Contest: Share Your Struggle

The Prize:

Hunks of grass-fed meat, raw nuts and dried berries all conveniently packaged together: If your struggle during the first week of the 30-Day Challenge was finding healthy snacks or Primal meals while on-the-go, Steve’s got you covered. The lucky winner of today’s contest will receive two Steve’s Club Samplers ($32 each) and five Grass-Fed PaleoStix ($30).

Bonus #1: Use promo code paleokitmda for a 10% discount through the month of September.

Bonus #2: 15% of the proceeds go to support Steve’s Club National Program to bring CrossFit and nutrition education to at-risk teens in cities across the country.

The Contest:

It’s been one week since the 2011 30-Day Challenge began. How are things going? Well, I hope. While I know many of you are already seeing and feeling the benefits of going Primal, I imagine there are those of you out there that are finding the transition to be less than a walk in the park. And why not? Decades of bad habits and poor eating don’t get reversed overnight. So today I’m asking you to share any struggle you’ve had in the last seven days of this challenge. Did you have a tough time kicking your usual bowl of morning cereal? Was the sandwich platter at your company meeting speaking to you? Were you unable to muster up the energy or willpower needed to attempt a Primal Blueprint Fitness workout? Big or small leave a comment below expressing your struggle AND how you plan to go about overcoming said struggle, and you’ll be entered to win the prize above.

Check back tomorrow when I’ll be attempting to address many of the common stumbling blocks you list in today’s comment board.

The Deadline:

September 19, 6:00 p.m. PST. Only 9 hours to participate in this one. (I need a little time to put tomorrow’s promised article together!)

Who is Eligible:

Any U.S. resident that faced some sort of hurdle or stumbling block in the first week of this challenge. Sorry worldwide readers. Most countries prohibit import of meat products.

How a Winner is Chosen:

A random drawing will be held among all entrants.

To track all the contests visit the 2011 Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Contest Page for daily updates.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Well, my goal was to try to get more sleep. I’m finding it difficult to properly wind down and get to bed at an earlier hour. It’s obviously not hard on the weekends, but during the week I have a more rigid schedule. There are only so many hours in a day.

    1. I’m having the same problem. Sunday nights seem to be the worst; I go to bed running through my to-do list in my head. Tonight I’m trying yoga after dinner to help clear my head.

      1. Ditto. My next goal is to spend the money to get some curtains that cut out all light. Hopefully that’ll help. I also plan to go back to doing Sudoku right before bed – for some reason that puts me right to sleep! It takes just enough brain power so that I can’t run through lists in my head, but not so much that I don’t get sleepy.

        1. No!!!! You need the early morning light to get your circadian rhythm right! Once its on you’ll simply wake up at a decent hour and get tired earlier. This coming from a guy that used to sleep from 4am to 12 noon. Now wake up with no alarm 7-8ish. If you are waking up too early and haven’t started getting to sleep earlier take a nap. Natural sunlight and primal diet/exercise have resolved all my sleeping (and subsequent drinking) problems

      2. Alisha – I definitly reccommend yoga. If you have iTunes, you can download yoga podcasts for free. I highly reccomend the YogaAmazing videos. They have one called Yoga for Anxiety which I find to really help clear the mind before relaxing and going to bed. Check it out!

    2. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is my challenge as well. It was difficult one of the week nights last week since I’m a baseball fan and my Detroit Tigers were trying to clinch the division and playing in Oakland. I had it set to record on my DVR and just went to bed earlier so I could get my much needed 8 hours. What has helped most is not even turning on my computer once I come home from work.

    3. I travel a lot for work, 2 or 3 nights a week, and though I get reimbursed for meals, and it’s tough to stay Primal on the road.
      One of the things I’m experimenting with this week is making my fatty-protein-veggie shakes ahead of time – I fill up 3 or 4 pint jars (think your mom’s canning jars) and pack them in a cooler with me. I can pop them in the fridge at the hotel, and breakfast and lunch are taken care of!

  2. My struggle this week has been my motivation. 🙁 I’ve been really good nutrition wise and have gotten in a few walks after work, but didn’t maintain the momentum I had when the weekend came. I’m so ingrained (pun intended) with “quick fix” diets even though I KNOW this is a WOL not a fix.

    1. Ah, forgot the action plan! My plan is KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) One meal, one day, one activity at a time.

  3. My struggle is a half supportive household. High chance of cross contamination and presence of primal junk/cheat foods(dark Choc covered almonds, Terra chips, Coconut ice cream etc)

    1. My struggle is the opposite – how to not be a hassle for the rest of the family who is not on this journey. I hope to set the example and then push for change using myself as an the ‘test dummy’.

    2. I have the same problems. I have a vegan and a exchange student that just move in. I am juggling cooking two meals.

  4. My struggle this week and over the coming months is the feasts that are, and will continue, to happen over the next few months.

    My plan is to analyze previous similar situations where I have caved, work out what the triggers were and rehearse in my mind my new strategies.

    This weekend it worked. I was hosting a non-primal party and I had to sit there and watch other people eating all these carb-laden foods. I had offered some berries along with all the other stuff and just ate those. I also made the shift from *food* to *connection* as the main part of the event. It was purely a mental shift.

    1. If you like them, put out some good olives. That’s what I do at parties and they’re always a hit. Last time we hosted we did olives, nuts, berries and veggies for snacks and no one seemed to care there weren’t chips, pretzels, etc.

      The “connection” shift is so true!

    2. Luv the image and mental switch of “the connection” concept… great take away for me! thanks!

    3. Try carrying stevia. I watched my friend order a delicious bowl of strawberries and shake some stevia on them.. add a bit of cream … and pure heaven.

      1. The more I read about carbs, processed oils, sugar, etc., the more revolted I become when I see those types of food. From someone who has dieted for over 30 years (since I was 12), this is an unprecedented change of heart. Thinking this way makes it much easier to bypass all the carby, sugary, oily things that once would have controlled me.

        I think this means I’m becoming a fanatic!

    4. I just think of all the internal proteins they are glycating by those carbs, and wonder…why would anyone want to age and sicken themselves if they knew better? I make “hot chocolate” with unsweetened (undutched) cocoa powder, stevia, and a splash of cream or coconut milk) – better than any “carb”!

  5. My struggle this week was that I travelled to Philadelphia to do a race. I was hit with temptations from my home-region (sticky buns, ice cream, pretzels, etc).
    I navigated the minefields of gluten and sticky, sugary buns. However, I did give in and have an ice cream shake.

    My plan for the future? I was disappointed by the flavor of the shake, actually, which will make them easier to avoid in the future.

  6. My struggle was working in a day to sprint. It for some reason seems more difficult than lifting. I’m putting it in my calendar right now to ensure it gets done.

    1. Nick, I was also concerned about finding the time to sprint. I had no plans on Sunday, so tested it out. From the time I got up, dressed, drove to track, did workout, drove home and showered, it was only 1 hour total. The sprint workout doesn’t take long (and the track is only 2 minutes away). All in all, definitely doable on the weekend.

    2. Found long ago that I prefer bike sprints. I love spinning and take 2 classes a week – one I go easier in and enjoy the companionship and the other I go all out.

  7. I’ve been struggling with my activity levels since summer has ended. I really want to implement a quick and easy body weight exercise routine at home as opposed to a gym workout.

    My plan is to exactly what i said. Go to the basics and keep it simple!

  8. My struggle this week was coming down sick right on top of a large, pre-planned dinner get together. I gave myself permission to indulge at the dinner, but avoided almost all gluten and grains. I still probably overdid it on the sugars and carbs, and it showed in the scale, but I’m feeling better in terms of illness and ready to get back on the bandwagon.

    For the future, continuing to search out primal options at group get-togethers is key.

  9. My struggle was my family wanted pizza on Saturday night. I did have a big salad, but I also ate some pizza. To overcome this struggle I went grocery shopping yesterday and got all primal groceries, lots of good meat and veggies!! Last night I made stuffed peppers using grated califlower for rice in the filling.

  10. I struggled to navigate a 6 hour flight without dipping into the bags of chips or sugary drinks offered on the flight.

    1. I overcame the struggle by bringing some good paleo foods, i.e. Jerky, olives to tide me over.

  11. Having been somewhat of a Primal eater for a few months, I bout PB and read it quickly and excitedly and jumped in with both feet about two weeks ago (before I knew there would even be a 30-day challenge!) My biggest challenge was surprising to me- sleep. I worked for two weeks at adjusting my mind and life to let myself rest and get a full 8 hours of sleep. It has been revolutionary! For the past three days my sleep schedule has been off and I see how it affects all aspects of my life- from eating to exercise and mood. I am thoroughly sold on letting my body sleep!

  12. EMPTY ENERGY!!! My 1st week struggle was having enough energy. I teach Elementary P.E. and am going all day. Prior to the challenge I was downing 16oz. Monster energy drinks (1-2 a day) and having plenty of soda(3-4 a day). Once those were gone and my higher carb count, my energy levels dropped quit a bit. I still drink coffee, so I made a glass to bring to school and drink it chilled around 1:30 in the afternoon. This still didn’t help much. Over the weekend I felt like I finally had plenty of energy, so I cleaned house, mowed the lawn, and helped a buddy move. Oh yeah, and worked out. I am starting to feel better. I love the primal lifestyle, and on a great note I have lost 6.6 lbs in the first week.

    1. Try using coconut milk for “quick energy” it is good in iced coffee. Also, matcha (powder) with coconut milk is great, and maybe a packet of vit/trace minerals. I like electrolyte stamina (an Emergen-c type product).

      1. Ditto on the matcha … I add it to other herbal teas with great flavor, or add some vanilla or cinnamon or both. I love, love, love the smooth flow of energy it gives me all day. It’s really green! and not cheap, but wonderful stuff. I’ve never tried add coconut milk to it Deb – I’ve give that a try. Sounds yummy.

  13. My struggle is that I just started a new desk job and I haven’t been able to get outside during sunny hours for my daily D.

    I think I can get around this by eating my lunch a little quicker, bringing gym shorts, and taking a walk during my break. I just wish I could savor my lunch AND have ample time for sun.

    1. You can just eat your lunch outside. There’s nothing that says you have to be moving to absorb your daily D. Find a nice place to sit and enjoy your lunch while soaking up your D.

      I trick I’ve also used lately since it’s been so nice out is if I have a meeting with someone, I ask if they want to go meet outside and get some fresh air. I found most folks love the idea and now they have been suggesting it. Outside meets are now a new fad at our office.

