Contest: What’s Your 20?

UPDATE: This contest is closed. Visit the 30 Day Challenge Contest Page to find out which contests are still open, and to view winners.

The Prize:

It’s Sensible Vice time…

Chocolate. The Malibu farmers’ market sets up shop about a half block from my office every Sunday, and one of the regular, irresistible booths is Choco Vivo. Organic, fair trade, fermented less than 3 days – this is chocolate for people who like cacao, not chocolate for people who like candy bars. Winner receives an assortment of 100%, 85%, 75%, raw nibs, and the cherry, almond, peppercorn blend. For those outside the LaLa Land farmers’ market circuit, you can find ChocoVivo here.

Coconut Juice. Today’s second sensible vice comes with or without pulp (or with a hint of lime). In the pursuit of all things coconut, the winner will receive two mixed cases of coconut juice, courtesy of Amy & Brian Naturals. That’s over a gallon and a half of liquid. For all the athletes out there trying to bridge the gap between ideal Primal living and endurance training, this is good stuff for the days when you clock the extra mileage. And to clarify, coconut juice and coconut water are the same thing.

Miracle Fruit. Say what, now? No, it won’t cause rapid weight loss. No, it won’t cure cancer. No, it won’t make the Giants fumble on the last down of the game. But it will make a lemon taste like candy, a Guinness taste like a chocolate milk shake, and a blueberry taste like God pouring heaven’s manna down your throat. It’s a fruit that plays a delightful game of chaos with your taste buds. And ThinkGeek, the folks who donated the Homo Sapiens kitchen tool last year, are offering up a packet of miracle fruit this year.

The Contest:

For those unfamiliar with the 80/20 rule, I’ll discuss it in depth later today, but in brief: if you align your life with the Primal Blueprint principles 80% of the time, consider yourself on course. While you should strive to be Primal 100% of the time, 20% happens. And today it’s time to share 20% stories…

So, what’s your 20? Mine is beer. And I’m not talking about Bud Light Lime. I like a beer dark enough to make motor oil jealous. An no, beer is not made from meat and veggies. Despite Michelob Ultra’s ad campaign, beer will not improve your performance time. It’s made from wheat and barley. My 20 is an Old Viscosity Ale from Port Brewing Company. While I very rarely imbibe, I never have regrets when I do.

Now it’s time to tell me yours. Today’s contest isn’t designed to celebrate the bad or knock all the beginners off the Primal wagon. It should serve as a reminder that even the most Primal of us have unPrimal moments, and that when we do, we shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed about those moments. We should simply recognize them for what they are – that 20% – and keep on striving to live Primal the next day. So share your moment. Your best (or worst) 20% moment. Do so in 150 words or less in the comments section of this post.

We’re not just picking a winner at random this time. The Worker Bees and I will pick our favorite moments and then hold a poll next Sunday where you’ll pick the winner. A good moment is one that either shows excellent use of sensible vices, or a moment that exemplifies how you can pick yourself up and keep going Primal after a moment (or crazy night) of vices that are anything but sensible.

The Deadline:

September 16, 9:00 am. Only one day!

Who is Eligible:

As with most of the other perishable prizes, this stuff ain’t crossing borders. A substitute prize of equal value will be offered to an international winner. Sorry, Swedish readers. Next year I’ll have a Swedish prize just for Swedes.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. loukoumades (deep fried pastry soaked with honey sugar syrup) and frappe (instant coffee, cream, ice) while sitting in a cafe overlooking the mediterranean

    1. Beer .. I have a local beer place that has 500 bottles and 40 taps of the most wonderful micro-brew beers . . I even have a loyalty card. Good think fat helps with hangovers . . . . .

    2. You know, I just had some loukoumades the other day. First outright cheat in a while. Excellent choice.

    3. My husband is in the Marine Corps and he ends up being gone a lot because of that. So when he’s home and we finally get a chance to just go out and spend time together with our 10 month old baby, we like to go to a nice restaurant and have an excellent primal appetizer (we love insalata caprese and/or beef tartar), primal dinner (usually a salad with a grilled chicken breast or steak and sauteed veggies) and then we splurge on a dessert. My husband loves creme brulee, so we split one once in a while. Definitely not primal, but it’s so worth it to share that dessert together and enjoy the moment with our son. The next day I get back on the wagon like nothing happened and I make sure to get an hour of low-level cardio and chase my son around for a while to get in some good play time. He’s just now learning to wrestle, so we have fun rolling around together.

  2. I love food! I love chocolate! I love bread and pizza and hamburgers and bacon and donuts, etc, etc! But I have found that I can do without all of those things except beer and chocolate. I do limit myself to only occasional pieces of 85% cacao, but the beer is much harder. I have gone from drinking beer 4+ nights a week to maybe one, and gone from 4+ beers a night to maybe 2. I, like Mark, do not go for the weak light beers, but the deliciousness of an IPA or wheat beer. I overindulged in crappy food for many, many years, so the fact that I do CrossFit 5 days a week and eat primal makes me feel really good about being me. I will enjoy the occasional beer and chocolate… as long as it stays in check. 🙂 ~Karyn

  3. cheesecake. i sometimes will cure my urge by making the primal version, but once in a blue moon i head over to the local joint and have a CW slice. i then vibrate into another dimension thanks to the sugar overload.

  4. Cheese. I was a vegan for three years, so when I started eating cheese again it was as if every type of cheese I hated before then turned into manna from heaven. I’d been tricking myself into thinking soy cheese was of comparable flavor and texture. I don’t eat cheese every day and avoid eating it in massive quantities, but when I do it’s like being in a York Peppermint Patty commercial without the corn syrup.

  5. My 20% is coffee and dark, dark chocolate. I’ll have a square of an 85% dark bar every now and then, and I have to have coffee every morning (psychological habit, but it’s not going away). If dairy is considered part of the 20%, then that too – hard cheese is a dietary staple for me, but I try to limit it, and I have a touch of cream in my coffee every morning.

  6. Double Chocolate Stout….this stuff is so thick and tasty that I only have it every couple months. If you like really dark beer then this is the one to try. It was once described to me as chocolate milk for adults 😉

    1. Amen! Young’s is THE best beer I’ve ever had! I actually have some in my fridge right now waiting for my next craving to hit. 🙂

    2. Oh, the Double Chocolate Stout…made me smile just reading this post. I like it just a little bit cooler than room temperature. It really is fantastic.

    3. +1 on that. I love the Double Chocolate, but have you had Buried Hatchet Stout by Southern Star Brewing company? Oi. We have ONE bar around here that carries it and it is well worth going out of the way for. Mmm. Now I want some beer.

    4. Try making a drink with half double chocolate stout and half framboise. Oh my goodness!

      1. Young’s is absolutly one of my favs….Another great one, but sometimes harder to find is Rogue Choc stout

  7. Sourdough. I make my own sourdough, and once a week or so, I’ll have a bread day. That and tarts and pies. I just love to bake– it’s one of my greatest pleasures in life. So I’m a 6-day a week primal person :).

    1. (and anyway, numerous studies have shown that white sourdough bread has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels :D)

      1. OMG…I was just going to write that Sourdough was also my favourite vice! My goal this fall was to make my owner starter. I love the delicate crunch of the crust, the tangy sponge and beautiful texture. It’s even better toasted. My favourite is to use it as the base for bruschetta with my home grown heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil out of the garden. mmmmm….now i want some!

      2. I totally LOVE sourdough! I was also going to list that as my favourite vice 🙂 I love the crunchy crust, the delectable aroma and tanginess of the crumb and love it even better toasted! In my mind, nothing beat my sourdough bruschetta: a generous piece of toasted sourdough with olive oil brushed on, topped with my chopped heirloom tomatoes, garlic, fresh garden basil and sprinkling of sea salt. Mmmm…food nirvana…

  8. Call me sentimental or just old fashioned, but my 20% includes family birthday cake. While I will keep my pieces as small as possible, and my family is only 4 people, I cannot imagine passing the “wish of good health” that the cake is thought to symbolize.

    1. I agree with you Steve. Birthday cake is too important. It sets the whole celebration mood (so everyone has to partake) and makes the upcoming year SWEET.

  9. I’m sure this will be a popular choice – Chocolate. Rich, dark chocolate. Whole foods has a whole wall of different kinds! I’m big on the dark chocolate covered goji berries or dark chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts.

    That and a good stout from the local microbrewery of course!

  10. My 20? A big bowl of high quality vanilla bean ice cream, smothered in warm crunchy peanut butter & thinly sliced bananas. Let the ice cream melt a bit & mix it altogether… incredible. I’ve given up a lot, but there’s no way I can give this up.

  11. There’s a restaurant near me called Fedora’s, and my favorite way to break a 24 hour fast is to go there and order their “Steak and Bleu Sandwich.” London broil, fried onions, bleu cheese on a homemade roll, served with sweet potato fries and ranch dressing instead of ketchup. Finish it off with their M&M Chocolate Cookie. Perfect.

  12. Jif Peanut butter! I know, I know, legume and lectins and trans fats and sugar and all that, but I just don’t care! 🙂 I have a tablespoon smeared on some good dark chocolate a couple times a week and finish with a happy grin and no guilt. I’m trying almond butters, but so far I’d rather have the nasty old Jif. Also- Sushi. LOVE sushi!!! My only grain weakness, I absolutely adore it and we go out for sushi like once a week. -Val

  13. It wasn’t very sensible, but I had 3 pieces of wedding cake Saturday night, mostly for the frosting. The occasional celebration cake is about the only sweet I eat.

  14. The Super Deluxe Carnitas Burrito *with* the basket of corn chips from the taqueria around the corner.

    Sometimes my hubby and I spend all of Sunday morning riding our bikes around and then doing some heavy-duty gardening. Nuthin’ hits the spot after that like a burrito and chips.

  15. Anniversary vacation with my wife in Porland, ME at Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub. We tried the litany of beers and a mead (my first mead ever!) along with the best damn slice of chocolate cake ever: Dark Chocolate Black Fly Stout. The next morning was Primal as usual.

    1. omg I LOVE that place!!! black fly is fantastic!!! good choice Jason 🙂

      1. Every time we go back to Portland we’ll be sure to visit Gritty’s!

        1. I’m a Mainer myself…I love gritty’s…Bull Feeney’s is another great one in the old port

    2. mmm… mead! looking forward to warm mead this fall!

  16. From MDA comment rules: “So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal.” Well, it’s my 20%, Minnesota Style. It’s particularly egregious when I slap pan-fried SPAM between 2 slices of white bread slathered with Miracle Whip. One SPAM Sammich = 2 meals lost to IF.

  17. Coconut milk mango icecream – it’s made with agave so just another form of sugar but it’s a clean and fruity taste

  18. My guilty pleasure is almonds covered in dark chocolate and rolled in coco powder. mmmmmm! I swear they cure PMS.

  19. My 20% is nice dark chocolate. Interestingly, I’ve learned some very important lessons on my PB journey.
    1) It’s OK to have chocolate occasionally if I want some – not need some or desire some, but WANT some. A conscious decision instead of an uncontrolled impulse. 2) Quality over quantity. It is a treat, and as such, I savor it. Not wolf it down, but truly enjoy it more than I ever did when I was simply throwing it into that hole under my nose.

  20. Right now, I’m studying Rome, so temptation is all around me. Pizza, bread, cheese, non-Priaml food is everywhere! However, gelato and cheese are my 20% nemesis! You cannot walk by a gelato shop and not want to try some! I limit to about one time a week but it is still tough to pass it up. Cheese on the other hand is tougher. I love mazarella and other hard cheeses too much to pass them up. I probably have some kind of cheese every other day…

  21. M&Ms…started with regular ones, realized the supreme joy in Peanut M&Ms, heard about so had to try peanut butter M&Ms, bought into the good advertising for Pretzel M&M (not disappointed…least primal M&Ms though)…most recently, heard rumors of Coconut M&Ms–looking forward to that! It is a step in the primal direction!

      1. Funny, I used to love Peanut M&M’s.

        They’re too sweet now. My sensitivity to sugar is very high. 72% cacao chocolate is plenty sweet tasting. I’m usually at 85%.

  22. My worst vice is office birthday treats. They always seem to be at the front of my bay, and the birthdays always seem to clump together. Once I have 1 cookie, its hard to keep my energy up throughout the day without another.

    I also enjoy beer, but I don’t feel guilty about that.

  23. Mine is hot dogs, and when I say hot dogs, I mean hot dogs done right: cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, and diced onions, served on a toasted bun along side an ice cold Coke. I have this for lunch probably once every other week.

    1. Have you ever tried Applegate Farms 100% Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs? They are awesome and are completely primal. Grass fed beef with a few spices – nothing else!

  24. My 20% have to go to a classic dish from Northern Sweden where I live. It is called “Palt” and is made out of potatoes and white wheat flower. Potatoes are grinded and blended with the flower and then formed to apple-sized balls and then cooked. Sounds crazy, but it is really tasty. You eat it with lingonberries and lots of butter.

  25. I’m only a week into going Primal, but my 20% is closer to being 1%. I’ve kept a full embrace of the PB tenants, except….

    Yesterday I was buying a pair of Vibram shoes at a shop called Zombie Runner. Quirky, excellent running shop that contains of all things, a coffee bar. At this coffee bar I bought one square of dark chocolate, a piece of Poco Dolce Aztec Chilli.

    A perfect balance of bittersweet chocolate, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, ground chiles, and grey sea salt. All natural, San Francisco based, and the best chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t regret it for a second.

  26. Italian Ice…Our 20% moment arose recently while walking on the boardwalk during a visit to Myrtle Beach SC. The scene was beautiful, but the newly refurbished boardwalk was doing it’s best impression of a solar oven! The designers had done their part by providing NO shade over the available seating, and our friends had commented on the Italian Ice shop on the way to the beach…all signs pointed to a friendly pause in the cool storefront, eating a high-fructose, artifically-colored and flavored ICE BOMB! With our knowledge of the 80/20 rule we were able to enjoy the moment and also (hopefully) convince our friends that our new lifestyle does not mean NO FUN.

  27. My husband and I eloped to Vegas on our second date. Most folks didn’t think we’d last a year, much less six. So when our anniversary rolls around, it’s time to celebrate and embrace the 20%. This year we ate at our favorite restaurant that sources all products locally. While the main courses were pretty primal, we enjoyed several glasses of red wine and to cap it off: Krispy Kreme doughnut bread pudding for dessert. Any Southerner worth their salt has a deep appreciation for Krispy Kremes, even if the primal Southerners are able to pass by the “Hot Donuts Now” sign most of the time. It was a great way to polish off an otherwise healthy meal and usher in another great year of marriage.

  28. While 1 glass of red wine is okay, 2-1/2 glasses is not a good thing. I have had 2-1/2 glasses twice in the past month while eating primally. The first time, I was tipsy but okay. However after the second time, I felt tipsy, then bad in a weird way. This must be a sign that my body is healing!

  29. Ice Cream. No doubt about it. My favorite kind is Peanut Butter Cup – chocolate ice cream with the peanut butter swirls in it. Aside from the cream… it’s just not primal.

    I have found some Coconut Milk ice cream that’s a tad more expensive, but obviously is made with something a bit more primal. They even have Peanut Butter Cup flavored… not that that helps anything much with the peanuts in it. Wonder if anyone’s ever thought about a Almond Butter Cup Coconut Milk ice cream… then it’d just be the sugar that isn’t so great for you.

  30. Once in a while, my husband and I indulge in pure, guilt-free relaxation. Here’s the plan: we rent a stack of dvds, gather the snack foods, take the mattress off the bed, drag it into the living room, and don’t move for an entire day into the next. It started when our daughter was newborn and the three of us snuggled for an entire weekend. Now that we’ve gone primal, we’ve happily adapted what we consider snack food. The typical spread looks like this: a couple of 24″ long strips of beef jerky from the farmer’s market, our favorite aged Amish cheddar, assorted fruit, toasted walnuts and almonds, a tomato and arugula salad with oregano and drowning in lemon juice (the longer it sits the better), a bottle of wine and a bar of Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate. Now our daughter is 3 and we send her to Grandma’s so we’re able to get a little exercise 😉

  31. I’m actually with you on the beer thing, in fact, I make my own beer and am quite involved in the craft beer and brewing communities. Port Old Viscosity is delicious! I had the honor of pouring (and tasting) a barrel-aged version of that beer at a festival a year or so ago. Yum! Giving up beer (mostly) is the hardest part about going primal for me.

    Aside from beer, my other vice is dark chocolate (especially when it has sea salt in it). My absolute favorite place to buy chocolate from is Vosges: Their products are amazing! I learned about them several years ago and have indulged on special occasions ever since.

    1. My husband home brews, and he made the most delicious Imperial IPA several months ago that put several pounds on both of us. IT WAS SCRUMPTIOUS! OUR love for beer has not been very encouraging…

  32. If we’re interpreting 80/20 as calorie percentage, I splurge about 3% on a near daily basis with really dark chocolate. When I know that I have that to look forward to, the much more dangerous temptations (cookies, pastries, etc.) don’t creep up. 7% comes from cheese as a garnish: mostly parmesan and feta, but I’ve also been known to eat smoked salmon on cucumber slices with a dab of herbed goat cheese. The remaining 10% comes from greek yogurt, which I love. Might wean myself off of it eventually, but for now I’m really enjoying it.

    When I go out to eat or prepare a particularly refined meal, I definitely indulge in some good wine to go with it. Admittedly, I don’t even count this as a real indulgence and don’t feel the slightest twinge of guilt given the touted health benefits of the occasional glass of red wine.

  33. Oh baddest 20 was when I went to Ireland. I lived a whole week on REAL scones w/ butter & jam, black tea w/ milk & sugar for breakfast, Guinness or Hard Cider for lunch & lamb stew & countless Guinness (Guinnessi?) for dinner. No regrets, it was perfect. Each bite tasted like I WANTED it to! 🙂 On a regular basis I have a weakness for chocolate. I mix 2 (lol, maaaaaaybeeee more) TBspn cocoa powder with coconut milk to make a “runny truffle” and mix with thawed berries…mmmmm!

  34. any cheese, red wine, and 85% chocolate… on occasion all 3 in one night. and of course there’s ice cream, cheesecake and brownies. they’re primal, homemade, and with soooo little honey, but i know i’m cheating because they still taste so great. too great.

  35. I had a recent plunge down the 20% road at my daughters’ birthday party. Two slices of pizza, a slice of chocolate ice-cream cake, two delicious pale-ales, and a mini Kit-Kat from the piñata. It took a week to recover. I went way beyond hormesis!

  36. I have to say, home-made ice cream is the one sensible vice that will never leave my list of occasional indulgences! Hell, considering the taste and the relatively benign ingredients, why would I WANT it to?!

    Since embarking on my PB journey close to a year ago, I’ve managed to source unpasteurized, grass fed cream and milk from a very passionate, local farmer. This, along with a touch of honey, pastured egg yolks, vanilla extract, and celtic sea salt makes for one fairly healthy, and most importantly, delicious sensible vice. Care to scoop it into a bowl with some peaches and blueberries? Congratulations! You’ve just bought yourself a ticket to heaven on Earth! Life is short so you might as well enjoy the ride.

    Oh, and Grok on! 😉

  37. Coconut Juice and Dark Chocolate are a big part of my “20%”. Coconut Juice really is a great recovery drink after metcon training. I find now after going Primal(over a year) that I am not emotionally attached to food, so I have no guilt when I occasionally indulge in treats. I tend to still avoid gluten at all costs, but occasionally around holidays I will have some of my grandmother’s brownies,ice cream, or things like that. Thanks Mark for helping me figure out this eating thing 🙂

  38. I like O’Brien hash browns cooked in olive oil 2-3 breakfasts a week, along with a couple of eggs. I also plan on enjoying family birthday celebrations – pound cake with buttercream frosting and a side of homemade vanilla ice cream. There are only three of us, so not a lot of indulgence there.

  39. Bread from a local bakery (preferably with garlic or cheese baked in) and olive oil. The smell of the bread as it warms in the oven, the crunch as you tear off a piece, the soft center that soaks up olive oil and is left glistening. Of course, this is all had with a glass or 3 of good red wine! But I think the best part is sharing it with my husband, laughing and enjoying good conversation, just the two of us.

  40. For a long time I couldn’t decide whether the single greatest accomplishment of the post-agricultural insanity we call civilization was good beer or ice cream. Now at the ripe old age of 57,the verdict is in. If I had to, I could live without beer. My perennial favorite is plain old Hagen Daaz vanilla, which now comes in lovely little 3 oz. cups with a mini-spoon hidden in the lid. Genius!

  41. Crème brûlée. If it’s on the menu at a restaurant, I have to order it. The rest of the vices will come to me and then fade just as quickly.

  42. Wine, red wine and too much of it. Had parents over for dinner just before the 30-day challenge and served red wine. Thought, “Oh yeah, I can have a glass or two and still be primal.” Four glasses later I’m thinking, “Good thing this challenge starts tomorrow!” Totally primal since then.

    P.S. Tried the Primal Energy Bar Recipe last night – wow! My vegetarian wife loved them too! Thanks Mark!

  43. soydelicious peanut butter zigzag icecream, omg, makes a bad day just melt away! Best to share it with a friend, but I have to admit, I’ve eaten the whole pint by myself before!!!

  44. With food, it’s definitely fruit and chocolate. I have a bad sweet tooth. With exercise, I am still having trouble breaking the chronic cardio/lifting 4x per week habit.

  45. probably not an award winner, but balsamic and other carby vinegars. i’ve only been primal since the challenge began on the 7th, but i love all kinds of vinegars and don’t think i would ever stop using any of them. just had some white balsamic drizzled over shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic. yum.

  46. I have several 20% choices – they vary from week to week, and month to month.

    My favorites are:-

    85% Dark Chocolate (Green & Black’s) – when I’m feeling more Primal … or Cadbury’s Dairy Milk when I just need milk chocolate.

    Beer – dark, smooth and yummy! Favorite right now is Boddington’s.

    Homemade bread with a thick layer of butter. Love bread, but now I only like the stuff I make. I no longer feel guilty for devouring the butter either 🙂

    Lasagna – Especially my Mum’s homemade stuff. Yum!

