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September 25 2010

Contest: What Do You Want?

By Mark Sisson

The Prize:

Tanka Bars. Snack food made of buffalo. That’s pretty much all that needs saying. In the pursuit of quick-fix meat-chunk eats, Tanka is offering up a handful of Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites, and Tanka Wild Sticks to the winner of today’s post. BONUS: Enter “MARKSDAILYAPPLE” when ordering from for a 15% discount off of regularly priced items.

YouBars. Energy bars can be nasty business. 95% of the energy bars on the market are simply candy bars re-branded for the cardio crowd. Heck, even Snickers has its own brand of energy bar which ? big surprise ? contains almost the exact same nutritional breakdown as a plain, old Snickers. What?s a Grok to do with so few Primal options?

Enter YouBar. Don?t like the options at your health food store? Why not make your own! YouBar is a family owned company that lets you design your own energy bar using real, Primal ingredients. Here’s my version:

Almond Butter, Whey Protein Powder (Extra Protein), Hempseeds, Pecans (Normal Nuts), Goji Berries, Unsweetened Organic Shredded Coconut (Less Fruit), Organic Clover Honey (Not Too Sweet), Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Cacao Nibs, Stevia.

The winner of today?s contest will receive a free box of custom designed YouBars (or shakes or trailmix if you so choose).

The Contest:

“What do you want from me?” It’s a tired Adam Lambert song, but it’s also an important question. My blog, my books, what I do is constantly informed by the thoughts and ideas of my readers. Today is your chance to tell me what you’d like to see on my part for the future of the Primal movement. In the comments section below, tell me one service, product, tool, or feature you’d like to see in the coming year. I’m leaving this one fairly open ended, no idea is too small or big.

A winner will be chosen at random. Agreeing with other people is allowed (and encouraged), but only the idea comments will be counted for drawing purposes.

The Deadline:

Midnight, tonight!

Who is Eligible:

Like other consumables, these don’t cross borders well. A substitute prize of equal value will be awarded in the case of an international winner.

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  1. I’m sure others have mentioned this (or will) but I would love to see a protein powder from you! If it comes from you, I know you won’t sacrifice taste or quality. I heard you had one, but temporarily took it off the market to re-vamp for a new, so it sounds like this base is covered. But still, I’m so looking forward to it!

    1. As a scientist, I would love the opportunity to meet with paleo enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about the science behind paleo. Perhaps another take on “PrimalCon” that would incorporate more scientific evidence to back up our amazing way of life- paleo.

      1. We need the 30 day challenge at least twice a year!! To help us get back on track possibly in the spring?

        I would like to see more books, even if they are small ebook types. I would like to see the primal blueprint go to the ibooks store on apple or for the kindle.

        I would also like to see a primal workout dvd series.

        Thanks!! Keep up

        1. I’ll keep the 30-day challenge request in mind. Though I’ve got to say, orchestrating the challenge is a challenge in itself.

          You can always take your own challenge and get one-on-one support from me and my expert staff with the Primal Leap:

          All Leapers have access to a private forum where they are sharing their experiences and connecting with me and my team. It’s a great way to stay Primal year round.

          The Primal Blueprint in Kindle format is available:

          More books? I’ve got two in the works, both due out next year.

          DVDs? Yes, that’s a possibility as well.

    2. I’d like to see sample menu plans (either a few days or a full week) for the following categories:

      1) Grok with no weightloss goals
      2) Grok needing to gain (perhaps some sub-categories depending on the amounts)
      3) Grok needing to lose (perhaps some sub-categories depending on the amounts)
      4) Grok doing PBF or another regular fitness program (including carb reloading)


    3. I’m extremely excited to release all the details of what I’ve been working on for months. It looks like “Primal Fuel” will officially be launched next week. Stay tuned!

  2. Wow…that’s a great question! I love all that you’re giving, but if you’d like to travel…I’d love to see some local, smaller versions of primal con. It wouldn’t have to be as big or as many days, but if you were interested in coming to Seattle (or even better…Bremerton-I think they have a convention center now-or any where in Kitsap County, WA) or in the Olympic Mountains or even Portland…just for a day or two day session with all the locals here. I’d love that!

    Thanks for asking 🙂

    1. It’s part of my longer term plans. If enough people are interested in any locale, and I can make it work economically, I’m there.

  3. I’d really like to see something about how Grok’s wife dealt with her cycles and with children, etc. So far, I haven’t found anything about how to primal-ize those times when diapers are necessary, for both young and old, but I’d really like to know.

    1. I bet she wore a loin cloth and changed it a couple times a day!

    2. Well, I make cloth diapers and cloth momma pads and love them both! That’s about as primal as you can get I’d say 🙂 Unless you’d rather use leaves…

    3. Actually, you don’t need to use diapers with babies. With my daughter, I learned to “pee her” after naps and nursing, and simply intuited when she needed to pee. (A baby needing to poop is even harder to miss due to the facial expression etc :^). She wore padded underwear made for this purpose (wonderbabydesigns makes Poquito pants) but never had an accident. As soon as she was able to walk well enough to back uip and sit down on her own, she would simply use a potty on her own. I’m pretty sure this is how Mrs Grok did it, sans the potty, of course!

  4. I would like to see more healthy numbers. I really learned a lot from your heartrate post. My husband works very hard to keep his calorie count under 2000 and that just drives me crazy! But I think I would benefit a lot if there were posts on what the FDA/Doctors think is correct, but what the realistic or healthy numbers should be.

  5. I don’t know how fun it was for you making it, but that puzzle challenge was all sorts of fun. It reminds me of when the Da Vinci Code puzzle quest on google came out. Perhaps giving an occasional puzzle challenge would be fun, the prize could be a chat with you!!! IDK.

    1. This is a great idea. I love puzzles. I abandoned the puzzle contest during the tiles game because I can get obsessive. I *would* have solved it too, but I didn’t want to sit in front of the computer all night! But an occasional puzzle post would be awesome.

      1. I second this! Love puzzles. I’m still going back to the Bloxorz game to see if I can do better than last time! But I have to set time limits or I get sucked in!

      2. I loved the puzzles and would like to see more, but maybe a bit shorter and on weekends. It was very tempting to give up sleep to complete it before work the next day.

  6. Id love to see some type of outreach to cities, where people in cities can easily meet with each other and find each other through here.

    1. Great idea!! As a military wife, we move around and it would be great for some way to connect with fellow MDA-ers in the area.

    2. Excellent idea. It would be fantastic to easily meet others who live a primal lifestyle. Although I believe something is in the works on this?

    3. you should check to see if there is a paleo/primal meetup group in your area. if not you should start one!!

    4. Yes, I have something in the works on this; technology to help people form local tribes for workout meetups. It’s a bit stalled at the moment but still on the list of things to get done. Stay tuned!

  7. How about a monthly post called Mark’s Top Ten, posted on the 10th?

    It could cover virtually anything such as Top 10 beginner mistakes, Top 10 blogs (of any variety or category), Top 10 foods to avoid…

    I realize this has been done to some extent, but just like the occasional bullet point type post, and once a month seems reasonable!

  8. I’d like to see about a week’s worth of meal plans with corresponding menus. Some of us need a little more structure before we go tweaking an idea and making it work for us.

    I’d also like to see a woman’s Grok shirt that does not highlight where her chest and butt are. Or should be.

    1. “I’d also like to see a woman’s Grok shirt that does not highlight where her chest and butt are. Or should be.”

      Damn straight! I got excited about the women’s shirts until I saw that the style I would want has “Grok On” printed right across the butt. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

      1. I agree with this too…I don’t want juicy written on my butt and I don’t want Grok on! there either! lol I’m still deciding if I’m going to buy it or not…it looks long enough that I might be able to fold it or tie it so that my rear won’t be highlighted!

    2. Agreed! I would like to see bunches of menus. Coming from someone who has to watch quantity as well as quality, I must say I find it a struggle to keep calories in range with all of these delicious, high calorie food choices. I can’t seem to develop a routine since I’m not eating “typical” foods. Seeing some daily menus in the lower calorie ranges would really help me to get into a good groove.

    3. I’ve done some sample menus in the past:

      I don’t mean to oversell the Leap Kit, but bringing a little more structure to the PB is what it’s all about. Take a look, and I’ll keep the week’s worth of meal plans in mind for MDA:

  9. I would like to see some more reviews of recently released products. Such as books or videos relating to primal living so that I can be aware of the various other sources out there. Not to say that the wealth of knowledge on this site isn’t sufficient, it’d just be cool to hear perspectives from other people.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve gotten away from doing reviews. With a number of new books coming out this might be in order.

  10. A living primal print magazine. I would SO subscribe.

    There’s something I just dig about print mags.

    1. so seconded, then you can take your primal reading to go! Especially if you hate to sit in front of a computer screen

    2. Sorry, this won’t be happening on my end. I much prefer the ease and low-cost that comes with blogs versus magazines. Of course, if you need MDA in paper form you can always click the printer button at the bottom of an article for an easy-to-print version of the post.

  11. I’d like to some some more posts about being a primal woman! 🙂

    1. Ditto to all the folks that mentioned this. Maybe have an occasional guest post from a female primal blogger (or Carrie again) who has covered things like raising kids, hormones, monthly cycles, CW notions of beauty, etc. The guys would learn something too.

    2. It looks as if you aren’t the only one! I’ve made note of this and will try to get some female guest bloggers and/or my wife to address women specific issues in the future.

  12. I’d love new ideas how to eat primal meals away from home with out eating the same thing all the time. I eat breakfast/lunch in the office 5 days a week.

    1. I second this too! I make my husband’s meals and he eats breakfast and lunch away from home too…it’s trickier than I thought it would be.

  13. I would love something sort of like FitDay but with primal goals in mind.

    1. I would love something like this too. I tried using FitDay and DailyBurn, but they discourage me because it’s hard to set my own numbers. Even though I know to ignore the warning signs when my fat/protein is ‘high’, I take a mental hit thinking maybe this isn’t the way…

  14. We’d like to see some improvements to the MDA iPhone app. The sizing is sometimes off, and we’d like to see things like recipes and links neatly on our screens, within your app. There’s nothing more cumbersome than dragging the laptop into the kitchen when we’re cooking. Sure, we could print them out, but for those times when we’re out without our recipe binder, it would be nice to share your articles and such with others in a better formatted medium.

  15. Would love more primal meal recipes. Always looking for something new to make.

  16. You’ve done basically everything. I agree with the people above who talked about traveling. I would really enjoy it if you went around the US and held talks or small primal cons or something. Would be really cool to listen to you and others speak. Plus a great way to get some of my friends who are sitting on the fence all the more interested.

    The thing I would maybe like to see you do is a warning post about all the not so well known problems with our life in this century. For example, I just learned the other day that canned foods have BPA in them! That means the coconut milk I’ve been drinking could be harmful.

    And i have no idea how possible this is, but I would love to see deals occasionally on your products. I’m a college student with basically no contribution from my parents and very few loans. I would totally buy your supplements if they were a bit cheaper. Just a thought.

    1. Agreed on the supplements! I’m a grad student and I buy them all separately, but cheaper.

  17. a weekly interview/podcast with someone somehow related to the whole paleo/primal fitness health and nutrition world.

        1. Yeah, I like this idea better than the print mag. Maybe because print mags depend so heavily on advertising?

  18. I know you have Sunday Link Love (which I LOVE!) but I’d like to maybe see a list of recipes from other blogs as its own weekly post. Just a thought!

