great series of “Thrive” videos people could subscribe to. I think that format would go great here.

    Break out each of the Primal Principles (Eat Lots of Plants and Animals, Avoid Poisonous Things, etc) would be a video – ideal posted with printed content (which you already have from the blog). So, vid #1 could be a cooking or meal prep demonstration or just a discussion on the overview of how to eat Primal.

    Grok on!

  46. I think a video(s) capturing you at a moment in time. Whether you’re working out, cooking a meal, going for a hike, etc. This would give readers a chance to see how the “master” does it. Sure you could provide instructional videos, but I think getting a snapshot of the primal lifestyle in action, by the man himself, would provide a benefit above that of your traditional instructional videos.

  47. Videos sound like a great idea.Subjects should include anything & everything. The longer the better. Videos that illustrate proper workout form would be especially helpful.

  48. Primal ‘v’ …
    I’d like to see interviews / debates / discussions with critics / skeptics / non-paleo people. I’d like to see how paleo arguments fare against well-motivated and knowledgeable proponents of alternative perspectives, and vice versa. I think such exchanges could help move the debate forward, and both sides could learn a lot. It would show that the paleo movement had come of age, matured, grown-up… and was ready to take on the world. The videos should be as long as they need to be to air the issues, and come to a tentative conclusion. I am most interested in nutrition, but obviously the format could cover all topics.

    Surely we don’t need yet more videos on how to make broth or do a press-up??

    1. … in other words, I don’t want to see more videos of paleo people agreeing with one another. Let’s (momentarily) stop talking to eachother, and start talking to other people. Let’s escape the echo-chamber!

  49. Would like to see you interview other successful individuals with primal-like life styles. Not just athletes, for which there are tons of examples, but people with office jobs or people on the move but with challenging work schedules. I want to see how people adapt their unusual situations to fit an otherwise ideal lifestyle.

  50. I’d prefer medium length videos mostly on the areas of nutrition, cooking and exercise, especially how-to type videos (for example: how to prepare a coconut including reinforcement of why it is healthy and which parts are best, or proper form for this exercise, including why it is primal and ways to work-up to that exercise for a beginner and suggested workout regimens with it). A great title for a video I’d like to see is: “Primal Coconut: How to prepare and what’s so great about this Primal staple”

  51. I think if you’re going to do videos the how-to exercise/cooking realm make the most sense. Personally I would love to hear you verbally discuss your thoughts and reader questions once a week in a podcast similar to Robb Wolf’s. I find it very enjoyable to listen to an hours worth of good talk during a commute that would otherwise simply waste my time. It would do a good job of giving folks a bit more personal time with you that is somewhat lacking with the written word. Video’s are nice occasionally but I never really find time for them as I have to be careful of the environment in which I consume them. Selling a workout DVD (and maybe a bit of cooking) could be great for you as well. I think many would like that and it could be a consistent product in your store.

  52. I’d like to se video interviews. But not from the usual suspects like Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain and the likes, but rather from the authors behind your Primal Publishing Books and such.
    I’d also like tips on how you use all the accumulated wisdom in your blog posts in everyday life. Think of it as Marks Everyday Primer. They won’t have to be too long, but somewhere between 10-20 min would be nice.

  53. I’m a reader too. Never can get into videos… sometimes podcasts. I READ while my husband has the tv on.

  54. A video on troubleshooting paleo, for those who arent getting everything fixed with basic paleo

  55. Not sure if this has been suggested (haven’t read all the other posts), but actual, follow along workout videos might be cool. Something that is 15 minutes or less, involves compound, primal exercises, and can be used on our sprint/strength training days.

    I could use workouts like this for my Taekwondo classes. I always make it a point to do a ~10 minute conditioning routine at the beginning of each class, so ideas for full workout routines would be great!

  56. I’d really like to see some how-to video’s on some primal recipes/meal ideas, and also on how best to workout when following a primal lifestyle. I’ve never really fully gotten my head around how much I should do HIT training, weights, walking etc etc and would really benefit from a more structured explanation on that.

    Educational videos on nutrition and fitness would also be warmly received. Sometimes it just sticks better when I watch a video rather than read about it. And friends and family always react better to videos I show them, but rarely read articles I show them.

  57. I would prefer how-to videos regarding exercising, particularly from the perspective of newbies who don’t know proper form or how to keep it safe. Video length doesn’t matter to me as long as the topic is covered; I will watch them all whether they are 1 minute long or an hour. A title of a video I would like to see would be How to Crawl. Having said all that, I will be happy to watch any video you make on any topic at all.

  58. I like the idea of seeing ‘A Day in the Life’ of someone living the Primal lifestyle. Start with a compilation of Mark’s videos showing his daily food intake and edit in examples of the sprints, the lifts, etc. Add short 2 to 3 videos of others living the lifestyle. They need to include a ‘good morning’ shot and shots of every meal/snack. Plus the workout.

  59. I’d love to see some videos! Especially interviews with other Primal/Paleo people or maybe some instruction videos regarding setting up the bedroom for sleep or some play.

    I saw some people mentioning a podcast, that would also be an amazing addition to an already fantastic site.

  60. +1 for podcasts on all topics, including interviews, especially about areas you are less confident in, for instance, women in/post menopause (Carrie?).

  61. Here’s an idea for a video: A reader submits what they have in their frig/cabinets (in my case, I have odd “leftover” raw ingredients that I need to use up before they expire) and Mark comes up with a Primal meal solution to make use of the items.

  62. Hi Mark,

    I find everything that you do here fantastic. It has changed me in more ways than you can imagine.

    What I would love to see, and would also love to do myself, is to post videos from users about how living Primally has changed them, and their lives for the better. Sort of like a motivational nudge from the users for the users.

    I am so excited that I can finally do pullups that I want to record it and show the other MDA fans, just to hear positive (or critique) feedback to keep myself motivated.

    And it helps us to get to know each other a bit more.

  63. Weight loss and training videos!!! Maybe some well done bodyweight training videos, including exactly which muscles you are working and instructions on how to get correct form. Perhaps maybe some information on paleolithic posture?!? I often find I am held back in some areas of weightlifting as my neck gets painful and so I know I havent got the correct form!!

  64. Mark,
    We love it all! Videos ranging from 3-5 minutes, ideal. Love reading your written word, too! FItness form! Strategies to stay primal in a busy world! Video TItle: Grok on the Street!

  65. Would love to see videos of your workout routine.

    As you know, some people don’t really “buy” the idea that all you do is lift a little every few days, play frisbee, and run on the beach. It would be great to see what you’re really doing when you lift, so the mystery is revealed.

  66. In accordance with comments from others:

    I enjoy reading your site and do not want that information to turn into a video.

    I am not interested in cooking/recipe videos (at least not very often).

    “A day in the life of Mark and his staff” is a great suggestion.

    I would also would enjoy seeing guest interviews.

    I enjoy many of your videos–especially the one on walking barefoot and wearing vibrams, I also find the mobility and fitness techniques helpful. Similar videos would be great.

    My length preference is 5-10 minutes–but the first few minutes cannot be fluff and chit-chat with a horrible theme song that I have to sit through (like certain other blogs that I have stopped reading ). I like videos to be concise and to the point, and that is also what I love about your blog–well written, informative, efficient and my time is well spent.

  67. Mark, there has been so much opposition to the Paleo/Primal diet/lifestyle recently. It would be fantastic to have some video interviews of debates and/or technical experts from the paleo side debunking the debunkers.
    Basically any type of informed interview/debate based on scientific evidence and that does not deteriorate into an argument about the small stuff.
    Thanks for all the hard work over the last 7 years. You have made a difference.

  68. I prefer to read online, but I would love to access your videos on my TV. Therefore I would hope that you will make all your videos available through Dailymotion ( I can’t access You Tube on my TV).
    I would love to see 5 minutes or longer videos for people over 50 years old, including improving health, weight loss, hormone health, exercise for older people, etc.
    Thank you Mark for caring!

  69. Medium length motivational videos would be cool. Let’s get some footage of your legendary ultimate games!

  70. I would love to see weekly videos that cover your meal planning and ideas about how to manage a grocery list. It would be cool to see how you plan your meals each day to better understand your process. It seems like people, myself included, really enjoy imitating your approach to life. A weekly video would help readers feel more connected and to put a face with those 5 million words.

  71. I would like to see cooking videos, specific workout videos, interviews with paleo experts, and adventure videos. It would be awesome to have submitted videos from MDA readers from all over the country doing amazing activities they never thought they could do. GoPro kind of stuff.

  72. I would like to see ‘A Day in the Life of ….” each of our favorite Paleo heroes, or those readers that have completely turned their life around.

    How they wake up (alarm or not), what they are eating for breakfast, managing work/play/excercise, etc. A summary of their typical day and all the emotion and passion behind it. I would think that some will have some simple habits that could all make our lives a little better.

  73. I would like to see interviews. Personal health improvement is personal – there are often no one answer, one way to go about things, one right way – so I like to hear from people about their unique knowledge, perspective and experience to broaden my own view and experience. I especially like to hear from people who are doing something new. Similar to what primal_alex is talking about. I’ve also had it up to the eyeballs with cooking/recipe vids. Boring waste of time unless you are just learning how to cook.

    Topics could cover anything!! Maybe a fitness instructor trying a new method (I like Super Slow) or a parent raising paleo kids, you could talk to anthropologists, biochemists, farmers, grocers, etc.

    Title: “Mark Interviews Dr. Lustig about Childhood Obesity” 😀 or maybe “Mark interviews Dr. Diana Hsieh of Philosophy In Action and the Modern Paleo Blog.”

    Keep up the good work, Mark!!

  74. I like the idea videos (3-5 min would be great) of things that you just can’t get in print. I’d love to see how-to videos of exercises and cooking, and “a Day in the Life of….” would be great for both motivation and to see how others are fitting primal principles into their everyday lives.

    What if you followed one particular from early on in their primal journey? Monthly updates on how they are progressing, their successes, strategies and pitfalls that they’ve encountered. I think that would amazingly helpful to people who are just starting out.

    P.S. I’d love a podcast, too. I listen to them during my commute every day!

  75. Mark’s Daily Apple, as you have pointed, has been a active for quite a while now and has managed to reach a large number of people all over the world. And the key word here (words 😉 ) is “ALL OVER THE WORLD”. And while the Primal/ Paleo information can be found in many places on the internet, the availability for non English speakers is limited. I am fortunate, I have studied English for many years and as an expat I get to practice it every day, however there are many people, who do not speak English, which I would LOVE to reach. It is very hard to explain so many posts and information at once. It is a lot easier to digest when one just gets the info and reads it in its own time and most importantly has time to ponder by one’s self without somebody else nagging and explaining over and over again.

    The people that know and understand Primal will find their answers, they will know how to search and they will solve their dilemmas. I believe your next step be it video, podcast or which ever method you will chose should incorporate other languages.

    Using the video idea I see two options:
    1. Videos meant to reach new people, with easy to digest info. These should have as many subtitles as possible. The example that comes to mind is the method used by the videos from TED which are available in many languages.
    2. Very detailed how-to’s for the more advanced people.

    I am aware that is not easy to translate in so many languages, however there are so many people all over the world like me that would be more than happy to help translate such video’s in order to reach dear people.
    Here you have your first volunteer: I am a native Romanian happy to translate! 😀

  76. More than 5 minutes in length, covering all of your suggested topics but I’d really like to learn more about nutrition.

  77. I think there are plenty of cases where having a video to demonstrate an exercise or cooking method would be great. It’s also a really nice way to present interviews. The video enhances the information being shared.

    My number 1 request regarding video posts is to please, please, please also include a full printed transcript with each video! The issue I have with video posts vs printed posts is that I can easily scan a printed post in seconds to determine whether there is content that is important to me. I have to commit 3-5 minutes of my time to view an entire video post in order to determine if it contains what I need. This is my biggest frustration with Kelly Starrett’s MWOD site and the reason I was so happy when he published his recent book. It’s not so bad if you’re keeping up with the posts week to week, but if you first show up after there’s already a year’s worth of videos posted, trying to weed through everything to find what you want is very difficult without transcripts.

    Also, there are times when it’s not practical to view a video (slow internet connection, no speakers/headphones available) and having access to the information in print form would be helpful.


  78. The primal basics in list form would be nice, so I could forward them to people who get overwhelmed by reading too much detail. Especially when it’s not their choice to get information about changing their diet,but rather what they should be doing and they have no idea!

    Also some basic workout videos,either full HIIT sessions or single primal exercises focused, like the one you had posted on the push-up by Al Kavadlo (which was perfect in detail and length).

    Anything below 5 minutes is enough in my opinion.

  79. I don’t usually take the time to watch a video but do read descriptions with them. If I do watch a video, I prefer short 1-3 mins.
    Personally, I would benefit from gaining more nutrition and supplement advice. What herbs, vitamins, supplements work best for which situation? Do I need to be concerned about where I buy and store these too?
    In regards to fitness, stretching is something I am interested in learning more about, spending more time doing.
    And recipes and cooking tips are always useful, especially in adapting recipes to make them healthier.

  80. Short videos (under 5 mins) addressing the most common questions you receive. Something that you can refer to in order to answer some key questions, such as: What is PB & Paleo? What are the basics of eating PB and main reasons? How do carbs affect your body composition? Why do you recommend reducing carbs/processed foods/other (in different videos)? Besides carb content, why not grains? If we move to PB style eating, why supplementation? How do you increase your fat consumption? How does food affect cholesterol, and why is not good to consume statins? How does diabetes develop? Why going barefoot? Why moving at a slow pace? (you already have videos on excercises) etc, etc, etc. I think that over time you’ll develop a wealth of quick reference videos that you can combine with your references to past posts on these topics… for many (specially teenagers today) the videos will be much easier for them to consume than reading.

  81. I think a series of functional fitness videos would be great because future generations will not only read your books but will get a chance to see the man behind the knowledge. You will leave a legacy behind when our lives are over and new ones are born from years to come. The videos will be more personal than just words on a screen.

  82. stepping stones and stumbling blocks from success story people. things they overcame to succeed and things they used or did to help them get it done. Short and sweet, to the point.

  83. Get the Keatleys to demonstrate some of the more challenging recipes in Primal Cravings or give other cooking tips!

  84. I would love to see body weight workout videos. Maybe including some creative variations or ways to advance to the next level (ie how to avoid doing 100 squats or at least not get bored doing them). These would be short, five minutes max to demonstrate form.
    In fact, I would like to see a video called “how to do body weight squats and not get bored”

  85. 1) cooking videos! I’ve been using the Cravings book, and i’ve been baking for 30 years, but this is all new, so I need to SEE these techniques.

    In general, the videos should do what videos do best: SHOW. As your Youtube exercise videos SHOW proper form.

    2) the guest blogger you had a month or so ago with the squating.. perfect for a video

    3) dynamic experts being interviewed

    but also,

    4) real people, thousands and thousands have been had their lives changed, as we read on fridays. How about a few interview/conversations with the real people

  86. I tend to watch how-to videos and on occasion, inspirational or informative ones like TED talks and interviews can be interesting as well. As to length, well, that depends I guess.

    Recipe demonstrations….. not so much but others seem interested.

    I do tend to read podcasts rather than listen to them..

    BTW your Primal Fuel is really good tasting, especially with fruit added. Congrats to the chosen one who gets a supply. (Hope it is me.)

  87. All 4 options would be a very helpful adjuct. educational videos short 3 minutes tops in nutrition. Inspirational videos that people, especially new can launch to get them through some of the rough patches. how to’s on movement and cooking and interviews with other people in the primal/paleo community. I know you have guest writers why not slop them in fron of a camera.

  88. Mark, I’m sure the majority who consult your books and avidly read your blog would agree, what keeps us coming back day after day, is your reasonable, simple and easy to grasp explanation of the primal lifestyle. All of the suggested videos above and on the contest page sound like something I would like to see- as long as you are leading the dialogue or tutorial. You truly are the inspiration here! I want to see more of your routine and how you get your results. That’s what convinced most of us that this way of living can work and be fun. Heck…teach me how to play ultimate! As far as length…why limit yourself? If its interesting, informative and something I can apply at home… I’ll watch!

    Thanks for Inspiring!

  89. I would LOVE some workout videos, I’m talking step by step you-work-out-at-the-same-time videos. Weights and HIIT for those of us who can’t run sprints or want a break from them.

  90. Videos that cover exercise/workout tips and techniques as well a primal lifestyle stuff (barefooting, play, etc). I’d also love to see interviews & science of primal diet.

  91. I think a video format would be an excellent medium for a 5 minute piece about how nutrition, physical activity, sleep etc contribute to the biological/molecular processes that lead to fat loss. I would be very interested in a visual piece that ties it all together, on a semi-technical level.

  92. I think both videos and podcasts sound great. I love the idea of a few MDA interviews and primal gabfests on a cross country drive….

    Anyway, I’d love to see interviews, creative exercise technique, guest fitness experts, guest cooks/chefs, etc.

  93. Hi Mark! Thanks for bringing PrimalCon to Austin — it was a blast! I would love to see short videos (3-5 minutes) integrating primal movement into everyday life. Examples would be discreet exercises that we can do at work, exercises that we can perform in the course of doing ordinary chores, and primal play. As far as the frequency of the videos, once or twice per month would be good since I mostly read this at work.