  47. Group dinners. It doesn’t happen a lot, but if there’s an office potluck, or a team pizza party, or a fancy dinner at my parents’ house, chances are I’m going to eat or drink something not strictly Primal. And like it. 🙂 I take the Primal route when there is one though – I even scraped pizza toppings onto my salad & skipped the crust! it was good!!

  48. A huge, french-style handselected raw milk cheese platter! That’s the best dessert I can imagine, and I will literally stuff myself with those delicious types of cheese. Luckily, it happens only once in a while 😀

  49. I have a stash of Green & Black’s Dark Organic half-size bars. For “dessert” I break one into squares & slowly nibble each square inbetween sips of a nice red wine (sangiovese, malbec, zin). Nibble, sip, nibble, sip. Better than Calgon…

    1. I take that back – that’s more of a “sensible vice” indulgence. I would have to say my best tip out of the wagon has to be Oktoberfest a year ago. I think that took care of 20% for ’09. German bier, pretzels, and zwiebelkuchen (onion pie). I’ve worked out how to make the last “primal”. Had to, it has bacon in it.

  50. This summer I traveled to Minnesota for a family reunion – the only time my generation has been invited. There were over 100 people there and we had a giant barbeque. Almost every one of my older relatives was there, and they all brought something to eat! Pasta salads, potato salads, sweets, breads, you name it. I tried to stay primal with a bratwurst (no bun) and veggies. But soon these little old ladies were asking me why I didn’t like what they made. What’s a Grokette to do? If someone asked me to try something they made, I had a bite of it and told them how delicious it was. This may be the last time I see a lot of these folks and it was worth it to sacrifice my “primalness” to make them happy for an afternoon. By dinner I was right back to my primal ways.

  51. Spending my honeymoon in Italy this past summer was definitely difficult! I tried to stay primal most of the time and allow myself one pizza or pasta dish per day for the two weeks. You only live once!

    Plus, we walked a LOT. It was probably the most primal two weeks in terms of fitness. This balanced out the carb-y intake.

  52. I have the biggest sweet tooth but conventional baked goods (even when homemade) tend to make me ill. The flour I can actually tolerate; it’s the ridiculous amount of sugar that makes me sick. What goes in my 20% now are creme brulees, mousses and flourless chocolate tortes at restaurants (only when I am sure they will be great and not just good) and my mom’s eastern European delicacies, typically light on flour and loaded with nuts, butter and chocolate. Yum! My golden rule is that it has to taste absolutely amazing for it to go into my 20%. A pallid muffin or danish from the coffee shop doesn’t cut it on gastronomic principles alone.

  53. Fresh Plaid Bastard Ale from Grand Lake Brewery. Nothing like indulding on rich beer at altitude after fishing or hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  54. Chocolate ice cream. It used to be fat free frozen yogurt, but I’ve since learned that it’s best to go for the full fat kind. I try to limit it as much as possible, which isn’t hard now that things are getting cooler here in the Maritimes, but in the summer I have to try very hard! Keeping it out of the house helps!

  55. Good ol’ Great British Fish & Chips. A bit of battered cod deep fat fried in vegetable oil. It’s exceptionally rare I have it.. 3-4 times a year.

  56. Chicken wings. The problem is the sauce. We have a place near my office called Quaker Steak and Lube, and they have some of the best wings I’ve ever tasted. Give me a bucket doused in one of their various sauces and I’m in heaven. And, of course, you can’t have wings without beer 🙂

  57. Dark Chocolate Gelato and wine. Sometimes I’ll get the Coconut Milk Ice Cream, but I would rather go to the Gourmet Gelato shop and get a small portion of the best stuff and bliss out into heaven. I also love having a glass or two of wine when I make an exceptionally great dinner or go to a nice restaurant.

  58. Sake. It’s basically brewed rice beer, but it’s oh so smooth. After crushing some amazing sashimi (deliciously raw choice cuts of fish), if a Japanese friend might offer to follow it up with a drink of Sake you MUST drink it. You CANNOT turn this down, it would be like committing a friendship to seppuku (suicide of disembowlment sometimes associated with extreme shame). You then have to follow up each of their drinks with one of your own to maintain honor. Hopefully, you have someone less honorable that will driving you all safely home or have a train within stumbling distance. If you wish to avoid dishonor or drinking multiple SAKE drinks, make sure it’s you that makes the reservations!

  59. Weed.

    in that order, sometimes all at the same time (rarely)

  60. There are few things in life (that don’t involve being in the buff) that bring such simple pleasure: extra dark chocolate and a nice glass of red wine at the end of a long day. ahhh…

  61. As kids we used to have a huge sunday morning breakfast with the whole family. Bread straight out of the oven, real butter, all kinds of jams, honey, cheeses, olives, tomato and cucumber slices. My favorites were butter+honey and herbed cream cheese with tomatoes and parsley!

    Last mother’s day we mimicked one of these sunday morning breakfasts with some extra primal options like smoked salmon, leftover roast, raw herring, avocado etc. Enjoyed by those of the family who eat primal and those who don’t!

    But, for old times sake I decided to have two small bits of bread with my old favorites. Just as delicious as I remembered them 🙂

  62. Every Friday we have “family night” for my 6 year old. Family nights are nights that I let him decide what’s for dinner, and he gets to cook for us entirely by himself, whatever it is. (Ok, I supervise the stove-top work & help grab the ingredients and teach him along the way) No matter how “horrible” the food is, it’s a wonderful family bonding time, and I can’t not eat his food because “it’s not primal” – He doesn’t fully understand although he always watches me cook and I explain reasons for using or not using ingredients. He already knows how to make spaghetti noodles with zucchini, and loves cutting it (with a butter-knife, of course) Anyways, every week he learns something Primal about food, and in the mean time, Saturdays are my intermittent fasting days 🙂

  63. My least sensible vice that I usually only get bout once every few months is my best friend’s aunt’s Homemade baklava. It’s this delightful flaky pastry with pistachios and honey rolled in, baked, and topped with more pistacios and honey. There is nothing like it! In fact, I had 3 peices just the other day with our mediterranian feast. The feast itself was full of all sorts of primal goodness!

  64. Sushi is decidedly my 20. I am so well recognized by the sushi chefs at my favorite sushi place in Reno (Woo Chon Sushi) know what roll I’m going to order. My favorite rolls (let’s be honest, there are several) include one with tuna and cucumber that is deep-fried, one rolled in coconut, and one topped with their top-secret “yummy” sauce and scallops. I don’t indulge often any more, but I love it when I do.

  65. Anything my kids make, I have a few bites of. How can I be a Mom and not tell them how great their creations are???!!! Most recently, they made a “dream pie” from that Dream whipped topping and instant chocolate pudding -man, oh man was that good. I didn’t dare read the ingredients though 🙂

  66. Beans. I know it hardly sounds like an indulgence, but I LOVE them. I love them with home-made corn torillas, cabbage, lime juice, onions, peppers, garlic. I get a major carb hangover because I can’t eat just one or two, but I keep stuffing them in my carb-deprived hole. God, I love beans.

  67. My 20% is coffee with heavy whipping cream and Lindt 90%.
    I make the coffee with about 3 tablespoons or sometimes more of organic, just ground coffee and brew that in about 1/2-3/4 cup of water. I just make a homemade “teabag” of sorts by putting the coffee in a filter, twisting it up to close the top, then using a pair of hemostates to keep it closed, then put it in the hot water to steep. It’s very strong. Who needs a coffee maker? I then mix that with a half cup of the cream with 3 drops of Stevia. That with 1/5 of a bar of the 90% Lindt is pure heaven!

  68. I haven’t been primal long enough to know what my 20% will be, long-term. In the week and a day of PB thus far, it was half a can of Mountain Dew for the first few days to wean myself off caffeine (and it hurt so much to pour the other half down the drain!) and two tortilla chips (compared to my usual basketful plus a dish that’s built on a layer of chips) at a Mexican restaurant.

  69. Naan! I cook Indian every now and then, and the yummy, buttery, creamy sauces beg to be mopped up with wonderful naan!
    If not naan, I make tumeric rice to go along with the meal.

  70. In the name of health I used to buy the nastiest ice cream. The non-dairy, low-carb, double churned, fat free crap. I used to scarf down quarts of it when I was craving ice cream so badly I could hardly stand it. And with CW in my brain, heaven forbid I even think about coming within a mile of the full fat good stuff.
    Now that I live PB, I do not feel guilty at all in indulging in some full fat, full cream, rich creamy heavenly Ben and Jerry’s. I LOVE the real stuff, but now I only enjoy it about once every other month- and I don’t feel guilty at all.

  71. I’m only on day 8 of my primal journey, but one of my 20% days is going to be my annual tribute to my late grandmother – stewed chicken with dumplings (or pastry bread, as Granny called it), collards, green beans and cornbread. This was the meal she always had waiting for us when we’d come visit, certainly a favorite childhood memory! I even serve the collards in the same bowl she used.

  72. I tend to stay 100% most the time but I would have to say whey protien would have to be my 20% but even at that I get the lowest carb count I can buy .

    1. Are you human? Whey protein is your only vice? I’m jealous…

  73. Definitely my Italian grandmother’s homemade lasagna with a bottle of wonderful Italian red wine! It’s certainly not primal, but she uses real, fresh ingredients, and it just melts in your mouth! And I only get to see her once a year. Family reunions are always a challenge, but I’m back on track as soon as I get back home and never feel the worse of it!

  74. Home-made or brand dark chocolate is my most sensible vice. Usually i eat a bar of around 30gr.(sometimes 2 bars) almost every day. Well!! I am from Venezuela so you must understand, we have one of the best cocoa available at very low price.

    Also at any birthday celebration, i usually eat the cake, even i know some hours later i will feel the wheat and sugar spike wreaking havocs in my body, but is a moment to celebrate, so in those days i don’t overthink it and align myself to the 80/20 principle.

    P.S. It feels good to confess jejeje!!

  75. Green Chili. I live in Pueblo Colorado where we have a chili cook-off every year and I live out in the farming area where they grow and roast these Chilies. There is a little family place that makes the BEST green chili in the world and they only use like a cup of flour for 20 something gallons of green chili but there is still flour in it so its in my 20%. I pour it over eggs and bacon or just put in some cheese and eat it like soup.

  76. While wondering around a World Market I found a strange and exotic treat. It’s called Mo’s Bacon Bar. While it is Milk Chocolate, who can argue with two of my favorite indulgences??? Chocolate and bacon mixed together in one awesome bar of goodness!!!!!

  77. I am very on point during my 80%. I am low carb, paleo and I IF. However, once in a while I fall prey to the Alpine exquisiteness of the divine hazelnut spread otherwise known as “Nutella”…ahh that word is like a warm embrace.

    I usually spread a…um…generous (read, half the jar) amount onto a gluten free waffle or crepe.

    The, I waddle over to the couch, put on the junkiest rom-com I can find, and just dig in. There is nothing like junk TV and junk food….

  78. Eating the biscuits that came with my omelet after a 6 hour mountain bike race, rather than my usual insistance that they stay in the kitchen.

  79. oh golly I love all carbs but don’t indulge most of the time. My husband is stationed in Las Vegas and once a week we have to go down to the strip and get a fat tuesday and dinner and people watch on a sugar high with booze! Also beer (good beer) is a must, and every once in a while ben and jerry’s is just necessary for a fulfilled life (well that might be a TINY stretch) :)!

  80. Beer .. I have a local beer place that has 500 bottles and 40 taps of the most wonderful micro-brew beers . . I even have a loyalty card. I usually go fill up on some pork or brisket and head over for a pint or two. Good think fat helps with hangovers . . . . .

  81. One of the things I adore (yes, I said *adore*) about being Primal is that nowhere does it say I MUST NOT EVER INDULGE in my personal favorite of vices. My 20? Red wine, definitely. The drier the better, a nice California Cabernet or a Super-Tuscan, yum. If there’s a bottle around, you can be sure I’ll be having some. And now, I don’t even have to feel bad about it.

  82. My girlfriend and I recently went on a canoe/hiking trip on Isle Royale National Park. Over 75 miles by land and sea for 8 days. We carried the weight of 8 days worth of 100% primal food on our backs, in addition to the rest of our gear. Food weighed about 26 lbs. It was delicious! But something about 8 days without even the OPTION to cheat … when we finally hit the general store in the harbor, something broke in us. All of our grit, our strength, our primal determination melted away the moment we saw the middle shelf. There was an odd harmony at the sound of her saying “OREOS,” as I simultaneously said “CHIPS.” We had barely released the bills to the clerk before our arms were elbow-deep in plastic packaging and in a blur, knuckle-deep in our mouths. Our “20%” cheat was 100% bliss.

  83. Let me start by saying Jacksonville, Fl is no Malibu, Ca. Our weather is hot and humid, the water at the beach is brown, there is no real surf to speak of (with the exception of the impending hurricane swell on its way), and our Farmer’s markets certainly don’t have fine dark chocolate. Segue into our football team: the Jacksonville Jaguars and Primal Jacksonvillians have a reason to COMPLETELY indulge into the 20% rule! Well, I had the privilege of attending the first game of the season this past Sunday and needless to say, the only way I made it through the 100+ degree temps inside the stadium, wheelin’ and dealin’ ticket scalpers and, dodging Jaguar fans comments to my friend’s wife for wearing Denver Broncos gear, was to simply OVER-hydrate with copious amounts of Dogfish Head 60 IPA and carb up with homemade pizza and Talenti’s Caribbean Coconut Gelato.

  84. Cheesecake, seriously. I can resist most other desserts, but I love myself a rich, creamy, expensive cheesecake. I eat it whenever I feel the need to indulge, and I enjoy every bit of it. Afterward, I’ll drink some raw kombucha tea, and I’ll go for a brisk walk. I don’t feel any guilt about doing this, since it’s so infrequent, and I eat so healthily the majority of the time.

  85. my 20% is a daily vice. I love coffee with cream and sugar in the morning. My husband and I savor it every morning and dare I say jump out of bed for it?? It makes the mornings so exciting. I love picking a new variety of beans and the smell of coffee through the house is such a great thing to wake up to. What a great way to start the day! I will probably never give it up because I feel like the joy derived from such a simple pleasure is made up in the other 80% of my diet :). Oh, we love beer too…but it is hard to enjoy a beer and care for an infant. The beer puts me in a nice sleep 🙂

  86. Tim Horton’s Tim Bits

    At my office which has many nationalities at once a month for a couple days people celebrate a national cultural or religious Day or Period.
    When your being generous but also having to buy bulk to feed 40 people you go for the best bang for the buck.

    If your in Canada try a box of 10 assorted Tim Bits. These are not high quality snob treats, just 15 cents a bite. Just sweet enough and impossible to eat just one.

    1. +1!!! I love the chocolate and the sour cream glazed. I haven’t had a Tim’s donut in 10 years but man, whenever someone brings in timbits, I can’t help myself!

  87. My 20% can be anything – I call it my “free-gan” day. Being a college student, I have learned that turning down free food is a no-no, so about once a week when I get the opportunity for free food, I do not turn down. Most of the time it’s bread for sandwiches, but it has been ice cream, cookies, or something sweet (I still had least try to have limits – it’s 20% not 50% 🙂 ).

  88. Primal living has really changed my tastebuds. What I used to consider a good chocolate bar now tastes awful & sickly sweet to me. I love dark, dark chocolate. I read the label and I think those 80% bars must be technically a health food! So I consider my afternoon in the sunshine reading and eating blueberries and chocolate part of my 80%. It’s my antioxidant moment.
    My 20% is for spinach enchiladas in homemade corn tortillas from my favorite taco truck, cake at family gatherings, drinks with friends.

  89. Every year, in February, Denver has 5280 restaurant week, in which some 200 restaurants offer the chance to sample their food for $52.80 per couple (rather cheaper than normal for most places that participate). My favorite restaurant is The Melting Pot.
    A salad with viniagrette, a cheese course with veggies, these are both primal. But, come the main course, I love their oil. One of God’s perfect foods is to stuff a mushroom cap with green goddess cheese blend, dip it in batter and deep fry it. It explodes in your mouth with fried batter, melted cheese and firm mushroom…
    The chocolate fondue desert is not to be missed.
    I eat there once per year, and eat with relish and enthusiasm most reserve for religious experiences. No waffling. No regrets. Just joy.

  90. What a perfect day to talk about this! I just returned from a weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I grew up. My first job there when I was about 14 years old was working at a small apple farm/country store called Rouster’s Apple House. I have never tasted a better apple cider in my life. And believe, me, I have tried. They make an un-pasteurized, additive-free cider that is TO DIE FOR. And I’m telling you, their apples aren’t half-bad either. 🙂 So, in the spirit of the fall, I returned with half-gallon of the amazing nectar that is their cider, a jar of cherry/apple butter, and a 5# bag of honeycrisp apples. I just eat small bits of my treasure at a time. Do I regret it? Not one bit.

  91. My 20(+!) is any comfort food. Giving up starchy stuff was easy relative to supressing cravings when coming down off a stressful period (which happens still too often). The current list includes dark chocolate (Green&Black 85%, Endangered Species 72%), coconut ice cream (Luna & Larry’s), and overdosing on berries (like eating 16oz of strawberries in a sitting). Wish I could come up with a way to throttle the impulse.

  92. My boyfriend once made me an amazing dessert because he knows I love chocolate by my stomach doesn’t love gluten or a lot of dairy. It was a gluten free dark chocolate lava cake brownie. Soft, moist, and extremely chocolately. Needless to say he can do no wrong in my eyes now!

  93. I feel like I am cheating since mine is beer as well. However I love tasty microbrews, in fact I brew beer myself. The process of starting from scratch and creating a delicious beer is fun and and exciting.
    I know that Miller lite and others might be better in a Primal sense but I have a hard time giving up both a hobby and a tasty drink. Knowing this I strive to live my life as close as possible to 100% primal. So when I do indulge in that satisfying homebrew I can enjoy it guilt free.

  94. 80/20 makes living Primally, for me, realistic. I don’t need my “20” but when I do, no guilt, no guilt, no guilt.
    For me, my “20” has been either Peanut M&Ms (sigh) or Cool Ranch Doritos (and, to be honest, sometimes, both at the same time with a Diet Coke)!

    I know. I know. But when life happens, when my “20” happens (and it has), Peanut M&Ms and Cool Ranch Doritos make it worth it.
    Yet I remain strong on my “80”, even after 5 months of Primal. I never anticipated this journey but here I am.

    Thank you “80” but thank you “20”, as well.

  95. Beer….delicious Pilsener. The beer of my People. Liquid Heaven. I love beer…it loves me (but it’s a fickle lover if I have more than one or two.)

    Alternatively…my Inner Pirate occasionally demands a mug of the darkest rum, preferably one which still has chunks of cane still floating around 🙂 Ayyyyyy, but rum can be a harsh mistress indeed; so it is reserved for those most special of times.

  96. For a girl who never liked coffee (except the heavenly aroma…mmmmmm), my 20% is a surprise, even to me. I would give up everything I used to enjoy (think carbs and sweets!) in order to have a grande carmel mocha with extra whip. Iced, “frapped”, or hot…any way you serve it – delicious and worth the wait!

  97. Every year our town has a Street Fair. It’s a pretty big deal to us small-towners and almost everyone comes home for it (I did too when I was in college). We wander up and down the same street for four days, eating over-priced fried everything, running into people you haven’t seen since high school and even your parents high school friends who, no matter how old you get, tell you, “you look just like your mom!” That Street Fair starts tonight. I can already hear steak-on-a-stick, fried veggies and funnel cakes calling to me. When I get home, I’ll be able to smell them, and shortly thereafter, I will be enjoying them and the Street Fair atmosphere that nothing else has.

  98. I, too, place my 20 solidly in the beer camp. As a homebrewer for 16 years, and the founder/president of a beer appreciation/brewing club, it’s hard to get the stuff out of my life. I even worked in the beer industry for a while!

    Although it’s likely that I consume too much of it, even after nearly 2 years of Primal living, there’s never regret, only enjoyment. Having ditched 40 pounds and gotten stronger while still being able to have a few weekly visits with insanely delicious beers strongly reinforces the wisdom fo the 80/20 rule.

    And sure, there are times when I cut beer out entirely, times when perhaps I indulge too much, but the enjoyment derived from the near-infinite combinations of malt, hops, yeast, and water (without even getting into spices, fruits, etc.) is more than worth the small chips in the Primal armor.

  99. Deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving—ALL of it—and a cold beer!!! 😉

  100. I have only just begun my primal journey so I am avoiding most of the things I crave just to get on the right track and learn new habits. I do however put 5 croutons broken in half over my salads….I cannot bring myself to enjoy a salad without that crunch…but I have added other crunchy veggies to try to get used to it. But another splurge would be Marble Slab Icecream or Kaluah chocolate cake and icecream…wow…just saying it tastes good!

  101. My vice is ice cream– specifically homemade fruit sorbets. A few weeks ago, I made a black cherry-Cabernet sorbet with cherries I picked and pitted myself. (Climbing cherry trees makes my sugar-filled indulgence more primal, right?) I shared some of it with family, topped with shaved super-dark chocolate, and then polished the rest off before bed. A very special treat, indeed!

  102. My 20 is definitely dark chocolate and wine. Especially when paired together…better than chocolate and peanut butter 😉

  103. Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast tacos on the weekends. My husband has fetched me tacos for weekend breakfasts for years, and he didn’t stop when i went primal. I also have to have my enchiladas Mexicanas periodically.

    After more than a year of primal living, I’ve met and maintained my weight and health goals despite indulging in the occasional tortilla.

  104. Nothing is more primal than going camping with friends, but I do miss out on the modern custom of S’mores. So this past weekend around the campfire I happily indulged in a single toasty gooey marshmallow, with a bit of melted dark chocolate – and it was good.

  105. This past summer, my partner and I picked thirty pounds of organic blueberries at a friend’s patch. We could not resist making home-made blueberry ice cream, with really good cream from a pastured-cows dairy in Kentucky. It was the bomb. We gave some to all the neighbors and everybody raved about it.

  106. Living in Germany, every once in awhile I’ve got to have a big pile of spaetzle smothered with gravy. Especially as a side to a venison goulash.

