Dear Mark: Mysterious Omegas and a Beginner’s Exercise Routine

Today’s installment of Dear Mark covers two questions. In the first, a reader wonders whether or not all those mysterious omegas popping up lately are worth taking. Are omega-3s enough, or should we be supplementing with omega-5s, omega-7s, and omega-9s as well? Read on to find out. Then, I take on a question about exercise for a mostly sedentary 40-something whose only source of activity is a weekly jog. I give him a few pointers and direct him to some relevant literature. I expect if he follows my advice he’ll start putting on significant amounts of lean mass.

Let’s go.

I’ve read all your articles on fish oil and the importance of balancing one’s intake of omega-3s with omega-6s. Lately I’ve been seeing fish oil supplements that claim they contain all omegas (3,5,6,7,9). Is this more, less, or equally beneficial than just taking omega-3 fish oil supplements?


Ah, yes, the mysterious omega-5, -7, and -9 fatty acids. How foolish were we to think omegas-3 and –6 were enough!

Let’s learn about them, shall we?

Omega-5 fatty acids include punicic acid and myristoleic acid. Punicic acid is a polyunsaturated conjugated lipid (so it’s a trans-fat, similar to CLA) that is found primarily in pomegranate seeds. The seeds of bitter gourds and snake gourds also contain punicic acid, but pomegranates are far more common foods. As for its purported benefits (which have only been shown in rats), pucinic acid simply gets converted quickly to CLA in the gut, leading me to assume that CLA is the responsible player. Enjoy pomegranates, by all means, but get your CLA from grass-fed ruminant fat. Myristoleic acid hasn’t been studied much. It’s biosynthesized from myristic acid, a saturated fatty acid found in palm oil, coconut oil, and butterfat, so if you eat any of the latter, your body will make plenty of myristoleic acid (if there’s a need for it).

Omega-7 fatty acids include vaccenic acid and palmitoleic acid. Vaccenic acid might sound familiar; it’s one of the naturally-occurring trans-fats (CLA) found in grass-fed meat and dairy, and it’s definitely helpful so long as you get it by eating grass-fed meat and/or dairy. Since isolated CLA supplements have never really panned out, whereas eating high quality food has an impressive track record, I would avoid the former and opt for the latter. Palmitoleic acid can be found in macadamia nuts, which for my money are the best nut around – and the best snack for any occasion. They may have also included trans-palmitoleic acid, a trans-fat that I briefly discussed in my post on dairy fat and diabetes and which appears to correlate with a reduced risk of the disease… but, once again, trans-palmitoleic acid is found in grass-fed dairy. No need for a supplement.

Omega-9 fatty acids are monounsaturated fatty acids that appear quite readily in nature. In a pinch, the body can also manufacture them from other, plentiful exogenous sources. If you’re eating meat, olive oil, avocados, and the odd handful of nuts, you’re getting plenty of omega-9 fatty acids.

You could, of course, make the case that you don’t even need omega-3s in supplement form. This is true, so long as you’re eating fatty fish and shellfish on a regular basis, but the fact remains that you absolutely need omega-3s in some form or another. They are essential. You cannot manufacture them, and you need to eat them. The same can’t be said for omega-5, omega-7, and omega-9 fatty acids.

Hello Mark,

Your book (Kindle edition) and site are extremely educational and inspiring. I am a 43 year old male, 6′-6″ tall and I weigh in the 195-200 range. I work at a sedentary job and do no exercise other than run (jog) with a buddy every Sunday 40 minutes at a 10 min. pace. I am lean and have no muscle to speak of. I have never been able to get rid of these damn love handles and spare tire at my mid-section. I have started eating (80% =/-) Primal for about 1 week now but need to start an exercise plan. Any pointers as to which type of exercises, duration that may finally help this rid me of this curse around my middle? I have made a goal for this summer. I want to be able to take my shirt off in public and not feel embarrassed. Thanks for all the hard work and fantastic resources.


