Dear Readers

Past “Dear Readers” blog posts (1, 2, 3, 4) have started some great discussions. As I always say, I’m lucky to have some of the most intelligent and thoughtful readers on the internet. It’s always a a pleasure getting feedback from all of you, so from time to time I’ll continue to do this style of blog post.

It’s a mixed bag this week. Email topics ranged from Primal survival food and Primal weddings to food cravings and bucking the trend as a registered dietitian.

Check out the questions (and photos!) below and make yourself heard in the comment board.

Thanks, everyone!


Question 1

A recent discussion with friends brought to mind another potential topic for MDA.  We were discussing food options for two similar situations. First for prolonged backpacking or remote camping situations. Second for world crisis times such as a flu outbreak where you just want to be able to survive and eat at home for a few weeks, preferably without needing electricity or refrigeration. I know there are companies selling various food products (Mountain House for example), but are any of them tasty, and are any of them even remotely PRIMAL? Of course in real survival situations remaining PRIMAL would be secondary, but it never hurts to plan ahead if possible.



Question 2

Note from Mark: You may remember our good friend Sterling from his Primal Blueprint Success Story post. He’s having no trouble staying fit (check out the photos below) but he has some questions about a new fitness goal.

I’m considering training and competing in a triathlon. A couple of questions: 1 – Will this put me in a complete state of inflammation? 2 – If you don’t think it will be detrimental to my health in the short-term, would you be willing to suggest training methods, etc?  Thanks as always for your candor and help.



Question 3

I am starting my third year at a university and working to become a registered dietician. I am just now starting to take my core upper-division classes.

Unfortunately, so many of these classes are conflicting with my beliefs (primal). I love food and nutrition so in what direction can I take my degree to become successful and happy? I feel like I am about to begin a life of banging my head on a wall. What should I do when I become an RD?

Thanks in advance for your reply.



Question 4

I have no problem with feeling satisfied or full, even with small amounts of food. It’s my taste buds that spark and I “crave” (the only word I can think to describe it) makes me keep eating till I’m almost sick. I assume I will have no choice but to defeat this with will-power, but is that normal? Will I ever get past that with just diet changes, or is this a life-long fight?



Question 5

I would like to hear more success stories on us over 50’s folks that need a little more help and encouragement.

Is it to late when you are 60yrs old and 50 lbs over weight Female?

Where do we start? PS I got the book.



Reader Mail

This final message isn’t a question for readers, but I wanted to share it anyway. Suz, a Mark’s Daily Apple reader, sent me these photos of her wedding. The beautiful bride and groom were recently married in a gorgeous desert ceremony wearing none other than my favorite Primal footwear. Talk about a wedding that would make Grok proud. (And don’t they look so happy!) Check out the photos and give the newlyweds your best wishes in the comment board!

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