Contest: Title Twisters

The Prize:

Nut Butters. Forget peanut butter. Premier Organics makes the good stuff. Their Artisana line includes almond butter, walnut butter, pecan butter, macadamia nut butter, cashew butter, and the singularly wild coconut butter (warm it slightly and it becomes a gooey mouth-spooning indulgence). Winner will receive 10 on the go pouches (one of each variety), and three full jars; one each of almond, macadamia, and coconut butters.

Fermented Vegetable Juice. Yes, you heard right. Zukay, the folks who donated the delightfully tasty salad dressings last year are back with a new brew. Called Kvass (not to be mistaken with the weak and useless bread juice), these are sugarless, tangy juices derived from fermented beets, carrots, and other veggies. Winner will receive a six pack of Veggie Kvass drinks in his or her choice of  flavor.

The Contest:

Read all the rules before entering.

Have a topic, subject, or good idea for a blog post on MDA? Now’s your chance to suggest it. In the comments section below, leave a title for a future post on Mark’s Daily Apple.

That’s pretty much it. Tell me what you’d like to see covered on MDA with just the article title, and do it with as much creativity and cleverness as you can. I’ll pick a winner and will use submissions for future MDA article ideas.

The Deadline:

Midnight, tonight!

Who is Eligible:

Because these are consumable/potable, only US residents can win them. In the case of an international winner, a substitute prize will be awarded.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Batter Up! The Anti-Paleo Big HItters and Why They Are Wrong.
    Basically a rebuttal to what anti-paleo/scientists say about why paleo doesn’t work. I know that this post has already been done, but there is new information about dietary guidelines and saturated fat, new research articles, etc to be used.

  2. Being Okay With Not Being Perfect

    Also, I’d like to see some more info on IF

  3. Primal Relaxation methods. Don’t know if Grok did meditation and the like, but maybe some looks into ways to unwind and relax with a primal spin.

  4. Almond Meal – The truth behind it and how to incorporate it into your Primal world.

  5. Coconut Oil: It’s not just for frying anymore

    Can discuss how its great for skin, exfoliation, hair (one of the only oils that actually penetrates the hair shaft), antibacterial properties, coffee, mixing with cacao for treats, and of course, frying!!!

  6. Another suggestion is for you to speak more about the 80/20 rule and incorporating it properly into everyday life.

    You can call it “The Paleo Principle”

  7. How Much Is Too Much? As a former cardio junkie I sometimes don’t know when to stop. Should I do another Tabata,another sprint? Should I climb another pitch? Sometimes 8 minutes on the rowing machine leaves me wipedout. Are there any good guidelines?

  8. Couldn’t omega heads or tail of it: alpha-l and its fishy cousins DHA and EPA. Does it matter what type n-3 I consume?

  9. Marinate On It: favorite Primal-friendly marinades for jerky and meat entrees

  10. The Primal Work Ethic– how to increase productivity, avoid burnout, and keep your boss happy!

  11. How the SAD diet is affecting this new health reform bill and why we are being FORCED to follow the government… blah.

  12. “Immunity Power! Did Grok Get The Flu?”

    Discussing how to live healthy without vaccinations for adults and children. Preventing flu and such. Can also include Primal ways of detoxing after mistakeningly taking vaccinations.

  13. Eat, Sleep(and poop?) like a baby:How reverting to the basics of our earliest could help us live to our fullest!

  14. Grokking Around: How to grok out with the kids at the playground!

  15. The Cultured Primal Life

    Where do cultures fit into the primal life

  16. Defend your Grok-hood: How to appropriately defend/educate your Primal behavior to the CW skeptic.

  17. Grok in the Office Workspace: ergonomics, play-tools, and primal living in the desk/office environment.

  18. Primal Princess

    Weekly updates on being primal from a woman for women.

  19. Primal Opposition Smackdown: A Look at Common Arguments Against Primal Living

    (could be a multiple-part series)

  20. Braindead in a Computer Age: How to keep your brain in shape without giving up your computer.

    Which leads me to suggest POWs (Puzzle of the Week) 🙂 Just like WOWs but for your brain.