I’ve got just the thing. Assuming you’ve never done much, if any, strength training before, you’ll want to start with Primal Blueprint Fitness, my basic (free) fitness e-book. Now, I could end this right now by having you go read the book, but I’ll spend a little time here to prepare you for what’s coming. Don’t worry – it’s not scary.

Two or three days each week of lifting heavy things. To begin with, these “heavy things” will be the 195 pounds comprising your frame. That’s right – bodyweight exercises to start. Eventually, once you’ve hammered out the form for each movement, put on some strength, and strengthened that connective tissue, you can move on to lifting heavy things that are not your own bodyweight. Maybe you’ll join a gym and start moving barbells or machines. Maybe you’ll get into gymnastics and start using leverage to increase resistance. Maybe you’ll lift sandbags and swing kettlebells. The point is this: the early bodyweight days will get you strong enough to handle yourself and your own body so that you can then progress to whatever level you prefer. Putting on lean mass is precisely what you require. Jogging won’t do it – it hasn’t done it, in your case – and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to accumulate lean mass.

One day a week of sprinting. Now, that’s not an entire day of sprinting, which would be ridiculous and frankly impossible. You’ll be sprinting between five and ten times with plenty of rest in between. As an example, my sprint workouts last about 20 minutes total these days. If you’re not comfortable sprinting on a track or flat surface, you can sprint uphill (less impact on joints), in a pool, on a bike, on a rowing machine, etc.. The key is expending maximum effort during these sprint sessions, whichever method of transportation you’ve chosen. You go all out for ten or twelve seconds (or more, if you are fit and can handle it – maybe even up to 40 seconds on a bike) and then rest for a minute or two until the next one. Sound easy? It’s not. It’s simple and brief, but it isn’t easy.

Finally, at least 5 hours of slow moving per week. Walking, hiking, very slow jogging (as long as you can do so comfortably) – it’s all fair game. You don’t want to push yourself here. You’re not running a marathon or racing. You’re not even tracking calories. You’re just getting around. You’re moving your limbs and enjoying a conversation and oxidizing fat the entire time. Slow moving is the foundation of the Primal Blueprint Fitness program.

Your weekly run at a 10 minute mile pace sounds about right. I might even push it to a 11 or 12-minute mile pace. Anyway, stick with the eating (bump it up closer to 100%, preferably), go download the eBook, start lifting, and let me know what you think. Good luck!

That’s all for this installment, folks. If you’ve got any more questions about anything, send them along and I’ll do my best to answer. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comment section.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. Yep, I know it’s saving mine, plus making upcoming senior years a lot more enjoyable.

    2. Mine too. I was a little worried about it as I wasn’t losing any weight, but I came out of the doctors office today and i’ve lost 9cm from my waist 🙂

  1. I like your suggestions on exercising for someone who has been sedentary. Essentially add some resistance exercise, aerobic activity (both on limited scale at first) and then just be casually active every day. Very good points that I agree with 100%.

  2. It seems bonkers at first, but trading jogging for walking can really help you restore muscle mass.

    Kettlebells are a great recommendation for conditioning and building functional strength.

  3. Mark – Can you loan me a couple hundred bucks for a new wardrobe? 🙂 I’m down 13lbs since the primal challenge began back in September. I had to go through my closet this weekend and pile up all the pants that are now too big and won’t stay up or “bunch” when belted… guess what??? I had NO pants that fit anymore and I couldn’t be happier.

    1. Yep, he ruining mine and my girlfriends wardrobe too. Maybe we should start a class action law suit. Suit, ha, see what i did there.
      You might have to go hip-hop style, baggy pants, big shirts.

      1. haha.

        the pants are falling off Lord Hubby too after 20lb loss
        i have been nagging about seeing his underwear… LOL

    2. I’m not there yet but the clothes are starting to fit looser. My “going primal” buddy (we’re doing the buddy system to support each other although once we got started we found we didn’t need it so much) is starting to look like he’s adopted the “sagging” pant style. His closet cleaning has started. I think by spring I’ll be looking for a new summer wardrobe. Oh, boo hoo! 🙂

      1. I wear track pants and flexible shirts/coats most of the time now almost everywhere because I’m always hopping fences and stuff and never know when I’ll get the urge to run or climb something.
        I’ll leave the library and come back covered in tree residue, I must look like a true homeless person 😛

        1. I embarrass my family when we go to Target Department store and I jump up on the big red ball in front of the store.

    3. This.

      Started with a 38-40 waist back in January 2010 when I read the Primal Blueprint for the first time.

