Contest: Title Twisters

The Prize:

Organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef jerky, dried mango, roasted and salted macadamia nuts, marcona almonds and dried cranberries, all conveniently vacuum-sealed into perfect serving sizes and delivered directly to your front door? Umm… yes please! And don’t forget Primal Pacs have no preservatives, grains or gluten, so they’re perfectly Primal.

The lucky winner of today’s contest gets 25 Large Primal Pacs. Retail value: $160.

Bonus: Use promo code “mda” for free shipping. Good for only two days.

And all you have to do for a chance to win is…

The Contest:

Have a topic, subject, or good idea for a blog post on MDA? Now’s your chance to suggest it. In the comments section below, leave a title for a future post on Mark’s Daily Apple.

That’s pretty much it. Tell me what you’d like to see covered on MDA with just the article title, and do it with as much creativity and cleverness as you can.

Each title submitted counts as one contest entry. Five entries per person are allowed.


Any U.S. resident. Sorry worldwide readers. Most countries prohibit import of meat products.

The Contest End Time:

September 23, midnight, PDT.

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

I’ll pick a winner and will use submissions for future MDA article ideas.

To track all the contests visit the 2012 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Contest Page for daily updates.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. Hardest thing I’ve found with being primal is discussing it with others!

  1. Pathetic Non-Primal Prying into Persistent Primal Parenting


    Getting Grandma to Grudgingly Give Grok a little Gredit (that’s Credit) 😉

    1. .. crop hunting, shoplifting, free coffee and social assistance

    1. +1

      I’m in Chicago this weekend so it seems like a fantastic idea! And I’m leaning towards moving to Austin in october!

  2. As a Physical education teacher I think it would be great if you talk about Primal fitness for kids as a program in school.

  3. Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Illnesses… How do we deal with them primall?

  4. A Crock Pot Contest!
    Reader created recipes (perfect for fall weather).

    1. YES! I second that. I am always on the hunt for crockpot recipes- so nice when the whole family is gone all day!

    1. Bone broth with two crushed cloves garlic, wakame and a forkful of miso stirred in.
      Followed a bit later by lemon, garlic, ginger and 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne in hot water, honey to taste if you’re a bit of a wuss then early to bed.
      Wake up feeling a million bucks.
      Hasn’t failed me in five years, not even once.
      Eat as usual and repeat if necessary.

  5. Special Diets: Primal eating with other dietary restrictions (such as renal diet, etc.)

    Complimentary Colors: How/Whether various antioxidants work together

    Where to Hunt and Gather: (Reader-submitted?) Profiles of the Most Primal-Friendly Restaurants

    1. I… uhhh… like to slaughter stuff. Only for nourishment or if they deserve it.[blush, to look polite]

  6. How to hit the hay early (when your significant other won’t turn off the tv/lights)!

  7. #number# ways you may be inadvertently sabotaging your Primal lifestyle

    1. Yeah like reading MDA comments all the time…
      Love you Mark & Carrie! : )

  8. Make the Mooo-ve (From Cow’s Milk to Sheep): Exploring Novel Dairy Sources

      1. Be charitable and please a permanent couch potato? Yeah.. something else I’m guilty of. She got me drunk and I was desperate so it was a fair trade.

  9. Adrenal Glands. The affect of coffee, alcohol and/or even ejaculation has on Adrenals. Theory is that transformative breakthrus won’t occur without healthy Adrenals.

    1. I can assure you this: if a raccoon is in a tree and you climb after it, it will probably climb out along a branch hoping you won’t follow. You can then shake this branch, causing it to fall out of the tree. Raccoons are tough though so it might able to run away before you climb back down.
      And possums can be easily stomped to death. Well, it might take quite a few stomps, but eventually the skull will break. After that they can be kicked around like a football.
      I really should have eaten that possum.. and it really shouldn’t have bitten me when I didn’t do anything threatening. Stupid hostile varmints.

      1. I once stomped a squirrel’s head in on the street in front of a bunch of strangers. The first stomp shattered its skull and the second one kind of flattened its whole head. I had shoes on so it wasn’t that much of a.. mean feet.
        It was lying there mangled with its tail twitching, I suppose hit by a car, maybe it fell out of a tree onto the road.
        that was just a couple days after holding someone’s head and staring into his eyes with a caring expression on my face as he faded, after his girlfriend stabbed him near the heart, partially over a fight over a bottle of alcohol, after I encouraged her to pour me a bunch of that alcohol… it feels good to get that out.

        1. I might sound like a pathological liar but I tell the truth here. Maybe with a bit of estimation and generalization. My semantics might not be spot on but I don’t bullshit.

  10. Grok in the Wild: How to eat primal for extended backcountry trips

    1. If smoking is as bad as sitting, can I blaze while standing?

    1. The best one yet. Absolutely genius. If mark does not tackle this one in 2012 or early 2013 then you can bet that I will!

    1. I really want this one! Can we finally dispel the myth that people put razors in apples?

      1. Last year I had some candy, but also had pencils, erasers, silly bands, stickers and temp tattoos. I’d say 75% of the kids went for the toys, esp the silly bands! The pencils were probably the least popular, tho.

    1. You can freeze them, it kills the bacteria that cause odors 🙂

    2. I just throw mine in the washer and dryer, they come out perfectly un-stanky!

  11. I am curious to know whether there is an validity to Earthing. I sounds cool but very hokey yet I have become much more open minded these days. You have a great talent for distilling the truth of things to the extent humanly possible.

  12. The Primal Business Traveller: How to Stay Primal on the Road, in the Air, at Meetings, and in Hotels

  13. How to eat food
    (Basically, for various fruits, vegetables, meats, when should you peel or skin, when should avoid the seeds, pits, ligaments, bone, etc, & why)

  14. Primal Babies: when rice cereal doesn’t come first…or ever!

  15. “Just Hanging Out” – I’ve been messing around with a new pair of gravity boots and I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the ancient practice of Inversion therapy.

  16. The evolution from Grok to today: How and when grains entered our diets.

    Would be interesting if it included comments on the biblical references to bread.

  17. How to get healed from CFIDS with primal Lifestyle.

    I am from Germany, if i should win, send the stuff please to “The good Badger”, he will surely appriciate it.

  18. F.U.D.: Primal confidence in a modern world

    Helping lead a SAD horse to primal water

    The primal need for music

    Yin and Yang: Working as a geek, but living as a Grok

    Wide open: How to remove the “rev limiters” from your life

    1. I would read any and all of these. Even F.U.D. What’s FUD?

      1. FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. I didn’t know either and went to There were 20 definitions. This one, in various formats, was listed 6 times, making it the most common, and it fits with the title listed here.

