Dear Readers: What Do You Want from Mark’s Daily Apple in 2017?

Inline_Ideas_WantedNo doubt, 2016 will go down in the books as one mammoth year for Mark’s Daily Apple. We went through an entire site redesign, a.k.a. MDA 3.0.—informed by your ideas last winter—and loaded it with a host of new resources.

As we close out this year, I’ll have plenty of announcements for what’s coming down the pipeline in 2017. I’ll also take a look back at the best of 2016—as I see it. What have we learned, what have we accomplished, and how has the health and wellness world changed in the span of twelve months?

For now, as I sit down to my New Year’s planning, I want to bring your thoughts to bear—your wish list for article topics, site resources, and all things Primal. And, let’s just throw in a contest for good measure….

This blog from the very start has been a community effort, and I can’t imagine it any other way. Reader feedback throughout the years has propelled everything from what I write about and how the site functions to what products I create and what Primal events we’ve put together. Now’s your chance to make your mark on what’s to come for Mark’s Daily Apple in 2017!

One note before we get going… I know folks have experienced continuing issues with the forum since the site upgrade, and I appreciate the feedback that’s come in. It’s been a frustrating knot to untangle the last several weeks, but I want you to know I consider the forum a centerpiece of Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint community. Getting the forum back to full capacity is a top priority for me and my staff. We’re working on it as I speak. Thanks for your patience on this, gang, and hang tight!

So, all this said, let’s get cracking on taking Mark’s Daily Apple to a new level in the New Year! Without further ado…

The Contest

“What do you want me to write about?” I take ideas and inspiration from you, MDA readers, every week. Today I’m handing you the mike and asking what you’d like to see me research and write about in 2017.

In the comments section below, tell me one topic you’d like to see covered, or one question you’d like to see answered, the title of one blog post that just has to be written this year, or one resource you’d like to see added to our site or weekly newsletter.

No idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Supporting others’ ideas (+1) is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Prizes

The Deadline

Midnight (PST), Friday 12/9/16!

Who is Eligible

Everyone. I’ll ship these items anywhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to everyone who offers an idea. I’ll see what I can do to give you what you want in 2017! In the meantime, Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I’d like to know how ketones affect the immune system. How do they regulate inflammation while still letting the immune system work fine.

  2. I would love to hear where the forefront of the conversation around nutrition is right now. Who are the nutrition authorities thinking about this stuff, and who is informing their opinions? I think this would naturally lead to a conversation about what the next steps are for those who believe in the primal movement, and how we can take this even more mainstream to help more people (and have delicious healthy food available more widely).

  3. Anything and everything about Adrenal function, thyroid function and food. How the endocrine system works as we age.

    1. And specifically, what to do when someone’s reverseT3-to-freeT3 ratio is too high. Any primal dietary approaches/supplements that might work.

  4. I want it all Mark and a fecal transplant to go! Seriously I think you need to become the ever dreaded more political beyond the usual wispers of sustainability. The U.S. as a tribe is pretty damn fractured and screwed. It would still be if the opposite party won too so I’m not party wining either.

    1. I’m dismayed and staggered by this suggestion. And I could not disagree more. MDA has been a glorious wellspring of non-political advice and support these many years. Mark doesn’t even try to slip it in as if we were all too dumb to notice.

      Paleo is a big beautiful tent containing a bunch of folks who come at it from many different and unpredictable angles. The surest way to knock down the center pole is to turn it political.

      Just the facts, Mark. None of the politics. I implore you.

    2. Please no politics here, I just quit politics this summer, after 30 years of futility. I changed my life at that time, to orient around wellness, and this site (and reading the New Primal Blueprint) have been very healthful to me already! Let’s PLEASE stick to talking about being healthy and leave out the politics and ideologies and contention politics breeds.

    3. Definitely no politics! It was so refreshing during the American election, when the new feed was filled with Trump this, and Clinton that, and then clouds parted, and a ray of sunshine came in the form of a completely non-political post from Mark.

  5. Proper techniques for stalking woolly mammoths, how to start a fire with sticks, painting on cave walls for dummies…Can’t believe these topics haven’t already been covered!

    1. I actually wouldn’t mind learning to start a fire without matches (or a lighter). We’ll have to wait until they come mammoths before we can start hunting them.

  6. I’m kinda interested in your thoughts about minimalism and keeping a paleo lifestyle simple, e.g., cooking, working out, etc.

    BTW, I really enjoy the Weekend Link Love post. Thanks!!

  7. I would like to know how the primal blueprint can help dysautonomias, like Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.

    1. Actually I’ve been more interested in Ron Rosedale works, and like to see more articles about increasing longevity.

  8. I don’t want to be a math whiner but…the grams of protein to body weight would lend itself a great chart with the calculations completed. Is there a difference between grams in food weight and grams in protein?
    Example headers:
    Body weight / Lean mass / grams of protein suggested / in ounces / typical serving sizes
    Different charts for different levels of activity.

  9. I’d like to see an in-depth post about MTHFR issues. For myself I have been able to get off anti-depressants completely (finally!) but it was not without supplements AND focused nutritional changes, most importantly trying to oust anything left in my diet that was fortified with B vitamins or folic acid. A Primal point of view on managing this issue would be awesome!

    1. I too am interested in learning more about MTHFR issues. Diet suggestions to control inflammation, supplements and essential oils.

  10. I would like to know more about a nifty little substance called pyrroloquinoline quinone (short for PQQ). I’ve done some independent research on it and from what I’ve been able to gather it’s actually a pretty important compound. Apparently it helps to regenerate and even create new mitochondria. It works even better when combined with CoQ10 and resveratrol. I’ve herd your piece mark about how important and essential mitochondria is and was interested in hearing your take on PQQ. It’s also not high in many foods either from what I’ve gathered. Kiwifruit, papaya, and green tea all have trace amounts of it.

    1. Barry FYI, the folks at LifeExtension have in-depth articles with dozens of references re: PQQ

      1. Thanks, you don’t happen to know any more food sources that contain PQQ do you? Most supplemental form of PQQ are a bit pricey.

  11. Menopause. And recovery after surgical menopause. I find this topic sadly lacking across all the primal blogs. It’s life-changing, and adjusting is hard. Not the nutritional needs of older (and many younger) women, necessarily, but the mental and emotional challenges. How do I really get a good night’s sleep? Why can’t I remember things anymore? I still have young children, but I feel so old now.

    1. +1 for this – and how a Primal lifestyle can reduce the symptoms!