  94. The Weekly Grok-down (lowdown)

    10 minute video’s published every Friday night recapping any significant news/research happening in the paleo-sphere, highlighting other bloggers posts and giving Mark’s personal take on the matter. Maybe even some video responses to submitted questions.

    And no trying to sell products.

  95. I love reading your blog. I vote for a 3 to 5 minute video. Your blog has quite a broad appeal so I assume your video’s would also reflect this. I like the idea of ‘a day in the life’ of the Daily Apple Folks. Also why rebrand by changing the name? “Mark’s Daily Apple” would allow newbies who find either your blog or your video to easily cross reference (as well as the tech challenged like me – I intend to live to 150 now that I’m primal…so you’ll have to make it easy for me for the next 100 years). Ha Ha. No really….how about Mark’s Daily Apple…Whats On Our (Weekly/Monthly) Primal Plate. Ok, that was a really long name. So much for my marketing career. Good luck! I look forward to seeing what develops.

  96. I’d like to see 3 specific ideas in a video (mostly to show others who aren’t interested enough to read a blog post or book)

    1) Explaining primal to a non-primal parent
    2) How to eat primal at work (assumes you’re stuck with the company cafeteria and can’t go out.)
    3) How to eat primal while traveling (could double as ‘primal eating out”

  97. For the most part videos are a nuisance. The best way to integrate (in my own opinion) them would be “how to” types where a visual demonstration is worth more than the headache of trying to read the step-by-step instructions.

  98. I think to start a series of Primal Blueprint 101 videos would be most helpful. Similar to your PB 101 articles, covering topics such as fat, the carbohydrate curve, etc. I have had several people that have seen my results and want to know what I do, and how they can do it themselves, but never read the links I send them. I think they would be much more willing to watch a video. As it continues, I’d love to a video on the importance and execution of each of the PB Principles and then getting into the more nuanced topics your blogs often discuss. A monthly workout/movement technique for your average layperson would be great. I know they are all over the place if you do a simple google search, but so many people like a “one-stop shop” for all things, and I know a lot of people are doing basic movements, such as squats, incorrectly.

  99. An interview with Mat “Krakken” LaLonde. But for interviews maybe just a podcast format would be great since the file download will be much smaller.

  100. I’d love to see a good mix of videos – primal exercise videos we can workout to, cooking videos of favorite recipes, interviews with other paleo/primal experts and video versions of primal transformation success stories. And how about periodic videos submitted by readers?

  101. I like the cooking videos that have been submitted for the contest. It would be great if they could stay up. I am 65 and learned to cook at home, in 7th grade home economics and Girl Scouts. I was totally surprised when I realized that there are people who don’t know how to cook. For folks making the transition from fast food to Primal slow food, videos seem really important.

    I would also like to see fitness videos for older folks, especially older folks who have not done much besides walking. I tried a regular pushup one day and thought that I had done myself serious damage. It resolved in about 10 days. So I would like sensible advice for people my age.

  102. I rather like the idea of a weekly or so how-to video of some kind. I’d recommend putting it up on Fridays.

    Some are complaining about how they wouldn’t be able to watch videos at work–I agree, but personally I do like to watch videos on the weekends, so it’d be nice to have something to watch on the occasional Friday.

  103. I would like to see basic fitness videos and have also some Nutrition based podcast, focusing on answering questions from the Grok populous.

  104. I’d like to see some shorter videos (less than 5 minutes) focusing on the more abstract concepts you hit on that we usually see in the Thursday articles. Something to help provoke some thoughts in our heads about living as a whole.

  105. Another good idea (again haven’t read all the other comments so if I’m stealing someone else’s thunder I apologize), is an ongoing documentary style series of short videos of someone who is just starting the Primal lifestyle where we’d get to see regular updates of how they’re doing along with some weekly/monthly markers of how their health/fitness is improving such as weight, blood pressure, other health related issues, etc.

  106. I agree with the video suggestions above – shorter videos that gives life to a topic, instruction, idea. Interviews would be fun too – I can imagine there are a lot of folks out there that you’d want us to be more familiar with.

    An example video title – “Tour of Our Primal Kitchen”

  107. A “How to Pack Primal” meal video would be neat. Like a planning video for putting together a healthy primal lunch and snacks to keep you full for the day. Something for beginners (like me!) to get a grasp on the food planning process. Maybe even a “primalizing your cupboards/pantry” video, just for the new members trying to get a sense of what a true primal kitchen looks like.

  108. If the videos were monthly, I would really like to see some longer interviews (5-10min length) with primal/paleo athletes and how they optimize their nutrition/lifestlye habits in regard to what they do.

  109. In addition to motivational and fitness, I’d love to see the best kitchen gadgets; what you use them for, pros and cons, multi tasking for less clutter in the kitchen along with a recipe to go with the particular gadget.

  110. Short videos of the weekly Primal Blueprint Real Life stories.

  111. maybe an instructional workout program called mark90X! haha jk but seriously something like that might be cool.

  112. I’d love to see the videos generally be 2-5 minutes in length (I typically don’t spend more than this reading the articles every day on the site), with the occasional longer segment if necessary. I think cooking videos would be great, mobility (i.e. if Kelly Starrett was a guest), interviews with experts, experiences at farmers markets or other Primal sources of food. Great idea to have videos!

  113. Definitely Primal 101 type videos, probably no more than medium length.

    When friends and family ask about this “primal thing” I’m doing, they sometimes can be overwhelmed with the vast amount of information on MDA. Pointing them to a series of short videos that explain the diet, exercise and lifestyle choices would be perfect.

    A sample diet video could show several meal ideas that are completely primal, demonstrating that you don’t deprive yourself when eating primal. That kind of thing.

    For a sample exercise/lifestyle video, how about a short recurring series about play. Things to do, ideas to try, etc. Title: Primal Play.

  114. I like the day-in-the life video ideas. Besides those from Mark, we could have user-submitted ones too.

  115. Hi Mark,

    There are millions of primal/paleo how-to, interview, and instructional videos online. Pretty much any question, exercise, recipe, or paleo hack is already out there if one searches for it. The one thing that you can add, which doesn’t already exist, is Mark (and MDA). There are two reasons MDA is such a success… Regular compelling content and you. You bring an entirely unique and strongly desired perspective to living “paleo”. No matter what type of videos you bring, people are going to want to see you, your life, your team, and hear your perspective. After all, this is “Mark’s” Daily Apple.

    A blend of every primal topic (each with its own video so they’re easily searchable) in 5 minute sessions would be great. Also, in depth looks into aspects of your (and your team’s) primal lifestyle would be great. And longer interviews, if you must (lol, I love them), would be most helpful.

    I’d really love to watch a series covering each of the PB laws, concepts, and action items, as displayed in the life of Mark and family (and staff). I wouldn’t mind if these were 30 min eat or more.

    “Hunting & Gathering Primal Foods in an Agro World – How Mark brings home the bacon”

    I’d watch that!

  116. I’d love to see videos of you doing things in your primal life such as cooking (if you cook with your wife and/or kids, that would a fun video), playing on the beach and talking about how important play is to the primal lifestyle, lifting heavy things, etc. The first video could be you talking about how you first got into the paleo movement and devised the primal blueprint–The Primal Life might be a good title.

  117. A weekly how-to video who be very helpful to those new to primal and also those who are changing there ideas along with the paleo sphere. For example, an instructional video on how to eat to perform athletically versus how to eat for a sedentary lifestyle, etc. many people get basic principles of the primal lifestyle confused and videos could help fix that.

  118. Written word trumps video, unless it’s necessary to see how something is done (e.g. exercise demo, butchering)

  119. I would like educational/ how to videos. Motivation is always a plus too. And for me the longer (more information) the better. Keep up the great work! I look forward to watching whatever it is you have in store for us

  120. I prefer reading to videos, however that being said, I think interviews would work out well. Topics can vary: panel of primal and non-primal experts, discussions about the latest case studies, primal researchers, primal and non-primal authors, etc.

    The titles of the first video should be “primal vs. non=primal”. I would love to see a moderated debate between the two.

  121. What about videos geared to people new to the primal lifestyle. 5-10min long. A version of your “start here” / “primal 101” in video form, so it’d be easy to direct folks to those.

    I also agree with the podcast suggestions, for taking a more in depth look at some subjects, things that would take more than a short video to get into (e.g. intermittent fasting, benefits of ketosis, etc.)

    In the podcasts, you could interview other experts and sometimes you could have somebody interview you to get at your expertise & perspective on topics — such as best methods for endurance training, how much water to drink while exercising, how to fuel before and after exercise when one has made the transition to fat burning, how to deal with different diets in one household (isn’t one of your family members a vegetarian?) …

  122. I’d like to see some science-based charts on nutrition and the way different foods affect our bodies. Not for me so much, but thing I can share with interested friends and family to help them understand why I eat this way.

  123. I mostly prefer the blog & text, too. But I do agree that it would be helpful & facinating to see real everyday folks like me and how they incorporate primal ways into their lives. Especially for families with kids! And especially if those (short <5 minute) videos would help my kids to understand more why we eat/live primal, and that there are others out there like us too!!! It can be difficult to make them understand. My 12 year old laments his lost bread & pasta all the time!!! If he saw other kids living & eating primal, I am sure it would help!

    We need a "Capture" video to send out to people who are not familiar with paleo/primal! Summary of facts, big names, convincing testimonials. Video is a good tool to send a friend to give them new info. I have found that most people do not read detail & analyze information like I do. Most people want the quick version- no reading. If we can pique people's interest in Primal Living with a quick informative video, we may capture their attention enough to cause them to want to explore it further!

    Thanks Mark — we love what you do for us!!!

  124. I don’t like videos. They take too much time to watch and you can’t skim. Only for things that NEED a video: like exercises, etc. I don’t like cooking videos. I can read a recipe.

  125. An hour of content a month, sounds reasonable to me. I’m thinking of something like a news magazine — some programming related to the current content of the website, some success stories, some science news, some interviews, some lifestyle, some instructional exercise, shopping and cooking. A sort of 60 Minutes of Primal Blueprint. I like it!

  126. I think what would be most useful (to myself and the movement as a whole) would be educational and how-to videos. Some motivational and interview videos would be welcome as well though.

    As for topics, fitness and cooking would be the most useful to me though I would probably find primal lifestyle behaviors the most interesting.

    For video length I’m fine with any of them but I think shorter videos would spread the most. I think it would be interesting to break up a topic into several related videos. A cooking video along with some short nutrition videos about some of the ingredients. A video on getting started barefoot running along with a short video on barefooting in general. Interviews and motivational videos would probably be better suited in the 5+ minutes category.

  127. Thanks for asking, you already provide a very valuable service. I appreciate your effort to grow! I’d find videos demonstrating movement form and food prep most useful. It would be interesting to see interviews as well, but those are just as good in print or pod cast. I learn a lot about movement by watching others, and I love watching people cook!

  128. I would like to see videos based on the concepts discussed in The Primal Connection as well as cooking of primal recipes and demonstrations of Workouts of the Week

  129. I’d prefer no videos at all, as I won’t watch them.

    An audio subscription like a podcast or available in the MDA app would go right to my phone and I’d be good catching that in the car or while walking or something, but videos require me to stop and watch at somebody else’s pace.

    I would prefer short audio streams (2-5 minutes) that are motivational in nature, and refresh my memory of any primal laws or behaviors I may have forgotten about or let slip.

  130. I prefer educational or how-to videos,that are shorter in length – less than 2 minutes is great, but hard to fit much into. Under 5 minutes will still hold my attention. Anything longer and I typically give up before I even start.

    I’m defnitely interested in weight loss and nutrition at the moment – but some quick how-to videos on simple fitness techniques – like proper form for squats, push ups, etc – very helpful to us noobs.

    Also, sleep (something I definitely need more of!) – Something like “Setting up your environment to encourage quality sleep” would be great.

  131. Ditto on keeping videos a bite-size two to several minutes, max. Keep production values high. No crappy audio.

    Video ideas:

    “Meet the Tribe” – Where videos focus on a single ‘day in the life’ of a paleo person, with voice-over on tips, best practices, how the lifestyle has improved that person, etc. Groks come from everywhere, all ages and sizes, and it would be nice to meet them.

    “Primal Talk Soup” – Get your take on paleo practices from many web sites, filtered through your lens. I am constantly looking at lots of paleo/exercise web sites, but I find I return to MDA to see your take on various paleo practices, i.e., Bulletproof coffee, Lean Gains, basic exercises, supplementation, etc. I wish there was a clearing house of information that can be filtered through the MDA perspective.

    “Grok Goes …” …to the Farmers’ Market, …Out to Eat, …”Make Ice Cream”, etc. Instructional videos.

  132. A 2-5 minute video. Interviews on weight-loss and how-to for those of us aged 40 and up who have a harder time losing weight. Throw in some motivation since it seems to take much longer for some of us to reach our goal (3 years and counting …)and recipes! How about a title of “It’s never too late to get healthy”. Pod casts would be amazing! I listen to them while I work.
    Thanks Mark for all of the amazing work you do!

  133. Short to medium-length primal fitness how-to videos. And short motivational videos for those days that we need a little extra push! (and because we’re good enough, we’re smart enough…)

  134. I love personal interest stories! I would be great if you could show a monthly personal coaching session of a single person or small group. The idea is to take a primal newbie, give them tools for becoming primal, then video their progress monthly and troubleshoot any problems they might be having. It could chronicle the person’s weight loss (or not) or perhaps their personal journey toward better health. You could call them “Primal Journeys.”

    As for length, I’d stick to 5 minutes or less. I used to write 1 min. speeches for a US Rep and it’s amazing how powerful one minute can be. After 5 minutes, you lose people.

    Good luck!

  135. A weekly workout video would be cool. Fairly short (5 mins or less) and user friendly. Maybe you could have a guest presenter each week…
    Also Mr Anthony (above) suggested “basics” videos for LHT, sprinting, etc. That’s a good idea too.

  136. I think an “On the Road” segment would be interesting – 3-5 minutes, “Primal Footprints” where you interview real life people who have made the primal lifestyle change. This could include multiple topics – including Primal restaurants, primal “at work” segments, recipes, events, favorite “Play” area. This would cover multiple topics. I LOVE the Friday stories, and this would put some on this in action.

  137. I prefer reading when I can, but there are some things only a video can show well. Videos should be short and be there to explain something that is difficult to explain with words. Some examples would be:

    1) Video of how to cut apart a chicken, a highly useful primal skill.
    2) Videos of how to do a specific exercise, preferably repeated from several angles. You already did the primal movements, but things like how to get over a wall fast or climb a tree would be nice.

  138. ADVENTURES OF GROK! I think it would be awesome to see a movie of Grok’s adventures (maybe a 30-60 min show), then have a series of videos that dive into an analysis of his activities. I love the Grok family story in the Primal Blueprint book and seeing a more detailed journey/adventure on a show would be great. Examples of series videos:
    1) running from danger = sprinting techniques explained
    2) climbing cliffs = bodyweight (pull/push) exercises

    I know these kinds of things have been explained in detail on MDA, but seeing it in a story/video would bring it to life even more!! Thx!

    1. Also, I agree that written word is more convenient so I would continue to favor that over videos, but mixing a few videos like the above would be great. Also, podcast would be awesome.

  139. I would like to see videos under 5 min pertaining to real life primal issues. Dealing with Plateaus, Recipes, Fitness. Also maybe some hints on avoiding things we think to be Primal and are not. Just make sure Carrie makes appearances in most. Thank you.

  140. I agree that text is better. The reason I come to MDA is because it’s scientifically backed. You can’t pack a lot of science in the videos I like (which are 2-5 minutes btw). So honestly, I think if you do a video it should just be a somewhat humorous “Day in the Life of Mark” vid, just to show people what you’re like in person. You seem like you could pull off a bit of humor as well.

  141. I’m a fan of text, but as a schoolteacher, I understand that not everyone extracts the same tasty morsels of juicy, gelatinous information from text that I do. I have some students that MUST move while learning, or they will take us and all others in the neighboring counties along with them in the subsequent supernova that follows. Different people learn in different ways. I believe that the addition of video is a wonderful idea as long as it does not take away from the wonderful work that is being done already. Video clips are an excellent idea to reach more people with the same useful information.

    I think that short interviews with leading thinkers in various fields of health/nutrition who may or may not be in tune with paleo living would be informative and interesting.

    Short instructionals on simple meal preparations — stressing the “ease” of the prep.

    Short primers on the body and its systems (diagrams outlining the glucose/insulin relationship, etc)

    Short instructionals on how to properly conduct basic, grok-friendly exercises

    5 minute interviews with leading thinkers in the paleo movement and like-minded individuals.

    Instructionals on supplements/vitamins/nutrients

    Either way, keep up the great work, Mark!

  142. Oooo! To add to my “Primal Journey” comment above, you could hold a contest – written or video – having candidates describe (in 500 words or 3 minutes), the reasons they want to go primal and why they’d be motivated to stick with it.

    Maybe choose two candidates – one chosen by you and one voted in by your readers!