    And since it’s September and Oktoberfest is ramping up, a Friday night or two won’t be complete without a maß (pronounced “moss”) of dunkel hefeweizen, which is a dark wheat beer.

    BTW, a maß is a 1-liter mug. It’s amazing how fast they go down.

  107. Indy 500 weekend. We have a huge cookout/party at our place in Indy before the race where friends and relatives join us from around the country. There is beer (plenty of), there are chips, there are banana cookies, there is meat (bbq beef, burgers, brats, pulled pork), there are no regrets.

  108. Occasionally, after my son goes to sleep, my wife and I will cuddle up on a chair on the patio, look up at the night sky and enjoy some dark chocolate and a glass of wine while talking about…whatever. Is it primal? I’m not sure, but it sure as hell feels good!

  109. During the 16 weeks of Primal life.. there have been just three ’20’moments, here they are:

    Slice of Tiramisu.. washed down with half coffee half kahlua..

    Smoothie made with mangoes, vanilla ice cream and rum

    Double thick Stout with raw banana chips fried in coconut oil..

  110. This is a WEAK cheat (20) at best, but before I entered this challenge (staying 100% primal til Oct 6th), I would allow myself Fage Greek Full Fat Yogurt with Frozen Banana Slices and Strawberries! Sounds innocent until you see what that can do to your blood sugar.

    Never realized until recently that dairy and bananas (a LOT) were hampering my efforts to finally lean down.

  111. One word: Pho. My Vietnamese husband introduced me to this culinary marvel on one of our first dates, and I’ve been addicted since day one. Teeny tiny rice noodles,fresh culantro, thai basil, jalapenos, and onion, raw beef sliced impossibly thin and gently steamed by spicy, cinnamon-y, beefy fragrant broth, and seasoned with a dash of chili and fish sauce. I can resist a lot of things, but this is one I feel zero guilt for being unable to give up.

    And as long as I’m there, I may as well have a couple spring rolls dunked in peanut sauce, right? 😀

    1. Yes, Pho and Bahn-Mi’s (Viet Sandwiches with a sweet butter and fix-ins on French Bread). Amazing!

      1. Yes, those too! The Vietnamese really have it right…everything is better with sriracha and a fried egg.

  112. sigh… I will have to say that I LOVE to make fun martinis on the weekends…It’s just something about the shaker! haha so I not only get a few shots of alcohol but also all those sugary juices. And! definitely a good grilled cheese sandwich on Trader Joe’s Cracked Wheat Sourdough with lots of butter and cheese. They are so very, very yummy… 🙂

  113. One of my best 20s happened spontaneously last week while on vacation – on the one night dining out. The experience: a lovely glass of red wine, a scrumptious roasted half chicken with asparagus (the 80 ends here), a heap of mashed potatoes AND gravy. Not so crazy…until I asked my friend if he needed help with his battered french fries. Fighting off heartburn he said yes. One word…orgasmic. I even dipped them in sugary ketchup. He stared as I inhaled every last fry crumb. Before getting up to catch my breath, he asks “I know you are not going to have any dessert, but, if you were what would it be?” The hot fudge brownie sundae, of course. I get back from my stroll feeling a little better and in the center of the table is a humongous hot fudge brownie sundae with four spoons. What’s a girl to do?

    Mark, I’ve been a following your blog, your advice, for almost a year now. This is the first time I’ve posted. Thank you for lighting the way. My life is so much better for it.

  114. I discovered MDA soon after discovering the best ice cream I’ve ever had – Herrell’s Ice Cream at Harvard Square. It was a delicious mouth-watering frozen delectable treat. Their chocolate buttercream ice cream could be the answer to peace in the Middle East. A few months into being Primal, word spread that Herrell’s was closing their doors and turning into a pub. I lamented my ill fortune and rushed over to Harvard Square a few days before The Closing. I ordered the largest size they had and 4 different flavors and went to town and back on them. Slept that night like a drunk baby. Woke up the next day, fasted till dinner, then had a steak. I’ve been pretty strict since then (except for chocolate) but rumor is that Herrell’s is coming back to Boston. I shall ready my battle-spoon for war.

    1. Herrell’s is still open! I went there about on month ago. Chocolate Pudding flavors the richest, darkest I’ve ever tried.

      Stay strong though. I make Chocolate Pudding pops out of coconut milk, 100% cacao, and ray honey. Great stuff.. and not too bad, paleo-wise.

      1. The one in Northhampton is still there but the one in Harvard Square definitely closed… Unless it’s already reopened in the same location (though I read that wouldn’t be happening). I haven’t trudged over to Harvard Square in a while so who knows.

  115. My best 20% “unPrimal Moment” is a cake called Tres Leches ( ) I asked for a whole cake for my birthday just for me. Then I ate it all. I even told my kids that they couldn’t have any. Damn is it good.

    My worst 20% “unPrimal moment” is pizza. If I am really hungry after a workout, I have been know to eat a whole large meatlovers pizza. I know that all that dough and crust is horrible for me but I just keep eating it! Gotta stop doing that!


  116. My 20% isn’t dark chocolate – that’s always been my favorite sweet, so I don’t use it as a crutch now.

    My 20% isn’t delicious, delicious stouts or ipas or a couple of fingers of bourbon – I know I have to avoid those now because it is a huge detriment to me losing the fat I really need to shed, mostly because it mentally derails me.

    My 20% isn’t chicken wings…I’ve discovered a rub that pretty much perfectly transforms regular barbequed wings into amazing, delicious Buffalo Wings (and I’m FROM Buffalo!).

    My 20% is Mexican food. Oh, delicious Mexican food, made of flour tortillas and rice and beans and chips and assorted other badness, I love you so. Bursting with any type of protein, smothered in salsa verde, topped with avocado….no matter what I do, you are still full of bad…evil, evil bad! And I love you all the more for it. Delicious burrito, you will be mine.

  117. Trip to Apple Hill (local apple growers) for deep fried apple fritters, hot apple cider, apple pie, home made fudge and 4 -count ’em – 4 wineries and one brewery. Sorry, no better way to welcome autumn. One day, once a year. There’s lunch in there somewhere 🙂

  118. I blew my 20 last night in one fell swoop with the I-lost-count-how-many pieces of pizza I had! I have been craving pizza and definitely enjoyed quite a bit of it. I had not had any wheat products in over 3 weeks and have been following the Primal plan diligently. I just wanted good, thin crust pizza loaded with lots of meat and vegetables. I have totally transformed my way of life though. I enjoyed it, but am just right back on track today.

  119. I have been living primal for over a month. The meals I have been making for my family out of the coolbook are so delicious. It has been easy for me to not cheat,but I do miss my wifes cheesecake.This saturday after our dinner we are going to devour half and give the rest to our neighbors.

  120. Ah… Mine is beer as well. It is the only thing I have issues with so I make it my “20%”. I have been brewing my own beer for years and love doing it. To me being Primal also mean being happy and content. So the occasional craft brew makes me very happy!

  121. my 20% all existed this past saturday. a friend of mine and i went hiking, then a big salad topped with steak for lunch, but paired that with a new (to me anyway) fall beer. Beer is my 20, especially with Sam Adams putting out their Octoberfest right now (those outside the northeast, U.S.) are missing out. that night was syrah and malbec with cheese and cured meats for dinner, raspberries and dark chocolate for dessert, plus an after dinner dance with mary jane. perfect saturday, from start to finish.

  122. There are many things that I thought I couldn’t live without that I honestly don’t miss with the primal lifestyle…cake, pasta, bread, pizza, candy, cookies…I can pass all of them up with no problem at all.

    There are, however, a few things that I will let myself splurge with. Once or twice a week I’ll let myself have one of the following: 85% cacao chocolate (Trader Joes carries a couple of great varieties), red wine, or some really good dark beer (ie. Guinness or Brooklyn Brewery’s Dark Chocolate Stout). And if I’m really going crazy I’ll have a piece of the dark chocolate along with a glass of red wine…heaven!!

    And once in a longer while (once a month maybe?) I’ll give in and get myself some good ice cream, like Haagan Dazs Five in Vanilla or Chocolate (which only has eggs, cream, milk, chocolate or vanilla, and yes, unfortunately sugar). It’s the only sweet I really go for anymore, and just a few spoonfuls are enough to satiate any sweet tooth craving (and at least it doesn’t have all those crappy chemicals you find in regular ice cream!!) If I can’t be totally primal, I’ll at least try to stay natural and avoid the nasty chemical additives!!

  123. Out of the couple vices I have, it’s have to be my homemade hummus. What I lie about hummus is that overall it’s quite healthy and I can’t get enough of all the veggies that I can dip in it! The vice would come from the PB no-no Garbanzo Beans. I have read some good things about these beans on other sites, however. Also, you can’t beat the price of homemade hummus! Who else loves ’em some hummus???

  124. 10-4 good buddy – my 20 is Gomer’s. What’s a Gomer’s???? Gomer’s is a local adult beverage store that specializes in microbrews. Over 700 different varieties. 213 different IPA’s alone! Since going Primal my weekly adventure has become monthly. To justify this indulgence I pedal my bike to and from. Unless of course it happens to be sample night. Sample nights are walking nights.

  125. Out of the couple vices I have, it’s have to be my homemade hummus. What I like about hummus is that overall it’s quite healthy and I can’t get enough of all the veggies that I can dip in it! The vice would come from the PB no-no Garbanzo Beans. I have read some good things about these beans on other sites, however. Also, you can’t beat the price of homemade hummus! Who else loves ’em some hummus???

  126. I’m Southern, so mine pretty much has to be pie. Not just any pie, though – chocolate-chunk-pecan pie with bourbon and a handmade crust. Topped with pure liquid cream. I’m swooning a little bit just thinking about it.

    Also, honey cotton candy from the NC State Fair, once a year 🙂

  127. One of the things that I love about being Primal is that I don’t have to feel like a slave to food any longer. 20% most certainly DOES happen, but I try not to focus on what MY 20% is or I become a slave to it. I love Lindt 90%, but if I start saying that is my 20%, I will not be able to pass one up when I see it — regardless of whether or not I want one at that moment. I can’t explain (perhaps I don’t have to on this board) how amazing it feels to be free from the overwhelming urge to splurge… and free to splurge just a little if I want to, knowing it won’t derail me.

  128. A little sugar in my daily coffee is my 20%. Every morning, dark, fresh ground coffee brewed in a french press, with organic heavy cream, and a spoon or two of sugar. Aside from a touch of dark chocolate or the rare bit of primal minded desert, it’s my sole remaining vice.

    I tried stevia, and it just doesn’t cut it. I won’t even consider the artificial Frankenfood sweetners. I even considered going without coffee, but this lead to a life with much less satisfaction.

    Take my grains, take my carbs, take my processed food stuffs – I give them willingly away with no reservations. But you’ll have to pry my coffee out of my cold dead hands! 🙂

  129. For me it’s home brewing. There’s nothing like a pint of quality brew that you’ve made yourself. Let’s not kid ourselves, Grok was fermenting grains whenever he could too.

  130. My sensible vices include dark chocolate, the occasional sprouted-grain tortilla (eggs & bacon inside, mmm!) and on ‘special’ days (like my birthday coming up on the 19th), I will opt to have actual sushi instead of getting it sashimi style. Still, everything always fits into my carb count!

  131. Beer – Chimay is just too good to give up.

    Chocolate – 85% G&B is to die for

    Loaded Mashed Potatoes (lots of butter and sour cream) – that with a 1.5″ rib steak, sauteed brocolli stems, and a good cab, is my all time favorite dinner

    BBQ Garlicy Baby Back Ribs – second favorite dinner. Lightly sauced but has brown sugar and molasses in it.

    high end Sushi and cold top-shelf Sake – Hamachi and Toro are my favorites.

    There’s other cheats, but these are the ones I could never give up.

  132. Death by chocolate cake! I make it once or twice a year, thank goodness, or my 20 might end up being 30 or 40. Homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing and covered in chocolate ganache with dark chocolate and white chocolate shavings!

  133. Sensible vices:

    La Croix flavored water
    dried fruit/nut mix with jerky (heavy on the fruit so a vice)
    coconut cream – straight from the package
    butter – grassfed but eaten straight up

  134. Homemade dark chocolate ice cream made from bittersweet chocolate and cream so thick it needs a spoon to get it out of the bottle.
    Oh and ditto to the chocolate stout–yum.
    Oh and homemade (or really excellent baked somewhere else) chocolate cake.
    Chocolate decadance.
    Or just plain chocolate in all its wondrous forms!
    (Except faux chocolate with preservatives and all that garbage)

  135. Mine are Vodka, Beer, and the occasional Soft Tortilla shell. I do have a little tiny square of chocolate a couple nights a week. But dark chocolate isn’t all bad. =) I used to have a lot more 20% things i would eat, but things like bread and pasta just don’t sit well with me so those are easy to avoid now.

  136. There’s this cafe/bakery called Quack’s here in Austin. So forget the fact that their lattes are liquid crack, my 20% is the disc of sin they occasionally conjure up and flaunt in the display case to test my moral fortitude. It’s called a chocolate peanut butter cream cookie. I’m talking about a crumbly, moist cookie with big chunks of chocolate in it topped with a big dollop of creamy, sugary peanut butter. But they don’t stop there! They take the whole cookie and dip it in dark chocolate! And it’s perfect with a latte. When I first started going there, they made these sparingly, so I bought one whenever I could. They quickly realized I was addicted and, pretty soon, every day there was a small batch lying in wait for me. Thankfully, I moved to a different part of town, so I only make an occasional trip to get a fix.

  137. Hot Chocolate! My favourite must be one made on whole milk and white chocolate only! With chocolate butter pooling to the surface of the cup… smells like heaven too. Though it’s not below my dignity to melt up chocolate and eat it with a spoon…

  138. I think my 20% vice is Jelly Babies. Definitely a necessity for Doctor Who watching, but darn good the other 350 days of the year as well.

  139. So this is not just one thing but a night. I absolutely love going out for drinks with my friends, and when I do it’s all in. My local cocktail bar makes a passion fruit drink using passion fruit sorbet, pina colada using vanilla ice cream, grass hopper served with after eight on the side, and I could probably keep going. Great company and fantastic drinks thats so worth the 20.

  140. Coldstone! The kids size is perfect for a little splurge. I love the sweet cream with oreos and fudge. The hubby and I do that about once a month and it is worth it! Our primal dog, Louis Chataranga, even gets a baby cone. Also, the Double Chocolate Stout..awesomeness in a beer can!

  141. My 20% is mostly two things. A long hard trail run here in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my friends. Once a month or so we’ll go long and hard. Not moving slowly. Not sprinting. But I feel exhilarated throughout. Who says a sensible indulegence has to be dietary?

    My other vice is ice cream with my kids. It’s a special treat we have now and then and the memories will last a lifetime.

  142. This summer, i had the most delicious cake ever. However, it was not just regular cake, it was wedding cake. On top of that, there were FOUR different kinds of wedding cake! Lemon, carrot, red velvet, and chocolate Oh my!

  143. I’m pretty bang on with my Primal eats, but occasionally I will succumb to delectables, and only on weekends. As with one such occasion, once per month, my husband and I have Dim Sum. This is, of course, a very special day. It happens on a Saturday at the end of each month. I wear either my sweat pants or loose jeans. This is to allow room in case I develop the “bloats”. I always start with the Shrimp Won Ton Soup and quickly move on to soft, fluffy BBQ pork buns, steamed scallop celery and mushroom dumplings, fried chicken wings stuffed with rice and pork, Ha Gua, and we always end of with the smashed salted egg yolk buns as a dessert. AMAZING! We end our meal with a little stroll around the neighbourhood to digest and put those carbs to good use. End of month is always delicious and TOTALLY worth any ill feelings felt afterwards 🙂

  144. While living in the Big Apple, Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn was my 20% nemesis. Not the primal-friendly aged steaks sizzling in butter, or the melt in your mouth creamed spinach, but their chocolate mousse. A mousse so fluffy and irresistible that surely the sweet angel of deserts delivered it to us straight from heaven. Just don’t ask what “schlag” is or the already dour waiters will grow more dour still as they explain that is German for fresh whipped cream. Okay, it was more like my 1% vice, but it was always ever so worth it.

  145. I went to the Hermosa Beach Street Fair to celebrate Labor Day. Up to this point I’d been primal for about 5 weeks and hadn’t even experienced the 20%. That is until, I smelled the freshly popped KETTLE CORN (which admittedly is one of the reasons why I go to the street fair yearly). I know…corn…but I did it. My 3 friends and I got a large bag and I had a few handfuls, but to my surprise when my friend asked me if I wanted to take the delicious bag home and finish off the rest, I said no. If this would have been a year ago, maybe even 7 weeks prior, I would have said yes and finished it on the drive home. Thank God for Primal and MDA, I finally have learned a thing called SELF CONTROL.

  146. I take my kids for ice cream. My vice?
    Sedutto coconut ice cream, just filled with shredded coconut. My mouth is watering just talking about it. oops…Looks like it’s an ice cream night tonight!!

  147. I wish this was a regular occurrence, but all in life doesnt come for free…

    Earlier this year, I was up outside the Scottish highlands doing research on the local Chaffinch population. This area of Scotland is known for 2 things 1) Aberdeen Beef and 2) Whisky (without the ‘e’). So you might say, with all those cows, perfect place for primal living and I would agree. However, on the weekends after a fun week of observing birds over their circadian rhythm, our team would walk 1h across the rugged Scottish landscape (in my VFFs no doubt) to get to ‘the’ hotel pub. 2 miles down the road from the pub is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries of fine whisky. My God. For those that dont like whisky, this will elixir change your mind. This liquid is the reason Dumbledore kept Hogwarts in the highlands.

  148. Dark Chocolate and Ice Cream are my vices. I usually down 1 bar of dark chocolate and get ice cream with the kids at leaste once a week.

  149. My recent crazy night: The baker that’s making my wedding cake gave me a six-pack of cupcakes to taste. I’d planned on taking a small bite and giving the rest to my non-primal fiance. Unfortuneately, I was having a really bad day and her cupcakes are delicious. I ended up eating three entire cupcakes in one evening. I had a massive food hangover the next day – headache, stomachache, and difficulty concentrating. And I had NOT imbibed in any alcohol the day before. While the cupcakes were tasty, they reminded me why I eat the way that I do, and why sugar and wheat are not good things to eat.

  150. My boyfriend and I enjoy mead as our 20%. It’s a wine made from honey. We usually pick an old movie like the Ray Harryhausen ones (Mysterious Island is a favorite) and polish off the bottle. Before too long, those stop animation special effects are pretty darn amusing. 🙂

  151. Chocolate! I was thrilled to discover that after just a month of eating primal food, 75% chocolate bars now taste amazing, when I used to find such dark chocolate intolerably bitter. Also, I have absolutely no plans to skip out on a slice of cake on each of my 2 kids’ birthdays. =)

  152. My wedding cake! In 6 weeks I am getting married and eating that locally made wedding cheescake will taste oh so good.

  153. My husband brews his own beer, and while alcohol is usually my main vice (I’m only 22, I can’t give it up yet), when he brews a new batch I make spent-grain chocolate chip cookies.

  154. Short bread. More specifically, my friend Leslie’s short bread. Labor day weekend consisted of me consuming a large amount of this stuff. However, it was a good opportunity to talk about why it was so bad and I managed to convince Leslie that the next time she makes short bread to try almond meal or coconut flour instead of the traditional ingredients.

  155. Ice cream. When it’s 115 degree heat index, I usually just say what the heck and eat the ice cream. However since it was like that for a whole month this summer, I had to make a banana, almond milk and ice shake instead because all that ice cream made me break out. I read the debacle about bananas on the no-atmeal comments, but it works for me. I thought maybe this fall I would try substituting pumpkin with some spices shake instead of making pumpkin pie, another nonsensible vice, lol, so many to choose from.

  156. HANALEI BAY BOMB in St. Augustine FL. About an hour away from my house so when I go surfing I have my 20% by my favorite surf shop: “HANALEI BAY BOMB: a large flour tortilla filled with blackened fresh fish of the day, beans, cheese, lettuce, picante and Baja sauce. Reach the end and you’ll have to lie down and rest…$7.50”

  157. Artisana Coconut Butter. Period. Everyday for the past 5 months it has been consumed…and not just 2 tablespoons either….three days ago I had 12 and then nothing else for the next 18 hours. Creamy deliciousness is what I call it. Usually it goes into my ice cold protein shake and eaten kind of like ice cream or it gets blended with a small amount of honey and cocoa powder when I crave chocolate. I don’t think I could live without it.

  158. A big bag of Cheetos and any kind of beer that’s on sale. Comfort food when I was in my 20s.

  159. My 20% is comprised of several items. One, when we have our kids over (every other weekend), one of them is cooking with me that weekend. Whatever they want to make. Already, I have to follow a gluten-free, dairy-free diet, so those restrictions are in place. I don’t ask that they make anything primal. So if it has gluten-free grains, or sugar, so be it. I’ll just have a small amount.
    Second, dark chocolate. This is not often that I indulge, but when I do, I buy the pricy good stuff.
    Third, gluten-free beer. I miss beer, and so I do buy a 6-pack of Bard’s Tale every so often. It lasts a long while, as I rarely can enjoy more than one. (such a lightweight nowadays!)

  160. Diet Pepsi, wine and pizza in that order. However as time goes by I seem to want/need all of them less and less, in reverse order.

    In fact, last weekend I was Diet Pepsi free for the first time in probably 20 years. And most other days I’m down to one can/a day.

  161. Sushi Night. Of everything given up in the name of Grok, I wish I could throw out my alarm clock and day planner! Still, one good thing about a set schedule is waking up Wednesday mornings knowing that tonight is Sushi night. Deliciously discounted specialty rolls, $2.50 draft Newcastles, and some good company planted perfectly in the center of the work week. Time to shake off whatever worries 3 days may have accumulated and gear up for the home stretch!

  162. Peanut Butter with M&M’s has been be weakness for about 6 months now. If no M&M’s in the house it’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips.

  163. Chipotle burrito. My favorite lunch. Big warm flour tortilla, spicy chicken, cilantro lime rice, black beans, corn salsa and cheese. Corn chips on the side and a large Dr.Pepper. Now I get the salad. Romaine lettuce, chicken or steak, fresh tomato salsa with a large amount of guacamole, unsweetened tea or water. I still get the wonderful spicy chicken and their tasty salsas. I also am not hungry an hour later!

