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The response to “Dear Readers” questions has been fantastic. This week I’ve added a poll to make answering fellow readers’ inquiries even easier, so chime in with your opinion and make your voice heard.

Question 1

Hi Mark

Just wondering if you have run across this stuff: Shirataki Miracle Noodle. It’s been mentioned in a few different magazines/websites and the ingredients for the main type (the angel hair pasta) are listed as Water, glucomannan (soluble fiber), calcium additive.

Any ideas if the base (glucomannan) is a primal-type ingredient? A quick look at Wikipedia shows that it usually comes from the root of two plants I’ve never heard of … just wondering if it would fall into the same category as potatoes or more sweet potatoes?


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Question 2


I was wondering if you could please assist us, we have to prepare a presentation on the urban myth of “I can feel it in my bones” and whether it is a fact or fiction, explaining the physiology which supports or refutes it.

We would be extremely grateful if you could please direct us to any clinical studies/information that you think maybe useful.

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely



Question 3

I am a big fan of your blog and was hoping you could provide your insight on the following: I recently injured my neck in a car crash and have multiple protrusions in my neck. I cannot lift heavy, do push ups, pull ups, or sit ups, (non-primal) doctor’s orders. I can walk for about an hour at a time and run for short periods of time. I’m expected to be this way for a year. If I were Grok-ette I would lay down and wait for a saber tooth tiger to eat me. As I am not, I’m looking for suggestions on maintaining (or improving) health and fitness even with these challenges. Besides continuing to eat primal, what would Grok do?



Question 4

I have had a great deal of success following with Intermittent Fasting, but I have struggled with the stubborn fat around my midsection. After analyzing my diet, the obvious road block, is the carbs. As of Monday I am following the Primal Blueprint. I have gone from 264 pounds to my current weight of 182. In february of this year, I began creatine supplementation, 5mg a day, with water. No high carb post workout drinks, didnt need teh excess calories.

As I move towards the next level of leanness would you recommend creatine as a supplement?




Question 5

How about kids and the primal way of eating?

We eat mostly primal at home but my son’s daycare has a vegetarian menu (which is preferable to the “meat” that would otherwise be purchased for schools and daycares). I’m trying to think about life after daycare when my son takes lunch. What are good portable meals that will last, for a time, unrefrigerated?

As a family, we also drive long distances to visit family – sometimes with limited shopping options. What to do for snacks for the long return trip? We usually take a cooler of food and plan out our meals for most of the time we’re there (to the chagrin of the relatives with whom we visit). It is a stretch to get portable items to last for the return trip.


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