  12. Mark, you should write an article about grunting, growling, and other primal noises that modern humans continue to make. What are the physiological effects of grunting (in different situation)? Is it ever beneficial to incorporate it deliberately, or should it always happen spontaneously? Thanks.

  13. I’d love more on Primal ways of coping with the menopause, also the other less pleasant conditions that often come with ageing, prolapses, haemorrhoids etc There’s a Dear Carrie post on Hot Flushes back in 2011 but I can’t find much else.

  14. Thank you for everything Mark, great site!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how the seasons affect us. For example, would it be optimal for your health to eat differently during the winter months and during the summer months?

    Also, I am from Finland and we have very dark winters. It would be nice to hear your thoughts on weather or not you think that people in the north are evolutionary adapted for this kind of darkness.

  15. I understand that a cooler temperature is better for sleep. But what I don’t understand is the trade off between a cold temperature and using blankets to keep warm. And what is optimal? If I’m just going to use winter blankets to stay warm, why bother sleeping in a cold room. Why not raise temperature to where I just need a sheet? Unless it’s just to keep my head cold. Or maybe there is something else going on.

    1. Interesting you should mention this, Eric. I’ve wondered about this “advice” too. Personally, I’m the most comfortable with the bedroom at about 70 degrees so I can sleep with only a sheet and light blanket. I don’t like a lot of covers on top of me. As such, I can’t stay warm enough in the winter if the room is too cool. I think that whatever is “optimal” is what works best for each of us as individuals.

    2. I started experimenting when I read something here about fresh air and sleeping. It’s really helped me. So in summer I sleep out in a flyless screen tent (to keep out mosquitoes) on top of a sleeping bag until the night cools. In winter I sleep with a window open down to zero degrees F. I’ve found that my lungs want to be cold and my skin warm, so I sleep with a heap of blankets and down pulled over my chin and a thermal cap pulled down over my eyes and just my nose out. Sounds silly, I know, but nobody’s looking and it’s really cozy. I’ve read the cool/warm advice too, and discovered that for me, a cold head, cold feet, or cold anything else doesn’t work,but breathing warm air, and especially warm stale air, makes me sleepless.

  16. I’d like ideas on how to balance the primal lifestyle with friends and family who are not primal.

    1. Yes, this! Also how to cook two meals effectively, so you can eat primal and not force it on an unwilling family. I’d love if my husband agreed on primal, but he doesn’t, and I hate people who try to force their diet on others.

  17. I’d like more articules regarding different types of strength training.
    Cbd oil, good ,bad or so so.
    Primal clothing?

  18. I would love to see more information for parents raising groklings. Specifically primal pregnancies and feeding infants and young children.

  19. I would like to know more about extended fasting. 24 hour, 36 hour and multiple days. The benefits of it. How to train while extending the fast. What to eat after breaking a fast. Can you lift heavy while fasted for days? How it resets your biological clock. A Mark’s Daily Apple Guide to Extended Fasting Techniques.

    1. Mark, I second this request. I know Valter Longo at USC has/is doing cutting edge research on extended fasts and their benefits to longevity, fighting cancer, and resetting the immune system. Also Ray Cronise, Damien Blankenship and other bloggers have done n=1extended fasting experiments and written about them.

      1. +1 for this idea. I’m just now (I know, behind the curve again) beginning to experiment with intermittent fasting because regular old primal eating took me to within about 10-15 lbs of my ideal body comp, but I kept having trouble staying there and getting any kind of reasonable exercise in. I think I’ve damaged my metabolism so significantly in the past that I needed additional help at controlling my insulin response and reducing inflammation. IF is helping with this, in 36-hour blocks every 2-3 days. However, figuring out how to integrate the primal fitness (lifting / sprinting) with the fasting has me intimidated. This is working so well, I don’t want to spoil it! So, to sum, please do a guide to INTEGRATING PRIMAL FITNESS with EXTENDED FASTING

  20. The ideas of The Continuum Concept and, especially, how it applies to fixing neoteny.

    I look at a lot of things through the lens of the book The Continuum Concept, which says that children should be carried in safety by caretakers without being doted on and be allowed to participate in adult life at their own initiative. I think it gives reat insight into the difference between ancient and modern man. Modern man as ever striving and overly rational.

    I recently heard Darcia Narvaez talk about these things on a podcast. She’s a professor who (I think) studies morality in relation to a primal parenting technique.

    The part about neoteny has to do with the idea that you can become better at walking by crawling, i.e., become beter at ault things by nurturing and practicing the phases of childhood. So if you feel a lack of rightness in you life, or you feel neotenous, maybe it would help to make up for a lack of being held as a baby.

    Or just something about The Continuum Concept.

  21. More topics on the Primal lifestyle and how it’s different for most women – pre- and post-menopause stages. I’m in my early forties with a young family, so I’m very much looking forward to Carrie’s book (Primal Woman) in the spring (?)!

  22. I’d like to read about how you and others go Primal in their various home cities and towns – where do you eat out, go play, and get recharged.

    What would be the tips and tricks you’d give for those traveling into your home towns?

  23. “What do you want me to write about?” I’d love to see a section where someone (featured guests) posts what their meals of the day look like (“What I ate” in Pictures).

  24. I realize 95% of the Primal Way is applicable for all ages, but maybe some geriatric-oriented diet, nutrition, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle guidelines for us baby boomers! 🙂

  25. I will join the chorus on women’s issues in being Primal. Primal, for the most part, hasn’t solved many of my issues, and I suspect hormones have a lot to do with it. I’d love to see a forum dedicated entirely to women’s issues: pregnancy, raising Primal kids; how to deal with the end of childbearing years; life after menopause.

  26. Another one for peri-menopausal/menopausal women. Maybe supplements, nutrients that might help.

  27. A working website? I’m sure you are just as frustrated as us. And all this Captcha stuff, ditch it. Suddenly I’m having to do the visual thing, Up to EIGHT clicks to post a comment. This is totally absurd.

  28. More indepth information and analysis of the lower end spectrum of carb curve and especially ketones, please!

    I’ve been 50 years on “high-end” carbs, never too overweight, but some depression, lowish energy, hypertension and hyperthyrydoisms, ughh!
    Now about 18 months 80-95% primal and lost weight, got better physics thru gym and more energy overall, yehh!
    However, recently digged into ketosis area as I’m really interested in even better mental clarity and cognitive benefits while keeping/slowly improving my current body. I’d like to better understand how beneficial it would be both mentally and physically to try to stay in ketosis and maybe occasionally/seasonally slip into more carb Primal or why stay in moderate carb Primal and only occasionally/seasonally dip into ketosis… As a major problem I’m mostly thinking about adaptation periods as “no man lands” and not really being able to be in good cognitive state or gym train well during those periods, which might last surprisingly long depending individual situation.