  19. Primal life in the military (especially while deployed). I am in the Marine Corps and currently deployed. I have been primal for almost a year. I find it difficult to do eat right while deployed. Our chow halls serve mostly good food but low quality and cooked in all the wrong things. I give up when we have to eat MRE’s because there is hardly anything good in those except tuna. The physical aspect of this life matches pretty close…its the food that is the problem.

    1. ^This- I’m sure there are plenty of paleo men/women deployed and at the mercy of what’s served, that would glean some quality info from a MD post.

      Brad’s out of the country but can’t we hook this guy up with some primal snacks while deployed?

  20. Living Primal over 70
    Heart Heathly Primal Living
    Natter about Nattokinase

  21. Groktivism: Steps you can take to defend real science and promote healthy public policies

  22. The Definitive Guide to Sex (I just finished reading Sex at Dawn and would love to hear your take on it. How do you think Grok’s sexuality affects us today?)

  23. Persuading friends of primal power (and turning them to the light side)

    Layman’s guide to cholesterol

    Living primal in school

    The prospect of never eating cake again

    Willpower of grok

  24. Primal Poops: What Goes On With Our Digestive Systems When Going Primal (i.e.: constipation, increased frequency, etc. and what it means)

    1. Sure would like to know how to treat those things w/o pepto or miralax!

  25. Am in the UK but boy, do those look good! Good luck to everyone entering.

  26. Primal Aging: How PrimalBlueprint enhances the ‘senior’ experience.

  27. Tips on Living Primal without Breaking the Bank

    Primal Portioning for the Grok-ess

    Primal Planning: How to plan your Primal schedule for success!

  28. How to be primal when you also have to be on prescription meds

  29. Primal Beauty: Keys to Primal Skin and Body Care

    I would be interested in seeing a post on the best self-care routines for skin, hair, etc. that don’t involve using harsh chemicals! For example, I just recently learned about oil cleansing and it has changed my skin for the better only after just a few treatments!

  30. Primal Eating as a Family: How to bring your children over from the dark side

  31. I had just opened a PrimalPac when I saw this contest. I love them. They are my go-to snack when I am out of the house. I used PrimalPacs on my trip to a vegetarian retreat in Oregon this summer (contraband!). Now I need to think of a great subject title for MDA.

  32. The Primal Passport: How to eat Primal in (foreign country).

    The idea would be to highlight the various kinds of foods and dishes that other cultures/countries/cuisines are famous for, that are naturally Primal or could be Primal with few adjustments.

    1. You know, I’m betting there are enough international readers here on MDA that this would make a great series of guest-posts!

    2. Love this idea! As a world traveler, I would love to know what Primal eats one could find in countries that are known for their high-carb cuisines (e.g. Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, India)

    3. This would be a great Primal Contest (with a prize that could be sent internationally)!!

  33. So many good topics here.

    Ideas for talking to my teenage/young adult children about the benefits of Primal lifestyle

  34. Birth Control and the Primal Lifestyle (a discussion of different birth control methods and their effects on the body, and what is the most/least primal)

  35. How about:

    I am primal.

    When I feel like (specifiy way)

    I eat more/less of

    to restore myself to vibrant health.

    In other words how do I balance myself by tweaking my primal diet and other habits.

    We could and should make this into a pamphlet or book.


  36. Making a Primal Holiday (user recipes for primal holiday meals)

  37. Primal is a Journey ~ Not a Destination: Just as you vary your workout routines to avoid muscle memory, increase reps & difficulty, you should add variety to your Primal diet.

    something like that 🙂

  38. Nudging to Nourishment
    -Basically 3 to 5 steps/ideas (most bang for your buck) of how to bait and hook someone into going primal =)
    My version of this is typically telling someone to try cutting all grains for a week or cutting all sugar for a week.

    Grok on ________
    -A series of articles on how the body responds to different food/drink. I think women’s health (or some other womens fitness mag my wife reads) has a similar concept telling what happens to your body 30 seconds in, 5 min, 30 min, etc

  39. Again not eligible, but here’s one I really want to see:

    “Primal/Paleo: Fad vs Fiction!”

    There are a lot of variations on the paleo theme at the moment and ‘everybody’ is trying to get in on the act with some twist on the basic paleo diet. What’s real and what’s hogwash? (It may not be good to be scathing about somebody else at this stage, seeing as the community is very small and everybody knows everybody else [even though that doesn’t stop some people], but there are a few extreme ideas, e.g. cooking temperature and speed for meat)

    1. Please please yes! It does seem like a lot of people are claiming that paleo can mean whatever you want it to- and while I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to appeal to everyone I also think it is getting harder to sift through to find the ideal. Not having the time or willpower or money to stick to it 100 percent is something nobody should have to apologize for- but it would be REALLY nice to know what paleo/primal means anymore since everyone is saying different things right now. This would be a fantastic and timely article!

  40. Taste the Rainbow (but w/o the sugar rush): Why are fruits and vegetables different colors, and what do the colors mean, and why are we attracted to them?

  41. With the elections on the horizon, how about something relative to preserving our ability to eat as we please? Raw dairy, GMO labeling, etc. Not to start a political debate (plenty of those around this time of year), but some of what I see worries me. In 30 years (the time the charts show to be my expiration date), will I still be able to find grass-fed beef?

  42. Turning your Primal passion in to your Primal paycheck… tips on starting your own business/career.

    Sorry if that means more competition for Mark, but I see so many who post that really have something special!

  43. “Is there a Primal Doctor in the house?”

    Subheading: The need for a fully trained and qualified Primal GP

  44. “The _____ [insert any popular ethnic cuisine…Korean, Mexican, Chinese, etc]Primal Kitchen”

    Obviously, it’d be nearly impossible to review the entire pantheon of a specific culture’s cuisine, but maybe the post could review: common non-primal ingredients to consider, primal ingredients that are used, suggestions on where to procure, good online resources for recipes, etc etc.

  45. The Apple for the Tree: Avoiding Dietary Obsession and Maintaining Focus on a Good Life

  46. What’s your definition of Broke?

    {Some people need to feel “broke” in order to fix themselves (i.e. diet, exercise)and while they feel no blatent symptoms (tired, IBS, infertility) their body is still ailing on SAD. A coworker, with all her fat clumped around her middle, and her teeth are literally falling out, says I feel no reason to change. Clearly we have differnt definitons of “broke.”
    It’s hard to say “more meat for me” and watch others suffer. }

    Ignore or Encourage. Either way, how?