  164. My 20 usually happens once a month. And I know when it’s going to hit because it’s what we in the female world call “PMS”. It not only can make us raging b*tches (just ask my husband) for many women it makes us crave things that our hormones are telling us we MUST eat or we will DIE! (At least that’s how it feels when the hormones take over). Anywho, this month I was rather proud of myself because I felt that since having been on the Primal Blueprint (about 8 weeks now) my cravings did not have quite a strangle hold on me like they usually do. However, the frozen cookie dough I had tucked way, way, WAY in the back of the freezer literally called my name one evening and I had to eat a few chunks of it.

  165. Dark Chocolate covered cherries/pecans/walnuts/almonds at Whole Foods or Central Market. My Girlfriend says I am a good guy, but my moral fortitude waivers when I walk down the bulk isle. While I carefully sample each delicious morsel of awesomeness, savoring the sweet reward my tongue yearned for, all the while asking her to keep an eye out for Johnny law, a store employee. I usually ended up buying a container that is gone before we get home.

  166. Dark Chocolate but I do prefer 100% cacao with just a touch of honey – delicious!

    Red wine occasionally and I have slipped up on a few very non primal desserts recently.

    But, the more primal I am the better I feel!

  167. Once a week I do a whole milk, no water Tazo chai from starbucks. In the winter, homemade sourdough bread with homemade (with honey) freezer jam…

  168. My body has gotten used to not eating sugar or refined carbohydrates that when it does, I feel pretty weighed down. However, topping my list of 20 is a nice crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside croissant (from Paris or Cook-au-vin in Chicago) with a perfect cup of whole milk latte (preferably made by the baristas at Metropolis in Chicago or Victrola in Seattle). I usually feel like crap after this so it makes getting back on track easy but it’s worth it!
    Dark chocolate (Noi Sirius brand from Iceland), beer flights from local brewpubs, pho, and flan round out the top 5.

  169. Chicken nuggets and waffle fries from Chik-fil-A! About once every several weeks I indulge for lunch…and then it’s a big ass salad for dinner. It’s funny, though, I always order a large (better value, of course), but lately after eating only a few fries I’m satisfied.

  170. “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream” from Columbus Ohio. The cream used(Snowville Creamery) is from grass-fed cows, gently pasteurized,and goes from cow to ice cream in 48hrs. All other ice cream ingredients are Local and Organic! Best Ice Cream in the nation! and at $10 a pint, it should be the best!

    1. +1! that place is freaking amazing. i love ice cream and that is hands down the best i’ve ever had.

  171. my 20 is fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit. Sometimes, I’ve just got to consume massive amounts. Oooh ripe mangos, ummm crispy apples, aahhh, fresh pineapple! Shoots the carb curve for sure, but is easy to come back to my senses.

  172. I love love sweet potatoes. My husband and I have a recipe called “sweet potato scramble.” It’s one sweet potato shredded, cooked like a hash brown with coconut oil, coconut milk, garlic and onion. Then we add some sausage, and lastly fry up a couple eggs. If I had a last meal, this would be it. …plus a slice of cheesecake!

  173. A full baguette-sized viennoise with soft, doughnut-like dough and bits of chocolate throughout, fresh in the morning from a particular bakery in Paris. It would end up cut in half, its middle wonderfully decorated with thick slices of Breton Butter before being reassembled to be consumed wholly by me.

    Because two weeks of an extravagant vacation tradition like this didn’t matter in the big picture, especially when every day was filled with 6 hours of constant walking 😉

  174. Sirloin steak (cooked in bacon fat) + (mushrooms + red onions + chopped bacon) (sauteed in bacon fat) on two slices of sourdough bread (crisped on a skillet in bacon fat) with two slices of ham steak (again, cooked in bacon fat) and a schmear of bacon mayonnaise (bacon fat, black pepper, egg and oil).

  175. A bit of dark chocolate with a glass of whole milk feels incredibly luxurious on occasion.

  176. I was out to lunch in a VERY wonderful brewpub with family, and I was all set to order a burger sans bun….when I saw the listing for “Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich with provolone, spinach and tomato on our pesto sourdough bread”

    I knew right away I had to try such a thing.

    Primal eating is my standard and where I’m at most of the time, but I’m not going to let single-minded devotion to it rob me of chances to be adventurous and try amazing things from time to time.

    And dark chocolate *g*

  177. Since I started my own primal challenge in January. I searched the internet (blogs and links section from this site as a starting point) and found a semi-primal recipe for nearly all of my favorite foods. They include (insert the word “primal” in front of each of the following): cauliflower pizza, almond flour pancakes, coconut shrimp, spinach bread, rosemary crackers, and more. There are so many recipes without sugar or grains out there for my favorite indulgences that I never feel deprived! Instead, I feel stronger, fitter, happier, and more satisfied than ever. Thanks to you Mark!

  178. My wife and I own our own business, and there are just some days that really try a person’s ability to be sensible. By the end of the day it just boils down to have a really good BEER or hurl yourself down a flight of stairs. So for me the ability to step into a good Irish Pub and order a pint of dark ale keeps me sane and focused. Tonight for a birthday treat it will be Guinness on tap!

  179. I love beer. I enjoy the occasional pastry, but…

    for me its all about the combo of chocolate and peanut butter. Fortunately, being primal, it doesn’t take much to satisfy.

    I was in an amazing Italian Gourmet Food store in town and walked past the bakery probably a dozen or more times. I was trying to settle on one thing for my 20% – live a little. It was the weekend and I hadn’t even considered any sweets all week. But, this place had EVERYTHING!

    After about 20 minutes of staring at everything they had to offer, I ended up back in my car headed home where is sat down to some 85% dark chocolate and and small dose of TJ’s peanut butter (which I keep on hand for such occasions). Salty. Sweet. Heaven. Done.

  180. My wife makes nutella cookies that I simply cannot resist. They are basically nutella, butter, and chocolate chips with just enough flour to hold it all together. Even if my wife wasn’t all around awesome, these cookies would have been enough for me to marry her. Whenever she makes them, she leaves us three and gives the rest to friends and co-workers…it’s the only way to keep us from eating a whole batch in one sitting.

  181. Mine is limited release beer. I just love collecting bottles that brewmasters of microbrews pour their hearts into, I love Russian River myself. When I have friends visit, we open a number of those bottles and we really go primal in the sense we start gobbling up everything that is horrid for our bodies from new york style pizza to graham crackers topped off with fluff, nutella and crushed heath bars.

  182. Homemade garlic mashed potatoes! It is hard to break the long standing habit of meat and potatoes. So, once in a while I indulge in the supreme form of potato. Never a regret.

  183. My wife’s relatives are Czech – she’s half Czech herself. Big Family, Big Reunions, lots of food (read dessert). I’m talking three long tables of made from scratch dessert – Kolaches, Poppy Seed Cake, Angel Food Cake, Sopapilla Cheesecake, Apple Buchta… Yeah. As much as I know it’s a table of sugar and grain by the ton, I just can’t help myself because it still tastes so good to me! The most recent one was this past summer and it was bad. I tried basically every dessert on the table – well, at least that’s how I felt afterward. It was rough pretty much immediately after – but it was amazing at the time. That was my 20 and then some! But, next day I jumped on the bandwagon and got my Grok back on! Thank goodness those reunions are few and far between…

  184. FRUIT (especially bananas, I eat A LOT of bananas) also honey, corn, potatoes and sometimes KFC

  185. My husband and I have been to the movies once since I started eating primal. I thought I could resist the ‘buttery’ popcorn, but gave in and we scarfed down a bucket and split a soft drink. Next time I will go prepared with our own primal snacks!

  186. I have a local farmers’ market that sends out emails detailing what they’re going to have in the way of meat, veggies and what not. One time I got an email saying they are going to that special place for that special stuff. I had no idea what they were talking about. It certainly came across like they were going to pick up some drugs. I had to know what could be so special. Come to find out, they had to be secretive about getting raw milk. I tried it, and fell in love with the freshness and the rich taste. This will always be my sensible vice

  187. Since I am allergic to gluten and dairy, I have to make my own “sensible vices.” Lately, it has been homemade “munchkins” (which is dates, ground almonds, cocoa powder, and agave all rolled up in a ball) mixed in with some Purely Decadent Vanilla ice cream. It reminds of when I used to get brownies & ice cream at Dairy Queen. However, I recently broke my food processor so its just been the ice cream. One other thing I really love, is my homemade white bean cake.

  188. Furled like resting sail in the doldrums of a new morning I lay in bed wishing I was a pelican. Sure, you have to watch out for the occasional oil spill, but breakfast is as simple as a quick wind and a steep dive. As a modern man, on the other hand, breakfast often lacks such bricolage. Half-awake I vowed to be primal, but fifteen minutes and a brief dream about a school of minnows later I was turning on the television and lusting after a waffle and coffee. I reluctantly assured myself that pelicans are sometimes led to poison, and drove to the diner knowing I had made a bad decision; but, also, that it was a decision—I still had 80% of the day left.

  189. Sometimes I’ll go for a Double Double with fries, maybe a croissant sandwich, Ben & Jerry’s, lots of potential vices. I usually keep it to one truly decadent meal per week.

  190. Mine is beer as well. However, I drink MGD 64, which is almost like water so it’s almost the most primal thing ever… right? HA! I know, I know.. just kidding for the over-serious few.
    I rarely cheat with my food, but have a few MGD 64’s most weekends. I think I’m within the 80%.

  191. ice cream. I haven’t tried making it myself yet, but it’s on my list for this week, because I’d like it to be made with primal ingredients at least…

  192. Sweet tea is easily my 20%. There’s a local Mexican restaurant that has the best sweet tea of all time and they’ve got me (and most of my family, friends, and coworkers) hooked. I can pass up the chips on the table but it’s physically painful when I get water instead of tea with my meal.

    And no, unsweetened just won’t cut it. 🙂

  193. Mine has always been local foods. I’ve finally given up Tastykakes for good but, every once in a while, I need to have a really good cheesesteak. As an indulgence, I don’t settle for scraps of meat flopped into a hoagie roll by a grocery store. No sir, I’m talking about going to a place known for their steaks (Geno’s, Pat’s, etc) and getting the real thing “Wit Whiz!”

  194. At first I was thinking Pizza, Ice Cream, and Sour Patch Kids but those are some rare vices that I can easily control. There is a bigger 20% that I have…

    And it is Cannabis. Reefer, ganja, mota, weed, whatever you want to call it, I love it. I especially love it after a long stressful day or grueling workout. There are healthy methods of taking in the cannabinoids, like vaporization, cooking in fats and distilling in grain alcohol, all of which I have taken advantage of. But ultimately there are times when I am with friends and the best way to get lifted is to smoke it.

    It’s obviously not paleo in the slightest from a health perspective, but in the context of culture and anthropology, hey, it’s one of the oldest drugs of all time!

  195. I have a 4.5 month old little bundle of joy who is, consequently, an early teether (obviously too excited about eating some primal meats). My vice is easy to guess….. a large, deep, dark, cup of coffee with organic half and half and a tsp of sugar. Yep. Over two years ago I quit drinking caffeine and coffee altogether in preparation for what I did next… which was quit smoking over 2 and half years ago!!! Since my life is one deprived of sleep, I consider this little indulgence a must have most days and intend on sliding it back out when my sleep is longer than an hour. Yep.

    Warm fuzzies,

  196. While I do enjoy the occasional Stout or IPA, those probably only put me in the 5-10 range. To bring me up to 20, I would have to blame my children (they don’t read this blog, and can barely defend themselves anyway!). While I no longer join them for their dinners of pasta, or breakfasts of cereal (and on and on), I DO still have trouble throwing away their leftovers. So, as the bowl makes its way from the counter to the sink, I might be spied shoving a few gigantic spoonfuls of gooey, orange mac n’ cheese, or spaghetti and meatballs into my guilty face. Strangely comforting, and happening less and less often. Kids…

  197. I did a endurance mountain bike race over the weekend (the first one I’ve done with total primal eating before and during the race) and was famished afterward. I found a grass-fed burger joint in nearby Flagstaff and devoured a delicious burger served on sourdough with spicy curly fries and a Stone Smoked Porter. Best 20% meal ever!

    1. Hi there! I’m gonna be in Flagstaff in a few weeks… Where can your legendary burger joint be found? Sad to say I’ll have to pass on the bun – I can’t handle gluten!

      1. Hi Lori! It’s called Diablo Burger, at 120 Leroux. It’s not fancy, but the burger I had was awesome, at least I think it was, I ate it so fast. Cheers!

  198. Wow, MDA is growing! look at all these comments!

    The 80/20 concept is a great tool for grasping perspective; stepping out of the frame and seeing the big picture. In this way I don’t chide myself when I indulge, but I certainly look to improve the quality of my indulgences. My favorite “vice” is home-made ice cream. But I’m with WAP in thinking pastured and grass-fed dairy is healthy (for those of pastoral heritages who digest minimally process dairy well), so the base of my ice cream is grass-fed heavy cream, pastured egg yolks, vanilla, and just enough local maple syrup. Now that is a nourishing indulgence! And besides, doesn’t bacon or avocado ice cream sound to die for?

  199. When I first went Primal I thought my downfall would be sweets, but my lifelong craving for sweets magically evaporated – much to my delight! It turns out that my ‘problem child’ is beer. Beer as in Guinness, Spaten Oktoberfest and Negra Modelo. Not a lot, mind you – just a couple a week – and I try to level my carb field by letting the non-nutritive carbs in beer be my carbs du jour. (bad, I know!) I also have trouble avoiding fresh corn when it is in season. The sight of those ripening ears is pure torture when I bike by the fields each day!

  200. 20% is tricky for me. If I indulge in the wrong stuff, you *might* find me somewhere in the gutter surrounded by twinkie wrappers. That said, wheat may as well be crack cocaine, so my indulgences are indeed chocolate and gelato.

    I agree with your assessment of the best dark chocolates, and we love the Valrhona Noir Extra Amer – 85% Cacao, however, it’s double the price of the TJ’s Dark Chocolate Lover’s 85% dark chocolate, so we only get the Valrhona once in a while.

    As a doctoral student, I gotta live the cheap life, but my boyfriend and I indulge in grass-fed beef tenderloin that we wrap in a piece of organic centercut bacon (the local butcher gives it to us a 50% discount once a month on a Monday), with a glass of Moscato (definitely sparkling and white and from BevMo, not primal), and then we either walk 1 mile to a local gelato shoppe that uses grass-fed dairy products, or indulge in dark chocolate in one of many ways – for example, chocolate shaved on top of a halved avocado, frozen, or with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

    The next morning, if my boyfriend doesn’t have to be at work at 6 AM, we go on a walk, and re-realize how lucky we were to have had such an amazing meal the night prior. We’re off to work at 8 AM, and as I’m getting ready to leave I generally start thinking about the day, and how I’m going to rock it. Sometimes I sprint to my car 🙂

    1. I’m the boyfriend, and along with the chocolate and gelato, the only other thing I find myself caving into is chips when other people are eating them at work. 1 or 2 won’t hurt, right? They’re so easy to grab out of the bag! Other than that, I’m a caveman.

  201. I begin and end my day with my vices.

    For starters a rich espresso with thick crema is “pulled” from my manual lever La Pavoni espresso machine (pretty primal as far as espresso machines go, no pump, just manual labor).

    I end the day with 1 dry martini (1/2 tsp dry Italian vermouth and 2 oz of either Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray 10). Frozen glass and my wife’s company is a perfect end to any day.

  202. My 20% is Mexican food at a place called On the Border – cheesy enchiladas, buttery empanadas, fried fish tacos, crisp tortilla chips with cilantro and onion-heavy salsa. I’ll even indulge in refried beans with some Spanish rice. Dos Equis XX Amber Lager washes every last carb down. (Stay Thirsty My Friends and all that.)

    Geez…that’s alot of carbs – I hope my 20 actually isn’t a 25 or 30. But I’ve lost 36 pounds since my Primal plunge on 2/16/10, so I can’t complain with the results.

    Writing this post made me realize it’s been a few months since I’ve twentied. I’ve eightied for a while. Going off the caveman ways tonight. Sorry. Had to.

  203. Usually , I’m primal and gluten free 95% of the time. If I eat gluten containing carbs, (particularly bread) , I can’t stop! They also aggravate my asthma.

    Two weekends ago, I hosted a birthday party. in liu of the festivities (and sticking to a budget) I bought typical ‘party’ food. Birthday cake, brownies, chips, beer, and “crappy” pizza were all present, raring their ugly heads. Thinking I would simply indulge a little, (but there’s no such thing as “a little” for me) I mindlessly ate what I wanted. Worse yet, after the party I decided I “needed” to top off my carb binge with pancakes from IHOP.

    Result: 2 weeks later I still have sinus and asthma problems.

    When I derail from primal, I like to make it worth it, (high quality sushi, or gluten free pizza) but cheap, instant gratification is never worth it when health and training suffer! 🙁

  204. I just spent the last few weeks eating nothing but carbs. No appetite after my only siblings very shocking death in a foreign country but for carbage. A candy bar has been breakfast, a slice of pizza dinner, lunch a Coke. Funny how we eat carbs under stress. I decided I am getting my butt back to primal immediately to take control of what I can now! My 20% is going back to being dark chocolate and wine as of right now! No more 100% carbage!

    1. I am sorry to hear about your sibling. It is no wonder you’re seeking carb-y comfort foods.

      Best wishes–this must be rough time.

  205. Are you ready for some football? I have a few vices, but have decided to choose to indulge my beer vice this Fall and do it only on Sundays while watching football. NFL football is my favorite sport, and it just isn’t the same without a beer. So, my 20% is on Sundays!

  206. Beer espically my personal favorite and greatest beer known to man, Yuengling Larger! America’s oldest brewery and greatest thing to come from Grain!

  207. My 20% is kefir and unsweetened chocolate / unsweetened hot chocolate.

    One time I was ripening some kefir in an emptied Bombay Sapphire bottle, and decided it would be a good idea to add some cocoa powder to the mix to make a sort of fermented chocolate milkshake. It didn’t turn out so well.

    For one thing, it really didn’t taste good. For another, the fact that I sealed the bottle too tight and it blew the lid off and more than half of the brown kefir blew all over the furnace room didn’t help either.

    Since then I’ve learned one of two things:

    1) That food can be a lot like people, in that some foods shine the brightest when they function individually.

    2) Buying paper towels in bulk can turn out to be a lot more rewarding than you’d think it would be.

  208. Pho! I love the aromatic broth, the way the meat cooks in the bowl just from the heat of the soup, the bean sprouts and fresh basil, the hot sauce and lime, all of it. I skip the hoisin sauce, but I do eat some of the rice noodles. I need to make my own primal version at home sometime.

    Also, I love a really good whole milk latte from my fave local coffee place–they roast on site and everything is organic fair trade, so I figure it’s not an awful indulgence here and there.

  209. My 20% is also usually used up on beer. But in my case, its homebrew. If you’re gonna be unpaleo, it might as well be with something as awesome as a homebrew! Plus, it goes GREAT with such paleo delicacies as a medium-rare steak on the grill and a huge garden salad! Yum!!

  210. Wine. My father-in-law picks somewhere around 100 quarts of blackberries each year and I make close to 30 gallons of blackberry wine. I used to have an insatiable craving for salt when I it, in the form or tortilla chips covered in melted cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream. Now I do without the chips and salsa, but I enjoy making the wine, drinking it myself and sharing it with friends – no guilt.

  211. Reading these comments is making me want all kinds of things I haven’t been eating on the PB!

    I would say my most satisfying 20% invocation was just last week. I IF’d through the better part of day 1, and day 2 rushed out the door at 6:00am without breakfast, had to be “that guy” at lunch out with my coworkers (double meat, double veggies, NO Sauce! NO RICE!), and then again at dinner out (sub the mashed potatoes for double veggies, no vegetable oils, please). By the time I got home at almost 10pm, I sat down on the couch and ate a WHOLE BAR of Green & Black’s 85% with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Coffee. I didn’t even THINK about the 80/20 allowance, and that, as they say, was AWESOME.

    1. Also, Miracle Fruit is a TOTAL trip! I tried some a few months ago with some friends that came in to visit. Whoever wins those definitely will want to make a shopping trip beforehand and set it all out for the weirdest miniature buffet ever. Definitely go easy on the lemons though. They’ll still burn through your linings if you eat a dozen of them, no matter how good they taste!

  212. Tiramisu. I love, love, love tiramisu. I tried to come up with a paleo/primal friendly version making the lady fingers out of almond flour and egg whites, subbing coconut cream for the marscapone. But in the end, I realized that its a very rare treat for me anyway, and rather than try to monkey with the recipe to make it acceptable, it’s a 20% that I fully and absolutely enjoy whenever I give myself permission for a real treat.

  213. I am a sucker for all things sweet. Top that with the pre-primal unhealthy habit of filling my belly with a bag of gummy bears every day at 3pm and you have a potential disaster in the making. My appetite for sweets was not only a habit but an addiction that needed to be kicked. Now, when I really have a craving, I will give in with a handful of something sweet and chewy. I throw the rest of the bag away. I don’t dwell on it, get angry at myself, or give up for the rest of the day. I simply move on and do the best I can do at my next meal. My 20% (my sweet tooth) is a part of me. If primal living required me to give up on EVRYTHING post caveman this would not be the lifestyle for me.

  214. My 20%: Ethnic food and friendships. When I visited my boyfriend in Miami this summer, I relished all the hispanic fare at Palacio de los Jugos and a Nicaraguan fritanga. On our first weekend in Chicago we wouldn’t have gone without sampling Giordano’s Chicago style pizza. And one of my favorite memories is sharing Pad Thai with a friend from Chiang Mai. Relationships make that 20% worthwhile; I need to feed my soul sometimes too.