  14. This Primal thing is a struggle for me and my wife, but one that (hopefully) is getting easier as time goes on.

    I’m a city councillor in my city, and there are a lot of events where I have no control over what is served. As someone who enjoys partaking, it’s been tough – and as someone who enjoys a pint or two at the end of the day, it’s hard to pass up a few drinks with friends. It’s become very much about being conscious of what is coming up, what the social schedule says, and trying to decide what is going to be 90 and what is going to be 10 (I’m aiming for 90/10 instead of 80/20).

    To be honest, it’s been a lot harder getting back to primal than it was getting into primal. The hardest part now is KNOWING what is good and what is isn’t – then I live with the knowledge that if I buckle, I’m hurting myself and my health. Maybe that’s a good thing, but it makes the weak moments difficult to bear. But those have become fewer and more far between.

    Struggle number 1 right now is getting in a workout – I have two jobs (and a 3rd ‘job’ that I don’t get paid for, but is equally as important) plus trying to be a dad and husband on top. I think I’m figuring it out, but the workout is generally the thing to fall by the wayside. I’ll keep at it, because I know that’s what’s best for my little guy.

  15. My hardest thing during this challenge was this past weekend when I had a sports event for 2 days in a row. Typically everybody is always eating after a race, and there are a lot of noodles and baked goods for fuel. I am proud to say that I did not eat any of it (and my only slip-ups, which were still Primal, were to eat some fried rice and some nuts). Looking forward to being 100% Primal this coming week and lessening up on the exercise that I was doing to train for this event.

  16. As I mentioned previously my biggest challenge is incorporating fitness as I have some fears to work through about leaving the homestead which can cause some pretty bad panic attacks.

    After posting about this in the forums on my journal however, someone had mentioned hula hooping which I can do in my own back yard! I’ve spent the last few days learning about how to make my own hula hoop and I’m hopefully this will help.

    My second hope is that continuing along with this way of life/eating will help with the panic attacks allowing me more freedom of movement both physically AND mentally. In the mean time, I’ll be in the back yard with my white homemade tube trying to move more then I did yesterday which is more then I can say I’ve done for the last decade.

    1. Hi Lilyheart, one trick I’ve used at home is getting an over the door chin up bar. I got one that easily fits over without any screws. I’m not very good at chin ups yet, but I try a few everyday and feel myself getting stronger. As I walk through the door with the bar I always pause and do a quick pull up or just hang there with my body weight and my abs tensed for a minute.

    2. Lilyheart, you could also grab a jump rope and some simple weights. Take up yoga at home, there’s lots of DVDs and online videos. Any calisthenic-style exercises can be done at home: sit-ups, push-ups, squats, what-have-you. Jumping jacks. Burpees.

      A lot of what I do is at home, so don’t despair. Just be sure to keep moving. 🙂

    3. Hi Lilyheart, I am so happy you are checking out the hooping. It is so much fun!

  17. I started back to school and am in class two nights a week. My struggle was coming up with things to eat myself and feed my husband for dinner. I depend on leftovers a lot for breakfasts and lunches, so I ended up with several meals where I really didn’t have anything to eat. I stayed primal, but my meals left something to be desired (beef jerky and a pear, anyone?) I cooked up a batch of chili this weekend and froze it in individual servings to keep us fed for the next couple of weeks. My goal is to cook extra meals each Sunday until I get a good rotation of meals going for school nights. I would love some ideas for additional freezer-worthy primal meals.

    1. I also like to cook big batches of primal and low-carb foods, then freeze in individual servings.

      I’ve had a lot of luck with chili, bigos (a braised, Polish “hunter’s stew” with sauerkraut, veggies, and tons of meat) and ensalatrada (braised shredded pork shoulder mixed with spicy green salsa). The best thing about these is you can eat them stand-alone, or quickly fabricate some side dishes to go along with them.

      One of my favorite recipes is this mediterannean stuffed eggplant that I make (see:

      I prepare double or triple of the spiced meat filling, and freeze it in 2 cup portions. Then, I’ll break it out when I want to use it and serve it over fried onions and peppers, or stuffed into tomatoes, eggplant or peppers and baked. I’ve actually used it in a pinch to stuff little mushroom caps for a get together, and it was the hit of the party.

    2. Do you know that MDA has a free download of reader created recipes (good photos, also)? Just do a quick search and it should pop up. A lot of paleo’s rely on the crock pot. I had some nice pastured pork, just threw it in there with some liquid smoke. Planned on “doing something” else to it, but it was fantastic just as it was.

  18. My greatest struggle is convenience. I want to grab easy food, which usually isn’t any good. I’m overcoming it by just telling myself to “suck it up, buttercup” while giving myself good planning – like cooking up everything on Sunday, etc.

    1. Do you live near a Trader Joe’s? Some of their “convenience” foods are perfect: lamb and organic beef that just has to be gently reheated. Sliced real turkey breast, frozen wild salmon at reasonable prices that can be gently poached, even if you haven’t thawed, a chopped salad ( 8 healthy blend, includes lots of cruciferous veggies), etc.

  19. My struggle is my social life. A lot of time is spent with friends, either entertaining in my home or going out places. On Friday night I had a movie night and we ordered pizza, and yes, I wanted pizza, but I ate a salad and instead of beer, I had a whiskey on the rocks (Segrams dark honey whiskey, btw? GOOD!). Last night at book club 90% of the stuff I couldn’t eat (chips and hummus, bruschetta on toasted bread, spinach dip, cookies, etc) but I made myself a plate of a couple small chunks of cheese (gouda and blue, yum), had a spoonful of strawberries and the paleo pumpkin pie I brought.

    Honestly though, the hardest part seems to be explaining to people not just what I eat, but WHY I eat what I eat. And if I hear one more time “but whole grains are good for you!!” I’m going to shoot someone 😉

    1. I found it easier to just say I have developed an allergy to Gluten and most grains. People are so brainwashed by CW that mentioning a disease will shut them up… until my friend said but “don’t they have a pill for that”. Oh boy.

    2. I recently hosted a movie night as well. I made sure that the food I served was so tasty that folks didn’t even think “where’s the pizza.” I had hot wings and sweet potato fries and instead of popcorn, I made a big bowl of kale chips.

  20. My struggle this week? Finding out that I don’t do well even with fruit sugars. Cut out all other sugar, including honey. That wasn’t hard at all, as I have been eating plenty of meat and fat.
    BUT, I tried having LaraBars and dried fruit as snacks a couple of times. I ended up overeating and feeling lousy. Got crabby as well.
    The fix for my problem? Nix the fruit sugars as well and stick with eating what helps me think and feel better.


    1. Laura–I made myself a Larabar-type dessert on the weekend and had to force myself not to eat the whole thing (It was soooo good!). The worst was when I gave the kids a taste and then they wanted more too. Somehow we made it through the weekend with some left over for today.

      Sugar is my biggest struggle. I sell raw, organic honey and it is hard when I get it on my fingers not to want to lick it off! 🙂

      Some of my tips to make it through–remember how I felt when I overate sugar (headaches, insomnia, bloated, tired). Also, I pray to the universe to help me through. At moments of desperation, that always seems to help.

      Oh! One last technique if I am at a social event and I really, really want to indulge in the sugar–I simply remove myself to the washroom, close the door and do some deep breathing/praying. Sometimes that reprieve is all I need to strengthen my resolve. Plus no one ever asks why I had to go to the washroom so there is never any awkwardness about providing an answer as to why I’m not eating certain foods. 😉

  21. My struggle was to resist the cake and pizza at my daughter’s fifth birthday party. I made a big bowl of broccoli/raisin/bacon salad, and kept my plate full of that to help resist the urge to cheat.

  22. Couple of struggles. One is my energy level. I’ve been getting at least eight hours of sleep for a while now — as in several months — but I’m not as energetic as I’d like to be. This struggle kinda plays into my other one: sprints. I like sprinting, but it takes a lot of energy for me to want to sprint.

    I’m going to stick to the sleep schedule in the hopes that getting my diet lined up will eventually help with my energy levels. And as far as sprinting is concerned, I’m going to start slowly, really slowly, and build up.

  23. My struggle has been sugar; I don’t keep candy in the house because I eat it if it is there. My husband bought some halloween candy and was eating it in front of me. So I’m going to have a talk with him tonight because my self control is poor and right now I just can’t have it around me.

  24. It’s a tie between my social calendar and self control. Socially, the temptation is refined carbohydrates and alcohol.

    Even at home though, it is knowing when to stop eating, even Primal foods!

  25. For me the struggle has been overdoing dairy and not having enough veggies. It’s been easy to fill up on yogurt, whipped cream, and fried cheese, but I was seriously lacking energy. So I got a cart full of leafy greens and no dairy at the grocery store yesterday! I’m already feeling better.

  26. My struggle this week has been resisting the desserts that were left over from my wedding. Grandma’s amazing cookies are there staring me in the face. Delicious gluten/sugar bombs that can easily derail me.

    1. First, Congratulations Jacob! Now, take grandma’s cookies to work and leave them in the break room without looking back. This way you won’t feel guilty for throwing them out and your co-workers think you’re being a nice guy, when you’re just trying to get rid of temptation!. 🙂

  27. My biggest challenge this past week has been making sure to keep the menu interesting. I have been eating 95-100% paleo for about 6 weeks now, and I am finding myself in a rut of eating meat and a green vegetable every dinner. The kids are really starting to get bored.

    1. Have you tried paleo pizza? There is a really good recipe out there for cauliflower crust pizza (google it). This fools even my highly suspicious daughter!

      Also, my family really likes stir fry and thai coconut curry. They are good for you, and definitely paleo.

      I have two recipes I created that are pretty good (Chinese Stir Fry: and Cashew Chicken: ).

    2. Sarah Fragosa, who writes the blog Everyday Paleo, just came out with a great paleo cookbook specifically for families. My kids have loved everything I’ve made … from curries and stews to egg muffins. Chekc out her blog and then order the book if you need more inspiration for cooking paleo with kids.

  28. At the very moment I am fighting the urge to snack at work even though I am not at all hungry! I think my “hunger” stems from boredom (my job is super tedious), so I’m working on some ways to get over it! I am thinking maybe drinking some tea will give my mouth something to be preoccupied with…we’ll see how it goes!!