    1. Darrel, I think you’re right. I micro-manage. Wow. Lightbulb! Ok. Shutting down Micromanaging system. Engage system Enjoy! Commencing Now!

  47. Are Genetically Engineered foods making eating Primal a thing of the past?

    I gotta say, GMOs scare the shit out of me.

    1. Ooh, I like this one! My brother is Type 1, and sadly when he was diagnosed (at 2 years old) is when my family really started eating a lot more processed foods since it was so much easier to anticipate how his BS would react.

  48. Body Building on the Primal BluePrint

    A Weekly Shopping List for The Hunter/Gatherer

    The Complete Guide to When and How to Eat Eggs

    Is It Primal (Who doesn’t love these posts!?)

    Explaining the Primal Blueprint to Your Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw Food Friends

  49. The complete guide to:
    convincing your child’s teacher/principal/day care that those homemade huaraches are actually good for their feet.

  50. Gut-Gurgling Grok

    (what to do when going primal makes things worse)

  51. A post aimed at younger people (I’m in college!) and how to deal with pressures from less than encouraging family and friends

  52. Lots of Groks: Converting your family and friends to the primal way of life.

  53. 1. Primal Prego? What All Grokettes Need To Know

    2. Holiday Hunting …no Reindeer Harmed

    3. Fermented Foods and Gut Flora

    4. Is the Primal Lifestyle Too Expensive? This May Surprise You

    5. The Truth About Primal Cats and Dogs

    1. I think my wife (and myself for that matter) would second this notion

  54. Head vs. Heart: Forming & breaking emotional attachments to food.

  55. From zero to hero – how to transition from complete couch potato to sprints

    How young is too young to start wearing a loincloth – raising little Groks

    Rice baby food and other poisons to avoid to get your kid ahead from the start

    Goosebumps: random things our bodies do and why they do them (examples: hiccups, goosebumps, yawns, autoimmune disorders)

    Grok in the Apocalypse: how to forage for foods in the woods

  56. How to move beyond the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule has kept me from really getting the results I want. I know this is all on me but maybe some ways to move past this plateau and not take the 80/20 rule too literally.

  57. “No Better Day” like the present to go start your fit & healthy lifestyle…

    No reason to wait for the new year, or after your frieds wedding or after the long awaited vacation

  58. Primal Example: How to teach, not preach, the Primal lifestyle

  59. Virginal Vitamins vs. Synthetic Supplements

    (are whole foods supplements more easily absorbed or is it a gimmick?)

  60. Marathon, not Race: How to avoid getting bored with your Primal lifestyle.

  61. Primal Christmas: Gift Ideas That Can Give a Subtle Nudge Towards A More Healthy Lifestyle

  62. Doctor Grok

    So when Grok got back from fighting off a sabertooth tiger, what did he use to treat the wounds.

    If Grok caught a fever what did he do to bring down his temperature.

    Plants, Herbs, and other natural remedies that empowered Grok to fight another day!

  63. I like the “Primal Pacs” informative section on “Grass Finished” food items:

    “Lower Fat: Grass finished beef is typically lower in fat than normally commercially raised grain fed animals….50% less saturated fat…this results in a healthier product for your consumption.”

    Really? Similar contention from Egglands Best Eggs with 25% less saturated fat due to quality feed.

    1. Second the crock pot recipe post. I would also like to see other quick and easy recipe lists, like: A Week of Primal Lunches, A Week of Primal Kids Lunches, A Week of Dairy-free Primal Desserts, A Week of Breakfasts with No Eggs.

  64. “Yes We CAN”…How to preserve food at home.

    “GROK ROCK”…the physiological effects of music.

  65. WWGD? What Grok would do in these situations


    Not losing weight with the Primal Blueprint? Here’s why not and how to start losing again.

  66. How going primal/ having a primal transformation transforms a middle aged person. Differences if you are older and more sedentary to start with and have never really been super healthy.

  67. Restoring Gut Flora

    A series about gut health would be awesome especially since so many of us suffer from gut issues even on a Primal diet!

  68. How to persuade an elderly person it is worth giving primal a shot- especially when they are very set in their ways.

  69. Grokbook

    How did Grok relate to…well his fellow Grok? Did he tweet a photo of his latest kill? Did he post a picture on his Grokbook of his new squatty potty (e.g., hole in the ground)? Did he get hit by a buffalo while texting?

    Inquiring minds want to know….

  70. The Downfall of Civiliazation: How to be prepared for the Inevitable… Really.

  71. The “Primal” Convenience Store — making the best choices when IF’ing isn’t possible

  72. Most important things to make primal for kids….and any good websites or articles geared towards primal eating/lifestyle for kids, and teens.

  73. Primal Fruit: An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away… but 10 Apples Might be a Problem.

  74. Primal tips for the teen athlete

    Would you rather. . .?: (Two foods discussed in relation to one another with reasoning for picking one)

  75. Dress Me Up in a Tutu, Spank Me, and call me Uncle Sam: How the USDA Royally F***ed America and What to Do About It.

  76. Light Some Candles, Break Out the Coconut Oil; Primal Play Moves to the Bedroom

  77. Bigger,yes…Stronger,sure..but SMARTER? How modern man stacks up against Neanderthal.

    GMO…OMG! The known dangers of genetically modified organisms.

  78. “Snack Attack”
    What are some good primal snacks to keep at the office?

  79. Promoting Paradigm Change: How YOU can tip the scales of national health in favor of the Grok lifestyle.

    ex. consistently buy grass-fed beef creates demands and trends in our local economy…etc,

    anything we can do in our daily lives to better the health of the nation/worldwide.

