Dark Chocolate and Citrus Macadamia Balls

Mac Choc Citrus BallsIf you’re someone who can’t resist licking cookie dough from the beaters (maybe, you even like cookie dough better than cookies) then here’s a discovery you should know about: macadamia nuts, when blended until smooth but not quite all the way into macadamia butter, taste deliciously close to cookie dough.

Macadamia “dough” has a soft, gooey texture and naturally sweet, buttery flavor that’s the perfect base for raw desserts. It can be rolled and shaped and then flavored with anything that satisfies your sweet tooth. In this recipe, orange zest and dark chocolate are a festive combination, appropriate for the holidays or any time of year.

As far as nuts go, it doesn’t get much better than a macadamia nut. Minimal linoleic acid and decent amounts of magnesium, manganese, thiamine, copper, and iron, make macadamia nuts the perfect snack…in reasonable amounts. Worried you’ll scarf down a dozen of these dark chocolate & citrus macadamia balls in one sitting? Plan to bring them to a party instead of hoarding them all to yourself, and you’ll be lucky to get even one.

Servings: 12 balls

Time in the Kitchen: 15 minutes


step 3

  • 1 ½ cups raw, unsalted macadamia nuts (225 g)
  • A pinch of salt
  • ¾ cup dark chocolate chips (or about 3 ounces dark chocolate, finely chopped) (90 g)
  • Zest of 1 orange


Blend the macadamia nuts and salt in a food processor just until the nuts are smooth and have the consistency of dough. Stop processing before the nuts take on a looser, butter-like texture.

step 1

Set the macadamia dough aside and wipe the food processor out. Blend the chocolate chips until they are broken into tiny pieces, similar to chocolate sprinkles.

step 2

Shape the macadamia dough into balls. If the dough isn’t holding its shape, refrigerate it for 30 minutes first.

Roll each ball in orange zest, then chocolate. Store in the refrigerator.

Mac Choc Citrus Balls

Recipes notes:

For more flavor throughout, use your hands to blend some of the chocolate and orange zest into the macadamia butter before rolling it into balls.

If the macadamia balls are going to be served at a party, put them in the freezer for an hour or so beforehand. This helps the balls stay firm longer when set out at room temperature.

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  1. I was looking for a no bake cookie recipe for this afternoon actually! Probably won’t make this today since I have no macadamias, but this looks like a fun and easy recipe to do with my kids soon. They love rolling cookie dough into balls of course 🙂

  2. Wow that sounds so easy! Curious how I could incorporate something like blackberries or raspberries into this recipe without it getting too gooey. Maybe a berry in the center of the dough ball?

    1. You can use freeze dried berries – they have an amazing amount of flavour. Just make sure to get the ones that are just dried out berries 🙂 I love using the raspberry in truffles – beautiful colour and flavour.

    1. Maybe. Mark has gotten me addicted to macadamia nuts. I think I’ll try this, rolled in raw cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips.

  3. “For more flavor throughout, use your hands to blend some of the chocolate and orange zest into the macadamia butter before rolling it into balls.”

    At first I read this to mean: for more flavor, use your hands. You know, to get some of that tasty hand flavor into the dough.

  4. I made these over the weekend. Only after I had them all finished and tried one did I remember that the nuts had been salted! So the balls are bitter and salty, and need chocolate syrup to be palatable. That’s what I get for transferring them to a different container after purchase.

  5. Excellent recipe. This fits right into my plan to bring primal food to our families Christmas gatherings so I don’t get the carb hangover (probably will anyways, but you know…)

  6. Ah, dark chocolate the healthier kind. Once it has a high enough percentage about 70% and up. The blending of the Macadamia nut and mixing it with chocolate sounds good all by itself. If you have no Macadamia however, what other nut acts as a good substitute? Cashew seems as though it might be a good substitute.

  7. These look amazing! I really must stop looking at nice recipes being dairy free and on the run up to Christmas.

  8. OK! I just made these! And yup, pretty darned Yum! I used 80% chocolate “coins” from a local chocolatier (very good ones) and put them in my little chopper. Then I ground the macs with some of the choc and a tiny bit of erythritol to give some extra sweetness to the “dough.” Good move. The orange zest is of course rather bitter, which is a perfect foil for the richness of the macs, but the hint of sweetness from the eryth worked really well. Occurred to me later that a pinch of cinnamon in there woulda been great. Next time…. ;o) The macs got to that moldable stage easily, and “dough” was easy to work with. These are a keeper! And you can do so many variations…. A great base to have in the repertoire!

  9. Can someone please answer this one question, i am new here… can someone who is trying to loose weight using the paleo way of life eat these too? i mean in general it s eat when u r hungry thing? :S so confused

    1. Yup eat when you’re hungry. You can eat these too but in moderation. As a treat or snack. Read more of Marks blogs on diet and eating. Also his books great.