    1. I have this problem, too. I wish I had found a way to overcome it, but it’s actually gotten worse now that I’ve eliminated sodas. I’m making sure to have jerky around for snacking, and then I’m trying to drink as much water as possible, but it’s still hard some times.

    2. I have a similar issue with my office, especially since people bring in baking and snacks so often. I keep 2-3 half litre bottles of water in the fridge and a selection of fruit juices in smaller containers. Mix in a few tablespoons of flavourful juice for every bottle and keep sipping all day long, it keeps me full and hydrates me before the gym after work.

  29. I went to a warrior dash this past weekend, but it was with a group of friends who are SAD eaters…. the big carb-fest breakfast was hard to resist.

  30. My struggle, thus far, has been an occasional craving for a soda. It’s not the caffeine–I broke that habit within the first week (I started my personal challenge a couple of weeks earlier than the “official” one–but just the taste of something besides water. I’ve done relatively well; putting my water in a glass with crushed ice seems to have some kind of psychological effect on how I perceive the taste. But I’ve resorted to a few Zevias (stevia-sweetened sodas) and more mainstream brand diet sodas.

    1. I found some products made by True Citrus called True Orange, True Lemon and True Lime. Small packet of powder with 0 carbs, cals, prot or fat, and completely unsweetened, really helps take the boring out of a glass of water.

      1. I second that. I love True Lemon and True Lime! Great products. I haven’t used True Orange yet.

    2. Mike, I had the same battle. What helps me was switching to carbonated water and tossing in something to flavor it. A slice of lemon or lime or a few berries and a bit of mint. The bubbles fool my mouth that it’s getting soda.

    3. Have you tried club soda with lemon or lime juice in it? That is what I used to break me of my Rockstar habit.

  31. My struggle this week was actually the kindness of my family. My aunt had a dinner party for me, my fiance, and some other close family members. The dinner was totally primal! swordfish, leeks, brussel sprout salad… but, she made a berry ginger cobbler for dessert, and out of her love for me, she made a “gluten-free” one specially for me. So I ate it. It was delicious, but had sugar and white rice flour in it. Not the worst paleo sin ever, but there was no way to refuse such a kind and thoughtful act.

  32. My struggle is the fact that I learned to cook from my grandma, And while Bacon and Eggs for breakfast were great, its the homemade apple pies, and Chicken and dumplings that are hard to give up!

  33. My struggle has been the sweet cravings! I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but it’s been a lot worse this week since finally giving up the grains completely!

  34. Breakfast! I’m doing great with all of my other meals and snacks. I’m doing good with my movement (exercise and play) as well as with sun exposure. I’m even starting to see an improvement in my sleep, which has been a lifelong issue for me — my insomnia started when I was 13 or so.

    But breakfast, man. I’m still having trouble getting myself up early enough to cook breakfast, and I often don’t take the time to eat until I’m at my office (I leave the house around 6:15 every morning, and arrive at work around 7:15). My habit for breakfast at work has been quick oatmeal with dried fruit & peanut butter mixed in.

    Desperate for something I didn’t have to cook in the morning, last night I put together a spinach salad with hardboiled eggs and crumbled bacon. I’m missing the morning oatmeal — it’s become something of a comfort food — but I’m hoping I’ll find more time this week for experimentation with breakfast foods.

    1. Maggi, I really like to mix up a smoothy when cooking doesn’t do it. I love using 100% whey pwdr, unsweetened almond milk, a dollop of heavy cream, cinamon and freshly grated nutmeg along with 1/4 large avocado…oh, and crushed ice. Wow, I make it right up to lunch time with that tasty, smooth drink.

  35. I had a minor stumble this weekend….a wedding that was out of town. I stayed in a cabin with 8 other people and making a primal menu with other people that did not eat this way was difficult. BUT now I am back home and re-setting!

  36. My struggle has been dinner time. I make it all day steering clear of grains and then comes dinner. We are a family of four and I try and get us sitting down at the dinner table together most days of the week. I think growing up in the midwest has ingrained (ha ha) my brain with the thought that our dinner meal is incomplete without bread or potato. Last week potatoes, corn, and legumes found their way into the meals. This week I have sat down and went searching for new recipes, I am going to stop making our old recipes sans grains and go with something completely new. Meals not centered around what I am trying to avoid.

  37. My struggle(s) the past 7 days were: my daughter’s 16th birthday and a night out with friends. The birthday celebration involved a couple of meals out (I did avoid the bun on my hamburger but had to eat the fries!) and a chocolate mousse cake (made from scratch and I will NEVER have the willpower to say no to that!). On our night out with friends, I somehow ended up with bread on my plate and ate it without much thought … then we went back to their house and had cheesecake (didn’t want to offend by saying no). My plan for the future is to be more committed to my primal ways and stay away from fries, bread & cheesecake (should be easy if I remember how I felt after eating them -ugh!

  38. One of my goals for the 30-day challenge was to get 8 hrs of sleep at night. I’ve always had it as one of my top priorities to get enough sleep every day, but lately it’s been so busy with work, family, garden, etc.
    Ironically enough, this past week has been absolutely crazy at work and I’ve taken up some additional responsibilities within my community. I’m spreading myself thin and can’t seem to get even 6 hrs of solid slip in a 24-hr. Because of additional stress, it seems like by the time I do get to bed, I’m so wound up that I can’t relax and stop my mind from wondering.

  39. My struggle this past week has been being very hungry and finding that I hadn’t brought enough food to work for the day. I want to avoid snacking out of the office junk food store downstairs. I did avoid the junk this past week but was uncomfortable. However, I spent the weekend preparing filling goat stew to bring for lunch and homemade grassfed beef jerky for a snack! This week should be better.

  40. My challenge is staying active this week… I damaged my achilles tendon last weekend and walking and biking have become very difficult (wheelchair or boot & crutches), which means I have to swim and stand.

    Action plan is to go to the YMCA in the morning AND evening to go swim and to stand more at the office. So easy to use injury as an excuse to do nothing….. but sitting ALL day is NOT primal 🙂

  41. My struggle this week was my sister’s birthday. Avoiding the cake was a no-brainer, but I would usually allow myself ice cream on a special day. This time, I just got an extra cup of coffee with cream. I guess that would be failure to some of you, but I felt like I made a positive change, and it was a real struggle, because we were near the ice cream all day.

  42. While I’ve been Primal for quite a while, I’m learning how to do some things over now that I’m both working full time and attending school full time. That means learning what foods I can get FAST and how to really pre-plan and make foods that are easily reheated in an oven (as I have no microwave.)

    I’m tempted to snack more and it can be difficult having on-the-go food for those few minutes between work and school and I can’t go home, where it’s not enough time to eat a meal, and going another 3 hours without food is almost unbearable.

    So far I’ve been leaning on pickled eggs and whey protein shakes. I’m thinking some pemmican would come in handy right about now.

  43. My struggle this past week (and with more to come) has been the days when I have to tote the boys around from soccer practices, games and school events during the dinner hour without a moment to spare (plus I have some evening meetings as well).
    I have to prepare things to eat on the fly and although I personally am eating okay, I am trying to get the boys more primal (esp. snacks) and it is tough, they are a little picky! Nuts are not their fave, but we are working on it, oh and locally I have yet to find dried berries w/o sugar!

  44. my struggle has been losing weight. ive been stuck at the same weight and the same measurements for over 2 months now. the thing is my body fat percentages have gone down 15-20% in that time. is that even possible??? if i were getting thinner i would be very ok with this but im staying the same size. i know that my muscles are getting larger and thicker, and i can tell that i am getting stronger. its just frustrating my waist size is the same size with such a difference in body fat percentage. where is it coming from?

    1. I’m a physical therapist, if a client brought this problem to me I would check for 2 things;
      1) What is the quality of the soft tissue at the stomach? soft and flabby, or firm and muscular?

      The answer to that would prompt the second. In your case, I’m guessing firm and muscular. That would mean the muscles are holding that form. Since your form isn’t changing, I’ll assume it’s an “improper” form (posture). (I am meaning improper in the sense that it falls outside expected form for a fit person). Improper posture is caused by muscle imbalance; in this case, the rectus abdominus (six pack) and obliques are dominating the transverse abdominals.

      The cure, pull in your belly, over and over and over (don’t hold your breath). The transverse abdominals are postural muscles and should always be active. If you want to be “skinny”, practice skinny. This will also add considerable support to your low back.

      Let me know how it goes.

  45. My biggest struggle has been and is always primal eating while at work. I don’t have a desk job and I’m never 100% sure of my assignment until roll call. Even if I bring food with me to work there is a chance I could be detailed out and have no way to carry and reheat the food I’ve brought with me to work. As an extreme example, last weekend I was sent out and I was on post from 1500 (3pm) Saturday till 1845 (6:45pm) Sunday. That’s 27hrs and 45mins at work, on my feet, with zero true primal choices to eat. It’s these situations where I have to employ intermittent fasting (which is no joy when you need to remain vigilant and possibly go from inactive to active in moments) or try to find a primal alternative in the food service industry. This (since I work in NYC) can be expensive if I want to go organic. Usually I keep one or two of Steve’s Original kits in my cargo pockets for just such an occasion. I currently have a good amount of the grass fed, and the coconut kits in the large size. Sometimes, I get creative and just get some Fage yogurt, some nuts and fruit. Sometimes I just tell myself a grilled chicken breast from the deli with some fresh veggies is better than nothing. I can bet it’s probably better than fast food, but I can’t tell for sure what’s in it or where it’s come from. The more I research this dilemma the more I find shelf stable, portable recipes to keep in my pockets for when I need something that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and suits my lifestyle.

  46. My struggle is special meals or treats from coworkers and family members. It’s one thing to avoid the candy box in the office kitchen; it’s another thing to have to turn down mom’s baked-with-love apple pie.

  47. With four young kids struggling with colds right now my biggest struggle has been getting quality sleep. It seems as if every night there is another reason to either be up late with a kid or up multiple times with crying kids.

    The lack of sleep then makes it hard to get in the workouts that I have planned

  48. CRAP! I ate a bagel in a moment of weakness this morning! I was late for work, didn’t have time to cook, and needed to eat something/anything before I turned into a Crank-O-Saurus Rex!!! Otherwise been totally committed to the 30 day challenge!!!

    1. I also struggle with the crank-o-saurus rex problem. I’m wondering if that problem will fade as my body gets more used to converting to fat burning between meals.

      Any thoughts on this?