  80. Flubbing Fitness in the Fall??- How to stay motivated as the cooler months sneak upon us.

  81. No Hibernation for GROK – How to Move, Sprint, and Lift Things in the Winter

  82. Practical Ways to Fight the Candy Culture
    subtitle: How to take out the sugar without taking out the fun.

  83. How to convince your doctor you’re not killing yourself via bacon!

    And with apple season just around the corner:

    Which apple will keep the doctor away? (profile common varieties of apples and explain which are best for primal and why)

  84. Analysis of mold toxins in modern foods (specifically, evaluating the Bulletproof Executive stuff)

  85. Grieving Like Grok

    Or How to Get through Grief Grok Style

    Or What to Do When You’re Too Damn Sad to Move

  86. “You Grokin’ to me?”
    How to share the primal lifestyle with non believers

  87. When is a Treat not a Treat?
    subtitle: When it happens everyday!

    (I’m talking about holidays, birthday parties, snacks, classroom math projects (skittles? really?), play dates, grandma’s house, rewards, soccer snacks, baseball snacks (alternate title: Will kids really die if they play a whole soccer game without a snack?)…)

  88. A Primal Thanksgiving: Giving your extended family a tasty primal experience

  89. Getting Worked Up to Work Out: Timing Sex for Maximum Testosterone Levels

  90. Does a primal diet work for Type 1 diabetics? and Why, when on a low carb diet do type 2 diabetics blood sugars still peak first thing in the morning

  91. Entropy.
    Explanation: Maintaining a balance and staying well rounded. Attempting to specialize a wide array of abilities at an even pace.

  92. fish oils versus essential parent oils – who said the body has a poor capability to convert EPO into EPA and DHA? what if the body converts exactly as much as it needs and we are clinically overdosing on EPA and DHA by taking fish oil supplements? how else would have nations in central europe without access to sea stay healthy for millenia if they needed to eat seafish? that would negate evolutionary theory. never mind the prize, i am fm europe.

  93. Primal Prepping…for those who like to have food storage in case of emergencies like natural disasters or economic collapse that causes mass chaos. Must have at least a year of food storage per person.

  94. Grok’s Doc–When to See the Doctor, how to find a primal one.

  95. I would like to know how to gain muscle weight through following a primal life.
    What are some tips that you would suggest can help people like me that has a hard time gaining weight. I’m 18 years old.

  96. Experimenting with Primal Living: Finding The 10,000 Ways That Won’t Work

  97. How to reduce your cholesterol numbers (even tho we don’t care about them as much as CW)

  98. Losing weight the Primal way

    (My family and I went primal about a year ago and haven’t lost a thing other than our urge for non-primal foods)

    Primal Campers (Food to keep you going all weekend)

    (We are going camping this weekend and are bringing our little one. Trying to think of primal camping snacks other than beef jerky since we don’t like it much.)

  99. Primal Grunting: What your partner’s sex sounds tell you about their ancestors

  100. Furry Feet: How to Go Primal in Public When You Have Hobbit Hair Down There

  101. The Primal Birthday Party for Kids, at Home and School

    Seriously. If the teachers knew how much the sugars were disrupting their classroom, they would outlaw all the carbs and sugars.

  102. The Ultimate Warrior (Pose): How Yoga Fits Into the Primal Life

    Throw the Book at Them! Pitching Primal to the Pundits

    Live Long, Grok On: How to Introduce Baby Boomers to Primal Living

    Grok Didn’t Have Pink Ribbons: How to Live Primally During & After Cancer and Other Diseases

  103. Picking Perfect Primal/Paleo Products: A Guide On Reading Nutritional Labels And Understanding What’s NOT Printed.

  104. The Science Behind the Scale: My Pants Are Lose but the Scale Hasn’t Budged and Other Oddities

  105. Primal Parents: Convincing Your Aging Parents to Get Healthy

  106. What’s the primal stance on the efficacy of supplements such as tribulus, ginseng, longjack, arginine, and ornithine? Thank you!

  107. post primal success – now what to do about loose skin and stretch marks

  108. Primal Winter: How to keep moving when the weather makes you want to hibernate

  109. Differences in health benefits between Folgers and organic coffee…any point spending the money?

  110. 1) Primally Pregnant – How to survive pregnancy while living primally.

    2) Raising your Progeny Primally – How to raise your children to thrive in the primal lifestyle.

    1. I meant to say…

      How to Convince Your Mac-n-Cheese Kids to Eating Primal

      1. Third time is a charm (and I think I got the grammer correct!)

        How to Convince Your Mac-n-Cheese Kids to Eat Primal

  111. Your Grok Elders: the “natural” parts of aging that aren’t so natural.

  112. Play in the City

    Primal Comfort Food – Beyond Milk and Cookies

    Sneaky Little Bastards – When Food Additives Hide in Plain Sight

    Freezer-Friendly Primal Meals

    Desert, and Other Primal Indulgences

  113. Your other half is considering primal: What you can do and say to help them make the leap into a primal lifestyle!

  114. Sunshine: how to make it part of your life even if you work in a cubical!

  115. Primal Eats during Pregnancy: which primal foods provide the best nutrients for the mama and growing baby?

  116. The effects of over fertilizing our yards/parks. I have no say when the local park sprays the grass and it bothers me. What is it doing to the ground water, our health, and the animals who live in the soil. I want to run around barefoot but I get freaked out with all the chemicals.

  117. The Definitive Guide to Convincing Your Teenager to Go Primal
    (Please – I could really use this guide!)

  118. “Is Grok a conservative or liberal?”

    Perhaps a survey and analysis of political affiliations of primal/paleo folks.

    1. This would actually be pretty interesting if it could be done in a non-hostile, all-inclusive way. My guess is that this is probably a diverse group politically speaking.

  119. Grok Docs: The Skinny On Primal Living – a starter for physicians with Primal patients.

  120. And Grok Said, “Let There Be Light.” – A Winter’s Guide to Getting More UV Love


    Primal Holiday Guide – How Grok Would Survive Feasts, Family, and Diet Fall-Out

  121. Effective Fat Burner, training and exercise tips for becoming more efficient at buring fat for fuel

  122. Primal/Paleo for Vegetarians! How Everyone Can Benefit from Primal Living!

  123. Primal Beauty: best skin care, hair care and make up that fit the primal lifestyle

  124. Germinating Realistic Outlook Keenness

    Great Resistance-Overcoming Keys

    Gratitude Related Outlook Keynote

    Getting Ready for Omega-6 Kickers

    Guide to Regulating Optimal Ketosis

  125. Prebiotics, Probiotics: What the heck? (all about them and how to get them)

  126. Making Primal Work for You–How to be primal in your career

  127. In a modern world, Is it possible to shift from relying on science to trusting your primal instincts…and if so, how?

  128. “WWGD?”. (What Would Grok Do?). How to be primal in non-primal situations!

  129. Say it, don’t spray it: How to approach primal topics without being a Miss (or Mr.) Primal Preacher

  130. This or That? Primal Choices Dining Out

    Primal Children: Do they have different needs?

    Primal Adolescents: What will benefit their hormonal shift?

  131. Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth :: Informed decisions vs. conventional medical advice.

  132. Eating & Identity: What’s your dietary orientation?

    Or: How Does Your Eating Orientation Define You?

