Dear Readers: What Do You Want?

It’s Monday and that usually means another round of Dear Mark, but today I have something a little different in mind. Today I have some questions for you (along with a chance to win a Primal prize).

Since I launched Mark’s Daily Apple way back in 2006 it’s been my goal to help 10 million people take control of their health. While MDA now reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month I’m always looking for new ways to do a better job, so I’m coming to you for ideas.

Over the years I’ve put together and given away numerous freebies (the 7-Day Course on the Fundamentals for Lifelong Health, the Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook, the Reader-Created Cookbooks and Primal Living in the Modern World to name a few), created new, handy web pages (the 101 page, the Recipe page, the Shopping List page, the Resource page and others), launched the forum, released a number of books, expanded the Primal supplement line, and began hosting events (Primal Transformation Seminars and PrimalCon) all with my stated goal in mind. Again, how can I help as many people as possible? How can I make this the best and most reader-friendly health site on the Interwebs? How can I best distill the science and make it easy to understand and practical to use? And how can I offer the best products and services a Grok or Grokette could want? While I don’t really need another project at the moment (I’m wrapping up two new books – The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal and The Primal Connection – but more on that later) I’d love to hear what you think would make Mark’s Daily Apple a better website and your Primal life easier.

So, with that in mind, a contest:

The Contest

“What do you want from me?” It’s a (very) tired Adam Lambert song, but it’s also an important question. My blog, my books, what I do is constantly informed by the thoughts and ideas of my readers. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see on my part for the future of the Primal movement. In the comments section below, tell me one service, product, tool, or feature you’d like to see in the coming year. I’m leaving this fairly open ended. No idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Prize

A canister of both the Vanilla Creme and Dark Chocolate Primal Fuel.

The Deadline

Midnight (PDT), tonight!

Who is Eligible

Everyone. I’ll ship the Primal Fuel anywhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to everyone that offers an idea. I’ll see what I can do to give you what you want! Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. What I want is for Primal to be a household name, like Atkins or South Beach. I want to be able to just say it and everyone will know what I mean and have at least some idea of how I eat/live. I have no idea how this can be accomplished, though… maybe more PR/advertising? Increasing awareness somehow.

    1. To become a household name Mark’s books would have to be on the Times best selling list and be translated into doszens of foreign languages. A lot of marketing would have to go into it. But I agree with you MDA should become a household name and in Europe as well.

      1. I’d love to see the book being translated into a German version so my parents can read it.

        1. Yepp, there is no shortage of useless Paleo books here; might as well have a good one as well 🙂

        2. Love to see it in Dutch! My parents are mid seventies and severely overweight with diabetes-2. I can’t convince them to stop eating grains or other foods. “we’ve always been eating like that” or they think it’s too complicated to change. I could use some help there. They wont be around much longer if they continue like that…

        3. Exactly! we desperately need a german and italian version of your book here! Telling my clients (personal trainer) is just not the same as if they could read it themselves. Grok on 🙂 ps. would be happy to ohelp on the translation too.

        4. + 1 for the German version.

          I’ve also thought about translating the PB, but first, it’s a tremendous amount of work to translate a whole book. Second, the effort is not really worth it because you can’t distribute it (except to your parents or people you really trust) because of copyright regulations and stuff.

        5. Translation into German
          Oh, I second that one, for the same reason.

        6. +1 for the German version. Would love to give this to my family to read.

        7. Yes! Portuguese translation so my mum can read it and understand better why I’m trying so hard to change some aspects of our life. It’s kind of hard going primal when you’re living with 3 stubborn conventional eaters.

      2. Japanese, too! I’m doing my best to spread the word over here in Tokyo, but the paleo/primal movement is completely unheard of around here. Hopefully my blog will change that, especially as I make it more and more bilingual (Eng/Jap) 🙂

        1. Not sure if you’ve heard of, it’s a guy named Andy in Osaka who’s running a bilingual blog. Just thought it might be a good resource for you.

      3. That’s a question I wanted to ask. Are there translated versions of the book? I knoz for a fact that I would love for my fiance to understand the Primal life a lot better but his English reading is not optimal. Are there any foreign translations? More specifically are there any in French? If not, could we please think about doing them? Thanks a bunch1

      4. Speaking of translations, I’d love it if you could include SI units in the recipes on this site, please.

      5. I’d be happy to coordinate translations. French, Spanish, Italian, German and Norwegian are all standard for us.

    2. Love to see you use your organizational skills and assist in organizing Grock pods across the country where we can get together and share information. Cyber space is fantastic, but there is nothing like the accountability and motivation of looking your fellow Grockees in the eye. Helpful in getting your word out!

      1. Yes. Local networks of like minded Primals. I’d also like to connect with Primal minded physicians….where are they?

        1. I totally agree here. It would be nice to have a network of physicians that respected the primal way of life. My current primary-care physician still thinks I need to eat grains for a balanced diet.

        2. And possibly why doctors get like NO education on nutrition? I’m studying Medicine in a European university and it kind of shocks me that such an important aspect gets so little room in our study plan for the six years.

        3. I have a Primal physician (in fact he gave my husband and I the book) in Cincinnati, Ohio. If your close by I can give you his information 🙂

        4. +1 for Primal physicians. I just found one who totally approved of my diet/lifestyle and would do all the blood tests I wanted, and now she’s leaving the practice to spend more time with family. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

        5. In addition to a physicians resource, it would be nice to have a listing of primal-friendly nutritionists as well. Perhaps some certification or primal stamp of approval for nutrition experts would be helpful. My girlfriend is studying nutrition and ultimately aims to become a nutritionist using an ancestral health / paleo / primal w/clients. She would be very happy to align with MDA/Primal once in practice, perhaps a certification could accomplish this.

    3. I like the definitive guides…so a book with all of the definitive guides that tie in the vitamins, minerals, nutrients with possible effects/conditions you may experience if you are missing out on certain key components of a healthy diet or lifestyle.

      Kind of a starting point or a design-of-experiments for self-experimentation when you are struggling with certain health issues and trying to figure out the cause and ultimately the cure.

      1. I WOULD TOTALLY BUY THIS BOOK IF YOU MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome idea!!!

      2. Agreed on this one. I’ve had a hell of a time with recovery lately and would love to know what super market choices coul help me with that

      3. Yes, even just an ebook that is easy to read on an ipad or nook.

      4. Great idea. Perhaps it could be published as a mass market paperback. That way it would be 1. inexpensive, and 2. small enough to carry around as a pocket reference.

    4. I think it would be great if you would produce some DVD/videos which included info from The Primal Blueprint, exercise demos, cooking primal style, etc. They would be useful tools to have and easy to use as references and guides. I am a visual learner and would buy them all.

      1. +1!!! A DVD would be awesome…an into to Primal, basic tenants, etc…could be expanded into Primal Fitness, as well as the academic foundations for the Primal Way of Life.

        Could even, perhaps, be a collaboration between you and Robb Wolf, with a brief into by Loren Cordain?

        1. I LOVE the idea of a DVD. I’ve got friends and family who won’t read the Primal Blueprint, but I might be able to sit them down to watch a movie.

      2. I agree with this! There are quite a few folks who would like to read the books but for whatever reason cannot.

      3. I just read this post today. What about a Primal Cooking Show? Something like “Grok’s Good Eats” or “Primal Food for Foodies.” Perhaps “Getting Primal With Grok.”
        I know I’m late in the game to be considered for the contest but I think it’s a good idea regardless.

        1. A Primal cooking show is perfect! I know I would watch it. The DVD idea is wonderful too, I have a few friends who just will not commit to reading the books, but would sit and have it shown to them!

      4. I also think DVD is a great idea! Plus, I used to like workouts of the week when you had them on MDA, maybe bring them back once in a while?

        Thanks 🙂

      5. I think a youtube channel would be better. That way we could subscribe and regularly get short videos covering all aspects of primal living. And it would reach thousand more!

        1. I was going to say the same thing. Or a regular podcast in case Mark wants to see a little profit for his efforts. But definitely a great idea in general.

      1. Agree! A DVD or video material is so much more accessible for many people.

  2. I would like to see a primal/martial arts….anything. I like the idea of Crossfit, but I would like to see more tie in with primal combat sports. After all, Grok most likely had some pretty good fighting skills. The only way a man can keep what he has is to……….keep what he has.

    1. Agreed. Would be pretty interesting, and probably a good, new form of exercise, as must combat sports are pretty intense.

    2. Agreed.

      With years of martial arts experience behind me I have found that the ebb and flow of martial arts tends to be primal in nature or I have at least tricked myself and have made it appear that way. Whether it is Tai Ji Quan with lots of movement at a slow pace, or the hard styles from Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, and the ever popular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with lots of heavy intermittent work equating to sprints with bits of rest in between the drills and exercises. With Jiu-Jitsu in particular, 5 minutes of rolling is as excruciatingly (albeit wonderfully) exhausting as a 20 minute Crossfit WOD (which I also love).

    3. While martial arts can be good exercise, I’m going to have to disagree that they are primal. In fact, they were developed specifically to not be primal.

      Primal instints are fight-or-flight. Flight is run the heck away, and fight is fight. However, instinctual fighting looks like kids fighting on the playground – little to no skills involved.

      Martial arts are the exact opposite of this. It is a formulated system that seeks to control fight-or-flight feelings, and forms a more structured method of combat. That’s why it has to be trained.

      Primal/instinctive swimming is the doggy paddle. Much like with martial arts, better, more efficient systems have been developed for swimming. It’s this development that makes it not primal.

      If you look at the animal kingdom, the main strategy of combat is intimidation. I would speculate that our ancestors would also have used this approach with the majority of aggressive interactions. I would not expect the physical combat to be much more than wild swings with fists, biting, hair pulling, and clubbing.

      1. But if Grok did not know how to effectively defend his home and family he would die. Or if he broke his hand or tooth while executing swings of fists or biting he would learn how to not get hurt doing these things. Man , whether primal or not, learns and adapts and develops smarter ways of doing things. Man also observes other men who do things better and copies them. This is why martial arts developed.

        1. Oh by the way clubbing and others basic weapons such as sticks and spears are practiced in martial arts as well.

        2. I agree with you on all points. And I guess it comes down to how one defines primal and in what way one uses “Grok.” From reading the Primal Blueprint, it is clear that Mark is using “Grok” to illustrate his idea of what man was like at a particular point in time. He states many reasons why he feels this was a golden time for man, in terms of health. When you used the term “Grok” I assumed you were speaking of this same, time-bound, ideal.

          However, human development continued onward from that point. While that may have been the height of human health, not everything reached it’s pinnacle at this “primal” time. Martial arts is just one example. So are computers! 🙂

          I guess my point is this – what are you trying to accomplish by going “primal”? Are you trying to do everything you can to emulate historic man from a specific point in time? Or do you see how modern life is pulling us away from the ideal, and making us unhealthy, and thus are trying to reclaim the ideal?

          If you are saying that fighting arts can be animalistic. And a good way to get away from the plastic robot society of modern human is to punch someone in the face (or be punched and experience the taste of being punched in the nose), then heck yes, martial arts are primal in that sense.

          However, if you are clinging to the idea that we should exercise by trying to fight like a caveman, then no, martial arts are not this kind of primal.

        3. Brett — As a suggestion, you might try the Chinese arts, especially the Five Animals or other Shaolin or Wudang stuff. They were developed by observing and imitating the natural movements of animals, and thus are about as primal as it gets. Don’t get too hung up on pretending to be a caveman. There’s nothing neolithic or industrial about observing natural patterns and adapting/adopting them. (It does pay to remember, from time to time, that if Grok were perfect, we’d still be Grok–take the best, and leave the grubs under the rock)

        4. Thanks for all the input on this. Trust me. I dont want to BE a caveman. I just want to use the knowledge that we are gaining from Primal Blueprint and others to make my life better. Training martial arts and primal diet go very well together.

        5. Gork did not have a home. Fighting an equal is about the most stupid survival strategy you can think of. Even if you win the fights, if you keep on starting fights you will be thrown out of the band and will have have to find a new one or die.

          If you like martial arts, by all means do so. Especially if you only do it for sport, but do not abuse Gork as an excuse.

      2. I agree that martial arts can be regimented, but this is more a “modern” thing. (i.e. typically once the military got involved). I believe that back in Groks time, fighting skills would be both natural instinct, and a learned skill. He would learn through mistakes (though his opportunities to learn this way could be few! 🙂 ) More importantly though, he would learn through play. If you watch young animals and kids play, they wrestle. They always try and become the dominant one, the king of the heap. They learn from this play what works and what doesnt. They also learn from watching others to determine what works and what doesnt. Grok snr will also pass learned skills onto Grok jnr. Good fighters on the whole will have learned how to be good fighters.

        1. Exactly. Anything else is an absurd assertion.

          The Martial Arts, regardless of how they are rooted in animal movements, were designed for armies to use to fight wars conduct assassinations. This is all central to the same type of collectivist, modern world structure that has distanced us from Grok. Furthermore the idea of any type of physical ‘training’ flows out of the idea of having to do work to offset detrimental effects from other aspects of our lifestyle. Every moment of Groks life would have been ‘training’. Training in the martial arts to offset sitting in an office chair for 9 hours a day, is not primal in any way.

          Don’t get me wrong, I have trained in the martial arts myself, and feel that the principles of discipline, restraint, preparedness, etc that they teach are exceptional and very amenable to a primal lifestyle. But in no way is training in the manner of a soldier in the first millenium BC inherently primal. Just do the math. There were no City-States for Grok to defend or conquer.

      3. There seems to be a general idea held by many posters here that equates ‘primal’ to the methods of some sort of half-intelligent, ‘instinctual’ (whatever that is, in humans) hairy caveman stereotype with little impulse control and who lived alone in a cave and carried a big club with which to dominate other men and especially women. What a ludicrous image of our ancestors! That type of creature would not have lasted a month in paleolithic times.

        Instead, try looking at various non-agricultural cultures that we know about from anthropological studies and history (e.g., American Indians), especially ones that were not under major stress from invaders, colonizers, disease, or resource depletion. You will find an amazingly wide spectrum of cultural attitudes and customs regarding fighting, settling disputes, and how to wage war or coexist with other villages or strangers.

    4. I do krav maga and I consider it a pretty primal form of exercise. It’s not a martial art as there aren’t any rules and it’s based on real-life situations. And it’s pretty Grok-like, if Grok was fighting with a rival Grok

    5. Look up Army Combatives. I think this is about as close to primal combat as you can get. It’s totally hand to hand fighting (without fists).

  3. The “Is it paleo” series is great. A similar book (physical or electronic) would be very helpful.

    1. I agree, as starting out on Primal/Paleo I find it challenging to determine if somethings are primal. I think a section of the page dedicated to “Is it Primal” would be great. You could use a drop down and/or search to select the food and then get a summary of why it is or is not primal. Phase 2 would be an app for the I-phone/Android.

  4. Have an event where people pay $X for you to ship out a box full of ingredients required to complete some recipe. Then have a video group cook where everyone makes and maybe eats) the recipe together like Gordon Ramsay did on TV once, thereby bring instruction, community, and Primal eating together. This could be done on a monthly basis, and nobody leaves the table until their plat is clean.

  5. Hi Mark, what I would really find useful is a primal carb lookup (with counter ideal) with highlights.

    For example, you could type in a food eg. Boiled egg, and it would say 1.1g per egg – particulary high in Omega 3’s. Or type in Spinach, and it would say 3.0g per (100g) serving – good for iron.

    Just nice and simple as either an app or a webpage. If a counter can be incorporated that would be great but it would require a sign in section to store your data.

    Thats it – would love to see it.

    Thanks for all your help.

    1. I agree! I came here to make the same suggestion! I like the idea of making it an app.

    2. I would agree with this as well.

      Make it into an easy to use Iphone app and I would pay money for it. I know there are plenty of other calorie and Carb. counting options for apps out there, but one that pulls the best parts from the plethora of options, has online connectivity and trackers for friends and is specifically geared towards the primal way of eating would be great. I’d rather do my calorie and carb counting here, where if I were to eat healthy saturated fat I would be applauded rather than being told I am gong to die.

      So far I have yet to find one I really like, then again it may be I just get along better with paper and pencil anyways.

      1. This. Absolutely. I use a food tracker on my iPhone and computer, but I would love one that is primally-centered. It would be great if it emphasized WHY a certain food is awesome (i.e. free-range, organic eggs are great for omegas). It would also be nice to be able to record exercises that count how much time we spend sprinting, lifting heavy things, and moving slowly.

        Also, if the tracker could make suggestions for improvements. So, if my diet is low in vitamin C, it suggests what foods I can add to my diet to help make up the deficiency.

        Another great feature would be a grocery list and recipe builder where I could lay out my meals for the week, which would build my grocery list, and it would let me know if I’m doing a good job of covering my nutritional needs.

        Overall, just a food-tracker that gives more useful info beyond “calories in-calories out.”

        1. YES! A primal focused app for my Android please. Look-up capability, food and fitness tracker and suggestions on food deficiency suggestions.

        1. +1 on the app. I would like to see all that Mark does on the Android market.

    3. It would also be wonderful if you could type in the nutrient you are missing and it would make suggestions on what you could eat to get that nutrient. For instance, I need more potassium but not more bananas so what else could I eat?

      1. Exactly what I was writing,total body nutrition and balancing!

      1. I would LOVE a Primal-focused food tracking app. I currently have a food diary app on my ipod but it’s way too CW for my taste.

    4. Completely agree! This would be so helpful to have one geared towards Primal.

    5. Yes, an app!

      The FatSecret app is a good starting point for inspiration. It tracks and calculates food intake with macronutrient breakouts (including your choice of carbs or net carbs), daily exercise, weight changes, and connects to a diet-agnostic database of recipes.

      I would use the hell out of an app like that with a Primal/Paleo focus.

    6. An app would be great, but not just for nutrition. I think it would be handy to have one that tracked your activity as well. Let you plan HIIT workouts, have a Tabata type timer, and a GPS tracker to track your slow movement exercise (walking distance/ number of steps). It would be good to be able to upload and compare this with other Groksters. There are a multitude of apps that each do a bit of this, but it would be good to have one primal tracker to keep it all in the forefront of peoples minds.
      Its a big ask I know, but you did ask for suggestions! lol

  6. I’d love to see you come out with a line of primal trail mix/snacks.

    1. Pemmican was the original primal trail mix of Native Americans — yeah, back when they were still in the stone age. It’s a mixture of dried lean meat pounded into almost a powder then mixed with melted fat in about a 1 to 1 ratio. Here’s the Wikipedia page on pemmican.

  7. Figure out how to turn the Primal Blueprint into a successful storefront that combines food, books, equipment and exercise. Then franchise it.

    1. Awesome idea. Whole Foods is great but I think a store that only contains Primal foods would be waaaaaaay better! Franchising it would be a great idea so entrepreneurs like me can open up stores around the world like wildefire.


      1. AGREED! Need PRIMAL stores! Wouldn’t be much in it, I wouldn’t think – meat, veggies and fruit… nothing more, but that’s the genius behind it – nothing to derail your efforts beckoning to you as you walk by the interior aisles!