  49. My biggest struggle this week is that my family keeps buying non-Primal foods, especially ice cream! This reflects a more long term problem I have with food, namely ‘waste’. Whenever I avoid unhealthy food, especially if it’s something that no one else in my family eats, I feel like I’m being incredibly wasteful. Even now, I’m thinking about how that ice cream is going to sit there in the freezer uneaten and I can hear my mom’s voice scolding me about starving children who would be grateful to have it. This is the same feeling that makes me always eat everything on my plate or finish a bag of whatever.
    I guess no matter what I do (eat or avoid) I’m going to feel guilty at first.

    1. To overcome this, I guess I need to be more involved in the decision-making regarding what to buy from the grocery store. Luckily, I’m going back to school soon, where I’m definitely going to stick to smaller portions and just go up for more if I’m hungry instead of piling stuff on my plate and feeling bad about not eating it all.

  50. I’ve got the food thing down but just eat too much. I have cut my meals to two for the day. So far have been doing well with that and have knocked off a pound or so. (my scale lies so I am not sure)

    My other goal is to get stronger. I like to do weight training at the local playground after walking there.

    Usually it is occupied by children, oddly, so I walk back home and jump rope on the porch, do pushups against the stairs, desk, or kitchen counter. Squats where ever.

    Ten pound weights get lifted when I think about it plus I do lifts with the liquid detergent bottle when I do the wash.

    I have to rig up a bar to do pullups so don’t always get to it. Mostly I have been trying to get creative with incorporating weight lifting into my daily life with readily available objects in my home.

    My own body weight is the most readily available. Turns out my not so strong muscles think I am very heavy.

  51. My struggle has been trying to move through some serious muscle stiffness in the days after my last weight-lifting session. It felt great at the time though! I think I’ll do some walking for a few days until I heal.

  52. I have dialed in my food choices and workouts, and am having trouble kicking artificial sweetners. My plan is to throw away the sweetners that I have, and keep it simple. I also will add a pinch of real sugar if needed instead of artificial sweetners (like in coffee)

  53. I had great success this week with the mentality that I was “taking it one day at a time”. My struggle was the weekend when my schedule isn’t as rigid and I am tempted by (alcohol) at social gatherings. I recently moved to a new city and really need to partake it any social event I can! I am going to work on sticking to a glass of red wine on weekend outings. Although this isn’t “perfectly” primal, it is a definite improvement from a few beers.

  54. I’m going 100% gluten free during this challenge. I’ve been out with friends and starving, two times I had to pass on a calamari (breadcrumbs) and the bread basket. Oh, did I mention everyone else is drinking beer, one of my favorite things in the world?
    I overcome this by primalizing something from the menu, so I had a rare burger minus bun with a salad.. and a glass of wine. I’m used to being a bit different or the “odd one” amongst my friends. The good natured teasing from them has turned into “You’re looking fit these days”. Knowing that makes the struggle easier to overcome.

  55. Still struggling to get my sleep pegged down. Would much rather get 8 to 8.5 as opposed to the 7 or 7.5 I’m getting…

  56. My goal was keeping the refined sugar out of my diet. Went to the orchard and picked apples, very primal right? Had fun, did it with the wife and kids. It was a great afternoon. Problem is my wife keeps making this apple crisp to keep around the house and to give to everyone we know. Flour, sugar, oats, more sugar. She’s the devil!

    1. Sneaky antidote:

      Slice an apple, place on a microwavable plate, sprinkle liberally with pumpkin pie spice and/or cinnamon.

      30 sec in microwave

      Aroma, taste and texture will be better than apple crisp/ pie filling! 😉

  57. I think my main struggle has been alcohol consumption. I’m 22 and a student, my friends have parties and like going out a lot and there’s always alcohol. I always end up having a few beers – even this past week when I’ve known I shouldn’t. I also know how bad it is for me and really need to kick the habit if I want to take this seriously.

    My plan is to drink other things, maybe red wine, maybe spirits without mixers, and to drink less. After all, if you have to drink a load of beer to have fun then perhaps your friends aren’t as fun as you think they are! I have nothing planned for the next couple of days so will put my plan into action at home and then try it out and about.

    (I’m in the UK so can’t win stuff but thought this was a good thing to comment on.)

  58. My struggle was the grocery store! I love fall and all the terrible stuff that’s there–candy corn, chocolate, peanut butter cups, pumpkin pie, apple muffins, cookies. This time of year the smell is overwhelming. The seasonal aisle smells like a fresh bag of candy.

    I do a pretty good job with temptation at home. Even though my kids and husband aren’t totally primal, the stuff they like aren’t the things that tempt me. (Goldfish crackers, pasta and bread–yuck.)But the store is always a struggle.

    I just got back from a massive grocery trip with my 2-year-old, and as much as I like to shop without the distractions he brings, little guy was my savior this morning! I NEVER go down the candy/cookie/cereal aisles with him because it just leads to a case of the gimmies and related tantrum. So we hit the organic section, veggies, meat and a bit of dairy and were out the door with a station wagon full of lovely primal food. Thanks little guy for keeping mommy on track!

  59. My occasional desire for chocolate sometimes slips into eating sweets that aren’t very good for me.

    I never eat anything with wheat, but I occasionally eat chocolate that has too much sugar.

    Usually, I stick to occasional dark chocolate. Since the challenge has begun, I hadn’t had any chocolate whatsoever.

    Going to the movies last night, I decided to allow myself a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup (2 pb cups, shared with gf). Unless I’m mistaken, these were not around during the paleolithic age.

    The result of eating the sweet late at night was tooth grinding all night. I don’t know why, but eating high sugar foods does this to me.

  60. My struggle this week has been the “goodies” available at work. It is insane how much junk food they bring in. I was actually able to make it thru this time. (This happens once a month here) I’m trying to shift how I think about the “goodies”. Planning ahead and bringing plenty of good stuff, so I’m full, helped.

    1. Oops forgot the second part! My plan is to be used to this way of eating this time next month so maybe the cravings (mmmmm chocolate0 won’t be as bad.

  61. I haven’t made it to the 80/20 level yet, I am trying. It is hard when you feel like you are being sabotaged by a well-meaning companion.

    My struggle is…”I found this spendid dessert wine you are going to love!” as those gorgeous blue/green eyes are sparkling as he hands me the glass…

    Solution: Imagine he looks like one of the creatures from Alien? Only take a sip? Maybe I’ll ask if it can be saved for a treat on the weekend…who am I kidding…he so doesn’t look like an alien.


  62. My motivation is to get back on the Paleo track after getting derailed for the last few weeks.

  63. I’m in school and have $50 a week to spend on food. My struggle has been finding balance between which carbs/proteins/fats to eat on a budget. Bananas are only 47cents a pound and broccoli is $2 a pound. I make the fruits and dark chocolate in my kitchen last a really long time so I always have money for vegetables and quality protein/fat.
    Also… I sit on my butt in classes for several hours a day so I’m trying to stand/ move as much as possible. Right now my laptop is propped up on a picnic basket in my kitchen 😉

  64. My challenge is to reduce the number of cheat meals that I eat. This is particularly problematic this month because there are a lot of September birthdays among my family, friends and co-workers.

    I have been tempted with a lot of cake, ice cream, pizza, chips, etc. this month. I have tried my best to resist, but I have indulged a few times.

    I am going to try to overcome this struggle by planning ahead. I am going to eat healthy food before I attend any more birthday celebrations so that I will not have to face the junk food on an empty stomach.

  65. Hmmmmm, I’ve had several struggles but lots of success too. I think my biggest struggle is trying to find the time to get more sleep. I find myself ironically reading about primal recipes and plans and whatnot on the computer all night instead of just getting the sleep I know I need!!! My plan of action………close the computer by 10 p.m. and just simply get in bed. Sounds easy enough!

    1. Sounds awfully familiar. Same problem (reading PB stuff way too late), same solution, turn it off at 10. I even have an alarm go off at 10, says,”GO TO BED”.

      Do I listen to myself? ya, right! (not)

      I’ll keep at it, 6+ hours of sleep is sooo nice.

  66. Biggest struggle for me has been fitting in the workouts. Avoiding grains, especially wheat has been easy since I’m reading Wheat Belly.

  67. This past week I was disciplined about eating the primal way, but my struggle has been with my lack of energy. By the weekend I was feeling a little more energized and was able to get my low aerobic time in, but did not find the energy for sprints. I’m continuing to feel more energized today, so I’m hoping that maybe the low energy levels were due to the low-carb flu. I plan to continue to listen to my body and rest when I need it or exercise when I have the energy.

  68. For me my biggest struggle during my first week was I hated veggie’s, so I felt like I had to grab a protein bar as a snack and to get enough carb’s to make it through a day.
    Luckly, all the wonderful primal/paleo recipes and cookbooks have been an awesome help with that.

  69. Sleep! I have a hard time winding down and getting tired enough to climb into bed. Once I’m there, it’s Snooze City and the black out curtains help.

    I picked up a good book at the library this weekend and plan to crawl into bed and read for 1/2 to 1 hour before I’d really like to be asleep. Hoping that will help.

  70. I’ve been at this a little more than a month now, but am stepping it up for the 30 day challenge. The biggest hurdle for me is beer. Delicious, cold craft beer that I get for free because I work for an amazing craft brewery. I’m not planning on forever cold turkey against the stuff, but for these 30 days… man!

  71. It was quite a struggle when I was working a birthday party this weekend and the host put a big piece of cake right in front of me, followed by chicken fingers! Oh how tempting. In the future to avoid this I plan to always have primal snacks on hand and go to events full!

  72. I had quite a few challenges already…

    #1: I had an all day work meeting scheduled, where I was planning on at least having breakfast beforehand & was undecided about lunch. I overslept that morning & ended up having carb heavy breakfast & lunch at the meeting. Solution: Pack lunch the night before & if there isn’t enough time to cook eggs for breakfast, grab a baggie of nuts or a larabar instead.

    #2: My hubby went away for the weekend. I decided to have a chick-flick movie marathon with myself. What goes better with movies than popcorn? …I’m still learning. He inspires me to eat better cuz he grew up eating healthy. I struggle more when I’m not with him. Thankfully he only goes away once a year, so I should be alright with this one. Partial solution: move the popcorn to be less accessible.

    #3: I baked cookies for my hubby’s weekend away to share with the guys, but they ate too frequently to be hungry! He came back with all of them. Yesterday wasn’t a good day for planning meals due to an involuntary (needed) nap. Dinner was a handful of almonds (good!) & 2 cookies (bad!). Solution: I asked my hubby to move the cookies (& Lucky Charms) to somewhere that I don’t see them.