    On another note, I thought YouBars shipped internationally? That sucks if they don’t! I’m jealous of the winner of this contest already!

  19. A 30-day day-by-day meal and exercise layout. I think this would be a great help to those getting started or those getting back on track.

    1. Not anytime soon, Kelly. The logistics and cost of bringing my team to another city makes doing it very challenging. But it’s not completely off the table. Maybe sometime in the future!

  20. Primal condoms.

    [I know Grok wanted to keep continuing the species and would have reproduced as much as possible. However … I think this would make a fascinating and fun topic for a day.]

    1. Eh, I don’t think Grok cared much about continuing the species. That’s not how evolution works; every gene is out for itself, not for the good of the pool. And hunter-gatherers commonly had/have to commit infanticide if they had/have too many children to support comfortably. I think plenty of Groks would have jumped at the chance for a vasectomy.

  21. I’d like to see more posts for high school college kids who live in non-primal families.

    1. I totally second this one. The closest thing to primal on campus is Ramen noodles.

  22. As a sidenote, when do we find out who the winners are of past contests? Will there be some summary post soon of who won what?

  23. What about some if/then tweaks? I think when adopting to the lifestyle, it’s a slow and steady process of changing things bit by bit. You encounter different challenges at each step of the way and it would be nice to have a resource that compiles all of these. Example:

    “If you’re having a hard time cutting out sweets, try X.”
    “If you’re dealing with a lot of muscle soreness after workouts, try X.”

    I know you’ve dealt with some “beginner” stuff in the fitness e-book, but it might be nice to have a bit more of a focus on all levels in general. Ex: “If you’re a beginner, here’s what you can expect…”

    For the single peeps among us, menu planning that works for one person (meaning meats, etc. are planned to cover several meals and you won’t buy things that you’ll only use half of during the week, etc.).

    I also second (third? fourth?) the idea about a female focus.

    Okay, I think that’s enough for now. I’ll let you know if more comes to mind. 🙂

  24. I would like to see a section of Mark’s Daily Apple dedicated to information and advice on raising Primal children. Children seems to have special nutritional needs due to all the physical development they go through. It would be nice to have some guidelines or suggestions on how to raise a child from infant to teenager in a way that will make them healthy, hopefully for the rest of their lives.

    1. Yes to this. I am always trying to guess on my kids’ carb / fat / protein / vitamin / mineral needs and I feel like I’m taking shots in the dark. Do they need 50% of what I need? 75%? 100%?

  25. I’d like to see a once-a-month “journal club” type of feature where a notable research article relating to primal living is analyzed in depth and commenters could discuss it.

    And, an enthusiastic second to the Seattle mini Primal Con suggestion!

  26. How about a list of primal product links. The contest prizes this month have been some great items. It would be nice to have these products listed in one place. Also members could list product reviews on the site. I know this happens on the message boards, it would be nice to have it all in one place.

  27. Great ideas everyone! Not sure how I feel about primal condoms though…lol. I think having something for kids would be great. Something similar to with coloring pages, games, etc… Fun stuff to get them excited about not just fruits and vegetables but healthy meats, exercise, the whole primal lifestyle!

  28. Definitely a “Primal Kids” section as others have mentioned, full of kid-friendly primal snacks (no my 2-year old will not eat deer jerky, I’ve tried).

  29. This will probably get quite a lot of disagreement but…… about primal ready meals? there is a company near here that prepares meals with all fresh ingredients basically like you would at home and then blast freezes them so no preservatives or additives are necessary. They’re pretty good but not primal and if we’re all honest no matter how many times we talk about how easy it is to cook and plan ahead and so forth sometimes you can’t and you just don’t want to cook.

    I’ll also second the wekly/monthly primal meal plans. Ideally these would be rigged up so singletons like me or couples could buy and use up larger vegetables over a week (cos things like butternut squash tends to be too big for 1 meal of little old me!).

  30. Wow! There have been a lot of great ideas so far! I would love to see a protein powder product from you. I know it’s not very primal, but it’s just so convenient sometimes.

    Also, I know you’ve touched on raising primal kids in the past, but I would love more info in this area…particularly for infants.

  31. Holding lectures and that in other cities would be great, but I would really love to see a DVD set with some lectures workouts and well pretty much anything else primal. I’m in a very rigorous graduate program so traveling isn’t something that I can do very often, but a set of DVD’s that I can pop in when I do have a little free time with the ability to pause and come back to would be phenomenal. I would love to make it to primal con but living on a student budget with a family makes that am impossibility. So something for those of us that can’t make it would be great.

  32. I’d like to see a series of articles on getting kids into theprimal living. Fun food, fun exercises, etc.

    1. For real! This would be cool – besides the guesswork I’ve been doing on nutrition/cooking, I’m constantly wondering how to get creative and active playtime in for the kiddoes.

  33. Another Primal Cookbook would be awsome. Maybe one that is geared toward families. The first one is great, but trying to convince my kids to eat animal organs is impossible.

  34. I would love to see “The definitive guide to definitive guides.” A pdf, book, something that puts together all those great guides into one large primal collection!

  35. I would love to see a primal fitness app for android. I keep track of my workouts/walking/play using a spreadsheet and it would be awesome to de-couple from the computer to work out outside without having to sacrifice the convenience (or carry pen and paper to the park).

  36. DVD’s Primal workouts with Mark RRRRRRRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
    vol 1 sounds like a good start. 🙂

  37. I’d like to see more of a focus on some women’s health topics… seems crazy to imagine Mark posting about this though, so maybe another guest post from Carrie? Things like hormone balancing, fertility, PMS, etc.?

    I also used to love those spotlight-type posts on a specific vegetable or primal ingredient with recipes and background. More of those!

  38. How about selling your personal advice time in 5 minute increments over the phone? You could limit it to one day a week and the extra specific help could put $ in your pocket and help the community.

  39. I do think it would be great to a have more related to a woman’s experience, and womens’ health. I realize that you are a guy and this is all your brainchild, but I think it would bring more balance.

  40. I saw the pic of the book signing in Miami. I’m not sure if you have done that already (I’m sort of new around here) or plan to…but it would be fun to have you travel around and meet the people that purchased the books. I know I would love to have mine signed
    :-). My cookbook is getting pretty ugly though with splatters and such so I might be embarassed!
    Also I am in desperate need of a children’s primal cookbook. I tried to have the whole family go on the challenge, and suffice it to say it was a challenge. I may have gotten them to day 2 before they demanded PB & J’s.
    Other than that I think you have it pretty much covered for me.

  41. Some articles on the blog aren’t as well referenced as other articles. “The Definitive Guide to Saturated Fat” is very well referenced (my favorite blog post), but “The Definitive Guide to Cholesterol” and “The Definitive Guide to Fats” do not give many links to outside sources supporting the claims made in the articles.

    I’m not sure if this is done because the supporting references are maybe laid out in your book or previous articles on the blog, but with a title like “Definitive Guide” I was hoping to find that kind of information in the articles themselves.

    1. To clarify: my idea is to make future (or existing) blog posts, especially the Definitive Guide ones, better referenced. 🙂

    2. I completely agree with this. As much as I agree with the Primal diet, I try really hard to make sure all the health info I read doesn’t come from just one source (i.e. Mark). It’s always a pleasure for me to see links to where the info came from, because not only does it become more verifiable but it exposes some potentially really cool websites to poke around for other stuff.

  42. I would really like to see more regular video posts. They could be user generated or done by Mark and the worker bees, it doesn’t matter.

    I personally get really pumped when watching videos and they would really add a nice spin to the site.

  43. It would be awesome if you made a children’s illustrated book featuring plenty of pictures of primal food and fun grok games. Would be a useful and fun way to get kids on board at an early age.

  44. I agree with the other women: more stuff specific to women and primal families. I have a 2 1/2 and a 5 year old and getting them primal is sometimes challenging. Perhaps a separate forum section for families? For womens issues?

  45. Mark, I want you to go hunting and tell us all about it. In the spirit of oral tradition, tell us the story of your hunt, maybe talk about how you feel about killing an animal, how much of the animal you used, how you cooked it, etc.

    There’s always a lot of joking about grok and tongue-in-cheek references to literally living primally, sure its not for everyone, but I think without some sort of spiritual connection to our past, it’s kind of boring to just talk about nutrition and fitness from a unique standpoint.

    1. I second that. It gives you more respect for, and awareness of what you’re eating. If you ever come to New Zealand you’re
      welcome to come hunting and seafood gathering with my family and I (hopefully will get a chance in the next few days to go collect some seafood for our grokfeast!)

  46. Arguments to use on your vegetarian whole grain loving girlfriend. Seriously. My partner is the one I most need to convince and have the hardest time with.

    1. Maybe get her to watch Tom Naughton’s “Fat Head”. I sat down w/ my family to watch that and they all stood up converts. Hubby started reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” and he’s more rabid than I am now!

  47. Here’s a product I would buy from you in a heartbeat:

    The Primal Blueprint for Picking Up Girls

  48. I think a sub area of your web site (Cave?), perhaps synced with the iphone app, that would let members group up (Clan?) and track key bio markers, share their process, set goals, as they do their own 30 challenge. This could be graphed in different kid of ways, perhaps using many of the existing collaborative sharing formats that are out there. But you seem to have access to pretty good web building skills. Perhaps you could have a questionnaire to help foster groups (type of work, goals, geography, age etc…). I could see push notification if someone hits a personal goal, a public board for comments related for that specific group, polls – basically ways to make the 30 day challenge more personal and allow other ways for people to connect beyond the forums.

  49. The only thing I can think of is a Journal Club, like the kind we do here in med school twice a month. It’d be cool for you to review/explain a couple articles that show how scientific research is behind this way of eating/living. Hell, why just science articles? Anthropology or archaeology would be cool, too. You often cite papers, which is great, but maybe have it be a regular part of the blog?

    Everything else is great. What a resource. Thanks, Mark.

  50. This is recycled from my idea for a contest that I thought of long after the contest contest was over. My idea was “Tell us how you sneak Primal movements into your day.”

    I’d like to see more posts on how to sneakily incorporate primal lifestyle changes into your otherwise CW life, especially little workouts and other hacks.

    Not all of us can run around in 5Fingers and such because we work 9-5. But I take the stairs two at a time at work and I sneak in Grok squats in the bathroom or between the shelves when I’m filing. Half the fun is trying not to get caught! Stalking coworkers (not in the criminal sense) might be entertaining… Anyway, I love posts about simple and low cost ways to be primal. (I think you’ve covered the food budget thing very well, but those are good reminders to have occasionally.)

    1. Just imagined a guy doing Grok squats in the elevator, only to have the doors suddenly open for coworkers to get on and he straightens up as if “nothing to see here!’ 🙂

      1. You could try parkour in cube-ville – not subtle! You might be able to do that in a stairwell, though, if you have one.

  51. I’d would certainly like to see a page that would have information on the most primal friendly gyms around. I love the idea of StrengthBox and The Exuberant Animal, and have always wondered if there were something like that around me.

  52. I would love to get more ideas about children and the primal lifestyle. Cookbook for primal kids, more posts on children eating primal, etc…

  53. Your site is already pretty perfect, and seeing as how you offer most of of your knowledge for free, not only can I not complain, but I’m hard pressed to think of what else I could possibly ask for. I guess maybe my only request, because I live in the Midwest where the winters are long, are some primal movements that can be done outside in the cold weather. And when I say cold, I mean really cold. Like we gotta bundle up in long underwear to check the mail. But still, it’s nice to get outside, but it’s hard to move around when packed in layers of clothing.