    Thanks Mark all the effort, passion and the information your provide here at MDA!!!

  29. I’d like to hear Denise Minger, Gary Taubes and other brilliant thinkers about diet on your podcast, or to write guest columns.

    I’d also like you to write about world over-population, how to feed people while saving the planet. Is it possible?

    400,000 people are born each day and only 160,000 die, so about every 4 days we have almost 1 million more mouths to feed. Think about that one!!!

    1. I firmly believe regenerative farming with the help of sustainable grazing can do that. Unfortunately that is not the direction it’s going right now, especially with the growing population of China and their increasingly resource needs.

  30. An in-depth discussion of alternative medicine would be useful; i.e. what modalities are worth trying and which ones aren’t. People are increasingly fed up with the toxic pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures that have become the mainstay of allopathic medicine, but lack of accurate information makes alternatives a real challenge.

  31. I would like to know more about all the ways in which living primal does or does not help the environment’s health

  32. I’d love to know how to primally support getting pregnant naturally and then through pregnancy to wonderful yet exhausting months of a newborn. Primal support for the mother and father.

  33. It would be great if you could write about lifestyle modifications and supplementation geared towards helping to prevent various conditions (like heart disease). I currently take COQ10, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2 to help with preventing/delaying heart disease myself, so I’m always interested in further information.

  34. I’d love to hear your thoughts on body acceptance and on addiction (especially sugar, but addictions morph . . .). No matter how primal I get — and I’ve been eating this way for 3-4 years now — I continue to struggle with how my body doesn’t measure up and how cravings for crap-food persist. More generally, I second the requests for more on menopause and post-menopause. Thank you, Mark, for asking!

  35. Wow, there is so much good stuff here in the comments! I definitely want more of what you have been doing…exploring topics that really make me think and even make me a little uncomfortable. Like the bugs (not there yet, but it’s not out of the question. Never thought I’d eat liver either!) And the mind-body connection.
    Reading the comments I see that women are looking for support. And I know you’ve done some posts on personal care in the past (I remember one on the no-poo method for hair, and have seen some on acne) but it’s been a long time. Would be great to see more info on safe, natural personal care that fits in with a modern Primal lifestyle. And if you’re looking for a guest blogger, I just might know someone ?

  36. I’m curious about the true importance of a completely dark room for sleep. Surely our ancestors would have experienced starlight, moonlight, and other things that prevented complete darkness, especially with less light pollution and more visible stars. Yet I notice that even with the same sleep duration, I feel much more rested when I sleep with a light-blocking eye mask.

    I’d also like to know about bug consumption for those with shrimp allergies. I’m curious to try eating bugs, but the fear of a reaction holds me back.

  37. I’d like to hear more from Carrie and see more success stories from women. Also more on middle age women’s changing nutrition/supplement needs.

  38. “Leaky Gut” has been thrown around a lot lately, and with good reason. More info on healing that, beyond diet and probiotics, would be great.
    I’ve spoken to many people who are hesitant to see ‘alternative practitioners’. How can we get that to change, and how can we make it more accessible (ie covered by insurance)?
    And to reiterate what others have said…addressing issues specific to women (either by you or guest posts) would be really helpful too.
    Please and thanks!

  39. Dear Mark, wouldn’t it be great if you you’d pay a visit to our comrades, the Hadza, in Tanzania? That would be really great infotainment!

  40. I would like to have meal plans for toddlers and young children. And some information about children digestive issues. And an article about functional additives, ingredients disclosure threshold and similar.
    And, please please, use the metric system along imperial units, especially if it concerns about precise measurement (eg. I know that for baking I can convert 350f into 180c, my dish will turn out fine, but I have trouble figure out what a body temperature of 100.4 f means).

  41. I would love to hear more about the families with kids adopting this lifestyle and their successes as well as tips for making the primal lifestyle easier with kids.

  42. I would like to see a practical view of school food reform and a nutritional guide for children and teens.

  43. How about a discussion of joint replacement. Alternatives to, recovery, life after-exercise, diet effects, etc…I’m pushing 60 and looking at both hips due to a genetic condition referred to as Cam Fai. This was discovered, quite painfully after 7 years as a regular crossfitter. Cross fit didn’t cause my problem, but it definitely accelerated it.

  44. Mucous. What purpose does it serve? I have it every morning, during and after breakfast, blowing my nose often, and then it dries up and goes away for the rest of the day.

  45. I know this sounds kinda trite, but here it is anyway.
    Coffee articles….when we are talking about coffee, say as in the benefits of Bulletproof coffee etc, are we only talking about coffee made from the beans, or is it also about instant coffee?
    I use instant coffee, but I’m wondering whether it has the same benefits.

  46. Definitely interested in primal pregnancy and postpartum recovery. I’d also like to hear more about alternative medicine and acupuncture. Also seconding someones suggestion of vaccines.

    Thank you for all the work you do 😀

  47. Always great info to be found on your blog. I would love to have more in-depth articles on chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine and naturopathic medicine. Also adaptogenic herbs which seem to be in more supplement combinations.

  48. Would love to hear more about raising primal children. Diet, supplements, activities, learning, etc.

  49. I’d like to see an article on high-oleic peanuts/peanut butter because they appear to be a lot healthier than regular peanuts, and peanut butter is one of my favorite things in the world! I’d also like to see more articles on very low carb diets (like keto or even zero carb).

    Thanks for the contest!

  50. Is there any scientific backing / research in regards to eating “kosher.” Some of the oldest religions of the world have dietary guidelines (i.e. not eating pork, shell fish, etc… Some even forgo meat all together but you have written on that pretty extensively already) I know you base everything from a evolutionary background but do you think these ancient people just made up random rules to not eat certain things or could there be valid reason for avoiding them. I know it can be a landmine of a topic, but you did just write on marijuana so… I’m not asking for validation of any one religion or view point just thoughts and ideas as to why those people groups might have thought it important to avoid eating certain types of animals.