  73. I’m struggling to get enough sleep. I’m going to force myself to go to bed earlier by planning things I have to do for the morning. This will mean I have to wake up earlier, so in order to get the optimum amount of sleep, I’ll have to go to bed earlier. Easy right? I hope…

  74. My biggest struggle is finally ditching sugar and sugar substitutes. I love love love sweet things and always have. Since I started Primal, I could go all day without touching the candy in the office but I could never give up the splenda in my coffee. Over the past week or so, I have been slowly weaning myself off until today. Today, I went cold turkey and I drank all of my coffee! I am so pleased with the taste that I can’t imagine going back. If I do feel the urge in the future, I’ll add cinnamon or nutmeg instead for a different (and non chemical) taste!

  75. My biggest challenge is getting some exercise. I used to get up early in the morning to work out, but have been finding it more and more difficult to do that. (I sleep like a rock, and get plenty of it…not sure where this lazziness is coming from.) I work from 8 AM to 5 PM, and then the evening hours are spent preparing food and getting other things done. I have always enjoyed exercise, so this lack of energy is quite frustrating. But, yesterday I did a “Yoga Burn” DVD (proud of myself)–this morning, however, I can feel every single muscle fiber in my being! I can’t let that stop me, though…I will get some exercise!

  76. I do fine when I’m at home. My struggle is eating out with friends when there is a limited selection of foods, usually not primal.

  77. The struggles I faced this past week, were lack of sleep and alcohol (beer to be exact)… These problems mostly occured this past weekend. As a college student, I am sure I am not the only one faced with these problems. I plan on attacking my sleep by having lights out by 11 every night during the week, but the weekend I am not sure how to handle that one quite yet.. As for drinking, I am limiting myself to saturday night only, and hopefully dwindle down from there. Its the micro-goals that build into the major goals!

  78. Challenges….let me count the number of them! We went camping last week and though I made all the food ahead of time, or at the campsite, I gained four pounds. I did find out that marshmallows, even just two, give me terrible gas pains now. We’ve been home 4 days and I lost all four pounds that I gained, so that’s good.

  79. I have been primal since April and loving it. My biggest struggle has been getting my 10 year old daughter to accept this new way of eating. How do you deal with your kids?

    1. My kids are older, 18 and 20, but still live at home. I’m not sure how much of my experience would apply to you. But here’s some ideas in case it helps:
      I did start with a basic information of why we were changing our diet as a family. My 18 year old is autistic so we had to keep it very basic but he seemed to understand.
      Next, our first meals were ones we new they would love. Of course bacon was included in every breakfast (the gateway meat) and we made “spaghetti” with spaghetti squash for my son since pasta was his favorite food.
      Also, we went for convenience. I make the egg cupcakes in Everyday Paleo, enough for all week. All the kids have to do is heat and eat. I will also make a huge batch of meatballs (with GF beef and almond flour as the binder) to take for lunches. I’ve made it both easy and tasty.
      Finally, I’m not quite as strict with them as I am with myself. I don’t expect them to have perfect choices every time they eat with Grandma (now there’s a battle!) or when they are with friends. Though I am quick to point out those indulgences are likely the cause of their feeling icky the next day.

  80. My struggle this week was that the frozen yogurt store I work at was running my all time FAVORITE flavor, Peanut Butter. Besides the fact that since I am now not eating any refined sugar and that entire place has all the most yummy and delicious candy right at my finger tips (I was able to contain myself), last week just had to be the week of my favorite flavor. I caved on that one – but I took it as an opportunity to get it out of my system and really enjoy it cause I knew I wouldn’t be doing that again anytime soon. Other than craving that yogurt, I really didn’t have a hard time saying no to any other sweets, and that’s my weakness.

  81. My struggle is getting low-level cardio. My diet is going great, I’m lifting heavy things, but 3 hours of walking seems like a big chunk of my free time. I am doing yoga 3X or more a week, at a little over an hour each, but I’m not sure that is the same thing as a hike. I’m feeling great though!

  82. My struggle is my sweet tooth. Those chocolate croissants and huge chocolate chip cookies at the grocery store still look so good to me!!! To help with the cravings, I’ve gone home and made myslef a primal treat. I’ll make chocholate chip cookies with almond flour and not add any sugar to the recipe– to just sweeten the cookies with the chocolate chips that I add. Although not perfect, I feel this is a good compromise.

  83. I did well the first 5 days- ate with the plan, weeding out grains and other unnecessary carbs. This weekend, though, I went out with the family and succumbed to the temptation of fajitas.

    However, I woke up the next day feeling less than stellar, much worse than I have been while following the plan, so hopefully that will keep me off the junk from now on.

    1. Fajitas are one of our family staples, only now sans tortilla. Add a big ol’ scoop of guacamole and plenty of salsa and you’re set! And walk away from the rice and beans. And the sopapillas. And the margaritas. Sigh.

  84. My struggle is with eating clean in professional situations. I’m over the food-temptation issue, but it can still be hard to find ways of avoiding non-primal foods while not coming across as a food elitist.

    I have an all-day meeting later this week where the issue will arise. My plan is to bring my own lunch and not mention it unless anyone asks. If someone does bring it up, I’ll offer a very brief explanation (focused on MY choice for MY health rather than the evils of what they’re eating) and leave it at that.

  85. My struggle has been trying to stick with the Primal Challenge while still hanging out with my friends and having fun in college. It is also difficult on the weekends I think because I’m not busy like I am during school days, and I tend to just have a lot more time to go out and make bad choices about my food, haha. Also, school kind of got pretty hectic and I didn’t manage to get anywhere near as much sleep as I wanted.

    So, I need to work on not procrastinating so that I get my work done so that I can sleep. And I also need to just make better choices when I got out with my friends.

  86. SPRINTING definitely. It’s better than chronic cardio by a long shot, but it’s still tough to kick myself into gear. Thankfully, my wife was there yesterday to make sure I didn’t slip and we did it. So far, so good…gotta keep it up though….

  87. My biggest struggle is eating around my husband. He has no interest in doing PB, and I try hard to just go about my business and not wave it in his face. However, he keeps buying the junk food that we used to share, and he insists on pizza whenever we watch football. It’s hard to resist the lure of foods that I associate with sharing time with him. For now my answer is to have PB friendly snacks available for me (and for him to try), and occasionally cave to a slice when necessary.

  88. Struggled with many deserts during my daughter’s birthday celebration because I didn’t have many good primal alternatives around. I plan on stocking up on some berries and nuts so when a craving to cheat comes along, I have a good alternative.

  89. I’m struggling with getting enough protein. I’ve never been a meat eater – never liked the taste or texture. Only in the last few years have I started liking eggs, poultry, and fish (and I still have to really motivate myself to eat those things!) I’m avoiding anything processed during this challenge, so that limits me from relying on whey protein powder. Therefore, I’m having a tough time getting the protein I should be…

    The plan to overcome? Well, my boyfriend promised me he could cook me a steak that I would like, so we’re supposed to be trying that tonight. I’m also going to try to stock up on some jerky (which I do actually like) and maybe some sugar-free bacon/sausage from US Wellness Meats. I’ve hesitated because of the cost, but hey – what’s more important? The money or my health? I’m hoping that these changes will help me overcome this struggle!

  90. The hardest part for be is avoiding things like pizza and doughnuts when EVERYONE else in the room is eating it and enjoying it. It’s such a struggle to see and smell this delicious food that everyone else in the room is enjoying yet avoid it. To overcome this, I will just think of this as an opportunity to intermittently fast, and reassure myself that just a few seconds of good tasting food isn’t worth sickness, lowered immune system, and derailing me from my primal goals!

  91. My struggle was a birthday celebration with my family. My mom brought cake for myself and my boyfriend. Although we’ve been primal for about a year now, it felt rude to say no.

    In the future, I’ll be more assertive with my nutritional beliefs. Might be a good idea to bring a more primal dessert for myself and others to enjoy.

  92. The main struggle is probably the affordability of grass-fed meat and organic produce. We have limited availability of both and they are exorbitantly expensive. I’ve been going as primal as I can but I won’t be able to follow the lifestyle as cleanly as I would like until prices go down or we make more money.

  93. My biggest struggle is all the sugary temptation that is around my office. On day one of the challenge someone brought in a huge cake! I am dealing with this by telling all my coworkers that I am giving up sugary sweets. Telling others makes the decision seem more real.

  94. My struggle is with getting in the suggested number of lift heavy things workouts. It is not so much a function of having enough time, as it is balancing working out with working. I work with clients off and on throughout the day (physical work) — hands on work that involves lifting and moving people: lifting their head/leg/pelvis etc. If I am tired or sore from a strength training workout, I cannot lift people safely for me and with a sense of solidity, support, and safety for them. And many evenings (after work), I am otherwise engaged. Tis a puzzle how to balance these. I can work out on weekends….though that is when I tend to play or move slowly for a long time. Lifting heavy things tires me for my play too……

  95. I tore my groin… I am going to make the best of it, and have been putting my best effort into recovering and doing the other things like diet, rest, no stress.

  96. The dietary aspect has been coming along pretty well but it’s the Primal fitness that I have to start putting into focus!!
    This week will be devoted to make sure I lift some heavy things and do my sprints!!!

  97. my struggle this week has been carb flu (i think!) – I’ve overall felt great after starting to eat primally, but I’ve been really, really, really tired. Like no energy at all. So I haven’t kept up with the exercise portion… I’ve decided to just worry about the diet for the next couple of weeks.

  98. My biggest struggle is sleep!!! I am a mother of two, wife and full time college student. (My husband also goes to school full time.) Sometimes my only chance to do my own homework is after my two kids are in bed and I can concentrate. That doesn’t usually leave me with a full 8 hours to get in some shut-eye. But I am still trying! And I have also been indulging in a short naps in the afternoon when I can which really helps.

    I am very proud of how I ate this last weekend. I had a last minute invitation to a conference out of town. I had NO time to prepare any food to bring, and wouldn’t have been able to refrigerate it if I could. So I made the choice that if I couldn’t put good food in my body I would fast. My lunches consisted of picking out the lunch meat out of the pre-made sandwiches and skipping on pretty much everything else. I even sat through a dinner at Olive Garden (a real treat to be able to go to since we only have ONE in the entire STATE I live in (<3 Montana!)) I stared those breadsticks in the face, said no way, endured the weird glances of the ladies around me that I didn't know very well and ate my salad with pride.