  143. So my friends and family are the biggest support group in my life. Im sure this is the case for most. The problem, we are very health minded group still drawing health concepts from the old paradigm. Now I have a lab background in biomedical science, but I’ve always kinda been on the fringe for questioning everything and wanting to debate “scientists”. I come from the mind set of possibilities which earns my alot of snickers behind my back. anyway, I’m great at science, not so much at eloquent speaking. A video titled ” paleo concepts and why they work”…perhaps featuring regular people people with success. That was fairly brief could be a great communication tool to get health minded yet horrifyingly misinformed people (this scientist for example) onboard. Grok provides the tools then we can pick them up. If my friends and family were on board…this would provide the most bang for my buck! after all a picture is worth a thousand words…ps i would email / post something like this to every one of my non paleo peeps

  144. Cannot wade through all the comments to see if this has not already been posted, but would love to see The Friday Primal Blueprint Real Life Story sometimes done in video format. Several ways of doing this: homemade, send Mark, (or one of the workerbees – so we get to know them too) to do an interview with the person, or some variation thereof.

  145. I think educational and how-to videos would be a great addition to the site. Personally, I prefer videos under two minutes. It’s hard to chose a topic that would interest me because everything you list interests me, haha. However, I think some topics are more suited for video such as cooking and fitness. I think the great thing about videos is that people share them a lot more than blog posts and if you had some fun videos, it would be a great way to introduce non-primal folks to the lifestyle!

  146. I’m also rooting for podcasts. I love them. I can easily hear primal/paleo knowledge all day and continue daily activities. If there’s a chance videos could be made, I’d like the idea of how to fitness videos, more focused on primal movements that wouldn’t require that much equipment, interacting with other primal/paleo figures and sharing ideas and stuff, but I don’t know if those would take more than 5 minutes.

    And I don’t know how this could be possible but relatively short insight videos of the different tribes or hunter gatherer groups throughout the world, their culture, nutrition etc? From the past and/or present. I guess I’m kind of fantasizing over here. I love history. 😛

  147. I would love to see videos on how to prepare some of the more non-traditional/offal foods. Videos like how to trim/cut up tongues, hearts, etc. would be awesome for those of us who have never tried it. I’m adventurous, but trying new things is difficult if you don’t know HOW to make them.

  148. I Definitely agree with everyone that your usual written format should not change on a daily basis. I read your blog every day at work and love hopping to other articles from it. I will usually spend my entire lunch break going deep down the MDA rabbit hole while doing core work at my standing desk! I would, however, love to see short interviews with people in the paleosphere, especially newcomers. I also am a big fan of Robb Wolf’s Q&A series ( and I think it would be great if you had one of these a week, maybe with your Link Love post. Always feels good to get a personal response from you, so video format would be even better!

  149. How about quick-hitting ‘how-to’ segments with various all-stars in the Paleosphere, For example, how to cook many meals in one go with Michelle Tam (Paleo Nom Nom). Or a grocery store tour with another culinary expert. Post-workout nutrition tips in a kitchen setting. Lots of possibilities.

  150. I like the video idea! I’d suggest 3 minutes or less, and would like to see (1) interviews, (2) animated explanations of Primal concepts (i.e., such as used in Tom Naughton’s “FatHead” movie), (3) demonstrations of fitness or cooking tips.

  151. I’m not a big video fan, but when I do watch vlogs I prefer the short side of 2-5 minutes, and it’s key that the video format provide something essential. If it can be conveyed just as easily, or even better, with text, then I don’t want to watch the video.

    Good topics would be something you can visually demonstrate, like proper primal movements or even cooking techniques. Or perhaps tackle a complex subject that you can explain while drawing compelling diagrams.

    For a specific title… How about “the differences between paleo ‘flours'”? You could show the different types and then talk about pros, cons, and uses for each.

  152. I would like to see a 5 minute video with a woman regarding exercise for those of us who may be 50 and older. I would agree that the daily notes would be better in print since I can read that at work but not a video. Or a series of 2 minute videos that can be used to show us how we can do the primal movements. Plus, I live in a small condo that doesn’t have much room for equipment so maybe some suggestions for people who have “simple” living situations. Thanks for all your work Mark! And thanks to your wife as well.

  153. I want to see some highlights from one of those Ultimate Frisbee games that you keep talking about!

  154. Hi all,

    I personally would find interviews and instructional videos to be a great addition. Specifically, a how-to on fixing flat feet would really help supplement the written post.

    Although the video I would *MOST* like to see on MDA…Mark doing a wok-based cooking segment entitled “Grok out with your wok out!”.

    Come to think of it I might have to have an apron made that says that and replaces Grok’s trusty spear with a wok!

  155. With the goal of attracting and introducing non-paleo folks into the lifestyle, I think its important to deliver similar video content thats successful and being widely consumed now in a paleo-centric form. Most folks come to MDA seeking some sort of transformation, and that initial process should be video documented by folks who are truly willing to commit. So I would propose the idea of video journals for those entering the PB 21-day challenge where they diary and explain how straight forward adherence and results can be…
    I suppose I am envisioning something along the lines of a ‘biggest loser’ format not necessarily focused all on weight, but the simple changes/straight forwawrd results of moving into primal and all of the daily benefits that come along with it.

  156. I would like to suggest a principal to start with. Use video when there is something visual to be communicated. Also, I find video and podcasts annoying when I am looking for information–there is no ability to skim to the point I am interested in or skip what isn’t the moment without losing other information.That’s from the point of view of a person searching for answers. Short videos help, less than 5 minutes. It’s hard to cover too many topics in a short video and that makes the video more useful. If you want a “show” format, perhaps you could put the hard information in the blog and post video clips of the content that needs video. On the positive side, video that is actually edited and clean would allow you to insert images to clarify some points, show relevant images, and put up URLs that are mentioned so they don’t need to be spelled out.

  157. No video thank you! If I wanted to watch something, I’d use TV. However, rather read you & the reams of useful info contained in your site

  158. I avoid videos. I’m usually reading on my tablet, which is quirky with videos. I don’t carry earbuds for podcasts. I can read text so much more quickly than it takes to listen to a podcast full of small talk. I like text and pictures. That’s my vote, Mark! 🙂

  159. I’m a big fan of educational videos like those of Dr Lustig’s and Lalonde’s that relate to conceptualizing the biochemistry involved in the nutritional…and exercise. I will listen to these videos/podcasts as I’m doing something else at my desk, walking, or working in the yard. Just like Friday’s blog posts, I believe that would be the best format for motivational videos. Such as the youtube video “The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!”

  160. I prefer to read, but some instructional videos are also useful. I’d love to see both shorter videos, in the range of 3-10 minutes on short topics, and longer videos of interviews with experts in the health, nutrition, exercise, and paleo lifestyle fields. Some things I’d like: cooking demos; info on selecting supplements, book reviews, how to properly perform a specific exercise; product reviews, how to stretch or prepare a specific muscle for exercise, pay a visit to an innercity store or a grocery in a state where fresh/organic products are not readily available and shop (see what many of us are faced with); session with a doctor on understanding blood work results; a 10 minute workout with no equipment; convert someone’s normal weekly shopping list or budget into a paleo-ized one (eating paleo on a budget).

  161. Please don’t let video replace your writing. Chances are, I won’t ever watch any of your videos (I generally don’t watch videos online at all). I enjoy reading your articles.

  162. Mark! I love that you’re going to be putting out videos. Keep it growing!

    As to the kinds of videos I prefer… it’s pretty varied. I would like educational, motivational, how-to, and interview videos that are less than about 5 minutes long. After the insanely high bar you’ve set with the variety of articles at MDA, I don’t think I would be satisfied with just one kind of video. Sorry. You’ve spoiled me.

    I’m interested in the primal lifestyle and the ways in which we can live on a day-to-day basis to enhance what we’ve already got on lock-down (diet and movement), and I would also particularly enjoy interviews and tips from you and other people in PaleoWorld.

    What I would really, really, really love, though, are two things:

    1) A series on living this lifestyle with physical or mental disabilites that aren’t (gasp!) cured/mostly mitigated by eating this way and living this lifestyle.

    2) A series that features new/upcoming people in PaleoWorld and what their website/book/blog etc. offers this community.

    And a title? For the first series I would suggest Primal Wellness, because IMO it would focus on attaining as much wellness as possible with a Primal lifestyle even without bodily health.

    Good luck!

  163. I prefer podcasts that I can listen to while cooking dinner, doing chores etc. to keep me motivated and inspired. I think it would be great to interview those who have had great success living the primal blueprint lifestyle. I would love to hear what, if any, their obstacles were and how they got through them.

  164. I would love to see videos of some of the play workouts you describe. When I read them it sounds fun and I want to do it. Watching someone else looks fun and I can’t wait to do it. And there are probably endless subskills involved in what you are talking about that you can’t even write about like foot/hand/head positioning just for lack of simple terms. Reading “neutral”, “supinated”, “pronated” just steals all the joy. Then it sounds like a medical exam instead of a play routine.

  165. What do I want. Please start with your blog in podcast form. As one of the older members, reading on a computer screen is an eyestrain. I’d rather listen to it, even if someone else does the narration.

  166. Mark – I would love to see short (maybe 5 min or so) videos that are instructional and show how primal lifestyle elements fit into our modern lives. It could include some science and depth but quick hitting on everyday topics that we sometimes take for granted and cover the full spectrum of the lifestyle.

    For example Dental Care.

    A short video could touch on how modern diets destroy our teeth and to combat it we use chemicals and other unhealthy measures. When we cut out the constant sugar load on our teeth how they can actually hold up.Touch on a little history of human evolution. Maybe show some animations, stats, and then recommend a morning/daily routine including how to, product recommendations and a challenge or thought to the viewer to take away from it at the end. Ideally it would include you or someone else recognizable talking to the viewer and showing/instructing first hand.

    I think this format could work for any thing from fitting in an exercise into a busy schedule, to planting/harvesting some kind of food, to what tools to outfit your kitchen or garage with. In essence it would be a mini history lesson / how to / and challenge all rolled into one!

  167. I would love to see short instructional videos on the proper form of exercises, recipes and maybe interviews with Primal advocates. Also short features about the Success Stories readers would be great, since these could reach a bigger non-paleo audience and just help people seeking answers.

    I hope the videos don’re replace the writing though.

    Thanks for all your contributions Mark.

  168. A proper movie / documentary about being primal. Maybe one covering each of your books?

  169. Videos are a great tool — mostly for demonstrating proper technique. “How do you do that?” The topics could cover food, fitness and fun. What else is there? Flipping a tractor tire, proper form during hill sprints, filet a salmon, build a correct fire pit, etc.

    I can’t think of a single topic that would take more than one minute to explain and demonstrate (editing required).

  170. I’ve been using the primal blueprint meal plan as it saves me a lot of time researching and creating my own (several hours) and seems to be more balanced in micronutrients than what I’ve done myself (so thank you for that). I think it would be pretty sweet if there was a video version for the exercise portion – a tailored program where people could setup home gyms and follow a daily exercise regimen which would show proper form/movements and complete the primal lifestyle while possibly saving people time and money with a gym membership somewhere that promotes non-primal movements and bogus nutrition advice (or expensive crossfit type gyms that are better but very expensive monthly).

  171. Hey Mark, More brevity in your post. The Internet has wrecked me and now I’m not necessarily a total factoid person, but some post are long in the tooth. I enjoy getting to the MEAT of it all. Thanks!

  172. Interviews with Doctors and medical types. Topics like how Type 2 diabetes is cured/helped greatly.
    Discussion on nutrition to support bodybuilding or other sports.
    I generally like audio podcast but if you did some on proper method of swinging a kettle bell then video would be great.

  173. I would love short videos on either how to or interviews from people who have incorporated the primal lifestyle into their family. I always struggle to include my husband,son, parents and friends into my daily life primal life and diet. I’d love advice and info on ways others have done it and the results they have seen because of it. No longer than 5 minutes so I can watch it easily on my phone during lunch. Thanks!

  174. I think a lot of you’ll are overthinking this. I also read this at work but a video would be nice. Like mark said once a month to start is awesome. I doubt he will stop writing, he actually said he’s not slowing down, so whats the worry. Who wouldnt wat to see interviews with Robb Wolf or Gary Taubes. Or perhaps workout techniques, recipes (seeing Mark cook like on Food TV!), and just putting a face to the name. I know we see him a lot in pictures and seminars, mainly online for a lot of us, but it will be more interactive and personal for not just us long time followers but for new people to the website. I myself love being able to not only read but see in person interviews or just instructional videos. My vote is for videos with Mark going over Grok and how he lived. Like once or twice a month have videos of how we can incorperate aspects of how grok lived into our own lives. Im sure Mark incorperates a lot of things so a video with him showing how he does certain thing, kind of like a how-to, would be awesome. One example, yellow lights, how, where, and when to use them. Going over the pros and cons if there are any would be good. One more cool idea would be videos of mark reviewing the lastest and greatest paleo/primal gear or food. I think the Marks Daily Apple videos are an Excellent idea. Really looking forward to it!!!

  175. As with others, I would hope that you not cut down on text! Text is more information dense than video, easier to use at work, and works across more platforms.

    I think short how-to videos can be helpful, but really limit the video portion to that part which benefits from visual demonstration.

    And I would listen to a podcast, particularly if you interviewed people who had additional knowledge or even contrary points of view.

  176. I love the recipes and nutrition facts you post. How about a video ‘lunch with Mark’ to get us thinking creatively about primal eating while promoting variety and the nutritional benefits behind a varied, primal diet! I always like watching other people cook…gets me excited to get back into the kitchen! 🙂

  177. I definitely prefer reading to watching/listening to a video. That being said, I also suck at spatial orientation. I absolutely hate descriptions of how to do something without pictures/and or videos being provided so that I can look at the proper technique. Better yet, would be videos/pictures from a couple of different views, of both the proper and improper technique. For example – a video that shows the proper form for squats, but also has a couple of quick examples of really bad form, and marginally bad form, followed by proper form again. That being said, shorter is better than longer. I get bored with long videos. I think that’s probably because I’m very much a visual and kinesthetic learner, but only marginally an auditory learner. In college, I would doodle when not jotting down notes; otherwise I couldn’t pay attention to what the professor was saying.

  178. I would agree that podcasts would be better for me; I listen to headphones while riding the bus or train, and so a half hour or 45 minute discussion or talk is ideal for me. I would love to hear extended discussion and debates!

    Perhaps a video could be made, and the soundtrack offered as a podcast alongside?

  179. I like the idea of videos! I would want to see someone walk through how to calculate carbohydrates from vegetables. What’s the difference between the soluble, insoluble fibers, starches and sugars in trying to stay low to medium carb. And I would want also a tour of veggies, particularly how to eat the rainbow of colors if you are staying away from the colorful night shades!

  180. Great idea Mark!

    Short videos on the primal pyramid
    Short videos on ideal foods
    Videos on a panel discussion on the topics of the weekly love links
    Short videos of exercise ideas
    True life stories including their common issue faced
    Short videos of organic growers and their products
    Short videos of uncommon but ideal primal food
    Short videos of advanced training


  181. I’m far more likely to read text than listen to audio, and far more likely to listen to audio than watch a video. So, what I would want:
    1) Most importantly, don’t break what you’ve already got going on. It’s working!
    2) Consider adding a podcast. This could be a re-hash of your regular posts, or what I think could be interesting to add is interviews with biologists, scientists, maybe nutritionists (though i don’t trust them), farmers, etc. Especially having people on that don’t necessarily agree with you (or eachother) to try to get a really objective viewpoint. Success stories (ready by the people who’s story it is) could also work well in a podcast.
    3) Videos should really only be for things that *need* video. The only thing that makes sense to me is how-to’s. But even then, a lot of how-to’s are nicer to digest in text (I’d rather read a recipe than watch a cooking video). But what could be nice is an exercise of the month. Short and sweet. Start it off with 30 seconds (or less) of what it looks like, then a couple minutes of form or technique, and slight variations. It’d be great to keep the whole thing under, say, 3 minutes. And don’t do it too often – this way we can sort of work things in without being overwhelmed. One or two of these a month would be good.
    Another idea is doing success stories by video. Especially if people took separate before/after videos, it could be interesting. Though personally I’d be more likely to read one than watch one.

  182. I think occasional (perhaps monthly-weekly) videos to supplement the blog would be great. The more resources and information that is out there the better. I would prefer short videos (2-5 minutes). I would like to see the GROK squat demonstrated. Other fitness based videos would be helpful as well (as I am a visual learner this would be right up my alley). I would also love to see videos that affirm the Primal lifestyle and illustrate how to incorporate Primal living into the modern world. How to build a treadmill desk, for example. Is it weird that I would also like to see Mark with his shirt off in the videos as well?

  183. Like many above, I read your articles at work and so prefer written word, but I wouldn’t mind an occasional video for topics that are easier to digest with visual aid such as proper form for exercises or hard-to-understand physiological/scientific concepts. Topics that may work are fitness routines and disease management on a systemic level. I would keep them short, about 2-4 minutes at the most, and don’t let them take away from your written articles; perhaps always have a written option under the video as someone suggested. Since you asked for a specific title, here’s one I personally would love to see: “Controlling Seborrheic Dermatitis Systemically Through Diet.” Thanks for all that you do!

  184. I would like to see a shorter-medium length video series about optimal blood test values. I know you have touched on them before, but having some ideal figures and explanations would be vastly helpful. I would really love to see that!

  185. I agree with most people here, text is where it’s at. I read MDA at work and find the text format fits how I consume this blog. That being said, I think video does have it’s place, but not as the main attraction, more as a good supporting actor (one that doesn’t steal the show).
    For primal life, I see videos on how-to in regards to movement being very helpful. WOD videos would be awesome.