      A few months ago I had to replace much of my wardrobe because I was sick of wearing parachutes to work, so I got a couple size 36 waist pants and some new shirts.

      Back to wearing parachutes again, now down to 33-34 waist and need new shirts again! I’m melting!

    4. Haven’t lost any weight yet, but I may have to cut my sleeves to make room for deez guns! (I can do a girly push-up — finally!)

    5. yep. Since going primal (will be 2 years in April) I’ve gone from a size 14 women’s to a size 2/XS. Even with sales and buying secondhand, my clothes budget has been out of control this year. (I’m 5’2″ by the way)

    6. We’re dealing with the same here. The Hubs and I started primal in may/June 2011, he’s dropped from a tight 36 to a loose 30 in pants and a large to a small in shirts, and I’ve gone from a very tight (probably should’ve been an 18) 16 to a comfortable 10 (or tight XL to comfortable M), with more to loose for me. It was an expensive year for clothes in this house!

    7. Thrift stores baby! found some brand new pants, several great shirts and a belt for about $40. The key is finding several good stores and perusing them once a month for the brands and types you want!

  4. yeah can I get a refund for my new jeans? I’m starting to accidentally moon people.

  5. Not to brag or anything (OK, yes, I am!) but since reading the Primal Blueprint back in December 2010, I’ve rolled over my entire wardrobe twice. Get ready to shell out some buckos on new clothes, kids!

  6. Wow inspiring, everyone who is losing so fast!!! I am thinking of joining a gym for the salt water pool, get my 5 hours doing some swimming.

    I want to start including natural sources of omega 3’s since all the supplements out there seem to make me sick, bleh!

    1. Try chia seeds. They are high in Omega 3. I eat a tablespoon a day whenever I feel like a snack. Just chew them a little at time and keep a glass of water handy.

  7. I got a sewing machine this year….making your clothes or learning how to alter them is another option to buying stuff! (You also can modify things to make room for larger upper arms, etc!)

    1. I was JUST thinking this! Get a sewing machine! =)
      As a seamstress, its MUCH easier to alter what you already have!! =)

      1. i love to sew tops… but it’s also fun to just go to Ross and stock up on cute size 3 jeans 🙂

        everyone’s joy here is great. it’s good for us to step back, take stock and just SAVOR what we’re accomplishing. the last few days i’ve been way too hung up grinding my teeth over people around me saying “but meat is so BAD for us…” arghh, they don’t GET it

        we do, that’s why i love having this community

    2. Yes! One of the incentives for me in doing PB, not that we actually need to think of incentives beyond how much better we feel, is looking forward to creating my final wardrobe when my weight/body fat/lean distribution normalizes. I used to make wearable art (sewing, quilting, knitting, etc.) and designed/made many of my own “regular” clothes as well. That pursuit fell by the wayside as I started battling creeping weight gain.

      My daughter decided a couple of years ago to do more sewing and to start quilting for herself, her children, and her home. So, her birthday present from me was a new sewing machine and a few sewing/quilting books. I was delighted to see how many great new books are now available for sewing – novice to advanced!

      I may just have to reward myself with a new sewing machine and books, too – when I reach my new normal.

  8. I’ve learned so much since going primal 4 months ago and I just love all those sources of omega3’s. Following the advice in PB fitness I Joined an outdoor group and regularly go on 15/18 mile hikes up in the hills here in South Wales (uk) a fantastic healthy way to spend the day, as the old saying goes ‘ a day in the hills cures most ills’!

  9. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats 3 days a week. So simple, so fun, so rewarding. I then just move as much as possible and hardly sit. I sleep a lot.