    After the weekend away I did something I haven't done before and I — yes, me — initiated the whole family to go outside and exercise at the "green grass hill," as my kids call it. My husband is usually the go-outside-and-play guy. We did push ups, pull ups, body squats, ran and rolled down the grass hill and sprinted back up with our kids on our backs. What a great way to end the weekend.

  99. My struggle- getting to bed earlier. On the weekends we sleep in and I feel super refreshed. That’s how I should feel everyday. This week the plan is heading to bed 15 minutes earlier, then maybe next week it will be 30 minutes. Baby steps. 🙂

  100. My struggle has been to get more sleep. I somewhat stupidly over-extended myself this past weekend, and ended up getting a cold because of it. I am taking today off from a hard workout and going to bed early (at 8!!) instead.

  101. My struggle…once I eat any kind of food, it’s hard to stop. This Paleo girl doesn’t get full. Neither do my kids! I filled up on fat last week, however, and am learning to at least be satisfied. It beats ALWAYS HUNGRY on carbs.

  102. My struggle is the fact that I am staying in a hotel and don’t have the tools to cook awesome meals…. yet. I’ve been eating out too much and thus have not been eating the best quality meats. This might change tonight when I move to a different hotel.

    Aloha from Hawaii!

  103. My challenge this week was taking out the diet soda! I’m pretty much 95-5, but the diet soda has been my vice! I tried to go cold turkey and realized real quick that that was a mistake! I got an awful headache and sometimes my head was swimming. I talked to a few people on the forum and got lots of suggestions. This week I’m going caffeine free – diet soda. And hopefully next week I can just take out the pop all together!

  104. My struggle is resisting Chinese food that my mom makes me. She has been accommodating and now only makes me fish and vegetables but she likes experimenting with different Chinese desserts and it is so hard to reject being a guinea pig for her. When I’m at my parent’s house I have a constant urge to snack for some reason too. Solution: Don’t go home.

  105. My biggest struggle with week 1 was getting in two LHT sessions. I have my bodyweight workout set and just need to remember to do it twice a week! The plan is to block out them time on my calendar and set an alarm to alert me.

    On a positive note, I spent the week adjusting my running schedule to allow for 2 of 3 sessions to be based on the freedom to walk or run, and follow any path I choose at the time. Definitely a lot more fun! Run/walking through the zoo and along the lakeshore makes it more play & stress management than just moving slowly to cover a distance! Sure is a heck of a lot more fun than jogging around a park trail 5 times, tracking pace and distance.

    Also, my nutrition has been 100% YAY!

  106. My challenge is getting enough sleep. I do pretty well in the nutrition department, and have been doing well with fitness lately too, but with 4 kids, getting enough sleep is sometimes just not possible. So my action plan is to focus intensively on getting the kids and I on a schedule so that bedtime becomes more of a routine and I get more sleep (probably won’t help the 2 month old much though)

  107. My struggle is that I have Lyme’s disease and while I know that exercise is good for me, it’s been tough due to fatigue. I used to exercise 5 to 6 days a week before I got sick. So if I don’t feel like exercising I think of how good I used to feel before this illness. I also think about how good I will feel once I am done exercising for the day.

    1. Oooo sorry to hear about the Lyme, I know how you feel! Had that sucker twice. It will get better!

  108. It was tough to avoid all the free beer offered to me at the beach music festival my band played at over the weekend. I was, however, able to substitute that with delicious red wine!!

  109. Kicking the Cole zero habit is definitely the biggest struggle for me. I’ve been turning to green tea and sparkling water with lemon when cravings hit

  110. My biggest struggle is going into a Mexican restaurant with friends and they bring that big basket of warm chips and salsa. I can do fine ordering Fajita’s without the tortilla’s or a taco salad and not eating the shell. But those dang chips call to me every time. I honestly am capable of eating every chip in that basket and have done so. What I have done recently is promise myself not to eat more than five chips. I went the other night and I am down to just 2 chips now. So I am slowly weaning myself away from them. Why do they have to be so good. 🙂

  111. This first week of the challenge I struggled with snacking. I was a big snacker before starting the challenge and the first couple of days were great because I really listened to my body, but towards the end of the week I was getting bored with the primal snacks I did have 🙁 so I ate more chocolate than needed

  112. My only struggle is likely common and involves work/social functions with food, where the only offerings were sandwiches and pizza last week. I made the mistake of not eating properly beforehand last week. So, I plan to be better prepared this week!

  113. Things that have been tricky for me this week are sleep, traveling, energy levels and a body that needs time before I go lifting heavy things.

    I’ve been trying to get a good solid sleep going every night but the temptations of staying up late with friends (I’m visiting them) or using the internet (I’ve been mostly without it this summer) are sometimes keeping me up to late. I’ve had the opportunity to sleep in in the mornings until I wake up on my own which is nice but the schedule isn’t doing me any favors!

    The traveling and visiting various friends and not being completely in charge of my own food world as well as the foods offered while actually traveling (planes and ferries and so on) are rarely primal and I find myself caving in to sodas in particular.

    I’ve wanted to get out and move but I have also felt fairly low energy so being lazy has happened more than actually makes me feel good. But my body is trying to recover from my extremely physically busy summer, eating a straight up SAD diet for that whole time and the fact that I’m shuffling around, eating MUCH less, and of different foods.

    I want to go lift something but I’ve developed tendonitis in both elbows this summer from repeated heavy lifting at work and while it’s not super bad I just feel that my body needs a bit more time before I go to lifting on purpose!

    So my plan(s)?
    Try to shift my sleep to happening a bit earlier in the night and especially to not let the internet be my reason for being up to late. Friends are one thing but random prodding of the internet not so much. (not to mention all that melanin suppression from staring at the screen!
    Eat as well as I can and avoid the obvious things like soda, ice cream, and bread. Relax a bit about things like rice or salad dressing that has weird ingredients until I get home.
    Eat more to help bring my energy up and also accept that my body is in a state of healing and I don’t have to feel like a superhero right now.
    Get out a move! My dog is bored too so it’s time to go for a run even if I can only get 5 minutes out before I’m all done! Then we will walk. Walking I can do!
    And finally I’ll get to the lifting soon. It will come. But I need to listen to my body telling me to give it a bit of time first.

    Dang. That turned into a novel. I didn’t realize just how many things were being difficult until I wrote them down!

  114. My biggest struggle this week was planning a snack and a meal on a hiking trip. I made Primal Energy Bars for the first time, and they were a big hit! However, after the hike, we wanted a meal and ate at a local brew pub. I settled on a smoked turkey chili which contained some beans, and my husband ordered a burger and ate only half the bun. That’s progress.

  115. My stuggle this week was tailgating the OSU/UM game. Although we had mountains of grilled chicken wings and steaks, it was very hard to resist the bowls of chips, cupcakes, cookies and the Hurricane Punch.

  116. apparently my biggest struggle is getting my comments to show on here :-/

  117. I am not struggling with giving up bread or potatoes; it is the sweets that i miss. I have rewarded myself with sweets for years, so giving it up is hard. I think I’m going to try some primal bread or primal almond pancakes once a week as a treat, until I can retrain my mind.
    In the fitness department, I am struggling because I have planter fasciitis. If I push too hard, it can get really painful. I’m working on massaging it and wearing my vibrams, but it is slow going. I think I will continue to go slow and maybe try to do sprints on a stationary bike.

  118. My struggle has been the prevalence of non-primal appetizers at parties I’ve attended over the past two weeks. The last one I brought some raw pecans to much on, but I bet some primal meat snacks would help more!

  119. I have been struggling to give up oatmeal. I don’t know what it is, but a big bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and honey in the morning is just so comforting! Oh well, I guess it is bacon and eggs for me….

  120. My problem has been eating a healthy lunch. I do not have the capabilities where I work to cook a healthy lunch except for the microwave, and it has been hard to work around that for me. However me and my husband have started doubling what we cook for dinner to have leftovers the next day. We’ll see how that works out.

  121. My goal was to NOT eat when I’m NOT hungry. Last night was bad for me, I was tired, lazy and bored and I gobbled up a bunch of nuts and cheese for all the wrong reasons. Boo!

  122. My struggle has been dealing with dinner parties and or events in which I did not get to cook my meal. I don’t want to upset anyone by not eating the food provided. In response, I think I have to do more research to determine ahead of time what I can consume in these situations.

  123. I’ve been primal for about six and a half months now. I’ve written down everything that goes in my mouth. I have logs with my weight, measurements and blood pressure. I have logs of my training times, weights, distance, etc. ad nauseum. Sounds obsessive?
    This past week, I’ve been working on STOP and PLAY. Sometimes I cave and write things down again, but I also laugh.

  124. It’s quite challenging to keep a balance between O-6 and O-3 fats while at school, even with fish oil supplementation. Virtually everything is coated, cooked, or fried with a vegetable oil. Over time I have phased out putting anything onto my salad. That’s right, I eat greens like grok ate greens: raw and dry.

  125. I really struggle with pattern recognition, especially when it comes to what I eat. A second set of eyes viewing my nutrition and lifestyle logs really helps me find patterns, because on my own, I kind of stink at it.

  126. By far the hardest thing for me is keep my calories up. I am slightly addicted to the gym and have an incredibly fast metabolism. I used to eat brown rice, oatmeal, etc as an easy source of quick calories. It’s been tough adjusting to get the proper caloric intake that my body demands.

  127. Pizza, Pizza. My boys are on soccer teams, and the team mother are always having get togethers. If I don’t eat beforehand, Down goes one or 2 slices.

    And during a football game. A beer just seem right compared to red wine, or water.

    Other than that, at home and at restaurants, its all meat, salads and vegetables.

    I have lost my taste for cake, and cookies.

  128. My struggle has been birthday parties that my son has been invited to. I gave in and had cake yesterday. Big mistake. Cake led to Chex mix which led to oatmeal and I woke up this morning with the runs and nauseous.

    This morning I am back full force on Primal and will remember the way I feel right now next time I’m faced with a temptation.

  129. My struggle is going to happen this friday. A welcome to our company pizza lunch. I guess I’ll just bring my own? The pizza will not be the problem as much as the invitation it will create to question my current ‘diet’. I hate being the center of attention, much less when the focus is on my body composition.