  133. Beef Jerky- in all its meaty glory. Recipes and different drying technics.

  134. I’d like to see an article about women over 60+ who are doing the Primal life and how it’s going for them. Do they have to take hormone replacements, like your wife does or are they losing weight, gaining energy and getting healthy without that.

  135. You And Me Baby Aint Nothin’ But Mammals. How to express your inner-animal sex drive and overcome social norms for monogomy.

  136. 1. How To Tell You’re Family They’re Doing It Wrong
    2. Being As Primal As Possible With Limited Resources
    3. How To Explain To The Non-Fat Crowd The Benefits Of Full Fat
    4. Fast Fasting
    5. What Is The True Difference Between Paleo and Primal?

  137. A Primal Primer: The Grok Pot

    How to stay primal on the run

    How to get that A+ in Primal 101: A College/University Student’s Guide to Being Primal

  138. 1. Red Neck Paleo Cookdown

    2. Ultimate Paleo Banquet Feasts

    3. Top Caveman Game Meats

    4. Ultimate Paleo Adventures

    5. Ultimate Paleo Kitchen Tools

    cheers !!!


  139. Primal Pick-ups. When clubbing her in the head isn’t acceptable these days, how to get her in the sack, caveman style.

  140. Whole-wheat Primal Pasta Recipes.

    Meatless Low-Fat Primal Canola Oil. How to eat more of it than ever.

  141. Primal Primer: Overview of Hunter-Gatherer societies and their varied diets. Do Macros Really Matter?

  142. Primal Pals: Meating Local Groks!

    (see what i did there) hehe

  143. Primal Preschooler and Barefoot Babies…Successful Grok Family Stories

  144. We don’t need no grains and sugar
    We don’t need no
    No dark sarcasm in grok world
    Hey you, leave Twinkies alone!

    ok that aside, how about some tips on dealing with family and physcian friends that are looking for peer reviewed journals to prove that this is not just another fad diet.

  145. Primal Batch Cooking for Busy Groks- making all your meals for the week in one day. How to shop, prep and carryout this task

  146. Why PrimalPacs are the Best Snack EVER (seriously, I had a sample at AHS12, and they ROCK)

  147. Primal Kids

    Primal Crockpot Recipes

    When you are primal and your spouse is not.

  148. Primal Party Planner. Be the life of the ho-down with these Primal adapted cocktails, appetizers, and party favors.

  149. “TOYS WERE THEM”….toys that don’t require electricity.

  150. How to deal when you are primal and the rest of your family is not.

  151. Prime Time in the City

    (a collection of primal activities to do in that after work moment)

  152. Get up and Grok: relating to movement first thing in the morning

  153. Campfire for one: Cooking Primal in a single-member household.

  154. Gluten free grumbles: Why some people get hungrier when they first remove gluten from their diets

  155. Savannah to cubicle: When you can’t stand, here’s how you should sit.

  156. Convincing others to go primal
    How to navigate a non-primal household
    All work and no play makes Grok a dull boy
    Sneaking others into primal
    Primal Manhood: The Role of Men in a Primal Household

  157. What to do when your spouse is out to sabatage your primal ways?

  158. Primal fitness with physical limitations.

    Guest posts from physically challenged people on how they exercise, stay fit.

    More “Ask Carrie”.

    Guest posts from women about women’s issues.

  159. Primal stock pile: How to store foods
    (Things like the material your tupperware is made out of, reheating plastic, freezing things)

  160. Are You Smarter than a Caveman?
    – why foods and gadgets that certainly would not have been around for our ancestors can be healthy additions to our lives today

  161. Pollution puzzler
    What is air/light/noise pollution doing to our health?

  162. Eating in accordance to natural seasonal and geographic food scarcity

  163. I would love for you to cover the topic of older women and weight training. How heavy to lift to avoid having to have surgery for things “falling” from lifting too much.

  164. GROK FLASHES : Bioidentical hormones for primal people that live 40 years past meno/mano pause??


    I would like my bones to carry me thru till 100!

  165. Positively Primal: how to talk to others about the great changes in your life without sounding judgemental.

    Grow your own goodness: Gardening and gathering for the most nutritious foods. From container gardens to farmettes…

    What do primal people do with all their extra energy?

    Portable pleasures: ideas for foods to take “on the go” whether to work, or on a trip or hike…

    To eat, or not to eat: scenarios that we meet in real life, how to choose the better foods. (At a party, at a restaurant, at friend’s house, etc.)

  166. hmm i wouldn’t mind learning more about insulins opposite glucagon

  167. I think a series on Primal ways to deal with currently common health problems would be great. I know that the Primal lifestyle overall helps deal with most of them (cholesterol, heart disease, etc) but having posts for specific issues could be great.

    Something like…Primal Remedies: -insert ailment here-

    Possible ailments could include mental illnesses (depression, etc), cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases; pretty much any ailment that people might be looking to alleviate specifically and would like to concentrate on over and above just living Primally.

  168. How to go Primal in a small town:not too many stores with primal options.

  169. Primal Living for Each Season (for those of us in areas of the world with four distinct seasons)

  170. A new series called: “The Lesser of Two Evils.” Basically, compare two ingredients that the primal community knows they are detrimental to health and weigh in the “better” ingredient if one had to choose.

  171. You=Primal Family=not Primal
    So what’s for breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?

    1. You=Primal
      Family=not Primal
      So what’s for breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?

  172. primal help for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  173. did grok graze as he walked along or did he save what he gathered for a big meal later?

  174. Healthcare Providers and the Primal Life: a Nutrition Discussion

  175. All I eat are vegetarians: Getting back to our paleolithic roots.

  176. Making Womb in the Cave: How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

  177. Primal Brushing – Smile like Grok… well, kind of.

    Acidicted – How acidic foods affect human health.

    Sodium Chloride, Sea Salt, and Potassium.

    The primal Deca – The 10 most nutrient dense whole foods.

  178. Primal snacks for teens that complain about everything in the house being primal.

  179. Tips for Hashimoto’s and Low Thyroid conditions for People who want to live the Primal Lifestyle

  180. I would love to see a blog post that would give advice on how to approach going primal when you have a roomate that does not want to follow that same path.