  54. Information on whether or not one should limit eating certain foods. I mean, is eating 6 eggs per day really all that healthy for the long term? I don’t currently do this but am thinking about it because eggs are so damn cheap yet packed full of nutrition.

    And, what about coconut? Or other foods? What about nightshades?

    In general, should one limit eating too much of one thing on a regular basis?

  55. More posts for teens would be nice. I also second a primal magazine.

  56. I’d love to see a series called GONE SHOPPING ( or something like this) that shows primal food options you, or other Primal followers, find at your local “Hunting Grounds” (Vons, Ralphs, Whole Foods, etc, etc).

    I’m talking about the diamonds in the rough that may be overlooked in our quest to find primal foods that are easily accessible.

    For example: Vanilla Almond Macaroons by Laughing Giraffe, at Whole Foods. GREAT FATS!!!

    Things like this are awesome to discover.

    1. This comment made me think of talking about “wild” options you can source in different areas. For example, I found out from a friend that the fruit trees I’d seen and admired for there beauty were actually producing a lot of edible fruit that was just going to waste on the ground. Or then there are certain greens that you can find locally for salads or whatnot. Basically, the hunt is awesome, but what about some tips on gathering?

  57. A podcast would be nice.
    But more importantly more articles on kids. Be it recipes that kids might accept easier, or general nutritional information regarding kids.

  58. My only request is a better search function for this site. Trying to find a post on a particular topic will usually bring up w-a-a-a-y too many hits – a lot of them not really relevant – that show up only because maybe one word of the search term was printed somewhere in the post.

    1. I have often left MDA to go to Google to search for stuff on MDA because it gets the results much faster! Putting in two words on MDA often results in it bringing up results for posts with either one or the other or both! Using quotes to force searching the exact phrase in the MDA search box doesn’t seem to work for me.

  59. I suggest something simple for those people, like me, who are pretty large (was 297 lbs at 5′ 10″ as of Monday) and have some self image issues when going to the gym and other areas where there are people around.

    The suggestion is an in depth look at how the Wii coupled with Wii Fit, EA Active and any other training games can help boost heart rates to 75% of max 2-3 hours per week in the privacy of the home. A group of volunteers to do the study over the course of a month might be cool too.

    And I do realize that for many of the exercises, you might not NEED the Wii to do them, but the game itself is motivation as it easily keeps track of your results so you can see progress. Are there other ways to do this? Of course. But that doesn’t mean this device can’t help a certain percentage of folks out there who need a little motivation boost.

  60. I would like to see more posts about weightlifting. Technique, benefits, rep numbers, pretty much anything. I also would like to know how it affects your body (hormone secretion, metabolism, etc.)

  61. I’d like to see a centralized way of connecting with other Primal folks that are local to us. Kinda like Meetup, y’know?

    I searched the Forum, but didn’t find it, if it’s there…

    Reason for this request: We all know how tricky it can be to meet people with similar interests, and how challenging it can be to hang out socially with friends that have no frame of reference for our Primalish ways… how cool would it be to be able to hang out with fellow Groks/Grokettes and share a rib and a coconut water, rather than explain why we aren’t eating the breadsticks & beer?

  62. I would like to see more success stories! Also which someone else suggested an East Cost PB Con!

  63. I agree with a primal magazine; that would be a great idea! Also, how about a primal video blog to supplement the materials using YouTube?

  64. It would be great if you could have specific information for women/children adapting to primal living. A “definitive Guide” to kids nutrition by age would be great! Also, guides to primal-approved cleaning and personal care products would be helpful.

  65. I’d like to see a monthly magazine with a focus specifically on primal food and cooking. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to both Cooking Light and Eating Well, but they no longer suit my new way of eating! Your blog is great, and a mag would be a great way to widen your exposure. Throw a little primal food porn on the cover, and no one will look at the Playboys!

  66. I’d like for you to offer a personal counseling service (for a fee of course). You could be like a personal nutritionist/personal trainer online.

  67. I would love to see more research and facts to go along with the posts. Just so when I get some smart mouth that says “prove it” when I try to explain my lifestyle to them.

    And more recipes would be lovely.

    Oh, and perhaps like a weekly mind puzzle or something to go along with the WOWs for a little brain and body workout

  68. more podcasts
    more videos of the bodyweight exercises, especially the advanced progressions
    the cookbooks and recipes are good – maybe ones with less coconut milk for those of us that dont like it

  69. I love what you do Mark, you have helped me out immensely what I would love to see from you is your own Primal whey protein line and possibly more sweet tooth alternative articles. I’m 21 and I love being primal but all my friends snack on sweets, I snack on fruit of course but I would love to know some more primal deserts. There has to be endless possibilities. Thanks for all that you do man!

  70. I would like the Forums to be more easily searchable, especially reporting search results by RELEVANCE. I often search for a specific food for advice on how to cook it, etc., but then end up sorting through dozens of journals or irrelevant posts. I use the Forum daily for advice, support, and inspiration, but it could definitely be improved and streamlined.

  71. I would like to see more articles from your wife that I could share with my wife.

  72. I’d like to be able to get a transfer of the Grok On image so I could put it on my own t-shirt etc. Also, other Grok On products like metal water bottles would be cool.

  73. I would love to hear Mark Sisson elaborate further on his Damage Control Master Formula. There is simply not that much information available on his website regarding the manufacture and quality of his product.

    Some specific questions and issues I would personally like to see addressed about the Damage Control Master Formula follow (NOTE: the source material for most of the following is from Dr. Mercola’s website):

    Magnesium stearate is a flow agent that is basically chalk. Some research suggests that this chalk filler stimulates your gut to form a biofilm, a sort of sludge lining, that acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular vitamin but ALL the nutrients you’d normally get from food sources as well. Also there is some research that has shown that magnesium stearate suppresses your natural killer cells. Also check out the following link: Why do you you magnesium stearate? Do you have an alternative viewpoint on these matters?

    Do you use synthetic isolates or ingredients? You can experience side effects of synthetic isolates from the additives and the unnatural state of the synthetic supplement. Studies show your body treats these isolated and synthetic nutrients like foreign substances. This is why your urine will oftentimes turn some shade of glow-in-the-dark yellow when you take synthetic vitamins, as your body is simply flushing these foreign substances out. Your body only absorbs a small percentage of an isolate form of vitamins and minerals – and it utilizes even less. You get the best bioavailability in whole food form. How is the absorbability/bioavailability of the supplement’s ingredients?

    Concentrated formulas make you absorb less. When you take vitamins or antibiotics that are concentrated above what is found naturally, in nature, your small intestine actually forms defenses against the absorption of these excessively concentrated ingredients. It does this by creating a biofilm, a barrier that effectively blocks the absorption of nutrients, as a form of self defense, if you will. According to Dr. Klinghardt, who frequently monitors his patients’ nutrient levels, oftentimes the more supplements you take the less your body actually absorbs. What are your thoughts regarding this and the concentrations that you use?

    Since certain amounts and types of nutrients need to be carefully measured to avoid any potential toxic buildup once they are consumed, what long-term safety criteria do you follow to avoid this toxic buildup from occurring?

    Since not all nutrients in certain amounts work well together (i.e. the competitive relationship with other nutrients that can occur) how is proper nutrient balance ensured?

    Using an ethanol solvent will artificially inflate the ORAC value, therefore ORAC values can easily be inflated with any machine. Is each batch tested using an acetone/water solvent?

    Who is the manufacturer of your supplement? Do they follow strict quality control standard practices? Do your supplements undergo independent laboratory analysis to verify that what is on the label is in fact in the bottle? Is the lab is in full compliance with current NSF Good Manufacturing Practices? Vendor Certification Program? ISO 9001 certification? ISO 17025 certification? Do they ensure finished products meet and exceed quality standards — adherence to United States Pharmacopeia (USP30) specifications?

    How does your supplement compare with whole food-based multivitamins such as Dr. Mercola’s who claims to have addressed all of these issues mentioned?

    How else would you support the claim that your supplement is the World’s Highest Potency Multi-Vitamin-Antioxidant?

    I live in an extreme climate, where the temperatures can get as low as -60 F! If I had the Damage Control Master Formula supplement auto-shipped to me on a monthly basis and the product were to freeze in transit (this has happened to me before with other products) could these extreme freezing temperatures damage the product or reduce it’s potency in any way?

    In other words, I want to hear ALL the nitty gritty details regarding your supplements!

    1. I too would like to know the forms and sources of each of the ingredients in The Damage Control Master Formula. For example: coenzyme 10: is it ubiquinol or ubiquinone? Is the source Kaneka? If the form and source of all of the ingredients is really top notch then I can’t imagine why this information isn’t readily available on the website, or at least via a link.

  74. I’d like to see a detailed couch-to-Grok plan – daily baby steps, eating and exercise plan. That kind of thing.

  75. As a young and new mom, I would like some more information about being primal during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It’s hard to calculate proper nutrition and exercise when your body is giving so much to a baby. Your past posts on the subject are good but I feel like you could cover the subject a bit more thoroughly. Thanks!!

  76. I’d like to see recent articles and interesting topics being published related to Paleo/Primal nutrition and lifestyle.

    Being able to follow recent areas of study would help me to increase my breath of knowledge and keep developing.

  77. Maybe more on what the modern grok can eat while traveling or eating with non-paleo friends. whats safe to eat at a Friday’s or where do you trust that the chef is is not contaminating your food with gluten. How to approach the waiter to ensure your food will be gluten free. i.e. I personally never have a problem with gluten at in and out burger, yum! Knowledge is power, thanks for everything Mark.

    1. just tell the waiter you have celiacs disease and gluten could send you to the hospital. that will get their attention

  78. I’d like to buy able to purchase things in the Primal Leap kit, individually. I’m like hella-broke and 200 bones at once is like a whole week’s pay.

  79. I’d like to see more info for non-hunting folks. We are a hunting family and I am greatful for the wild meat we get to eat each year. There needs to be more info available for people to get involved in hunting their own food. There is plenty of game to hunt in this country and many organizations to help people get started. I think folks need encouragement and information.

    I can just see it now…..
    Grok Hunt 2012, Big game in CO, Birds in the Dakotas!

    1. Oh, I am liking this one. I would love to learn to hunt & I can hear elk bugling near where I live! But I don’t even own a firearm (yet) & no longer have my archery equipment 🙁

  80. I think it would be cool to see a video of you having a debate with a high-profile low-fat proponent.

  81. Laughter is very healthy and I assume very primal. Everybody feels good when they are laughing.

    So primal joke sections would be fun. It could be funny stories people send about their new lifestyle, funny videos going around on youtube that have primal theme to them, home-made primal jokes or anything that might make people laugh.

    Global primal restaurant chain with quality food and primal theme would be nice too:)

    Like many women have mentioned more female primal life would be appreciated. Especially topics about pregnancy and birth. It just seems wrong how many problems pregnant women are deeling with today.

    Also I have read a little bit about diaper free movement. It´s based on old tradition in many cultures. Very environmently friendly and primal. I have no experience with it but it sounds interesting and worth investigating.

  82. I thoght the “use your brain” competition was really funny! I think you should have more things like that!:D

  83. I’d like to be able to earn some kind of primal certification by taking a series of intensive courses (that don’t require an undergraduate degree in biochemistry or similar), leaving me well prepared to share the PB with others in a more professional setting and manner.

  84. I’d like to see more JJ experiments involving different groups of people–working moms, disabled people, students, people over 50, recovering addicts, etc..