    I do want to start yoga this year… any dudes here do yoga?

    1. I sort of do my own version of yoga sometimes by doing basic stretches and stretching/twisting/bending/rolling in whatever way feels good. Occasionally I do the bridge stretch, and I’m working on stretching my groin and legs quite often because I hope to eventually be able to do the splits. Climbing trees is a good way to stretch.
      Stretching and yoga will improve your flexibility, balance, circulation, coordination, probably overall speed and skills, and most likely make you feel better too.

    2. Whoops, this should be here. Newby. I do ashtanga yoga most mornings. It follows a sequence of prescribed moves and as you develop and learn you progress further through the sequence. Recommend getting a good teacher to start. Keeps you moving, uses body weight, core strength and focuses the mind. Cheers

    3. I got my hubby to start doing yoga with me, and he loves it. At 6’3″ and 220, and totally inflexible, he swears that it’s improved his golf game in just a couple of weeks. It’s great cross training for everyone!

    4. I practice Kundalini yoga, which is spinal focused. Lots of movements, meditations, sometimes chanting. I prefer it over bikram and vinyasa. Plus where I go is taught by a real yogi who studied under Yogi Bhajan, super bonus! Check out the 3HO organization to find kundalini yoga teachers near you.

    5. While I’m not a guy, I sleep better if I do a few moon salutations before bed. My lower back got messed up from 2 pregnancies, and yoga healed it. Sun salutations in the morning, before a workout, or whenever it feels right. Yoga will improve strength, balance, flexibility, stress, coordination, you name it. Forget about male/female, and go for it! You’ll love it!

      1. Two pregnancies ruined my back also, and yoga does the trick. Actually, one pregnancy ruined it, and the second one agravated the old injury. I love yoga. It also helps you to destress.

    6. My wife does Bikram Yoga and sometimes I go with her. It’s an ass-kicker, but a great workout. And I do believe it’s an excellent complement to the PB workout – body weight strength and flexibility.

      Check out a Bikram studio near you. But be prepared. It’s not some mamby-pamby workout. And it isn’t for the faint of heart.

  10. I’ve been skinny most of my life and never threw away any clothes.
    I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe when I was gaining weight over the last 8 years.
    Now I’m back to my normal self and actually plan on donating my fat clothes because I don’t think I’ll ever need them again 🙂
    Sure glad I can wear my Retro-clothes again lol. Hey, it’s back in style…come on!

  11. I also believe this website is saving my life. My primal journey began after I freaked out after having to go shopping for size 38″ jeans. Oh, and I got categorized as obese at a local health fair (I know, BMI is questionable, etc, but still, it was a shock). After a year I was back in the 34″ waist. Now, after 18 months, the 34″ jeans are pretty roomy.

    I’ve lost about 50 pounds, from 240. You know what, it wasn’t even hard.

    Racing my bike for the first time last spring was part of it, but if anything that training was a limiter for getting really slim. Based on my experience, I believe Mark is exactly correct in his “movement” plan. Good luck with it Tom!

  12. I do ashtanga yoga most mornings. It follows a sequence of prescribed moves and as you develop and learn you progress further through the sequence. Recommend getting a good teacher to start. Keeps you moving, uses body weight, core strength and focuses the mind. Cheers

  13. I, too, really feel like this site and Mark’s books have made a huge impact on my life. I have only been following the Primal Blueprint for only 5 days now and am already noticing how much more energy I have, how I am sleeping better and just an overall feeling of well-being and happiness. Thank you, Mark!

  14. I study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I’m a former Marine and I have found many benefits to incorporating Yoga into my regimen. Yoga is extremely beneficial for the alignment and longevity of the skeletal-muscular system. I have noticed lots of benefits to my combat sports and martial arts. If you think its just for ladies, you would be mistaken.

      1. What is your point? I tried to read the article but it wouldn’t let me.

  15. Already lost 10lbs and today is first day of 3rd week of following 21-day-body-transformation. Thanks Mark and keep up the good work.