  21. The day in the life of little Grok! Primal happy meals and outdoor fun.

  22. “What do you mean, you ‘don’t eat bread’?!” – Reintroducing Korg to his primal roots

  23. Grok Couldn’t, But You Can!

    Using modern conveniences to your advantage. (Food processors, restaurants, gyms, playgrounds,…)

  24. Primal Night Out
    Suggestions for restaurants that serve wild game, grass-fed meat and other primal goodies. (Would kind of have to be opened up so people from all over could suggest places so a comprehensive list could be formed.)

  25. Primal Book Club: What Every Grok Should Read

    It could be a BOM (book of the month) column where at the beginning of each month, a new book is highlighted and readers can then post their own reviews in the comments sections.

    1. I like this. I also think we need a monthly or bi-monthly Primal magazine. Every time I’m at the grocery store looking at the racks of magazines with their various lean and low fat recipes and articles I think, we need a magazine for Grok!

  26. “Living Primal in Middle America”

    How to work with limited fresh fruit and vegetable selections, and where biscuits and gravy rule the menu!

  27. The Proof is in the Pork Chops: Top 10 Scientific Articles to Counter Conventional Wisdom and Convert the Primal Cynic

  28. Have It Your Way: How to order a primal meal anywhere.

    You could make people aware of things that restaurants will do to food that people don’t think about, like cook in margarine, and suggest ways to order the most primal meal possible (e.g. Can I have my steak cooked in butter?)

  29. Primal vacations. Where to go and what to do (eat, drink, play).

  30. I Have to be Optimal Before I Can be Awesome

    Having patience while my body works to right itself before it becomes strong, healthy and layered in beautiful muscle and appropriate fat.

  31. How to not become old in ten easy steps.

    What to do when Carpal Tunnel Syndrome knocks.

    How to explain to unprimal friends that eating fat will help you to lose fat.

  32. Perhaps a blob post or two that addresses, under the precept of ‘bad things happen to good people’, what happens when despite having fully achieved the Primal Sweet Spot you are beset by injury, illness or disease.

    1. Yeah and how to eat while sick. You know the old saying feed a cold, starve a fever does this actually apply? Could fasting help or make it worse? And when eating what might be optimal?

  33. Primal Sides, an article highlighting tasty primal side dishes that you can take to a potluck/work function/holiday meal that won’t scare the non-Primals

  34. How Mark thinks his body is wearing, and how it will respond to the decades ahead. Will Primal really take you the distance?

  35. Let’s Network: What to look for in a primal doctor
    (and have readers comment about primal doctor names in the comments sections)

  36. Flu You! How to get over the flu, primal style

    Vaccine What? Thoughts on the flu vaccine

    Clean Freak? The best ways to clean your kitchen

    Can it: Should you can your extra garden produce?

    If you must: Which conventionally raised fruits and vegetables you can get away with purchasing

  37. “Gladiator vs. Sumo Wrestler: Training for the Primal Warrior”

    Maybe too specific, but I’d love to see any suggestions or tweaks to the Primal Fitness program for those heavily in to martial arts.

  38. “Kids Korner”

    As a stay at home homschooling Mom, fitness and nutrition for the kids is one of my top priorities.
    It could be reader submitted recipes, workout videos, and maybe a slideshow of kids “getting grokky”. I know my kids would really embrace seeing themselves on the computer, giving them incentive as ‘adults in the making’ to make the right lifestyle choices for their future.

    1. Love this…something directed directly at the kids. My son loves to read and is trying to be conscious of his food choices (he’s 7) but giving him things he could read and understand would be lovely!

  39. “Fast Food Foraging”

    Tips for finding paleo-friendly foods while eating out.

  40. “Primal roots, different bodies: How origin & environment shape our personal needs”

    I think it’s an interesting discussion: although we all agree that eating & living primally is best for health, people thrive on different macronutrient ratios and foods. Why is that the case? Could it be due to our culture, environment and the way our direct ancestors lived and ate?

  41. “Cat got your tongue?” How hunting local animals can help decrease over population

  42. Birthing, boobies, babywearing and bed: How Grokette cave-birthed, breastfed, wore, and slept with her baby Grok and why today’s modern Grok family can learn from our ancestors.