  215. Having been vegan for years and years earlier on, I am so aware of other people being uncomfortable about what to feed me. Although my understanding of nutrition has changed tremendously since then, one of my main reasons for deciding not to be vegetarian anymore had to do with being a gracious recipient of hospitality. It is the same with the PB– I can make all of my own choices when I’m cooking/ shopping/ eating out, but I want to be able to gratefully accept (and enjoy!) foods that are made and offered to me with love/ friendship. I love cooking for other people, and being a perfectionist or having stringent rules doesn’t leave much room for a critical part of the human connection: food. And food cooked by someone who cares is always amazing.

  216. My 20% is whatever my Italian-American girlfriend cooks for me. Its nothing too egregious, but, as you might suspect, she lives largely on pasta and bread. I’ve convinced her that I do like her food, but I’d prefer to eat meats and vegetables, and forgo the pasta, for health reasons. But every once in a while and at least have a taste of lasagna, apple strudel, or banana-walnut muffins. Considering how good it tastes, and the arguments/icy stares it avoids, I’d say its a 20% well spent!

  217. My 20% is non-organics and grass fed but grain finished meats. And the caged eggs. I can’t afford organic everything, so THAT is my 20% – accepting the non-organic. It may be sad, but it’s true. : -)

  218. My 20% is pretty much Cream Soda, the occasional bread (with something primal between the slices, at least!), and breaded meats.

  219. In these economically trying times, my 20% is definitely free food. One of my 3 jobs is at a gourmet pizza place. After I spend my morning delivering catering orders (which involves lifting, sprinting with, and carrying heavy things long distances) … on the rare occasion they offer me a free slice of (amazing) buffalo chicken pizza, I’m not going to say no. I skip the crust, and I know the money I saved on lunch justifies spending a little extra money on organic produce or grass-fed beef, or whatever clean food I’ll be using for the home cooked meals I’ll be eating for the next 6 days. For job 2 of 3, I teach workshops on how to have incredible sex (workshops that I think would garner Grok’s approval). Part of making my workshop participants feel at ease is occasionally accepting a free and deliciously hoppy IPA. Yum!

  220. A wingarito from the burrito shop around where I live. It’s basically a chicken burrito with wing sauce and blue cheese on it. Obviously a tortilla half filled with rice isn’t exactly primal, but it just tastes so good every once in a while!

  221. For my birthday I whipped up a batch of raw coconut almond butter and a batch of organic roasted almond butter and made myself what I like to call “The Ultimate Benwich”. 2 slices Ezekiel sprouted grain cinnamon raisin bread smothered with both kinds of butters, a layer of sliced apple, a very thick layer of caramelized onions and roasted garlic, a beautifully fried egg, slices of dill pickles, slices of hardboiled eggs and one more layer of sliced apples. The fried egg was just runny enough to ooze down the side of the sandwich when I cut it in half. Eaten with a lot more almond butter on celery, carrots, and apples it was a birthday treat not to be forgotten!

  222. Alright, I have only a few non-primal indulgences:

    1. Sushi – I try to keep the majority of my sushi order limited to Sashimi, but sometimes you just need a specialty roll loaded with raw fish goodness and the delectably sweet unagi sauce.
    2. Bourbon – Give me nice bourbon with a cube or 2 of ice and my deck on a nice fall evening and I couldn’t be happier.
    3. Pizza – Ever since I have went primal, my fiancé has made it his goal to perfect the thinnest, crispiest cracker crust he can. When we have a pizza night, we load on the freshest local ingredients and make several! The best by far was our recent organically home-grown Margherita.

  223. Last night I released a couple of my guys early from work so naturally they felt the desire to by me a couple of beers. Here in Michigan Bell’s Oberon is a highly touted strong Microbrew. It’s also a wheat ale and now that I cut out most of my grains I definitely notice a difference in the congestion and puffiness I get from consuming a few beers. Last night I exceeded a few. So, in addition to my failures last night I had a craving for some Pho, a Vietnemese beef and rice noodle soup. The upside is the broth is a bone marrow soup, which you recommended for hangovers. Now I feel much better and can go back to having my Primal dinner, which is when I make burrito’s for the family, but put mine on a salad instead. I believe that the 80/20 rule is trying to live Primal 100% and failing 20% of the time. Not as an excuse, but sometimes life happens!

  224. I could walk away from a beer anyday of the week. I’m having a harder time giving up Lattes. Cheese would make up the rest of the 20%

  225. My husband and I have a date night every few weeks. Date night is usually just one of our favorite primal dinners followed by Dark Chocolate Raspberry “pie” and some of our homebrewed beer (currently an organic IPA that is definitely worth the 20% ?) It actually isn’t that un-primal, all that is in the “pie” is a coconut oil, ground almond and cocoa powder dark chocolate crust topped with fresh organic berries and whipped heavy cream with vanilla in it. With three little groks under 4, the sensible indulgence and the quality time are well worth the not-so-primal price tag.

  226. My 20% vice that I once-in-a-great-while just can’t say no to is pizza. I have eaten entire pizzas during my moments of stray from primal living!

    Yes, my body feels the terrible effects of all that wheat flour, sugary sauce, and excess cheese. But if I ever decide to eat pizza, it is my decision; I am aware of what it will do to me, and I own the choice it with no regrets. I enjoy how delicious it is, and I certainly try my best not to beat myself up over it mentally.

    In fact, sometimes the effects of eating it serve as a wonderful reminder as to how wonderful we are to our bodies by living primally at least 80% of the time. And the fact that I have to cut my workout short the next day (we all know thee refined carb haze) is almost like newborn motivation to maintain a clean diet and rejoice in the vitality that comes from living primal, NOT eating a diet rich in pizza.

  227. Homemade ice cream. Using the best stuff I can find: whole cream, brown sugar, homemade vanilla extract as the base. Then additives like dark chocolate chips, mint from our own mint plant, etc. Yeah it’s full of sugar, but it’s way better than any corn-syrup-laden box in the grocery store!

  228. Smuttynose Brewing Company “Finest Kind” IPA. 200 Calories a piece I have 1 for a weekend (6 pack that is) 🙂

  229. I’m from the south, so Catfish. Deep fried, cornmeal encrusted catfish. It is my one true weakness and a couple of times a month I indulge. Add coleslaw, maybe a few fries and of course hush puppies and you have the perfect southern meal….LOL.

  230. Mark,

    I moved to Newport Beach and my girlfriend helped me. When finished we were trying to figure out what we were going to eat for lunch. I didn’t eaten breakfast because I wasn’t hungry. She is very anti healthy nutrition which includes thinking being Primal is stupid, although I have taught her foods that are and aren’t Primal ?. She mentioned a Mexican food place that she had been to and I was skeptical as there wouldn’t be Primal options. After thinking I decided that I had been eating 100% primal for 3 weeks, I am going to indulge. I ordered the Tropical Mexico combination: Taco, Tamale, Chili Relleno, Enchilada, rice and beans, completely un-Primal. I absolutely enjoyed it and didn’t feel guilty but rather motivated further to keep up my good Primal work. By the way I decided to skip dinner that night, a step in the right direction.

    Grok on!!!

  231. My 20% that I do not regret one bit was the homemade green chile eaten with a piece of naan bread. I was too lazy to make tortillas that day. It’s the end of summer and this is a family tradition. The rest of the chiles have been packed and frozen for use in primal meals the rest of the year! (nothing’s better than scrambled eggs, avocado, and a plain green chile!) Colorado/New Mexico represent!

  232. My 20%s are spent with my girlfriend. When I sit down with her to indulge on ice cream. I don’t always do this because I crave sweets but it is to get her along with the Primal Blueprint. This way I make sure she can still eat something she enjoys, but then eat primally the rest of the time. I like to think of it as rule number 6: Play. There is something enjoyable about sitting down to enjoy something as your 20% once in a while.

  233. My 20% recently was the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection from Cold Stone Creamery!!! Chocolate Peanut Buttery goodness! or some nights after a really hard work out a few squares of 85% dark chocolate and a spoonful of peanut butter! YUM!!!

  234. My family’s home made drunken pasta. A few times a year, we get together and make whole wheat linguine from scratch, and boil it in red wine. The tomato sauce is made with fresh tomatoes from the garden, and has usually been boiled with several pieces of beef shank. Dessert is typically port and dark chocolate while we sit around chatting and listening to jazz. That’s the best night I can possibly imagine.

  235. Prior to PB, I would never touch dark chocolate; only milk chocolate for me, baby! But in a move to be more primal, I went to the dark side with a vengeance. I started with ChocoVivo’s 100% cacao which is definitely gritty and a total shock to a milk-chocolate fan. And then I found a local purveyor, chocolata, who imports chocolate from around the world. I went overboard and bought 10 different bars: 2-77%, 7-85%, and 1-100%. And I sat down and tried them all. I have since dialed it back and just have a square every few days. I can’t believe it, but the 100% is my favorite: Le Criollo.

  236. Three Irish car bomb cupcakes (Guinness chocolate cupcake, Jameson Irish whiskey ganache filling, Bailey’s Irish creme frosting) that a friend of mine made. One of our guests said he “didn’t eat desserts,” so I gladly helped myself to his portion as well. And one for… um, good luck?

    Yeah, I’m not a big candy-eater, but a baked good isn’t always safe within a 20′ radius of me… especially a chocolate baked good.

    1. Jenn,

      I would sell my mother for that recipe! After posting and then reading everyone else’s posts, I realized that Irish Car Bombs are definitely a favorite indulgence as well.

      So if you by chance can get that recipe, my mother will be in the mail.

  237. Last weekend after our two kids had gone to bed, my wife and I decided to plow into some booze. After a 24 hour fast and a deliciously primal meal I decided I should keep my drinking as primal as possible. Since scotch is full of antioxidants, I knew the more of it I drank the healthier I would be so I proceeded to down about 15 shots, chased with only water and lemon. The next morning when I regained a state of semi-consciousness the thought of good food was BAD. So, I ate an entire pint of Haagen Dasz vanilla and then resumed my 100% primal life immediately afterwards. Until the next time.

  238. Eating the same type of ice cream this year at the local state fair at the booth where my boyfriend and I met four years ago this month. The ice cream is locally (but mass) produced, has tons of sugar (but no hormones, supposedly) but it’s special to us 🙂

  239. My 20%? Three words: Local Organic Beer. Fish Tail organic beer is brewed in the “lush bosom of the Republic of Cascadia” and I live in Seattle. The Organic Amber Ale is my favorite.

  240. my wedding cake was dark chocolate with chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles and dark chocolate dipped strawberries. no fruit cake for this chick.
    it was deluxe.
    i love anything dark chocolate, and red wine.
    the two most unprimal foods I never keep in the house as I would eat the whole jar are betty crocker icing and cool whip. both totally disgusting but yummy.

  241. Since moving to the UK a month ago, I’ve been strictly and unwaveringly primal. I’d say about 99% including the two beers I had while watching Monday night football,err soccer. Stayed so committed due to my upcoming trip to Italy. I leave in the morning. My 20% for the month will be used up in the next 5 days. PIZZA, GELATO, PASTA, BREAD,CHEESES, WINE! DESSERTS, BEER, and did i mention GELATO! I challenge anyone to try a match this flavorful, delightful, unprimal binge!!

  242. It was my birthday last week. My honey made me a beautiful dinner that happened to also be primal (he’s not primal). It was broiled lobster, greens and an heirloom tomato and bocconcini salad. I was so thrilled to have been so spoiled AND not to have trangressed on my eating ethics. And then there was dessert… He had bought me a piece of exotic chocolate cake and some macarons (my favourite- haven’t had them since I was in France) from world-renowned pastry chef Thomas Haas’s shop. I was over the moon. And the sugar cravings the next day made me glad my birthday is only once a year! But it was worth it. You have to live!

  243. Chocolate – the darker the better please anything else is much too sweet. Hmmm….either that or a decent beer. Yeah, that’s a toss up.

  244. For me, I’d say #1 is chocolate. Luckily I like the really dark kind, but I do eat a square or two several times a week. I also drink milk, which some people would consider as being in the 20 category, but it’s fresh and raw from a local farm and I would argue that there’s nothing compromising about it 😀

    I also have a slice of sprouted bread very occasionally – toasted and slathered with grass fed butter.

    My least “sensible” cheat is granola. Very occasionally I’ll have a small bowl with some of my fresh raw milk poured over it. I don’t do it often, but it’s sooooo good 😀

  245. I definitely have to say stout! Whether a milk, oatmeal, coffee, or chocolate stout…I’m a sucker for a good one! The best is marinating a nice chunk of red meat in a stout and smothering it with garlic, mushrooms and Irish Cheddar cheese…of course with a stout to drink!(And paired with some garlic/cheddar cauliflower “mashed potatoes!”)

  246. I lived so long on less satisfying non-fat foods, primal eating is the most luxurious, decadent way I could possibly eat, so I don’t stray. I’m not holding myself up to a perfectionist standard, but I have been completely uninterested in non-primal foods since starting out. I suppose my 20 would be eating too much: more than a small handful of nuts; the whole steak when half was plenty (whaddya mean I just ate $20 worth of meat?); baconbaconandmorebacon; or enough BAS to make me have to walk it off.

  247. I would have to say a nice organic wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite and it goes oh so well with a nice steak. I can pretty much give up everything else, but a good glass of wine is rewarding at the end of a hard day.

  248. My 20% is for drinking beer (only the good stuff) while cheering for my local rollergirls. Part of my decision to go primal is to get in shape and hopefully join the team next year.

  249. A few months back they put in a new ice cream place that serves up deliciously frozen versions of 20%… It isn’t just normal ice cream though, it is flash frozen creamy goodness (with a bit of unprimal flavor mixed in)… granted they do have the lactose free creams and such but you can also choose from “Premium Cream” or “Almond Cream”… neither Primal (in this case) but closer than some options and MmMmm good

  250. Mark, is coconut water really a vice?

    I tend to buy young coconuts, cut the tops off, and drink the sweet potassium-rich water inside. In my mind it’s about as paleo as one can get. The only thing that would make it more paleo would be if I climbed up the tree to get the coconuts myself like these guys did:

    There are also some Brazilian brands of coconut water such as Zico and Vita Coco which don’t add any extra sugar or juices to it.

  251. I like to roast some nuts (macadamia, and almonds usually), melt some really good dark chocolate, put the chocolate in a pan, load in the nuts and some shredded, unsweetened coconut, and let them sink in the chocolate. Freeze it for a few hours, then break it up – my version of almond bark!

  252. I am married to a primal opposite. He grew up on cheese crisps and pizza. Every other Sunday we eat at his parents house. While always managing to skip on the rolls, mashed potatoes and fried bread, I have a hard time ignoring the “candy drawer.” I even try to skip the rice crispy treats and brownies, but my 20% includes a handful of peanut M&Ms or a few sour gummy worms. I am slowly converting my husband, but it’s not an easy switch for him like it was for me!

  253. Way better than Reese’s………a spoonful of organic peanut butter melting in my mouth with a little piece of 85% chocolate! YUM! It always answers a craving!

  254. I would absolutely say red wine and ice cream are my 20%. There is nothing better than to unwind outside on my back porch with a glass of red wine on a nice evening! 🙂 And outside I go…

  255. Hi my name is Maureen and I have a problem…an ice cream problem. There’s always some in my freezer, and with so many new and exciting flavors available, I feel it’s my duty to try many of them. Yes, I can actually keep the portion size to about a half cup… unless I go to one of the local places that make their own. Sometimes, I’ll even just have one spoonful as I walk out the door on the way to work in the morning. I’ve done a pretty good job purging my cabinets of non-primal fare, but the ice cream stays!

  256. My vice is simply Fajita’s, and while they might not seem like the worst vice given I dont use the shells. I call it a vice because I eat the chips and salsa, I endulge on the spanish rice, and load up on Salt and MSG I am sure.
    But its the best hole in the wall mexican place I have ever been to.

  257. Nothing better than unwinding outside on an nice night with a glass of red wine 🙂

  258. My 20% is either eggplant smothered in olive spread, or mushrooms stuffed with eggplant and olive spread. Wait, those don’t qualify? Well, I sometimes indulge by dipping homemade venison jerky in…GUACAMOLE! What? That’s OK too? Crap, I’m freakin’ perfect. I’d give it some more thought, but my Hot Pocket is ready. Back in a few to look down my nose at the weakness of others…

  259. Turtle Mountain brand ice creams made with coconut milk and agave are my vice. The dark chocolate, mint chip and coconut flavors are all favs. Vanilla bean ice cream on a bowl of fresh berries is heavenly!

  260. I guess I’m an oddball here as my diet hasn’t splurged at all. My 20% comes from lack of sleep which is probably more damaging than most of the foods I’ve seen mentioned. I do a second job on the computer at night, nothing fancy, just hit a few buttons and wait (and I do it from home). Problem is the program I run will never end before 11:15 and I like to read before bed, so 12 to 6 nights are common for me. I make $70 every night for 20 min of actual work though and that buys a lot of good food!

  261. My 20% has to be Ice Cream and Chocolate. Pizza used to be in there but the high-carb hangover the next was just too much.
    and i don’t go for ‘frozen dairy dessert.’ make sure it is real ice cream, which is harder to find than you’d think.

  262. My vice is located in the Union Square Farmers Market in NYC. On Wed. there is a booth of a company that grows its own grains ( I know..its forbidden). They make a real stone ground whole wheat bread that is quite exceptional. I buy a small loaf and cut it up into thin (1/4 inch) slices that I freeze and store. Once in a while, this is my treat. Especially when I toast it on the barbecue grill and smear it with
    butter (grass fed, of course). and Mark, the Giants do not fumble at the goal line!

  263. My 20% is “special” food. I define this as one of two things.

    1. If I’m travelling, in Europe, for example, I will try the local specialty whether it is Primal or not.

    2. I will eat something unPrimal, like apple pie, that we have only once or twice a year at holidays.

  264. I’m with Mark and beer is my vice. My two favorite mottoes are “Life’s too short to drink light beer” and “Friends don’t let friends drink light beer.” If I’m going to live primal and adhere to the 80/20 rule I’m going to LIVE primal and enjoy a good IPA on occasion. I leave lite beers to the light weights, LOL…GROK ON!

  265. MMM….. right now it’s an 87% dark chocolate (Eco chocolate) with mint. I don’t eat much, but when I do I SAVOR it.

    After that… a vodka tonic (made with mineral water instead of tonic). Nice for sitting on the porch with the old man on a summer weekend evening…

  266. I make a killer frozen margarita. Equal parts frozen limeade and tequila, 1/2 a beer (that’s right), a shot of whole milk (just try it, it smooths everything out), and finally ice. Blend to perfection. It it so unbelievably non-primal, but its gooooooooooood! Grok On!!

  267. My hardest vice is beer. With tailgate season in full swing, and me being a recent college grad, it’s tough not to tailgate without the stuff. As primal as I try to make my parking lot parties, 100+ degree afternoons in central Texas sometimes need something to keep you going until kick-off. But the grilling is great.

  268. Hi, my name is Maureen and I have a problem…an ice cream problem. There’s always some in my freezer, and with so many new and exciting flavors, I feel it’s my duty to try most of them. I will say that I can keep the portion size to about half a cup (unless I go out to one of the local shops that make their own), and sometimes I just have one spoonful as I’m heading out the door on the way to work in the morning. I’ve managed to purge my cabinets of most non-primal foods, but the ice cream stays!

  269. My 20% is used up by oatmeal. Yup, a grain. Every single morning. Pre-primal, my days started with a huge bowlful with egg whites. In embracing primal, I realized I would not stick with it if I had to shift that habit too abruptly. I’ve ramped down to just 2tbs of dry oats, cooked in a silly amount of water, with a whole egg or two added. Over time, maybe I will cut it out entirely, but I’m not sweating it. I’m eating SO MUCH BETTER than I was and feeling 100% better, and for now, that’s good enough.

  270. Mark,

    Good call on your 20% vice. Old Viscocity is one of the best! My 20% is well spent on delicious beer. Living in Colorado gives you an overabundance of options for the beer lover. I particularly enjoy going to a brewery in Golden, CO called Golden City Brewery. They have a stout that’s so good, it makes your eyes water. I never feel bad having one after a tough week at the CrossFit gym! It keeps me sane.

  271. My 20% is a carefully managed pescetarian version of The Primal Blueprint. It means that I watch what I eat more, as well as eating boatloads upon boatloads of vegetables to make up for the loss of grain calories, but that’s actually quite a bit more delicious than those empty carbs!

  272. My 20 is mom’s apple pie, made with Wolf River apples from a tree in her yard. She is from a Belgian family of excellent bakers, so the fresh apples are surrounded by the flakiest, tastiest crust. Topping it with Cool Whip, the way we ate it all through childhood, adds the final blast of sugar needed to set up the crash before an afternoon nap. This is worth the illness I suffer afterward, as I am very wheat intolerant.

  273. Started PB in the middle of July, got married on August 27th. The problem was, the menu for the reception was set at the end of June. As the day approched I thought, no problem, I’ll skip the appetizers eat some salad and tri-tip, that should do the job. A good plan until I find out about the 70 year old Itailian mother of the resturant owner hand making the pasta shells filled with some sort of home made chesse concoction. The shells…Oh the shells…so worth it. We also ordered the cake pre-PB, what a beautiful white cake with strawberrys. Needless to say when my new bride smashed a piece in my face, I had some cake. I danced for about four hours that night, so no regrets. What a great weekend, you only get married once.

  274. My 20% would be a prawn noodle soup that i make.
    It’s got miso, carrots, pak choi, spring onions, ginger, chillis, jalapenos, prawns and garlic-coriander medium wok noodles.

    Essentially a nice one-pot meal that ticks all the boxes.

    Havent had pizza in 2 years or more…

    The other thing would be a foot long seafood subway with all the veggies except tomatoes

  275. I do love a good chocolate bar. One day I was standing in the candy aisle at our local grocery store, trying to choose the one foil-wrapped gem I would take home with me that night. At that moment some weird older man approached and as he walked past me he muttered “You’re gonna get faaaat”. Instantly I turned and beamed back at him “No I’m NNOOOTT”. 🙂

  276. My 20% is spent with my sister. She is planning her wedding and my 20% is all about helping pick catering companies (and throwing some Primal dishes in the mix) and finding the best cake. Luckily cake tastings are small pieces only or this would be more than 20%! I never regret going non-Primal to help her plan her dream wedding and I will not regret going non-Primal for her big day! (But being Primal helps me fit my MOH dress)

  277. fresh spring rolls…the nonfried kind…and sushi. my 20 is about textures.the chewyness of the rice wrapper is irreplacable! that and the nostalgia of momma’s cooking are what do it for me in my 20.