  130. My biggest struggle so far has been undoing the damage that was done to diet, exercise, and sleep after my wife’s GYNECOLOGIST(!) told her this was a silly fad diet and we should both stop it at once. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

  131. My issue is low energy and headaches. I consume about 50 g of carbs each day in the form of veggies, nuts, and berries, yet I still feel so sluggish. I supplement with potassium, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I have no more low blood-sugar shakiness, which is awesome. But I still envy those of you who say you have endless stores of energy…

  132. My struggle was a business meal that was provided for me and the only options were sandwiches! I dissected it and ate the insides.

  133. I think the biggest struggle was going to a restaurant with friends. You want to eat primal but you don’t want to be “that guy” that ask for a bunch of substitutions that ends up confusing the waiter.

    Also giving up the soda was/is difficult. I thought it was just the caffeine but I think it is something more psychological than that. I can’t remember a day in the last few years where I didn’t have a soda at least once.

  134. As others have mentioned, I struggle to get in enough sleep every night. I really feel that this is one of the most important aspects of Primal life because most Americans know we need to eat and exercise better, but we often overlook our poor sleep habits. I plan to be strict this week and get to bed by 10:30 or so to see if I can get myself on a better schedule that I can maintain indefinitely. I think avoiding my late night TV and Internet Surfing should help greatly with this 🙂

  135. My goal this month is to eat primally 80% of the time. This weekend I did not eat primally at all. ): and I think I have come to the conclusion that it is because I don’t handle cheat days well. I eat some junk, then the next day I think..”well, it didnt affect me THAT much…” cravings come back, I get upset, feel guilty, think the day is ruined, so then I say to myself, “I will start tomorrow!” And tomorrow turns into next week, etc. All-or-nothing, Downward spiral. I am back on track as of today though!

  136. I could go the rest of my life without bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc… Sadly, it’s the sweets I’m having a hard time with. Keeping them out of the house is one thing, but dessert is brought to every function, OCF meeting, etc… and they’re so hard to resist! I caved last week; fingers crossed this week is better!

  137. Eating in hasn’t been too hard, but eating out for the first time last weekend was a nightmare. I had to modify what was on the menu, and then send it back because it still wasn’t something I could eat. The meal was OK, but what’s the point of eating out if it’s just OK? I think I’ll be avoiding restaurants from now on.

  138. My struggle has been mostly at work. People bring cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pastry… the CEO even brought bread from a local bakery in one day! Ugh! I feel like while I am at work I am surrounded by temptation. The girls at work keep saying that I eat all the healthy boring stuff and then give me crap about my changes. When I am at work is when I feel the most weakness!

  139. My family and I are undertaking this challenge. And as the instigator .. ahem .. guy who got us going on it, things are falling to me to lead 4 folks through this including my 15 year old son and 61 year old mom. So this week was tough, explaining the workouts to all and demoing them as best I could. Tues was out assessment day and I felt like I dropped the ball there instead of making that a full workout, we just did the assessment. So I think getting everyone together for activity has been the most challenging thing. I dodge quite a few arrows on eating this week so actually that went well! But it’s ALL worth it. 80/20 rule for the win, don’t stress out about things and just keep moving forward!

  140. My struggle is packing primal snacks for when I work. It is hard not to look longingly at the day old pastry bin. My plan is to make sure I have jerky, nuts or some left overs so I can munch on them and feel satisfied at work.

  141. My biggest struggle is that I live alone and there’s no one for me to answer to if I decide that “just this once” (which always turns into more) I can eat a non-primal food item. 80/20 turns into 60/40 or worse. When I had a roommate, she could hold me accountable. Now it’s just me. My goal is to write everything down this week to try to stay accountable to myself.

  142. My biggest struggle is beer, I am a huge craft beer afficionado, and I normally watch the game with my other craft beer drinking friends. I brought a bottle of red wine, and drank a couple glasses yesterday during football, but it was difficult to resist the tasty beers and good natured jesting of my friends. I will try to limit my exposure to these tempting situations!

  143. My struggle is peaches! We are up to our eyeballs in peaches. With all the picking, drying, and canning it is hard to stay away.

    My plan is to make sure I have enough fat in my diet so I don’t feel hungry.

  144. The first 3 days went perfectly and then on Thursday I went to lunch with a co-worker. We go chinese food and while it had rice I thought it wouldn’t be too bad but after walking home I had a severe hypoglycemic attack. I wound up eating all the junk I hadn’t gotten around to clearing out yet. The weekend wasn’t perfect but was more or less on track. I am going to do two things: 1) make better lunch choices and have a good afternoon snack and 2) clean out the kitchen of all the stuff I no longer want in my diet.

  145. Oh man, perfect timing for this contest! This week I realized how strong my sugar craving is. I am ok when there are no sweets around, but when they are presented to me it only takes a bite for me to become a sugar gorging monster. I had a week of work events at nice restaurants. Those desserts looked too good to pass up :). I felt the difference in my body afterward. How do I plan on overcoming this craving?… I need to cut the feelings off at the pass and associate sweet spikes with the bloaty, unfocused crash that happens afterward. There was a nice article on the radio yesterday on strengthening will power and the effect of glucose on diet willpower: . Maybe there’s something there. Also, I did not make a PBF workout schedule for my week. I would like to gain some structure for my weekly activity and maintain it for the remainder of the challenge (and beyond). The main issue is I am not getting enough heavy lifting in my week.

  146. My struggle is attempting to transition to a primal lifestyle while simultaneously figuring out my food allergies. I’ve been eliminating and testing foods for a few months already (and I have several months to go), and it’s hard to give up inexpensive beans-and-rice for more primal alternatives when there’s not much money to go around, and primal staples like eggs and beef are off the table anyway.

    My solution? I’m open to ideas, but so far my plan is to address the allergies first: at this moment getting that figured out and preventing new allergies from developing is more pressing than taking care of long-term concerns like the result of a steady CW diet, though I hope to get to that in due course. But in the meantime, I can certainly work on other aspects of my life: getting sunlight during the day and darkness at night, taking long walks (I don’t have enough food to support more strenuous exercise), making sure I have time for “play” (and paying attention to what activities do feel like play), squatting to poop, etc.

    Grok on,

  147. My struggle is sweetening my coffee in the morning… I am working on lessening the amount of sugar I use and finding an alternative to sugar in the raw which I currently use. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. I had the same problem. I found coconut milk creamer which they have in french vanilla and hazlenut flavors. Makes my coffee sweet and i don’t need sugar. There is some carbs in it but not nearly as bad as sugar.

  148. Cheese glorious cheese! That’s my issue. I just love the kerrygold cheese with a glass of wine at dinnertime. My plan is to finish up my remaining small hunk of it and not even go near it in the store next time!

  149. My company, Terumo, was celebrating its 90th birthday today which included brunch.

    I bypassed the juice and grain infused egg concoction and simply ate the meat and cheese off the mini bagles.

    I succeeded even though my associates were looking at my plate leavings in an odd way. I thought one would actually grab the mini bagels that were barren.


  150. My struggle is diary. I can’t seem to cut out the cheese but I am eating less. The way I am overcoming is just to be aware I am eating it. Once I realized how much dairy i was eating, it was easier to make substitutes and cut some out.

  151. My struggle has been trying to keep it primal, interesting, and local/regional, as a rather picky pescatarian. Been eating a lot of eggs (which I love!), but I’m going to try branching out with a new kind of fish or two. Even though I might not like them, I’ll never know if I don’t try, right?

  152. Cookis. There were a big plate full of them at church and i Was not able to resist.

  153. I’m trying to eat less overall. Although I’m eating primally, I like meat (a lot) and sometimes I eat way too much cause it’s there. Just cause it’s Primal doesn’t mean total calories don’t come into play!

  154. Struggle: sleep. I can’t get to bed on time. I just have too much to do, balancing work, family, and “me” time. As early as I have to get up in the morning, it’s a struggle for me to go to bed at a correspondingly decent hour.

    Fix: something needs to come off my plate. My first choice would be work, but I suspect it’s going to have to be “me” time, which will drive me nuts. Guess that’s why it’s called a “challenge.”

    Another struggle for me is weekend eating. Disrupted routine means disrupted eating habits, and I end up snacking too much on the wrong stuff (fruit). Possible solution: fast all weekend… 😉

  155. My struggle is, as always, my wife. She is the little voice on my shoulder saying “Will you please eat this (hot dog/ice cream/etc.) with me today and have a cheat, and then we will be good starting tomorrow.” When I say know she is so hurt and disappointed that I often give in anyway.

    My current plan is just to remind her that I am trying to be as clean as possible for 30 days. After that, though… might need some suggestions.

  156. My struggle is always with tired and stress eating. Always at night. I’m working on this by not watching tv at night and putting my ass to bed ASAP. I have had some success. But I’m going all in this week. Absolutely no eating after dinner. If I am tired I am going to bed.

  157. This last week was the start of my “birthday season,” as my husband refers to it, with a string of different events and celebrations, all involving food and drink. I’ve been able to make good primal choices with the food on offer, but oh that champagne…

  158. My biggest struggle was a deep depression on the first three afternoons on the program. I felt normal in the mornings and evenings but 1-4 was tough.

    My body has seemed to adjust this hasn’t been a problem over the weekend.

  159. I had two struggles-drinking my calories still proves difficult to overcome and my DH lost his job which made my stress levels zing through the roof leading to wanting to stress eat and wonder over if I would be able to eat like this after all since money is nonexistent. I’m drinking water every time I get up as a rule of thumb to keep me hydrated and I am going to keep eating this way untilw e literally run out of food plus we are applying for foodstamps tomorrow. Scary times.

  160. I wanted to get up early before work and do my PBF workouts. I have been having trouble getting up early enough to complete these before I have to leave for work. I am going to try to get to bed an hour or two earlier at night and see if that helps me get the energy to wake up early enough to knock out the workouts.

  161. My biggest struggle is not letting the “occasional” indulgence become several indulgences a day. Been going way over the 20 in 80/20, while finding too many excuses to not exercise. Rotator cuff issues aside, I still need to get my kiester in gear more.

  162. My struggle has been a bit of an opposite one. I have had no trouble adapting to the diet, in fact, it has been quite rewarding. Being a long-time distance runner, I have struggled to reduce my cardio exercise time. The very reason I chose to adopt the primal lifestyle is because I always had a high-carb diet, thinking that was important to supplement miles of running. But in that I still suffered from major spikes in energy and mood. I would run for stress relief and mood changing, but then slump and recover with carbs. Now eating a primal diet and running less, I have had unbelievable stable energy and mood balance. Awesome advice Mark!