        1. I’m not so sure it’s such a great idea. There’s a reason the meat and cheese and seafood are around the edges of a sea of processed crud. The margins on those things are tiny in comparison to that boxed nutritional desert in the middle of the store. That’s why they wanted to turn cottonseed oil into crisco: because it’s way cheaper to produce than butter. If you tell people it’s good for them and buy off a few politicos to push ‘vegetable’ over animal (people love simple dichotomies), you’re golden. Processed food will steamroll primal if it ever tries to become mainstream in the same way they are currently quietly appropriating organic.

          Actually the worst thing that could happen IMO would be to see a primal franchise explode in popularity until it was then bought out and slowly commoditized into another flavor of crud, and the paleo/primal brand has no meaning. Be glad the community is small and marginal… I am.

        2. I agree with Tim: poor idea. Too little customer base (so prices would have to be higher), and no reason for it. I can get all my primal foods easily right in the supermarket (frozen greens and veggies, frozen chicken, cage-free eggs, etc.), and, as a bonus, feel totally virtuous as I walk past the cereal aisle with my nose in the air. Granted, my choices may not be for all (not organic or local or fresh enough), but paleo can’t encompass EVERY standard.

          Maybe this has been mentioned, but what about creating a Primal or Paleo certification for foods? With an organic sub-rating, for those foods that typically have pesticide or herbicide residues? There are other types of certifications out there on food packaging that are way more dubious, so it could be done.

        3. Agree with Tim!.. standards tend to relax quite a bit once things become mainstream, such as “free-range” and “organic”…unfortunately.

    2. Maybe the franchise stems off of the primal on the go idea that was posted last week on the weekend link love?

      My wife and I thought that was a wonderful idea…and perhaps a sneaky way to get people trying primal. For the mere sake of variety…most people will do something new for lunch.

      1. “The Civilized Caveman” is a Paleo food-cart that is opening up in Portland, OR on May 31. I am sad to have missed it! (Go check it out!) 🙂

    3. This is a great idea!! Would love to have a purely primal grocery store. I would even be interested in franchising.

      1. Haha, if this should ever come true, tell me where and I’m gonna move to that place, no matter where it is :DD

  8. Perhaps a vast Primal network, something like what Weston A. Price has, with local chapters and things like that. If we get a few people in each area to mobilize, we could get it going with minimal top-down organization; there would just need to be a call to mobilize.

    1. I love this idea as well. I love the WAPF. There are lots of great Primal meetup groups around. I think having more of these would definitely help too.

      1. Yep, I was thinking of doing this in Melbourne, Australia. Great idea.

    2. Similar to this idea, I was thinking you could have official spokespersons throughout the country. Many of the articles and ideas on this site promote using more local resources, so it makes more sense to use more local representatives.

    3. I concur with this idea. I think the internet is a great source for general information, but a local community can really push change. It builds in accountability, resource references and support.

    4. This! A primal network with regional hubs. There are quite a lot of paleos/primals here in the UK but with no central meeting point, it’s hard to locate them all. Perhaps a subset of the forum with local discussion boards?

    5. Local chapters sound like a good idea. Just to meet people with similar interests, but also to gather information on where the get primal foods locally. Maybe even for some lobbying.

      1. Yes! Local chapters and the ability to have speakers attend events.

        1. I second this! Its hard to meet local people that also live paleo. Having local chapters that go out for hikes or do dinners together, etc. would solve that in no time!

    6. Agree! It would be awesome to be able to find primal (maybe even paleo) friendly health practitioners, personal trainers, etc working in your area wherever you are in the world

      1. This idea is wonderful, and could also help network people for buying massive quantities of primal foods.

        1. Yes! Maybe local chapters would encourage more local purchase and therefore more production of grass fed beef and pastured chickens & pork… VERY hard to find where I live and if I find them, too expensive to buy!

    7. Love, love love this idea of local Primal chapters! Great way to connect, encourage others and expand the movement!

  9. I think more smartphone app development/presence would be a big boost. There’s dozens upon dozens of “traditional” nutrition apps, and a really in-depth app with grocery lists, meal planner, etc would be a nice alternative to the typical calorie counting apps.

    1. Love this idea… I would love a MDA app where I can get a full list of ‘Is it Primal’ or maybe a go-to shopping list for everyday primal items that I can stock up with.. As well as a meal tracker with nutrition tracking.

    2. I like this idea as well! Maybe a meal of the day type thing would work. Especially if it made certain connections: e.g. based on the ingredients of dinner…suggest an easy/logical lunch for the next day. Also, reminders for pulling meat out the night before would help our family. =)

      1. Ha ha ha! Just cursing that I hadn’t pulled meat out this very minute!

    3. There already is an MDA app. It needs to be improved on seriously but it exists. Mark, please expand on the app and I’m sure you would have a strong following. I’ll totally pay for it!

    4. Excellent call. Also on this app: recipes, and options for more recipes… a way to get Robb Wolf’s, Sarah Fragoso’s etc.
      Mark! Microtransactions are where it’s at!

  10. Mark, I would love to see a workout video come out, like Tony Horton’s P90X! Teach us all how to sprint like caveman, and supplement it with a 30-90 day meal plan.

    1. Lara, Mark’s got a bunch of videos on YouTube where he sprints on the beach, makes a 2-minute BAS, and teaches us how to do pullups. Search for Primal Blueprint.

    2. Great suggestion. I’d like some Primal workout vids in DVD format.

    1. Ditto on the vlogs. Multimedia is the way to go.

      Short, easily digestible (no pun intended) YouTube videos on primal topics would be a big boon to our ‘awareness campaign’.

      There’s minimal effort required for the viewer with videos compared to reading, adds a visual and audio component, videos are easily shared, easily embedded into other webpages and sites like YouTube already have built-in ranking systems so the more popular the videos become, the more likely people are to see them.

      If a relative or a co-worker asks you why you don’t eat grains, you can just send ’em a link to a video that explains why grains are terrible for you. They say that saturated fat or meat will kill you, send ’em a link to a video that explains how and why that’s nonsense.

      They’d have to be well-sourced, but the posts on MDA always are.

    2. I agree. I would love to see Mark in more videos with talking and demonstration. 🙂

      1. Related to this, how about a movie/documentary about the primal lifestyle. Some people don’t like to read books (or can’t).

        also maybe a TV show that you could hire a chef/ or quests to demonstrate receipe and/or talk about everything related to primal.

        1. I agree I show would be great! I am sure that some of the Food Network shows could be adapted to fit the Primal formula. Before being on Primal I felt so sad being on a diet and not being able to experiment with food. But now, I feel confident that I can loose weight, be healthier and be a foodie again without damaging my body!

          I have no doubt that other foodies (or basicaly any one who like or wants to cook) like me would appreciate such a show.

        2. Good idea. It could spread the word to normal 🙂 people. Especially recipes with offal or uncommon cuts would be nice. There some visualisation really helps.

        3. Definitely. Might sound a little old fashioned in the multi-media world, but it would be great to expand from from the self-selecting world of websites, apps, youtube videos, etc., to a world where someone watching Iron Chef re-runs could stumble on primal cooking and then from there find the website, books etc. to get deeper information.

          From preaching to the choir to driving around with a megaphone on top of an old cop car…

        4. The idea of a short video demonstrating the benefits of the primal diet in a short time say like 5 minutes that you can direct people to, as A.Stev suggested. Personally I think your website is great and have been a regular visitor for about 4 years now!

        5. This is great–a show where you basically do many of the things on this site but I particularly like the cooking demo aspect. So many people do not know how to cook and are intimidated by it. The thought of then taking out ingredients that you normally use sounds stressful when really it can be liberating–but seeing someone do it. . well. . . a picture is worth a thousand words as they say!

        6. I totally agree with this! I have been watching so many food docs on Netflix. The only one that comes close to explaining why the Paleo/Primal peeps eat the way they eat is “Fat Head”. I’ve suggested it to a few friends. So many people have been affected by “Forks Over Knives”…I can’t even watch it because it makes me so ANGRY. Yes these doctors helped their patients with a plant based diet…but they also had them cut out refined sugars and in some cases grains…it is compound effect. That doc is just VEGAN/VEG propaganda. UGH!!! We need to make Paleo/Primal more accessible to people…I know I could get my friends/family to watch a film about it.

          So YES…a primal documentary…I will even shoot and edit!!! I would LOVE to interview Mark and others! 🙂

    3. I hate it when sites do that: I want to be able to read at leisure and read again at will, not have to watch a video I can’t search or bookmark or link to or highlight.

      Also Mark’s site is what it is today almost entirely because it has so much text on it that is easily searchable and brings people in who stumble on it all the time.

      Videos are closed, insular ways of communicating information online.

      1. YES. I totally agree, John, I really hate the trend of “videos because videos are the thing right now”. Text is searchable, scannable, copy-pastable. I think Mark does a great job of using videos when he has something to SHOW, otherwise, keep writing your fab articles!

      2. I don’t think anyone was suggesting videos *replace* the regular posts or have really different content.

        The point of videos is more to spread the word to newbies who aren’t willing to invest serious time or energy to in reading about this stuff.

    4. Good idea! And it’s one of the more do-able suggestions here (in a reasonable timeframe)

    1. Great idea! Perhaps more regiional? I’m near broke from buying all my grassfed and primal foods.

      1. Denver, CO would be a GREAT location! or Boulder. Both would be very welcoming for this scene.

    2. I am loving the PrimalCon East Coast idea… can’t convince the wife to get on a plane… but she definitely would go with me if we could drive from PA

      1. Yup, get back to your roots and have a PrimalCon in Maine! LOL, what’s more primal than getting eaten alive by black flies and monstrous mosquitoes? Or any New England state would do…

    3. YES! oh man i hope this is the idea that gets picked! we need you on this side for once mark!

    4. east coast primal event would be great……… martial arts….ninjutsu…..many ninjas have switched to toe shoes from tabi when training outside

    5. YES!!! I want to meet other Primal people! We live in Rhode Island!!

  11. Some sort of actually useful Paleo/Primal app would be great. An integrated fitness/nutrition app that caters to common primal exercises and foods and with a way to share things like sprint times, exercises performed, etc., from the app to a forum thread?

  12. I would love a better way to search topics! Right now, if say I wanted to look up posts on allergies, and I wanted to see the most recent posts first for instance, there is no way to filter or prioritize search results. Also, if allergies are even mentioned in the thread following a post, the post will turn up in the search. It makes it tricky to look up info on specific topics without having to wade through lots of random stuff.

    1. Yes! I often find it tricky to find just the posts and info I’m looking for.

    2. I agree, it is hard to browse recipes too, the way it is set up. Would like to have recipes more categorized please!

    3. Yes, the not-the-best search makes it hard to pass posts along to my friends who are asking questions or research topics for myself.

  13. How about a seperate section for “friends of MDA” that includes websites to related Paleo websites: whether it be Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, or a number of other great sites online.

  14. a primal retreat! not a conference, but a small retreat/trip that people can sign up and pay for to go away for a certain amount of time (maybe a week). they would get to meet mark and do primal activities and eat primal meals all week. it would be more of a relaxation/destress experience than say a conference experience.

    1. AWESOME….you could move them around too. Maybe in the mountains once and tropical another…

  15. A feature that has a list of primal friendly restaurants, according to zipcode (like a search engine).

    1. Along this topic, the source of the foods is key. Here in little ole’Rhody is an all local food broker for restaurants called “Farm Fresh” (

      On the site is a list of places that buy local foods. I understand buying local does not equal “primal” but affecting local merchants as opposed to big business congolomerates is a start.

      1. We have something similar here, called Sustainable Connections, that brings together local farms and restaurants and promotes both to the community with “Eat Local” events. We own a restaurant and I’m working on developing a Primal/Paleo menu, but so far it’s a difficult task to find anything beyond “the bunless burger salad” in town that may qualify to fill the bellies of grain/legume/dairy free eaters.

        1. I’ve been wrastling with the idea of a paleo food truck. I see vegan trucks out and about, but paleo is smaller niche than vegan.

          I’m guessin the average Joe would see food from a paleo truck that as more expensive and not for the better health. I suppose marketing could handle that some and volume could bring cost down.

          Paleo restaurants are great in theory but have high input cost. Grass fed burger joints can do well because for a few reasons: 1) US is a burger nation. 2)The menu is limited. 3) Burger can be reused better 4) Can buy in large amounts.

    2. Or a list of grassfed/pastured/organic/wild animal products and where to buy them. Or an app for identifying primal friendly grocers

  16. I’ve seen this mentioned in the comments section a number of times but I’d love to see a book or section of the site dedicated to prenatal care, “grokette moms.” 🙂 It’s such a crucial stage of development & there just isn’t enough information out there from sources I trust.

    1. Already done. It is called “The Healthy Baby Code” by Chris Kresser.

      1. Except that one costs $197. Hmph, a little high if you ask me. How about another option that doesn’t cost so much?

        1. Breaking News!

          Specialized information from a known reputable source on a baby’s health and development in its most critical developmental period is not worth $197 to some.

        2. Try the library? Mine will even buy things you suggest. I got them to buy The Primal Blueprint.

    2. YES! More on prenatal and post-natal nutrition and exersize would be great from varied sources. Also more on nutrition and recipes for babes and older kids. It’s one thing to walk away from the “norm” with lifestyle changes to better your health when you are a single-bodied adult, but when you are carrying and responsible for wee ones, worries are higher that you are getting everything right. Especially for newer parents raised for generations on CW and having Doctors and the media throwing tons of info your way creating doubt in your ability to raise healthy,active thriving babies and children. Maybe articles written by other parents who have been Primally raising their kids for years or helping older kids and teens transition easier ? Thank you for all the wonderful information you do already provide!

  17. I would love to see development of training materials and leadership standards that would put people in a position to start up regular local meetings. If my town has weight watchers, Jenny Craig, numerous gyms and trainers and virtually NO way to start a primal living group, it is going to be hard to educate the folks around me and give them the support to start making changes.

    1. Ooh, love this idea. I already submitted something before reading the comments, but this is better than what I came up with!

    2. Hi, I love this idea, my friend and I have been trying to encourage our nearest and dearest to change, with mixed results. M lives in a small country town, and her transformation has prompted others to give it a go. We are calling it the coconut revolution!
      Say a kit, or a resource page for people who want to support a group would be helpful. At the moment I give out the web address, print off the shopping list, and encourage them to relax and get with the program!
      Also, Mark, it’s time for you to visit the great southern land and it’s little cousin next door. Australia and New Zealand are wonderful places to visit and we would be ecstatic to see you, and I am sure would travel vast distances to meet up.
      Everyone has some fab ideas, I am going to make up a flyer with the web address, a brief summury the shopping list, and a further reading list to keep in my car, as I am finding people are getting desperate, or they are really worried about love ones. Thanks for your site as always, cheers

  18. Mark,
    Today is DAY 1 for me in the “21 day total body transformation”, and I was thinking today that it would be great to have a “paleo app” for the smart phones where we could pull up receips, shopping lists, resources, thru the app!

  19. I’d love to see a comprehensive evaluation or listing of various commercially prepared foods and specific restaurants and their dishes that are Primal-friendly.

    I’m generally able to either plan ahead or abstain from eating to make sure I stick to my plan, but many others I’ve spoken with may not be able to. An easy reference guide might help them start and stay with Primal eating.

  20. As an engineer, what I love most about MDA is the technical merit of the content in each page. Through research goes into each post AND (and this is big for me) MDA’s openness to providing the source data to allow the readers to make their own conclusions.

    In fact most of the blogs I follow in the Primal/ Paleo/ Healthy Living were sourced from MDA (that’s how I found them).

    One thing I would love to see added to MDA is a self-experimentation tools and techniques section.

    Do keto-strips help? What about Blood Glucose tests? Temperature? Are potatoes poisonous to me? etc?

    I understand one of the tenants of the Primal Blue Print is that it’s effortless. But for those of us would who like to put in the effort to understand how: The food we consume; The exercise that we conduct; Or any of the other changes, affect our bodies — How do we go about conducting those types of experiments?

    1. To expand this idea somewhat: how about doing science ourselves?

      The MDA community is large enough and has sufficient enthusiastic members, that we could perform randomized experiments.

      I do not want to give away too many scientific questions, as it is best that the participants do not know them, but you could for example compare two intermittent fasting methods, with respect to their influence on fasting blood sugar, weight loss, blood pressure, etc.

      I am a scientist and would be willing to help, but I guess the community has better doctors and statistician to offer.

      1. I would love to see very long term studies (like the Harvard Nurse study) done on volunteers from the primal community to see how primal life/diet contributes to decreased rates of cancers & other diseases, and also see how babies born to primal-eating parents fare as they age ( like rates of autism, allergies, childhood illnesses, etc., as compared to the SAD eaters).

  21. As much as I enjoy the Friday Success Stories, I’d enjoy them even more if you added your own commentary/thoughts/suggestions to the end of each submission.

    As well, it’d also be nice to see more comments/interactions from you in the comments section.

    1. I have used the Friday Success Stories, especially the Unconquerable Dave, many times to spread the word to friends. My only regret is that you don’t seem to have one for “women of a certain age” (read that post-menopausal) in their late 50s/early 60s. This is a population that is actively looking for answers and they could really be helped by moving toward a primal life-style. Maybe a success story book that hits all the demographics so a broader range of readers could identify themselves in the stories. And this could include people recovering their health as well as successful in weight loss: there could be separate sections on different goals.

      1. I was going to suggest something like this. Improvements to the website and phone apps are great, but they only preach to the choir.

        If Mark really wants to reach additional people, those still in the iron grip of SAD CW, we need 6-packs. Lots and lots of 6-packs.

        I’m not kidding. If you talk science people’s eyes will just glaze over. If you show them a six-pack, that gets their attention. You don’t get a six-pack on SAD. Ask Kelly Korg.

        1. Too true. My brother-in-law converted (after months of laughing at us about our “Carnal” lifestyle) when he saw Mark’s photos on the covers of his books!!!

      2. I agree with Ann… I wonder if MarksDailyApple receives any submissions from this demographic.

        A book focusing on us older kids (haha!) with illustrative success stories would be fantastic. Mark and Carrie are in this age group and look super and are healthy, to boot.

        I also vote for continuing to provide link love to paleo startups (like the one you did for “Not So Fast Food Truck” in San Diego).

        I don’t know what kind of mobile app you could provide that would be as helpful as your books. I’ve got mine on my Kindle and iPhone and really appreciate your offering them in these versions.

      3. Great idea Ann,
        But it does throw down the gauntlet to all us 50 something’s to sit down and write our story. I guess I should but I feel that I have some way to go, even though the changes thus far have been profound. I do feel though that after 50 years of the SA(ussie)D, that the changes have taken a bit longer, and I believe there is probably permanent damage as well. So pen to paper all you rejuvenated chooks out there it’s time to tell our story! Lol

      4. Ann, I was trying to think of an idea similar to this, because I would love to get my mother-in-law on board with a primal way of life, yet her and many of my 30-something friends find Primal “too extreme.”

        Well, I think most processed food is pretty “extreme” considering the crazy artificial ingredients that go into it, but it isn’t considered extreme by the general population because such a large proportion of people use those products.

        I don’t know how you can make Primal living seem less extreme to more people–maybe organize kickstarters for farmers to help drive down the cost of grass-fed beef, or for people to start up Primal restaurants?