  181. Primal Systems – ways to automate your primal lifestyle, aiding compliance when switching to it

    Primal Pairings – a primer on food and flavor matching to give a framework to work from to build meals, rather than discrete items that may not mesh well

    Pretty Primal – perhaps a bit focused on the Grokettes of the world, but branching out from the personal hygiene posts you’ve done, a post or series of posts on make-up that is least damaging to skin/health

    Primal Penny-Pincher – challenge to spend the least amount on primal foods over the course of a week, to help disprove the ongoing belief that primal has to be expensive

    Primal Pros – a series on high-level athletes following a primal or mostly primal lifestyle

  182. Primal Persuasion – sharing the blueprint wisdom without coming off as a complete quack

  183. The Art of Autonomy – 10 Ways to Take Control of Your Health Today

  184. Hormone Harmony – How to keep the balance and What to do when you’re out of whack (Acne!)

  185. Primal Pals – 10(0) Primal activities to share with your friends

  186. Grok Soldier: How to be primal while serving the country under the stress and malnutrition of war

  187. Primal Pick-me-ups – 10 things to do when you’re falling off the wagon

  188. Sustainable Grok: How primal living fits into the sustainable movement

      1. Primal for kids: do they still need/benefit from non-primal stuff?

  189. Although I can’t participate, I would like to see a post about eating according to your ancestors according to region and time of migration. Or maybe some way we can figure it out on our own. Anyways, an attention grabbing title would be: “I got cassava in my veins” or also according to what they Taino ate “Whats for dinner? A big ass rat”

  190. Grokking The School: integrating primal principles into the playground and the cafeteria

  191. Primal Scholar: Primal living through college career (university dining, getting all the school work done while slow living, and minimizing negative effects of alcohol)

  192. Medieval Thirst Quencher: How to primally prepare mead or brew beer

  193. Primal Farmer: When, where, and how to grow your own produce

  194. Foraging for Fungi: A Primal Guide to the Humble Mushroom

    I would love it if this covered foraging and eating

  195. Goal: a Primal menu for elk hunting 10,000 ft up in Colorado’s San Juan’s. Cold. Snow.Fun!
    Replace over carbed diet, crummy snacks, etc.
    5 days
    5 guys
    5 miles in and out
    On foot
    Hauled in by Backpack, cart or toboggans depending on weather

  196. I would love to see a [Carrie’s comments] blog post once a month or so.

    I love you Mark but I would also love to get a woman’s take on products, cooking and life in general. xoxo

  197. Mentally convincing yourself that this is a way of eating for life. Learning to love yourself through this journey!

  198. diets of historical characters like alexander the great, king tut, socractes, hannibal, george washington, buddha etc.

    1. I would read that, definitely. The first thing I think to myself when I think of historical characters or interesting people is: “I wonder what they ate”. It has nothing to do with whether they are/were healthy or fit: I am always very curious about that!

  199. Physical signs of insulin resistance/too much sugar in the diet

  200. Less brain, more gut: being primal with your feelings for emotional health

  201. fall recipes using apples and pumpkins and how to ferment them for winter/spring enjoyment

  202. primal in a modern world-wide how to put the primal into your lifestyle and find time (I know you have lots of tips, but a really good concise article ob time management and eating out and work and family and everything

  203. The lady grok-weight lifting, nutrition and weight loss for the better half

  204. local lard- tools for finding local meat, oils, and produce, as well as primal seasonal eating

  205. if i count my calories while primal…they are lower than the calorie counters suggest…what does that mean?

  206. 1. Meat and Greet: How To Form Your Own Primal Tribe
    2. Survival Skills — Maintaining The Primal Lifestyle During An Economic Crisis
    3. Fukushima Fears: Are Almonds, Prunes, and Wild-Caught Salmon Still Safe To Eat?
    4. Grok Abroad — How To Stay Primal (International Style)
    5. Is It Primal? — Sake (Rice Wine), Durian, Bosintang (Dog Meat Soup), and Other Foods Scrutinized

  207. counting calories while primal…they don’t add up. am i too low in calories?

  208. Sticking it to the Man! How to eat primal at Americas top corporate food chains and fast food restaurants. (Or top 10 specific meals to order when stuck in a situation when you have to eat there)

  209. Music as a basic, primal, need for human survival: music as play; music as a therapist; music as a ritual; music as a, dare I say, spiritual augmentation tool; music as a teacher for the soul.

    Just what makes music so essential? I know, a mountain of a topic, but I think it is 100% Primal.

    Grok on and Happy Thursday.

  210. What Should You Do When You’re Not Hungry But Haven’t Eaten Enough?

  211. Primal Poop: What Caveman Converts should expect at the Commode

    Grok at the Office: A guide to sun, exercise, and rest for the 8-5er

  212. “The Definitive Guide to Reactive Hypoglycemia”. Oh, please and thank you!

  213. Lymph nodes: Your little cancer-fighting buddies that you know nothing about

  214. 1. the primal airport?
    2. Grok goes to the gym
    3. Would Grok today “go green?”
    4. Primal in the City

  215. How to make a difference.

    I want to teach people how to live healthily and make people reconsider their conventional wisdom notions. I am a nutrition major atm and im already experiencing how tough a road it will be

  216. The benefits of including Chia seeds to your daily intake.

  217. The politics and hidden agendas of the mainstream food, health and nutrition industries – How did it go so wrong

  218. Primal fitness for the truly out of shape: how to get moving without getting hurt

  219. How many Groks can you fit on Earth? – Primal living for everybody vs. resource demands and sustainability

    (I can’t participate, but I think the topic is worth discussing.)

  220. Primal Chicken and Waffles.

    What’s the best way to make waffles? Coconut flour? Almond? Ablend of different flours?

  221. “Talking to your teenager”

    I’ve got two very smart kids. On in high school and an 18 year old in university. They think I’m nuts. My daughter thinks I’m in a cult. But they are very very Smart! I believe I just have to plant the seed of doubt to get them to consider a diet change. So far, I’ve failed. My spouse may never come around. He supports the grass fed meat and diet for me. But he will NOT give up bread and soda pop. So the kids have it as well. I want to convince my kids most of all. They don’t see a lean, athletic woman when they look at me. They see crazy mom.

  222. Primal aging. Despite my attention to primal eating, the last couple years have resulted in a slight excess in my belly. I eat well, exercise enough, and yet the gut creep is here. I’ve never even gained weight in this area before, what gives and what healthy changes can I make?

  223. How to Convince Someone that Going Primal is Crucial for Longevity. (Especially when they suffer no ill-effects when consuming grain/sugar.)