  51. Alternative medicine…homeopathy…women’s aging issues both emotional and physical..educating consumers about regenerative agriculture

  52. I’d like to know more about the issues our huge varied western diet creates for our gut and general health. Our ancestors would have had a much narrower diet.

  53. I’d like to know where Tai Chi and Qigong fit into this.
    I’ve found it has made me so much stronger, a useful discipline given I am older and asthmatic.

  54. The effects of prolonged fasting. I’m talking over a week of fasting. Both the negative and positive effects. I think this is such an interesting subject. Because you know Grok had periods where he had NOTHING to eat for a while.

    What happens within the body? There are surely some large changes. Especially hormonally.

  55. Emailed you a year or two ago about beans and LDL levels.

  56. I would like a post on ankle stability. I am unable to be barefoot at work due to policy so I opt for barefoot (or sockfoot in the cold months) full time at home and off work hours. In the last year or so I have experienced instability in my ankles. All of a sudden while standing or moving in a relaxed fashion my ankle twinges and thereafter for a few weeks I have pain in the ligaments on the outside front of the ankle. I experience this with and without shoes on so I can’t isolate it to supported or unsupported. Why now when I have had strong stable ankles for years? What am I doing to cause this and how do I address it?

  57. I’ll be turning 55 in a couple of months. Some adherence to ancestral diet principles have helped me lose 20 pounds, and I weigh 20 pounds less than I did in high school. I feel in most ways, like I’m 35, but my left arch, which went completely flat during a long walk a couple of years ago, and both of my knees (20+ years of competitive volleyball?) feel at times like I’m 75. Do I have any options other than expensive surgeries? Why can’t someone create artificial cartilage that can solve my knee issues instead of replacing the whole joint? Or has it already been done and the surgeons don’t want me to know about a less expensive option? I honestly feel like I could walk back on the volleyball court and have a blast if I had knees. Is this just the new normal for a “mature” athlete who has put many miles on his joints?

    1. I have read of research using stem cells to regrow knee cartilage.

  58. I second hormones and menopause. I’m not there yet, but will someday!

    Also, normal aging changes. I was making myself crazy trying to recreate youth through a primal lifestyle!

    Orthorexia and eating disorders. I always appreciate how mark emphasizes 80-20, eating the lovingly handmade pasta if you’re not terribly allergic. I loved reading about how mark does not “worry” about diet or exercise. I have worried about both a lot, and know others who have become restrictive and paralyzed and paranoid. I was unable to live a normal life for a while, consumed by health concerns and fears. I still need to watch that I don’t lapse back into food perfectionism by eating non-primal things and refraining from internet research.

  59. I’m evolving toward a more primal lifestyle, from a current keto diet. Love, love, love this site, particularly the tone with which you present material/data. It truly has provided me a realistic mindset to implement these lifestyle changes at my own pace.

    I would love to see an interactive macro calculator on the site. I would also like to read more about primal women, particularly from the perspective of aging and hormones. And, not just menopause, but also topics like hypothalamic amenorrhea and PCOS.

  60. Take a look at exercise recommendations for people with some neuro-muscular issues. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth (look it up), not to serious, but does prevent me from running, squatting and a few other things that most people can do without to much trouble.
    Thanks for everything you do.

  61. I think you should expand this primal subject to include prepping-survival. Maybe an article and even a guest once each week on prepping-survival.

  62. First, I want to encourage you to stay true to your basic principles of the Primal Blueprint. I’m commend you for growing your blog/website for the last decade and staying connected to that. I would like to see more information about raising a family and living the primal lifestyle. Our kids are the future and they will be the next generation to continue the movement.

  63. I’d like to see a discussion of how to travel for a week or more while staying entirely primal from a diet standpoint… hotels are a challenge! I’ve got several coping strategies; would love to hear from the pros.

  64. I’d like to see a series of posts on testosterone levels for men by age. There’s not much research on what is considered normal, by age range. Conventional doctors are pretty much useless when it comes to this topic especially if you are at the low end of normal. They say everything is ok but it’s not. I’d like to hear Mark’s opinion on how to elevate testosterone (dhea supplements, TRT, etc).

    1. +1 Which supplements for T actually help and don’t harm. There’s a ton of them out there and a ton of research. Doctors are willing to prescribe replacement hormones for women post menopause but are very reluctant to prescribe T for older men. Why? They just tell us that we’re getting older, it naturally declines and just accept it. I want my youth’s high T back.

  65. The benefit of a long-term fast (4 to 5) days I have seen 2 articles that indicate that it helps your system to reset and helps to protect you from cancer.

  66. In Buddhism there are monks, nuns, and householders. Monks and nuns have many precepts to follow, householders usually only have five. I am a householder. Reading MDA and the Friday stories I sometimes feel like everyone else is a monk or a nun and I’m a lone householder. A column for householders would be a treat.

  67. Ketosis and menopause; cause of heart palpitations in men and women; vitamin d and heart health

  68. Mark,
    First of all, thank you for sharing all this information. I’ve learned a lot and have improved my health.

    I’d like to see a post about the benefits of infrared saunas. I’ve seen Rhonda Patrick’s video and am intrigued.

    I’d also like a post about low level laser therapy (LLLT) and whether it can be used for hastening the rehab of pulled muscles or any other therapeutic benefits.

  69. Mental health. Anxiety, depression, etc. You touch on this a lot of ways, but I’d like more. Especially with the promising developments in the gut microbiome.

  70. I’d be interested in seeing your opinion on the relative impact of various primal lifestyle changes. (1= not much of an impact and 10= huge impact, absolutely essential) For example, avoiding grains has to be a 10. Eating “clean” would be a 10, etc… but what about subtler things like sprinting, IF, quality sleep, sunlight, and play. How would you rank them relative to the others in terms of impact to overall health and looking good naked. After living the primal way off and on for about 6 years now, I’m beginning to see that there is a huge synergistic effect that the subtle changes have on the more obvious ones. An example would be that quality sleep enables better handling of stress, which prevents binge eating on junk food, which allows for even more better sleep, which maybe leads to motivation for sprints, etc…

    I’m beginning to see that the combined complimentary effects of ALL your recommendations is where the real magic happens. So I guess I’m asking you to write on a 30,000ft level, how all these things interplay and what their relative contributions are to overall wellness.

  71. digestible energy, negative calories, thermogenics, thermic effect of food, raw food, cooking method on nutrition,

  72. Gardening for the best primal health value. What do you grow, and how do you maximize the food value of a small space?