      5. I agree a series on how going primal can assist with fluctuations in hormones as one ages. It sure has helped me!

  22. I want Mark to unite the tribes. The primal world may be a loose democratic one but we definitely need someone steering the boat and then keeping the masses informed. It’s a tall (not completely possible) order but it is the most important thing we can do to dispel CW.
    The power of info is limited without a keen aim.

    1. Heh, hopefully he can replace the manna from the heavens with pemmican 🙂

    2. Tribes uniting under one supreme leader? Isn’t this how grok became part of a member of a larger community built around agriculture? It’s a slippery slope, my friend.

      1. Think of it as a hunt:

        Grok didn’t just take down an animal by himself; he did so in a coordinated manner with his buddies.

        If we want to slay Conventional Wisdom for good, the ancestral health community AS A WHOLE needs to coordinate much better amongst its groups and find the most vulnerable and most important/high profile targets to ‘bring down’ so to speak.

        Okay, maybe that sounds more like war (I’m in the service), but we ARE kind of at war and it’s a war we didn’t start.

        It may be nice to think “Oh, well we’re a grassroots movement and we don’t need any kind of strategy besides helping people.” but that’s not how things get accomplished, and if we’re serious about doing something then we need to act like it.

        Whenever the next Ancestral Health Symposium comes around the speakers need to sit and have a pow wow and discuss how we can turn-over conventional wisdom for the majority of uninformed people not just most effectively, but in the shortest amount of time as possible. And then we need to do it.

    3. I can get in on this, too. While there is lots of cross-reference between MDA, Robb Wolf, etc, more direct interaction (perhaps a joint video/DVD set on the key topics?) would help wedge us more into mainstream…

  23. I think it would be great if you sold sample sizes of your Primal Fuel, or even some kind of “starter kit” that contained maybe one week’s worth of supplements and fuel, so people could take them for a test drive before investing in the big package.

    Love your site and all the great info!

    1. I like this idea! I’d also love to see the primal essentials kit augmented with primal fuel if at all possible. A tiny idea but it’s something I was wishing existed when I bought my autoship of the primal essentials.

  24. Position the primal blueprint lifestyle as a brand and create more visibility by pairing your ‘brand’ of primal lifestyle with e.g. a couple of athletes, actors or whatever has the public’s interest. The results on their performance and looks will speak for itself and hopefully motivate some of the public to make the change. If she was still making tv I’d say go on Oprah! (just kidding)
    Maybe do more on YouTube. Like follow someone who is making the change from SAD to thr

    1. Crossfit is doing this with the doco “killing the fat man”. It’s awesome (and he’s gone paleo) the transformation is astounding, well worth a watch.

  25. I’m quite new (since a few weeks) to this website, so no indepth feedback from me at this point.

    My first impressions of the website: it’s very complete, maybe a bit overwhelming for a new visitor. So some (more) simplicity to finding “quick and easy” information would be nice. But thanks for creating and sharing all that info!

    I bought and like your 21 day (etc) book, although I would prefer a PDF version over the paper one. I like most of it, I would appreciate an edition more relevant for Europe (stores, brands, restaurants). Maybe like in a downloadable appendix or something.

    I understand that creating such an edition probably is quite a project when you don’t live over here…

  26. I’d like to see a series of shorter challenges, like daily missions. Something concrete, doable, inspiring.

    1. I agree! Something small but motivating to keep it up or encourage people to jump into living primally 🙂

  27. The primal blueprint lifestyle. That Will Give you lost of hits and visibility.

  28. I would like an index of suppliers of Primal meats, fish and poultry that are ‘checked’, country specific & will ship. Finding a free ranged, grass-fed chicken is pretty much impossible here.

    1. I’d think that would be too much for the worker bees to take on, but definitely do-able via a grass roots online forum.

      But before all that check out “eat wild”

    2. An index would be nice, but I would love to see a primal map with hyper linked areas to more easily buy local. A curious individual can enter a zip code and a map of that area shows up with flags at locations of primal friendly shopping. Maybe even cross referencing could be available, ie: 19122 and pastured chicken. Then a custom map appears with all your local options.

  29. I was just thinking about this on Saturday night where I saw some friends I haven’t seen in 30 or 40 lbs and spent most of the night ‘splanin how….again. It’s common these days. Too common. I give them the high level and write down the resources for them and stress how important it is to find what works for ya’. As much as I want to spread the word, it has come to dominate my social and even business interactions and I’m tired of it. I feel like a broken record and feel like I’m talking about myself too much. I always point people to Primal Blueprint and MDA as a first step. MDA is a great resource but how do I give people enough info to get them here without it dominating the conversation? I was thinking a post card summary with info to get them to MDA? I might just make my own then I can say, “Here, read this when you get a chance. It’ll explain it better than I could and get you to the resources that can help you. Now how ’bout them Sox, man are they stinkin’ it up this year.”

    1. I stopped following the Sox after Beckett’s golf outing, my cortisol levels were rising.

    2. I like this idea a lot. I have he same experience and really like he idea of spreading the word in a not-for-profit kind of way. Branding and marketing are important, but the prevelance of it made me hesitant to become more involved when I first found the website. I’d already bought “PB Quick & Easy Meals” when I discovered the website, and I was afraid I was getting into some kind of pyramid marketing thing or something.

  30. This is a challenge to add something to an already well-rounded, all-inclusive, thorough website. Since it’s all about ME, I’d like to see more about aging and how people are busting myths about it. I’m 55 and FINALLY graduating from menopause, would read anything techie on that. I could dig through the archives and forums, but you asked. Thanks for maintaining such a helpful, useful blog, I love being part of this community.

  31. My idea is for a “Is it Primal” iPhone app. A quick and easy reference guide to Primal-approved foods available whenever you need it. Could also have restaurant tips for ordering, etc.

    1. Along this same line…Have you seen the navigation app called “Waze”? Drivers can report accidents, slow downs, etc… and anyone else using the app is notified when they get near the location. Then these comments can get voted up or down by other drivers who either see the same thing or don’t see it.

      This could be a good base for a Primal app. It would be too much for Mark and his team to research every restaurant, every menu/store item, etc… but the app could just allow you to pinpoint your location, type in the name of where you are, categorize it (store, restaurant, farmers market, etc…) and type in notes about what Primal fare you’ve found there (or what you’ve had bad luck with.) Then users could look up listings by their location, or by category in their general area.

      1. Ooh, I really like this idea! You’re right, it’s too much for Mark and his team to research every restaurant. I imagine the app being similar to Yelp, but with a rating for how Primal-friendly it is, which specific items on the menu are acceptable, how accommodating the staff/cooks are to changes to a dish, etc.

      2. Wiat, so people are looking at their phones to check for accidents? Wouldn’t that cause even more accidents?

        1. Which is brilliant! The app users crowdsource what makes the app useful by get this… • using• the app! Its Windows all over again!!

      1. Primal is so simple, do we really need “an app for that?” I think it would just give us another reason to have our noses stuffed into a device, phone, etc… When chances are your question could be answered very simply by asking yourself, “Is this dish, a fruit, vegetable, quality meat or dairy?” Eating out primal is easy if you’ve done your research before committing.
        Just my opinion

  32. I think a program were you take on an apprentice/protege and have him soak up all your knowledge etc. and have him write/blog about it, something along those lines, would be pretty cool. I would volunteer immediately! 😉

    1. That really would be pretty awesome! You’d have to have a full-on Grok duel to decide who gets it though (:

    2. oh that would be RAD! I’d like to see a female in this role, as most info in the scientific/medical/health community is male-centric. The notes that keep popping up about peri/post-menopausal and mommy Grokettes are proof that we’d eat that info right up.

  33. Definitely online and mobile tracking tools — one that really tracks your nutrients and warns you when you go too far out of the Primal 20% buffer zone. This would also track Primal fitness and warn when you start getting into Chronic Cardio or other inflammatory behavior.

  34. An “Is it Primal?” app would be awesome, with a primal restaurant finder component where users from your city could input restaurants or what to order at any given restaurant.

    Or a Primal Con in/near Oklahoma!

    1. Yes, an “Is it Primal?” app ought to include restaurants. I’m fairly new at this diet and growing weary of only being able to order one or two entrees on a menu. I’d really like to go to a restaurant with a complete primal-friendly menu. I’m a big believer in “the market,” but selfishly impatient that it’s going to take years for the primal lifestyle to catch on. Being in a hip fringe movement has its appeal, but I’d rather have plentiful choices.

  35. Primal Con or lectures or MDA franchise in the UK. Only problem is I cannot guarantee sunny weather

  36. A “Primal Guide for Dummies” (or maybe a more creative name) link on your website. Many of my family and friends are interested, but feel too busy to take the time to comb through all the links and information. Some of your entries go into great detail with “big” words (which is great), but a busy person who is sorta interested probably thinks “I’ll come back to this later when I have more time.”

    So a super simple “get started” guide. Then if things are working for them, they will eventually keep reading to see why it’s working.

    1. This is the single biggest barrier to getting more people Primal – lack of a simple (simpler) guide than the current ‘getting started’ page.

      Also, for best impact there needs to be a much less ‘commercial’ looking version – repeatedly I find myself apologizing for the ‘advertising’, glossy, appearance – to many people, this kind of look suggests multilevel marketing or worse. There’s a place for the white blond shirtless six pack, but not for tentative beginners who don’t/can’t exercise much at all; they’d still benefit hugely from primal eating. hard to tell up front if a really simplified entry level like this would lead people on to buy product; but it might be worth an experiment.

  37. I’d like to see more videos. Maybe a weekly video? It could be showing how you prepare a primal recipe, or perhaps doing a live chat?

  38. It’s really a small nitpick thing, but I browse through old articles a lot on the site, and it would be nice that the year was included with the date at the top of the article.

    Knowing the year makes the biggest difference when you search and find multiple articles on a subject. It is nice to read them in order. Also, there are a few articles where the context of when it was written matters.

    Currently I always have to scroll down to the comments first to find the year, then read the article.

      1. Agreed! Also, a lot of the older articles seem to have outdated info/recommendations.

        1. Yeah, it would be nice to have some of the old articles annotated with updates and links. I run into it a lot where hubby or my mom/dad will say (for example) “mark says brown rice is good” and I have to say “no, new info says white rice because of the antinutrients”.

          So in old articles where suggestions for brown rice are made, maybe a note saying “updated: white rice is preferable to brown rice if you’re not going to ferment it. See resources here, here, and here.”

    1. Yes! This has bothered me for a long time. I also am annoyed that there are no “back” or “next” buttons, especially for posts that reference things from the day before or intimate that there will be more discussion the next day.

  39. I am interested in a Primal Android app that tracks food and Primal Essential fitness easily.

  40. I would love to see a Paleo cooking show on the Food
    Network! Now THAT would be show worth watching:
    de-mystifying organ meats! Transitioning from SAD to Paleo! Getting more good fats in your diet! The possibilities are endless. I think it would be very popular.

    1. That would be great! And if you got someone really well known to host it, people who aren’t even interested in Paleo might watch it, and learn about the diet that way.

      1. Cooking show for sure! I loved the videos that users posted and can certainly be a unique twist on an old tv concept.

  41. The blog already offers everything a person new to the community could want. If you want to reach more people I think it has to be beyond the blog.

    In my experience people are most curious about eating well when they hear about the immediate benefits – the Success Stories tab was a good idea but I don’t think it’s highlighted enough – maybe dedicate a whole website to people who changed their lives living this way?

    Also, here in the UK paleo is still non-existent so you should definitely look at bringing it over here to the masses, as there is a huge potential market. People here care about nature and like eating fresh and delicious foods. You could team up with organic farm companies, health clubs and scientists (universities?) to bring the message over here as well.

  42. My hope is that some of these general ideas get more mainstream. I don’t necessarily know how you can contribute, but the two things I would love to happen, are:
    1. Have more Primal focused food options. Like this: (
    2. This is probably crazy, but how about using Kickstarter to fund a small study on the benefits of not eating the SAD? This is such an important issue. The more I experience the benefits of eating the way my body is designed, the more upset I get about the direction that the American diet is going. I’d be willing to pitch in to help pay for it, and I bet a lot of other people would as well.

    Keep up the good work, Mark.

  43. I would have to say an APP would be fantastic, but also a “primal” youtube page would be great to see some short videos and personal experiences posted as its an easy way to share with friends/family/co-workers.

    People are more likely to watch a 3 min video then read an article i send them (unfortunately) but it would be great to get people’s feet in the door!

    1. I like the idea of an App as well. A blog reader and links to your common start here things, etc.

  44. A one-pager that explains primal living with a focus on the diet. I’ve linked friends trying to lose weight and they have been turned off because it’s “too complicated” or takes “too long” to get through the basics.

    1. Primal tweets.

      I too have forward on the site and the 101 guides and received the “its to long/too much/too complicated’ response.

      Personally I do not think the content is that difficult to understand. The challenge is the content destroys the paradigm that person has been living, thus the fear and resistance to implementing/adapting primal changes.

    2. I love the idea of a one page info sheet. I talk to a lot of people with limited internet access. I would like to see a printable brochure that I could hand to my fellow truck drivers when I make quick stops.
      Another idea for bringing in the over 50 crowd is a brochure that not only emphasizes weight loss, but also pings on the “less pain” aspect.. That’s the only reason I started eating as primal as possible..

  45. I’d like to see more videos. These could be vlogs, updates to whats going on with MDA, or even an educational series (exercise, cooking). Then you could have other famous Paleo people show up as guests.

  46. I agree, an app with workouts and a primal food list would be great.

  47. I have two suggestions: workshop(s) in the DC area, and maybe a concise guide to present to a doctor. To be more specific: it is tough to ask a doctor to just visit MDA and read up on stuff. I would be snazzy to have some sort of brochure or list of references or something succint that one could take to a doc and hand over and say, “I understand you feel I should engage in treatment X, but here are some resources that suggest I might be able to handle this issue with lifestyle/diet intervention Y. Are you willing to read this stuff and support me?”

  48. I LOVE when you have 30 day challenges. I notice a lot of your comments come from people who are already living the lifestyle – I keep just dipping my toes and testing the waters. The 30 Day challenges inspire me to try harder.

    I have been organizing neighborhood workouts in the park on Saturday mornings. I really enjoy when you write about exercises and quick, HIIT workouts – I take your ideas and run with them – literally.

    Vlogs are OK only if they’re short. I get antsy watching people talk – I prefer reading and appreciate that you highlight key points in your articles for days that I am just quickly skimming.

    I consider the work you do as a bar setter for other Paleo writers and I notice you garner a lot of respect – someone commented on brand and I agree. Build on the whole “I’m doing the Mark’s Daily Apple diet” idea to continue your recognition and business growth.

  49. I like the Dear Mark series. Maybe expand on that to a daily question?

  50. This might seem a little simple, or might not get used – but I’d like to see a new topic in the Forum section. Something along the lines of “Primal by Region” where there are subsections for different states, or countries.

    I guess I’d just like to connect to people more in my region and share tips on where to find things like the freshest organic produce/grass finished beef, or the most primal restaurants, or cool parks/gyms/beach to work out at.

  51. If you are indeed looking to reach a broader audience, then you might consider a weekly/biweekly guest post series from conventional doctors/medical professionals who have embraced paleo/primal nutrition & lifestyle, or who understand that food is medicine. I firmly believe that the paleo/primal community needs to share the stage with people who are most likely to influence diet…. the standard American is looking for treatment and does not even know that they have such power over their own wellness.

    On top of that… you might consider a recruitment strategy for blog/newsletter subscription with rewards for the people who bring you the most newbies.

  52. Open up a fast-food type place that serves a tasty quick paleo/primal meal for anybody of all diets (but specifically for the Paleo/Primal crowd. Much like chipotle with their high standards of food, freshnes, and quick serve. If it’s relatively cheap( $10 meal?), healthy, tasty and fast we might see a mushrooming of the restaurant “Insert REstaurant name here”. Who wouldn’t like some butter-cooked pork with guacamole, grilled veggies and fresh greens? don’t forget the hot sauce.

  53. More videos? The main mode of sharing things today seems to be linking videos on facebook to each other, so why not hop on that wave and see where it takes you?

  54. This will probably have very little appeal to a large majority of readership mainly because it’s not exactly applicable to everyone, but I would love to see a Primal Gardening/Ranching segment. I have the fortune of having enough area that I can cultivate some of my own fruits, veggies, eggs, and hopefully soon, goat and turkeys. There is something immensely rewarding and “Primal” about being that one step closer to self-sufficiency.

    1. +1. Even for people without the means it would be interesting to learn what is involved in producing good food.

      1. +2. There are some great permaculture blogs that compliment Primal. Permaculture and Primal- two sides of the same coin really.

  55. The Science, the science, and the science. It is the science that always convinces me if we are on the right path. It is also great when it tells us we or not! I cannot stress the importance of facts behind how we live.

  56. VIDEO ARTICLES, Although reading is great, I think if you did vlogs it would be a excellent way to increase the sites popularity and more easily spread the message!

  57. I’ve recently become acquainted with Scott Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training (CST) system. I really love his health-first, movement-based fitness modality, with its emphasis on joint mobility and what he calls “intuitive training.” And there’s scarcely an exercise tool more Grok-like than the clubbell! So I’d love to see some sort of joint venture between PB and CST, however small-scale. Maybe a workout video?

    (I also second the idea of PrimalCon East Coast!)

    Thanks for everything, Mark!

  58. A detailed nutritional breakdown of foods. And of course and East Coast PrimalCon!!!

  59. Short, intence, quality videos.
    Attract new people and provide inspiration to the already primally educated.

  60. I love the challenges that you have been issuing… we all know the principles but reminders to go out and do the primal things we may me slacking on are great motivators!

    Also, I would love to see some focused leadership on really moving the conversation away from a focus on weight-loss and “LGN” and focusing more on the principles that will bring vitality and wellness to ALL people. The incessant weight loss chatter in the community can be incredibly demoralizing and often borders on body shaming. Its ok to be primal and overweight and focusing on health above weight loss!

    1. +1…not everyone will LGN, no matter what!! and its not a priority for some people, anyway. the health needs to be the focus, other things follow.

  61. I would love to see a meal planning service like the book “The Organized Cook” weekly meal plan system by Toni Spilsbury. I love prepared meal plans but I sometimes have a hard time making them primal.

  62. Some sort of system to organize all your information into different groups. I know you have all that in the archives section, but you have so many information that sometimes I get confused on what to do.

    Also, two suggestions:
    You can do a Meal of the day and Workout of the day post on a daily basis. It would be like a journal. On this post you can tell us about one of your daily meals (breakfast, lunch, etc). I think it will do lots to help the readers see examples of how primal can be practical. On the workout of the day you can suggest the readers a workout for each day, so we can vary our workouts and don’t get stuck on the same routine.

    The point of doing this is to allow us to connect with you and maybe identify ourselves with you in new ways. I think most of us admire your lifestyle and it would be great if you can share some of it with us.

  63. Your primal Fridays are excellent and encouraging but how about some stories and counsel to those who have less than perfect stories? Or they go primal and lose weight but never end up looking like weight lifter/model type and still have an extra 10 or 20? Or struggle in other ways? Thanks!

