Contest Winner: Grokpose for $1,000

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.29.03 PMEarlier in the challenge, I asked people to pose like Grok for a chance to win a pretty epic prize. The rules were simple, but the ingenuity and thought put into every submission were far from it. So after much posing, primping, and staging, we have a winner…

Congrats to @PaleoFam321X, who was randomly selected from the list of submissions to win $1,000 to spend at!

And a big thanks to everyone who sent in a picture. I’ve posted them all below. What do you think, folks? Who hits the most accurate pose? The most creative? The most intense? I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by each and every one of them. Maybe a few of you have future careers as Stone Age models? Eat your offal out, Calvin Klein.

Stay tuned. I’ll be publishing reader-created content all week long. In the meantime, Grok on!

They call me Goodies Against The Grok! #grokinthewild @marksdailyapple

A photo posted by Sadie Radinsky (@goodiesagainstthegrain) on

#grokinthewild @marksdailyapple

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Ha, last minute entry for the 21 day primal is delayed lol but hey, here it is! #marksdailyapple #grokinthewild

A photo posted by Eddie Williams (@mrsqueakrockingit) on

Grok pose for @marksdailyapple of me using my 8 week old daughter as spear, a sweet update of my MDA Success Story from over 3 years ago ( #grokinthewild #momat41 #beatcancer #cancersucks #ivfbaby #postpartumfitness #physicianmommy #climbingmommy #exampleformydaughter

A photo posted by Dawn Baker (@practicebalance) on

#GrokInTheWild @marksdailyapple

A photo posted by Jolene Cox (@lil_jocox) on

Jumping like a warrior Grok, hunting for fish with a pool noodle on the beaches of Jamaica for @marksdailyapple Feeling irie, mon! #GrokInTheWild #grokon #warrior #beachmode #paleo #primalblueprint #lchf #primal #jamaica #huntress #beachlife #sunshine #noworries #bodypositivity #irie

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#GrokInTheWild #detroitgraffiti

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@marksdailyapple #grokinthewild

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