  16. I started taking fish oil capsules about 2 years ago(omega 3 EPA and DHA) and have improved my HDL cholesterol considerably. I’m now eating salmon 3 X per week in addition to the supplement. I highly recommend them.

  17. I’m down about 45 pounds since October! I eat eggs everyday and love it! I have started gaining my college football muscle back and my weight loss has slowed to a crawl. I guess that is good right? My bench is back up to very strong (just did 315 for a set of 10). I know, this is not super primal, but I love lifting like this and having big muscles. My wife likes my muscles too!

  18. I love that mark gets straight to the point and provides such great info!!! I never knew that omega-5’s or 7’s existed?!?! learn something new every day right!!! Speaking of fitness I better get my arse to the gym and go lift some heavy things 🙂

  19. Perhaps this is a little off topic, but I just returned from the grocery store and it felt wonderful to read a discussion about macronutrients and be part of a community that cares about overall health, not just fitting into smaller jeans at any cost.

    The woman ahead of me at the grocery store was buying, among other things: Weight Watchers Butter Toffee Ice Cream Bars, Diet Dr. Pepper, Eat Smart! Chicken (which means boneless, skinless and pumped full saline solution to plump out that poor antibiotic and hormone-ridden bird), diet popcorn (a thing?!), and skim milk. She was devouring the ice cream bar as she struggled to get her wallet out, which does not surprise me since she was probably experiencing such an insulin crash that her body’s natural defense was to reach for the ice cream bar immediately and be terrible to the cashier. Not to be mean, but this was not a healthy looking person. Her total was $35.

    For $37, I got two filets of wild Alaskan salmon, four big free range (but likely grain stuffed – grrr)lamb shanks, eight jumbo Gulf shrimp, a package of organic blueberries, organic red chard, and loofah (did Grok exfoliate?!). Subtract my loofah, and we paid the same amount. My food will nourish me and make me feel like a super hero. Her food is slowly killing her and leaves her sticky and mean to cashiers.

    Have been primal for a few months and cannot imagine ever going back. Love IF, love the food, don’t miss that other crap one bit.

    1. Thanks for sharing :-). Isn’t it great to be loving the lifestyle – not dreading every day of the “diet” and looking forward to “eating” again?

  20. Not only is Mark and this website saving my life, but the lives of my boys, ages 3 & 5! Because I visit this site daily, I am better focused on staying Primal, and I now, thanks to PB, have the patience to coax my 3 year old through meals of, up till now, unfamiliar foods. I’ve finally gotten him to eat meat, something he used to hate! And I can get a few bites of a select few veggies into him now whereas only a month ago he was all cereal and grilled cheese! He’s sleeping better!!!!! Which of course means I’m sleeping better!!!!! Thanks Mark!

    1. LizS, I totally relate! My daughter as a beige foods girl, and I removed all grains from the house. What I had to put in place of it was so delicious, so glorious, that she is actually TRYING things, because she trusts that she’ll like some or most of it! Kids like fats, and when they feel truly nourished, I think they then get adventurous.

      1. You are so right! I have always liked certain fats that I have denied myself for so long while trying to adhere to a “healthy, low fat” diet. Just this morning I had a sudden thought. Now I can eat all the liverwurst that I want! Liverwurst sandwiches were a childhood favorite of mine, and I would also guiltily sneak into the fridge for a snack of just plain liverwurst (no bread). No more guilt and no more sneaking!

        1. Oh my gosh! You guys have just put into words what I was feeling today. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to lose the little pad of baby belly fat, the fat on the back of my arms, etc. by doing all the “right things”. I’m at the same weight & body fat percent right now (150lbs & 24.5% body fat) that I’ve been able to get to before, except that before, I’d always fall off track of the “healthy diet”. I don’t feel that now. For the first time in my life I actually believe that it’s possible to change my body and my body fat percentage. And I actually believe I can stick with it, because the food is so full, rich, satisfying, and delicious. I’m not denying myself anything anymore. I don’t miss the breads and pastas and I certainly do not miss plain oatmeal. Why in the world did I ever suffer through plain oatmeal? Disgusting! It is so wonderful to be “allowed” to eat fat. Denying myself on the “healthy, low fat” diet is what I think led me to fall off track and binge. I can actually envision myself at 20% body fat now, I never could before! That is the best thing. To actually believe it is possible! And it’s so easy!