  278. mine would be Ice Cream (preferably the “7 layer coconut bar”, “macadamia +choc” or butter pecan” from ben&jerry’s) but I only have it when its hot in the summer time which up here in Canada doesn’t last more than 2 months out of the year.

  279. Hands down, it’s chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing. I make the cake with almond or coconut flours, or beans. And the chocolate is always dark!

  280. The hardest part of going primal for me has been cutting out the sugars. I work as a caterer, and end up being exposed to all sorts of desserts and pastries and wedding cake galore. It was like a war of attrition, and eventually I broke–ate four slices of cheesecake at once. Of course, my newly-formed insulin sensitivity left me feeling like the morning after a sailor’s first night of shore leave. But it actually helped me, in the long run. I now associate those sugar-loaded slices of cloying carbs with, well, sickness. And now if I get a craving for sugar, I instead reach for some greek yogurt and throw some blueberries in, plus maybe a drizzle of honey. Creamy, delicious, sweet, and no “hangover!”

  281. I work in botanical research: field, lab, and greenhouse components. We work with hops and corn, among other things. I’ve never be a fan of corn but for about five weeks, my life is nothing but digging, washing and rating corn for various disease factors. Now, living in the PNW and working with hops for the last five years –well, one develops an appreciation for beer. My downfall is dark, silky beers from local breweries (current favorite Oakshire Breweries –their Overcast Espresso Stout is delicious naughtiness and their Watershed IPA is trouble, tasty trouble). After weeks of squatting, lifting, hauling, and collecting bruises –we celebrate at the pub and living primal 80% of the time allows me to enjoy my couple of pints happily; cos’ sometimes a girl needs more than chocolate. 🙂

  282. Fresh cream from a local dairy, whipped and flavored with crushed fruit like cherries, strawberries, or raspberries and sweetened with a little erithrytol or xylitol, all blended together, frozen, and then slightly thawed for 30 minutes before eating. Has the soft, creamy consistency of gelato.

  283. My worst 20% vices were either the guilty pleasures of celebrating some good news by eating a “Baja Burger” or “3 Meat BBQ Meal.” Knowing these were 20% moments, I made sure to take my time to savor each satisfying bite of my meals.
    The Baja Burger consisted of a wonderful blend of freshly ground chuck, jack cheese, lettuce, bacon slathered in ranch dressing wrapped in a wheat tortilla. It was a fantastic meal after a 16 hour Intermittent Fast.
    My 3 Meat BBQ Meal, a compromise to celebrate a friend’s Birthday instead of cake, consisted of an Arkansas influenced BBQ consisting of Brisket, Beef Ribs, and Chicken along with an order of cornbread. Dipping the corn bread with the left over BBQ sauce was heaven. Plus I loved the sign inside the store – “Good food ain’t cheap & cheap food ain’t good.”

  284. Like many, my vices are chocolate (dark!) and beer (real!).

    Last weekend, I went away for a ‘girls weekend’. While I was looking forward to the trip, I wasn’t looking forward to dealing with the dining issues: these friends are serious low-fat believers. We went to a fancy Tapas restaurant for dinner, and I found some primal elements (nice greens and some tasty shrimp), but I definitely didn’t eat my fill. Instead of throwing in the towel and chowing down on Bruschetta and Spatzle, I held off, promising myself my favorite TJ’s 85% Chocolate when we returned to the hotel (I’d planned ahead and packed it, with some almonds)! With my hotel reserves in mind, it was actually pretty easy to stay away from the carbs. That, and I insisted we go to the local brewpub where I could get a REAL beer (ok, 2).

  285. I have to say, my 20% is pizza. I never miss soda, or chips, or popcorn, but every now and then I get weak in the knees when a pizza looks at me with just the right combination of charm and danger.

  286. My 20% was the chocolate torte i made for my birthday. Ingredients were organic single estate 70% dark chocolate, kerrygold butter, fresh eggs from a local farm and a bit of sweetener (stevia + a touch of honey). I tried to make it as “primal” as possible, even though i could’ve splashed out on a tempting belgian chocolate cake i was eyeing up at a nearby bakery. My choc torte was DIVINE and was so worth the indulgence. I think it was probably 10 times better than that choc cake would#ve been.

  287. Since going primal the pain from eating grains has pretty much eliminated room for even 1% of grains let alone 20%. These days, I’ll indulge in a nice big ol’ bag of trail mix. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savory, and if I’m lucky, sometimes both. The assortments give me a little bit of everything… I go nuts for nuts! Throw in some dried fruit and chocolate and I’m Grokin’ on!

  288. My 20% is homemade banana waffles with peanut butter. I eat primal most of the time, but I can never give up my sunday morning waffles!

  289. Chinese food, all the way. I’ve gotten very good with it. Pre-changing my life I had it 2-3 times a week. Now I’m at 2-3 times a month max, at lunchtime (we have a great place near work that has $5 combos). So if I’m having a bad day I hit the general tso’s chicken with broccoli instead of rice.

    (ok once in a while I have the rice)

  290. My 20% is fabulously decadent, but has some nice primal elements. Step 1: Don some protective gear (jeans, long sleeves, hat), grab a pitchfork and on a sunny, summer day, step into the wild, thorny patch of blackberries growing in the back 40. Pick a bucketful, tasting occasionally for perfect ripeness. Step 2: Prepare mother’s pie crust. My Mom made hers in a medium Tupperware bowl and it requires two sessions of crazy wild shaking of the bowl to mix the ingredients. I shake it until my triceps burn. Step 3: Bake blackberries in pie, let cool for an hour. Step 4: Savor every bite. Great with vanilla bean ice cream or homemade whipping cream.

  291. Homemade ice cream but not just any homemade ice cream. Meade ice cream. Yep, the original recipe was Beer Ice Cream but my friends’ hobby is making meade so I substituted and let me tell you, awesome!

  292. My 20% happens spontaneously most of the time. I don’t “plan” cheats. They happen most often in social situations. To truly share a moment with other people, sometimes it requires that you share the same food, if its eating my dad’s homemade pizza with the family or splitting a 6 pack of Dogfish Head beer with a buddy. It happens occasionally, and I never feel an ounce of guilt. Stressing out about it would be non primal.

  293. My 20% has to be cheese, I eat way too much of it. Trying to cut back on it now actually :p

  294. Mac and cheese. And chocolate cake (hey, it’s made with almond flour!). But those are like birthday special.

  295. I’ve been doing pretty well recently while trying to stick to the primal way of eating… until i went to my first ever baseball game.. BUT! I resisted the pretzels and hot dogs and nachos and popcorn… and even my beloved dippin dots. But by the bottom of the 7th i was requested to go along with someone to get a snack, and I couldn’t resist getting some chocolate ice cream… a moment of madness! I felt marginally good about resisting the grains I loved though;)

  296. Have been primal for just a week now, but gotta say my 20% will be (hasn’t yet, but don’t hold your breath) pizza. Being highly sensitive to gluten, it’ll definitely have a gluten free crust, but OMG, there is just nothing better in my book than a slice or two of pizza slathered with BBQ sauce, chicken, sweet peppers, red onion, mushrooms, and of course cheese to hold it all together.

  297. Burger and fries! But not any kind of burger and fries. When I’m having my 20% moment, I go to Burgers on the Edge where I’m from. They have 8oz Kobe burgers for $4.99 during happy hour! Oh, and their sweet potato fries -simply divine!

  298. I was at a party feeling slightly bad about the 3 good (not light) beers I had had. I mentioned this to a Primal friend, and he just looked across the room to his female roomate and commanded her to “bring on the Tequila!”

    The three of us ended up dancing drunkenly about their kitchen all night, much to my girlfriend’s dismay. Actually, she had to tell me about it the next morning, because I didn’t quite have full recollection of the events.

  299. My 20 is sushi and alcohol. A prime example of this came in Barbados back in March. I had been primal for almost 3 months at that point, and this trip was the reason for going primal in the first place. With a few months of hard work, I found an excellent time to cheat. Barbados has incredible restaurants, and an Asian fusion restaurant called Fusion (very creative) was no exception. I feasted on some of the best sushi and sashimi I’ve ever had and washed it all down with Banks beer and a few cocktails. Very worth it.

  300. My friends and I had about a year (a year ago) of regularly imbibing alcohol due to a variety of stressful events that had us all coming together to commiserate. We celebrated “Recession Tuesday”, “Whoops It’s Wednesday”, and “Thirsty Thursday” with gusto, in addition to the weekend potlucks and bar crawls. It was at that point we decided we had made this into a sport, and we dubbed ourself Team Drunky (elegantly spelled Drunke, with umlaut over the u). This year, we all have made concerted efforts to tone this down,and 4 of us became Crossfitters more or less committed to the paleo lifestyle. Team Drunke was retired (or so we thought).

    It turns out that with the addition of tequila at special events (my favorite 20%), that Team Drunke magically reunites, and with the new inspiration provided by Crossfit, performs tequila-fueled WODs. The combination of burpees, L-sits and various other shennanigans leads us to feel that we are balancing out our bad habits, and thus we imbibe more and eat more junk food to soak up the alcohol. I do believe my lowest point (or highest), was performing burpees in a dress on the dancefloor of a bar at my friend’s bachelor party.

    Thus, tequila is the gateway drug to a host of 20% foods and drinks, but one that I will without shame once again call my friend at the next special event.

  301. It started innocent enough, a camping trip with my girlfriend, At the fire with friends I treated myself to some peanuts… then i snagged some chips I was eyeing. When I went to bed I looked down and I had a bag of chips, 2 bars of chocolate, crumbs from at least 3 smores, 3 beers… and a twinky. I dont remember how or what happened but needless to say I started the next day with bacon and eggs followed by som IF and a steak the next night.

  302. Pizza is probably my greatest weakness but more than that I am having trouble maintaining primal when we travel. We travel from Illinois to Pennsylvania one weekend a month(to see the grand-babies)and even though we start the trip with a cooler packed with salad, meat, veggies, fruit and some almonds we almost always end up eating pizza and wings sometime during the weekend. I return home feeling miserable. Monday morning its back to primal… a day or two later i feel like I stood under a waterfall and had the garbage flushed from my body…. thank God I found out about living primal.

  303. My 20% often involves a trip to the movie theatre. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, a trip to the movies just isn’t complete without all the movie goodies!! The nasty popcorn that is that creepy shade of yellow mixed with Raisinets (the most primal part of the debauchery), OH MY GOD!! I’ve given up the giant soda for the fruit flavored teas that are available at my local theatre, so I’m not going totally insane, but it’s still enough sugar to affect my mood for the rest of the day. WHO CARES!! It’s MY 20% and I’m not giving it up! Well, I sometimes think about giving it up when the popcorn causes a not so ideal reaction that threatens a trip to the bathroom before the movie ends. You know what….I’ll stop there.

  304. well i’m from the midwest and my vice you could say would be anything that roams a field and is grass fed but thats sensible and 80. My real vice is ice cream! i know how boring, but I’m from the midwest and I found my new favorite ice cream – Breyer’s All natural Mint Chocolate Chip. Its all natural, so it’s a good 20 vice! This, better that any other ice cream, is becoming a 3x’s/wk vice – bad primal boy…. but it all “melts” away after a hard PBF workout.

  305. Manhattans during the Social Hour before the weekly Lions Club meeting. It makes giving away money easier.

  306. My vice is always tortilla chips with cheese dip at a greasy spoon Mexican dive. I can live without anything, but every once in awhile I must have my chips and cheese.

  307. dark chocolate is my sensible vice and creme brulee my not-so sensible vice. but with any indulgences i try to make them infrequent and totally worth it! if fries sound amazing, but the fries i get are cold or too greasy, i skip them. yes, it’s wasting food. but, i think it’s even more wasteful to eat something crappy for me that doesn’t even taste great just because it’s there.

  308. Sugary, carb-loaded fruit is a major weakness. Healthy, succulent fat or spicy slices of meat would definitely be a more nourishing alternative.

  309. Mine is Italian Spicy beef sandwiches. I try to eat the beef without the bread but it is never the same. nothing like Italian beef with banana peppers slow cooked in beef broth then put on a sub roll with provolone.

  310. I work at a middle school deep in the mountains in Japan. They have a mandatory school lunch program for all students and teachers, total population: 30. In a week, three days feature rice, two days feature bread. I’ll eat the rice for the group ‘wa’ harmony, but bread is conveniently packaged, so I just take it home and feed it to the deer or throw it in my compost pile.

  311. I’ve been living a primal lifestyle for the last 15 months and each month, my cravings for non-primal treats seems to grow less and less. Maybe it is because my friends and family now accept the way I eat and offer primal options at dinner parties, or maybe it is because my body has healed and actually craves salads more than anything. Or perhaps it is because I have made so many primal friends that socializing no longer brings me in the “red zone”. But no matter how close to 100% primal I may be at home, I fall weak at the samples offered at grocery stores. Being a “foodie”, I simply have to taste everything, and if the sample happens to be a cinnamon bun, well then, I have to “taste” it twice.

  312. MACARONI AND CHEESE. My favorite guilty pleasure. This is one thing that really tempts me to move closer to 70-30 than 80-20. Not only do I make the kind from a box, I get the noodles shaped like bugs. Maybe that makes it more primal? Eating bugs? …Maybe not!

  313. My 20%is potatoes. However, I use fingerlings with less gluten & roast them in bacon fat & rosemary, salt & pepper. They totally satisfy the crave & I find I can eat only 1 or 2 small ones to be satiated! Yum

  314. Beer: I live in Portland, OR so we have tons of good ones, my faves are the super dark & thick coffee/chocolately ones.

    I’ve also been known to splurge on those dark chocolate/sea salt/turbinado sugar almonds from Trader Joe’s.

  315. My 20% is alcohol and sweets while on vacation! The sweets in New Jersey are so much better than here in Florida. The hardest place to stay primal was Puerto Rico! It’s all about fried food and they insisted it was “natural”. Gives me the urge to educate the world!

  316. I lived in China for 6 months, where it is virtually impossible to exist without eating rice, noodles, soy, and all the other crap I work pretty hard to avoid. But I kept hacking away at it, and I managed to do a pretty good job. My best 20% moment came at the end of a 10k hike along a section of the Great Wall. I was traveling alone through China but I made some friends during my walk on the Wall. When we came to the end we decided to add another guard tower to the Great Wall. I couldn’t turn down such an awesome opportunity. We each shot-gunned an ice cold Tsing Tao beer and built a tower out of them. The Chinese guy who sold us the beer was very impressed 🙂 Then I got back to business, but it was a perfect 20% moment.

  317. Three things. Dark chocolate, the darker the better… Red wine, a really good merlot… Cheese, not cheap processed stuff, the good, smelly, expensive stuff… All three together – yummmmm!

  318. My family’s 20 was our first trip to American Flatbread for their gluten-free pizza with local and organic ingredients (goat cheese/red onion/roasted red pepper, and raw cheddar with apples and arugula). This was my three year old’s first time having pizza EVER – and the smiles and delightful squeals of “yummy!” and the pure joy on her face made it more than worth it.

  319. Ok… Iknew what my 20% was, until I started to read through everyone elses….double chocolate stout? oh yeah!! Cheese? The love of my life, I too was vegan for five years!!
    But truly, and from my heart (which is quite healthy, due to my vice) it is good red wine, and dark chocolate…mmmmm. My grandchildren will vouch for this (they know where the chocolate is kept), and my son gifted me with a beautiful (heirloom quality, yes) wine opener, and a dark chocolate paired with a wonderful merlot…I do so love him.
    At the end of a long day at work, at a Medical Center (beating heart of conventional wisdom), and then a dinner of pesto salmon, steamed vegies, salad with every veggie known to man (close, and always varied)…a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine makes all seem right in the world.

  320. Mayo. However, I buy a brand called Spectrum. They use canola oil instead of soybean oil. This might seem perfect, but, I’m aware that even though Canola oil is high in Omega-3’s, it’s probably been heated to a point far above rancidity….I like to tell myself it’s cold-pressed. I’ve been afraid to actually research if it was. Which reminds me, I’m running out…

  321. Chocolate first. Dark is good, but sometimes I have milk chocolate as an indulgence. My second worst would have to be potato chips. I like the kettle brand. Luckily they are becoming less and less frequent. Around the holidays I am really bad about posole and tamales, both wonderful traditions, but full of corn.

  322. It changes from week to week. Once a month or so it’s pizza. More often chocolate. A couple weeks ago it was a huge family gathering for dimsum. Varied meats stuffed in paleo unfriendly wrappers!! Last weekend it was the fresh kettlecorn at the farmers market. Couldn’t resist the smell!

  323. Smores! Regular Hersheys chocolate bars are ok, but dark chocolate is even better. Imagine…roasting marshmallows with your family(trying to keep my daughter from getting them in her hair), laughing as they fall into the flames. Using the second grahm cracker to push your nicely browned (or slightly black) marshmallow onto the chocolate sitting on the first grahm cracker. Then sinking your teeth into that delicious blending of taste sensations. Oooh…I wish I was near a campfire (or even a charcoal grill) right now!

  324. In honor of my Grandmother, who taught me how to bake, my 20% is a simply chocolate pie that I make when I’m missing her.

  325. My 20% would definitely be when I treat myself and go to Vik’s Chaat for indian food. Yes, it’s fried bhatura and potatoe rich samosas but it’s so good!! Another vice I have is 100% dark chocolate. I make a chocolate chantilly out of it with some black tea and I just love the fluffy texture and the slight sweetness of pure chocolate mmmmm…..

  326. I have a friend that loves chips and salsa, and doesn’t really buy the whole paleo deal. I went to a party at his house the other night. He brought out a bag of tortilla chips and sat next to me. He ate about half the bag over the next half hour, describing them lovingly and savoring every one. Twenty minutes in, I broke, and took a handful.

    …They were pretty tasty. I think I finished the bag. In my defense, I hadn’t eaten since a rather long bike ride that day.

  327. I know the primal blueprint isn’t 100% against dairy, nor is it 100% for it. So I would have to say my 20% (more like 40!) Is with Dairy. Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter. I eat them all and maybe a little too often…

    What I really miss is toast. Not the poisonous, gluten filled wheat bread. But the crunchy texture of toast! Seasoned tomatoes on toast = winner!

  328. My worse 20% moment was getting a Big Mac at Mcdonalds. I use to LOVE those things. One day I was like I don’t care I am just going to eat one because I want to. Funny thing is, what use to be one of my favorite fast food sandwiches now was so gross! I felt the need to make a big salad after I ate it because I felt so grossed out by the Big Mac. Never doing that 20% EVER again! Lesson learned!! What was I doing to my body before I discovered you Mark??? My body thanks you:)

  329. I don’t have any regular indulgences but I do have a premeditated one in my future. My mom makes the most delicious pigs in a blanket every Christmas morning and you can be sure I will be eating them with a huge grin on my face come Dec. 25th. I can smell them as I type. Yum!

  330. Sweet potato fries and a hot fudge sundae. Together, that’s right. A beautiful marriage of salty and sweet, hot and cold, melting in my mouth. More of a “once a year” treat because it induces much awfullness that’s rarely been repeated since my rugby party days.

    (and while I love beer, I’m able to abstain…until my favorite brewery comes out with their fall/winter specials. Chocolate raspberry stout, yes please!)

  331. Single malt scotches. My favorite? Laphroaig 15. Supposedly its discontinued, and I have 5 bottles just in case it really is.

  332. Good, warm tortilla chips at a Tex-Mex restaurant is definitely a 20% vice. Also, crusty French bread.

  333. No doubt about it, it has to be Indian food. Granted, there are primal versions of Indian food, BUT…I love naan. Garlic naan, butter naan, plain naan. It’s so tasty. I like to get the chicken tikka masala, naan, and vegetable pakora (deep fried veggies) usually. I skip the rice and I fast for 24 hours either the next day or the day after to make up for it. Totally worth it. Thank heaven for the 20% rule 🙂

  334. My vise is also the alcohol type. A homemade pinacolada with a little rum. I use about a cup of fresh pineapple, and a 1/4 cup coconut milk and a shot of good rum. Fantastic. A primal drink with a twist.

  335. Ooohh! Too many yummy foods are on the “acceptable” list for PB. Personally, I am a RAW dairy fanatic…since I had been lactose-intolerant all my life…till discovering my raw dairy HEAVEN. 🙂

    I love my raw cottage cheese mixed with raw yogurt + some soaked raw nuts…maybe add a bit of dark chocolate powder/raw chocolate to the mix…yummmy!

    Never before would I drink a glass of milk – till I had some raw milk. Now, my daily bedtime snack is 8 oz. of raw milk + 1 scoop casein powder.

    My other “20” would be my BSN N.O. Xplode Pre-workout supplement raspberry flavor. I try to limit myself to using it ONLY before a leg workout, but – OH – I have the BEST workouts EVER!!!

  336. I’ll write in to the contest not to win, but to express why the 20% is so crucial to the success of Primal!

    I’m in Puerta Vallarta on vacation from Canada with my extended family. I’ve been here for one week and have been 100% Primal the entire time, and I leave manana. Tonight we went to a brilliant local restaurant called El Patio in Mismaloya and celebrated my mom’s birthday. I had a beautiful meal complete with corn tortillas and a fantastic lime margherita, and know that although i’ve eaten enough carbs to fuel an Ultraman, and that tequila makes me crazy, I did so with full awareness of what I was eating and enjoyed every minute of it. Celebrations are where my 20% fit in!

  337. Well, I really like cashews. I think they technically are a legume. That and I just really like my Marzetti Ranch dressing on my salads. I figure technically Grok didn’t have olive oil or vinegar. So I keep the ranch, although I am open to some newer homemade ranch recipies

  338. my wife wraps slices of fresh plantain bananas and jackfruit with flour sheets (wrappers used for egg rolls) sprinkles some brown sugar in and out and fries them in a flat pan with just a little oil to coat (low heat) till wrapper is crispy and glazed. I just can’t resist.