  64. Mark,
    I want to see you continuing your fantastic work for the Primal/Paleo/Health Community. Near enough everything needed can be found through your website and books, and, with your continued efforts to research the subject everyone is kept up to date with the latest findings and ideas. (The articles on fasting have taken a lot of stress from me as I get questioned a hell of a lot about the subject but now I direct everyone to you for a greater understanding.)

  65. I’ve always wanted to go to PrimalCon, but travelling to CA hasn’t been feasible so far. I would suggest creating a mini-PrimalCon series. You could make some videos, suggest some agenda items and let some local “experts” host the event. This would encourage the development of Primal communities all over the world. I would love to meet some other Groks and Grokettes in my city (I know you’re out there).

    1. Seconded. There’s occasional talk on the forums like this so the infrastructure is already in place.
      I’ll happily host a small gathering here in the West of Ireland 😉

  66. Primal Con East-coast edition!

    I’d also love to see more guest posters, but perhaps from people on the forums, not just their success stories, but what they did to experiment and make their diet work for them.

  67. #1: A tool that can generate a daily workout based on Primal movements and also what equipment you have available.
    #2: A post for a DAILY workout for those who have issues with making their own regimen and/or are having trouble figuring out how to make a workout “Primal”.
    #3: A tool that can bring Primal people together to conduct group workouts, trade info etc… A forum is somewhat useful for that, however the tool can be targeted for that ability specifically.
    #4: Mobile app??? For workout generation, searchable database for foods and their Primal/Not Primal categorization(possibly other avenues I haven’t thought of).
    #5: Certification (not sure if this is already possible?), in Primal blueprint nutrition for those that want to go out into the world and (properly) educate others.

  68. I would like a more diverse product line or perhaps retail partners with products like grass fed human grade “pet food” ground beef w/ guts.

    The underlying wish is for this to become more mainstream and drive the gf meat costs down.

  69. I would love to see a printer-friendly format for the recipes, (maybe even a “recipe box” where users could save their favorites) with an integrated shopping list generator. Even just an option to save recipes as a PDF (without the commentary or intro) would be really useful.

    As much as I love the gorgeous photos, actually cooking from a blog post is needlessly difficult.

    1. Great idea, gets a bit busy in the kitchen with the laptop on the bench while I read the recipe and cook.

  70. Interest in Primal will always be limited by the “caveman” focus. Not saying the focus is wrong. It attracts some people. Not saying to change. So this isn’t an entry in the contest.

    You still may help 10 million people have better health. I hope you do. But you don’t have to directly reach everyone. Some blogs, e.g. ones by women, which have a simple country garden theme, are going to reach people you don’t. But if those bloggers were inspired by you and follow the Primal philosophy, then you have still touched their readers.

    1. I agree with the “caveman” thing.

      9 times out of 10 when I tell someone I eat Paleo/Primal they say disgustedly “Isn’t that those people who think they’re cavemen?”

      Makes Grok want to smash!

      1. No. It’s those people that think they CAME from cave men . . . ;~)

  71. Also, I agree with Conor – I would like to see the year
    included with the date on the articles.

  72. I would like to see a regualr weekly video blog. Actions speak louder than words, and you would build a better bond with all your primal followers out there.

  73. I’d like a Primal meal plan. I’m not a good meal planner .. and if I have a plan, then I’m most likely to stay on target.

    Perhaps maybe do a weekly meal plan blog for all to follow?

  74. As a Primal Blueprint newbie (3 weeks now, yay!) I think you have the internet pretty well covered (though the smart phone app ideas are great).

    To reach more people you need to think outside the ‘net. I would love to see a monthly or even bi-monthly magazine (yes, kids, on paper!) that featured recipes, workouts, helpful hints, success stories, reminders of the basics, and so on. Possibly, but not necessarily, different content than found on all the web resources.

    Since I’m throwing out almost all my old cookbooks and recipe magazines, this would be a fabulous replacement.

    1. My thought exactly, Monica! I second your idea 100%. A magazine would be terrific for all of your reasons AND my add on is: it would be another way to share PB lifestyle with others by passing it along, sending free subscriptions to libraries, health centers, MDs and so on. It subscription would also make a most thoughtful gift!

      What do you think Mark? Everyone?

      1. Love Primal magazine idea! You can sell ad space to generate more revenue, do interviews, offer coupons, recipes etc.. I would keep them just for the recipes!

  75. Although you (Mark) and your team do your best at answering our questions, there are still many questions left unanswered simply because it’s difficult (not impossible 😉 ) to answer them all. If you had a small team of people dedicated to answering questions, that would be awesome.

    1. Wouldn’t that open up the chance of corruption? Call me a cynic but…

  76. I would love to see a section of content devoted to the creative Primal Blueprint hacks some of us have had to come up with.

    Think of it as a kind of a celebration of Primal law 10, like does with electro-mechanical disciplines, but maybe with fewer Trools…

  77. I would love a page on your site that features Primal-friendly restaurants and menu items for restaurants that are generally available in most states. I think there are more options available than we might think, but it would require quite a bit of reader participation to share what they have found.

  78. Political leadership.

    Mark, you are the only person who can harness the power of the paleo crowd to effect change, large and small.

    What do we want? A paleo meal option on airplanes, equal NIH funding for LC/HF studies, an end to grain subsidies, the removal of the conflict of interest at the heart of the USDA dietary guidelines, better labelling for omega-6/3 ratios, reduced health insurance premiums for paleolistas, mandatory sidewalks on all (new) roads, etc, etc, etc… (What else do we want people? Please add your suggestions in comments.)

    How are we going to get it? By raising the profile of paleo, letting business and bureaucrats know that we are a force to be reckoned with; a letter writing campaign to CEOs and senators; local chapters… anyone, anyone?

    I know, I know, this movement is all about self-reliance, not relying on government, voting with your dollar… These are all great things. But the reality is that the government sets the rules of the game, with massive consequences for those 10 million Americans you are trying to reach (and many more besides).

    Orchestrating the efforts of the 100,000 people who read this blog may be the most impactful thing you have ever done. We are ready and waiting!

        1. Doesn’t have to be political. We need someone to help harness the growing energy (and $$) of people like us to advance education. It can be education of politicians, school boards through pilot lunch programs, the public through funding documentaries, etc.

  79. Hi Mark. You and your people do a fabulous job. I can honestly say, that I have never been one to ‘join the gang’ regarding diet/weight loss/health. It was your thoughtful, thorough approach that actually got me to read on and eventually change a few things in my approach to food and exercise. I am a woman, wife, mother. I was brought up (as many of us are) to embrace and give comfort through food. For me Blueberry pie comes to mind because and again, for me it speaks of a home filled with wonderful smells, love, laughter, comfort, family. I am no marketing guru, but sometimes the soft sell works very well. Since following your blog about 10 months ago, I’ve tried at least 5 recipes from your selection. Most of them are now part of what we eat on a regular basis. Since turning to primal, my kitchen has yielded all kinds of new smells and tastes that my family has enjoyed…that have become the new ‘comfort/love’ foods for us. From something as simple as berries and cream with some nuts sprinkled on to Taki Masala Chicken. Notice that many cook books do have love/joy…positive adjectives in the title. On this note I was also speaking with a lady whom I had the pleasure of meeting at one of your seminars and we did get around to talking about cookbooks and how bright vivid pictures are so important to this type of format. I guess that this is my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.



  80. when I first started primal about a year ago what I would have liked is someone to follow. You could enlist the community to log their daily life for 30 days, mainly what they eat and how they exercise, complete with grocery lists, exercise logs etc. Each person would have a profile, such as me, working father of 3 kids with limited time to cook and the new person starting out could choose someone with a similar profile and have an easy day by day path to follow as the begin the primal lifestyle.

  81. I’d really like to see someone in the primal community attack the differences between how primal works for women versus men. It seems like so much of the literature is written from a male perspective, without addressing the very real hormonal differences women experience.

    1. I’m a [paleo] man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of [paleo] man I am. You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.

  82. To get big, think big.
    Get on the Ellen Degeneres Show.
    Mobilize all of us willing readers to campaign whoever it is that makes it happen to get on Ellen. You’ll introduce millions to your website.

    1. Tap into the Ron Paul group, liberty includes the freedom to put whatever you want in your body, which includes primal foods or lots of bad stuff from FDA/DOA approved Big Agriculture.

        1. That doesn’t change the fact that he published racist newsletters all throughout the ’90s in his name that said African-American men were innately more inclined to crime than European-Americans, not to mention, he has stated on multiple occasions that he is in favour of repealing the civil rights act.

          Regardless, Paleo/Primal becoming tied in with a particular politician or political affiliation of any kind is a terrible idea, and by its nature would alienate half of the community.

  83. I would like pamphlets that can be given out to ogres who give me a hard time about not eating carbs and who say that we should all just eat “everything in moderation.” Actual foldable, easy-to-comprehend summaries of the PB, and why people should stop being ogres.

  84. A visual companion to the site a video podcast Primal TV with interview/cooking/exercise/health topics. Maybe an ebook of past articles from blog. Less online navigation

  85. This might be kind of broad but I would really like to see this become more than just a “fad diet” mostly because I know it IS more than that. We need to work on getting most people to eat like this. Perhaps more of hard scientific evidence for easy public viewing, maybe even starting clinical trials.How about a primal grocery store? And my all time favorite, a primal restaurant. Can I be a chef there?

    1. Oh yes, if you have the money, running some (well-designed, unbiased) clinical trials would be great. It would take years, but once it’s done you’ll be able to use it to get health professionals onside.

      1. Those kinds of studies can cost *literally* millions of dollars. I’m not sure how feasible that would be.

    2. I agree! One of my biggest worries is that Primal will become a despised fad diet that washes over and then fades away again.

      1. It couldn’t become that Amber.
        More likely the powers will make grass-fed beef and org. veg illegal… I think that’s what they’re getting started on in NZ actually. Codex Alimentarius. Crazy times!

  86. Hi Mark,

    As someone who likes to log their food so I know I’m on track, I’d like to see incorporated in the primal blueprint website a daily food journal which calculates your daily fat/carb/protein intake. I use a free one currently but it’s always telling me I’m eating to much fat and not enough carbs because it’s based on the SAD. It would be nice to have one that you could tailor to your personal daily intake goals. Plus I’d only have to go to one site for logging, vitamins, and fuel (for my body and mind!). Maybe also have it accessible as an app. Thanks!

  87. I’d like to see a more comprehensive listing of primal/paleo options (and pitfalls!) at restaurants (i.e. what to order if eating Korean/Mexican/Italian and also “watch out for the flour in French cream sauces”). Would like to go to restaurants without having to interrogate the staff!

    1. Yes, I too am concerned about uninformed pitfalls that I’ll place myself in when ordering at restaurants.

  88. I’d love to see a section of the website that keeps track of the studies you’ve referenced in various articles by topic, and maybe even a section on studies you have debunked. And maybe a little how-to guide to reading and evaluating studies on our own (so we don’t inundate you with e-mails every time CNN tries to tell us some study says all that fat will kill us! =D ).

  89. Mark, I would like to see a post/book about primal applications of not so primal athletic events, like your posts on weight gain and marathon ruuning except broader. To perhaps attract a high school/ college athlete crowd. For instance when I do sprint work on a track my vibrams and minimalist shoes are too thin and can hinder my speed. What would be the best alternative to still have a primal advantage? For swimmers, what should they do about all of the chlorine exposure to their skin? Or overuse of their bodies in a way they were really not intended for? Would basketball players get an advantage from a zero drop shoe? Or is a heel necessary? I believe answering questions about multiple sports would attract a great crowd and convert some on the border people into primal followers

  90. A Why Paleo marketing flyer or brochure that explains the movement and quickly makes the case for why the country would be healthier if they embraced the Primal lifestyle. This would be a great handout to have when I meet both skeptics and those interested in trying the Primal lifestyle.

    1. Even just leaving a stack of them in the entrances of grocery stores might get the odd person to think twice about what’s in their cart.

  91. Lots of awesome ideas above. I think the Primal movement would benefit by having more primary care doctors become advocates. How to better communicate with doctors? Would an online bibliography of the research you cite be helpful? If primary care doctors start directing patients to this lifestyle, then I think (hope) it will leverage your goal of 10million persons living primal.

  92. I’d definitely welcome an expanded resources section – I’d love to see more about “what to replace X with”, X being standard household products (cleaners, medications, etc.) that aren’t primal.

  93. I’d love to see a primal restaurant choices app for iPhone/Android. Something that allows you to search for nearby restaurants (Urban Spoon or Yelp style), comment and review them, see menus, etc.

    That being said… maybe… just… convince those companies to add a “Primal-Friendly” category to their databases!

  94. A “Certified” Primal street army, a group of educated, enthusiastic, individuals knowledgeable enough about the Primal Lifestyle that they can lead group seminars and mini-PrimalCon’s around the world.

    Kind of like the idea of MovNat certified trainers they are getting going right now.

    1. I second this. Some kind go training / certification course, perhaps with an added franchise arrangement.

      1. +1

        Ensuring those that are certified know enough about the science behind the choices to spread the word without ever losing any credibility.

        1. Exactly! They would be fully certified experts with a devotion to CONTRIBUTE new science as well. A full-fledged member committed to the primal team.

  95. More analysis of reports and scientific papers that present evidence against your standpoint. Gives you extra credit amongst those of us, particularly newbies, who worry about confirmation bias and/or get confused by all the contradictory information out there.

    Oh, and could you get a UK-based writer on your staff, to talk about what’s available in this country? Some of your advice on, for example, where to buy things doesn’t transplant well. Presumably the same is true for Australia, and maybe other places. You’ll tap into a big audience outside the US if you make it relevant to them as well.

  96. Honestly Mark, I just want to meet you. I already have gotten about 5 people (in 3 weeks) interested in being Primal. It has me so excited, that I just want to meet the guy who literally changed my life in just 5 weeks. You’re awesome Mark, and I’ll do my part to make sure you get to 10 million.

  97. The Biggest Loser: Conventional ‘v’ Ancestral Wisdom

    Five obese people follow the standard guidelines, five follow your blueprint (with you onscreen as their trainer). Let’s show the world how the primal approach knocks spots off the competition.

    1. My wife and I were talking about this recently. You’d have to get the producers to change the metrics from % of body weight lost to % body fat lost. The primals would likely gain more muscle in their journey than the conventionals.

  98. I would like to see you offer some type of trail mix or other Paleo snacks.

  99. I would like to see an *organized* and professional push into the mainstream for better science and a better understanding of nutrition and health. It doesn’t have to be “primal”, and it shouldn’t have any pre-determined conclusions aside from a core belief that a conversation needs to be started about how we, as animals, should really take care of ourselves. Perhaps propose this concept of evolutionary-based nutrition (as a starting point for research – what is a default diet in the wild, and how can we make it better?) as a valid hypothesis worth considering. This helps neutralize the “fad diet” criticism, as the goal is to discover the optimal diet, not promise weight-loss etc.

    Right now we have multiple “paleo” camps with terrible PR. From the outside it seems crazy (21st century humans are supposed to be “better” than cavemen – people are proud of their modern culture). Gather together, get some PR professionals and push for REAL science that focuses on humans – detached from emotion – as if we were an alien species being studied.

  100. I’d like there to be a website/app or something along those lines which list primal friendly restaurants/food places all over the country..this restuarant cooks their food in tallow, uses only grass-fed, gluten free, no seed oils used etc. This would make traveling a breeze! Assuming it would consist of more mom/pop shops as opposed to chains which is even better!

  101. I want to see meal plans, or, “How to do primal.”.

    I would love to see different people and families get in on it. Like “23 year old NYC bachelor eating out” and a “family of 4 with 2 teenagers” and all others. It will be a way to look at meal costs, planning and prep time, as well as looking at how real people incorporate Primal into their daily weeks.

    1. This was what I was going to suggest, as well. I’d love to see a meal plan section.

    2. Agreed. this would totally help my family to not fall off the rails. We struggle with planning our meals for the week and end up binging on something when we are hungry and can’t think of anything to make

  102. I’m surprised at how many techonology based solutions are being touted. More and more I’m finding a good old fashioned hand written note, a piece of paper, a card… to be more effective than an email, app, etc.. It grabs people’s attention now because you actaully took the time. Full disclousre…I’m a bit of a luddite since going primal and keep trying to find ways a minimizing technology’s invasion in my life.

  103. I think that an introductory video to the Primal Blueprint would be a great resource that I could show my friends. If that video was convincing and interesting enough to go viral, then plenty of people would at least be informed of this lifestyle. If you can get your readers to promote this video on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, I’m sure that the movement would explode!

  104. Hi Mark, finding someway to get a presence on network television would be a huge boost I would think. Whether in the form of being a nutritional consultant guest on some current news segment or entertainment show, or even coming up with a plan for a new show and pitching it to some networks, I am think along the lines of The Biggest Loser and Survivor blended together.

    Also, finding a niche group of athletes or movie stars etc (people who’s career depends on being able to become very fit quickly) and become a fitness consultant to some of them, I would think word would spread quickly in niche circles as to who the new fitness guru is that can transform your body in a matter of weeks/months.

    Good luck, fantastic informational site you have.

    Chris D

  105. It’s all about what you eat so create a place on your site called “The Paleo Dinner” where you can find everything about what to eat, when and why.
    Keep it simple and direct.

  106. I’d like to see a more user-friendly searchable recipe database, to include Mark’s AND reader-contributed recipes. The biggest hurdle for me in getting started is coming up with ideas of what to cook and have on hand.

  107. Get on 60 Minutes or Charlie Rose for an interview. Good luck!

  108. I haven’t read the responses, so don’t know if it’s been said or not. However, I would like to see a workout DVD and for you to visit (Ontario) Canada and do some type of retreat!

    1. I’m in Ontario too; Are you able to get any grass-fed beef in your area?

  109. I’d like to see more information on primal nutrition focused at the amateur athlete. Meal ideas for before and after competition or training would be great. Also another run through supplements focusing on an athlete’s needs.

  110. I would like to see this movement have a more global presence. I’m following this site from Malaysia and it does get a little lonely sometimes. I say we should have “street teams” by continent/region/country. let’s take the world by storm!

  111. Something I enjoy and would like to see more of is the gathering, synthesizing, and interpreting of health/nutrition research, particularly in the service of refuting conventional wisdom. Maybe some articles/resources could be devoted to connecting the A) Primal perspective, which is simply a common-sense starting point from which to begin exploring health with B) the modern science and studies that corroborate.

    Perhaps a collection of studies or a series of articles with citations. Perhaps a companion or addition to the “Weekend LInks” that focuses more on highlighting and analyzing the science of the PB.

    I’m not sure what form it would take, but the challenge I always run into is giving new people confidence that not only does the PB make sense given the hermeneutic of ancestral health ( which, again, just makes perfect sense) but that also, contrary to popular belief, unbiased expeditions into the science of the matter confirm it.

  112. Think I’m retracing others steps here a bit but great minds and such. I’m building my own system of tracking and metrics to find the path to my goals based on MDA’s guidance but kind of feel like I’ll inevitably make mistakes and fine tune.

    If MDA has a suggested broad template for tracking inputs vs primal goals, not just guidance but an actual system of application, I have a feeling that first stage of trial and error would be shorter/more efficient for most of us.

    If that came in the form of an e-book or a site or an app… maybe any or all those.