  85. I wonder if there would be some value to a calendar feature that would highlight primal events submitted by those who are organizing them. Many have mentioned a way to meet up and a calendar could be one way to do that. It could be a centralized way for people to see if there’s anything going on when they have time, rather than trying to arrange it/search through forum threads, etc. Other things could be posted as well, this is just a thought.

  86. Lesson in How to Play.

    Could be blogpost series, DVDs, a contest, a challenge . . .

    I have forgotten how and need some reminders. I suspect I’m not the only one.

  87. I would love to see more “run-of-the-mill” success stories. The amazing amounts of lost weight, etc. are cool and all, but can be depressing for those of us who don’t see such drastic results. It would be encouraging to see what the average Grok’s health and fitness improvements are.

  88. It would be awesome if the recipe section was searchable by main ingredients (presumably several per recipe — not just divided into “poultry” and “fish” but searchable by recipes that contain “coconut milk” or “avocado.”

  89. Grok socks. You know, black socks with little red Groks on the.. I’d totally buy some. 😀

  90. bumper stickers
    and t-shirts in tall sizes. 2 or 3XLT for this tall people among us.

    A speaking tour

    A doctors network so we can find physicians in line with primal blueprint or band together as a paleo community to get some scale.

    a cheaper vibram product.

  91. A database that allows you to setup a day or weeks worth of meals/snacks and then compile an ingredients list. This would allow you to plan out your shopping/meals with minimal effort and focus on “moving” more.

  92. I’d like to see more before and after pics of primal peeps. one’s that show the transformation of people!

  93. I would like to see something on gardening. I have lots off space to garden but I have such a black thumb. What would a Grokette plant?

  94. I would like to see more contests to win BACON!!! Delish. Still heartbroken I saw that contest too late to enter.

    Haha I would also maybe like to see more ‘real people’ stories, like what J.J. is doing, with pictures and progress. Sometimes I need more concrete visual reminders of why I can’t stuff my face with pasta like I used to love to do.

  95. I would love see a Primal Blueprint documentary with success stories etc. My wife and have I been on the primal kick since January and are loving every minute of it!

  96. Maybe Mark’s wife (or a cool galpal) could do a blog or two about womens issues and primal children? Please.

    I also like the idea of having a Primalcon East…or midwest.

  97. I agree that product reviews would be great because there are things out there that I may not know about but are super good for you.

  98. Let me start by saying…I have nothing against the west coast. Be that as it may, living on the east coast (Fl) kind of leaves me and my fellow Groks boned when it comes to all sorts of conventions and gatherings… even the second comment mentions having a mini-con in Seattle or Portland… but what I would love to see is some more mini-con type stuff that gets away from the west coast so some of us east coasters and mid-westerners can participate… … I know it might be a bit rough on you… but maybe renting a van and doing a two or three month tour of the states could get you into all the nooks and crannies of Groks who feel unable to participate because of the geographical boundaries… … … all the being what it is… I hope to eventually make it out to PrimalCon… one day

    Even if Mark himself didn’t want to come out… doing some Mini-PrimalCons (maybe just a day or something) would be cool… get the Primal Community together and get us socializing and whatnot in real life!

    All that being said… Everyone should come out to do the warrior dash this coming January in FL!…I’ll be there and would love to meat (;)) more Primals while I’m at it!

  99. I’d like to seem more specifics about someone new to Paleo who needs to loose weight.

    And keep writing about things like the Tanka Bars. I have never heard of them before, but I have a drawer full of regular energy bars that do nothing but give me heartburn.

  100. I would like to see a challenge on ethnic foods, i.e. best primal pizza, tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, spagetti, etc. I love Mexican food and don’t want to give it up. I have tried some, but there has to be more and better substitutes for tortillas and pasta.

    1. agreed! I love Ethnic foods, variety is the spice of life! I also love to travel so actual real-life options would be fabulous! For instance, last week I was craving Indian food and ordered a buttered chicken, chicken curry and a tandoori cauliflower as my side instead of basmati rice and it was fabulous! I just didn’t know that option existed!

  101. I’d love to see more information about *walking*. The information for why people should *run* barefoot is great, but I don’t run. I walk a lot and am having a hard time adjusting to walking longer-ish distances in my VFF. My habit is a very heavy heel step (like how many people run), but I’m not sure how I should be walking.

  102. I’d like you to tour! Come to different states and do mini-Primal Cons. They don’t have to be big and fancy like the “real” Primal Con. A day with some lectures/workshops/workouts would be nice though, where we can ask questions and get critiques, and that sort of thing. 🙂

  103. I love the idea of some more Grokette-centric posts, some things are just different and it’d be great if they got addressed.

    There have been some great ideas on here, I was all out of my own until I thought of my upcoming doctor appointment next Monday and how intimidated I am by the whole thing. How about something like a checklist of things to talk to your doctor about if you feel you have to go that route, like what to have tested above and beyond the usual blood panel, and what realistic ideal measurements are instead of “acceptable” levels, like vitamin D levels, additional thyroid tests if you might need it, and many other things that might be important that I obviously don’t know. I know that the primal lifestyle already does great things for one’s health, but having a better idea of your body’s specific needs would be great, and I’m sure being able to ask your doctor the right questions is a huge part of that.

  104. I agree with some above posters that it would be great to have a guest post on a regular or semi-regular basis from a woman about hormone-related issues or just more info about it from Mark.

  105. Your version sounds good, minus the hemp seeds. Some of us are subject to pee tests.

  106. I would like to see more features from people that are just trying out primal diets and measurements of how the primal diets are working for them.

  107. This is a selfish request. I have asthma and I’m basically married to my twice daily inhaled steriods and my albuterol before exercise. Eating primal/paleo has improved my allergies (or perhaps that’s because I just moved to the desert), but my asthma has seen no improvement. I’d love to see some information about ways I might further tweak my diet/lifestyle to lessen my need for my inhalers. Or maybe this is just wishful thinking! Either way, I’d love to get your opinion.

  108. I would love to see a mark sisson sponsored primal obstacle course race. A race that consists of having to lift heavy things, jump, crawl, and swim over under or through obstacles. I think you would be able to make that a fantastic event!

  109. I think an expanded ‘Primal Blueprint Guide to Eating Out’ would be great. And not just a general guide (though the original post is quite useful), but one with specific restaurants and meals. And the ability for readers to add restaurants/meals/recommendations would be cool.

  110. I know that this has already been done, but I would love to get more of your wife’s perspective/advice on being primal for a woman.

  111. I would of suggested some specific work outs, but of course with the latest installment of WOW it would be unecessary to do so. My second suggestion would be to come out with some more primal recipies that are oriented more towards desserts and bread substitutes.

  112. How about regular suggestions for primal eating out? I love to go out on Friday nights and would welcome ideas on how to order so that I can enjoy my dinner without compromising my primal ways.

  113. They say everyone has a story so it might be nice to have some sort of regular feature interview, say… once a month, with an agreeable member of this site picked at random.

  114. Lessons and suggestions on how to cook primal foods. Videos would definitely help.

  115. I would like to see more video from you. Maybe this would be in typical television format, with how-to’s, guests, features, etc. Possibly a weekly series on here.

  116. I’d like to see an article on Effective Microbes, a additional step beyond probiotics for the gut… this is probiotics for the house and garden!

    they sell starter cultures for both your insides and your outsides.

    I get great organic gardening results when I encourage the soil with their cultures.

  117. I really want a women specific area on the blog, perhaps written by your wife, daughter, or other super successful primal chick. Women have very specific needs and wants in terms of diet, exercise, and our monthly cycles. Sometimes it feels like primal living is a man thing. Also, many of us experience winter. Help us get through it! Early man lived through ice ages, I’m sure we can make it too.

  118. Once a week, I would love to see a post dedicated to your favorite (insert primal meal, workout, play activity)that YOU discovered or participated in during that week.

    Being the leader of the blog, I think I speak for a lot of us readers when I say that we’re interested in what you’re up to personally, as it relates to primal living. Updating us on something awesome each week would add to the inspiration.

  119. I would LOVE to see a weekly shopping/meal plan guide at MDA. At the beginning of the week, post a grocery list, and then five days’ worth of lunch and dinner plans.

  120. People who are following the Primal movement need a name. For example, vegans have given themselves the name “vegan” which helps give them a sense of identity and unity as a group. I think Mark is the best person to get this started.
    Please note: I do not have any intention of telling anyone that I am a grokette, in case you are wondering. I have been telling myself that I am a paleo, but paleo does not reflect that the Primal movement is a lifestyle.

  121. I’d like to see more tips on how to adapt favorite foods/recipes. Maybe a recipe Before and After column. For example, today I was feeling like shrimp creole, but it involves a roux and I didn’t want to eat any flour. I wondered if almond or coconut flour or something else would work, but couldn’t find an answer.

    I’d also like a mini primalcon or one or two day meetup/seminar in different parts of the country. It would offer a chance to learn and meet others on this path.

  122. I started to read all the ideas but it quickly became too much for me so I have no idea if this was previously mentioned or not.

    I would like to see a search service that you could locate PB friendly restaurants, stores, etc. It would work like a Google map service where you would input your city and what you were looking for. Up would come a map with the locations and what is offered. I know I’d love this as I travel a lot and also move quite frequently. It would be nice to know of local stores that carry good organic produce, eggs, milk, meat, etc. before I got there. A lot of times such locations are a local secret and it takes time to find them. This service would open them to more people and help us to spread the Grok Love!

  123. Two things:
    The workout of the Week in a downloadable excel format…easier to print and keep track of your reps, etc.

    Second: How about a Primal IronMan Planned Training. I don’t want to compete, but I do want to finish one as a personal challenge before I’m 55. Most training I’ve seen would put on in the Chronic Cardio (and I was…as you put it, exhausted all the time, fighting not to get sick, etc.). I challenge you to come up with PIMPT every Grok and Grokette who wants to take that on.

  124. I would love to see you in person. Perhaps you could have seminars in the US and Canada (or international!). We could bring our family members and friends and there could be seminars on primal parenting, fitness, and recipe demonstrations!

  125. Not everyone accepts the primal logic when it comes to fitness (e.g. barefoot running), diet, etc. I’m sure there are legitimate and scientifically-based cases to be made against living primally. How about addressing some of them? Some good and honest debate would be good for all of us!

  126. I would love to see a one-stop section (maybe a Definitive Guide) to troubleshooting the Primal Blueprint. You have posts on things like fatigue and mental haziness when making the transition to Primal, but there is no specific resource to consult when you are having problems (like my serious tummyaches, even though I am more than a month in to the transition). I’m in it for the long haul, but others might think because they are feeling bad, they should quit.

    I wouldn’t be worried that specifically talking about potential problems people might experience (and I’m sure you have heard some of the same things over and over) is going to turn people off. I think if people can read about what they are experiencing and say “Right, that’s normal, and this is what is happening in my body”, then it will be positive.


  127. I’d like to more easily be able to find fellow primals in my area. Maybe some sort of basic social network/ way of getting in touch. I’d like to see some better support and features for the iPhone.

  128. +1 on women’s stuff
    +1 on the menu plans
    +1 on a primal-friendly health care provider list
    +1 on a vehicle/laptop sticker/decal, but one step further: Grok stencils! in various sizes. Maybe some other grok themed items. You know, so new mamas can paint the nursery in cave painting motifs. Well, most of that can be free-handed, but not everyone is comfortable with their creativity. On that note, home decore?? Painting & decorating safely etc…

  129. I think I would like to see formally organized Primal events across the country. I think that as a leader in the Primal community you are well placed to be influential in the creation of successful seminars or weekend events. Possibly events along the line of PrimalCon which would be great to go to, but unless people are close or have the disposable income to travel, is not a possibility for many in the primal community. Thank you though, for all you do! You’re great Mark, and I know we all appreciate what you’ve done!