  339. Before I started PB, I was a novice baker–mostly for friends and for parties at work. I have shelves full of baking cookbooks–Death By Chocolate is one of my favorites. Black Tuxedo Torte–one word: WOW. Of course, what’s more fun & rewarding than baking these beautiful desserts than helping to eat them?! My 20% is any dessert featuring chocolate…Also, my sister makes THE BEST apple pie I have ever had. We have an uncle that lives in Texas and he would always ask her to make one for him. Flaky pie crust loaded with apples, butter and cinnamon. I only get that once a year, at Thanksgiving, so I have to have a piece. Also, I love the Orange & Fig Gelato at Whole Foods. A simple pleasure that is hard to resist. The thing I love about PB is that I don’t have to feel guilty if I have something or make something on occasion. It’s just a reminder that I can have my cake and eat it too–once in a while, as long as I eat Primal as the norm. It’s what makes this lifestyle so livable.

  340. The Crested Butte Fall Festival comes but once a year! This annual celebration features a chili cook-off and microbrew tasting! Festival-goers get to spend an afternoon outside in the sun, enjoying live music, and sampling various microbrews and chili concoctions. I love beer and chili, so I made an effort to try as many as possible this year. My personal favorites this year were the Sierra Nevada Tumbler Brown Ale and the “bison and chorizo” chili. Most of the chilis had plenty of meat and vegetables, but they also had plenty of beans, and I’d be willing to bet more than a few had sugar in them. I even had a couple bites of foie gras cornbread that was served with one of the chilis. The experience is priceless, and it’s only one day a year. Being primal doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life’s great experiences.

  341. I sometimes make hot cross buns and when they are hot from the oven, well I have to make sure its a good batch don’t I?!

  342. The key to a civilized life is a café that serves espresso and well-made pastries. Look at Europe. Lingering over a double short breve and a French pastry made with real butter makes everything better again. I’ve weaned myself off donuts and giant muffins (read: cupcakes without frosting) and hold out for truly artisan pastry. I know of what I speak, I used to be an artisan baker. For better or for worse, I live in a town where most of the pastries have serious issues, so I don’t indulge that often. Strangely enough, I don’t really miss the likes of the delicious naturally fermented breads I once made. But sweets made with real ingredients are always going to be an occasional vice for me. Even if wheat makes me sneeze within minutes. I also live in a land known as Beervana, but that’s another 10% and another contest…

  343. I eat no grains – no grains OTHER than the occasional bowl of cereal. It is the bane of my existence. Worse yet, it is like crack for me! I could eat a whole box in a setting if I am not careful! Man I love that stuff! Wait, no, I LOATHE that stuff! Arghh! This is why it rarely graces my lips. Let me assure you, my life would be better if I never ate another bite of this.

  344. oh, mine’s easy: macadamias. I know that they are primal, but not in the amount I am consuming sometimes 😉 that’s why I don’t have them at home, I stopped fooling myself that I could resist them and eat just a bit every other day… I get them once in a while, knowing I will eat half a bag that night.

    other? coffee. with cream and butter or coconut milk.
    fruits – the sugary ones, like bananas or apples.
    peanut brownies and pumpkin pie baked by my gluten-free friend.

  345. One of my favorite snack/desserts is flourless crepes. Each crepe is made from one egg, one tbsp olive oil, and one tbsp heavy cream. I like to spread a little Nuttella on them and roll them up. Yum!
    Well, I had a craving one day for a snack and ended up eating eight of them. Oops. With homemade whipped cream to boot.

  346. My husband and I have been primal since January. The kicker is that he makes ice cream…for a living. Our family, friends, co-workers, etc., love it, and they think it’s crazy that I don’t eat it when it’s always around. But I’ll taste new flavors or have a spoonful of my favorites when he brings them home for the kids. On those rare occasions, I follow it up with a squirt of Reddi Whip straight from the can to my mouth in a contest with my kids to see who can hold the most without laughing and spitting it out. Unfortunately, the kids take pictures of this vice! It’s silly, yes, but I wouldn’t trade these moments to reach 100%.

  347. I have two vices. The first is chikin tatsuta age or Japanese fried chicken (I am working on making an acceptable Primal version with coconut oil and some flour substitute, stay tuned). The other is good microbrew beer from Colorado. Oktoberfest is going on now and the winter brews will be out in 5-6 weeks and 2 below from New Belgium brewery is my weakness.

  348. I gave up my beloved dark brews and salty crunchy non primal snacks for this contest. I still enjoy red wine and the occasional bit of wicked dark chocolate. My “20” came when I made brownies for the kids..and licked the spoon, bowl, etc..and yes I had a cooked one! Delicious, and no guilt! more like 95/5 but hey, its all good. Thanks for the leeway…PMS can kiss my ass!

  349. At our house, I cook dinner. I always have. Now, I’m eating primally but my wife doesn’t. That’s her choice and it’s fine. Most nights, I cook something primal that she also likes, but sometimes she wants me to cook an old favorite, and it would be mean to refuse. And it doesn’t feel like a family dinner if I have one thing and she has another.

    Tonight I made fried rice. That’s not primal although, inspired by the primal diet, I made some changes: coconut oil instead of peanut oil and more veggies than normal. It was a big hit with my wife and our 2-year old daughter, which fact alone is well-worth the “primal vice”. Truth be told, I thought it was tasty, too.

  350. I was one month into my primal journey (where I’d pretty much been 99% primal) when a trip home to visit my family threw a spanner in the works. I grew up worshipping my grandma’s cooking, and in particular, her pumpkin fruit cake. Oh man, you have never tasted anything so amazing! She’d cooked it especially for me and my willpower bottomed out! I had 2 pieces :-0 I added a ton of butter on top to try and mitigate the damage! My digestive system paid for it the next few days, but it was worth it – and I especially felt good when I was able to resist her caramel tarts ;-p

  351. Picked and froze many wild berries in August, cause I can make pie, good pie. Made some for family gathering, ate one piece, accepted kudos, thought, sadly, no more berry pies.

  352. This past birthday, right in the middle of summer, a group of my friends all pitched in to get me a kitchen gadget I’ve been lusting over for a while now. A gadget that would honestly save me some money – a beautiful Ice Cream Maker <3.

    Now that it's almost 7 months since I've started eating primal (from a gluten-free vegan), I can eat my favorite childhood treat again and make it how I want. Full fat raw dairy, a drip or two of raw honey, some egg yolks and loovveeeee. Ice cream isn't a vice, it's my monthly love affair.

  353. I cant get enough dried fruit! I try to be sensible with the sweet delectable treats, but sometime its hard. I usually make my own concoction of walnuts, almonds, macadamias, and a variety of mixed fruit (cherries, mangos, cranberries, blueberries, etc. Also, dried apricots with almond butter! Delicious! Really any kind of dried fruit is my weakness. Dried prunes are another good one, but dried mangos I absolutely cannot refuse. I discourage my wife from bringing these home, as i will devour the entire package as soon as i become aware of their presence 🙂

  354. My 2 favorite things in the world are – cheesecake brownies, after sitting in the freezer for 3-4 hours and Neapolitan pizza with italian sausage, artichokes, and sauteed mushrooms.

    HOWEVER – My 20% in the last 3 weeks since I went Primal has been (1) 85% Green & Black chocolate square w/ a small side of homemade no-sugar coconut milk custard.

  355. My favorite 20% (so far) is sautéed pieces of fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, nectarines, peaches and pears in liberal amounts of butter and cooking sherry and seasoned with allspice and cinnamon. I then top it with homemade heavy whipped cream and (if I’m feeling really evil) a scoop of gluten-free, sugar-free ice cream (which tastes MUCH better than it sounds!)

    If I’m just really in the “20-dumps”, I’ll grate some extra dark chocolate over the top. 😀

  356. A hot dog and a beer at a baseball game. Since going primal, I went to a game and sat down and ignored the vendors for the first 2 innings. Then, I realized that baseball is pretty damn boring when you are not playing -and- not drinking beer and eating a hot dog. So I got one of each. And it was good. I do similar things for other events that demand trashy food items as accompaniments – not for the taste but for the ritual. I road tripped from Boston to Houston to visit family I haven’t seen in years and this has entailed: gumbo after a 12 hour drive to New Orleans; chocolate cake at cousin’s wedding; miller light at outdoor family barbecue; strawberry daiquiri when it is hot outside… oh wait, maybe that’s more than 20%. I gotta get out of Texas!!

    1. I miss Texas!! Apparently no one in the Florida panhandle (or should I say southern Alabama…lol) knows what Mexican food is! Enjoy it while you’re there:)

  357. Five Guys bacon burger and fries. Potatoes probably fried in all the wrong oils! At least I order the burger without a bun and some lettuce and tomato on the side. I get mayo and dip the fries in it. It’s a very occasional indulgence.

  358. My favorite thing is to take my toddler out for an inexpensive and satisfying meal at a local cafe that serves street Mexican food charging about the same as fast food. We sit outside under mist and fans and hand-made iron works while we watch the river and the wildlife and people. We order steaming carnitas with guacamole and a variety of spicy salsas. We indulge in a few hand-made, corn tortillas and one fried, pork panuchos. The oil and the corn isn’t primal, but it’s all handmade and locally owned and beautiful.

  359. Although it was perhaps not the purpose of this article, I was inspired to use all of my 20% for the week tonight! My husband’s in flight school and I work full time and am a full time graduate student (of nutrition, which makes cheating that much rarer!), so relaxing time together is precious. We went on a date tonight and although our entrees stayed primal, there was no better way to end the night than with the chocolate mousse torte!

  360. My most recent 20% involved two sensible vises. Bacon and Chocolate. I was shopping at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods) when I first saw it. It was sitting there innocently in a basket surrounded by all the other chocolates, this one however was special. A glint on its package was reminiscent of my favorite food… bacon. Just then I realized, it was bacon! As I eyed it wondering what to say, I spoke with my actions. I never had a chance to say no… the deed was done and it was in my cart. Vosges Chocolate ‘Mo’s Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar’ melted in my mouth revealing crispy bacon nuggets. This provided the perfect blend of sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy. What cruel punishment this was! I sense I may step out again on my girl Paleo if I wander down that aisle again… shame really.

  361. Well, seeing as my nickname is winencandy… Guess what my 20% is??

    Wine and Candy. Together. At the same time.

    I’ve substituted Dark Chocolate for the candy, and I’ve tried to cut back on the wine…

    It’s a work in progress.

    Thank Grock for the 20%!!!

  362. When I eat non-primal foods, I “S.L.A.M”: That’s the acronym my friends have come up with for it… *&^% like a monkey. And I feel sick for days. So I don’t cheat, other than drinking beer. Those who know me well and have lived through this with me (especially in high mountain climber camps) will warn others, “DON’T FEED HER!”…and also, “Don’t take her food, she needs it and she can’t eat ours!” (I’m 5’4″ and weigh 110 and it’s a lean, heavily muscled 110.) So I guess my 20 percent would be something like eating bacon AND salami after work, or some excessive cardio workout in the beautiful outdoors of Oregon…rock climbing or mountain biking all day with IPA on the summit. Or sometimes I just smell the sourdough.

  363. I work in a large Vet Hospital. One of the part time Techs is also a baker. She makes any and all flavors, per your request for birthdays. In a large hospital there is usually about one birthday a month. I save my 20% for Diana Cake. This year (just a few weeks away) I have requested something with a coconut flour base (to stay a bit primal) but in the peanut butter and chocolate variety! I can’t wait to see what she is making. The 20% comes in handy when your under a bit of stress and I have at times needed to know when the next B-Day is so I know when my next Fix is! Yum Diana Cake!

  364. My 20 is mostly reserved for special efforts that friends and family offer. If someone has brought cupcakes and made the effort to bring a gluten-free one for me I will eat it and consider it my 20% for life joy. Of course that is ignoring the wine part of it, local wines at least.

  365. The first dish would be have to be a mountain of freshly made, oven-baked nachos. Naturally, the first layer would consist of several servings of the finest tortilla chips with a thick, rich blanket of monterey jack and cheddar cheese. This would be smeared with a homemade guacomole (with REAL avocados) and salsa creation, extra garlic and extra heat. Scattered throughout this platter of cheese and chip would be a delightful array of salty black olives and a hearty pile of ground-up beef. Stick that baby in the oven, and devour.

    Round number two would be designed to satisfy the sweet tooth. Needed: A large spoon with an even larger bowl. Undoubtedly, it’d be filled with some serious mounds of icecream. Fancy is the name of the game. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee… These just don’t cut it. These mounds are comprised of some real decadent flavor combinations like a rich cherry and dark chocolate mixture, encasing chunks of pecan and cocoa bits. Perhaps the second spoonful would nurture ones insatiable and simple desire for baked goods, wrapping large chunks of homemade, lightly cooked chocolate chip cookies in a milky vanilla flavor, topped generously with a warm fudge sauce. My personal favorite would have to be a combination of a full-bodied chocolate flavor with peanut butter, covered in a goo of caramel sauce, marshmallows and the shavings from a high-quality, extremely dark chocolate bar for just a little extra bite.

    If that just aint enough, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as diving into a burger equivalent to the size of a toddler’s head. But not just any ordinary burger… This burger would have to be made from some juicy bison meat, prepared with fresh oregano and small bits of green pepper and onion. After a quick grilling, it’d be stacked on a freshly toasted, white kaiser roll. But don’t close her just yet… This burger wouldn’t be complete without the addition of some fat bacon strips layering top and bottom. Add a little mustard and ketchup for the hell of it, maybe a slice of iceberg lettuce for that extra crunch, and wash it all down with some homemade pickles and a tall one. And that my friend, is the true meaning of life.

    NOW GO ENJOY YOUR 20%! 😉

  366. I love ice cream but have had little urge to partake in the past month and a half since going primal.

    I just sent my oldest daughter off to college. The first to leave the nest. Right before she left, I took her to the ice cream parlor we have frequented since she was a toddler. It was a warm sunny day and we both ordered our favorites. I got Mackinaw Island Fudge double dip on a cake cone. We toasted the end of her childhood and ate our treat with no regrets, with warmth in our hearts, and sweet in our bellies. It was the best 20 I have had yet.

  367. Goodness gracious, my 20 is probably cheese, which I can eat copious amounts of without thinking, and running. I know, I know, it’s inflamming everything, and burning energy sources that shoudn’t be burning, but a good long run makes me feel so fantastic. If it’s good, it’s good, and I keep going until I’m tired.

  368. Mine is definitly dark chocolate! I love Omanhene 80% and Lindt 90%. Sometimes I take one bar of 100% + one bar of 80% and a few spoonfuls of coconut oil and ghee, and melt it all together with some macadamia nuts…YUmmmmmm 🙂
    I am DEFINITLY checking out that ChocoVivo place Mark mentioned–I’ve been wanting to find some more interesting varities of chocolate to try.

  369. a hot whiskey and a cigar every once in a rare while when I fall into bad company…

  370. Las Vegas ~ $40 for a 24hr pass to 7 of the best buffets on the strip. Not pretty. And what was even more ‘not pretty’ was my bloated belly in a bikini…and maybe a few bubbles in the shallow end of the pool *sheepish grin*
    We had a few plates of a number of desserts to try and surprisingly, most of them weren’t great. I’d have a small bite and that was it.
    I truly paid for my indiscretion with sickness, irritability, and frequent trips to bathroom.
    Yay Vegas.

  371. My 20%…Beer always falls into that catagory. New Belgium and O’dells out of Colorado are my favorites. IPA all the way!!

    The others rotate pretty good. My better 3/4 is an outstanding baker. Sweet bread, birthday cake, treats for family Sunday’s…

    And last but not least is chips and salsa. Fresh veg. oil fried corn chips and homemade salsa fresca, verde or picante style. At least the salsas have vegtables!

    I make sure to rotate 20%. Otherwise my proportions would be backwards. Excuse me, beer with brother-in-law time!

  372. This one’s easy – Guinness Stout.

    Or any other good stout. I like a beer that knows what it is about – not some namby-pamby lemonade wanna-be. If I’m going to go non-Primal, my 20 is going to be worth it!

  373. I used to have the worst sweet tooth but it gets the better of me less since increasing my saturated fat intake. However, I am known to throw out tubs of half eaten ice-cream because I just can’t trust myself with that temptation….
    We’re talking sensible vices though. Mine is peanut butter sandwiched between 2 hunks of cheese, with a bit of apple. Magic. And I love double cream but that’s not a vice is it?!!!

  374. My 20% happens every Saturday morning after my usual morning ride (yes, despite Mark’s attempts to change my mind, I still engage in a little repetitive motion now and then.)

    I whip up a batch of buttermilk pancakes or wholegrain waffles. Options for fillings abound (fresh peaches in the summer, frozen blueberries in the winter – always dark chocolate chips just in case.) Some fresh heavy cream is whipped up (by hand.) Pure maple syrup is warmed. A scramble is concocted with whatever vegetables are in the refrigerator (last week it was spinach, feta, and fresh tomatoes from our garden)…a fresh press pot of home-roasted coffee is brewed.

    I then sneak upstairs and gently wake my wife up with the coffee and my 5 year old daughter with the smell of a fresh pancake and together we enjoy the decadence of life around our kitchen table!

  375. My 20% is my 18-month-old son! Now, let me explain – He has had a fascination with Cheerios practically since day 1 (thanks to the Anti-Grok…my Husband, whom I still love very dearly! Having said that, you can imagine how difficult my Primal journey has been thus far!).

    Anyway, how can I turn down the cute chubby hand of my baby offering to share his Cheerios with his Mama? Sometimes I’ll sit there with him for close to 15 minutes while he feeds me Cheerio after never-ending Cheerio, just so I can see the smile on his face. Primal or not – he and his Cheerios can be my vice any day!

  376. A slice of cheesecake or a french macaron definitely not primal but is oh so good with the crunchy chewy shell and soft sweet centre.

  377. SWEET POTATO FRIES!!!! OMG, I feel guilty just thinking about them!

  378. I don’t drink much alcohol but on special occasions I enjoy a nice sipping tequila. Once in a while I like to indulge in a good micro brew as well.

  379. Mmmmm, Sauvignon Blanc on a perfect late Saturday afternoon overlooking the bay. Yes, I had a glass or two beyond 20%, but it was worth it for the joy of being outside with family and friends and listening to my beautiful sister-in-law singing lush Brazilian sambas while the sun set. Since going primal, I’ve realized that the delights of such perfect moments are to be savored without guilt or self-recriminations. Okay, yeah, the headache the next morning wasn’t so savory, but it was a dandy reminder that it’s best to stretch 20% only so far…Time to regroup and go eat a salad–with a BIG glass of water. Which I did with great memories of a wonderful experience and no regrets. Primal: it’s the new happy!

  380. I keep a can of Reddi-wip extra creamy(made with heavy cream) in the fridge and some salted macadamia nuts for when I have a moment of weakness. I had an EXTREME sweet tooth before going primal and find that a few doses of nuts and reddi-wip administered DIRECTLY in the mouth does the trick.

  381. Ice cream. I’m partial to chocolate/caramel flavors, but I don’t think I’ve met a flavor that I didn’t like. When I was in Italy for a month, I ate gelato everyday (and sometimes twice a day). It might explain why I came back with an extra 10 lbs. on my gut, but I like to blame all the pasta….Nothing better on a hot day than a scoop of Tahitian Vanilla. But, then again, I also eat it in the winter. And when I have a cold, I’ll ocassionally polish off a pint in a sitting. Something so comforting about it. I could go without bread for the rest of my life, but I think my life would be pretty boring without ice cream.

  382. Ice cream, definitely. Luckily ice cream is something that I don’t like to have too often. I like to savour it, so every once and a while it’s a great treat.

  383. I love choco-vivo! They have a seasonal one with ginger and sea salt that is amazing. Certainly a big part of my 20% and I pick it up from her booth at the Torrance Farmers Market!

    I like beer, too. Guinness is my favorite dark beer, and a nice way to finish off the 20%.

    and cheesecake.

  384. I went to the grand opening of a friend’s bakery. They make fresh bread to go with kabobs and I tried her homemade baklava. So delicious but I felt a horrible bloatedness and fullness I haven’t experienced in a while. Usually wheat is a trigger for me to go crazy but I got back on track the next day.

  385. My favorite vice is dark chocolate and red wine, preferably a sweet red. The two together are a little bit of heaven right here on earth!

  386. A big bag or two of vegetable chips. When I miss eating crunchy salty things, or when I’m feeling depleted from being low-carb, or when it’s the time of the month, vegetable chips do wonders. Cripsy, the taste of sweet against salty… lovely to munch on while lazing around look at scenary, reading a book, watching television. Greatly satisfying.

  387. My 20% is a crown float (guiness layered on hard cider) and a burger at the local pub every 6 weeks or so. It’s a pretty un-primal 20% but I am usually 100% for the in between 6 weeks

  388. September 16th is my Birthday, Tomorrow my 20% will be a slice of gluten free carrot cake iced with homemade cream cheese Icing. I love eating Primal, but celebrating a family birthday, especially your own is a fantastic use of your 20%

  389. We are fast approaching the season of my ultimate weakness, the most UNSENSIBLE of all vices – Halloween candy! Last year, I thought I’d just eat one or two candies. Maybe three of four. Okay, lets take a week (errr month) off. Then Christmas & cookies. I thought I had fallen off that wagon for good. Got right back on January first, no regrets, no looking back!

  390. My vice is a well deserved occasional pizza slice or two- okay, maybe more like three or four. But in any event, I enjoy the salty flavors from the cheese and meat, but I still try to select the toppings with the most colorful (and flavorful) vegetables. And I only enjoy this treat after a long hard workout of running, biking, or swimming.

  391. I seriously cannot go a day without chocolate! I eat a piece of dove dark chocolate either after lunch or dinner and it sends me to my happy place. I know I never need to feel bad about it because I eat a ton veggies throughout the day and I make it to an exercise class 5 days a week at the local ymca. Life is too wonderful to not enjoy simple pleasures…

  392. My 20% today, though not usually, was two thick, dark, lick-smacking pints of Guinness. There’s no way you can beat the one’s you get in Ireland but still damn good.