    Thanks for the site and the open content model. Really making a difference for people.

  113. I would like to see a health section detailing challenges and ways to deal with them (weight loss, acne, M.S., fatigue, etc.). Maybe a flow-chart format would work. Like If you have bad skin, is it oily or dry? Do you still eat dairy? If not, try an elimination diet. Or If you are having trouble losing weight, and your carbs are under 50 a day, then try I.F. I feel like the PB works for for a of people, but we need to be more inclusive if we want to help 10 million people. I’m afraid the current format may lend itself to confirmation bias because we don’t hear as much from the people who weren’t helped.

  114. We need to get into the living rooms of average Americans and show them what primal is all about…what about a reality show! Make a pitch to all the major networks for a biggest loser style show where you would pit Team Primal (led by Mark himself, of course!) Against a team who do low-fat, high-carb and chronic cardio! It would be awesome on so many levels!

  115. Love the site as is. However, I would really like to see more exercise videos, especially for people who have almost nowhere to start. E.g. I really enjoyed the pull up videos from a couple of weeks ago. I think that it would help us visual learners get a place to start when we have little muscle mass to begin with!

  116. Two easy(er) kills:

    I love the “definitive guides” section, after I found those I started browsing them often and still return to read them again. Along those lines, I’d love to see a “concise lists” section covering certain angles from a macro perspective. For example, a concise list of medical tests to get a real idea of your bodies current metabolic state. There are certain tests a GP will perform on a person of a certain age, but I thought the point about asking specifically for a test of inflammation markers was great in that you won’t normally get it unless you’ve had previous cardiac issues. This could cover a wide range of topics from medical concerns to alternate meal ingredients, and as simple as an aggregate page linking to more specific information on each topic.

    Next, when I first arrived at this site I went from zero (knowledge of nutrition), even the garbage recommendations from the FDA, to “what the hell have I gotten myself into”. I was a bit lost (at least I felt that way) and it took a good month or two before I really felt comfortable with my level of knowledge of the concept. I know you have a big tab that says start here on the site, but I’d love to see (immediately following the introduction emails when you first sign up) a bit of hand holding to guide new arrivals. I’ve pointed countless people to MDA, but I’d love to be able to send them one link that says “read this, then this, then this” that does a bit of spoon feeding without being overwhelming to the uninitiated.

    Grok on!

  117. I think one thing that is really missing from the primal blueprint is the mental and emotional side of things. To my knowledge Mark did not come from a background of food ADDICTION and poor self esteem. My contention is that all the proper eating information in the world won’t do anything for you until you get your head straight. You won’t stick with it, you can’t because you weren’t given the tools to re-program your brain. PRIMAL BRAIN?

  118. I would love a online tool such as Fitday or SparkPeople but strictly aimed at primal/paleo – and please DON’T make it an app, not all of us have smartphones. Something to log in meals, exercise, and all things primal (sleep?) would be fab! And just for the record, a big YES on PrimalCon East, South, or Central – I’d SO be there, I don’t care where it is, just eastern half of the US.

  119. Maybe a visit to a major Canadian city.
    Toronto is huge and has plenty of rooms for visitors.

  120. I would like ts see you come to Canada for your seminars, and I also think holding your seminars at universities would help to educate the younger crowd. I see too many of my university friends eating poorly, and the campus health centres are constantly handing out the wrong information.

  121. I would love to see Primal fitness classes available through Gyms or YMCA’s or any sort of fitness studio. Classes designed with a primal fitness routine that could be full of so many different variations. Changing up the locations to outside(when possible), in the pool, intense cardio/sprints classes, weight lifting classes(possibly outdoors or not with typical weights), playground sessions or the equivalent of suburb hiking or trail running, ect I would think the options would be endless and I know that many current classes offer similar fitness routines, but I think one that is specifically for the primal lifestyle would help to bring the community together and possibly spread the word about the benefits of primal living a lot more quickly. And best of all, it would be fun to go to the gym for a change!

  122. Hi Mark, on behalf all those Primal newbies, it would be helpful to have an easily accessible “troubleshooting” section to address common problems that people experience in the beginning. For me, it was low-carb flu, nighttime muscle cramps and some weird muscle spasms while sprinting. Right now, I can find answers by searching and finding multiple links to your blog, the forum and research articles you’ve cited, etc. but it takes awhile to sift through the various sources of information. It would be great to find answers to common questions in one place. You could also include “primal or not” foods, “17 reasons you’re not losing weight,” and many other topics. The idea is not just to drive new people to try a primal lifestyle, but to make it easy to stick with it. Do you happen to know what your retention rate is? Just a thought.

  123. Maybe arm your followers with persuasive methods. I, for example, have to enroll my wife in Primal in order to get my kids eating healthily consistently.

    So… tools around that. When I have to talk someone else into going Primal, what should I do?

  124. Also, while i’m thinking of it, I wanted to echo what a few others have said which is that one of the reasons MDA is such a HUGE asset to the community (even beyond the great content and resources) is that Mark does a great job of synthesizing, uniting, balancing, and making the paleo stuff understandable and palatable to the rest of the world.

    I would like to see more collaboration and cooperation among the whole community to challenge CW, work to fund GOOD science and studies to take the place of poor science and studies, and to continue to highlight and build on the commonalities between the paleo personalities.

    Some of the more broad paleo/primal ideas are simply to big, too important, too true for us to let them be overshadowed by some of the more controversial stuff.

    1. Is there a way for the primal/paleo community to help create/promote the good science?

  125. I think we should all pick a deserted location, preferably somewhere tropical, to create a new nation. We could then showcase our athletic domination over the world in the Olympics. You could be the first President, I suppose. Although I did come up with the idea, so expect some so sort of high ranking position. Just my two cents.

  126. I would love to see a Primal cookbook that was divided up by what is in season, at least for North America. You could organize the cookbook by seasons or months. I find that when I sit down to plan my weekly menus, I often stumble across a recipe I’d like to try, but it’s the wrong time for some of the ingredients to really be available, unless I want a tasteless tomato from Mexico. Knowing, for instance, that squash blossoms won’t be available in January would help me avoid disappointment AND eat produce when it’s freshest and at its peak of production.

  127. I find the success stories to be the biggest thing that “sells” people on the idea of going Primal. However, they all fall into different kinds of success. We all know that different stories will touch other people we know in different ways. The kid who finally started growing, the 70 year old woman who finally got control over her medications, the 40 year old man who finally got back his 20 year old body. Adding tags, or categories, or something so that people could more easily find the success stories they are most interested would be good.

    Also, you could add a “like” or something to articles, success stories, recipes, etc. so that people could see the most “favorited” topics, and it might give you more of an idea of what people enjoyed the most (I’m sure you get web analytics, but something may have a lot of hits even if it isn’t well received).

  128. How about a weekly Primal Cooking show/webcast. Something maybe similar to Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” but featuring Primal ingredients and recipes. Add a little entertainment value rather than just publishing a recipe. Who knows, it could even get picked up by Food Network one day and then you’d really be reaching millions.

  129. When having conferences or seminars, it would be great if there was video live feed. Or even just a web-based audio and/or visual seminar

  130. What about you reviewing Jenny Rulh’s new book regarding low-carb nutrition, Diet 101: The truth about low-carb diets?

  131. What I’d really like to see is more of an emphasis placed on helping those who do not wish to lose weight, but to gain. I know that two or three articles have focused on this, but it seems that overall, many of the meal recipes provided here would not provide enough calories for each meal. Other than that, love the site! Thank you for all you do, Mark!

  132. I’d love to see a Primal app with workouts, meals, and a goal tracker. There really aren’t any primal/paleo apps like this and it would be hugely helpful to have all that at my fingertips whereever I am!

  133. I think part of the reason some people may be intimidated about switching from microwaved processed foods to the PB diet is simply because they do not know how to cook or prepare food to be consumed. It obviously takes time and experience to get more comfortable, but taking that first step towards potential failure could be a little easier with some additional guidance.

    Maybe I am not aware of a PB product out there, but a beginners guide to cooking may be useful for some people. Ranging from prep work for getting your meals ready to picking out meat at the grocery store to utensils and appliance selections. Provide a few meals along with step by step instructions for preparing a salad or more complicated meal.

    1. very good idea. Just the preponderance of people requesting apps to find primal restaurants tells me that cooking is a lost art, and one we need help rediscovering.

  134. I have recently been exploring adoing a “mudder” race. I woyld love to see a series out there that is fine tuned to be primal….you know all the obstacles or tasks would be primal.

    Things like climbing walls are fine, we could move boulders, or even have to do a cold water plunge for a little bit.

    But mainly use it as a wayt o test our primal fitness, gather as a community and reac out to more people as well. I know these races are very popular know and seem to be a possible fit for us as a community.

    And the first one should be in Wisconsin….just cause.

  135. A Primal “fast food” chain. There is a local place whose tagline is healthy fast food, but really 90% of it is SAD “healthy”. It would be great to have a quick healthy lunch option without having to go in to a place and order everything with a bunch of expections. Clearly being Primal one doesn’t eat out much, but it would be great if there was a restaurant that catered to this lifestyle. Plus it would help publicize and popularize Primal eating which would also be wonderful.

  136. Yes, definitely more VIDEO content would be great. Of course, also have the transcripts also for those who want to read. But video would make it more personal – maybe include some day-in-the-life, here’s what I do, etc.

  137. Mark,

    If you venture over to sites like Nerd Fitness or Fitocracy, you’ll notice that there are Primal groups participating over there. As it is, I come to MDA for information, Fitocracy to track my fitness, and Nerd Fitness to participate in challenges and get motivated by others.

    I’d love to see MDA feature game-oriented fitness challenge that is ongoing, perhaps in 90 day intervals.

  138. I would like something like where I can type in the ingredients I have at home and it asks me if I have x or y and then spits out a recipe. Only Primal, of course!!

  139. I want you to offer Primal Blueprint Official Certification for Trainers to teach others the Primal Blueprint lifestyle and be their local guru/expert. I think that is an area you could easily monetize and expand with far-reaching effects.

  140. I don’t know about some people but myself I like to know “How it works”. Which I think would be a great new section. What I mean is a section devoted to explaining the roles certain things play on the human body and a visual cgi/animated video/slides that show “How it Works”. Example like cholesterol, fat absorption and storage, insulin, etc…. I know many people that can only learn from visually seeing the things in action. A section like this could help explain how certain functions work and could be very useful to inform others who are not so familiar with microbiology and the body’s systems. This will help people understand why they don’t eat that cookie, bar, french fries, etc… because this will show them what happens in the body when you do. Just a thought 🙂 Thanks for all you do Mark

  141. I hope that MDA could dig deeper on re-embracing family traditions of eating and living as a whole. When growing up, we almost eat the same food as other family members. Therefore, it is time we reflected on the eating habit rooted in our families, and doing so would greatly help us see what traditions we should embrace and what should be discarded.

    For example, I am Chinese and recently I’m trying to give up traditional rice and noodles. People constantly ask me how come I am not eating rice in a proper meal. They have the idea that a meal is incomplete without starchy foods like rice, bread or noodles. So I know that for me, dealing with pressure to eat those food is a constant fight. However, I also feel lucky to be Chinese because in my family vegetables can be cooked in numerous ways, and eating them is always enjoyable.

    Everyone faces a unique challenge when one wants to get out of the old eating habit and pursue a primal diet. Looking at how your family have been eating can greatly help because this way, you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and you can make better decisions when facing similar pressure.

  142. A New book that focuses on teaching teens about Primal living. Also, having seminars in colleges around the country.

  143. Everybody’s cause has a wristband nowadays. How about a WWGD? What would Grok do? or WWGE, What would Grok eat?

    1. Great idea. The wristband would be a subtle way to be a conversation starter with the as-yet-uninformed, and also be a reminder to ourselves to stay true.

  144. I would like to see more Success Stories, and have them cataloged on the site by categories (age, symptoms, etc.). When I am trying to spread the word about Primal living, I would love to have a specific story to send to an individual, without having to sort through hundreds. When new readers can see themselves reflected, they are more likely to take the plunge!

  145. Mark,

    First of all thank you so much for all of the work you put into this website and all of the valuable information! I wasn’t able to read through alllll of the comments 🙂 so this might have already been suggested but what about a Primal Podcast? I know there are other podcasts that focus on the Paleo diet etc. but I would love you hear you do some podcasts on Primal living, food, and fitness as a whole…have guest speakers or interviews…success stories..even answer some Deark Mark questions. Keep up the amazing work!


  146. Hi Mark, when I first started PB, I faced difficulty of what food is primal, what should avoid, etc. A online store selling 100% Primal grocery can help beginners to take the switch easier.

  147. I would like to see a Primal radio show or downloadable podcast for people on the go.

    1. Podcasts would be great! Also success stories for post-menopausal women or those of us beginning the primal lifestyle in our 50’s. Does it take longer for us to see results? How do we know whether the increase in our cholesterol after following a Primal diet and seeing weight loss is something to be concerned about? Are Primal principles and results going to be the same for everyone regardless of your age?

  148. Hey Mark!

    I think a primal series for athletes would be great. Focus in on ways athletes can optimize performance while continuing to be primal.

  149. Simple: More videos. I think your Vibram FiveFingers video on the Resources page is a great example of how video-centric people have become in the age of YouTube. While very few people that I know would be interested in reading a blog post about running or working out in “toe shoes,” and would simply scoff at the idea, they’re more than willing to watch an engaging video and have their interest peaked.

    A few ideas regarding this could be filming some aspects of PrimalCon for those people unable to attend to get an idea of what’s going on, and maybe convince them to attend in the future. Maybe a weekly or monthly video challenge in the same way you’ve had blog posts challenging us to walk more and to spring the past few weeks. You could do video Q&A sessions, or some kind of “Primal Report” to keep us up to date on what’s going on in the Primal world.

    In short, you can really do anything with video, and I’d like to see the medium utilized more.

  150. Become an approved provider of CEU opportunities for NATA and NSCA. Then add a few more conferences and/or speaking engagements around the country…and finally East Coast Primal Con!

  151. I would like to see a wiki style page with easy to find information that the community can edit to maintain relevance. For example, you recently did a Primal/Not Primal article. Those foods could have their own wiki entry with that information. Same for the vitamin and minerals you also recently discussed, as well as fasting, etc… A wiki page would be vastly easier to reference than attempting to search through past articles looking for some nugget of information.

  152. Hi Mark-

    I’d like a way to set up a personal consultation. I have read the book & spent countless hours reading the website, but I’m still stuck. I could use some direct help. Thanks!

  153. Mark,

    I want an elevator pitch.

    I’m a long-time reader and think your site is by far the best overall resource for someone looking for answers and practical advice on being more healthy in general, and on the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, specifically.

    I talk to a lot of people about diet and exercise, being one of the few of my friends who isn’t on some type of diet from time to time. They all seem to be looking for something easy to get healthy and fit but none of them seem to believe that giving up grain and sugar, or even just cutting back, can produce benefits. They don’t think it can be THAT easy.

    I’d like to hear how you would answer some of the most common objections to eating a primal diet. My friends who are trying to lose weight all flock to grains and low-fat diets and get zero long-term results. I’ve told them what I do, what has worked for my wife, who struggled with weight until switching her diet to primal, but they can’t ditch the SAD and the common myths of low-fat, no meat, and grain for breakfast everyday. I want a 5-10 minute elevator pitch to at least convince them to take the primal challenge. It has to debunk some of the lipid hypothisis because they’re all afraid of fat and chloresterol.

    Easy. Right?
    Keep up the great work and I’ll keep forwarding your URL to anyone who asks.


  154. I would love to see a searchable database of foods on this site. It would include the food, whether it is Primal or not, and any info/justifications(such as: no, it’s a GRAIN! Or, excellent source of potassium, etc.)

    As I’m navigating Primal eating, I keep wanting to know about specific foods, and currently I end up searching for the food. It’s been time consuming because I have to read through the blog posts to find a determination on Primal or Not.

    This could also be incorporated into an iPhone or android app, as some are suggesting. I, personally, think a Primal Fitness tracking app would totally rock!!

  155. Mark:
    I’ve read the Primal books, have adopted the 4 level fitness plan and have given up grains. I’m an avid cook and have taken to the Primal style without a hitch. I do think it would be very helpful if you could provide perhaps a month of meal suggestions that people new to the Primal style could use as a guide for variety and portion size. It would be very helpful to those challenged in the kitchen!

  156. My idea is, and yes its a big one, and requires a lot of work, is to have a database. I was recently told about a website, WHFoods – World’s Healthiest foods. But all of the foods he lists are not necessarily the world’s healthiest, at least not primal. For example, his Pizza Crust recipe uses Polenta (cornmeal). But he does have a database, so when one searches for a particular food, he rates it with a 3 point healthy rating based on certain criteria. For your site, maybe a 4 point scale (?) For example: A is mostly to entirely primal 75% – 100%. B is partly primal 50% – 74%. C is barely primal 25% – 49%. D is not primal at all < 24%. Or some similar quick food look-up . The criteria for the general primal qualification would be stated up-front.

  157. I’d like to watch videos of the Saturday recipes.

    I think this would really help inspire people to cook primal food and convince them that it’s delicious.

  158. These may duplicate prior posts, I haven’t read them yet, but I have a couple of suggestions.

    One – make some or all of the links in the first paragraphs easier to find. I wasn’t aware of 101 or the list of recipes or the others. Wow, they are a great resource.

    Second, how about an occassional word for those of us who are both your cautionary examples and geriatric. Obese? Check (tho I am very slowly losing weight on a primal diet). Cancer? Check (now in remission, abatement, whatever the phrase). Diebetic? Check (that’s how I discovered your site, looking for low-carb info). Geriatric? Check (3-score and 10 plus a bit). Both by inclination and a touch of arthritis I’m not a gym rat, but I walk as much as I can. I feel like a bit of an outsider especially after reading all the comments from the young fitness enthusiasts. Is there really a place here for people like me?

  159. Oversimplification, but get the USDA to replace their food pyramid with yours. With this you can start teaching the kiddies when they are young.

  160. I think what would be beneficial to many including myself is a log of food and activities every day and certain goals, i.e the ones prescribed in the primal blueprint (walking 5 hours a week etc.)

  161. I am very new to the idea of Primal. My husband and I just discovered it this weekend. I feel myself drawn into the blog and it seems like I could be here reading for hours.

    What I would find super helpful would be a list, or better yet an Android App, of Primal approved restaurants and/or menu items that is searchable by geographic region. My husband is traveling 3 out of 4 weeks every month for work and is very concerned about eating more than steak or a cobb salad for every meal. The more support for him on the road, the easier it will be to continue the Primal trend at home.

  162. I would like to see an “eating out” tab. I know we’ve all seen your posts on the best ways to eat out, and what to ask for, but I would like to see a place where a “how-to” evolves into a “application based” section. It can be a good place for reader content too. I’m talking things like, “These are some good recommendations if you have to at place X”. There are a lot of restaurants and many places to eat out, but in the end, that’s what makes a comprehensive post.

    1. I like this idea idea a lot (on its own or as part of an Primal app like many others have suggested).

      We’ve all been there: You and your family or friends want to eat out somewhere but you’re “the picky one” because you don’t want to go to Subway or McDank’s or Pizza Hut.