    I think what would be most helpful for myself, would be quick little videos that explain the science of primal. I really like the format of things like MinutePhysics (, ASAP Science (, and The SciShow ( All those videos take complex topics, and break them down using graphics and some text on the screen. It would be awesome to see some videos in that format on “Why fat doesn’t make you fat”, “How your glycogen stores work”, “Why chronic cardio is bad”, “What sitting for a long time does to your muscles”, etc.

    That’s my $0.02.

    Way to go on the growth, Mark! And congrats on your MDA success!


  186. Thanks Mark for coming up with that idea. I also read your blog in places where video would not be suitable, but I disagree that this should keep you from making it, since everybody is able to catch up on a video at one point or another.
    My idea is that you take say 10mins and you look at a different everyday situation, which we all face and show ways of how to make it “more Primal”. With that I mean, how to incorporate e.g. Primal moves when in the office, car journey, etc. where can you do what, i.e. squats in a private corner or along those lines. This could also include looking at where to find the best food choices in different city environments.
    I hope this helps shaping your upcoming videos a bit. I am already looking forward to whatever you deem to be most useful for us readers.
    Thank you

  187. Here’s a thought: Instead of replacing a blog entry with a video one day a week, why not just create a separate “video library” as an added dimension to the very popular existing format? Personally, I would love that approach, and can envision perusing instructional videos for subjects best learned by “seeing” (proper form for exercises, cooking techniques, primal home/office improvements, etc.) as time and setting permit.

  188. Lots of great ideas here! My take is that anything that needs a visual reference ought to be made as a video and the length can vary depending on the subject. I’d like to see all of the above!

    But the primary thing I’d like to see is “hook” videos, fun things to go viral that can help get the word out to people about Primal living who might not be actively looking. They could be short, entertaining, and informative. “Grok Goes to the Mall” (for minimalist shoes — or just goes barefoot!), “Grok Buys a New Refrigerator” (and reveals the contents of his!), “Grok Goes to Work” (and stands all day!). Ken and Kelly Korg can also make an appearance!

    I posted the heck out of “Grok Gets a Desk Job” from the challenge last year, primarily because it was not only fun and informative but also OMG, what a hottie! All my friends agreed!

  189. I would like to see videos on growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs hydroponically, or even wrote about. Simple and affordable ways about people growing their favourite produce with high nutritional value and great flavour. A practical hobby that allows people who follow a primal lifestyle to have constant access to their favourite foods helping them to commit to eating real food.

  190. I would like to see debates with yourself and other top paleos versus the SAD Doctors or scientist.

  191. Hey,

    I absolutely love this idea! There are so many things you could do video-wise. What I’d really love to see is cooking how-to’s. These would include instructional how-to’s of using certain ingredients (like coconut oil or coconut aminos or xanthum gum, etc.) and also include cooking videos like you would see on TV.
    Exercise video demos would be great as well, as not everyone has the same way of learning as others.
    Interviews with paleo researchers, authors and so forth would also be great, as well as a question and answer section on video.

    Thank you!

  192. As someone who tends to fall off the wagon as it’s trundling along, regular reminders of how to stay on track and apply the primal lifestyle (maybe really short ‘soundbites’ which could be followed up from a library resource at another time if relevant) with real life examples would be really helpful. These could be motivational, instructional etc. I get messages from ‘The Universe’ everyday to remind me how to just be. Just Be Primal.

  193. Definitely shorter 2-5 minutes, rather than longer videos. And please caption/subtitle them for those of us who can’t hear (or have no audio, or have English as a second language, etc). I like the idea of educational and/or how-to videos to demonstrate techniques (fitness techniques, cooking techniques, etc).

  194. Some topics I’d like to see your “Mini TED’s” on Mark: Intermittent Fasting, Nutritional Supplementation, HIIT training, optimal primal living for the senior citizen crowd (sorry if any of these are repeats of previous posts).

  195. I like short (<5 minute) videos best, as I can watch them during study or work breaks. Stress management is so important to primal living, and yet it's hard to master… what about 3 minute meditation-type videos which guide viewers through a brief stress-relief exercise?

  196. I think the video idea is a great way to compliment your already vast info. My suggestion would be to keep the informational videos short and entertaining. As for interviews with experts, I prefer longer form. It is always interesting to hear what people say after they have run out of sound bites.

    Also, I couple of Friday Success stories in video form would be huge. Those are easy to share, and hearing somone’s experience in thier own words is always powerful.

    Thanks for asking for my 2 cents,

  197. Although I agree with some of the first comments that blog posts are the best for skimming lots of information quickly, when I’m sick of reading, I want something to watch. I think this is a great idea! Especially starting it slow with monthly posts.

    As a college student who has struggled to convert totally to Primal eating (but am taking steps forward and learning every day), I’d love to see some videos that maybe follow around Primal college students and what their day looks like. Or, if not that, then at least some interview questions for them and then maybe ideas for meals and how to avoid all the binge-drinking and sugar-bingeing and just all the bingeing and hormones in general (did I mention the bingeing? Ok good).

    I’d also love to see posts about YOUR life, Mark! What does your glorious home look like? Where do you work out? Take us through some of your workouts, some of the meals you cook for your family, maybe a video-blog on the road for one of your conferences or any travels you do.

    Thanks for being there for this amazing community!

  198. I agree with many others that I am at work the majority of the time I view MDA, so reading is ideal vs. watching a video.

    But I would think video entries can be very useful in some cases, like educational clips demonstrating a workout or possibly a complicated cooking technique.

    My suggestion would be (re-?)implementing the “workout of the week” and have a video demonstration of the workout since seeing a movement is typically the easiest way to duplicate it accurately.

    Also, videos to go along with the recipe posts would be handy, but having the text write-up is also nice too.

    Another use could be one-off videos, such as having a “Day in the Life of Grok…”
    -At the beach
    -At the park
    -At the office

  199. something on organ meats, that and uncommon vegetables to help someone explore away from the sad diet. Maybe do it as part of the weekend link so people have time at home to peruse them.

  200. I read at work too, but all you need are headphones and it’s fine.

    I think 2-5 minutes is the right length.

    Title video that I would like to see made: How to make your own Mayonnaise.

    One thing that might be good for video would be your recipes. Not the ones from link love, but the ones that are your own. I find that the trickier recipes like the mayonnaise one would benefit from a video.

    I think videos on proper form for some of the heavy lifts would be valuable too.

    I would not be interested in motivational videos.

  201. I’d like to see demonstrations of fitness moves, such as sprinting, different weight workouts and body weight workouts. A couple of moves per video would be great!

  202. Both 2-5minutes….and 5 minute plus
    Take complex ideas and explain them simplely and clearly. (With comentary, visulizations, music, and nature scenes).
    Primal lifestyle videos like those ones where you explain play, barefoot running, good music and happy
    Idea Video titles
    Flaws in conventional wisdom
    Why you really get fat
    How to maximize your life with minimal effort
    Easy ways to “paleo up” your life…series 1-10
    Easy recipes
    Fun/Play workouts

  203. I’d like to see you bring back the WOW – Workout of the Week – with an accompanying video.

  204. I would like to have videos when illustrations are necessary and these would enhance whatever the blog is. So I guess “how to and educational” would fit for things that need video, for example, when you mentioned the Gokhale method of posture, stretchlying etc. I don’t know what you’re referring too, words don’t do that justice.

    When you mention a unique workout or exercise, video would be great for that.

    Video’s for your WOD’s would be great as well (just the basics that allow us to do the workout correctly, without injury).

    You could also do a video for your cooking blogs, I would find that HIGHLY entertaining. For all of these, use as much time as you would need to properly explain them, some may take 5-10 min and some may be around 2. If there is a talk that has been done that is over an hour, just link that.

  205. I think that videos would be a great extension to the MDA universe! I personally find the Success Stories to be the most motivational and interesting portion of this website. To hear how another person succeeded helps me go into my weekend keeping my head high (and away from that delicious beer I love so much….). I would love to see a “Primal Interview” series where you discuss with other paleo peeps their journey, their lifestyle, and helpful tips for staying on track. And mid length videos are usually best (2-5 minutes) for the modern attention span.

    Thanks for all you do Mark! Keep finding new ways to inspire us all!

  206. I would like to see a monthly video (I like the idea of videos as my non-primal friends & family that ask me questions about the primal lifestyle will watch a video before they will read a book or listen to a podcast). A variety show with a little of everything…A Day In The Life Of… featuring segments such as cooking/recipes nutrition/weight loss, fitness, lifestyle behaviors, visiting places where you source your food like farmers markets, farms, primal restaurant options, & what to look for, interviews with other primal movement experts & their kitchens/workouts/typical day.

  207. Regular videos would be a great addition to the blog posts! I’d love to see how-to’s, interviews, and videos that make use of infographics. An RSAnimate style video intro to the primal lifestyle would be AWESOME for people new to the site. I find cooking videos fun, and I’d love a peek into Mark’s fridge. 😉

    I think a mid-length video (over two minutes, under ten) would be the perfect length, because that’s the range of time it usually takes me to read your blog posts, so it’d be great to have something that doesn’t require too much more time input. It would also be fun to see video success stories occasionally, although that might be tough to make happen.

  208. Cooking! Whip up some of your favorite primal recipes on camera!

  209. I’m astonished how many of you read MDA “at work” – what jobs do you have that give you time to read blogs through the day??
    I think videos are a great idea – I would like small sections with Mark explaining the primal laws (there’s ten ideas for a start), also demonstrating some of the movements and exercises, what about a motivational segment for each day of the 21 day transformation programme?

  210. Would love to see interview videos with other Primal/Paleo bloggers or experts in the field. Especially health concerns, weight loss, fitness, etc.

    Debates with some CW people would be fun too!

  211. 1. I would love to see educational and how-to type videos.
    2. Having recently read Primal Connection – I am looking more towards the lifestyle aspects of Primal. Specifically – how to shop for those more unusual food items. Heck if I know how to walk into a store and pick out a tasty liver. What do I even look for? I need you to make it easy for me if I am going to step out there and earn my Offal Apron (life goal… it will happen).
    3. Short videos work best for me (2 mins and under). Busy mom of 2 that works full-time – gotta get straight to the point!
    4. Proposed title- From Purchase to Preparation: Beginners Guide to Offal Meats (in less than 2 minutes).

  212. Hi Mark,
    To be honest you could post any kind of video on any topic or behavior, in various lengths, and I would probably watch it. My real interest is in digging deeper into the nutritional side and learning enough to be able to coach others. I know that’s something entirely different and another project in the works, but any and all nuggets of info and insight are always helpful! Grok on!

  213. i also think you could audio some of your articles for people thatd rather listen and see them rather than read them. why grains are bad, the video haha

  214. I, too, like podcasts over videos, but it’s video suggestions you are looking for. Please keep them around 5 minutes, motivational and fun!

  215. Video Title: Primal Lunches for Little Groks

    The hardest part about the primal life for me is making lunches for my kids. It would be great to have a series of videos talking & showing a variety of lunch ideas.



  216. I would like to see a video about how buy organ meats and cook them properly. You could call it “Meat Your Maker: Cooking organs for your organs.” I bought some frozen liver, and I don’t know if it is good or not. I can tell by the smell if a steak has gone bad, but I’m lost with offal.

  217. I will agree with other readers when I say this but:

    First off, I think that you should never ever sacrifice what you are doing now with a regular blog post that is readable. Which from the sound of your post it does not sound like you are looking to do. Many people read these at work during break where a video would not work or have other reasons why text works best. (The 350,000 people you have reading in some way all agree I’m sure) I think the videos should be completely separate, maybe even under a different page on your site.

    That being said I think videos are an incredible idea. You can convey an idea much deeper at times by seeing it fleshed out. I think you should go for it.

    What do I like to see?
    -How to’s and educational videos for sure!

    -How to incorporate the pieces of a primal lifestyle into modern day life. The main topics I personally would be interested from that viewpoint would be: Sun Exposure, How to get proper sleep in the real working world, and a great regular “lift heavy things” workout that can be done at home with minimal or no equipment.

    I really think that the best way to become successful in life is to mimic people that are doing what you want. (This idea comes from many motivational speakers) For example I pick up on the examples throughout this blog where Mark or another writer will explain in a “paleo-hack” sort of way how they incorporate an element of the primal lifestyle into their daily life. This means so much more than just saying something like “go barefoot”. To see a true “week in the life” of Mark Sisson or others would do me a huge benefit. To see the little ins and outs of how a day is managed really helps a viewer grasp the concepts.

    Thanks so much for all you do, best of luck with the videos!

  218. A cool idea for your videos would be inclusion of ways everyday people have adapted conventional aspects of their life into primal means. You can give comments, and perhaps, changes they can make for improved efficiency. We all have the same goal in mind, and discussing and showing ways we can make these tweaks to everyday activities can really help a lot.

  219. Short (educational) videos to support the text would be helpful, especially with the sience sections, although they are interesting they can also be hard to follow at times for people without an aptitude for science. An (moving) “image” can say so much more than a thousand words.

  220. Mark Goes to the Store: I’d love to see a video of Mark heading out to a regular grocery store and talking about Primal choices…good, bad, better choices. A fun field trip.

  221. I didn’t see any mention of whether the videos would REPLACE the blog, but I wouldn’t want to see that happen. Really like being able to read and come back to it.

    That said, videos are a lot of fun and my ideas would be to have interviews with people in the field, like Taubes, Pollan for even more science to be added to the mix, and people like Joel Salatin just to give folks not familiar with primal/paleo an idea of what real food and real farming used to be like, and still could be.

    Even some stuff from people who disagree, like Ornish, Oz, etc.would be fun. I would really like to see you take those guys on (just for info purposes, of course, heh heh). Next would be course/like presentations on how to stuff like shopping, cooking, etc.

    Videos of 2-5 minutes would hold most people’s attention though I like longer ones too.

    Nutrition, food choices, exercise/fitness and social/family lifestyle stuff in that order would be my preference. I like all of the ideas you mention above, but only as an addition to the stuff you already do. You do this so well and no one else, at least that I read, does it quite like you. I find I get more out of reading MDA for purposes of daily living.

    Whatever you decide, good luck with it.

  222. Video is a good idea but for the readers of MDA who are not English-speaking people native, please add subtitles.

  223. Without reading the other comments first, my first thought was that since I use my Smartphone more and more, I would have to be home to watch a video, and I am usually busy at home. But, I thought a short video on cooking would be good. My husband and I do not eat grains, and have NOT tried to find substitutes for bread including Pizza. But I am ready to try to make a Paleo Pizza at home, or a Paleo treat/desert once in a while now that I am pretty much at the weight I want to be, and need some good recipes to try. Make videos as short as they can be to get the message across.

  224. I agree with preferring to read but I would like an occasional video with workout demonstrations, nutritional seminars, and special interests/guests.

    I would like to see an app for the website instead of just the forums, one where things like recipes and support issues could be found. Would be interested in podcasts as well.

  225. I wanted to add:

    I think it would be a great idea for you to also make videos that cover all of the primal basics. I’ve tried many times to talk to friends about the primal life but can’t convince anyone to check out the blog. It’d be much easier to refer a video series.

    Further, it’d be cool to make videos to supplement some of the “definitive guides”. Certain things could be explained much further with video.

    Thanks again!

  226. I need to read the material in order to retain it. So, as earlier posts stated, I prefer your blog but a once/month or so video is okay. I’d love to see a Day in the Life of Mark, and a series of Day in the Life… Of primal notables and everyday folks, too!

    But one topic I think is not addressed enough is, let’s call it “Primal Aging”. As a 60-something, I feel like there are not enough examples of “older” primal folks and how we adapt to some challenges of aging, especially those of us who did not start out on this primal lifestyle until we were older. For example, how do you lift heavy things when arthritis in your hands is acting up?! Do dietary needs change with age even if you’re active? What about supplements to help with aging issues such as macular degeneration, bone loss, etc? Hey, we’re all getting older, so how about more representation in general of the 60+ primal group, whether in print or video (or both)?
    Thanks, Mark! Love your site! Just felt, especially when I first found it, that it was only for young people and almost didn’t return (but glad I did!).

  227. I’ve seen a lot of these submitted so far, but IMO the best videos (for me at least) would be a demonstration of the core CrossFit movements (dead lifts, overhead presses, etc.) all in ONE video, simply because every time I find an article about the CrossFit movements it includes links to the individual movements. That’s a lot of clicking, and a lot of bookmarking! If there was one video showing ALL of them, that would be VERY helpful! Also, I’m no slouch in the kitchen- just ask my family =) but I do struggle with techniques and shortcuts sometimes. For example, yesterday I was making the double-pork stuffed chicken breasts, and had a really hard time keeping the pork inside the chicken while I was wrapping the bacon around it. Maybe a special series showing how to make food prep easier? That would be REALLY great! As a final idea, showing ways that the different ancestral diets compare and contrast (Paleo vs. Primal vs. Perfect Health, etc.) would also be great for those of us still struggling with health issues and looking for some alternatives. Including the benefits and drawbacks, and interviewing people who have made such transitions and the differences it’s made in their lives, would be excellent.

    Thanks for all the hard work, to Mark and the Worker Bees! =)

  228. I love the “Day in the Life” ideas…it’s great to talk about what our paleo/primal role models do, but I think video would be a much better at showing us the little details.