  130. Being Canadian, I would like to see more primal Canadian content. Perhaps an occasional guest blog post from a Canuck. Also it would probably help readers connect with other readers if the city and/or state/province showed up after an entry in the forum.
    I would love a weekly or monthly slow cooker receipe on the blog; they are quick and usually good for several meals.

  131. I want your book in Japanese. For that matter, I want the whole paleo/primal movement to catch on in Japan, where conventional wisdom remains king and being different is fought tooth and nail.

    A common thing I hear from Japanese is, “oh we’re Japanese, so we have to eat rice. Or, “It’s OK for us to eat rice, we’re made differently than Westerners.”

    Come on, we’re all descended from the same band of primate / humans who left Africa 300k years ago. If being normal is good, and normal is tending to higher rates of obesity and diabetes, let’s be different!

  132. Would be great to have some kind of fat+protein snack product that could be packed in a pinch when there’s no time to prepare food from scratch. Larabar is my current go to, but those are pretty high in sugar!

  133. I want to see more YOUBAR giveaways, and also more tips about eating Primal out of the house/ interacting with others.

  134. I’d love a post on Grok-cations! Where are some of the best places to chill-out — Grok-style? And if no idea is too big…. How about opening a Primal resort! Somewhere the weary office dwellers can go to play, relax, lift heavy stuff, and eat lots of bacon and coconut? Somewhere in sunny Cali, preferably. (Would loincloths and Vibrams be appropriate attire?) 😀 I’d go!

  135. I would like to find out how to avoid feeding my 6 month old all of the grains/sugars that are recommended. How do you raise a primal child, ensuring you meet their nutritional needs as they grow? What is really needed, and what is conventional wisdom that isn’t needed?

  136. Just scrolling down I’ve seen there are quite a few ‘for the ladies’ post, and I guess I’m in the pile.

    I’m increasingly curious about how eating during different phases of a lady’s hormonal cycle affects how you burn fat and/or build muscle. I can only imagine that feasting or fasting during a specific time in your cycle will affect the above- I’d love someone to do an in depth look!

    1. On that note, I’d heard that certain hormone combos for some birth control pills inhibit muscle generation. Ideally, of course, we’d go pill free. But there are lots of hormonal issues that could be addressed regarding women….

  137. I’d love to see more thought on how to get off sugar. Halfway through this month and I’m still struggling with it as well as raging hormones, which the sugar makes worse, then I want more sugar. It just keeps escalating.

  138. I would like to see more to go menu ideas. Potlucks, lunches and dinners all for on the road or away from home. Most people make sandwiches or something along those lines for easy lunches. How about a good 15 – 20 packable ideas for adults (hey kids too!) would be great as a go to when you need to spend all day out of the house.

  139. I have a very simple suggestion for the site that could probably be done in 5 minutes by your web designer: put the year on the post dates! There have been a lot of times when I’ve been roaming the site and come across something that didn’t agree with other things I’d read, and I finally realized it was from years ago. It would be a lot easier to prioritize the newer, more up-to-date recommendations on the site if it gave the year as well as the month and day. Other than that, keep up the good work, you’re doing a fantastic job, Mark!

  140. I often suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I would love to see specific exercises to help eliminate this problem. Also, primal skincare would be nice!

    1. I second both of these. A wrist problem I’m having right now keeps me from fully working out as I should. How about exercises modifications for those who have problems with joint mobility, with the hope that working at it slowly will increase mobility over time?

      And a skincare focus would be excellent – in all its forms! On the sunscreen front, for example, I don’t know where the balance lies in soaking up some vitamin D without putting yourself at risk.

  141. More guest posts from people like john durant, brad keans, barefoot ted, etc. giving a primal tips and tricks. I also would like to see some guess posts from viewers and commentators describing their primal habits and lifestyle. that would be insightful and motivating!

  142. I’d love to see a resource/directory of any trainers/nutritionists/etc who follow this lifestyle so we can form more groups like JJ’s or find people in our area for support. Thanks!

  143. maybe a once a month interactive video conference – like on gotomeeting or other video conferencing software, where you can do a live presentation with a designated topic, or we have a open tribe talk. people can listen in and watch and ask questions about being primal.

  144. I’d love to see some sort of series of Primal-inspired physical competitions. I’m sure you’ve heard pf the warrior dash, a 5k combined with grueling obstacles. They had a handful of events across the country. Each unique, each challenging.

    A Sisson-sponsored regional Primal contest, that involved, say, a 5k course peppered with throws, slosh-tube carries, crawls, climbs, jumps, etc, would be AMAZING!

  145. OK… I’ve looked over just about all the posts and my idea(s) are NOT unique!

    Here they are anyway:

    1. PrimalCon in Chicago! Great beaches, lovely parks, wonderful running/biking/blading paths… you get the idea.

    2. The ‘what to do if…’ idea. I was having a problem myself totally dumping my desire for chocolate (sweets) and was wondering if there were steps to try.

    3. A Primal Protein Powder! I still have some responsibly slim in the cabinet, but will be out soon. This is more of a meal replacement, but I’m looking for a Grok endorsed protein powder.

    4. Articles and info (or a separate blog) geared towards primal teens – even primal teen athletes. There is SO much MISinformation for teens / athletes. Would be great to point my 14-year-old to a site not influenced by selling a product (yes yes PB is a product, but the lifestyle is not being bought or sold).

    Thanks for everything! This community is the best.

  146. I’d love to see more videos! Recipes, workouts, interviews, discussions, and so on and so forth. A lot of people learn well through visual demonstration. Audio learners could benefit from this as well. There’s nothing wrong with blogging, of course; I just feel like an additional form of media might help to make the Primal Blueprint a little more accessible. :]

  147. I would love to see a book or program or info aimed at healthcare professionals. I’m an RN, and part of my job is educating heart patients on restoring and maintaining cardiovascular health. I experience a lot of personal conflict as I live primal yet am required to teach my patients CW. I would be beyond thrilled to see the Primal lifestyle become accepted in my professional community.

  148. The primal social life?

    How much sex does Grok get?

    How much should we limit computer/tv? (Does that go against our leisure and hobby).

    A printable pamphlet would be cool, one that describes the basics to the primal life. Something that I could share with people who are interested, list basic facts, benefits, simple food/exercise pyramid.

    I’m super conservative with money, Grok had no money, any suggestions for finances?

    Do cloudy days interfere with the circadian rhythm?

    Vitamin D, how much is ideal for a North-Easterner?

    Eggs are loaded with cholesterol, and our bodies absorb cholesterol like there is no tomorrow. Therefore, are a dozen eggs a day actually safe?

    Are naps on top of eight hours of nightly sleep healthy?

    Are there any healthcare products you advice against? (Ranging from toothpaste to deodorant to moisturizer)

    Is there a specific music genre that is more Grok-worthy?

    What is the significance of art from Grok-perspective? I enjoy Romanticism, often associated with the raw untamable nature; would Grok concur?

    I’d like to see more videos, pictures are great, really. I’m just a ‘monkey-see, monkey-do’ kind of a person.

    Really great blog, near-infinite information to be learned, a thousand-thanks!

    (I’ve been on the primal lifestyle for 4 months now – significant life improvements, cannot thank you enough!)

  149. I would love if the iphone app could access the regular forums.

  150. After only a month of eating primally, I had to go on the road for 5 months with my band. Each day, we were in a different city (and often a different state) than we were the previous day. Some of the places we go were urban, but many were extremely rural with very few options in terms of food.

    The only constant we had for all five weeks were some pretty general c-class restaurants such as fridays, panera bread, qdoba, etc. While I know it is impossible to eat 100% primal at these places (most dont offer organic ingredients)… it would be cool to have a resource to find out what the *best* things to eat at these places are. And furthermore, what the best options are out of all of those types of restaurants.

    Similar to the section you have in the primal blueprint, “around the world in 72 hours,” but specifically having to do with what to do when traveling.

    1. Since eating with nonprimal friends and family is often easiest done at a restaurant – having a living-document (= editable) of “what to eat where” reference for these popular chains would be terrific. Enables us to get out socially while staying more or less true to PB and avoiding conflict with the nonprimal loved ones.

    2. Tips for traveling is a great one. I was significantly derailed recently when I was traveling recently. Even just obvious advice like having a game plan. And how to avoid things like Cinnabon in airports, when the scent seems to follow you around. Maybe chewing on some sort of mint gum will help keep all those scents from invading your brain and triggering a total loss of control. 🙂

  151. I’d like to see the recipes made into a more discrete part of the site, with a dedicated recipe search, categories, etc. The current search is pretty good, but not great for this purpose, and gets a lot of irrelevant results when you’re just trying to get a quick-hit list of primal ways to, say, prepare salmon. Definitely would help those of us looking to figure out what to do with something we just ended up with in a CSA or cowpool!

  152. As a math geek and someone who gets all excited by numbers and graphs and charts, I’d like to see a section where you break down foods by the numbers. For example, exactly how many grams of O-6’s are in 1/4 cup of almonds? Maybe have pie charts that break down the glucose/fructose profiles of different fruits and give the total sugar content per unit? You could do that with MUFA/PUFA/SFA content of various foods as well.

    1. Ooh. I like this too. Visuals are always nice to have. I seem to latch on to the info for longer. Like the carb one you did – I can still visualize it. Nice.

  153. a focus/info on more ancient forms of medicine – acupuncture etc.

  154. Hi Mark! Great question. I’d like two things.

    1- a Primal Kids section. To help us deal with all the CW pitfals invved with raising our little Groksters.

    2- I second the Grock decal idea.

  155. I am also curious about a lady’s dietary needs during hormonal times such as monthly cycle, pregnancy and menopause. Some women specific primal exercises would be great, too!

  156. I would love some primal magnets or decals that I can stick on my fridge so whenever I go to pig out on almond butter I’ll see that half-naked little man and remember why I’m Primal!

  157. How about a political area? Right now the Senate is debating S.510 and S.3767 that will have a major influence in the grok life style if they are passed. A good website for more info is health

  158. First, I want to say I love the site and have been enjoying the plan (on it since March). However, just a few things…

    1. I agree with idea of make-overs. It isn’t necessarily so that I can make it often – but I have a family which doesn’t believe in grain-free, and while I can make them eat lots of it…there are limits, so I need to be able to “fake” food for them ( change it without it being obviously changed, esp. important with my 11-y.o.)

    2. My husband loves to go backcountry hiking. The problem is – all the pre-made foods (dehydrated) are pasta or otherwise grain-based. I have tried to make my own foods – but even then, the recipes are primarily for grain-based meals. Can there be articles for food you can take in the back country so you can eat hot meals, not just jerky or pemmican, if you go hiking for multiple days?

    Thanks very much in advance, and keep up the great work! Kerstin:-)

  159. I want an ask blank article once a week/ Whether ask Mark, or one of the workers bees it would feel a little more of a connection I think.

  160. Maybe set up a part of the website where people can enter what state, city, etc. that they are from, so it would be possible to locate others who are nearby. I would love to meet some other Groks and Grokettes!

  161. I would love to hear more about the primal blueprint for those of childbearing age. I’m having a hard time finding out good information about reproduction and living primal. Would love to hear more info!