      Knowing that there are Primal-friendly options at conventional franchises and what they are would make a lot of our lives easier.

  163. I think one of the hardest parts for everyone is transitioning from the typical American lifestyle into the Primal lifestyle. Fighting with family and friends, dealing with cravings, finding recipes that one likes, and generally navigating through issues like these. I think having some kind of live, available “help-line” would be really beneficial. Maybe a live chat option on the website operated by wisdom-filled, experienced primal advisers to help us, mere mortals, get through our daily struggles? And we all have difficult times even after committing to the lifestyle–sometimes getting back into it after falling off the wagon can be even harder because you know what you’re in for. Having the support and accessibility would be so encouraging!!

  164. I would really like to see more how to videos. (Maybe just your youtube channel?) Cooking, exercise, PrimalCon highlights, whatever. I am about 5 months into primal and still learning and love to research on youtube for info. When I first started to workout, your youtube videos on progressing with body weight were invaluable. I personally feel they do not need super high production quality, I just need good solid information.

  165. I have been inspired by the “N=1 self experimentation” aka quantified self movement. Since so many people are experimenting with different ways of eating, it would be so cool to have a tool that allowed members to track foods and “results” – which could range from weight to health to mood, in the attempt to go back and find correlations. This could be useful beyond individuals as well, if the results are aggregated. Perhaps beyond the scope of what you would want to implement for this blog, but you did say no idea was too big.

  166. Mark,
    I’d like to see a ‘Cook’n Primal’ incorporated into the DVO software recipe book library. There’s many different Cook’n titles but no Cook’n Primal

  167. Mark,
    How about a new ebook titled something along the lines of…

    “So your loved one decided to go Primal”

    In this ebook:
    – bullet point the what is of Primal.
    – Include reasons why people make the decision and highlight some success stories to accompany. EX. someone chooses to go Primal being tired of Diabetes medication.
    – A handful of your favorite articles whether written by you or someone else that show how easy and rewarding this lifestyle can be.

    I doubt I’m alone in that when I first made the decision I probably got a reaction similar to if I said I decided to study scientology with my best bud Tom Cruise. What do you mean…no sugar, no grains??? That is just crazy talk!

  168. I would like to see more stuff available from the store. They shirts are cool, but how about some more styles/colors? And how about Grok stickers for car windows? Or bumper stickers like “My cavekid just beat up your vegan kid”. Key chains, can huggers, sports bottles, etc.

  169. A comparison between paleo/primal diet and ketogenic or cyclic ketogenic diets that aren’t necessarily paleo or any other form of diet that can produce great results but isn’t paleo. Taking the standpoint that body composition and long term health are the goals in mind. Is there really a big difference in terms of results, health and wellbeing or practicality?

    I guess an article kind of playing devils advocate with the idea that paleo/primal is right for everyone and why.

  170. A Definative Guide to Herbs and Spices.

    I’ve been reading the separate articles on spices and herbs on the site. But I would love something that puts them all together in one place.

    EG: Spice, health benefits, recommended daily intake for health benefits, and suggested uses in recipes, as well as pairings with other spices for taste or health. Also level of difficulty for growing them yourself and how to prepare for eating.

    I’d personally also like to see a spice blend recipe for health benefits that can be taken like a supplement.

  171. I would love to see “The Primal Blueprint” translated into other languages. My mom is very interested in the PB but can’t understand English. I have friends who can speak English but still don’t want to read a whole book in a foreign language. Here in Germany we don’t have much primal ressources in our language…

    1. would love to pass a hebrew version on to my husband and his entire family.

  172. I always enjoy the way you describe foods and their used for athletes. I am always looking for a way to get faster and stronger and feel better. I have read some of your work on what endurance athletes should eat and how to gain muscle. I would like a section for athletes doing more. I far exceed what you consider necessary for training, but I just enjoy it too much. A dedicated section for competitive athletes in all fields from endurance to weightlifting to crossfit would be really great.

  173. Just like the American Heart Association’s seal of approval on particular foods, I bet a Primal or “Mark’s Apple” seal or sticker on certain foods would make it easier for many people to grab the almost unavoidable, [minimally] processed snack or meal on a busy or stressful day. I realize this may end up promoting processed foods, but with careful criteria for the seal’s recipients, it could be a huge help.

    A less expensive approach would be to work together to launch a meme with the seal or sticker photoshopped onto healthy, unprocessed foods or amazing looking meals. All we would need for that is an official image from you, Mark, and maybe a solid nudge by way of blog post.

  174. Partner with grass fed beef, pork, buffalo, etc purveyors and have them provide easy to order bundles for us paleo folks.

    Develop recipes for a couple of main items that can be prepared over a weekend and then can be used for a number of meals during the week.

    Come up with a simple table/chart that if using this ingredient, then these variations can be made with a few simple additions/changes.

    1. I like this! It can be difficult to source good meat locally. And ordering online would be a nice option.

  175. I think offering some sort of online classes for X amount of $$ would be a great and easy way for distance learning to happen. Homework always inspires and motivates most people to learn.

  176. An idea – begin a monthly post on gardening. Maybe create a map on which people can click their state or region to find out about what types of plants grow best in their area. Focus on plants that provide the most bounty for effort invested. Get folks to start gathering in their backyards.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with Ryan and Brooke. I would prefer to not see Primal take its place between Atkins and South Beach on a store shelf – I don’t think that is the spirit of the concept. Mark is great at encouraging the use-your-brain angle. Instead I would like to see people learn to provide themselves the quality food that is not cost-effective for agribusiness to supply. And (sub)urban gardening might help address that “Can we feed the world on the Primal Blueprint Diet?” question.

    2. Yes!! I think gardening is so Primal, much more so than a new app to tell me what restaurant serves primal food nearby. I want to grow my own food!

  177. A site other than to manage commissions for referring Primal Blueprint products. I have been trying to get referral links for 3 months with no success… Just give me a unique “agent/referral” code to type in while ordering.

    Furthermore, offer discounts for auto-delivery options, like Amazon does.

  178. As a someone new to your site (and primal living) my first reaction was….Whoa! what a lot of information! Not that information is bad, it’s exactly what I am looking for. But the current layout of the site is intimidating to newbies. It takes hours just to explore the menus on the home page and that can be a bit overwhelming.

    I would suggest redesigning the site so that things can be easily found, but the individual pages are clean and sparse. Think Google, from that spartan almost blank screen you can access almost any piece of information in the world. It’s wonderful and people love it.

    While I wouldn’t recommend something quite that clean for MDA, There are ways to simplify the site while maintaining easy access to what it contains. While I’m not going to do a complete systems analysis of MDA here I will give a few examples.:

    Under “start here” instead of the current page have a simple list of things a newbie would be most interested in knowing that each hyperlink to specific articles that go into more detail.
    “Who is Mark Sisson?”
    “What is primal living?”
    “What can I eat”
    “Are their any tools available to help me get started?” > There sure are – This is where you put the freebies. Only newbies will be needing them and it takes them off the main menu.
    (There would be more of course, but you get the idea).

    And of course each article would have more hyperlinks that would allow people to follow the things that interested them and allow them to learn organically.

    This is in fact the way people are accustomed to searching and researching these days.

    It doesn’t even need to be done all at once. Piece by piece things that already exist on the site can be tagged, grouped and organised into logical chunks. Simply pick commonly asked questions and build a page to address it.

    Say for another example: :”Is this food primal?”. This would bring up a page that contained every article tagged with this question.

    Yes it would take some work. A list of tags would have to be built and each or your articles would need to be tagged as to it’s contents, but like I said, it can be done over time.

    In short, the cleaner the site, the less intimidating it will be. The more searchable the content, the more people will use it.

  179. I think there needs to be a primal day–one day that encompasses the 10 primal laws (and other aspects, like being barefoot) that could catch on and spread like crazy.
    Talk like a pirate day is already pretty popular. Maybe it’s time for Eat Like a Caveman Day.
    Pick a day, give a few guidelines, and let all of us get the word out.

    1. Isn’t March 14th that day? Two basic needs covered 😉

  180. While I absolutely adore MDA and everything you do Mark, I think a little bit more help for newbies would be great. As a newbie myself who is just starting to get into this stuff, it’s a really hard transition to make. One thing in particular I’ve had problems with is figuring out what to eat for meals; I know what particular ingredients are ok but meals are hard! You have a one day sample meal plan of what you eat, but maybe a bigger more varied meal plan would be helpful for people just looking for examples of what to eat. While an omelette, salad and a piece of meat with veggies is a perfectly great meal plan, newbies might like a bit more help figuring out all the myriad of ways they can eat Primally.

    Also, maybe more posts on making the Primal transition, especially if you live with non-Primal people. I live with my parents and while they’re ok with the idea of healthy, my mother keeps saying “I know what I need to do to be healthy – eat less and move more!” anytime I try to bring up things like ‘fat doesn’t make you fat’.

    I also agree with others that a better search function would be great! I’ve had a hard time searching some information.

  181. Even though I do not fully agree with everything he has on his TV show I would say try to get on Dr. Oz. He has quite a following and think of how many people would be exposed to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle just by watching his show!

  182. I really enjoy your Sunday and Monday posts. I like the links to studies and how they relate to being primal. I’d like to see more “sciency” posts.

  183. I would like to see a primal rating of restaurants developed. You could provide a map website like yelp where users could rate a business on some standardized Primal criteria. If a location received a high enough rating, they would get something like door stickers, and some free publicity with the primal minded community. I have a hard time eating primal when pressed for time in a new location. This idea would help.

  184. How about a “bad science pillory”, where the most influencial and poorly designed experiments, poorly researched scientific reviews, spreaders of unreflected conventional wisdom, etc. are exposed and awarded once a year with a anti-price.

    1. A whole annual Paleo awards thing could be cool, not just for promoting good science and pillorying bad science.

      “Best new blog”
      “Best post on _____”
      “Best workout vid”
      etc., etc. …

  185. Audiobooks please, I am struggling to get the hard copy read with four kids and just life and all.

  186. I would Like to See a Free Ipad/ebpub Monthly Magazine which would bring the best articles from the MDA website site to your tablet in a rich, magazine-like format. Perhaps, add additional sections, such as a research section featuring new research, a Review of Primal Food, Additional Excersises, and have guest contributors. Call it “Living Primal”, just a suggestion.

  187. Advice on how to incorporate primal living with various training methods. There are powerlifters, olympic lifters, crossfitters, marathoners, and a whole pile of other people that certainly have benficial advice on how they train and eat.

    Also, perhaps instead of the a warrior dash… Grok Run?

  188. I would want to see stories on how people persuaded their loved ones to try the Primal Diet. After all the brainwashing and the sugar addictions (I can still feel my brain lighting up when I utter the word “brownies”), it’s not uncommon to find others resistant to the big changes the diet calls for – even when you are a living example of the benefits!

  189. I would love to see a primal resource map. A map which shows where one can find primal/paleo friendly businesses such as doctors, gyms, grocery stores, meat/fish/veggie co-ops, restaurants, cafes and other places that would make living primally easier. Businesses would, upon verification, be able to place their locations on the map. I believe this would help spread the primal way of life and also help many people starting small business. I know it would definitely help me when I’m trying to help someone ease into the Primal lifestyle. As always, thank you for changing my life for the better Mark!

  190. The implementation of a certification standard for Primal living would be greatly beneficial. There are a few ways to go about this. Option one is to make different certifications for fitness principals, nutrition, and lifestyle. The other is to focus on the lifestyle as a whole and have Level I, Level II, and Level III based on experience and knowledge sets (similar to USAT). As the community gains momentum, it would be great to differentiate the truly knowledgeable from the quacks.

  191. I am a high school health teacher. I have shared your principles with my classes, but due to the demographic, and lack of nutritional knowledge, I keep my curriculum fairly simple. How about a classroom unit on the Primal lifestyle? The lesson plans could incorporate some literature, activities, use of the website, student based research, work sheets etc., maybe a video blog. Depending on how the unit is structured it could be offered as a free download off of MDA. Great to get the word out, and get the younger generation talking and thinking about what nutrition and health really is.

    1. I’m curious as to how your class reacted and if any parents took issue with your lesson. Many people where I live look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them what I eat and they refuse to believe the facts or even read something that praises fat.

      1. The students are always shockedd when I say, no grain, or no dairy. But they are curious and ask lots of qusestions. I have never done a lesson on this subject, just talked with the students about it in conversation. We do evaluate other “fad” and “popular” eating plans for validity.

  192. Being pretty new to living primally, I’ve been using paleotrack a lot to log foods and measure calories/fat/protein/carbs. It was especially helpful in the very beginning, but also a little frustrating because it flags foods such as dairy. It would be nice to have a tool similar to this, but that is more primal blueprint adapted!

  193. A database of good places to shop for primal(local) foods sortable by region. Primal people could add to the database if they found little shops and farmers markets.

  194. As someone who moved to a smaller town in England last year, I would love to see more outreach to the UK, maybe more globalization overall– but it seems like the UK would be much easier, what with the common language and all. More meetups and conferences, etc. over here would be really great!

  195. How about the addition of regional sub-forums to the forum? That way people can connect with other local Groks.

    A (North)East coast PrimalCon would be awesome too!

  196. I would like to see a PBF carb counting app that I can install on my smart phone. There are some out there, but they don’t count carbs in a Primal way. By the way, this would require a living cloud based database that would be updated to track popular restaurant menus. This would be huge for me, and I figure for all those other grok’sters out there.

  197. My idea is a ‘What’s in it for me?’ interactive assessment tool for Primal newcomers. The purpose would be (i) to show the scope of primal living and benefits, and (ii) to give people a way into the vast content that’s immediately oriented around their potential to benefit. Could be online and an app. Could be first thing someone sees in a PB app…

    The tool would ask a few simple questions about ‘Current Me’, eg. on age, diet, exercise, daily sunlight, supplements, etc…

    Then it would give a summary contrast of ‘Current Me’ vs ‘Primal Me’, in very simple terms of lifestyle (dietary balance, exercise…ie. the causes) and wellbeing (short- / long-term…ie. the effects).

    The user could then click through to ‘Find Out More’ on each element of Current Me (eg. the perils of sugar!) and each element of Primal Me (eg. the benefits of resistance exercise). This would bring up relevant archive material (which is awesome!).

    …and depending on how much personal info is gathered about Current Me, selected ‘Success Stories’ could be suggested…eg. by age / weight / diet type / etc.

  198. Mark,

    I would like to see a searchable document or page attached to MDA where you can type in a particular nutrient and several primal food options containing that nutrient will pop up.

    I guess this could work in conjunction with your commmon deficit articles, but some sort of searchable database would be a quick and easy way to find this information.

  199. I think it would be great if there was some sort of moderated / monitored area for your readers to share the products they’ve found that support a primal lifestyle, organized into different categories. For example, we all know the vibram 5 fingers are awesome, but there are some times when they’re just not appropriate. Anyone found any really cute minimalist flats? And don’t even get me started on how much time I’ve spent trying to find some good minimalist shoes for my toddler! Another example is kids books – not the obvious ones about how to eat, but the more subtle ones that celebrate the outdoors, exploration, curiosity, the sort of ideas I’m trying to teach my kids. We could end up with a great reference of “primal approved” products that support the whole lifestyle, in addition to the food.

  200. Please offer all your books electronically as soon as they come out. I only use my Kindle these days.

  201. This one’s easy. I’d love a new product…a Primal bar for in between meal eating or meal replacement. Would really help those of us who travel a lot.

    1. Honestly…

      Larabars are as primal as a store-bought bar gets. They have zero additives and are only nuts and dried fruit. No grains, soy, sugar, etc. They’re pretty much perfect.

      Of course, the best option is to always make your own. It’s very easy. You can pick up candy molds off of Amazon. Melt super dark chocolate, paint them with a mascara brush and freeze, paint on a second coat to thicken, fill with nuts/fried fruit/dried meat/etc, pour chocolate over. BAM! Handy, homemade energy bar.

  202. This won’t win any contests, but I think it would help if you switched your web hosting to a linux-based server and then implemented better bot-protection against forum scrapers and automated robo-spam posts. No captchas. Those are a joke.

    As for topics or other ways to reach people, perhaps greater clarity that people should start out eating REAL food, not almond flour and coconut products and fancy things like fasting and micromanaging micronutrients.

  203. This belongs in that “no idea is too small” category. I would love to see a version of the Primal Blueprint Fitness provided as a free online resource targetted to Boy Scouts.

    Boy Scouts have fitness requirements for Tenderfoot and for Physical Fitness merit badge. They test themselves against things like pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and the run-walk. They practice, and they show improvement. That’s a great start, but they don’t provide any detailed guidance on how to get better — particularly for scouts who can’t even do one pull-up (for instance). PBF is great, but I would love to see a shorter booklet (and/or web page) that specifically takes them through the advancing exercises required for the scout fitness tests.

    It would be fine just to work scouts up to proficiency in the basic primal movements (plus sit-ups), and direct them to PBF for the advanced exercises. I would also include a link to MDA for healthy eating suggestions.

  204. I would love Primal Con midwest edition. AND for you to do some primal kid’s stuff. A primal kid’s cookbook would be awesome.

  205. What I would like to see is a grocery shopping guide or a meal planner that would help to plan meals and shopping. I think a partnership with a grocery store like Whole Foods for labeling would be great.

    Another thing that would be a pocket guide for when other people ask questions about why you eat what you eat. I told my sister that I don’t eat grain because it makes you fat, but that’s not the whole story.

  206. Dang, by the time I typed them out on my iphone, mostly everyone has said the same things. All the above suggestions are great. For what it’s worth, here are mine:

    To reach the mainstream

    A-Tweak your website and 

    1) date/update (?)/identify  OLDER posts/articles for our searches as you’ve changed your mind in some cases or there’s new data or some are very old..

    2) have landing pages by type – post-menopausal women, obese folk, younger athletes, with their own FAQs and links, and ‘read first’, successes, challenges

    3) have a FAQs for your supplement page

    4) see if you can get forums like the introduce yourself, success stories, success in the making, etc SORTABLE and SEARCHABLE by age, accomplishments, sex, etc.  Sorry, but as great as all the stories are, I want to see more stories, journals, before & after of metabolically broken, heavy older women (45+ up) so I can feel less alone, learn by their mistakes & successes, and, well, feel less alone and that there’s hope.

    B – Get more & better apps / tweets

    – Recipe app 
    – Primal Journal app
    – Starting/measurement/tracking food AND excercise app
    – Search engine for articles/finding primal in your areas
    – Tweet to hook in audiences that can be re-tweeted… 
    – Tweet unique content extra Dear Marks that link to a study, a prior (newish) article of yours, even someone else’s blog or article that resonates with you, maybe a weekly pic or a gorgeous view.

    C – Make your books audiobooks (or are they?)  I love to read, but find podcasts and audiobooks are useful while commuting, mopping the floor, shopping…  I won’t say to start a podcast, because I get the sense you just don’t want to go there. But the hands free approach is great.

    Thank you for what you do for us!!!

    1. “Sorry, but as great as all the stories are, I want to see more stories, journals, before & after of metabolically broken, heavy older women (45+ up) so I can feel less alone, learn by their mistakes & successes, and, well, feel less alone and that there’s hope.”