  73. Articles that address orthorexia and the neurotic tendencies that drive (some) people in unhealthy ways to be thin/lean/muscular … how to shift unhealthy patterns… how to have more self-acceptance and self-love … how to let go of striving to be perfect or comparing oneself to others.

    How to cultivate a healthy relationship (mentally and emotionally) toward food, exercise, stress, work, relationships, etc.

  74. I’d love to hear more about the latest research on ketogenic diets as a treatment for neurological disorders (epilepsy, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, etc.). My mom was just diagnosed with epilepsy, and her neurologist actually provided her with information on eating a ketogenic diet as a treatment option!

  75. Turmeric (curcumen) absorption in food/spice form versus supplements.

  76. More on the evolution of our thought processes and how eating primal can affect it. Why, no matter how much we believe something is good and right for us, we have periods of self sabotage. Why we think we are invincible….like my stepfather who had his 4th heart attack today and took the bus to the hospital instead of, oh, i don’t know….an ambulance. Then, after living that life we thought would never end, we find ourselves dying of cancer…… like my mother who smoked for 40 years, was only 55 and her biggest regret….smoking. How about why the animal kingdom has better behavior than humans? How do you think our primal bodies would adjust to life on another planet?

    So, I guess, lots of things on having the healthiest and most optimally working brain, how we can learn to behave..from animals and how we will survive on another planet…..Hawking says we have 1000 years….Go Mark, Go!
    Thanks for all you do!

  77. As a mom, I’d love to read more about supporting healthy growth and development for kids through a primal lifestyle.

  78. I would love to read more about parents who have had success with getting their older ASD kids on a primal diet. I am having a hard time, especially with the sensory issues and the dislike of change.

  79. Dear Mark,

    There is a whole cohort of antioxidants and are other nutraceuticals found in your Primal Master Formula that I would like to know more specific details about. For example what is Vinopectine? Or Beta Glucan or even did some of these more obscure ingredients slip into Gork’s diet? In more generalized terms, I would also like to see more blog posts on antioxidants that the general public has never heard of…the stranger the name the better!


  80. I would like to see an article on how cooking alters food and its effect on humans.
    Is microwaving in plastic a good idea? is plastic a good idea for our gut biome?

  81. A discusion on sugar and protein crosslinks in relation to aging

  82. I challenge you to write about the importance of flow in daily life.

  83. I would love to read about ecology and sustainability!!! Oh, and some articles about body image issues would be great,too.

  84. Another vote for how going primal affects pre- and post-menopausal women. I just turned 50 and it seems like my body has more issues than People magazine these days.

  85. You NEED to write about the flat earth, and that evolution as we have been told is a lie (nasa lies about everything, for example we never went to space/themoon). The globe and heliocentric model is based on theory upon theory and assumption upon assumption, with major agenda behind it.. to make the existance of god (intelligent design) obsolete/unnecessary.
    This ‘scientism’ has many many consequences for us being a human. it enslaves us, and makes us less human so to speak.

    The only paleo-esque podcast (or blog) that talks about (or should i say dare to bring it up) is “extreme health radio”.

    You would literally change the world(view) by writing about this, Mark. And no, no fear is needed when embarking on the journey trough the rabbit hole (i would say blackhole but that doesnt exist, pure scientism), the paleo story / groknarrative fits in nicely with this (TRUE) model. It would only strengthen the credibility of this site. Because imo truth is what eventually really matters. If you (hypothetically) lose 50% of your readers by even mentioning the possibility of us living not on a spinning baal but a stationary plane, then i’d argue thats for the better even. Because your (definitely) growing readership will comprise more and more of truly wised up folks.

    If you want to continue to be the beacon of truth as i’ve always thought of this site (reader since 2012), then you MUST talk about this at some point in 2017.
    Connecting two of the biggest ‘truth’ communities (i rather like to name it ‘like wised up people’), would lead to a unique snowballing of shining the light of truth to the deceived masses (that would include paleopeople like myself months ago). And (try to) believe me, deceit is what makes this world.

    I’m almost guaranteed to get condescending/degrading replies. But you know the drill. Truth is first .. Then, .. I don’t believe the earth is flat, I KNOW the earth is flat (so debating me is quite useless, as i’ve been open to and investigated all possibilities regarding this matter).

    Plaese talk about the flat earth and the highly highly unprobability of macroevolution.

  86. I would like to see something on menstrual cramps and related physical symptoms, and also on adult acne.

  87. I would like to read about your take on the kind of “modified alternate-day fasting” that has been researched extensively by Krista A. Varady, Associate Professor of Kinesiology & Nutrition at the University of Illinois. She has about 60 research papers on Pubmed, many of which revolve around ADF, and she has also authored a book, entitled “The Every Other Day Diet.”

  88. I would love a 21 Day Challenge cheat sheet that I can use to get back on track. Motivation tips on how to stay motivated and get past the “I will start tomorrow, next week, after Christmas” thinking.

  89. Mark, I think it would be nice to divide days into certain topics. For instance, Sunday is your Weekend Link Love and Friday is Success Stories. I would like to see a certain day of the week focus on either work outs/physical activities, another on living primal, another on diet or recipes. The other days could be anything else.

  90. What is your take on acupuncture?

    Thanks a lot for continuing to provide great info!…and Primal Kitchen bars!

  91. Mark-

    I know reading your work, The Primal Blueprint isn’t all about weight loss. It’s about a new way of life, which I have taken on the past few months, finally, after reading your stuff for YEARS! The motivation has finally hit me and my new wife have helped me stay on track. We are doing it together. Even though this life isn’t about weight loss it’s about overall well being, lets face it, many people have found you and lived this life for weight loss like me and it has worked. I propose we start a community weight loss competition! Everyone has a weigh in date for the beginning and at the end of the year, everyone sends in their weights to see who wins. I am doing one now on an Instagram site for the month of December and I will tell you it has kept me even more on track than I was before. It doesn’t even need to be about pounds lost but maybe % total weight lost or something. A contest like this might keep people on track for a longer period of time. Maybe have small monthly prizes along the way for monthly winners and a larger prize at the end for the big winner or something. Committing to something like this will help people string together 1, 2, 3 good months in a row and we all know, once you get momentum on your side and you feel the lifestyle benefits, it’s easy.