  21. I have lost so much weight around my belly that i had to punch two new holes in my belt. lol. 228 lbs to 198 lbs in 4 months.

  22. I have lost so much weight that when I went in to renew my driver’s license they couldn’t believe I was the same person, I had to go back with a birth certificate and references.

  23. I went shopping recently to buy new jeans. I was wearing my old jeans (size 16 aust, your size 12 I believe) and the woman in the shop said, “ok what size are you”? I replied – “well these are a 16 and a bit loose so lets go a 14”. I thought I was being adventurous as jeans come in odd sizes here in Australia (you can get a 15 for eg). She looked at me and said, “ummm love I dont think that a 14 will do it.” Just as I was about to get indignant she followed with… “how about a 10”?
    I was so shocked and totally would not believe her at all. I made her get me the 12s.

    Long story short I left with two pairs one in size 10 and one in 11. (your size 6 and 7 I guess).
    Boy was I happy

    Mark, you rock mate. Seriously I love you. HUGS!

  24. been doing this for a couple months now, and I’ve dropped 2 inches from the waist and put on 5 kgs 🙂 Couldn’t be happier!

  25. OMG, I’m loving all these weight loss (and other) posts! Its so great to be around people who are losing weight and not being whiny/cranky about it at the same time! Happy and healthy – now THAT’s the way to do it!

  26. great post, glad to hear we can avoid the hooha on all the omega’s…
    Been Paleo for over 9months, not lost more than 3 kg, but started at 83 down to 80 and converted heaps of belly fat to muscle in the legs, I cycle, so that is good..
    Once the worst of the pangs of not eating grains wears off there is nothing to go back for. Cannot say I miss bread, or cakes, etc but will occassionally have the odd bacon and egg roll from the cafe when needed after a long hard ride.
    I have not found a way to burn fat entirely on the bike as it needs short to long efforts which chew through the glycogen pretty fast. A few carbs goes a long way to restore depleted supplies, so I use sweet potato, and rice for days I know I will need them. This site is fabulous, and free, and I encourage everyone to pass this URL to their friends…it also helps to buy the books, ( Thanks again MS it is a truly awsome site )

  27. Great to see a post on the “missing” omega fats – this was a question I was about to ask too.

    Here in India, where early-onset diabetes and heart disease are showing an alarming upward trend (not always linked with obesity either), there is a lot of confusion regarding “healthy” oils, which is compounded by largely carb-dominated regional cuisines and vegetarianism. Mustard oil, which is apparently omega-9-heavy, is used exensively in the north and east and is purported to be “healthier” than the sunflower, peanut and safflower oils popular in other parts of India. I didn’t find a shred of real evidence to support this – the literature seems to be thin on mustard oil?

    Personally, I just avoid the lot and stay with ghee and coconut oil, with occasional omega-3 supplementation for times without real fish …. Fortunately the buffalo and goat meat available in India is usually grass-fed anyway!

  28. I bought animal lard from the supermarket yesterday and literally looked around me before I put it in the trolley. It felt a little wicked, even tho I know its not. It reminded me of buying lollies when I was on weight watchers or something…. OH gah – so glad that life of being hungry is over!

  29. I went Primal 4 weeks ago after 18 years as a veggie. Despite a ‘healthy’ diet of fruits, veg and wholewheat bread and pasta (all organic) I never could shift my ever increasing waist and hips.

    I’m now addicted to steak. Man I LOVE steak. I’ve had it 5 times this week. Seriously though, coffee with cream… who wouldn’t prefer that? Butter on your asparagus? Yes please! I’m am literally NEVER hungry and I find that when I do go grazing I come back empty handed half the time as I realise it’s just an old habit from my bread or crackers days. Now if I can’t be bothered to make up a salad, halve an avocado or fry up a steak then I can’t actually be hungry. So I find something more productive to do.