    1. Yup – optimal (= healthiest) spacing of children, breastfeeding, pregnant mama nutrition, nursing mama nutrition, baby nutrition, conceiving, etc. It’s been done on MDA a few posts which scratch the surface, but the more info, the better.

  162. Any sort of primal oral/dental hygiene products along the lines of chewing sticks, natural solutions to unfresh breath, peppermint/cinnamon oil products. Some sort of alternative to chewing gum.

  163. Would love a post on “Surviving a Week of Being Sick”. As in – planning ahead so that once your household is overcome by a knock-you-on-your-butt illness like the flu, you have some primal meals in the freezer ready to carry you all through rather than rely on neolithic takeout or other nonfoods because you’re not well enough to cook.

    Could link up to a bunch of freezable recipes. Suggest any additional supplementation / hydration / nutrition angles to boost recovery. Ideas on staying rested when everyone in the house is sick and needs tending to.

    1. Oh I just had that! I have been sick for 5 days and was dragging myself to cook primal but it was so hard. I wished I had some good frozen choices. I refuse to eat takeout in general, but even more when I am sick, it just makes me feel worse in the long run…

  164. How ’bout this:

    A search here for “games” shows a lot of hits but the Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book only has one short chapter on play. How about a compendium of primal games? List the rules and common (or not-so-common) variations. Group the games by the number of people who can play (1, 2, 3,… lots!), teamwork games, team-building games, competition and/or cooperation games, picnic games, children, youth, adult, mixed age games. Introductory games for people who don’t know each other yet (good for a brand-new meet-up group, for instance). Rate them by physical effort and ability required and intensity of competition.

    Either that or a primal dating service! LOL!

    1. Running games, tracking games, strength, agility, etc. etc. etc.

  165. How about a “Grok inspired” fitness trail? Stations would illustrate the movements required and provide the necessary structures/gear to perform them.

  166. I would like to cook a meal with you then sit down to a leisurely discussion about Primal living and the world while enjoying it.

    I’d also like some sort of map function on the site. At the user’s discretion they can choose to share where in the world they are, helping to facilitate Primal friendships and connections in real life.

    1. Even regional tags or something that could allow people to share info for a specific region, with people able to search by region as well. For example: organic farms in the midwest, fresh meat suppliers in the south, etc. This could be tied into the discussion about primal friendly restaurants, etc.

  167. How bout a tab on the iphone app that links you to all of the recipes you guys post. sure would make it easy to find when your grocery shopping

  168. It seems the primal lifestyle will never be a concept that is pushed from the top down i.e. doctors/FDA etc… It seems to be starting from the bottom and working its way up. Looking at it that way, I think it would be a great idea to start some smaller versions of ‘primal con’ in cities and towns around the country (heck, the world). Doing that would make it more affordable and accessible, and would bring a sense of community to the local groks.

  169. One thing I think would help people new to the Primal community and particularly new to exercise would be an exercise video. Perhaps not as extensive as P90X, but something that people can follow along with as they get started. I know you have made short videos for the Primal Blueprint Fitness guide but something longer would be ideal. One of the reasons I had so much success with P90X is because by following along with it I learned the meaning of working out HARD! I never got that experiences from Bowflex, Body For Life, etc. I know Primal workouts aren’t so structured but I think it would help people get started on the right foot.

  170. Podcasts! I spend at least an hour a day in my car, and most of that time is spent listening to podcasts. Jimmy Moore and Robb Wolf are two of my favorites. Mark, I’ve heard a few interviews with you, and you have an excellent radio presence. A regular podcast from you would be da bomb.

  171. Aw man! Barbeygirl got to my idea first. I would love to see a Primal Fitness Certification for personal trainers. I think it’s time to multiply yourself Mark. The more people you have out there confidently spreading the word the more people you will be able to reach with your message. I would much rather have the letter PLC (Primal Lifestyle Coach) or PFT (Primal Fitness Trainer) behind my name than ACE.

  172. Some kind of pocket primal guide would be nice. Imagine someone asks you why you eat so much fat or so little carbs or no grain or dairy and *BAM* you pull out your pocket primal guide and can clearly and easily explain it to them. Not sure if you could make one detailed enough that’s small enough but that’s where you come in Mark (or worker bees)

  173. I’d love to see more of a focus on living the primal lifestyle at a local level. Meet ups, directory of where to buy from responsible farmers,farmers markets,restaurants, etc. We should help reward the local businesses which are doing things the right way, not necessarily the cheapest way. Supporting family farms for example, ensures healthier food than buying from factory farm type operations. It’s not only good for local economies, but also for our health to support small scale ethical products.

  174. Id really like to see more Primal Videos. Maybe a primal documentary? Primal Blueprint TV? Interview the likes of Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Mr. Durant, etc.? I think that would be awesome!

  175. Would also love more info for women and their health.
    Also would love to see more success stories! Mark, you were such an elite athlete before becoming primal sometimes I have a hard time believing we can all look and feel as great as you do!!
    But I love everything that is here! Thanks!!

  176. I want to see a separate website for children that could be linked to this one.
    The same topics could be covered only pertaining to the everyday lives of children. Ideas for healthy school lunches, ways of challenging conventional wisdom and peer pressure, ideas for outdoor fun and games, maybe a guide to foraging wild food and growing food, etc.

  177. I’d love to see some articles/outreach to help those of us who don’t fall into the normal 9-5 work schedule.

    I work 12 hour night shifts on rotating weeks. It can be difficult to prep meals for a full 12 shift, adds difficulty in following natural sleep schedules, and playing at night tends to be a very solitary activity.

    I know many military, law enforcement officers, and other night owls share the same problems, but I’ve rarely seen any outreach to these communities from any diet/fitness site because we are not mainstream.

    Grok on!

  178. As a young person searching for a career I would enjoy and get excited about, I would like to see you explore options for education/careers related to the Primal lifestyle. Are there Nutrition programs at universities that DON’T spew CW? Which fitness instructor certifications are most Primal like? I’d love to help people with their health but I don’t know what path to take to do that while keeping Primal living in mind.

  179. I know there are already hundreds of primal recipes available, but I would love to see another cookbook! And maybe a way to find primal support groups in different areas of the country.

  180. I’d love to see additional products with Grok on them. Something like a refrigerator magnet, mug, etc. I know it might seem like “selling out” but I think seeing Grok around my office will help me remember that I don’t need a pretzel rod.

    1. LOL! Prezel rods drive me crazy now. When I hear someone rip a bag of them open and start crunching them it makes me sad.

  181. Speaking personally, I have a hard time dedicating myself to my sport (running) and staying primal. Its can be difficult to walk the fine line between serious dedication and overtraining. That’s why, Mark, I’d like to hear more advice for athletes. I’m thinking along the lines of a week or two of posts dedicated to sport-specific training, eating, and competition. Maybe you could talk about a different sport each day, or you could emphasize certain skill sets (power, speed, agility, endurance, etc) in each post. Whatever way you’d like to do it, I’d really appreciate any advice you would give.

  182. I noticed that you have posted about traveling to Dallas on a number of occasions. It would be nice if you can set aside some time to do a meet up/book signing sometime sometime while you are here would be super!

  183. I’d like to see MORE scientific, peer-reviewed studies on the site. Think it’d be a great investment for the primal world if you could subscribe to such services, cite supporting studies, and interpret them. Some of us are up against some skeptics.

  184. I’d love to see you come out with a Grok inspired Stretching/Joint program to go along with your work outs. I’ve come up with stuff I do myself but it has take years of trial and error, and I think it would benefit those new to the primal and physical life to have a joint and stretching option.

  185. I’m dying for a primal approved sleep aid type supplement for those times when I really need a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

  186. It’d be kind of cool to find more ‘day-in-the-life’ research of real Grok-era people– backed up by anthropological findings, etc, for curiosity’s sake!

    You know, like “in this era they enjoyed ____ veggie with ____ (as it has been found at various archeological sites)” and such. I don’t know how plausible that is!

  187. How about more WOW posts. I know it is a workout of the week but some times I find it hard to throw a stone down the street. We don’t have much green space around.

  188. I would love to see what to eat while pregnant and nursing and more ideas for toddlers. A woman needs different things while pregnant and I have had a hard time finding exactly what to eat (I do know that not as much protien is needed, but what do you fill in the blanks with?) and exactly how much do we need while nursing? It would be a big help for us Moms!

    1. I second this. I would also love to see a primal kids section. I feel that a lot of what I do with me daughter is guess work. For example good first foods,structure vs. free play, how many naps, how long ect. I just don’t trust conventional wisdom any more.

  189. I travel a lot with my job – a list of restaurants where primal or near primal meals can be found, along with the names of those meals would be great.

    Another one that would be great is free primal computer backgrounds – promotes the lifestyle and keeps us focused.

    One other would be interviews on a periodic basis with random people living the primal lifestyle – even if they are only living it 80%. It would allow us to learn from others. Not that we don’t learn from you, but putting other everyday people in focus can be a real help.

    I also liked the idea of the periodic Q & A, but I would like to suggest they be theme focused (exercise, eating, health issues, beginners’ questions, etc).

  190. I would like to see The Primal Blueprint in an audio book so people with ADD can read it easier. It’s an important work and living primally is really helping my ADD but I am still unable to read for more than 10 mins at a time.

  191. I’d like a list of standards of farming in the top countries people are from (and more if possible), and an explanation of those standards plus a ranked list of what you think is best.

    And next, a list of suppliers in the top countries for the highest ranked few products.

    I think lots of people would find it useful as well if you could help organise meat buying. I’ve had a few friends post in a forum saying that they’re at XYZ location and ask if there’s anyone in the vicinity willing to share a cow or some animal. I’m not sure if it’s better to set up a forum for that and organise it according to country/state/city, or to help set up mailing lists.

    1. This is a really great idea too. Sort of a how-to for sourcing your food. What to look for, what to avoid, etc. etc.

      And the second one links in with starting tags or something else that link posts/comments to region and, therefore, could be searchable.

  192. How about this: in the recipes section, several of the recipes were submitted as contest videos, and so the actual ingredients lists/directions are not easily accessible without actually watching the vid. So, I’d like to request that those videos be transcribed so that information is just as easy to access as all the other terrific recipes!

  193. I’d like to see kids recipes. It blew me away when my 8 year old sent me a picture he took of the scrambled eggs and berry breakfast he made himself (with his big sister’s supervision). I didn’t realize how much he was soaking up, watching me post pictures of my meals on message boards.

    Also maybe initiatives that we can participate in to get kids involved in the primal movement, perhaps through schools or clubs.

  194. More living primal on a budget articles! As a new college grad, I love the benefits of being primal but anything to make it a little easier on the wallet since I’m having a heck of a time finding steady work! But other than that I can’t think of anything else, weekly or biweekly post on budget ideas would be awesome!

  195. An update to the iTunes app. Include the full Primal Blueprint 101 on it (unless it is already there and I just haven’t stumbled across it yet).

  196. I’d love to see more product/food reviews, grocery list suggestions, budgeting tips, that sort of thing. Low-cost food ideas are always helpful to everyone.

  197. I would love to see you get together with a few like-minded people, and a few non-like-minded people and go on a live debate about the health issues we are dealing with in this country today.

  198. This site is very complete as far as I can see. When a subject is covered, it’s done well. I’d like to see a piece about overtraining and more injury prevention. Although I’m sure there already is one

  199. Hi Mark,
    I’d like to see more WOW’s using zero equipment – but still challenging.
    And for those workouts with pullups could you post an instructional video on how to make a pullup bar using materials found in a typical hardware store. That would be great thanks!