    Just imagine that by looking at the past we can: 1) reduced the 32 percent c-section rate in the United States 2) help increase the hideous short-term and long-term breastfeeding rates 3) gain muscle by actually touching our babies and not continuously using strollers, and 4) help reduce the rate of SIDS and increase bonding by safely sharing a bed with baby.

    Sounds too good to believe? That is what CW would like you to think. CW wants you to believe that as a species we can no longer birth our babies without inductions, medicines and doctor’s hands. That formula is better than breastmilk. That it’s okay to keep babies in carseats, strollers, swings, cribs and not have a constant contact with them. That babies are okay all alone in cribs even though they just spend nine months in mama’s uterus and back in Grok’s day, a baby alone meant a snack for some other species. So Grok’s listen up as we blast CW and get you back in touch with your parental instincts. ‘Cause sometimes modern man and woman needs a good kick in the arse to shake off the CW cape and go about proudly naked, wearing only the truth.

    Some good resources are at the forums on and

  43. Fru-tein: does combining protein with fruit lessen the sugar impact?

    1. I’ve wondered that, too. When my kids insist on toast in the morning, does the egg that goes with it help counteract the grains?

  44. Primal Longevity, Primal Virility or Senior Citizens are Stronger and Sexier:
    an exploration of age-related health/fitness & sexuality issues

    1. A fantastic article idea. There are 2 local-paleo minded individuals in this household and three that disappointingly have no desire to pursue that lifestyle. At least the Korgs (as outlined in the PB) try to do the right things.

    1. Very interested in this one…my father had a heart attack 10 years ago, and I’m wondering if it is safe for him to live primally…or how to without the statins

  45. Faux Cookies? Should we be Making Primal Versions of Unprimal Things?

  46. “30 minute Primal Primer”

    Basically a post that covers workouts that can be done in 30 minutes; meals that can be prepared in 30 minutes, etc. that will form the fundamentals of a lifelong primal lifestyle ensuring health and vitality in an age where no one seems to have enough time in their hands any more.

  47. Loose skin. A lot of MDA readers are slimming down and losing 100 or more pounds and having drastic body composition changes. More information about what to expect and what to do about it, or if what we have isn’t loose skin at all would be nice.

    1. I’m going to be honest, I’m afraid of losing the 100lbs I need to because of this. An article would be helpful.

  48. Primal Tex-Mex: tips for turning terrible taco treats into beneficial burrito beauties.

  49. “Vacination: Friend, Foe, or passive observer.”

    I know little aobut this topic and can’t seem to find reliable information. Everyone seems to have a massive axe to grind!

  50. First time fears – dealing with the self doubts when starting something new.

  51. Fight the Future: Why and How Groks Will Live On in the 21st Century

  52. “Soy It Ain’t So” – A definitive guide to convincing friends and family that tofu is NOT healthier than animal flesh! (seriously, it seems like everyone I know is convinced that the opposite is true!)

  53. PRIMALIZE – The Primal Compromise

    How to eat “primally” at popular restaurants that you find everywhere and anywhere – Fridays, Chilis, The Cheesecake Factory, etc.

    Have people take pictures of their primalized meals and submit pictures/descriptions!

  54. Primal Creativity: The nature and nessesity of artistic expression and story telling.

  55. Coconut butter your way to health.

    (And maybe some ideas for where to get cb in Europe)

  56. Exercise with specific injuries:

    A series of Blog posts written about how to follow PBF if one has specific injuries e.g. knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders etc.

    1. I like this. I have terrible shoulders from surgeries so some of the basic movements are difficult if not impossible!

  57. A Day in the Life of a Modern Forager… profiling modern day people living primal lives.

  58. The Best Medicine
    Losing weight and getting fit is great, but what about the other health issues it helps with? Diabetes has the spot light, but I’ve read a success story who had less noticable symptoms of Aspergers as a result of his primal lifestyle. This post can be dedicated to the numerous diseases that a Primal lifestyle can control or eliminate.

    1. This could be a great series…MS, arthritis, ADHD, common cold…whatever. So many disorders/diseases can be (at least) helped with diet change…I’d love to read more!