    I think it would also be fun to let reader’s submit some video. Kind of the same strain as the Friday success stories, except maybe submitting “Primal Outtings” from our vacations or weekends where we do something that is awesomely primal (backpacking, hiking, deadlifting, slack lining, cooking…anything!). I think this would be a great way to get the focus of our success away from just the weight issue and shift focus toward fitness/health. I know that was something several people brought up in last week’s post on bias against obese people.

    And keep the videos short, 2-5 minutes.

  229. A variety of videos would be great. So many topics from proper form on an exercise, mobility demonstrations, interviews with various experts, cooking ingredients or how to’s–the list could go on for a while. I like to read, but also would take the time to watch a video if the topic is of interest and it is no more than 5 minutes long.

  230. I don’t like the idea of video’s either. It requires more internet/a better internet connection, and can’t be watched in public really because some subjects just are a bit too complicated to not fully concentrate on. For topics, I’d like some more views on what cavemen really ate. And why apes are completely functional without that much meat, while they only have a smaller brain, but that would say they need less glucose, not less fat or protein. And if epigenetics are so important, how come we are not epigenetically adapted to gluten or more starch yet? Lactose can now be tolerated by a lot of people too.
    Maybe I’ll come up with some more ideas, but this is it for now (:

  231. Please, please, no videos / pod casts – the pace of such things is always painfully too slow – I can read far faster. Unless the title indicates something exceptional I just wouldn’t bother.

  232. I would love book and/or article reviews of recently published topics, good and bad. Your thoughts and rebuttals are always insightful and entertaining. With all the research and opinions out there it can get really time consuming and confusing to go through it all and I see you get a lot of questions about specific articles and books and this could be a quick and easy way to get your opinion out to all your readers.

    Also a BA video montage of cool primal-type workouts, maybe some cool parkour stuff set to music, something to impress your friends and repost on FB! 😉

  233. I like the idea of short videos on key topics. Even though the basics have been covered on the site and in your books it is always nice to get a refresher “course” and that would be nice to hear. I think as to the podcast comments – you could produce the videos in a way that people could either view them or listen to them so you would hit both of those choices with one session. I like the idea of a “day in the life” as well. I can say that one of the things that really hit home to me is your book where you show a day’s worth of food. Even though you describe what you eat, when I looked at that I realized that I really eat too much! It was very helpful and the visual has stayed with me. I also think interviews with other Primal/Paleo “celebs” would be good.

  234. Videos about living the primal life in general. Diet and recipe ideas, ideas on slowing down and relieving stress, exercises and/or workout ideas. Also, since everyone loves before and afters, people could submit their primal sucess stories in video form. I have recently gotten into gardening and would love to see some vids on home-gardening for greens and veggies.

  235. Focus the videos on the things that are hard to communicate effectively with just words, or with just words and a few pictures.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is 30 fps worth 30,000 words per second? If you are spending that many words on something, make them count.

    So, don’t create a video of you reading a blog post to us. Most of your readers can read without difficulty. Instead, make sure you are SHOWING us something.

    Workout technique would be great, even (especially?) the basics.
    Cooking technique would be great, but find someone who can do it well.

    But whatever you do, keep it short and sweet. I would be looking for a 30 second to 5 minute supplement to a written article, not a 30 minute cooking show.

  236. I tend to prefer written information rather than videos, since I read faster than most people speak and it’s often boring sitting here listening. (I dislike videos where a voice reads the text on the screen, I don’t sit through those.) Also, in some of the interviews I have listened to, while it’s polite to ask “how are you?” blah blah, it seems to ramble more, like a conversation. I like more of a lecture-style talk with slides that have useful info. That seems to be a good use of the video format. When I have passed along videos to family members, most have said they don’t have the time to listen — a shorter written article seems to work better for them.

    However, a short video with exercises (maybe some for older women, as well as other ages?) might be helpful (exercise is the area where I totally don’t follow the blueprint).

    Cooking demos could be useful, particularly for organ meats (I’m stuck on ground beef and boneless chicken) — I like the videos produced by Chef John at You don’t see him at all, just his hands as he prepares the dish in 3 or 4 minutes. I have been cooking for almost 40 years but I have learned things from him.

    From reading some of the comments here, though, it sounds like some people like to listen while others like to read. If you do make a video, maybe make a transcript available also?

    Titles? I’m the worst at naming things, no suggestions there! 🙂

  237. No video at all. I can read content much faster than it can be spoken and written content is much easier to download off a 3G network.

  238. When I think of the videos you’ve posted here that I’ve gotten the most out of, my mind goes immediately to the mobility/natural movement/purposeful play stuff. More of that ilk would be great. You could call it “Mark in Motion!”

    I already know how to cook, so recipe vids take more time than they’re worth. Also you really need a printable version anyway.

    Another reason I like the mobility ones is that they always make me want to get up & move, even when I’m tired!

    For other subjects I’d *much* prefer the blog format– or a podcast version so I could listen while I paint. That said, I hardly ever watch tv, so I’m not sure I’m a good sample…

  239. Behind-the-scenes of events, working on the website, heading out for a day of play, etc. Success stories, workouts of the week, movement videos, PLAY videos, shopping, cooking, basic nutrition videos, introduction to you and PB. I don’t think the videos have to be long or complicated.

  240. Any topics, although at the moment I would be most interested in interviews with others in the primal/paleo fields. I’d also like to see rotating topics, on different aspects of the primal guidelines, maybe lumping aerobic and strength exercise. I prefer 5 minutes or less, and would like the length of the video clearly stated with the topic title, so I can tell if I have the time for it. A transcript would be great. And make sure it is something that you NEED a video to convey, not a topic that is just as well, or better, addressed in print. Titles, hmm…Barefoot Running Technique. Setting Up a Primal Sleep Cave. Making Your Vegetables Prettier on the Plate. Outdoor Puzzles to Challenge Your Mind.

  241. Scientific yet motivating videos about why people should transition to a primal lifestyle. That can help better explain to my family and friends about why they should change to the primal lifestyle.

  242. I’m with a lot of other people – enjoy the blog format because I can read at my own pace and with four other “little groks” running around the house, there are plenty of times I need to come back to it! Wouldn’t mind seeing some videos on how to prepare some primal meals, proper exercise techniques or even some longer day in the life of Mark type stuff (every once and a while). But, shorter videos typically are the way to go here in my opinion. Too many trees to climb and hills to hike to watch videos for a long time! Maybe on the primal meal side, “Mark’s Pantry” for a video title?

  243. What kind of videos would you prefer?
    Behind the scenes videos would be really cool. I’d also like videos following up on success stories (especially what is in their fridges and routines)

    Which topics interest you most?
    ALL the topics! No really, just a wide variety. Probably wouldn’t watch recipes ones because I’d just have to write them down anyway. And don’t be afraid of taking a humorous slant in the videos — those are the ones that go viral right?

    Do you prefer short, medium or long form videos?
    2-5 minutes would be great.

    Video title: What a primal pantry looks like

  244. i like the idea of short videos once a week. Make the subject matter as varied as the rest of the blog posts; inspiration, workouts, cooking, maybe a 10 minute video of Mark sleeping, so we can see how the experts do it!

  245. Is reading primal? Were pictures more de rigueur back in the day when grok was moving around. Monkey see, monkey do was probably the way of learning back then and still is the best way to convey what is meant as everyone’s imagining of the written word can be slightly different.
    So yes, video of guests, demos of movements and of the great outdoors would add greatly to the MDA experience.

  246. Videos are a great idea:
    1. From a cold north-western European, outdoor videos (exercises, sprints etc.) set in sunny Malibu are a great motivator
    2. Lifestyle videos of ordinary people on primal lifestyle
    3. Look inside the fridge
    4. Cooking demos – the demo of the big salad (hardly challenging to make) was great to see how easy it all is.
    This should compliment the text content which is excellent.

  247. I think it would be a great opportunity to expand the cooking and fitness sections. I always find videos to be the best way to learn excercises, especially when it comes to picking up good form.

    And who doesn’t love cooking videos? There are so many wonderful primal recipes that could do with more visuals/demonstrations. I would love to see what a good bone broth looks like.

  248. I would love to see videos on primal lifestyles that work and primal lifestyles that dont work at all. There’s so much back and forth success and failure that I think showing what primal is meant to be versus what we might “think” it should be would be awesome.

    Your videos could be called primal life and times

  249. Please make videos for beginners that will get an understanding of why this is such a wonderrfully empowering lifestyle. We’re already hooked on visiting this site. Aren’t we?
    The goal should be to get the newbies to understand how much it can help them. Particularly the OLDER folks as they have the most to gain and they are by far the hardest to convince. Your site has been a life changing guide for me at 43 and will continue to be a daily part of my life regardless of the content. I just love the inspiration and want my parents and aunts and uncles to follow. Please target the baby boomers and ten years younger. They need it the most. My deepest gratitude and respect for what you do. Sincerely!! Heidi

  250. I think videos would work best for Saturday’s recipes–you get a demonstration of how to actually make them, and more people can actually watch videos then since it’s the weekend and they’re not working.

    But for the other stuff, I think the current format is best. For educational stuff, especially–regardless of whether it’s about nutrition or weight loss or the latest studies–reading is a lot easier than watching videos.

    Maybe demonstrations of exercises, like the recipes, would be good too.

  251. I’d really like some short videos that explain the basics of the Paleo diet & why conventional eating is bad for us to show to my family to make it easier for me to convince them of the benefits of change. They ‘don’t have time’ to read the books I give them, they wouldn’t wade through all the information that’s out there on the web & I am not good enough at talking to convince them on my own. I need short, sharp, easily understood, imaginatively presented information to do what I am not able to do.

  252. For myself, a series called Primal Skills would be cool. Any primitive tasks might need to accomplish, such as cracking open a coconut, frying a grasshopper, makink a deerskin jacket (for those hunters among us). 5-10 minutes sounds good to me. Interviews with the originators of various primal products would be interesting as well.
    I also think videos which graphically illustrate key concepts would be very useful for newcomers. For example, video comparing the functioning of a humans body when fat-adapted and when not (that is, relying exclusively on glucosis). Computer animated hikers going up a hill, use of slightly hyperbolic visuals to demonstate fatigue and stress. Cutaways of the body and cells to show (simplified, of course) the pathway of ketones, glucose,ATP, etc. Basically the entire metabolic process of the two hikers, and the overall changes in their respective systems as the hike progresses.

  253. From a regular reader/female/chef perspective, I think that 5-10 min videos including cooking demos, as well as a “paleo product of the week”, plus an interview with the success story each week would be nice. You might also do a Q&A some days, and also responses to recent health news agreeing/contradicting the pale/primal lifestyle.

    Those are just some ideas off the top of my head. Also if you could get a few paleo women (Tara Grant?) to address women’s issues (slower weight loss, hormonal changes etc) you could reach many more women viewers who might previously thought of this as a “man approach” to better health.

    Okay that’s all:)

  254. Videos explaining some of the complex chemistry of the primal life style in layman’s terms. It helps when its dumbed down so I can understand the general concept and remember it forever.

    Like, how do sprints increase HGH and how does HGH effect the body?

  255. I’m sure you will come up with some great videos. I prefer them in the 5-10 minute range as it gives space for plenty of good content while not taking up too much time.

    As far as topic goes, how about interviews with various people who have had success going primal and what they did to make it work for them.

  256. I’d like to see a feature that brings together any relevant published research into the fundamentals of Paleo. For example, you have the “Why Grains Are Unhealthy” post, but the assertions in it aren’t annotated with references to collaborating research, this makes it difficult when having discussions with skeptical friends to use as a reference. I’m convinced, I’ve lost 65 lbs over the last year of eating Paleo, but some of my friends want some meatier information.

    Some of the research can be difficult for non-scientists to follow. The video could be used to help walk through research studies highlighting different points and correlating information between different studies.

  257. Text is much better than video. Video is distracting for others and usually does not work if you’re using a tablet.
    I love reading recipes and learning how your body uses the food you are putting into it.

  258. While I like the written word on “heady” subjects as I can peruse it over and over, there are some times when visual aids really come in handy. For example, a video on how to make homemade mayo took the “fear factor” away and made it easy to comprehend. Following that lead, my idea is to keep videos to under 5 minutes and should be instructional “how-to” videos. These videos could be on making condiments, or easy dishes and FITNESS VIDEOs. Your videos on how to progress in pullups comes to mind. Even though I have been primal for over a year, some things are still intimidating or appear too difficult until visually seen.

  259. I know that following the PB gives you lots of energy, but will you wind up with too many things on your plate? Video production is very time-intensive and I’d hate to see you suffer from burnout. I think what you are already doing is priceless!

  260. I would like to see medium length videos with a primal cooking host or hostess and longer videos with Mark hosting guests who have special expertise in aspects of primal living, health and how those of us who belive in the primal way can reduce our carbon footprint and make our planet (as well as our primal lifestyle) more sustainable and a healthier place to live for those to follow.

  261. I much prefer text to videos, however, I would enjoy recipe videos that are around 5 minutes long. For example, ‘How to make your own coconut milk’. Make sure they are concise and to the point; nothing worse than a dull long video!

  262. Mark,

    Having a small library of videos important for this movement. We are in a connected and social media world. Current and next generation don’t share blogs much or books. We watch videos and share them. You see the person, feel the passion and get the gist. Once you are convinced yeah…you go to the website and study. But videos are vital. A least for me.

    When I get an email or blog that’s more than a sentence I usually delete. But a video …. ohhh the curiosity 🙂

    My suggestion would be some of the following…
    1) Q&A Videos on the most recent questions.
    – take 10 of the best over a week and answer.

    2) Myth Busters & Skeptic rebuttals
    – There are a hundred reasons people say Paleo is fad. Love to hear answers in video.

    3) BBQ and Recipe How To’s
    – Either your own creations I your kitchen or user submitted. As long as they are under 5 mins. I’d love to see how to make ketchup, or make a dressing here and there.

    4) User Success Stories during journey.
    – short ones
    – day 21, 90, etc

    5) Real World & Day In The Life videos
    – how to stock a kitchen/freezer and what you have
    – a walk thorough a grocery store pointing out dos and dont’s
    – eating out tips
    – create circuits people can do at home or outside
    – balance videos like how to wind down, how to manage digital devices. Etc.

    So basically a small video library of about 20-50 videos that can become viral and drive traffic to this important movement. Once you make a good mix you don’t need to keep adding. A good video lasts a long time.

    I sure plan on submitting my after video. I’m down 25 lbs going on week 7.


  263. Videos about 5 minutes in length would be a great addition to MDA. Not to replace the current format but to enhance a topic. I’m mainly interested in videos about nutrition and fitness (general fitness, not competition). A good title/topic might be something like “Making a Habit of the Four Essential Movements”

  264. WOD videos especially with some of the priomal specifics, like bear crawls etc. and how to work them into work outs.

    Ways to progress towards someof the more challenging bodyweight exercises, such as muscle ups, front lever ups, hand stand pushups etc.

    A good title?…. the bear crawl…getting it right and using it!

    Lengths… I would say mix it up, but make them archived and searchable if at all possible.

    Thank you.

  265. Camping right now so staying terse. Short videos, 30 to 90 seconds, that highlight a certain portion of a post, something that is easier absorbed visually than read.

  266. What kind of videos would you prefer (educational, how-to, motivational, interviews, etc.)? Which topics interest you most (nutrition, weight loss, fitness/training, Primal lifestyle behaviors (sun exposure, sleep, stress management, barefooting, etc.), cooking, etc.)? Do you prefer short, medium or long form videos (less than 2 minutes, 2 to 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes)? And lastly, tell me the title of a video you would like to see made.

    I would love some NUTRITIONAL videos such as HOW-TO-MAKE THE PERFECT SMOOTHIE. A lot of time I stay away from protein powders if I haven’t been doing heavy lifting or intense workouts. So these are typically the ingredients that I have in stock: spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds, spirulina, lots of frozen fruit – bananas, strawberries, & blueberries, cow milk/coconut milk/almond milk, nut butters, and a few appropriate spices such as cinnamon & nutmeg.

    Is this too much sugar to have at once? I have some protein from the nut butters but its not as legit as animal protein. Is there anything else I need to be adding?

    What else? I would love anything you produce, man! But one last specific thing that I am most curious about is BAREFOOTING! What are the best shoes to buy to imitate BAREFOOTING keeping in mind a fresh college graduate’s budget?

    You are my idol! Grok on!

  267. I’d love to see a cooking show! I would episodes to be around 10-15 mins. The title I would choose: “Grok’s Firepit: the ultimate primal cooking guide.”

  268. shortish instructional videos would be great! please focus more on lifestyle and behavior. there are tons of books out there on the paleo diet, but you are the only one addressing behavior as well. we humans have wandered so far off the path that we need someone like you to guide us back. call the series “grok quest”.

  269. I can’t watch videos at work, but if you could do some videos of just you doing some exercises in a speedo, that would be great. Because you have awesome abs and I like looking at them.

  270. Hi Mark

    Great idea about the videos. There is an organisation called The underground Wellness Show and what they did was they had a topic ‘sexyback’ you’ve probably heard of it. Anyway, what they did was invite a whole host of practitioners and bloggers etc who specialized in sexual health to give talks and then they made the talks free….or you could access them for a reasonable fee to download and play when you feel like it.