  224. Knowing Primal/Paleo is the healthiest way to nourish our bodies and how to stop denying it!

  225. Self Sufficiency in Todays Primal World; tips on growing and storing for harsh winters

  226. Playing with macronutrient ratios – or Is there a place for safe starches?

  227. Primal Vitamin Needs; Based on Available/lack of Healthy Food Sources

  228. School lunches: Letting Go of the Sandwich; A Guide For Little Groks

  229. True Life: I’m Grok

    (a week in the life of Grok, his meals, his workouts, his rest and activities)

  230. Hypothyroidism & Primal

    I’ve been eating primal for 2 months. The 80/20 rule has been used! Sleep and exercise still need work but I feel so much better; fog is gone from the brain; I’m no longer hungry every minute of every day. But I haven’t lost an ounce. Could synthroid be a factor?

    1. Just to give my input, if you’re really looking to lose weight, I recommend going as close to 100% as you can manage and not be in the 80/20 mindset.

  231. Primal Hygiene

    Pre-mastication for Infants

    Responsible Grok, Steward of the Land: How to Minimize Waste

    On the Benefits of the Yak.

    Polyphasic Sleep Cycles

  232. 1) Go Paleo
    2) Kaveman Kids
    3) Eating like a caveman when in the middle of fight, flight or play.
    4) Packing Paleo
    5) Convenient caveman

  233. You’re Overthinking It.

    Primal Hibernation: What to Eat and Do in the Winter.

    “Pretty Much Primal” — How you might be undercutting your progress.

    Primal Purity: How much does it matter?

    Adaptogens: Did Grok use them?

  234. Is there an APP for that?. Assessing current status, tracking fitness goals, meals, exercise…

  235. Why should we eat Primal? (kid-friendly)
    How to help your kids to eat healthy.

  236. Womans topic: Eating during that time of the month to both benefit the body and from WOD recovery

  237. Eating Smarter. The effects of the paleo diet on your mental health.

  238. Primal Celebrities…Are there any out there besides Mark Sisson?

  239. What to do when weight/fat loss doesn’t happen after several months of following the plan.

    1. I was pretty strict, but the weight did not come off until I gave up dairy. I wasn’t eating much of it, only butter, whipping cream in my coffee, a little cheese or Greek yogurt daily. I gave up all that except for the whipping cream, and lost 10 pounds in two months.

  240. *number* things you really do need medicine from the doctor from

  241. 1)Glycerin in tooth paste. Is it bad?
    2)Joint pain, workouts & menopause.

  242. Raw vs cooked veggys (fiber, (enzymes?) vs nutrition)

    The significance of being Primally Cultured, Cultured Foods that is.

  243. Ready-to-go, after-school (or soccer or dance or . . . ) paleo-snacks: fuel for the cave children.

  244. 1. Cooking for Kitchen-Phobes: How to plan and plate your primal meals (minus the cortisol spikes)

    2. Sugar Burner or Sugar Addict? What to do when “will-power” isn’t enough.

    3. Going Live with Primal: Tips and Tricks for Minimizing Pain and Withdrawal for the first days and weeks of primal eating

    4. What’s Up Doc? What you need to know about finding care in today’s medical industry.

    5. It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World: The Reality of Vegetarianism

    PS: I LOVE the Paleo Pacs, super yummy and great fuel for road trips. But, the shipping does tend to add to the cost… than you for the coupon!

  245. 1.) The Power of Purpose: How to Attach Meaning to your Life

    2.) Public Speaking in an Evolutionary Context

    3.) Lying in an Evolutionary Context

    4.) Paternal Caregiving: Dads Are Moms, too

    5.) How to Please your Non-Primal Neighbors

  246. “How Idle & Primal Truely Complement One another”. With a little common sense, of course

  247. Introducing: The Primal Health Search Engine. Kind of like a web MD, but for the results of primal living/eating on various medical conditions. Certain topics such as hypertension are pretty easy to search for on your site, but there isn’t a lot of information out there for lesser-known topics. It would be neat to be able to search for a disease/condition and to find a list of, say, any applicable research articles, links to forum threads on the topic or primal journals on the topic, etc. It might help bring together individuals with similar health concerns and help those that are wondering about specifics (beyond the primal basics) that would work for their conditions.

  248. While some of the previous topics (such as fat burning and exercise) have been covered well, I would love to see more specifically about women’s health.

  249. New Age Caveman Vs. the City: How to stay primal in modern life.

  250. Grok at the Office: A Series on Primal Survival in Corporate Culture.

  251. Simple Steps to Surviving the Primal Lifestyle (Steps #-#)

  252. Do We Come into this World with a Preordained Destiny, Genetically Speaking?

  253. Bad Bark: Tips and tricks on food consumption and lifestyle habits to combat allergies.

  254. How to switch people to Primal lifestyle without them know.

  255. Pre-Packaged Primal food. A post about some of the best choices (like, for instance, Primal Pacs) for eating on the run without sabotaging your primal lifestyle. Maybe include restaurants as well, but mainly I’m thinking snack packs, nut bars, and other prepackaged foods you can buy to keep in your purse/backpack/whatever for when you get hungry on the go.

  256. Hopefully these topics and titles titillate your brains:

    1) Humoring Humor
    2) Is it Primal? Parkour pros and pitfalls
    3) Alkaline balance and consumption
    4) Definitive guide to daily chemical exposure
    5) Lessons on primal life from children and/or pets

  257. Me Grok…You Grokette.
    The benefits of going Primal for women.

  258. Throw me a Bone….Promoting the Primal lifestyle with family and friends, or good ways to get others off the sugar fest.

  259. Primal Fitness for People with Physical Difficulties

    (e.g. flat feet, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, etc.)

  260. The Moral and Ethical Implications of Diet: How Dietary Choices Affect Your Potential Children and People You Will Never Meet

  261. Taming the cravings: When you really, really, really just want a whole pizza
    (aka, this is what I am struggling with at the moment)

  262. How about an “Anthropology 101” series…

    Anthropology 101: What does current scientific evidence tell us about Grok?

    1) Dietary evidence from our human ancestors.

    2) Social structure and living conditions of ancient humans.

    3) A day in the life of Grok and Grokette: What do we really know?

    4) How dietary choices contributed to the downfall of early societies (Mayans? Egyptians? etc.)

    5) Coming full circle: Can we learn from our past mistakes?

  263. Posture: A Straight Up Guide to Skeletal Alignment, Performance, and Pain

  264. Why does coffee make people have to go go go and can this mean said person is intolerant to coffee like gluten?

    Kinda long but important!

    1. I know that coffee is a natural laxative but this happens to me with just a couple of sips! And it never ever produces a ms. Ideal.

