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Contest: Share Your Success Story

The Prize:

An entire year’s worth of my top-shelf multi-vitamin-antioxidant, the Primal Blueprint Damage Control Master Formula [1]. And what the hey, I’ll also include a year’s worth of Vital Omegas [2].

The Contest:

Beyond the informative, MDA is also a place where people can go to find encouragement and inspiration on the road to better health. And nothing inspires better than example. If going Primal has improved your life, great or small, now’s your chance to share it with hundreds of thousands of people. Make and upload a video sharing your Primal success story. Maybe you’ve had a life changing success such as dramatic weight loss, a body transformation, or the reversing of type 2 diabetes. Or perhaps you’ve simply had a successful day like finally grilling a perfect steak, achieving your first pullup, or nudged your stubborn aunt to start taking what she eats seriously. Whatever your success story is, share it.  The video doesn’t have to be long, a minute or two is fine. Nor does it just have to be a talking head, if you want to show how you’ve transformed your backyard into a Primal garden, or show us something you can do now that you couldn’t do four months prior, go for it. No points off for thinking outside the box. And don’t forget to say your name (or nickname/handle) and tell us where you’re from!

The video needs to be an original video made for the purposes of this contest. Title your video “[Your name’s] Primal Blueprint Success Story” when uploading to YouTube.

Upload your video to YouTube and then email me the link [3]. I’ll publish select videos on Mark’s Daily Apple at the end of the month. Include the words “Success Video Submission” in the subject line of your email. Otherwise, there’s a good chance I may completely miss your submission.

The Deadline:

September 28, midnight PST. A week and a half.

Who is Eligible:

Anyone in the world can win this one.

How A Winner Will Be Decided:

Video submissions will be posted on September 30. The Worker Bees and I will choose a list of finalists to be voted on by readers.

Fine Print:

MDA reserves the right to publish and/or edit any videos submitted.

Visit the 30-Day Challenge Contest Page [4] to find out which contests are still open, and to view winners.