      That comment ought to have my name on it, KerryK!!! I am exactly the woman you describe!! Feel free to PM me in the forums as Rhonda the Red ’cause I’ll be happy to swap Grokkette war stories with you and buddy up!!

      BTW, that’s also a nice thing to add, especially for those of us who live in rural areas remote from other Groks out there–a buddy system where you can make your own smaller internet support groups of likeminded individuals whether or not you are geographically close to one another.

  207. Make the most info-graphic-tacular, hi-def, wrong-answer-devastating video explaining why grains should not be eaten by humans, and answer all the best arguments to the contrary in 5 minutes or less. Show lots of gross and sad pictures of the diseases and conditions we know grains cause or contribute to. Then show lots of before & after shots.

    Then make it available with subtitles or overdubs for all the major languages of Earth.

    Then beam it into space in case there are other planets with wheat on them.

  208. I’m a mom to 3 kids & while there are a few books written to address the paleo diet/lifestyle to young kids, I haven’t found anything suitable to older children who may be too young to fully understand the science presented in the “adult” books. I’m thinking specifically of my 12 yr. old-she reads at advanced levels, but still needs the information broken down a bit (and from someone who isn’t mom).

  209. I would like to see Year dates on the blogs, not just month/date. Over time ideas change.

  210. 1) Primal calorie/micronutrient tracker similar to FitDay.. with mobile app version too!

    2) Local Primal meetups – include a search database on MDA and sign up function

    3) More affordable supplements!

  211. I just stumbled on to the Primal life fairly recently – in late Winter of this year. I came across this site completely be accident while I was researching, of all things, whether I should get a standing workstation.

    I feel so lucky that I found this site because it’s helped me begin to deal with a lot of issues with my body image and the way I was eating. However, I am sometimes struck by how easily I could have never discovered Primal. I know that a lot of the ideas here go completely against CW, which for me wasn’t a problem, but for a lot of people it will be a hard point for breaking into the lifestyle.

    The day of the week I look forward to most is Fridays since I love hearing other people’s success stories. The human aspect draws me in, and I also love seeing that all kinds of people get results – even people like me, and it gives me hope that this really is the right way to live.

    I’ve talked about the benefits of living Primally with my boyfriend, but he was very skeptical about it, and considered it a ‘me’ thing. However, he was in the living room with me when I watched the documentary you were promoting a while ago – In Search of the Perfect Human Diet. It was fantastic, and I could actually see him start questioning whether everything he had ever known was right. It was also evident from our conversations during the film.

    This is a really long introduction to my idea, which is basically this: I think Primal needs to get into mainstream media where more people like me can hear about it and become curious. And I think it needs to be in a way that will make it easy for the average person to both understand what Primal is, and show that it works for real people from all walks of life. Best of all you can genuinely turn around the disclaimer on most diet infomercials to say ‘Results ARE typical’.

  212. When my wife and I discuss our health and I bring up the primal blueprint lifestyle that I’m following, she invariably falls back to the same response – he’s not a doctor.

    While I cannot tell you to become a doctor (obviously), maybe having a weekly segment where you do interview a physician or nutritionist to review one aspect of the lifestyle in depth. I know you have articles on here where you’ve done a great job going through case studies or breaking down the science on your own, but I think this would add credibility to PBF.

    One week you could discuss bacon with a doctor. The next week you can talk about the benefits of walking more with a personal trainer. Something along those lines.

    That way, maybe your site will reach a wider audience and I may even win an arguement or two with my wife in the future!!

    Great job with the site either way Mark. It’s really cool that you maintain this close association with your current followers and are still looking for ways to improve.

  213. I would like to see a comparison document of some sort with lots of popular “diets/fads/lifestyles” and how they compare with Primal in blood, weight, overall feelings, ect. As a runner I would also LOVE to see you and Scott Jurek compete in somthing. ;D. More information on primal/crossfit for runner would be great!

    this may also exsist but a post with the top 10 issues people will bring up when you say you dont eat grains/eat primal, and how to refute them.


  214. I have a few ideas – forgive me if I repeat an idea that has already been suggested, there are already 6 pages of comments and just not enough time to go through them!

    1. Make the search feature of the website more user friendly. I can’t tell you how many times as a newbie looking for answers I’ve followed a link to my “answer” to find that the key word is only mentioned in the comments section 100 comments down the page. Perhaps an expanded search with more options and if the search results bring you to the comments section, have the link take you to the relevant comment.

    2. Carb information page. Trying to loose weight and wanting to get to that sweet spot would be so much easier if this sight had a section dedicated to listing food carb counts – I know there are plenty of websites that we can use to get the information, but why have your audience leave your site to find the information?

    3. Smartphone App. Include a food tracker/journal, carb counter, exercise/movement tracker, etc.

  215. Just sent you an email but thought I’d follow up with a comment. I agree with the comments on making the primal lifestyle a household name. Perhaps a good way to do this is if many of us recommend Mark to be a speaker at TED?? (Not sure if this has been suggested before). I’m sure that would accelerate the awareness process. What do you think Mark? We can recommend you here:

  216. The Primal Podcast! The primal/paleo podcasts are few in numbers and I love listening while at work. Robb Wolf’s podcast is excellent but a bit more technical than I’d expect from MDA. Maybe just a short “show” mentioning any primal worthy news/studies/reports/products for the month.

  217. I’d like help for people who can’t really exercise the primal way. I have widespread arthritis and can’t sprint or lift heavy things. My biggest dilemma is how to incorporate primal fitness with a body that can only endure gentle, non-impactful movements. I’m sure many primal followers, especially the older ones, have the same issues.

  218. I didn’t read through all the posts, so sorry if this is a repeat. I’d love to hear a Podcast. I love listening to Robb’s, but you have a very different approach and I love to hear from you from time to time on your topics. In my opinion, it’s the one thing you’re missing!

  219. At the moment I don’t have time to read through all of the comments and suggestions, so I hope I am not duplicating.
    I love that primal food tastes so good! I say go on “Tour” food vendor style. Get on the road and share the food, books, fitness, and info! It would be a great way to meet fans and reach new ones!

    1. More specifically you can do it in coordination with a 21 day or 30 day challenge.

  220. How about a primal food tracker app to go along with the MDA app?

  221. I was just checking out your Primal Physician database over the weekend and thinking about what a great tool it is. I have PCOS and am forever trying to wrap my brain around what foods to eat to help heal my body.

    Currently I am trying to find someone in my area to do a food sensitivity test on me and also have my hormone levels tested. It would be amazing to have 1 database in 1 place that provided all the different resources that people trying to live out this lifestyle could need. Acupuncturist, CSA groups, relevant fitness facilities, Paleo restaurants…all of it. Rather than having to go to a separate website for each of these things, what if any and all Paleo related services, products and health care providers were all in one complete database. A completely customizable search by location or specialty.

    This would be a dream come true.

    Love your work, Mark! Thanks for all you do.

  222. Fun local events would be a great way to bring people together from beyond MDA. I am intrigued by zombie runs and mud runs, though I haven’t tried them yet. Put on come-one-come-all active events open to an entire community – suck them in by making exercise more fun.

  223. For those that check MDA on a daily basis, I like the idea of small weekly challenges. It gives a short term focus with long term results.
    To help achieve the goal of reaching more people-
    A sort of Co-op on MDA. A trusted place to find local organic foods and other like minded individuals. Whether it is sharing recipes, advice for finding a respectable farm, or even being able to purchase a large animal to split between local families.

  224. It would be great if there was a section on your website fully devoted to helping Primal Blueprint followers across the country meet up for recipe tastings, work outs, etc (mini Primal Con’s if you will). These local meet ups should encourage Primal followers to bring friends and family members to receive a non-scary and up-close view of the Primal Blueprint.

    This may be the fastest way to reach 10,000,000 people with minimal additional effort on the part of you and the worker bees.

  225. I’d like to see a week’s worth of menus, menu planning, etc. I guess I have too many choices and can’t seem to plan well. I’m just starting out and don’t want to eat eggs at every meal, haha!

  226. Oh, and an app for shopping… When I am looking for shrimp, for example, I will check out your articles on my iPhone if 3G works in the store…

    A best option list like you’ve done with your definitive guides (but basic for when we’re shopping) that starts with the absolute best & healthiest choice and ends with the worst is great… so I can see that grassfed organic Jersey whole raw milk is best, then different levels down to the wirst store bought trucked in ultra pasteurized non-organic.

    Those kind of searchable cheat sheets help when you can’t afford the best but have to make a decision on what is the best choice with what is available…

  227. I would love to see more functional movements that those of us in offices could do on a regular basis to offset our desk-bound work days. It would be a great resource for me since I close my door daily to do pushups/burpees/etc.

  228. Mark! Some awesome ideas here! My thought combines the ideas above of “franchising” and storefronts with the formation of Grok Groups that meet for sharing ideas, support, and such that develop a following and outreach that bring more people into MDA!

  229. Tried to read through most of the comments, so I apologize if this has already been said.

    A movie.

    Who hasn’t at least heard about ‘Supersize Me’? Fathead was great…but mostly ridiculed for its production value and ‘phony’ experts. Considering the professional and appealing look of the website…I trust that you would make a movie worth watching.

    A lot of comments on here could be rolled up into a movie. Workout snippets, meals, etc. Promotional materials could be the ‘cheat sheet’ that everyone is pining for.

    It would be great to touch on the epigenetics as well…to completely throw a new idea at the majority.

  230. Also, have the ability on the website to see all comments on one page. Just makes for a cleaner experience.

  231. A more in-depth Primal cookbook with information on different foods, techniques and recipes.

  232. I think that you need to go on some shows, like Dr. Oz and The Drs, to tell people more about how fitter and leaner everyone would be by going primal! Really tired of seeing quick fixes that do not work!

  233. I want to see more for us veteran primal eaters who already have the basics down. I want to see more problem specific posts- posts geared toward individual problems like arthritis, diabetes, menopause,food chemical sensitivity, autoimmune disorders. Even if it isn’t something I am not suffering from, is till want to learn about it. I also want to make a place where people with these issues who are already primal get more information on how to tweak stuff and can help each other. The forums should answer this need but I haven’t been able to use them to connect with people in my country or people facing the same health issues as me. Maybe they are all finding connections elsewhere but I would like to link up through this site since this is the baseline for my whole health journey.

  234. I would like to se a section on holistic medicine. Most medicine comes from nature anyway, I would love to be able to look here and find an herb or something natural to help ease an ailment, rather than taking a man made chemical. Dont get me wrong, medicine is great at times, but i don’t like to take it if i dont have to. Maybe a section of links or something.

  235. A full length primal documentary would be a powerful tool in spreading the primal message. Maybe something that follows a handful of different people in all stages of primal. Highlight a younger person, older person, a health nut and someone who is trying to lose 100 pounds, different people in different places in life. Just good human stories about the primal life style and the impact it can have.

  236. A primal alms house that treats indigent patients with primal foods and excercise.

  237. I think the website could use an update. While it’s fairly functional as it is, I definately think the design could be made more esthetically pleasing and even more user-friendly with better structure and a new interface. How this new design would like I leave to others, but a new, fresh webpage would definately draw more people to it and help spread the message since this one kind of leaves the feeling of being old in a bad way.

  238. 1) Grok n’ Roll – annual primal concert/cookout/grok games

    2) 12 months of grokettes calendar

    3) Primal online singles mingle

    4) Mark Sisson for head of USDA

    1. As a man I love the grokkette calendar idea, but lets not forget the ladies!

      Also motivational calendars with before and after pics. If made regional then the calendar could include typical fresh foods available that month.

  239. I would like to see podcasts, or better yet Vidcasts. You know where Mark gets on the line and has a free flowing discussion with some expert or person who has some expertise or experience in some area of interest to us all.

    Maybe you get that Doctor Davis on who wrote Wheat Belly and have a discussion about lipids.

    That way, I can fire up the laptop, and watch and listen while I’m cooking dinner or whatever, instead of having to read an article.


  240. I think it would be great to be able to setup profiles, almost like facebook. To be able to click on each others profile and see pictures posted, exercise routines,anything we would to share with others in the Grok community. How about Grokbook?

  241. I’d like to see more involvement with social media to spread the MDA impact with the younger generation. More twitter hashtags, Instagram, and share ready links from the website.

    Also, more infographics. They’re easy to share and impactful, especially considering the wealth of data showing that the PB works!

  242. More targeted at children’s health and possibly working with/educating parents of children with autism spectrum disorders, and the roles food play in their child’s health, regardless of what the FDA/USDA and others are willing to report.

  243. I would love to see a BIggest Loser competition – their awful way vs. a team of people who go primal!

    Generally, most of the primal/paleo people tend to be like you Mark, men who are former athletes who found their way to this new “way”. I would like more stories and information for women of all ages. The impression is out there that if you eat primal your natural muscle will just emerge – but believe me, my hips have not caught on to that message yet – flabby as ever. I am lucky that I have found this before menopause as those issues I hear are far worse and I don’t recall ever seeing stories for that group.

  244. How about a primal dating service or singles retreats? It’s hard to explain this weird caveman “fad” diet to wheat eaters.

    1. Expanding on this idea: A cruise.

      Bands do this all the time.

      Perhaps a semi-annual event (really what the marketplace dictates). Couples or singles, it does not matter. Like a PaleoFX on the water.

  245. I’d like to see a tv show. You’ve got plenty of material and you can showcase other niches within paleo like movnat and barefoot running. Or you could do a reality show, give biggest loser a run for it’s money. There’s hardly a health oriented tv program that isn’t saturated with conventional wisdom. TV would be the best way to reach out to new people.

  246. Hi Mark,

    You’ve had a huge impact on both of our lives. I’ll probably email you a success story at a later date but suffice to say we’ve lost 5.5 stone in the last 4 months between us and have never felt better since we’ve gone primal.

    In order to spread the word I really believe you need to create champions in various regions. I think you should certify people to spread the primal word and create a course that people could undertake via the web in both eating and physical training. This would demystify the primal blueprint for those who just can’t tear themselves away from the brainwashing of conventional wisdom.

    For some reason people don’t believe a bunch of earnest people on the internet and need to be told to starve themselves and eat wholegrain by some overweight food company representative. 🙁

    I’d love to be a certified primal trainer and advisor in Ireland as we have plenty of good grass fed beef and lots of lovely butter but people are afraid to eat it!! Not anymore in our house!!! 🙂

    Grok on


  247. My ideas

    1. I would love to see PDF pages to print for the 21 day challenge. I don’t like to write in my books.
    2. Food tracker like Fitday – Not so much for the calories but for macronutrients.
    3. I know you don’t like physique contest. I personally think this can lead to unhealthy habits for some people but how about a cooking/recipe contest. Let’s get creative and play with our food!
    4. More PR appearances to spead the word.
    5. Occasional Web TV or Web conference so you can chat with your followers.
    6. More interaction on social media (all suggestions about can also be sent out on your followers pages to build excitment and interest too) Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Undergroud Wellness etc.
    7. Showing more success stories. Spread these via some of the above suggested formats so people can see physical benefits of gene reprogramming. They want to usually see the physical external benfits and then they start becoming interested in the internal benefits.
    I would love to see more courses like the Transformation Seminars. I went to one recently in Dallas and loved it. I am also wanting to try new activities like Standup paddleboarding. Get me some vitamin D and play in the water.
    I picked Primal because after researching almost every program this was the one that looked the most sustainable for me. Thank You!!

  248. Smaller containers of Primal Fuel. I see the value in the larger size, but $80 can be a barrier for some customers. I suggest a one week and/or a two week supply option that would get the entry level cost to 1/2 or less of the current offering. Increase your margin on the smaller size to ensure profitability. It’s a win-win.

    1. I like this idea too. I would really like to try this but $80 is a little much for something I haven’t tried. Perhaps in pouches erving sizes??

  249. I so appreciate what you provide for us Groks and Grokettes!
    I have two thoughts. One would be to better inform physicians about primal at continuing education conferences. The other is to add a feature to the site to look up nutrition facts of food.

  250. I think it would be great if you could find a way to incorporate primal into organization’s wellness programs (like the CW wellness program my company has) to reach as many people as possible. The wellness program would obviously be a suggestion to a healthier lifestyle with no required participation. It would be difficult, but I’m sure there are some people you know (or fellow groks) with their own business that may be willing to participate…maybe having you as a speaker or one of the other paleo/primal celebrities. It could spread from there when other organizations hear about the success and how much health insurance costs decrease. The wellness program where I work says not to eat more than a thumb worth of fat a day and does health screenings for insurance discounts and I always get told that I should lower my cholesterol (HDL: 50 – up from 33 pre-primal, LDL calc’d: 137, Tri: 47 – down from over 100 pre-primal). I’m the one on a crazy diet and they push weight watchers.

  251. I would love to see a simple “is it primal” app for quick reference on the go.

  252. i would love to see a sort of “glossary” or dictionary of sorts, especially for the medical and molecular terms that get thrown around a lot on here. it’s hard keeping track of what epigenetics are, the difference between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, what serum levels are, etc etc…

  253. I would like to see some videos on here. You could show us exercise routines, talk about nutrition, etc. Ooo gopro videos of people doing things are always good.

  254. Branding! look at every successful enterprise and there is a recognizable brand. That might require Marks Daily Apple to sponsor events hire a spokes person…..spend some money. I think growing organically can only take you so far.

  255. Real Life Failure Stories

    Let’s hear from people who have failed on the paleo/primal diet, so that we can (all) learn from their mistakes.

    1. This. It would solve the ‘this is too good to be true’ problem. Mark could analyse the situation and give the person some help on where to go from here.

  256. Wow. These comments are racking up faster than I can read them!
    Loads of great ideas.

    My suggestion is another in the “no idea too small” class:
    An article (or even a documentary) on how the hunter gatherer tribes spread across the world and how their new environments changed their lifestyles, for better or worse, before agriculture came along and messed it all up.

    Also I’d love to see some ideas on the best kind of outdoor gear for us Groks in places like Ireland (maybe it’s just easier to be primal, barefoot, enjoy the sun and generally be outdoors when you live in a tropical environment. Even VFFs are a bit too minimal for much of the year)

    1. Bruce Parry filmed a fantastic series of documentaries about existing hunter-gatherer tribes for the BBC.

      Got to Amazon. come and search: “tribe, parry”

  257. I want Mark Sisson.

    This is about the only paleo forum where the owner doesn’t participate with the readers. Sure, we get a weekly blog update, but that could be anybody writing that. I want Mark in the Forums, answering questions, engaging with the readers, offering suggestions.

    This is how I’d do it: A forum, titled “Ask Mark”. Rules simple, one question and maybe one follow-up, then thread closed. No one else can jump in, just one question and Mark’s answer.

    Additionally, seeing Mark jump in a discussion now and then would really spice things up and keep people focused. Some of the threads get ridiculous and way off of PB structure.


  258. Open your own Primal “fast-food” style restaurant. They will spread like wildfire. Put traditional fast food to shame.

  259. Something to specifically target diabetics. Maybe a website section for diabetics. My diabetic friends are told not to eat red meat. Instead they eat a ton of carbs, or they are told not to eat too many carbs but clearly they are still eating too many. Saturated fat is villified, so they dare not eat it. What does that leave? Carbs. Make an authoritative site for the healing of diabetes. It’s a huge market.