  393. I’ve been gluten free for quite some time, so being without grains has not been an issue. I doubt my 20 will ever include “real” pizza, beer, and the like. I’ve only been on the Primal Challenge since this one started on the 7th so I’m still in the honeymoon stage with it.

    I think my one transgression so far would be my greek yogurt snack that is so tangy and sour it sort of requires a little bit of honey along with my dash of seeds and nuts I toss on top.

    And my solid justification for this indulgence is that Grok could very well of had a bunch of bees nearby making him and the Mrs. some honey. Therefore in my mind it is just fine! 🙂 That’s my story and I’m “sticking” to it, haha.

    Speaking of beer, I am curious about this Redbridge that is gluten-free…might have to give it a try.

    1. Redbridge is decent for those who like lighter, American style beers. ..which I do.

      A squeeze of lime and it’s a little Corona-ish, too.

  394. Last night after my Aikido class (exercise, fun, *and* mental stimulation) I had a few extra minutes before zooming off to pick up my daughter. I was a bit hungry so I stopped at the grocery store to pick up something tasty. Right above the empty bin of feta-and-greek-olive stuff that I had a hankering for I saw a one-pound chub of summer sausage. I bought it and ate the whole thing on the drive downtown.

    Oh, wait! I’m supposed to tell you about my 20% slip. I ate one square of Godiva 80% chocolate before Aikido.

    I’ve found that 80% is bitter enough to allow one square to satisfy me. The 70% chocolate it’s too much like candy and I can eat the whole bar.

  395. In January, right after I made my poetic little resolution video, I was really strict primal/paleo for four weeks; but my birthday is at the end of January. I told myself, “Be really good for the whole month and at the end you can treat yourself!” So I was strict and it paid off! I lost about 6 pounds in January. It was awesome! Then my birthday rolled around…

    In one weekend, I ate potato chips, pancakes, cupcakes, toast and lots of cheesecake. I blew right back up (water weight) and gained those 6 pounds right back in *days*! And I was sad.

    I almost gave up. But I didn’t. I remembered how successful the first few weeks of January had been and I knew that my application of the 80/20 principle hadn’t quite been the best for *my* body. So I resolved to be more moderate and take it slower. And as I’d learned before, slow success lasts longer!

  396. When I first started primal, it was sushi, but as time has progressed it’s most definitely CUPCAKES! I live right across the bridge from Georgetown where they make those cupcakes on that TV show DC Cupcakes. The line is around the block but it smells so good and the very thought of eating those soft, warm and delicious cupcakes gets me going.

    Of course whenever I do have a cupcake, I have a headache within a few minutes and regret my decision the rest of the day, but oh those few minutes are pure bliss. I will sometimes eat several really fast before the bad feelings settle in, then do a serious workout the next day to make up for it.

    Loooove my cupcakes!

  397. Mark –

    With a whole new caseload this year of young immature autistic 6th graders I have been leaning on my intense dark chocolate as my 20% vice. I love the Green and Dark or Lindt’s. It is sealed in a bag at school and if need be in an emergency I break off just a square. A great rush!

  398. A fun sized pack of raisinettes, oh my they were heavenly!

  399. When i choose to use the 20% i love a good burger and a few chips. Usually washed down with a nice pint of stout or a decent cider, i live in Bath in England which is near to somerset so this is real cider country!

  400. My 20% vice is local or specialty foods; I travel sometimes and like to try local food, which is never 100% primal. For example, in Peru I had a delicious sweet potato muffin, in India I had fantastic chili paneer in a somewhat sweet sauce, and in Portugal I had their famous ‘pastel de blaise’ pastries, quite a lot! My reasoning is that it may be my only chance to ever experience these cultural, interesting and tasty foods, and worrying about whether I should try them or not is probably more stressful for my body than just eating them and enjoying them!

  401. I have always been a huge emotional eater and most of the time would reach for chips. I love all kinds of potato chips – all flavors – I used to not be able to walk down the isle for fear of seeing a new flavor… I HAD to try them. Not so much anymore. I am not 100% primal yet, but moving in that direction and just being more aware of what I am putting in my body. Now, when I do indulge it is the smallest bag of the more pricey chips like Kettle Brand – I enjoy a few handfuls and give the rest away. Freedom!

  402. My 20% is the urge to snack – especially when stressed. To avoid complete derailing of my eating and especially the temptation of junk snacks (candy bar machines or plates full of biscuits in committee meetings, anyone?), I have slowly built a personal repertoire of sensible snacks and try to keep at least some of them handy. They are not all exactly primal but a far cry from the jaffa cakes and crisps I used to munch in the old days. So without further ado, here are my 10 faves (sweetened with a little erythritol or stevia where needed): primal trail mix, kale crisps, creamed coconut with lemon curd or apple sauce, cheese with sesame & sunflower crackers, dark chocolate, ice cream cubes (made with berries & cream or choc icing), whipped cream and cocoa “mousse”, primal energy bars, cured meats, almond & flax brownies. Recipes in my journal!

  403. French toast with maple syrup,m fried banana, fried eggs and bacon – every Sunday brunch after a ‘perfect week’. I follow it with afternoon Bikram Yoga which makes me feel clean again 🙂

  404. When I partake in my 20% it is always for social reasons, whether it is going out every now and than for a beer with my friends at school, or eating some wings at during a football game. But my favorite 20% is as follows: About every other week my dad will come down to school to visit (usually because I forgot something) and we will go out to the local dinner. I will get my favorite meal: Chicken tenders (homemade) and we will split the worlds best cheese fries! These fries are perfectly crispy, and they use real cheddar cheese upon. But they finish it off by throwing it into the broiler so the cheese has two layers, nice and melty on the bottom, and baked and stiff on the top! Not the best thing for me, but hey it most likely a lot less than 20% of my diet

  405. So far, I’ve stuck to dark chocolate and red wine as my 20. I’ve been wary about trying anything else because I wonder if it will wreak havoc with my system.

  406. My vice is anything that’s likely to stain my teeth. Red wine, dark beer, chocolate, cigarettes (that’s really about 0.05% these days, thankfully, but always accompanied by the the beer). It’s unfortunate how most of these go so well together, tempting me into a huge bender.

    I also have a bad weakness for brownies. Is there a great primal brownie recipe out there/on here?

  407. My 20% is usually used for social reasons. In fact, it’s kind of ironic, but the day this contest debuted, I chose to exercise my 20% for the first time during the challenge. I went to the rescue of my neighbor who was murdering a cat, I mean playing the trumpet. She was attempting to make her daughter feel better after getting discouraged trying to learn to play. Having played the trumpet throughout my middle and high school career, I offered my services before the other neighbors came running with baseball bats held high. I was subsequently invited to dinner which consisted of homemade pesto pasta, fresh tomatoes, and bread with oil and vinegar. I felt not a pang of regret as I dug into the pasta. The company and conversation were impeccable, and it was totally worth a non-primal meal.

  408. So many vices to choose from 🙂 I think my biggest weakness is definintely cheese. I love all kinds of strong, mature cheese. Blue cheese, goats cheese, Brie and even the humble chedder. Give it all to me now!

  409. My 20% is my dessert:
    half a banana
    1 tbsp organic peanut butter
    a drizzle of honey

    Mix all together in a bowl and enjoy.
    (can substitute raisins when bananas are gone)

  410. I ate an entire jar of almond butter (about 4,000 calories). Almond butter is my Kryptonite.

  411. My yummy sweeet love is homemade coconut oil fudge made with coco oil and dark chocolate with lots of walnuts and cranberries and shredded coconut!

  412. My 20% changes, mostly depending on the season. Since fall is coming, it’s very quickly changing into mulled cider with spiced rum. A cup of mulled cider, the fire pit, maybe a s’more every now and then.. now that is autumn!

  413. Big, warm, chewy cookies. Usually peanut butter, molasses, or chocolate chip. When I come across this beautiful confection I have to try it. I enjoy it’s perfectness when it melts in my mouth, then I remember what a disgusting taste the sugar leaves in my mouth and I move on!

  414. I have no problem whatsoever giving up bread, pasta, rice, cereal, juice, corn, and potatoes. What really gets me is the sweets…and there’s a laundry list of them. At the top of that list is ice cream. Fortunately, I have the ability to have one oreo cookie and call it quits, or a couple of spoonfulls of ice cream on my way out the door in the morning. I think the sweet treats will always be part of my life, I just need to keep the portions in check 🙂

  415. Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family: Last year I gave myself free reign for these two days. I stuffed myself with all the homemade pierogies, halushki, battered and fried fish, pies, cookies, and Mom’s mashed potatoes as I could hold. What I didn’t expect: the two-week cold/flu that ensued after I totally wrecked my immune system. This year I’m still giving in, but I’ll probably keep it to 2 pierogies instead of 16.

  416. My 20% usually consist of two things, pizza and beer.

    Living in the NY metro area offers a multitude of choices! My favorite is Rose’s pizza in Garield NJ or Lodi Pizza. They both have very thin crusts and usually get a meat topping so I can rationalize with myself that it is less dough than othe pizzas and plenty of real mozzarella.

    As for beer, stronger and the darker the better! I usually drink dark German brews.

  417. Well my 80 is good ole tuna I love fish, even from the can if I can’t get fresh. My 20 is cheese queso from a local mexican restaurant called Ted’s Es Condio, it is amazing!
    Thank you Mark for all the help going Primal and for these awesome months of contests, challenges, and give aways!

  418. Well my 80 is good ole tuna I love fish, even from the can if I can’t get fresh. My 20 is cheese queso from a local mexican restaurant called Ted’s Es Condio, it is amazing!
    Thank you Mark for all the help going Primal and for these awesome months of contests, challenges, and give aways!

  419. Chipotle. I always get the fajita bowl with (fajita) veggies, a double helping of steak, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and tomato salsa. I love this meal with a good beer, which usually means an imported beer because most American brands taste like what really strong piss smells like.

  420. My “usual” 20% is dark chocolate with Riesling. My usual 20% probably happens 80% of the time.

    But then… once a month or so… there’s sushi. With an order of edamame. And with Plum wine so sweet it would make a kindergartner mistake it for Koolaid. I’m going into a blissful diabetic coma just thinking about it.

  421. A few days after completed the August Primal Challenge conducted by some primal Twitter folks, I went to the farmer’s market. My friend who raises beef (I bought a 1/4 cow from her back in February) was eating a bag of fresh-popped maple popcorn made by another vendor. She offered me a handful. At first I declined; my cravings for sweet foods had nearly disappeared during the month of August after having no added sugars or grains at all. Then I thought “What the heck, I’m between challenges at the moment” and tried some. It was all over. I bought a “small” bag (which was huge) and ate most of it while driving home. My tummy did not appreciate it! I’ll stick to dark chocolate and the occasional ice cream from now on.

  422. After a couple weeks of being primal at school and indulging in some typical indulgences, my favorite 20% is going home to my mom’s home-cooked Indian food. In my book, no indulgence beats a hot plate of tandoori chicken, fried chana (chick peas) and garlic naan (like a garlic chapati but very easy to chew). Then we finish off with some bhaat daal (rice mixed in a lentil soup) and a sweet small desert called gulab jamun. Since I’m not home that often anymore, it makes those indulgences even rarer and more rewarding. I often try to recreate those dishes in a primal way but I’m no master Indian chef (yet).

  423. I’m from New Mexico so when I splurge it’s on green chilie cheese burger with fresh roasted New Mexican green chilie’s. It’s heaven in a toasted bun! I wash it down with a Mirror Pond pale ale and promise to be 100% for the next week 🙂

  424. On a regular basis, it is definitely dark chocolate, 85% or higher. I also do eat dairy; I love cheese and plain yogurt. Apple slices with brie cheese are amazing, as is cheddar cheese with pickles.
    On a not so often basis, I like to have miso soup and sushi occasionally when I go out for Japanese food with friends.

  425. My 20 is rice. I indulge on it here and there when I’m craving Korean food and I whip up an old korean dish from my childhood. Having grown up eating traditional korean cooked meals everyday, has had some lasting impressions on my taste buds. I got intense cravings for it if I go a month without korean food. Most korean food is best accompanied by rice. You need that sticky chewy consistency to go along the spicy stews, pickled veggies or salty veggies and meats… Cauliflower rice just doesn’t work with korean food. I usually try to time it on days of heavy lifting and refeed on carbs and usually have an intermittent fasting session the day after and get on with life…

  426. due to the nature of my job and volunteer work, I often attend banquets and other events where I have no control over the menu… even so, I can usually pick an choose from the food presented and eat primal… however, my vice at these events is a glass of Glenlivet on the rocks

  427. Whipped cream with cinnamon and vanilla, frozen mixed berries, and a piece of dark chocolate.

  428. Next week I’m heading up to see my grandmother in northern Québec. She won’t understand my primal ways, (I doubt she knows what a carb is) and I rarely get to see her. I have the utmost respect and love for her and would hate to refuse anything she makes (not to mention she makes the tastiest of foods with limited funds (I really need to learn how to stretch a buck and these depression-era elders are masters at it!). She’ll use juice from the pickle jar to make a salad dressing and half a pound of butter for… everything!

    So, I imagine my 20% (ahem ??%) will be filled with sugar pie (a Quebec staple – brown sugar melted in evaporated milk… in a pie – not primal at ALL), poutine (fries, gravy and cheese CURDS), pea soup, maple baked beans, and lots of mashed potatoes)).

    Being new to primal, I am afraid it will reverse all the work I have been doing to change my gene expression (day 3 of a splitting headache due to sugar withdrawals no doubt and weight remains stagnant) but I feel she has less time than I left on this earth and I can’t bear to sadden her in anyway. I will definitely cook HER dinner one night and on my night, we’ll eat primal.

    Outside of that, I think my 20% vices are rich chocolate ice cream or gelato and great tasting beer (Trappist tripel or quadrupel beers are my favorite) as are Guinness and Kilkenny.

  429. Most of the time, if I take “20%”, it’s in the form of borderline foods like dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, good cheese, better whiskey, or too much almond butter.

    A couple times a year, though, I dive off the wagon with gusto: Pepperoni pizza, beer, and moose tracks ice cream! Planned, executed, enjoyed, penalized by bloating and acne…and right back on track. Yee haw!

  430. My office is usually packed with primal no no’s, yesterday was huge chocolate chip cookies, and rather than give in to those I helped myself to a cup of coffee with heavy cream and raw cane sugar.

  431. Ice cream, definitely. While I love chocolate, I can walk by it without a problem. But if there’s ice cream in the freezer — the premium stuff, with its low overrun and rich, creamy goodness — I’m like a bloodhound sniffing out an escaped convict.

    And while there are coconut-milk-made infusions these days that are totally yummsville, it’s the Haagen-Dazs/Ben & Jerry varieties that still call to me the loudest — Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, Willie Nelson’s Peach Cobbler, Snickerdoodle Cookie — my 20% list reads like a high-glycemic rap sheet of the worst offenders… but it’s the kind of lineup you love to hate to love.

    1. I’ll second that. I can’t keep it in the house.

      BTW, it’s pretty funny that ‘convict.’ is directly under your pic.

  432. Tuesday nights I meet up with a group of guys and roleplay (D&D etc.) Everyweek there are mountains of cakes, biscuits, doughnuts etc. I usually buy myself a bar of Green & Blacks 85% and binge on the whole thing instead. But one week I decided to contribute and so made flax seed brownies with chunks of dark chocolate and walnuts. The whole tub was demolished within seconds.


  433. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is my 20. I like to load up the burger with virtually every ingredient they have. If I’m with someone else I’ll take a few of their fries since they give you enough to feed an army. I’ll wash it all down with unsweetened ice tea with lemon. If they had an In-and-Out Burger in Colorado I would divide my time between the two. They both have the best hamburgers in the world!

  434. I am just getting started on this primal thing so I’m still finding my way. I don’t know how my eating habits will break down once I’ve through the adjustment period, but I can tell you that sushi, tiramisu, and creme brulee are likely to tempt me. Fortunately, these things should be infrequent temptations. I know that I will regularly enjoy small amounts of the sensible vices.

    I sense that the real 20% indulgences will be in conjunction with social occasions. It will be interesting to see how it all develops. For now, I am loving eating primal and I’m not finding myself drawn to non-primal foods. Here’s to that lasting!

  435. Washington State. Now Washington isn’t inherently non-primal, but my cousin Jogie’s cooking is. A comfort food cook of EPIC proportions – she spends her free time baking monster cookies, snicker doodles (don’t look these recipes up, you WILL fall into the dark side), and blueberry pies in *anticipation* of having guests over. I went for a week last month and had to make excuses to get out of the house so I could follow a reverse-o 20/80 rule!

    Now I’m back in California and falling into my occasional vice like sugar. Damn my sweet-tooth.

  436. I love, love, love to dip 85% dark chocolate in peanut butter. When it’s raining, I’ll open up my window, sit back, close my eyes, and just let it melt in my mouth for as long as possible.

  437. Scotch. I’m a bartender, this makes things a bit difficult. My 20% is alcohol in general, but I keep it now to a few scotch and sodas and don’t worry about it. I eat well and I’m more active then the average grok or grokette, its not killing me.

  438. Red wine and dark chocolate…it’s actually possible to make a meal out of those two 20% items (at least in my house)!

  439. Dessert, although I usually try to keep it within primal guidelines. Take any and all berries you can find, some chopped rhubarb and fill a 9×13. Take 1/3 cup agave over that and lightly sprinkle with arrowroot flour. Make a crumb topping of butter, nut flours, coconut flour and copped nuts with 1 T. honey to glue it. Bake until hot and bubbly!

  440. I can’t say no to a crispy, almond croissant and a rich, creamy cappuccino with sunshine.

  441. Chocolate leches pie-cake. It’s essentially a cross between chocolate pie a rum drenced Devil’s food cake, and tres leches cake. Devil’s food cake, chocolate mousse pudding, tres leches cakes, chocolate mousse pudding, Devil’s cake… done 9 times over, all the way down, and then frosted with chocolate ganache and topped with a pile of whipped cream. It’s heavenly and 6 million kinds of bad for you.

  442. My 20 is:
    – Dark chocolate or Capuccino ice cream one or twice every other week
    – A dinner now and then at a nice Michelin-star restaurant (we love eating out, but we chose to go less often but to much better places)
    – A small (really small– I don’t liek it that much, it’s just because of the convention) piece of birthday cake at family birthday parties

  443. My 20 varies with the season. In late August to mid-September, my heirloom tomatoes are ripening. I pull out the sourdough starter (most of the year I make bread for those family members who aren’t primal) and make a rustic sourdough loaf. Slather some mayo on two slices, place a sliced Brandywine tomato, salt and pepper, and some fresh-picked arugula on top. If I have it, some thin shavings of an Italian, sheep’s milk pecorino, but its just as good without. Heaven, and summer, in a sandwich.

  444. Flour tortillas. Hey, I’m in Houston, TX. There’s really no way to avoid it sometimes.

  445. Sushi! Yea, i know i can do sashimi (no rice), but it’s just not the same, and i looove the special rolls. I have 3 girlfriends, and we go out together for sushi on our girls’ nite out. We dish and complain and support each other. Totally worth it for my 20.

  446. While this puts me in danger of writing bad poetry, mine is wine.

    I am a wine enthusiast, and because wine comes from a grape, I don’t really think of it as a vice. Grapes contain sugars, acids, tannins, juice, pulp, and minerals. Often, yeast and beet or cane sugar may be added, and perhaps some sulfur dioxide. Wine is nature’s juice meant for moderate adult consumption.

    The only issue with my “20” portion of my 80-20 is that I drink wine almost every evening, so it’s akin to a “20” on steroids. Whoops.

    Do I consider this to be a sign of decadence? Not at all! I do better than 80-20 elsewhere, and I almost never eat desserts/sweets/treats and whatnot. As a female nearing 50, I mainatin a steady 110 lbs. and 12% bodyfat, with gobs of energy, so my love of wine has no ill effects on my person and performance.

  447. I spent all summer perfecting the art of baking a perfect Margherita Pizza. At the same time I discovered and started becoming Primal. I knew right then from the start, I can give up the sandwiches and the rice and the pasta, but I’ll never give up my thin crust pizza. Never.

  448. I know that 70% and up dark chocolate is kinda like a religious standard around here (grin) but my primal defection of choice is a disk (maybe two) of Taza Chocolate Mexicano Cinnamon.
    It’s only 50%, but it’s stone-ground the old-fashioned way WITH the cinnamon and sugar – and NOTHING else – so you get a slightly grainy blend of deliciousness that has spoiled me for the ultra-creamy smoothness of most other chocolates. And if I ever get tired of cinnamon, there’s yerba mate, salted almond, chili … um, I think I have to go to the store now – see ya!

  449. Mashed Potatoes
    Bacon Mashed Potatoes
    Bacon-Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

    Did I mention mashed potatoes?

  450. MY 20 % IS……… A Box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch(in my stomach in an hour or so) …!

  451. I know that the contest is done, but I think an interesting 20% that I know I indulge in, and I imagine many other people on here indulge in too, is exercise. Crossfit, weightlifting (my sport), and other competitive athletic pursuits aren’t primal, but they sure are great for the mind and body.

  452. Boy, I’m sorry I missed this contest.

    I went 100% primal for my first few months just to make sure I was totally on board. Now I don’t worry at all about having the occasional non primal treat. Nothing new here, though; dark chocolate and beer. I eat a little dark chocolate every day with no ill effects whatsoever. I used to drink a lot of beer and thought I could never give it up, but I did, and actually lost my taste for it for awhile. I recently began having an occasional good IPA again and now I can really savor them.

    I do still sometimes long for chips, but so far, have not fallen of the primal wagon for them.

  453. mostly chocolate and i guess a litle more then 20 is goat cheese, feta cheese, mozerella cheese…

    some of my favorite candy/fast food are BEN & JERRY´S, COCA COLA, REAL GOURMET ITALIAN PIZZA, PANCAKES WITH ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE maybe jam, A BIG FAT BACON CHEESE BURGER WITH salty FRIES + COKE icecubes… yeah well thats the stuff haha … i guess theres 20ies enough for a year rigth there 😉

    but primal have lots of stuff im still exited about since converting from some cind of low to semi fat, high protein, medium carbs and lots of whoooole grain diet

    BACON, BEEF, HEAVY CREAM, and so on 🙂