  92. I’d like to see posts about primal cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deoderant, mosquito repellant, sunscreen. I know there are colonies of bacteria on our skin and in our home that need to be cared for similiar to our gut bacteria but don’t know if any current products are legit. I currently use a 1:1 ratio of water to white vinegar for most cleaning around the house and a dye and scent free detergent for laundry. Looking into the dirt toothpaste currently. I’ve also tried olive oil/coconut oil/ cocoa butter for bathing, but it leaves my shower floor dangerously slippery haha. Would it be best to use lye and make my own soap or just as good to get a plain soap with little to no additives. or should i nix soap all or most days.

    Also I would like to second the request of articles on mental health. My wife is currently struggling with BPD, depression, and anxiety and I would like to do anything and everything possible to make her life more enjoyable without making her life more stressful.

  93. I find it really difficult to plan primal meals for a family of four (two small children). I would like to see weekly meal plans for families. I know there’s a lot out there but This website is my go-to source. I would pay for it. tnx!

  94. I’d like to know about good natural alternatives to personal care products. It’s so hard to find shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. that actually works and doesn’t contain nasty chemicals. On a side note, thanks for all you’ve written about on this blog! I love the scientific yet entertaining and positive approach you take to writing! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  95. More specific information on aging well and Primal Living. How PL is evolving. What NOT to do.

  96. I’d like to see more discussion of addiction from a primal viewpoint. It seems everyone I know is struggling with something – porn, food, alcohol, with alcohol being my personal vice of choice. If Grok has evolved to grab food when he saw it, to consider a beehive with honey or fermented fruits a very rare treat, it seems like the modern day human is designed to fail at resisting temptation.

    1. +1, there’s lots of good and relevant, and relativily untouched (at deeper level) stuff to talk about on that subject.

      Its not broadly modern human, but mainly the last generation that addiction in one form or another prevails. Its the result of the previous generations (speaking in terms of decades, not centuries). A lot of us are born (semi-)broken and just perpetuating our modernness at the greater and greater cost of our health.

      Sugar intake alone has left us in a state of addiction at the epi-genetic level. what i mean by that is that because of the already high sugar consumption of our parents, we now even ‘need’ higher amounts to reach enough satisfaction trough dopamine signaling. Peeps with adhd.. Their dopamine levels are not too low, its their dopamine receptors that are damaged, so they ‘need’ more dopamine via usually ritalin (good luck with that.. it destroys them, resulting in higher and higher dosage for your ‘needs’. I can also tell you that trough personal experience).

      Overriding endorphin system (via dopamine and exorphin overloads trough the generations) is where its at. I cant think of much that wouldn’t tie back to the endorphin system regarding addiction. havent seen spoken about in paleosphere, whereas its of much more importance and relevance than many other topics.

  97. I’d like to hear more about foam rolling.
    Also, is it possible that in the future, our governments realize that they’ve been wrong about the food pyramid?

  98. I’ve got two thoughts:

    1) I would love to see a post geared to women in menopause. I find that I have to cobble together information–for example, you did a great post on giving blood and why that’s helpful for post-menopausal women due to the added iron in our food supply.

    Meanwhile, my doctor prescribed me testosterone for sex drive and not only did it not help, it made me grow chin hair and want to smack my mouthy teenager–yikes. Then I stepped back and thought, “what am I doing; this is all natural; I need to figure out primal ways to deal with this change of life.”

    So the topics are varied and widespread on this. Our SAD culture treats menopause like a disease. I’ve read the maternal grandmother studies and see how from an evolutionary perspective, menopause is a way to keep your genes going by investing in the offspring and grand-offspring vs. continuing to produce very high-needs infants while your offspring and grand-offspring suffer for lack of assistance.

    2) Somewhere I read that for many, there is an increase in interest in gardening by both men and women as they get older. I’ve noticed this in myself and in people around me and my parents’ generation. (and kids all seem to love gardening) I wonder if there is something to this…maybe certain genes turn on later in life that provide us with dopamine surges when gardening, and that would help the tribe in whole if the grandmas and grandpas were out there with the toddlers and kids, foraging and gardening away.

    1. Ditch your doctor. I know a woman who was getting testosterone to boost sex drive and developed breast cancer–maybe not as a direct result but one has to wonder. Hormones aren’t one-size-fits-all and are therefore not something to be screwing around with.

  99. I’d like to see a post on the “potato hack” that has over 200 pages on the Forum – seems to be in conflict with Primal eating but most people get good results. What’s the science behind an all starch diet causing weight loss?

  100. What can people with thyroid and adrenal issues expect to experience as we age, and does our approach to living with these issues need to change as we age?

  101. How much coffee, if any, should people wth low thyroid and adrenal issues be drinking? Some people say we should stay away from it altogether. How big of an issue is it really? Is it possible that the health benefits of coffee outweighs the downside for people with endocrine issues?

  102. I am curious if people have experienced any unexpected changes in their lives since going Primal. For those of you who are at least a couple years into it, are your lives different than they used to be in any ways that you didn’t anticipate?

  103. One other wish list item….can you make it easier to find the list of Primal Health Coaches, maybe put a link up on the home page? It’s kinda buried in the Contact section.

  104. I’m 65, so naturally I am interesting in anything related to aging well and looking well. Do’s and dont’s, latest info, etc. Thank you so much for your work! It has been such a blessing to me.

  105. At age 55 I have been primal for just over 5 years and certified as a Primal Health Coach in 2016. I am curious about the motto “Live Long, Drop Dead! I certainly plan on thriving as I continue on my healthy path. I understand that our cells will only spit a finite number of times…but what do you suspect will end our lives? The ol’ ‘get hit by a bus’ (figuratively, not literally) is how I want to go out. I don’t want to linger for weeks or months (or years) suffering from some degenerative condition(s).

  106. Mark, I’d love you to go deeper into to the newest studies that look at the physical performance in athletes, runners, who are fat-adapted. My question and things I’d like to see more covered are:
    – can one be competitive at shorted distances (5k, 10k, half-marathon or even a marathon) while eating high fat diet.
    – how can run 5k or 10k on high fat diet, when the whole run is above AT (35 minutes + above AT)
    – how he or she should properly fuel his performance so it’s in line with the primal lifestyle, how to survive marathon without gels when we run the last 10k above AT
    I’ve not hears these topics to be covered even in the Primal Endurance podcast.
    What is more, we have not access to the FASTER studies.
    I’d appreciate your time investigating this topic.
    Keep doing great job.

  107. Mark,
    It would be fantastic if you could spend more time following Wim Hof and his method of controlling the nervous systems, metabolism and so forth, with his breathing method and cold exposure.
    Cheers and keep doing great job.