  260. I agree with the idea of a database to look up different foods to find out how primal they are, their omega-3/omega-6 ratios, what is good or bad about that food ect. Would be an interesting resource!

  261. I’d love to see some good hard reasearch done on the primal/paleo lifestyle. Not just the individual studies done on particular nutrition or exercise points but something that looks at it as a whole.

  262. A reverse shopping list to recipe tool.

    Many of us have joined CSAs, or are working on seasonal eating, which limits the field on the recipe front.

    It would really kick-ass to have a tool that will take a list of what’s on hand, and give back meals with recipes.

    Assume a list of basics (spices, oils), tell what that list is, and let people put in what else they have (got from a CSA, were able to buy at the farmers market or butcher, grew at home). From that list, build a list of meals with recipes.

    The barrier to entry for Primal, as I see it, is how to manage the eating. A typical SAD dieter buys crap that takes five minutes to cook in the microwave. To eat Primal take a lot more TIME, and a tool to reduce the prep work needed, or to reduce the stress on that front would help a great deal, I think.

    If the recipes were kept simple, and graded on their Primal-ness, it would be even more useful.

    As a developer, I’ve often thought of doing this myself, but what I lack is the raw data. The ingredients are easy, the recipes are not. So it would likely be a boon to include a way to submit new recipes for inclusion.

    I’d personally PAY for this service, since it would save me a ton of time.

  263. Ambitious suggestion: start a section, or new site, that’s essentially a Primal/paleo-friendly Yelp and Angie’s List hybrid. It would rely on user-created reviews and recommendations so the Bees wouldn’t have to do all the work.

    Much less ambitious suggestion: update the code that shows the posting date at the top of the page to include the YEAR the post was made. Sometimes you do a search and come up with old stuff that clashes with more recent recommendations, but it’s not easy to distinguish quickly which advice is more up to date because they came from different years.

  264. Perhaps a resource that compiles PALEO-Friendly restaurants … like Yelp or something

  265. Hi, Mark

    I would like to see Primal Vacations!

    Give me a cruise with all-primal activities and food. Or how about a ten-day all-primal resort vacation, someplace warm. Make an immersion exerience. Flesh it out with lectures, cooking classes, exercise sessions, etc.


    1. Agreed. Something that everyone can enjoy, even spouses who aren’t yet on sold on PB, and kids.

  266. ESPN has their main site… and now they are adding regional hub sites (New York, Dallas, Boston, LA, etc.). I’d like to see regional hub sites with resources specific to that locale (restaurants, produce, meat-sourcing, etc.).

    While we are all facing some of the same challanges, depending on where we are from, we don’t always have the same ammo to take to the fight.

  267. Google+ – increasing your online presence. It’s growing, and make a story for yourself. Press Release, something. You are huge and it’s getting better. To be as big as you are now… Really, getting a celeb to endorse???

  268. “The Primal Store”

    Just look what it did for Apple!!!

  269. I would LOVE a chain of Primal ‘to-go’ places; small restaurants/kiosks where I could grab something ‘on the go’ on my way out of town for some hiking. Barring an actual chain of restaurants, or a food truck, maybe a ‘Primally Certified’ badge of sorts, like yelp has, that restaurants carrying primal options could stick on their windows and websites to let potential customers know they are carrying good food?

  270. Normally, I try to read other responses before adding mine. Apologies if there are some repeats.

    As many of your readers are from abroad, it would be good if you could figure out how to franchise so that there could be foreign chapters. (I don’t know if this would be for primal ‘coaches’ or primal group co-ordinators, or selling for some of the products. Or if you would franchise out Primal Con, for the Primal Con Europe or the Primal Con down under – or if you could attend these yourself.)

    If you want more readers for your book, you’ll need to go on ‘book tour’. Some foreign travel might bring readers? Also, consider producing a translation of the books (apologies if there are already translations – as an English speaker, I haven’t looked for them).

    Two comments on what not to do: 1. This site is informative and interesting to visit, and you can buy stuff or not. If the site were to become too commercial, it might drive readers away. (Of course, I am happy if you can make a living from the Primal movement – and bought the book to contribute, in my small way, to this.)

    2. Stay away from politics. I am impressed by how helpful and supportive the comments are. A good community here. But I think there are probably lots of divisions in terms of political outlook. We want to unite against SAD, not highlight the differences between us.

  271. I would like to see an area on your website for primal members to be able to link up with other members in their area for discussion/workout sessions. There are some local websites that do this, but to be ablet to link up with other paleo/primal people directly from the source would be great.

  272. A definitive guide to false Conventional Wisdom. As much as I try to evangelize the primal lifestyle, it’s still challenging to get other people to abandon (or even question) a lifetime’s worth of bad information. Maybe a small book would be best. I dream of living in a world where my 18 hour fasts aren’t met with facts about 6 small meals a day and higher metabolisms. I would like to eat 8 pieces of bacon without people munching on a granola bar and telling me that my arteries will be clogged. And for god’s sake I’m tired of my friends going on long, miserable runs and sulking about why they aren’t losing weight and wondering why their joints hurt.

    I know dispelling CW is a huge part of the challenge of spreading the PB, but something very straight forward that turns all this terrible information on its head would be ideal. Maybe even some examples of completely misguided, perpetually recycled articles that always appear in Muscle Mags could serve as examples of what to be wary of. Thanks Mark.

  273. Wow! Allready 8 pages of suggestions! I’m not going through them all to see if this has allready been sugested, so I’m sorry if I double post..

    I would be really happy if you made the forum TapaTalk enabled!!
    It’s a plugin you install on your servers that makes the forum accessible through smartphones via the TapaTalk app (ie in a format optimized for the small screen, forums through the browser on a smartphone is a pain..,).
    I rarely sit in front of the computer, but often interact with forums from my phone when being on the move.
    This would be a very low-effort quick fix with great usability improvements!!

    (I do frequently access e.g. Robb Wolf’s form and the Dragon Door forum through Tapatalk, and it’s a shame I can’t do the same with the MDA-forum.)

    Thanks for everything Mark, your the best and an amazing source of inspiration!!

    Br Peter

    PS. I have no affiliation with Tapatalk other than using their services!! DS.

  274. You should sell a simple pull-up bar system that can be placed outside. This may not gain subscribers, but I would buy one. It is really amazing how difficult it can be at times to find a place to do pull-up workouts.

    1. +1 on the pull-up bar. Something guaranteed not to break the door.

      Also, get rid of the big giant header image on the web site. It takes up almost the entire screen real-estate.

  275. I’d like a curriculum or presentation to introduce primal eating to school-aged children. I’m not that it can be done without “offending” parents, but it would be nice.

  276. I would like a better index on the archive recipes. I have spent a lot of time tracking down one that I knew was there, but could not remember when it was posted.

    Yes, that android/iphone app would be a good place to put it, but on the web would be a better start.

  277. I agree with the others on the idea of a Primal Ap, but I would take it a step further than a calorie counter, diet tool. Have it track all 10 primal laws asn maybe give daily hints/ links to resources. Such as “Have you played today?- here is a variation of tag that is fun with kids” Maybe even have versions based on different goals- so you can select Weight loss, weight gain, healing, healthy living with kids, ect. and have content most relevent to your needs.

  278. Also, I’d like a book focused on Grokettes and the special challenges women face when losing weight (for example thyroid issues, hormonal issues.)

  279. I am a graduate student researching in electrical engineering. One of my favorite tools is IEEE’s explore publication search. It think it would be great to have a similar engine for searching scholarly articles regarding paleo-primal-ancestral health topics. Additionally, a peer reviewed journal would be pretty cool too.

  280. The site is great and a solid design but a simple suggestion: How about some more and/or header photographs. What we have is great but have been on the site forever.

  281. Sample menus.

    Simple explanations (to share with not-yetbelievers) of why and how carbs/grains contribute to things like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

  282. 1. I would like to see a 5k walk to inspire a primal style of low-intensity exercise at a distance greater than what most people walk in a day all at once. It’s like a 5k run, but slower.

    2. A 20 mile primal leisure ride with a cookout a primal cookout at the end would also be a lot of fun. Entry fee could contribute to a t-shirt and primal bbq meal at the end.

    Both ideas focus on fitness, long bouts of cardio that are enjoyable and not high-intensity, and would raise awareness in cities where they were held and, via t-shirts or whatever from the events, could inspire question and commentary as people where them about.

  283. I would love to see a focus on children in the primal lifestyle. From birth through toddler to early teens. It’s easy for me to see how to do this among teens/adults, but obviously little kids take in far less food or are generally more finicky (at certain ages) about certain things. Especially when dealing with converting them over.

    Anything on this would be super helpful.

  284. A weekly meal planning tool. It’s hard sometimes to come up with ideas with two little ones in the house. A tool to help me see what meals we need, how to use leftovers, and what to shop for.

  285. Focus your efforts on people who want to be helped rather than try to convince the doubters, naysayers, and contraians who will never be convinced. Focus on the “how to” and results of Primal living and less on the “why it works” science.

  286. I would like you to visit NYC one more time during the year-once is not enough-or do a weekend event on the East Coast once a year.

  287. What about an app that, yes, handles Primal nutrition, but also offers quick-to-lookup tips on other aspects of Primal living like: Rest, Play, Relaxation, Earthing, …hm, maybe make MDA an app that is searchable when connected to the Internet and weaves in your other recommended Primal blogs / sites like Chowstalker, etc….??? I am betting one of the app ideas will win the Primal Fuel contest.

  288. Ways to build my primal community locally. It would be cool if users who were interested in meeting other users could register their country, city, province/state and could meet other primal’s in their area. I have a good group of people going on the forums but it’d be nice to meet up with locals- see what they do, maybe even cook with them.

  289. Oooh! Fun!!
    How about a fundraiser to raise money for a good cause like scientific research, putting gyms back in public schools, cleaning up local parks, etc. etc. You can call it the ‘Grok Trot’ and it could be a 5k walk where participants would have to complete ‘Grok-like’ tasks along the way (sprinting from saber-toothed tigers, lugging gallons of water, dragging an ‘animal carcass’ a certain distance, etc. etc.) You can have it in a few different locations nationwide so that people can sign up for the ‘trot’ closest to them. It’d be a fun way to get the Primal message across, get Primal enthusiasts together AANND it’d all be for a good cause.

  290. A primal medical history database that can be used like the Nurse’s study. Partner with a medical/research university to compile a database of Primal health statistics that the scientific community could use as a research tool. You bring the people through MDA and all of the other related Primal/Paleo sites and let the university collect, analyze, and disseminate the data. There are lots of anecdotal stories and we’re a community of self-experimentation (try it for 21 days and see how you feel). We always complain that the large study groups are not good controls because they eat grains or don’t exercise or…. This database would allow for corrections of those factors. Encourage anyone giving Primal a try to be a part of the experiment so we can get insight into both the good and bad outcomes of going Primal. I would be the first to sign up to provide medical statistics like weight, age, lipid profiles, etc starting before Primal to current and keep submitting as the data comes in.

  291. Your Books, The Primal Blueprint and the recipe book in French, so I could give it to my friends and parents who don’t master English.
    I’m ready to translate it for you.

  292. You know what would be cool is having a video library explaining how to correctly perform various primal exercise movements.

    That and something like a “real” journal-ing site where we could log exercise, eating, etc.


  293. tips on how to do a sprint work-out on the treadmill at the gym and a grok resistance program at the gym.

  294. ‘An Ínconvenient Truth 2’
    A documentary summing up all knowledge about paleo diet.

  295. Bring your site world-wide. Set up translated versions so you can reach more people out there. While English is the language that reaches most I think it’s a fair amount of people abroad that don’t understand enough to digest your blog entries. Start with the big like german, french, spanish and move on to smaller like swedish.

  296. When I was in college I played offensive line for a Division 1AA football program, at 6’4″ I tipped the scale at 315. I’m now down to around 225 and have taken control of my workouts and eating habits as not only pleasure and necessity to live, but as the nutritional source that feeds my body to best perform all that my life can ask of it.

    I personally love having the science behind food explained. when you tell us that spinach is good, it’s easy to not understand the full realm of micro nutrients that the one plant is giving our bodies, and how it helps our cells in so many ways. When you explain what food is doing to our bodies after we eat it, it reminds me not to put deep fried carcinogenic foods in, and instead put in foods that help blood flow, cell function, and remove free radicals.

    Grok On!

  297. Partner up with Starbucks, offer alternative coffee selections and snacks. How better to connect with hoards of people than first thing in the morning. Add quotes and stats on the cup sleeves.

  298. I would like to see at WWGD? bracelet (What Would Grok Do?). That would get more people asking about Grok anyway and get the word spread. However I don’t know how feasible this is. Just a thought.

  299. Primal Con Europe.
    Primal products available in Europe.
    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  300. Having lost 65lbs I have now hit a major plateau. Any advice or articles on this would be helpful. I am taking a closer look at my diet (currently very healthy).

    I’ve considered breaking up my meals to 5-6 times a day with smaller portions. Although I am so confused on what a portion size would be for these smaller meals or what they should consist of. This type of article would also be beneficial. I love new recipes. Being a busy single mom I usually have to make my lunches in advance for the work week. Maybe you could have a recipe or break down of what to keep on hand or how to pack for the week? With busy schedules the lack of time & rescources on hand are typically what sabotage my diet.

    My diet is primarily organic, however I still struggle with how to eat a cleaner protein. Suggestions on this would be great!

  301. Well its got to be the biggest media outlet in the world…Television. I would love to see a Primal Biggest Loser style show. Where health and weight loss is done correctly, not just a push for subway and crappy grains.

  302. This idea might be worth millions of dollars to someone eventually if they do it right, but I might as well put it out there since I’m not going to pursue it myself.

    Primal frozen meals sold in grocery stores that would use only real primal ingredients and no preservatives or chemicals. The meals would need to be rotated and discarded if not consumed within a reasonable amount of time, and the use of pastured meat and organic vegetables would make them fairly expensive, but I’m sure very busy primal and paleo people would pay $12+ for a frozen meal, at least occasionally. Just having the confidence that it’s real primal food and nothing else would make it safe to eat a fairly complex meal in an extremely convenient way.

  303. “A Day in the Life”….I propose that you have a weekly post that gives us a snapshot of a day in the life of a modern day Grok or Grokette. One day could be with a single mom of 3 that is 2 months into her transformation. Another day could be a 10 year veteran of the lifestyle. Etc., etc.

    What did they do that day that was primal friendly? What do they do daily that they take for granted as something that is now normal for them that once was a real struggle? What obstacles are they currently struggling with? What ones have they overcome? How do they keep it fresh and interesting? What do they need help with?

  304. A primal restaurant chain, specifically called: “Grok’s Griddle”. Each restaurant would need to be as locally sourced as possible; coconuts won’t grow here in Vermont so they can be purchased elsewhere.
    One of the issues I have with this lifestyle is that “paleo” restaurants (not that I’ve seen any here in the countryside) are typically expensive and for “foodies”, it people who want a complex meal. I’m thinking simple, quick food that’s locally sourced and primal.

  305. I know a number of folks have already mentioned a smartphone/tablet app (haven’t read through ALL the comments yet), but the app I’d like is fairly simple – a daily checklist to track that I’m following the PB guidelines. I use a spreadsheet to do this currently, but it would be nice to have an app (Android please). I track the following: Sleep hrs; Primal eating (broken out into meat/fish/fowl, eggs, veggies, healthy fats, NO grains/legumes, NO sugar/unhealthy fats, moderate fruit, moderate hi-fat dairy, moderate safe starches, moderate nuts/seeds, moderate red wine, moderate dark chocolate and then an overall % compliance), Strength training, Low level aerobic hrs, Sprint sessions, Primal sun time, and Primal Play activities. I have a second spreadsheet that sums up the daily inputs for weekly tracking. I find that the more I make sure I’m following the principles, the more success I have and the better I feel. I have some additional thoughts on how this could be turned into an app.

  306. I would love to see a sport that has specifically derived from the Primal Blueprint implementing ideals from MDA and The Primal Blueprint(Sprinting, lifting heavy things, play it in the sunlight, throwing, running, dodging, chasing, avoiding, rolling etc.) Something that’s new and we Primal folk can call our own! Maybe some sort of varied capture the flag, but instead trying to catch a flag you have to grab sandbags and run them back to your base while playing keep away with the opposing tribesman! Another idea is maybe implementing a Primal Blueprint Pre-Parenthood Prepping Seminar where Primal couples can go learn step by step the Primal way to bring up their kid! I know I sure wish my Parents knew and followed the Primal Blueprint back when I was a pup! Sadly they didn’t, but I sure know I will when my days of Fathering come about, and I think a Primal Blueprint Pre-Parenthood Prepping Seminar would be extremely helpful, interesting, fun, and exciting! Plus we would get to listen to you drop some astounding knowledge which is always a Joy!

    Live Long Drop Dead,

  307. An app for us just starting. I would like part of it to for doing a search on a food item and it tell me if it is primal or not. If it is not then give suggestions on how to alter it or recipes. I have a wife and kids and I am not forcing them to change their diets, but I don’t want to fix something completely different almost every night.

  308. I would love to see an index, because although I can find anything through the search box, newcomer friends can’t even think of what to put there. An index would prompt them.

    Secondly, living in England – with our mostly funded NHS, I need something to help persuade people that it is worth going primal. They pay (apart from in their health!) relatively little for medicines, so the incentive to pay more for their food but less for medicine is not there. Indeed, for people living on benefits – which leaves very little leeway – I am greeted with cries of “but I can only afford bread”. I need answers for them.

  309. I believe the most effective way to meet your goal is to step up your use of Facebook. Nothing is more effective than the success stories. Perhaps more YouTube videos as well.

  310. I would like to see a video entry on the blog say once a week. It could be a regular weekly staple like the Success story of Weekend Links. I short 8-12 minute video on the blog topic of the day starring yourself! So much of this site feeds off of you energy as an individual in this lifestyle, but it took me a long time to hear that energy in while reading each post, it took time to ‘get to know you.’

    I think this would help bring newbies on board quick, being able to snap up your love of life and this lifestyle by hearing from it’s founder.

    It also could be used as part of the current layout. One week, the video blog could respond to a reader question, the next it could address one of your topics of choice. It even from time to time could breed even more amazing life into the success story, live in person with the transformed! Or it could be a viewer submitted video success story narrated by yourself.

    A time commitment, yes, a great idea, I think so, hopefully others agree! Whatever you do, it would have to be supplemented with a text article like normal, or you could say the video would support the text.

    Thanks Mark!

  311. More on how the primal lifestyle can help reverse the years of damage from things like smoking, poor food choices, excessive alcohol consumption, drugs, ect… Basically, give more hope for a healthy life to those who have made many and/or repeated poor lifestyle choices. Helping the people who need hope but may have lost it.

  312. I’d love a Primal Podcast. I personally like 60min (approx.) podcasts. Since I’m newer to MDA, I’d enjoy re-exploring some of the older material.

  313. Agreed to the daily missions,shorter challenges etc.

    I believe some kind of social networking system directly from MDA would be great so we can meet on a local level. I DO NOT mean a facebook or dating type service. I just mean a way to find close workout buddies or people who share similar lifestyles and primal interests.

    Thanks for doing an amazing job, and I hope together we can all raise awareness to how our current food industry is poisoning the general population.