    I think that would be a wonderful idea for your site. There are so many people out there specializing in all sorts of health topics. Almost like doing PrimalCon online so that Aussies like me can access the materials and be part of things a bit more.

    My hope is that the videos would be alongside your written posts which I enjoy so much. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a whole section of the site where we could log in and purchase talks etc.

    Kind Regards


  271. Really don’t like video. If you do them, please keep them SHORT and focused. And get some coaching on how to structure them. Rambling, chatty videos are the worst time wasters.

  272. I see a lot of naysayers regarding the videos, but I think they would be good! Not for every day of course, but a once-a-week/month feature could be cool. I wouldn’t want to see the exact same thing every time, i.e.: always an interview, but rather whatever suits the theme of the message best. I’d be interested in interviews, how-to videos, cooking classes, discussions of Primal lifestyle, even shots of awesome places you’ve been…that all sounds interesting to me! I don’t often have time to sit down and watch a long video, but still want it to be worth my time to watch, so maybe anywhere from 5-10 minutes would be best. A video I would like to see made would be a no-fail, seriously delicious, anti-gag liver or other offal recipe. Seriously, I need that in my life. You could call it Mark’s “Real Heart Healthy” Dish or something equally cheesy. I’m not picky 😀

  273. First off, thank you! I have been flirting with going paleo for a year and a half and after reading your books a month ago I have been a full convert and loving it. The family is loving it too.

    I am interested in how paleo works on a day to day level. So I would be interested in ‘A day in the life of…’ type of thing. Anything to do with how paleo relates to the everyday would be wonderful.

  274. 3-5 minutes are best if they can be kept that length. Videos on How To’s, Excerise form, and the preparation of some recipes that you have in your books.

  275. Ideas for video: Keep them short < 5 minutes. Showing how to do proper primal exercise movements and then showing alternate versions of those exercises for those who may have mobility issues, considerably overweight and just beginning etc. That said, I agree with others – my preference is for articles and not video. I do like the idea of a podcasts for in depth topics (health and science) – maybe have a panel of paleo / primal folks. Longer podcasts are great for long car trips / commuting.

  276. I’d like to see a video of a primal workout not using any special equipment, i.e. what you can do in your flat or in a park.

  277. 2-5 minute interviews. That introduce a new idea or bring fresh perspective to the original PB ideas.

    “Primal Travel Tips “

  278. I would like guest videos. Your guest blog by Starrett helped me realize that I can’t squat in good form and it is my ankles to blame. And now I have his book, some lacrosse balls and I am smashing away.
    It is fun to look at different experts with a primal tint.

  279. As a daily follower of MDA, i also am used to reading the articles during work like most MDA floks. However the videos would be a good source of information for first time stumblers into primal living.

    From my experience and few other success stories i know that a lot of people read most of the articles in a couple of days continuously one after the other.

    One video that i can think of is a complete and short animated videos regarding primal living. example:- carbs, fats , protein and sugar how they are broken down and stored and the various chemical reactions that go on in the body.

    “A picture is worth thousand words”. Videos would definitely reach to more new primal living interested community. Videos would embed the information more strongly.

    Looking forward to your new video series…

  280. I live in Australia, so I tend to get your blog posts upon waking (and read them in bed before going out for some movement- so motivating!). I work in online communications and am surrounded by the “video content is king-keep it simple-don’t make them scroll” attitude. But personally I LOVE long, scrolling articles packed with information.

    My suggestion for video would be something to complement your (awesome, wonderful, world class quality) posts. I’d love to see some mini documentaries (preferably for weekend viewing) exploring topics of interest and interviewing experts/ people. Like an investigative piece, similar to say, some of those food documentaries broadcast lately (titles escape me) about food composition where they visit farms and interview people.

  281. How about Khan Academy-style explanations of the science behind all of the journal articles you usually reference? It’s always great to read the abstract, but I really enjoy knowing more about the science and about the different interpretations out there. Your take on the most recent studies would be really interesting, and much more easily explained on video!


  282. Educational videos would be the thing. But not just endless talking. Doing. The beach sprint video, for example, is both Mark telling us how to do the squat-stretch and sprints, and shows him squatting and sprinting. 3-5 minutes would be ideal. Scientific concepts and how they apply to the Blueprint, food recipes and nutrition info, and examples of useful CW (and useless) would be topics i would watch MDA videos on.
    (But, Mark, if you wanted to do an hour-long lecture on genetics and diet i would that, too.)

  283. I feel that though the nutritional aspect of MDA is impeccable, the exercise content is sparse in comparison. I would love if you included videos on how to perform compound movements, such as Squat and Deadlift, properly with substantial resistance, while addressing the any or all following factors:

    1. Variations of the exercise (so people don’t get a variation confused with “bad form” and can customize exercises to meet their specific needs).

    2. Placement on the body of weight when lifting/pressing.

    3. Proper form of lowering/raising the weight, along with discussing the position of arm,elbows, knees, etc. to help cue proper form determine if form is correct.

    4. How to correct form if not right, in context of muscular imbalances and/or tension/tightness in joints. For example, if the ankles/hips are tight when squatting, it’s harder to bend knees and obtain an optimal forward bend, and lower back may take more stress.

    5. Supplemental exercises/stretches that help improve flexibility and correct muscular imbalances such as a weak lower back for squat, a weak upper back for pull-ups, etc.

    6. A course/guide on which muscles are stressed by which compound exercises and how those muscles work to lift/press that weight. This would ideally be a self teaching guide that helps people determine correct form and foresee potential dangers of bad forms by reasoning. You could only just do this last suggestion and it would be a big help!

    I realize all this information is available on YouTube and other websites, but it is very time consuming to piece all the parts together and learning the hard way, after suffering from lower back pain or whatever trouble people often have with performing full-body exercises with a significant amount of weight.

    I would be very grateful if you came out with something to help with this!


  284. It would be great to see different primal skills in video form such as: lifting heavy things and other fun workouts, odd cooking skills like filleting a fish, grinding/brewing coffee, sprinting workouts, fun primal workout games. It is always great and refreshing to see new ways of doing things (like brewing coffee or filleting a fish) that modern society has, well modernized, and to see how primitive civilization would have done things. A good title of a video would be, “Eat a Fish like Grok.” As for the length of the video… anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes should hold peoples’ attention.

  285. I’d like to watch a 5 min video montage called “a day in the life” of Mark Sisson. However feel free to stretch it into a 10 min week long video. I think the best way to get people motivated about primal living is to show them how it’s done.

  286. I too prefer text, but if there were video links within the text I would bite. 3 minutes or less, ideally on any of the following: fitness, success stories, Mark’s daily routine -especially at the office, anthropological stuff, anything to “sell” to nonprimals on the lifestyle – simple non-confrontational explanations of primal, anything to do with children and primal.

  287. Videos are great when you have graphic text as well to pull it all together. I would like to see some instructional/how to videos on primal fitness. Maybe you can walk us through a workout we could follow along on the iPad. Med length videos are my preference. Title: Grok Yourself!

  288. The first thing that comes to mind is a demonstration of proper exercise techniques, as a number of other people have said. (Possible title: Proper Form for Squats) After giving it some thought, I also think it would be neat to have educational videos with animation of what different foods/activities do to our bodies. For example, use animation to show gluten doing bad things to guts on the microscopic level. (Possible title: A Trip Inside the Primal Body) It might also be cool to have a video of someone new to the primal/paleo lifestyle and check in with him/her for a few minutes every couple of weeks.

    I would keep the videos to 5 minutes or less, unless you do a full exercise video.

  289. I’d like to see 30 second to five minute long how to videos on creating and using primal personal care products (natural alternatives to commercial shampoos, toothpaste, moisturizer etc.) and primal house cleaning products (natural alternatives to commercial cleaning supplies).

  290. I would like to see less than two minute videos outlining workouts, meal plans, and recipes that would supplement the blogs. Sometimes it’s easier to see what it’s supposed to look like (I made a brutal undercooked primal pizza crust yesterday). Call it marks weekly orange. Lol.

  291. I, for one, love videos and feel that it is an excellent way to learn from you. Some things you just need to SEE in order to understand. All of the suggestions I have read so far are great. My suggestion is: I think it would be great if the WOW’s were in video form. Actually seeing how they can be executed would be really helpful, not to mention much more entertaining!

  292. How to explain, and start your friends off on Paleo/Primal, in layman’s terms.

    ‘A Primal Primer’

  293. I’d like the videos to be of things that cannot be conveyed as well in written form. Interviews etc can be done in written form and are probably best viewed that way, at your own pace.

    But things like fitness and nutrition, whether it’s to demonstrate proper form or how to cook a certain meal, would be great.

    Motivational stuff would work too … there are so many motivational videos of people in gym, but not as many utilization the outdoors. Ideas and inspiration to get outside and work out.

    A title for a video, and not a serious one at all: “See Grok Run”…

  294. I think it would be cool to see a series of videos that when put together would takes us through a typical day of yours from waking up and fixing breakfast – through your workout for the day – to making dinner etc.

  295. Success stories……. a visual is always great when you are seeing someone turn their lives around. I live for before and afters… hughly motivational.

  296. Personally I don’t like videos. With the slow internet service in remote areas, videos take too long to download and they use up too much of the monthly internet useage allowance. If you do go down the video path, please provide transcripts which can be down loaded independently of the video.

  297. I like the idea of videos as a supplement to the written stuff. It seems to me that the best use of video would be to cover topics that are inherently visual, or at least have a visual component. After all, interviews and data are easily conveyed through text and, to judge by the comments, may be more accessible for many people. I think the length of the video would vary depending on the topic/focus/style, etc.

    That said, I’d love to see videos that focus on primal movement, cooking techniques (videos on knife skills, etc.). Maybe a trip to the farmer’s market every couple of weeks to talk about what’s in season, selecting produce, what to look for in a meat vendor, etc. Finally, I think the video format also lends itself to things like guided meditation for those looking to de-stress. Maybe interviews with success stories?

    Also, if you decide you want a co-host for any video content, I’m 2.5 years primal, a trained actor, and an experienced cook…would love to help out!

  298. I like the video idea- If you look at Marie Forleo’s videos and also HealthTalks (its australian) for ideas- I watch both of those series regularly. Marie in particular is so amazing for moments when I feel like I need some motivation or a pick me up when I’m getting sick of trying to get a new business off the ground and feel like giving up. She does mostly educational videos and some interviews but her tone is so positive and fun you can’t help but feel brighter. Sometimes it’s hard to stay “on the wagon” health wise and I’d love some inspiring videos that could reinvigorate my enthusiasm for primal/paleo living when I’m feeling the need. I think 5-7 minutes is perfect.

    1. Yeah Marie Forleo has awesome videos that are so uplifting and fun to watch!!
      Good call

  299. Great idea Mark! I think an “Urban Jungle” themed video series would be fabulous. Videos could be just a couple of minutes each following an Urban Grok during an average day. One video could focus on exercising on a typical city block (fast feet up/down a curb, long jumping line to line on a sidewalk or parking lot, bear-crawling wherever you can find a patch of grass, box jumps on a park bench, or even pushing trash receptacles to move heavy things). Another video could demonstrate exercises in an office cubicle (chair dips, balancing on 1 foot while talking on the phone, burpees for the daring). Urban eating would also be invaluable – navigating the typical vending machines, options at 7-Eleven, the office fridge . . .

    Feel free to contact me for any future consulting 😉

  300. I would love to see how to videos on different exercises I can do. I would say under 5 minutes based on other videos I watch on the web. A title that would grab my attention might be “No weights, no problem. A killer Grok work out in 20 minutes”

    I can’t wait!!! I learn better from video than reading. This will be awesome!.


  302. Title : Living Primal Series : tips and tricks to live a long and happy life

    5-10 minutes capsules about a particular subject :

    Examples : nutrient info of a particular food and how to prepare it, fitness tips and tricks, discussions about the latest researchs, short interviews with researchers, primal eating with children.

    Once in a while, longer video on more complexe subject.

  303. 1. I’d love to see a video segment on Friday’s of the individual gains primal folks have accomplished. I love their stories but they could also share their favorite recipies and workouts along with post pictures always get me charged up to eat better and move heavy objects!
    2. Shop at a farmer’s market – show us cool fruits/veggies meats we wouldn’t otherwise know about
    3. have local experts come in – my first vote is for a forager – Foraging101 would be so cool
    4. other Primal workouts like a guy from Indo boards showing balance or a Scottish Highlands athlete would be cool.

  304. Hi Mark,
    Videos would be great. A podcast amazing! My suggestions, as well as interviews with experts/practitioners, would be to interview normal folk who are living paleo to find out what they actually do, eat, how they move and the challenges they face living this way in this crazy modern world.
    Success stories would lend themselves to this format too.
    Keep up the great work.

  305. Hi Mark,

    I would like to see you showing us proper form for some of the most popular primal exercises. (Pull ups, push ups, squats, etc.) Safety first!

    I would also love to see some of the celebrities of the primal/paleo world showing us how to cook their favorite dish.

    And, for the love of Grok, please have a segment where you go up to random people on the street and ask them things like “What’s your favorite way to prepare offal?” and “How much grassfed butter have you eaten today?” Entertainment gold, I tell you!

  306. Besides exercise how-to’s and those types of videos, I would like to see cooking or prepping Primal Foods. Also, video a grocery shopping trip at a normal food store (i.e. not Whole Foods or a specialty store) and show us how to read the labels of items so we know what to look for when shopping.

  307. Educational – yes
    How-to – yes
    Motivational – occasionally (very much so)
    Interviews – no, thanks

  308. I think that the video additions would be a great idea. They would serve as a great supplement to Mark’s already very informative blog.

    To those who aren’t thrilled with the video proposition — Mark said that he will still be writing all of his blog posts and won’t be skimping in that regard. If it’s inconvenient for you to watch the video, you don’t have to.

    The videos would be great for instructional purposes (cooking/exercising techniques) and I like the idea of interviews.

  309. Videos for cooking or fitness sound great.

    You could format it like a “eat this not that” that is incredibily popular.

    “Do this, not that” etc…

    You could take this format to the different areas of primal living. For me personally, I’m always thinking about how to make substitutions for my current life habits.

    It’s equally helpful to learn what not to do as it is what you should be doing, and video would be a great vehicle for providing some in depth analysis or testimonials.

  310. Mark
    I would love videos that describe the science in ways that the average person can follow using a whiteboard, graphs, etc., specifically targeted at the major primal concepts such as insulin sensitivity, etc. Not everyone learns by reading.
    It seems basic to this group but I am pretty sure many would benefit.

  311. I think a lot of primal enthusiasts would benefit from seeing daily routines. Not just Mark Sisson’s, but other primal/paleo/healthy experts and even from regular readers on this site. A couple minutes throughout a day of what you/they eat (including shopping, meal prep, and cooking) and do (work, workout, play, sleep habits etc.).

  312. I +1 the podcasts idea as well. I’ve learned so much more listening to podcasts like the History of Rome, Astronomycast, and the British History Podcast than I did in school. It’s a lot easier on the eyes than reading and can be multitasked with unlike a video. 20-30 minute podcasts, explaining the more technical science/research and just the basic concepts of nutrition would be awesome.

  313. I started to read through the posts to see some of the ideas and there are some good ones that would be extremely helpful, i.e. the how to’s, there are an infinite amount of subjects that could cover and would be helpful. I’m personally an athletic trainer and I think a video titled “eating for injury recovery” would be interesting. I know as an athletic trainer I’m always looking for new ways to help my athletes recover quickly and would be curious to see if you have any pointers or you could get someone like Dr. John Berardi of Precision nutrition on the video and give his input as well for any collegiate and recreational athletes as we all get injured at some point.
    I am new the Primal Blueprint but love what it has helped me accomplish!

  314. Hmmm and I thought I was one of a few who preferred text to videos.

    I’m post menopause (way post) and hunger for more info about how to get slimmer and stay vibrant.


  315. I like videos of exercises to see the proper technique. Or if cooking something in a special or different way.

  316. I think the videos should be ‘how to’ videos. How to do the exercises or how to cook uncommon foods. I would keep the videos under 5 minutes in length. I enjoy your books and your blogs.

  317. I think alot of these vids that peeps are looking for already exist. How about a layout change that has an obvious section for vids cooking and exercise. Podcasts/interviews seem like a good idea.
    Or how about an action shot at a supermarket or such where you actually find the food you are hunting down… That’s what it seems…. if it’s easy to find and get, it no good for you… Or it takes work to obtain.. such as raising own food and garden. Is there anything at kroger that grok can stomach?

  318. Bacon…

    Seriously though some kind of reality show for Primal/Paleo that would stack up against the Biggest Loser. I know this is a stretch but if you could show the public what a band of obese people could do compared to that show I think it would go a long way towards changing mindsets in the general public.

  319. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like videos. (Rural area, slow net.) But I’ll crank up a video for a new twist on getting exercise. You pointed to a video of an artist playing – balls, ladders, balance stuff, old fashioned jacks, and a really odd skateboard – and that was way worth the time to buffer up. You advise play, but (I’m ashamed to say it) I’d forgotten what it looks like.

  320. >What kind of videos would you prefer?

    I think how-to’s are very appropriate for video, as many people find it easier to absorb information from a visual demonstration rather than a text explanation.