  59. Lots to lose, or those last few pounds, how the rate of your results will be different.

  60. How to poop like Grok. (pooping 2.0)

    Because I know for a fact Grok wasn’t sitting with his legs 90 degrees on a toilet seat. The Grok squat was used for more than just stretching and resting.

  61. Primal Hygiene In A Modern World: Do We Really Need Toothpaste and Soap?

  62. Bug spray.

    I know sunscreen is a big talking point with all the evolutionary arguments about vitamin D, but I spent an entire summer in the forested BWCAW (no need for sunscreen) without using bugspray while my crew members used it like drugs. I would love to know about the dangers and risks involved when using bug spray and if there are safe alternatives to conventional bug spray (I just kept as much skin covered as possible and waved balsam branches around my head).

  63. I still think there should be more for primal women. Call it “The Grokettes” or something.

  64. We’ve Gone Nuts!!

    Discussion about the benefits of primal nuts and not-so-primal nuts w/links to primal nut recipes.

  65. Wet & Frozen Piggies: minimalist footwear for cold, wet, winter weather

  66. The Definitive Guide to Mushrooms

    I’ve been waiting for this one for a while

  67. Being Primal and Getting Sick. It may not happen a lot but it can still happen. How to deal with the occasional cold/flu without doping oneself full of DayQuil.

  68. Sweet Tempation: how to defeat the urge to splurge

    (mainly, what types of indulgences are okay to be considered part of your 80/20, and what things you might want to just cut out entirely)

  69. Muscle UP For Winter!

    How not to let D3 levels fall too low during gloomy, sunless and short winter days.
    Be ready for the challenges of low temperatures and sparse seasonal vegetation!

  70. Where The Wild Things Go: Extreme and Primal Vacation Spots!


    What The Wild Things Do: Extreme Sporting Events or Competitions for Active (and competitive) Grokster!

  71. Given today’s prize, I’d like to see your research and scrutiny applied to the incorporation of lacto-fermentated foods into the diet. Basically, things out of Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions. I’d be really interested to know your take on fermented cod liver oil….as for a title, hmmm…

    “The Scoop on Poop: the key to a healthy gut”

  72. Weekly Grok on the Street Interview: What Primal People Around the World Do Every Day

  73. What to do when you hit a “Wall”. How to get back on the weight loss train after it has stalled.

  74. Newborns: The Perfect Primal Beings until Conventional Wisdom Comes into Play

  75. The Uberman Sleep Cycle:
    I’d like to know if you think there’s a primal notion behind the Uberman sleep cycle and taking naps throughout the 24 hour cycle instead of one big block of sleep.

  76. “Primal Under Pressure”

    I recently purchased a pressure cooker. The savings in cooking time and the nutrient preservation are very appealing. Now I need to accumulate a bunch of primal compatible recipes.

  77. Fomenting the Fermenting
    [how to make your own probiotics through home-fermented foods]


    Primal Triage
    [how to cope when life gets in the way and something’s got to give]

  78. Lots of good ideas! I couldn’t read them all, so I hope a variation of this hasn’t been said, but:

    “Body Care by Grok: Primalize Your Beauty Routine” – not beauty just as it pertains to women and makeup, but also skin/hair care, and various simple and natural items to use instead of chemical concoctions.
    “How Grokette Finds Balance” – I’ve mentioned this in an earlier comment about what I’d like to see more of: a focus on women’s health, hormonal balancing, PMS and menopause, etc.

    1. I too am interested in the skin and appearance care side of things. I’m actually just starting to take a look around myself and the internet and see what is available.

  79. “Keeping Your Primal Pet” – there are several food vendors for pets that are coming on line that offer very primal diets for cats, dogs, and other animals that should ingest corn even less than we should.

  80. the [primal] dorm room diet

    it doesn’t really have to focus on college kids – really, this can be anyone who lives in a small space with a very limited income and only a small amount of room for kitchen gadgets.

  81. chicken soup for grok’s soul…

    i haven’t had so much as a sniffle since going primal, but winter is coming and i spend a lot of my days traveling from one infected school to another. grok must have gotten sick, and sore…so how do we recover when our bodies give in to sickness?