  200. I have two requests:

    1) A forum feature or policy that does not delete threads/posts just because it goes against the primal lifestyle. If a troll instigates trouble, give that member a warning and if that does not work, restrict that specific member from further posts. Make a policy that only spam (in the form of non-primal web links) or obscene posts should be deleted, NOT entire threads including all posts of non-troll members.

    2) A new brain wave entrainment product to help folks make the change to the primal lifestyle more easily. I think some folks could benefit from brain wave entrainment (binaural beats, monaural beats, and isochronic tones) with subliminal messages of primal lifestyle basics and positive primal affirmations. The mind is a powerful tool that can be used to tap into the brain-hormone link to optimize health.

  201. First, I have to say the MDA is such an insanely great resource. Any word I throw at your search brings me back an article. Seriously. Thank you.

    I’d love to see more content geared towards women’s health and fitness. There have been some great posts on these topics in the past, and I loved Carrie’s posts, but I’d like to see more. Particularly since ‘low fat diets’ and ‘chronic cardio’ are all over ladies rags like Shape and Women’s Health. are Also, making vegetarianism fit in to the PB (my teens insist on being veg!).

    While I’m at it…more desserts! And sex! Nothing more primal then that workout!

  202. A Grok movie! Starring Mark and Carrie and various Grokstars from the Forum!

    Maybe a time travel epic where Primal Moderns find themselves back in the Paleolithic. What would they like, what would they not?

    Cause the thing I like the most about this is the connection it makes me feel for our ancient ancestors.

    Who wants to write the screenplay? What should the soundtrack be? Got a location in mind?

  203. What I would really like to see, though I admit may be very difficult, would be a “naturopathic” type medical section. Just basic things like colds, acne, allergies, etc. But I think it’d be very useful to have a dedicated medical section.

  204. A way to connect with other Primal blueprint fans that may be in my area, so that we could enjoy the process with one another

  205. I would love to see a “primal on a budget” section and a “primal shortcut” section highlighting some ways to keep costs under control and tips for saving time.

  206. A well organized recipes / food section, its hard to sort out good ideas for cooking

  207. More primal information for women. I especially could use a lot of help for hormone and food related issues. Most women I talk to become ravinous once a month, and how to diminish this or ideas for primal foods which may cause satiety??? It is difficult to stay on track carb-wise. Maybe there is some research you know of that you could share?

  208. I would really like to see you design an in depth, and detailed workout plan that can be done at the gym with weights for guys that want to build muscle. I know that you recommend 5X5 type programs- but I’d really like to know what you could think up!

  209. I would like you on tour so please come and spread the word in Europe and especially Finland cause that’s where I am and that’s where arguments like butter vs. carbs is just heating up!

    I would also like to hear more from your wife, she once posted and I understood it was meant to be a regular feature so bring her on! Being female, it is always interesting to hear from the female perspective.

  210. A primal shopping list(s)…
    categories such as:
    appliances- sous vide, mixers/blenders
    basic staples/spices
    recommended supplements
    work out gear or equipment

    I know a lot of these things have been covered before… but not always together and there’s always new stuff on the market, so review or updates are warranted and/or hoped for…

  211. I would like that you products (supplementation, Primal Leap, The Cookbook etc.) get easily delivered in Europe. 🙂

  212. Mpst of this has already been said:
    -regular podcast
    -window decals/fridge magnet/coffee mug/iron on transfer
    -better search engine for the blog
    -recipe listing by ingredient or meal (main courses, veg, sides, appetizers, etc)
    -family centered posts, particularly getting teens involved
    -how to stay primal within the limitations of regional influence: ie northern Canada/Europe vs southern US

  213. I’d like to see a database put together of all your reccommended sites, like those you’ve been giving away prizes from, in various categories like food, exercise equipment, fun/games etc. It would be a wonderful resource for all those primal veterans and newcomers alike.

  214. I agree with Barbiegirl (sorry if I got it wrong it was 200 posts back!)
    I have been in the food industy for over 20 years and very interested in the research that has proven we were meant to eat, well, differently, than the govt or Big Agra (or big Pharma) would have us believe.
    I would love to go back to school to pursue a degree/certification in Nutrition, but the Holistic schools I have seen seem like a sham, and I refuse to waste 4 more years of my life to earn a degree in CW…
    If you can find me a program that will certify me to teach that we should only eat what we can gather from the earth or sea, or kill in the hunt, (or scavange) Then I will be able to share all my practical kitchen knowledge with regular folks who have no idea how to prepare food that doesn’t come in a package!
    I am very people oriented, and I feel this is my way in life, to share my knowledge and skill with others, so that they too, can enjoy the benefits of eating what the body is designed to thrive on, avoid disease, etc. And yes, regulate women’s cycles (hormones) too!
    Ps more info involving childrens’ needs would be helpful!

    1. Yes. This is what i was talking about. I don’t want to pursue something health related, only to find out i’ve wasted my time learning CW!
      It kills me to see so many young people dealing with weight issues, acne, etc. I was in their shoes awhile back. I’d like to help them but feel I need some type of education/ certification to be “legit”. *shrugs*

  215. My husband works in the kitchen of a nursing home now, (after 20 yrs in restaurants) and what these residents are *required* to eat would make you cry. How much “age related” damage could be reversed by putting our elderly population on the PB? My good God. They were raised on bread, pasta, rice,flour,sugar,and the like. They just came around to ‘whole grains,oatmeal,etc’
    Socio-economic factors weigh heavily here.
    Another question posed for another day….!

  216. a menu planning tool, and help figuring what our proportions of fat-carbs-protein should be

  217. I’d like to see a collaborative recipe challenge. You know, put up some seasonal ingredients (perhaps region specific, which would lead into interesting local gatherings for sharing recipes and tips, in addition to competing in cooking, like a chili contest) and have people try to make something out of that. It’s more like how Grok would have eaten – combining whatever was around that looked edible – and it encourages creativity and independence, at least in the kitchen!

    1. Like a Primal Iron Chef. Surprise ingredient(s) unveiled and we’re given til midnight to post a (delicious) primal recipe that highlights and showcases that ingredient.

      The Chairman and selected food “critics” choose the winner.

  218. I’d like a reviewed products page with reviews (bviously), plus lists of recommended products, discounts, etc.

  219. A database for PB Members to post restaurants, stores, etc that are particularly good and supportive of the lifestyle. Searchable by city, state, category, etc.

  220. Would like to see a place to log progress if following the sequence of improving on the 5 essential movements.

    Would like a place to centralize maybe before and after stories, often they prove to be very motivating to a newcomer.

    Second any more information regarding Women/Childrens issues.

  221. I would like to have an interactive area for ‘us’. I guess I just want to see more of ‘us’ (the PBers). I’m thinking ‘Primal YOU-print’. Think FB… for PB. Instead of Myspace… Mycave. Sort of a primitive-type (we don’t need tons of fancy gadgets & apps.) social networking area where we can update our status talking about what Primal things we’re doing. “Weight lifting in a fasted state… Oh yeah!” Commenting on Primal pictures. Just a way to see what other PBers are up to in real time. I think that’d be so interesting and so much fun! 😀

  222. I enthusiastically support the previous requests for more on primal tips/developmental assists for specific women’s life stages, from girlhood, adolescence, early child-bearing and mothering, late child-bearing and mothering, post-mothering/grannying, etc.

    One particular personal interest has to do with being post-menopausal and working hard and successfully on eliminating grains, fructose, industrial oils, frankenfoods, etc., and still not being able to get rid of visceral fat, or even to lose much weight in general.

    Not everyone sees the pounds melt away, and it may have something to do with age, or gender, or both, but whatever the case, how to keep on keeping on when there may be general health improvements, like improved strength and breathing, better dental hygiene, improved blood pressure and blood glucose values, fewer colds & flu, clearer mind, etc., but no sorely needed weight loss or improved waist /hip ratio.

    Also, Groks & Grokettes must have been herbalists in their day, so I would like to see more articles about herbal medicine, from both the modern scientific and the ancient folkloric standpoints.

    Any cultural matrices of lore would be welcome, but especially the ancient lores of Africa where we all originated, and the not quite so ancient lores of the temperate zones we ultimately flourished in.

    Maybe some info on newly available stuff like uses for novel products like hemp protein powder, for example, which I just noticed at the grocery store and have no information about.

    We’ve all heard about arguments for the psychedelic and pain relieving properties of marijuana, but what about the other uses of hemp? Is the seed a grain to be avoided due to lectins, phytates, etc., like wheat? Or is it more benign, like millet or rice? Or is it something else entirely? Is it possible to digest the leaves if cooked? Would they be nutritious, or best left to the shamans? Grok would have known about it if it were in his environment, so we should, too, along with all the many other herbal treasures Nature has given us, like dandelions, motherwort, roses and teasel.

  223. Truly take the primal movement “to the people” by franchising Primal Blueprint Lifestyle Centers across the country. Staff them will “real people” who believe in and live the lifestyle. You could take the fitness world by storm.

  224. I would like to see some space for information and discussion on being or becoming more self reliant and living in a sustainable way, for example: growing your own food or creating your own energy or build a community play house. I enjoy the way you connect our habits and our way of living.

  225. A couple things on my mind:
    A database with links/lists of primal/paleo food vendors, exercise equipment, recipe blogs/websites.
    A Q&A page. I realize the community has gotten pretty big, but it would be cool to have your pressence on the forums giving your take once in a while on some of the more common questions.

  226. I’d like to see your recipe database searchable by ingredient! A blackberry mobile app would also be awesome.

  227. I’d love to see a regular podcast discussing Primal living. It would be a great addition to the website!

  228. I’d like to see a food resource section of the blog, where readers can view food articles by food, a sort of “browsing” section. Also perhaps an online version of your cookbook – users could save trees by paying online and havin a username and password to access the book. Also would like a page devoted to your (mark’s) favorite online retailers. Most importantly, we need a network of primal physicians. I need a non-government-propaganda doctor.

  229. Mark, so cool that you solicit ideas as a base, very effective way to see where folks are and the fact that you are so open to new ideas is amazing…

    That said, as a mental health professional, I would like to see a post or two about how perhaps the primal lifestyle can impact our anxiety/depression ridden country. Any studies that you have seen that link this particular diet to mental health symptom prevention?

    My 2 cents…

    1. Amen on this one. I have seen such a difference in my life long depression as I’ve cut out the carbs and sugar. Perhaps the SAD truly does make you sad?

      And something to think about – finding researchers that are either doing this work or are willing (if we can find the funding) to do and publish studies on how primal living impacts mental and physical health.

  230. Well, I’m new here, so I don’t know how much of this has already been done. I’m with the others asking for more stuff for women, kids, and families. I’d love to see a pic of the Mrs. so I can be as inspired as the guys who have you as a role model. Another inspiration would be hearing the other health benefits of going primal, besides losing weight.

  231. I would love for you to work (with me) on building a nutrition calculator that isn’t some horrendous pick-list of tems that only approximate what you’ve actually eaten.

  232. Primal recommendations. Mark, I would like to see occasional posts on brands of foods, restaurants, workout gear, etc., that you think are primal.

  233. I’m not going to lie, I’d like to see some Primal “Centers” someday soon. One part primal gym, and one part primal eating. People could come in, get their pullups, pushups, squats done, and then eat some delicious meat afterward. One can dream!