  108. All things breathing. Techniques – chest breathing vs. abdominal breathing. Shallow vs. deep. Hyper vs Hypo ventilation and the pros and cons of each. Breathing and mood, breathing and exercise. There is a tremendous amount of contradictory info out there.

  109. I’d like a resource for finding “Primal” employment – I’d like to work for someone who is making a positive difference in the health industry. Or at least shares some of the same ideals that we do – allowing work from home arrangements, providing healthy lunches or walking meetings, standing desks, etc.

  110. I’d like to learn how to make my pets primal with respect to their species. Specifically in my case, that would be domestic cats and backyard chickens. It’s tough to find soy-free and corn-free poultry feed around here, but I wonder if a little lacto-fermented soy feed isn’t that bad for the birds, and indirectly me, now and then. I know you’ve been intrigued in the past with the backyard chicken craze.

    1. I have had my two cats eating primal for the last two years (here in Canada) with a ground animal carcass product called Carnivora. I normally feed them lamb, elk and bison. I used to feed them offal but the caloric density was causing some weight gain. It is intended to feed Carnivora raw but since one cat will only eat cooked we cook it for both of them.This Carnivora is for dogs (carnivores) and cats (obligate carnivores). The older cat (12 years) is getting younger each year!

  111. I’d like to see more articles that give attention to gender differences in addition to the main substance of the article. For instance, articles about IF or anything low-carb may be different for women and that’s important to point out. When I started paleo/primal, I wasn’t having much success until I started tweaking it to help support me as a women (no long stretches of IF, eating higher amounts of carbs, paying attention to amount of food intake). The thing is, many of the paleo/primal articles I come across for women deal with post-menopausal and older women. Although this is obviously an important subject, I don’t think younger women get enough info.

    1. As someone who has long had a problem with sweets, the only sure way I know to “kick” the habit is to completely avoid them. That means all sweets, including those made with “healthy” sweeteners (stevia, honey, etc.). I don’t have a problem with fresh whole fruit triggering cravings, but some people do. It’s a Band-Aid, not a cure. There is no permanent cure if you have a sweets addiction, but control is relatively easy to achieve.

  112. I have no ideas….maybe more bacon recipes? LOL Seriously, though, thank you for all you do, and Happy Holidays to everyone in my online tribe!

  113. I love the Primal Success Stories and I want more. After reading a success story I always feel happy, positive, and inspired. In the 3.5 years that I have been primal I have noticed much awareness and growth in the community. Primal/Paleo/ketogenic narrative/movement is powerful, positive, and is on the cusp of becoming mainstream. We need to “connect the dots” and look at the bigger picture of the positive influences that primal lifestyle has had or may have on family/friends, neighbors, community, and dare I say it, city/state/federal government policies and laws. Many of the primal members “Success Stories” do provide some detail on these dots. However, more detail would be better and may inspire primal readers on a different level. For example, primal member positive influence success story (dot) might be: “After going primal, I took up sustainable urban farming”. Story would detail this primal member’s journey into urban farming and how it may have influenced positively his/her family/friends, neighbors, community, city/state/federal decisions/policies/laws. Another primal member positive influence success story (dot) might be: “After going primal, I got involved with the local school lunch program and my local community gardening”. Another story might be how a primal member after going primal starting cooking, opened up a primal restaurant, and what positive influences the restaurant has had his/her family/friends, neighbors, community, city/state/federal decisions/policies/laws. Again I love the primal success stories and wouldn’t mine having more.

  114. Following up on my previous suggestion about ankle stability. Upon some further thought, I would like to see a series on joint stability for those in the primal community that are either healing old injuries or are finding a new and surprising joint health imbalance.

  115. Love the site! A few relevant questions I’d be interested to hear about:

    I am a big fan of Martin Berkhan’s leangains protocol, which allows me to incorporate some intermittent fasting almost daily without too much effort. If weight training during a fast (i.e., if I’m going to lift heaving first thing in the AM but fast until mid-afternoon), do you recommend supplementing with BCAAs or anything similar?

    As someone who is fortunate enough to have a standing workspace, I’m a bit spoiled and really feel uncomfortable when having to cram (I’m also 6’6″) into a car for 3+ hour drives, which I do pretty regularly. Any suggestions for maintaining good back posture/alignment and avoiding stiffness when having to sit still for an extended period?

    A gym I go to recently got a full body vibration plate, and out of curiosity, I hopped on and got a few odd looks. For someone who is already a pretty active lifter, do you see regular full-body vibration having much benefit?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  116. I’d like to see you do regular (quarterly?) surveys of your readers (and perhaps beyond with partners) on a regular basis, and provide the results and analysis to the public. Could be great for your use, and your partners use too. I think people would like to hear quantified how we are implementing the lifestyle. Could lead to some interesting new avenues of thought.

  117. We know that adopting the Primal lifestyle can easily revert type 2 diabetes in a lot of cases. What about a comprehensive guide to safely apply this lifestyle in the event you are stuck with type 1?

  118. I would like to see more troubleshooting guides: what to do when you are already following the other MDA fat loss troubleshooting guides and can’t lose body fat, what to do when you have medically diagnosed insomnia and have to accept that your sleep will always be insufficient, what to do when you’re trying to get pregnant, what to do when a couple strength training sessions a week don’t add muscle, et cetera.

  119. I’d love to see more specifics on integrating and transitioning – what should we prioritize if not willing to fully take on a primal lifestyle?

  120. I don’t know if this is too late, but a guide to helping teens and tweens navigate changing bodies/hormones in this modern world. I have an 11 year old son and I’d like a Primal guide to parenting these years. What is a good way to bleed/direct energy, etc..

    1. Oops, I meant “Primal while living with Multiple Sclerosis”.

  121. I would like to see a post on eye sight. I am curious if there are eye exercises that improve near or far sightedness. I would also like info on nutrition and environmental factors as it pertains to eyesight.

    Thank you

  122. How about extended context deadlines? I would have loved to enter, but have been too busy conducting invasive species removal to post a comment quick enough…

  123. When you cite studies, it would be helpful if you would note in your post WHO the study subjects were. The majority of times, I get excited to read a study you link to, only to find out all the subjects were male. There is serious gender bias in medical research. Maybe by calling it out in your posts, you can make a small contribution to awareness of the issue.