  82. Spotlight on successful Primal Athletes, including barefoot/Vibram runners. What professional athletes have adopted Paleo principles and what are the results, as compared to conventional training.

  83. “Primal Winter Footwear” – For those of us that live in places that are cold, snowy, and slushy for 6+ months of the year.

    -A Minnesotan

  84. Primal eating and its effects on women’s hormones (especially during perimenopause and menopause).

  85. Saturday Night Alive: Primal eating guide to your favorite restaurants.

  86. I’m Doing Everything Right – So What’s Wrong? Fat loss for Women over 40

    1. I totally didn’t see this one b/4 posting mine which is quite similar. (Really into this idea though as a mama to my lo!)

  87. You stole my “scoop on poop” so hoe about:

    Grok on the fly – How to improvise a primal workout anywhere

    Being a person who travels for work I find that I can’t always get a workout in. Or could I? Improvised exercise equipment, especially pull ups, would be an interesting article.

  88. lift ’em up or strap ’em down: primal breast health and sprinting

  89. How can Grok maintain or regain his physical prowess after being injured or maimed?

  90. Indoor Plants.

    Sure it’s great to be outside as much as possible, but unfortunately most people spend the majority of their time indoors (even more so in the winter). What types of plants, how many of them etc. help with indoor air quality … especially in sterile office work environments.

  91. Grokette goddess: was she really lean and ripped or was she fleshy but strong?

  92. Shopping Sprints: How to buy primal food without spending too much time or money

  93. Functional Fitness: Fast and Free!

    I think People in general will love to hear that they don’t have to work out for at least 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week. And they don’t need any stinkin $19.95 dvd!

  94. It Was a Dark and Stormy Era: a serialized novel of Grok and his world.

  95. Grok’s Midnight Munchies: The Truth Behind Eating Before Sleeping

    CW says that anything you eat before going to sleep will be stored as fat. What is the truth, if any, behind this notion. Or what types of food best(if it even makes a difference) to eat later at night.

  96. How about a regular recipes feature called “Becasue Bacon Makes Everything Better…” followed by whatever bacon indulgent recipe we get to enjoy.

    “Because Bacon Makes Everything Better: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus”

    “Because Bacon Makes Everything Better: Bacon and Mushroom Meatza”

  97. Cardiovascular disease: How to live primal and still dodge the bullet

  98. “50 Ways to Leave your Blubber”

    (List of one line primal rhymes)

    The problem’s all inside CW, he said to me. The answer is quite easy, you just live life primally.
    I’d like to help you in your struggle to be healthy. There must be 50 ways to leave your blubber:

    Just slip in the fat back, Jack.
    Put your barefeet on the land, stan.
    Get of the gym, Jim,
    and just walk away.

    hey, it sounds like fun to me!


  99. President Clinton’s New Plant-Based Diet a Good Step in the Right Direction

  100. Too late for the contest, but could you do a post on body aches and pains?

    I’ve experience increased muscle aches on PB, even though I should be well past the low carb flu. I keep seeing others mention it on the forum with few good answers. I’d really like to find out about the cause and/or cure.

    Could it be something weird like carbs have a narcotic effect so pain is more noticeable when they are reduced? Not enough protein? Not enough calories? Toxic crap leaving the body?

  101. Pregnant and Primal: Balanced nutrition for my baby?

    So I cleaned my cupboards, now what?

    A little cheating never hurt… right?

    Primal for the Holidays: How to stay Paleo and Eat With the Family

    Fall off the Paleo Wagon? Get back on!

  102. “Head Trip: Overcoming your eating disorder so you can live a primal life.”

    “Baby steps: How to get off the couch and turn your life around one step at a time.”

    I’m rather surprised that there aren’t other people on here who mention over eating disorders. I find that mine has been crippling every time I try to start this program. I’m sure that many of our 100+ to lose readers have the same problem.

  103. How to combat sinus infections. Have been Primal for nine months, but ended up with another sinus infection, resulting deafness and debilating vertigo. No drugs used, again. Just saline washes with Nettie pot. Help!!

  104. How about: To WOW or not to WOW. If your work week is wiping you out should you push yourself to workout anyone or lay off a little to mitigate the stress response???