  265. Top 10 fun adventures for primal meat-up groups

    There are hundreds of these through with more always being created.

  266. 5 simple and efficient ways to starting a fire from scratch

  267. The top 10 primitive skills you should have in the modern world (and how to master them)


  268. How to primally venture out on a one week backpacking trip

  269. Primal and eating disorders. Can it be used in treatment? Can it become too much of an obsession, turning into orthorexia?

  270. MS- cause and treatment

    Primal teen living under CW

    The growing movement

    Dealing with CW parents

    Proctalgia Fugax- the unknown pain in the butt

  271. “What’s the matter? Are you all sugared up?” Ten signs you have too much sugars in your diet……

    The line comes from the movie Polar Express
    It is used by the boss elf when another elf messes up on the job. I use the phrase to tease my grandsons when they show signs of too much Poor eating Choices. They laugh and get the point.

  272. Work, Stress, Hobbies, and How Art Appeals To Your Primal Instincts

  273. Time Heals All (Most) Wounds- Think Rationally And Save Money On Sports Medicine

  274. Fall Fashion-Primal Wear! Feel Good In Your Clothes At Work And Play! Textiles, Fibers, and Furs for Modern Groks.

  275. Feeding the non-primal friends/family primal “full-fat” food: does it cause more harm than good with their high-carb diets?

  276. Food For Thought: The Evolution of Communication and Food. Eat right to think clearly.

  277. Don’t Lose Your Mind Going Digital! Maintaining Motor Skills In the Modern World

  278. Groktober: pumpkin carving and how to incorporate the residual flesh into primal recipes.

  279. Primal versus Paleo: The differences reasoning explained. eg why does primal say it’s okay to eat high amounts of animal fat when Paleo thinks animals never got any fatter than 15% body fat therefore palaeolithic people never ate much animal fat.

  280. Primal Pets: Should Your Pet Eat Primal Too? — What “cavedogs” ate and where to hunt for it today

  281. 101 Easy Grok-Pot recipes
    Persistence Hunting: A How-to Guide
    Yamming It Up
    So Easy a Caveman Could Do It (Recipes for when you are becoming one with nature)
    and because everyone loves puns, Grokamole and Veg (a post that would have a recipe for guacamole and things to eat with it.)

  282. This Post Left Blank Intentionally:

    No content, just a friendly reminder to get off the computer and go outside.

  283. Stress and the Single (or not) Woman: How relationship stress affects hormones, health consequences of stress, and what to do about it.

    Fermentation Culture: history and/or biology and/or how-tos of fermented foods

    When You Cannot Trust Your Gut: Digestive disorders, causes and treatments

  284. Primal Camping


    Grok in the Great Outdoors: How to Camp Primally

    I would like to see both warm and cold weather camping covered, as well as camping in bear country. I’m in Alaska, and it seems pretty hard to carry around bacon and eggs in the fall when the bears are desperately trying to fatten up for winter! (Stereotypical camping for everyone I know is oats, rice and beans, pasta, etc.)

    Don’t know if this has already been suggested, or if it’s already been discussed on the blog…

  285. Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Initiative- a Step in the Right Direction?

  286. How to trick your husband into being Primal without his knowledge or consent.

  287. Why some nutritionists attack the elimination of food categories (grains and legumes), and why they are wrong.

  288. Meatless Mondays: Missing the Kill
    What Would Grok Do if he didn’t bring home a big, meaty kill one night? Did our primal ancestors really eat meat daily, for every meal or were there days limited to leaves, nuts, berries, etc between hunts (and naturally-imposed fasts)?

    I’ve always wanted a Vitamix or a Blendtec for making epic salsas and nut butters, and turbo blenders like those are famous for liquefying any amount of green matter into a delicious vitamin-packed beverage. Regarding the role of green smoothies in a primal diet:

    Sipping Your Salad: would a modern Grok take greens to go?

    Maybe if Grok had a Blendtec on the Monday he missed his buffalo, he would grab a coconut, some edible greens, and some fruit and whip up a smoothie?

  289. Primal Living for College Students

    pretty self-explanatory, though I’m mostly curious about sleep habits, stress levels, alcohol consumption, and social interaction.

  290. Primal Breast is REALLY the Best!

    Primal vs SAD breast milk. Unique needs of nursing moms: calories, macro/micro nutrients, etc. Can rapid weight loss feed toxins to the baby?…

  291. The importance of Magnesium: The right Calcium to Magnesium ratio

  292. This little piggy went to market….how to shop for and find good quality pork

  293. When health does not=happiness.
    When women should adjust their diet.

  294. How Did Mamma Grok Do It?: Primal Approaches to Pregnancy
    (discuss things like the Alexander Technique, Bradley Method, Waterbirthing, etc.)

  295. A shot in the dark!

    I’m just taking a shot in the dark that most primal individuals don’t get the flu shot. What about their kids though? What about your kids? Do you vaccinate them partially, all the way or not at all? Thanks for considering my question.

  296. pHantastic pH: How important is it to maintain alkalinity on the Primal lifestyle?

  297. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to approach your primal goals.

  298. * Insomnia and Sleeplessness: Causes and Primal Remedies

    * Our Favorite Cookbooks Outside of Primal Focus

    [Though, I don’t mean NON-Primal cookbooks; I mean cookbooks that contains Paleo recipes or at least a lot of them without actually being focused on the primal diet.]

    * Factors that can Inhibit Muscle Growth, and What to Do About Them

    [Directed towards strength-builders.]

    * Put Aside Muscle: How to Grow Your Brain

    [Primal brain development.]

    * Primal Chutcuterie

  299. Till Primal Do Us Part: How to Negotiate With a Non-Primal Spouse/Partner

  300. Reasons why someone would still suffer bouts of hypoglycemia after going fully primal.

    *Sorry if this has already been suggested.

  301. Cortisol, Caffeine, and C-RP

    I’d like to understand cause and effect and the also the relationship with high blood pressure.

  302. Carrying the Wait (weight): Why people stall their fat loss intentionally.

  303. Primal weight loss: how women can move past the plateau without IF

    Diabetes and Hypoglycemia: Can going primal change your life?

    Becoming a fat burning beast while overcoming hypoglycemia

    Sleep: How a good nights sleep can last all day

    Eat, sleep and be merry: the power of a good nights rest

  304. Primal living on the go – how to plan to live primally in a modern world

  305. The Primal Mind: Managing Mental Illness

    Focus on depression, bipolar, and anxiety.

  306. How to Brew Your Own Alcohol Easily.. this one would get hits upon hits!