  124. Here are some things I’m pondering and I would enjoy your discussions on, or further discussions:

    – Exercise and winter – is it OK to hole up a bit and reduce exercise. Wouldn’t Grok also be getting less exercise?
    – The microbiome – there’s so much news all the time – is it possible we will we never recreate a truly primal lifestyle because we are too clean.
    – After diet and exercise, what are the next important primal factors to focus on – sleep, social support, getting out in nature? In what order?
    – Cancer and Primal – Yes I’m a cancer survivor.
    – Dealing with Anxiety and Stress in the modern world. This is one I never seem to conquer permanently!

  125. I’d love to hear more about two things (maybe a guest post from Carrie): pregnancy (anything and everything) and beauty (specific product recommendations would be great). Thanks!

  126. Lately I’ve been interested in “body psychology,” how the mind/traumas/emotions/etc. effect your body and vice-versa.

    MDA has been touching on this subject a bit in the last couple of months and it’s really resonating with me, would love to see you guys put out some more content on this subject.

  127. I can’t believe I forgot to mention another thing…..


    Limited science behind how they work. But fascinating. The effects on the immune system? Do certain food sources work better? Should I supplement?

    So many questions.

  128. I’d love to get more info on how to eat primal when out in the “wilds”. For example, I have done a lot of offshore sailing in the past but on a boat with no fridge and on a very tight budget. The longest time away from land was 3 weeks. So much of the food we ate was tinned with a lot of pulses and dried soy protein. Not great! Of course we did catch fish on occasion. So more ideas on preserving food. Thanks!

  129. Commented earlier about a 21 day cheat sheet and guess what? Mark has already created one! I just found it on his website. Gotta love MDA and the efficient crew working behind the scenes. Thanks Mark for all you do in helping get information out there! (Now to work on my sticktoitivness and motivation!)

  130. I’d love to hear about primal living and perimenopause. Not “eat more soy,” right?

  131. I posted this on your article about weed, but I’d love to see an objective discussion on MODERATE tobacco use. Obviously smoking a pack or two per day is very very bad for you, but I’d like to know what the research says on an occasional (once a week, or once every few weeks) pipe or cigar. I’ve read on various forums that even regular pipe smokers have significantly lower lung cancer rates than cigarette smokers, and only very slightly higher than people who have never smoked. Another claim is that Japan has a very low lung cancer rate, despite the fact that 80% of their men smoke cigarettes. The reason for this is claimed to be that pipe tobacco and Japanese cigarettes aren’t laden with added chemicals like American cigarettes (for example, the chemicals that lower the burn temperature to prevent house fires). Other reasons given are that you don’t generally inhale pipe tobacco, or that the Japanese diet reduces cancer rates.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any research around this. Technically, smoking is a very primal behavior that’s been around for at least a few thousand years, and we’ve been inhaling campfire smoke for nearly a million, so it would make sense that we can handle occasional smoke, so long as there aren’t chemical additives. But then conventional wisdom (if that applies here) says that even a puff is bad.

  132. Healthy gums, how to reverse receding gums and gum disease. All the advice I hear is generic and vague. It’s the only area of my health I can’t get perfect.

  133. i would like more on muscle building and how to deal with the dangers of football.

  134. Mark, first let me say that I enjoy your views on the good life. I really enjoy your take on good ingredients and I will buy your avocado mayonaise and collagen bars for as long as you offer them, or as long as I live. What I would like to see more of is an expansion of the blueprint to include more nutritional paradigms, including high carb. Many healthy cultures eat a lot of potatoes and or rice and don’t add a lot of fat or protein. I imagine that paleo people didn’t eat meat 2 plus times a day every day either. Also, without agriculture, the human population would not have grown to where we are today, and you and I would not have even been born to share these ideas.

  135. Another topic I came up with lately, that I find personally really interesting, and haven’t seen delved into anywhere is this: trading longevity for living more fully (implies also optimally) in the now and the near future.
    All the (important/general/whatyoucanthinkof) things that can benefit you for the now or near future, taking away from living as long as you can.
    In other words, consciously living your life so that most of the fruit/.. comes in next years/decades (i’m 25), instead of ‘saving up’ (not just financially) for when retiring (or retiring age, i don’t see myself retiring anyhow).

    There are situations where yes, you can have your (primal) cake and eat it too (living primally positively influences the now and distant future). So I would imagine the blogpost to exclude examples of that.
    However, also situations where one will be moving across the spectrum to the left or to the right, based on the decision/action made.
    And lots of examples where you can say don’t bother doing this or that, because that has mostly the purpose of longevity (on top of it all).

    Frankly I can’t think of many examples, which is why my personal interest for you writing a blogpost about it. I would like to see a list of semi-specific things that would otherwise not really have been though of or acted upon.
    A (too) obvious and general example would be: not giving thought to / stressing over (and spending time/money to) taking this or that supplement that could boost longevity (or anti aging in the very long run).
    The 80/20 approach ties neatly into this topic as well.
    Specific examples could be: eating carbohydrates at needs level (and not below, needs is 100-150g for non-athletes), certain supplements or nootropics that have trade-offs perhaps, not bothering with anti aging regimens/supplements (keeping it basic on that aspect), work hard and spend hard (in a prudent fashion) for example doing all of your vacations before retiring age, investing in your childrens future (they will need it even more than even us), etc.

    I’ve long been taking the longevity aspect taking account highly. But I’ve accepted that my situation thusfar, and that of the world’s, leads me to low hopes (and wants) for living onto older age (> 60 years. I know 60 isn’t really old).
    I feel that that goes for many people who have had a past of health problems (yes one can recover fully, as i aspire to, but there’s no denying the damage that a lot of our bodies have undergone), and all millenials imho.

    Hopefully you give this one a thought, it could provide perspective and make an interesting blogpost. (but much more important for humanity is talking about the falsehood of spinning baal earth and macro-evolution..).

  136. I live in Europe and don’t have cups to mesure ingredients. Could you give the quantities for the recipes in gramms too ? It would be so great !
    By the way thank you for your work, it’s changing my life…

  137. We know about autoimmune protocol used with Hashimoto, psoriasis and similar cases. How do autoimmune diseases affect our protein needs and exercise needs?

  138. I would love to see more about blood tests. After switching to primal diet I have experienced low (and very low) levels of RBC and WBC. I feel very well though and never get sick. I also have high fasting glucose (with pretty low HbA1C), high homocysteine, but low CRP – which is not conclusive for inflammation. Of course MDA cannot replace a doctor, but it would be good to know if other people experience similar blood test results after switching to primal diet.