    >Which topics interest you most?

    fitness/training and cooking definitely. some fitness for beginners especially would be cool (I mean super super weak people) and cooking that sometimes goes into more territory of primal arts would be nice. Like how to gut an animal/fish, how to prepare various organ meats..

    >Do you prefer short, medium or long form videos (less than 2 minutes, 2 to 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes)?

    2-5 minutes sounds good, though really I could see it varying depending on topic.

    >And lastly, tell me the title of a video you would like to see made.

    How To Cook A Whole Mackerel. (cause I found a really good fish market recently and they had whole mackerel and I had no idea what to do with it… 🙂

  321. Technical scientific stuff about nutrition…like a mini university lecture.

  322. I’m still learning and experimenting with the PB lifestyle and would I would love to see:
    1) Interviews with real scientists and medical doctors who back up the primal blueprint lifestyle. Explain the flaws in CW.
    (2) Interviews with athletes who follow the PB lifestyle.
    (3) A convincing 3-5 minute video for introducing PB to friends and family.
    (4) Longer 10-30 minute graphic/animation styled videos for explaining the science behind how various foods affect our body. Backed up by peer reviewed research. I’m a visual learner and would love to be able to understand the science behind your recommendations – “PB food science explained” or “PB body science explained” segments.
    (5) 3-5mins How-to videos for cooking organ meats (and other unconventional foods)
    (6) >10mins How-to videos on growing your own food, farming your own poultry the right way etc, this will have to be a longer video with experts in the field.
    (7) Short 1-2 minute CW debunking videos – “love your fats”
    (8) Short 2-5 minute themed videos with nutrition and exercise tips and advice tailored for different target audiences, e.g. pregnant women, oldies, heavy travellers etc.
    (9) Titles and content of videos: “Why and how grains are killing you softly”, “How to prolong ageing by ….”, “Top X flaws in Conventional Wisdom”, “The Paleo men died young, but healthy”, “How PB lifestyle can improve your life”, “Grains and Auto-immune Disease”

    I find it most difficult to explain and convince friends and family who support a balanced CW diet including grains. Sending them to your site doesn’t help when it’s full of written information they have no interest in. I wish you could make videos with no salesman pitch, just easy to understand logic that is backed up by real science.

  323. I would love to see videos…short and sweet about some creative ideas for intense prImal workouts.

  324. I think a video series on how to incorporate those uncommon foods we should be eating, but most probably don’t, would be very helpful. For example, a short series on organ meats: considerations on what to look for when buying, you or guest paleo cooks showing some cooking techniques and good recipes, etc. I think seeing stuff like that helps more than just suggesting we better eat it more! It might help demystify some of the stranger foods that we shouldn’t be missing out on.

  325. I would love to see more cooking related items. I just started the 21 day challenge and have been feeling great and losing weight. I think it would be amazing for the next 21 day challenge you do to have a plan for us newbies that we can follow with multiple options and a video with a dinner idea everyday.

    Videos from success stories. It would be so cool to see videos of people who are succeeding and living their life primaly and here them talk instead of just reading. Just another level of excitement.

    Other things I would be interested in is a Grok for kids videos once in a while, sun care (i just got burnt to a crisp! Though now that is has pretty much healed, I am noticing my energy coming back), nutrition, weight loss, and how-tos! Especially food related how to!

  326. I prefer the written word. However, my absolute favorite posts were the slide pictures of the groceries as well as the pictures of food eaten out. I found that very motivating.

  327. It would be cool to do a series of short form videos on how to do household chores the Primal way. For example, how to clean with non-toxic/natural liquids, how to unclog a drain without weird chemicals, etc. The focus would be on how to reduce our contact with harmful chemicals that are easily found in most cleaning products

  328. I like a lot prefer to read the blog yes – the info sinks in better.

    However I would love to have a short (3 > 5 mins) video clip daily on TIPS TO STAY PRIMAL – perhaps tips shared by others – or simply shared by Mark.

    The TIPS TO STAY PRIMAL could be on any subject – from an easy beginner excercise demonstrated – to a simple fall back recipe for any occaision –

    I love to read but a short clip on any subject or a reminder could really help too.

    My day is not complete unless I read the daily blog and I love the Weedend link too

  329. I think a three to five minute video would work great for beginners on the different chemicals or organ functions you speak about in your book. For instance, a video on how insulin works or how your liver reacts to processing carbs. I found the videos you posted online in reference to your store products very helpful. You could use the same folks who designed those videos except a mix between animation and a real discussion. I do like the idea of a podcast. It would be great for those “light” walks or hiking days.

  330. I would love to see glimpses of the little things, like a tour of your home office, your favorite beach run…

  331. How about a series of video shorts about a day in the life of Mark Sisson at home( or other Paleo/primal interesting celebs.) just to get the video thing started …starting with things like : “Breakfast with Mark”, “WOD with ……”, fermenting with Chris Kresser “, dinner with Matt LaLonde, lunch with Art DeVany,
    I thing it would be really interesting and special to see all these Paleo leaders on their home turf. It would be inspiring and encouraging. Great Variety with regard to subject matter and whom is interviewed would be the priority . I feel this would finally bring a greatly needed visual connection to put all the books/suggestions that we have read from these wonderful lifestyle mentors into a rewarding, engaging , and entertaining format. Agreed?
    Thanks for considering.

  332. or jokes such as…you might be a Grok if….
    After 2 years of reading MDA a change of format is refreshing. Video will be perfect for demonstrating movements that are difficult to properly convey with words alone.
    primal, body weight exercises that build lean mass and promote fat loss. Basic for beginners and more advanced for others. Next do some interviews that educate and that motivate. Take some success stories live action. Episode 1 can be “where are they now” Thanks Mark for your passion and all the resources you provide.

  333. hi mark, what a great idea. If you were to do a video it would be cool if it was a short piece. I find that most people only have a short time to devote to these presentations each day (that is why i love reading your blog – as it only takes upwards of 2-5min of reading). Ideas – love to hear from experts, your friends, like to see you living the paleo life. I fall into the category of needing someone to look up to – so it would be inspirational to see how you do it.

  334. I think videos would be great in addition to existing posts. Some ideas are:

    – Workout videos, example of primal workout or video explaining the technique to a particular movement

    – Interviews with people following the primal blueprint

    – Cooking demonstrations

    – Day in the life of Mark or Marks primal tips

    Videos should range in length from short to longer depending on content

  335. Podcast would be great, videos not so much. I find I don’t enjoy watching them so much.

  336. I like real-world examples of people. So if you could have people that have found success with certain aspects of the Primal lifestyle, I would like to see them talk about that. It could be about anything. If someone has a particular system for sun exposure that works well, or meditation, or sleep (maybe nighttime routines).

    It’s very easy to talk about it but seeing how someone has put your system into practice that they find effective, I would enjoy seeing and learning from that.

  337. Mark, interesting question and perhaps more interesting is to see the various responses. What is slightly disconcerting is the criteria or media need would be based on if they can get their daily dose of “Mark’s Apple” while on work hours and the related complications.

    The correct answer however is (both) print and video formats. It allows your (large number) readers the greatest opportunity to find the “I get it” moment and keep things interesting. The content question seems to me would be real people telling real stories and of course instructional video with a slant toward cooking and nutrition.

    Besides Mark you got that Movie Star look about you. (must be the prime rib)


  338. Mark, I skipped the comments so I wouldn’t be influenced 😉 I would enjoy medium-length videos that specifically addressed putting the FUN in fitness. There are so many how-to videos for cooking, proper form in exercise, etc. What is lacking, IMHO, are videos that show people having a blast with everyday movements. I think there are plenty out there with Ultimate, but how about some beach fun? Or playground antics? Or those Primal games like the one where you race to pick up a weighted sack (dead animal) and wrestle it from your opponent, then race back to the other end?

    Really, you have a lot to offer and much of it is … wordy. I think videos that were FUN would be great teaching plus entertainment. Just my $.02 worth 😉

  339. I think a video to go along with some of the recipes you post over the weekends would be helpful, at least for me, seeing as I’m a bit culinarily challenged. In that area, a visual of HOW things are done, rather than just written instruction of how they’re done, could be extremely effective.

    Thank you!!

  340. I’d say a weekly or bi-weekly podcast with interviews, hearing you talk as well in some episodes covering everything from lifestyle, exercise, diet and just primal living

  341. I would enjoy periodic videos of workouts that you are really enjoying doing or perhaps recipe videos. There is nothing wrong with a few high quality videos for eye candy every once in awhile. I think a “Dear Mark” in video form would also be fantastic. That’s a very common way that Q&A’s are done on the internet I think. Whatever you decide should be fantastic. Keep on keeping on!


  342. Mark,

    I like the idea of “how to” videos that focus on specific primal techniques. Whether it is preparing a specific meal, doing a specific exercise, or things like the techniques of fasting, etc.

    Like others I enjoy reading your blog. But short (less than six minute) videos would be a nice addition to what is currently being provided.

    How about a series of videos titled “Getting Your Grok On” with subtitles by topic for people new to the Primal Lifestyle?

    Thanks for all you do!


  343. I’m sure its already been mentioned in the comments but I would love to see Marks weekly workout routine. These types of videos will help better understand of what the Primal lifestyle truly is when it comes to physical activity.

    Although I love reading the informative articles I believe the videos will be a great asset to the website.

    Can’t wait to watch!

  344. I recommend an augmentation of the success stories; however, starting with 1x per month and targeting to hit the variations of the generic categories that fall out of the following different classifications (age, work type, family situation, local environment (i.e. desert / mountains / etc.)). The benefit of this is the same as what made the shift to primal / paleo easy for me which is finding a story that allowed me to really associate myself with the success story (i.e. someone with a crazy work life and multiple kids in a young family). That was the key for my conversion from “browser” to “30 days” to “convert” (6 months 90%-95% primal and no going back). once these videos create library of sorts i would recommend posting a “find yourself here” section where people can find a similar story on the “Start Here” section of the blog.

    keeps the current readers happy and further increases that (more important) chance to have a positive impact on more people.

  345. New to your site. Would love to see a video series on Autism and the Paleo lifestyle/diet.

  346. As some others have mentioned I think that a “how to” series would be great. Primal exercises, primal recipes, and video primers on primal lifestyle vs different chronic diseases would be great.

  347. Any video would be fantastic, but please add subtitles or a transcript. There is a thriving Deaf Paleo community and we would miss out on the information you have to share!

  348. I have enjoyed the exercise videos in the past, sometimes the written word is hard to picture, and the videos have helped me get the body the right way to be beneficial. (Push ups, pull ups, neck and shoulders when at a standing work station etc). I think videos are of use when the instructions are complex. I like many others prefer to read as I can do this without interrupting others. Less than 5 mins per video. I started the podcast when I purchased Primal Cravings, but got bored and stopped after a while.

    Thanks for all you do to help. From way down under in New Zealand.

  349. So long as there is a visual component- a demonstration of some sort, like fitness or cookery, then a video would be worthwhile (watching disembodied heads is a bit boring).

    While short vids would be a good idea on a regular basis, producing longer video, say 10 to 20 mins (or a culmination of short vids) might work as an exercise vid you could work out to. Just my two cents

  350. I love the idea of 3 to 5 min videos on a big range… cooking, basic paleo premises, guest speakers, workouts etc… everyone wants different stuff so give everyone a taste of what interests them;)

  351. I love the idea of adding videos! My suggestion would be a series of videos on making the home primal; tips on how to ‘primalize’ the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, yard etc… How to incorporate primal principles into your physical environment.

  352. Videos illustrating solutions eg how to achieve a Paleo life in a wasteful materialistic money driven consumerist world. In my case half a mile from the town centre in England I grow most of my veg and herbs plus keep chickens and am building a rocket heater warmed greenhouse to produce in winter. I get great g/fed meat and game with all the bones and fat free. I am about to start buying my fish in bulk from the port with next day del. Wish I had 10 acres tho.
    I’d be interested in other people’s Paleo strategies

  353. I am another who prefers reading a blog. I’m pretty old school about my learning, but if you do start video blogs I think you shouldn’t limit it to a set time for every entry.
    I think you should adopt a “TED talk” type model for videos. Allow each expert to present their ideas in a format and time limit that they feel is required for their subject matter. Perhaps a transcript should accompany each video to allow for those who prefer to read information to absorb it.

    Exercise is one area that would benefit from videos, It’s hard to understand correct form and posture, to minimize the risk of injury, if you’ve never seen it.

    My suggestion for a video is titled “100 up: Learning to run barefoot.” I know there are videos on the net about the 100 up technique, but none of them show a clear front and side view of someone demonstrating the two stages of this training with a clear explanation. I think it’s something all new “bare-footers” would benefit from.

  354. I’d prefer written articles over video streams, since I’m not allowed to watch them at work. I love to read because I can do it in my own speed, interrupt, browse up and down, jump over a paragraph, it’s much more flexible than if I have to follow a video. Since I’m not a native English speaker, I sometimes have to watch a video twice or trice to get the whole meaning, especially if the speaker is fast or has a special accent. If the videos are an addition to the written word, that’s fine. I find them useful to show certain exercises or the use of sports equipment that’s unfamiliar to me. Even in the preparation of food a video can be useful. The length should not be longer than 5-7 minutes, probably even less. Interviews with people living a primal lifestyle and having success with it however could be very worthwhile and entertaining I think, it doesn’t necessarily have to be experts that speak. We all love the success stories so how about doing a success story video sometimes in addition to the articles? I’d also be interested to hear more of your own story Mark, how everything evolved and how it changed your life for the better.

  355. I think short but sweet videos would be useful. Personally I would quite like to see “A day in the life of…” sort of theme. With a different person every month/week recording what it is they do on a typical day as a person following the primal lifestyle, including things such as favorite go-to recipe or favorite exercise.

    This way you could show the approaches of many different types of people as well as experts. Personally as a 21 year old university student I sometimes find things that I read about online irrelevant as it simply would be possible for me to do that on my budget and at my age!

  356. Well, I’m trying to spend less time on the computer, not more. Might be useful to demonstrate exercises. Please no more video recipes unless they are also provided in text format. And like many others, I can’t watch videos at work. I hope this won’t replace the daily posts.

  357. Hello there

    Well I loved the videos linked to the Fitness blueprint showing the four basic movements, so I think training videos are a good plan. Strikes me that a variety of things linked to primal lifestyle would be interesting- cooking is a really obvious one. Both if these could be fairly short- from 1-5 minutes. But also longer q & a sessions between yourself and a guest poster e.g. Robb Wolff. An “in conversation” kind of thing. I also think videos on grooming and beauty treatments without a big chemical component would be a great. Look forward to them!

  358. I think that video or text subject is not the matter. Here we are speaking about only a monthly video initially and for me its a great idea. Please stick to the topic correctly what kind of topics you want in the video, not if you want video or not…

    For me all kinds of videos are ok! All about the paleo lifestyle, variety and assortment…


  359. I would love if your def guides (like the “definitive guide for fats” and such) were made into videos, and maybe some videos about the science behind things, with presentations, narrations, a la coursera videos.

    recipe videos with professional production would be fun but much more expensive, I understand.

    motivational videos of people eating primal, excercising primal, living primal…

  360. Some sort of cooking videos would be great, plus real time videos of you working out with tips, form, equipment etc.

  361. What kind of videos would you prefer (educational, how-to, motivational, interviews, etc.)?

    All of the above except motivational… purely “motivational” video seems contrived to me, somehow. If I’m going to invest the time in actually watching a video, I want to feel like I’ll get something specific out of it. Interviews would be cool, though!

    Which topics interest you most (nutrition, weight loss, fitness/training, Primal lifestyle behaviors (sun exposure, sleep, stress management, barefooting, etc.), cooking, etc.)?

    I would love short workouts shown entirely on video. I’m also interested in meeting other primal people and/or experts via video.

    Do you prefer short, medium or long form videos (less than 2 minutes, 2 to 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes)?

    2-5 min– any shorter, and it doesn’t seem worth watching (since I’ll usually have to make a special effort to come back to watch– I usually have a baby napping on me when I read the site) and any longer I might not have time to watch.

    And lastly, tell me the title of a video you would like to see made.

    FOUR-MINUTE FITNESS! I would love to see a regular feature of four-minute videos designed to provide some kind of fun fitness challenge, so that the video itself takes me through a four-minute-long mini workout that I can do in my living room. I don’t want just a demo, I to follow directions on the video as I actually exercise, with the video as motivation to, say, hold a pose for longer, do as many pushups as I can in two minutes without needing to time myself, guide me through a visualization, balance a pot on top of my head, or whatever! I think this would be a really fun way to do creative, challenging exercises that aren’t part of my regular routine, and I would definitely make a special trip to the site for this.

    I live in Israel, so I hope this looong comment justifies the shipping costs on my powder if I win. 🙂

    Read more:

  362. Videos I would like:
    1.what kind of video: Educational & motivational, or uplifting talks like the Allan Savory one on TED about fighting desertification
    2. Topics: Education and science
    3. Length: more than 5 minutes
    4. Title: “Living a hunter-gatherer life” – could be Western family gone “bush” or actual hunter gatherer families

  363. I woul like to see videos on primal recipes and inspirational interviews with primal/ paleo experts. Exercise videos featuring a specific primal theme, ie lift heavy things or sprints, would be good too.