    As far as weight goes I’ve dropped 8lbs in 4 weeks. I started at 138 and am now at 130lbs. This is the lowest I’ve gotten my weight in 2 years! Even doing 4 weeks of Insanity (go figure with the name) only saw 4lbs come off and go straight back on if I ‘slipped up’ with my ‘diet’.

    Thank you Mark. My old jeans are doing up again, my husband commented that my ‘sexy’ bum is coming back and I feel amazing. I’ve even turned my kittens primal (they love their new raw diet of ground wild rabbit and free range chicken – bones and all – maybe that could be a future post? Primal for your pets?)! 🙂

  30. I found The Primal Blueprint in 2010, but I’m only now getting it applied to my lifestyle properly. Love the fact that I can eat steak and not feel guilty … and that I can embrace the heavy weights at the gym. Took me over a year to fully use it because I allowed naysayers to dissuade me. Not anymore. Started this year out with a goal to stick to primal. Lost 10lbs so far. Now have to get the hubby to eat the same way, because he needs it more than me 🙂

    As for Yoga, I love it. I’m a bellydancer and utilize Yoga a lot in my warm up and cool down drills. It’s excellent core strengthening that helps support my spine when I dance. I laugh at everyone who hates Yoga because they don’t work up a sweat …. sure you can do gentle Hatha Yoga for relaxation, but anything more strenuous you’ll sweat, and enjoy it 🙂

    1. I always sweat during yoga, unless it’s my relaxing moon salutations before bed. I consider yoga like getting a massage while you get a hell of a workout! At least that’s how I feel afterward!

  31. Tom – As tall as you are you might want to consider sprinting up hills. As a fellow tall person I’ve found that sprinting uphill (either barefoot, minimal shoes or otherwise) makes for an easier time and less impact on my joints. You can rest by walking back down the same hill you just sprinted up.

  32. TMI, but I realized yesterday that my favorite pair of panties is too big and slides around. Oh well, now I need new ones. I started this the end of spring last year, at a size 16, and now I’m a 10. I just found out my thyroid is low and got on Westhroid, so hopefully that will get me out of my rut, but I can’t believe how wonderful it is to not be on a diet.

  33. Does anyone else notice how many happy people there are around here?!

    I LOVE MARK! 😀 xx

  34. Mark,

    I just stumbled on your blog. Really cool so far. Can you recommend your top 5 posts so I can get a better feel for the attitudes and content here?

  35. I’ve only been at this for just about 3 weeks now, and had one weekend in there that I would consider a fail primal weekend. But the confidence boost is there none the less. I’m already in need of a belt. I’m thinking I should buy a cheap one, as it sounds like I won’t get much of a chance to grow attached to it, judging by all the comments here, and everywhere else on this blog!! Thanks Mark! 🙂

  36. Dammit, how come everybody loses weight except me. I have been drinking whey smoothies for brekkie, eating nuts for a snack, salad and tuna or chicken or ham for lunch and steak, chicken, salmon and salad or steamed greens for dinner and no dice. i take a multi vitamin, 3 omega 3 caps a day and drink heaps of water and still not real drop. the smallest indulgence like too much coconut oil absorbed in my almondmeal egg cheesy herb savory fritters and wham. the next day i am up 1 lb. Am I a freak? I am 53, post menopausal, not sleeping( sure I read about how that can make a diff) but I am despondent that my hubby and daughter have gone almost as primal as me and its sliding off them …help………

    1. o, how I hope there are answers to all of your questions; we are the same, except that I am 48 y.o. and peri-meno.

  37. I’m a little late to the party here, but I noticed that you implied in your article that conjugated meant that punicic acid was a trans-fat. Conjugated simply indicates the distance between double bonds, not whether a lipid has trans stereochemistry. It certainly doesn’t exclude that possibility, but people shouldn’t get confused by that terminology.

  38. This is exactly the advice I was looking for. This is great information for someone like me that leads a very sedentary life but wants to change. Thanks Mark!