  234. I’ve lost about 60 pounds in ten months eating mostly veggies, fruit and meat, although I didn’t discover Mark’s Daily Apple until about three months ago. Since then I’ve tweaked my diet to make it more primal and added in more primal exercise. My wife is diabetic, obese and has fibromyalgia. She’s seen the results on me and now is pretty much eating the same things I am. She’s lost some weight but has a long ways to go. She’d like to add some exercise, but is having trouble because of her health problems. She gets tired easily and it hurts her to move very much. I’d like to see more suggestions as to how someone with health problems can ease into the primal blueprint, particularly the exercise.

  235. iPhone aps, restaurant recommendations. I am new to the site, so just starting to explore…..

  236. Primal Travel Guide…List of cities/countries with best places to go hiking, camping, etc. And maybe complete with local foods to try. Need to make the most of vacations!

  237. A post on how to make the primal blueprint more applicable to the discrepancies in our population’s wealth. For example, if you are a single mom working 2 jobs and have $10 for groceries, you are going to spend it on kraft dinner, not organic veggies. How do we get these people healthy, and their kids healthy, when they don’t have the means to do so.

  238. Hi Mark,
    As a primary care physician, I need continuing medical education. I would love to spend my CME money on attending an AAFP/AMA accredited conference you organized. Accredited, quality nutrition conferences are nearly impossible to find in the US.

  239. I’d like to see more posts or focus on training for endurance athletes (compete in cycling, triathlon, running, etc) but still trying to keep things as primal as possible. I know its not always possible to train and compete completely primal, but as a former athlete yourself, I’d be really eager to see what tips, etc you can provide. Thanks!

  240. Improving your health and logetivity more in depth.Most of the people have the basics down and some of us are health freaks that want to reach the next level.


  241. Would like to see meat clothing come from you. I mean, you already made Lady Gaga a dress, didnt you? Why not some meat pants for me?

  242. More info for athletes!

    The primal blueprint book is great for health and weight management.

    While some parts of fueling intense activities and the cortisol associated with it are at odd with optimal health … elements the primal diet/lifestyle can be very beneficial to all athletes.

    I would really like to see more of your primal approach adapted to strength athletes or someone who crossfits 4-5x/week.

  243. I think this website is an amazing resource. It has vast amounts of information on so many topics with more to come every day. My idea would be to take a hard look at the information on this site and look at the organization and distribution of it. By that I mean there are so many articles that are similar (definitive guides to…, importance of mobility, etc) that it would be great if they were put together so they could be accessed without selecting archives, then aging, then backtracking through the most recent articles til you find the one you were looking for. I think my point is that this site is an incredible resource and rather than look to reinvent the wheel make it more streamlined. Mobility stretches in a pdf so that internet access and ten clicks aren’t required to do some bedtime stretches. With the technology of today in smart phones and ipads how great would it be to have these articles in a place you can get at them so easily no matter the environment. I think a little copy/paste/publish to pdf would be an easy way to create some great resources for the masses.

  244. I would love to have something I could print out and take to my doctor that showed what the cholesterol/lipids/HDL and LDL REALLY meant. Something that would give him honest to goodness websites, research and things he could check out so that he’s not left in the dark and telling others they need to “lower their saturated fats and do an hour of cardio every other day”.

  245. Two things:
    A better social networking platform for us Grokers to create our own profiles so we can search each other -looking for friends -looking for mates -looking for playtime -looking for local primal food sources -post pictures -follow our friends’ progress.

    And a Grok Leader Certification Program. In depth training and certification for those who want to make spreading the word a new career. Maybe even create software so we can keep track of clients’ progress, future goals, and payments. Ability to receive commissions for selling Leap Kits and other Store items. This would also tie in to being able to host our own local Conventions.

    1. Great idea! A PB Certification would be an excellent compliment for those of us already in the health/fitness/wellness industry who want to spread the word — extra credibility, if you will, thanks to Mark and his experience and wisdom.

  246. I would like to see more ideas on foraged foods like blackwallnuts and beauty berries. I enjoy making tea from pine needles and snackin on berries (ones i know very well and are certain of what they are) and cat tails when out for walks. I do appreciate all of your insights and have more fun getting out and playing. I have not had this much fun in years. Thank you.

  247. I’d like to see more networking and community activities for those outside of California, whether it be online networking where you could meet other Grokers who live in the same city or events around the country where we could meet one another.

  248. Evopsych inspired talk about the types of communities and interpersonal relationships that foster primal happiness… humans are by nature social animals and the mental part of fostering a community should not be ignored, although it the theoretical side is rife with discord, for sure.

  249. I want to be motivated.

    There is a ton of good info out there and on this site on the how-to of fitness and health. But *motivation* is really lacking for me. And frankly, I dont see any other sites that are attempting to motivate people.

  250. i would like you to hold a conference or event tailored to medical professions, as if they knew about this lifestyle, more people will be open to learning about it, and it will reach more people!!

  251. How about an article about engaging in some outdoor Primal movement in winter for those of us in the snowbelt?

  252. I would like to see more on eating PB on a budget. My son and his family have gone primal with the 30 Day Challenge, but half-way through they have used up their food budget (they are very frugal to begin with).

    More recipes, or links to more recipes, would be great! I love Mark’s website!

  253. Ok, I missed the deadline (darned business travel), but thought I’d throw in my idea anyway.

    I’d like a Grok silhouette as a chromed-plastic car emblem (like you see Darwin fish or Christian fish on cars). A subtle way to advertise our lifestyle, and hopefully generate the occasional question and opportunity to (gently) offer some counter-CW thoughts.

  254. I’d like to see paleo-friendly snacks available through this website 🙂

  255. I love the content on this site already, there isn’t much. Perhaps as others have said, what can we eat in the real world. Perhaps we open this up to the Paleo world. Kind of like, A guy walks into Taco Bell…. A woman walks into Olive Garden, kind of your own “Mens Health” Eat this not that segment.

  256. Mark,

    I would like to see more on how to cook/eat primally. In the past year or 1.5 year I’ve been working on changing my diet, slowly. Making small changes over time.

    My strategy has been to eat “whole” and low-carb foods, which corresponds closely to primal (I never thought about it being primal before I started, I was introduced to this concept later). Over time I have been reading more blogs about cooking, eating, exercise and lifestyle.

    One thing I have found is that by focusing more on learning how to cook good foods which also happen to follow primal/low-carb principles, it has made it so much easier to adjust how I eat. (incidentally I’ve lost over 30 lbs and I still exercise next to none and still have the occasional dessert and a couple beers a night).

    One blog I read is Michael Ruhlman’s ( He wrote a book about Charcuterie and generally writes about cooking good food with a focus on meat. I have found this exploration of how to use certain ingredients more effectively and prepare things like sausage and how to better use salt in cooking to help me eat whole foods.

    By taking small, simple and highly effective steps to improve my cooking it makes sticking to a low-carb diet so much more enjoyable. To the point it is far preferable.

    One example: I made some home-made chicken-basil sausage and stuffed it into bell peppers one night. It was fantastic, flavorful and totally primal. I believe cooking primally can be fairly easy, but it is something the typical westerner needs to be retrained on; and I think it is a focus that would fit in well on this blog.

    Thanks for asking.

  257. Well, you have a daily post…so why not add a small section at the end with what you ate and what exercise you did that day. I think some of us are curious as to what Mark does, eats, plays, etc day to day.

    I love your program and appreciate everything you are doing. Great stuff.

  258. It’d be interesting to devote a section of the site to the integumentary system. It seems that primal living encompasses care for all aspects of the body but hair, skin, and nails.

    Blogs on shampoos, conditioners, lotions, toothpaste (ok, this one isn’t really integuments), nail polish, make-up, and facial cleansers would be fresh.

    I use Burt’s Bees but it’d be nice to know about other primal, natural, and wholesome alternatives.

  259. I’d like to see a few more posts on Primal Living that relate to things other than diet/exercise. Specifically, I’ve really enjoyed some of your posts about ‘simplifying’ life, removing media distractions, and the like. Perhaps a “Primal Productivity” series – a Primal take on the modern ‘go-go-go’ attitude and tech addiction. Cheers.

  260. First I’d like to say I absolutely love MDA! I would like to see a bit more of a focus on unrefined foods (surely protein powders aren’t healthy). Also, I’d like to see a focus on properly preparing nuts and seeds to minimise anti-nutrients (ie soaking, sprouting, fermenting).

  261. Recipes: Partner with or use the same database-driven platform as the major recipe websites such that a user could enter ingredients on hand and see a list of recipes using those ingredients. They frequently compute nutritional value on-the-fly, and re-compute ingredient amounts based on the desired number of servings.

    Would be a great help for those just starting out (“What the heck am I supposed to do with coconut?”) as well as more experienced cooks looking for new ideas.

    Partnering with an established site could greatly increase exposure; they’d have to be “MDA-approved” of course, and add a new “recipe type” to their drop-down list: primal/paleo!

    So many of the ideas suggested are great, but are focused on MDA/Mark making it happen. Most of the legwork should come from the “community”. Heck, some of US could start a primal recipe/cooking site, custom tailored to the needs of Grok and Grok-ettes everywhere!

  262. I’d love to see more information on women – reproductive health, hormone balancing, etc – since you’re asking. 🙂

  263. I agree with all the suggestions for more on primal kids… ALSO, I feel most of the fitness stuff is geared to people already doing more than the “primal fitness” suggests… I’d like to see more “PLAY” and WOW’s based on family life – or things that can be done with your kids. One of the things that draws me to “Primal Blueprint” over “Paleo Diet” (and which I suggest to friends) was the entire lifestyle approach – yet I feel this site is still geared a little more towards the fitness over-achiever…

  264. I’d like to see more off-beat stuff like those Indian Pole Gymnasts you posted a couple of weeks ago.
    That got me fired up to be more creative with my workouts.

  265. It would be awesome to have a 2 week primal survival camp. No modern conveniences, no tents, no lights just you a stick and a few friends to help.

  266. I’d Love to see a section for reader created success stories!

  267. An article on potential downsides of barefooting. I know going barefoot has it’s benefits but often when the subject comes up, someone mentions pinworms. How big of a concern is this? And are there other things we should be aware of?

  268. 1. more before and after testimonials with pictures and with health stats.

    I am a very “live and let live” kind of girl and don’t push my ideals on anyone. However, if this lifestyle truly can help improve my loved ones health, I want more data to convince them.

    Plus, success stories are just plain inspiring.

    2. Seeing as I am from Northern Canada and winter is already creeping into view, I would love Slow Cooker recipes, soups, stews that warm me up. Also, a special focus on sauces would really help with the inevitable boredom that ensues when you eat a lot of the same meat and veg combos (i really think it’s the sauce that changes a meal) so that if you are single and have a huge chunk of meat to eat that week, you can change it up and keep it interesting.

    3. More non-perishable ideas for people who love to be outdoors in remote situations for long periods of time (jerky, nuts, … and?) what kind of warm foods could i eat in winter camping?

  269. This is too late for the contest, but I’d really love to see a series on how the primal lifestyle improves mental health, especially for those of us with AD/HD, clinical depression, anxiety, etc. Both the science behind the brain chemistry (improved by diet and exercise as well as other lifestyle choices having to do with sleep, light, play, community, etc.) and anecdotal success stories from folks who have improved their symptoms and perhaps even ditched the pharmaceuticals (not that there’s anything wrong with that if they are truly the only thing that works).

    And totally off topic, but quick, check the Google Doodle today!

    1. agreed! I often wonder if sugar is your brain’s favorite food (and drug)does eating primal reduce brain function or does it increase it due to less addictive cravings?