  364. i’d like a cartoon series, starring “bart sisson” and family with a lot of funny lines centered around the primal lifestyle. i know its not possible, but just the thought of it makes me smile 🙂

  365. I would love to see short videos that give us more insight into Mark’s daily life. Feel free to do them shirtless, too. 🙂

  366. Reading over viewing, but I think intro videos would be great “gateway” devices if they were well-produced (I’m thinking V-Sauce, minutephysics, Crash Course, etc.). Cover the basics to entice more people to delve into a counter-SAD, counter-SAX (Standard American Exercise program; you don’t want to pull folks from the European version- just too much confusion) world.

  367. For serious topics that I want to really spend time absorbing, I like to see the information written down. That’s why my video ideas are mostly light and fun. Here are a few ideas:
    1) I would love an episode entitled “Chopped- Primal edition.” There are so many great Primal/Paleo food bloggers and I think it would be AWESOME to see them create amazing dishes with random ingredients. I have been thinking about this for a while and think that if anyone can get this together it is Mark!
    2) Get Mark and other experts together and let them do a random show. Maybe have a reader supplied list of topics and give a minute or two to each topic. No preparation, no planning, just free think and talk. Different combinations of experts would keep this concept new and fresh.
    3) I love to laugh so I would love to see a parody on the primal lifestyle. Perhaps a fake anthropologist following Mark around observing and commenting on Grok in his natural habitat!

    I prefer short to medium length videos, no more than 5 minutes.

    I am looking forward to seeing what Mark decides on and the videos that will be created!

  368. I think the videos would be a great idea – but not in lieu of the text. Videos that show how to do things by picture better than text – I’m down with that.

    Primal Movnat. Let’s see a video on some bacis exercises and movement and a simple Grok workout. I’d also like to see some Primal cooking.

  369. I like short video less than 5 min but I usually only read articles since I’m at the office, so please keep written article under the video. and please keep the basic info free on this site, I have purchased books.I always tell people about this website as well.
    Thank you Mark for wonderful new lifestyle you have turned me on to.

  370. Hi there-as a newbie, still researching the whole primal “thing”, I’d love to see videos relating to specific health conditions I have. Am coeliac and diabetic. Also can’t do exersise due to disk conditions, with partially severed sciatic nerve in back. Generally miserable, but hopeful that primal eating and lifestyle may help things. Videos would be a great motivational tool for me.

  371. Nothing like seeing some success stories to keep motivation high.
    Also primal workouts.
    I think short videos are a awesome idea !

  372. I actually would love to see motivational videos (you speaking or maybe short film style– you can search on youtube “MC barao In the making”), maybe like a Q&A in which you could answer quick questions you wouldn’t necessarily write blog post about. Or you could do “the basics” series where you would condence as much information about certain topics like grains/inflammation/ketosis in short videos (which I could show to my friends and relatives that are too lazy to read! )

  373. I’d love to see more (video or text) on fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle. The article by Paul Attia was great! More of that please. I’m mom to 3 small kids, work FT, and travel (for work) a lot, I think I’ve got the diet part down, just need more help & motivation for the movement part. Thanks!

  374. Oh, one more idea. A video on what your pantry & fridge look like in a “typical” day.

  375. Would love to see specific gym/floor exercises, the muscles they reach and more importantly the proper form to be used to avoid short/long term injury particularly on the back. Lots of videos on youtube but all seem to vary in what they say. None seem to mention how you breath when you perform them (silly as though this may sound)

  376. I am new to your site and researching paleo and already overwhelmed with info and find many different sets of rules to follow depending on whose site or blog you are reading. So I would like to see basics for newbies on the videos. Maybe a quick nuts and bolts series: Step 1 video; Step 2, etc. (I listened to some podcast the other day where the question was what is the best sweetner for your coffee and their only advice was-why would you want to sweeten your coffee??? It was not helpful as all as and very discouraging.)

  377. The written word works best for me. Save the written word. Quote the written word. Scan through the written words. Search for the written word — on my computer or the MAD website.

    There may be some things about primal living that may be suitable for video presentation. Demonstration of some body position/movement might be an example. Keep it short and to the point.

    With the written word, I can scan and read at my pace — not the pace of the video.

    No doubt making videos will take more time than writing words. Script writing, taping, re-taping, editing, and publishing the video. With the written word, it is essentially the script and nothing more.

    Please: no cooking demos.

  378. Hi Mark

    I’m a primal follower with a lot of weight to lose, and am disabled and can’t do standard standing exercises, and without access to a pool, I’m struggling to do any exercise.

    I’d love to see a course of 5-10 minute videos of beginners exercises that can be done sitting down, this would be so helpful for your disabled audience.

  379. I just like to hear and see Mark talking…any subject will do…lol. He looks great, and speaks so well. Also like to read from him. Guess I am a visual person. Seeing and hearing Mark makes a person want to look, live, and BE like him. 🙂

  380. Yes, and I also like the idea of Mark doing stand-up comedy. 🙂

  381. I think that you should limit the videos to around 3-5 minutes. I feel that much longer than seems to be a bit long winded and shorter just doesnt really get that much info accross.

    As far as content, i think it would be pretty sweet if you had little videos every day/week/month (whatever) that basically gave the quick-and-easy on different aspects of the primal lifestyle i.e. fitness, fats, grains, etc….this would be awesome for sharing with all my none primal FB friends cough* cough* 😉

    im very excited to see where this goes!!!

  382. I’d like to see educational videos. “How to rock climb for beginners” or “How to paddle surf for beginners”. These are activities that would keep us outside and would motivate us to start new active hobbies instead of never trying because we don’t know how.

  383. I’m much happier with reading blogs, but podcasts work for me as well (as I can listen to them whilst out trail running). For podcasts or videos, I would love to hear/watch interviews with people leading a Primal lifestyle, ‘how to’ segments and recipe and food preparation ideas.

  384. Personally, I really appreciate “a day in the life” video’s that give a complete picture of your (or any uber cool person) daily routines.
    Mostly, these vids last about 10 minutes and are (IMHO) very motivating.

  385. I haven’t read all the comments so i’m not sure whether this has been addressed, but I am a little concerned to how many people would like a ‘day in the life of’ type video..why are we so interested in other people lives? Why do we make these people into some kind of larger then life celebrities. Not that I don’t appreciate Mark(quite the opposite actually) and all of the knowledge he has presented to me but I think it is unhealthy to compare ourselves to others when the circumstances are never the same.
    We should be seeking for our own food and health wisdom instead of trying to recreate someone elses.
    I also think its quite rude to want to snoop around Marks house, life and family.

    On another note how are you going feel when your idea of Mark isn’t what is presented in the videos? I think its a dangerous game.

    Personally I like the idea of a podcast, with interviews or questions of the month type things.

  386. Mark, break away from the normal concept of nutrition and recipe related videos, the internet is already flooded with these. Instead, focus on videos around different subjects in your book primal connection, i.e. how to live a more “primal life” in our modern world. The videos does not need to be long, but could be short tips and how to’s.

  387. Hi Mark,

    First of all, I love your blog!! Keep it up!!

    On video’s: please include how-to video’s cooking video’s showing how a product should look like when cooking/preparing.

    For example: I lately tried the batter for paleo tortillas and I was really not sure for what kind of consistency of the batter I was looking for or how the baking in the pan should look like. A video would have helped tremendously.

    Also any debate or speech video’s on health, whole products or the food industry as seen on the TED-talks or the RSA would be amazing. Come to think of it, a selection of just those two on the subject would be great!

  388. Mark,

    I’ve been in the US for about 8 short months and am fortunate to have stumbled upon the MDA ecosystem. Its truly a wonderful gift for those interested in changing their lives.

    One sincere request would be to make video versions of all your brilliant “Definitive Guides On XYZ…” – beginning with a “Definitive Introduction to the Primal Way of Life”

    This could ideally be a short 4-5 min video going through all the reasons why Primality works well (not necessarily best, but definitely well). Just my humble thoughts!

    Regards & best wishes!
    (From India, currently in Cincinnati)

  389. I’ll turN 60 next week. I’d be interested in long video interviews with experts on how to repair physical and emotional damage from any number of years living a conventional American lifestyle. Especially interesting would be how to tell if you’re hungry, when you know you need to rest and how to get off the darned prescribed synthetic medications. I would call it something like “primal recovery”.

  390. I think monthly videos are a GREAT idea! I’d stick to the 2 min or 2 to 5 min variety.

    Although I know better (now), I think that something people really struggle with is knowing what to buy at the store. Especially when they are new to eating primal. More specifically, deciphering food labels.

    So how about a video focused on beginners for focusing on deciphering the ins and outs of food labels (although we usually don’t but very many things with food labels 😉 )…

    “Eating Primal 101: The Magic of Deciphering Food Labels (the less the better, and I ain’t talkin FAT!)”

    I know, a bit long, but hey, I like it!

    ~ Shane

  391. I recommend watching videos by Dan McDonald and Elliott Hulse. They both post videos daily and Eliott posts an answer to a question daily as well.

  392. I have found your wisdom invaluable (and convenient in the current written form). THANK YOU. Possible future topics:

    – Can a 55 year old man, who has had DVT, ever go without blood thinner meds (and their downsides)?

    – Would “Damage Control Master Formula” work for someone nearing 80 years old?

    – Can someone get your biceps without doing curls?

    – How much sun exposure is too much (for someone living in South Florida)?

    – Healthiest way to cook a pound of bacon.

  393. I think a series of 3-5 minute videos on the basics of how to get started would be a great way to inform all the new people who come every day.

  394. I somewhat agree with a lot of the comments re video’s being unnecessary/being less likely to watch them etc.
    However I do think there can be a place for them, you just need to figure out how best to integrate them into your blog.
    My ideas are:
    Don’t just have a video – please include text as well.
    Interviews are really good, and I’m definitely more likely to watch – Mark I love you, but it would be great to have some other thoughts/ideas/musings in the mix too (thereby making your website a true a complete destination for all things primal/paleo).
    My other suggestion is to show things that can’t as easily be written. For example, I read Katy Bowman’s blog (Aligned and Well). She has a lot of video’s to help explain how to stand correctly, squat correctly etc).
    Also, and I trust you would already do this, but video’s need to be professional. Youtube is littered with crappy home made ‘how to’s’ – we don’t need any more!
    Also, I’d say 5 mins is about right.

  395. Hi Mark,

    In my opinion:
    Interviews with other people in this field, covering the topics that you already answer via blog. In other words, bring new perspective with respectable people, especially regarding nutrition. I suggest a monthly relatively long video (>30 min). Almost like a podcast that some already do but in video form.

    Have a great day!

  396. I’m most interested in nutrition and training, but would be thrilled to watch all videos that have useful tips to make primal life easier 🙂

  397. I love your website but please no videos. I have little kids and no time to watch a video . Ask Mark is my favorite day… thanks for everything.

  398. No video, please!!

    Reading is a better for my brain to absorb info, and it’s more versatile for checking out this blog at different times.

    If you have to do a short video, heavy lifting moves would be the way to go. Thanks!

  399. Wow, well heres some ideas:

    Primal diet 101 video to really target non-primal civilians who basically have no idea about how what they eat to change their life. I’d show this to my mum and nan and anyone who needs it + those family members who just don’t understand what we are doing (even for our kids).

    Fasting 101 video covering how it works, benefits us and who its for. Would be awesome.

    Primal Compromises for Athletes video targeting the many of us who want to find a healthier balance to our athletic endeavours. Who better than Mark to cover this?

  400. I prefer educational videos about nutrition, and how sugar and insulin affect us. I’d like to see illustrations and explanations about how the bio-science works. I’m really interested about how the biochemistry works in our bodies and prefer science based info. For example: all the biochem in the middle of “Sugar: the Bitter Truth” was fascinating. Medium to long videos.

  401. I know the contest is already over and perhaps Mark won’t ever see this, but I think this has great potential. One thing I’d really like to see is hosted reader videos. It’s one thing to post your own videos and just hope you get plenty of views, but there is a brand recognition set up behind Mark’s Daily Apple. I’m an enterprising blogger myself, and would really love to get a couple of recipe and workout videos up somewhere that they can get lots of views and that I can plug my website. So one of the things I think you should do, Mark, is have a once a week or more upload from a viewer, and allow them to plug their website and projects if they have one!

  402. I also would prefer a podcast to a video. Two minute information or inspirational message.

    I’d be interested in how the primal diet helps/hurts those with chronic ailments.

  403. The contest may be over but Id still like to weigh in. Before and after pictures galore, sans accomanying stories. Primal plates in pictures! And super simple combo ideas. Im sick of recipes and prep. I just want to see pics with a piece of meat and fruit and veggies. Grab and go ya know? And a special needs section for special issues like massive weight loss, loose skin etc.

  404. What could be awesome
    – interviews with heavy hitters in the paleo world
    – maybe once a month, the Friday success story could be video based
    – a grocery store tour (where you show people how to approach a normal American grocery store and find all the foods they need for their paleo kitchen)

  405. Hi
    I would like some inspiration type video’s as I struggle with getting back to the way my body wants me to eat and live…

    I’ve always been interested in the now versus the before and after of people’s weight loss adventures.

    What does a busy weeknight look like for a struggling Primal family? When a weekend goes awry, what are tips and tricks to get back at it?

    Also some short cooking videos like, shaking breakfast up or snacks that are super easy, that kind of thing would be helpful.

    Thanks for asking

  406. I look to text for information and reference. Videos are good if they feature hot girls. Maybe some of the success stories? Especially hot girls with Atlas Stones or kettlebells. Pull ups or even burpees would work for me in a pinch. I’m way more jazzed about these videos than I was when I started writing.

    I know it seems like the passive bovine maw of the public craves video content, but the problems with the maw spring from its being at once passive and bovine. I’d suggest some more research into how life-changing online videos are capable of being.

  407. I like the idea of video, we are in the 21st century and times have changed. Video is a valuable tool in illustrating an idea and for educational purposes, it definately has a place. I am sure many people like myself read the blogs in the evening after a tiring and stressful time at the office. (My eyes are tired) it is nice to sit back and listen, reading the odd bullet point, looking at the occasional graph, diagram etc.

    A cholesterol and arterial sclerosis video would be very informative, with images to illustrate, a great one would show how important particle size is, how choleterol is not the bad guy, especially to newbie’s who have yet to be convinced.

    As part of the learning process many people require visuals, others oral or some kinetic. See hear or do / touch, to put it simply. Most of us require a combination of all three.

    Please lets have video for limited subjects. Enthusiasm when talking about some of the subject matter is important, I am sure Mark will be able to convey this more easily with video. That is not to say that his written word does not do this, but some subject matter is more easily conveyed through the spoken word and visuals. You can also see the speakers eyes and gauge sincerity.

  408. I like the idea of video, we are in the 21st century and times have changed. Video is a valuable tool in illustrating an idea and for educational purposes, it defiantly has a place. I am sure many people like myself read the blogs in the evening after a tiring and stressful time at the office. (My eyes are tired) it is nice to sit back and listen, reading the odd bullet point, looking at the occasional graph, diagram etc.

    A cholesterol and arterial sclerosis video would be very informative with images to illustrate a great one would show how important particle size is, especially to newbie’s who have yet to be convinced.

    As part of the learning process many people require visuals, others oral or some kinetic. See hear or do / touch, to put it simply. Most of us require a combination of all three.

    Please lets have video for limited subjects. Enthusiasm when talking about some of the subject matter is important, I am sure Mark will be able to convey this more easily with video. That is not to say that his written word does not do this, but some subject matter is more easily conveyed through the spoken word and visuals. You can also see the speakers eyes and gauge sincerity.

  409. I’d like a video about how to do sprints on a stationary bike. I mostly understand it I think, but I’d like to see someone do it, and haven’t had much luck finding good videos about it online.

  410. Similar to the “Big Ass Salad”, do a video or series of videos on “Long Ass Walks”. Use a GoPro or maybe Google Glass (once it’s out of the beta phase and publicly available of course) to film yourself going out and just walking for miles like Grok would have had to do with maybe some other types of exercise thrown in. Do a sprint every half-mile or mile. Climb some trees. I think it would be interesting.

  411. Written word works best for me as I do not want sound on and it is much much much quicker (and time is everything). I assimilate text as part of my job (attorney) and if I find a state website which is video description I sigh and turn away as I cannot rush through that material to the sections I want.

    By all means add video but not as a substitute for words. Also words are so much easier to search and archive to find the element you want.

  412. Only if it comes with a TRANSCRIPT!

    And the shorter the better.

    With audio, you can’t search for keywords.
    With audio, you can’t easily re-read a missed point.
    With audio, you can’t scan ahead for the “meat”.
    With audio, you can’t skip past the bits you don’t need.

    The Written Word Rules!

  413. I know I’m way late on this, and most likely someone else has also suggested it. A short (2-3 min max) video that is a brief summary of what Primal Blueprint is all about, and its benefits would be great so I can send the link to friends and family to help try to convince them to look further into it.

  414. Videos as occasional features that build on Mark’s exploration of the ancestral lifestyle, as with the theme of his latest book, “Primal Connection.”
    In fact, you could call it that. Maybe once a month, so that more thought can go into producing them.
    They could then be more like special treats, or deserts, giving something special to look forward to.

  415. With videos and podcasts It’s more difficult to skip what I’m not interested in and sometimes I don’t want to listen to personal stuff, hellos, goodbyes, sales pitches, etc. I prefer to read.

  416. No videos. I never watch them. I prefer to read. Reading makes my brain happy! 🙂