  163. My main motivation for going primal again was to cure the idiopathic postprandial syndrome. This has succeeded, but I find myself plagued by 1)intense hunger a meager 1.5 hours after breakfast; 2)desperate need for an afternoon nap; and 3)the typical(?) scientist temptation to overanalyze whether I am doing the food correctly.

    I plan to deal with this by 1)eating more at breakfast; 2)go ahead and take one! I work in academia, so no one will care even if they do notice; and 3)review the basics regularly and stick with it for the full 30 days.

    I have already dropped 3 or 4 pounds out of the 15 I’d like to, and am no longer getting anxious, cranky, and/or hostile if I go more than 2.5 hours between feedings. I’m pleased so far.

  164. My struggle this week has been with excluding grains completely. I’ve long been able to keep to a pretty low number compared to my overall calorie intake, but I can’t ever seem to keep it to none like I want. I’m planning on working on that by increasing my vegetable intake, hooray spinach, and making myself some jerky today.

  165. Challenge #1: Reluctant, heart disease riddled husband
    Result: Coming along nicely now
    Challenge #2: Cash flow
    Result: Creative thinking
    Challenge #3: Snacks?
    Result: I stuffed him with lunch prior to kickoff and then provided a few grapes when he started to prowl.

    Sort of like River, I’d recently gravitated toward the Primal life and then the contest comes along! Yay!

    Thanks to Mark’s posting of Hypertension, Prediabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and 75 Pounds, All Gone in 6 Months which linked to the Unconquerable (unforgettable!)Dave I was able to use the stories provided by these two gents and a couple of others to motivate my reluctant husband. We did Atkins a couple of years ago with stellar results, but we got bored and slipped back into the SAD thing.

    After last nights ribs (fantastic recipe found during Saturday’s fun contest, which provided proof-positive that primal is many things, but boring ain’t one of ’em!!)were a hit, he told me that he’s really starting to question the wisdom of his morning oatmeal now, which he’s been relying on for “heart health.” Did I mention his two heart attacks, v-tach, high BP, defibrillator, and stents? All I’ve told him is that I want him OFF the simvistatin. We’ll deal with the other umpteen drugs later. He’s coming around to my way of thinking. =o)

    As for myself, the hardest thing is finding the most healthful foods at an affordable price. Due to economic circumstances, going all organic and grass-fed is out of the question for the moment, but I’m seeking out new options and even looking for beef so I can jump when I have ready cash. Also, I visited the local farmer’s market and found a terrific organic farmer who has a wide variety of produce, most which is reasonably priced.

    Other than that, snacks for Saturday movie night and Sunday game day have been a bit tough.

  166. My struggle is overcoming my fear of fat and fear of cutting back on my workout . . . i plan to keep reading your site for reassurance, support, and education!!

  167. My biggest struggle is being a foodie and wanting to finish my plate because I LOVE the taste rather than still being hungry. I need to really focus on listening to the signals that my body gives that it is satiated. I am going to focus on listening more and utilizing some Fasting to really get me in tune with my hunger.

  168. My biggest challenges are eating enough (and BEFORE I’m famished) and drinking enough water. I am a new (breastfeeding) momma, so getting enough fuel is CRITICAL for me to not feel like I got hit by a train everyday. I have a routine in the morning to pack a lunch and grab bottles of water to take with me to work. However, at the end of the day the food is gone and I usually have a full bottle of water left over.

    During the week, I am pretty good about my food intake. I’ve managed to pre-cook meals and save leftovers for easy assembly in the morning. On the weekends, my routine shifts and sometimes I end up IFing until after noon — which does not work well for me as far as feeding my son and fueling my body goes. I am going to concentrate on continuing my morning routine through the weekend so I can stay on track (Primal Fuel first thing followed by a couple of hard boiled eggs or a bowl of berries with a dollop of greek yogurt on top).

    As far as my water consumption goes — I’m the complete opposite. On the weekends, I’m great at consuming water. During the week, I suck. I’m going to make the most of my Outlook calendar and schedule “water breaks” daily to remind me to drink water. I’ll probably make those reminders an opportunity to get out from behind my computer screen and take a quick walk too.

    My next stumbling block to tackle is sleep. My son is 4.5 months old. Enough said, right? We have a great bedtime routine and sleep conditions, but he still wakes up once between 0100 and 0300 to eat. Suggestions?

  169. My struggle has been temptation. Since the Challenge has started, there have been FOUR occasions that coworkers have brought donuts in to celebrate something. The temptation isn’t because I crave donuts…I have been primal long enough that I don’t go ravenous when I see them. The tempation is to partake because of the community and the fact that we are celebrating something positive for someone. Sometimes I do eat a donut, but then I usually go for a quick 15-20 minute walk around our campus [we have 4 buildings] to keep my insulin under control.

    Sometimes it is tough balancing expectations with good intentions, whether its a donut at the office or saying no to Grandma’s immaculate pumpkin pie.

  170. I had 2 struggles this week. One is perpetual; getting enough sleep. The other was the running club 2nd anniversary party right after a 10 mile run. Every kind of bread, sugar, sticky sweet roll, etc, etc. I ate watermelon and pineapple (the only available fruit), but broke down for a slice of 2 inch thick french toast with maple syrup and a mimosa.

  171. The goal was to move around whilst the TV was on, but hasn’t happened much. What will change: Putting the computer/iPhone down.

  172. My biggest problem so far is being able to relax/play. My family tells me I am always getting worked up over something so while I am eating 99% clean and getting some good workouts in I am not taking the time to enjoy them. It’s always “okay done now I have to do this and this and this….” and so I am stressed out which makes me feel as lousy as if I were eating SAD. So my POA is to take time out to just relax. I’ll start off on the weekend when I don’t have school and such to worry about and hopefully be able to incorporate it into everyday.

  173. Two struggles for me. Prior to this challenge my diet was pretty close to primal and I lost 70lbs (Whoo!). Kicking the “pretty close” part has me craving refined sugar in a major way. I was eating lots of fruit everyday and now almost none. My fix is to find ways to use more veggies and less fruit in my breakfast smoothies. Today I used pumpkin. It was awesome!

    Second struggle is sleep. I managed to develop a pretty unhealthy routine of about 4 hours a night during the week. My plan to beat this is to stop taking so much work home! 🙂

  174. I’ve been posting mini food logs on facebook so my friends can (and will) get on my case if I stray off course. So that actually helps prevent a lot of struggles, knowing I’m accountable outside of my own head. (I know that they probably don’t give a damn really, but it still works for me.)

    My biggest struggle has been kicking Mountain Dew (again). It’s wierd how a food can become part of your identity. From marathong gaming sessions, all night writing jags, to 24 hour comic drawing challenges; mountain dew was both a fuel and a celebration for a job well done. I’m at the point now where I don’t even miss the taste of the soda as much as that psychological “ping” of “yup, this is a well deserved treat.” I’m trying to find something else to replace that ping with, but nothing quite matches up to the diabolical combination of sugar and caffiene.

  175. I’ve been doing much better with my nutrition, and have kept away from the grains, but I seem to be substituting one addiction for another, as I am now noshing on way too much dark chocolate. My energy is better, but not enough to REALLY make me want to move and get working out. My plan: Don’t buy any more chocolate, try upping my carb intake at mealtime with sweet potato so that I don’t get carb cravings by midafternoon (still keeping carbs under 75 g), and JUST DO IT when it comes to working out. I WILL ride my bike tonight!

  176. My husband and I have been primal for one month now, and I’m doing this challenge by myself. My struggle is that our 2 sons (aged 10 and 6) are decidedly not onboard and are terrible and finicky eaters of mostly carbs. Finding what to cook for myself and my husband and then having to try to concoct a healthy meal for my boys without being as carb-heavy as they’re used to is really difficult. Particularly because neither of them eats meat, really, other than bacon.

    My solution is to just keep cooking and giving them new foods, not to buy more pasta once theirs runs out (any day now) and hope that nuts and bacon and berries and cheese will sustain them till they come around 😉

  177. My struggle this week has been portion size! While I am Grokessing some awesome primal fall soups and roasts, my perimenopausal hormones are kicked up and driving me, well nuts! Too many, in fact! I haven’t craved grains like this since May and have turned too many times to a hand full (or two) of nuts to rein them in. This week, when the crazy urges kick in, I will first turn to a 10 minute weight session. if that doesn’t work. I’ll move on to a cup of my awesome cumin squash soup. Be well everyone!

  178. I’ve been on the program for about a month and a half. My biggest struggle is “eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full”. I’ve always eaten every 3-4 hours and habitually overate. It seems like my body has gotten used to that time frame, and level of gluttony, and now it’s my biggest hurdle! My plan is to listen to myself more. I’m at the point where I can tell when I’m hungry or not, and I’ve actually been able to skip meals (usually dinner) because I’m not hungry. This is huge in my progress. It’s a matter of looking at the big picture and continuing the progress!

  179. My struggle has been an unsupportive spouse! We have come to an agreement to keep all his *junk* food in one (very hard to reach) cabinet. Despite having a killer vertical jump, I have managed to stay out of it! 😉

  180. Potato chips!!! It is crazy how it is so hard to ditch these buggers… Trash day was today so everything went in the bin. And a commitment to not buy any more!

  181. I was actually surprised at my resolve this week. But I still have some struggles.
    First struggle: I am a huge wine head, but I have decided to forgo it for as long as I can during the challenge. And I tend to have a pretty packed social life. So avoiding alcohol can be a bit tough. I had two glasses of Merlot on Saturday (in the afternoon no less) and I didn’t feel good for the entire afternoon. Later on that night when I went out I ordered some Perrier instead of alcohol and was actually pretty satisfied. So that will be my standard alcohol fare during the challenge.

    Second challenge is a non-primal household. My family eats pretty “healthy” by CW standards. But we come from a very starch-centric culture… Lots of rice, Yucca root, Sweet potato, plantain etc… And those are classic “comfort food” for me. There was a sweet potato and gizzard casserole made this week-end. I ate a little bit of it but became sick! I think the conventionally grown sweet Bonito potatoes were way too sweet for my current palate. I am planning on tinkering with traditional recipes to make them primal. That’s the strategy.

    Third and most difficult challenge: getting enough sleep. I have suffered from Insomnia for half of my life so it’s really tough trying to quiet everything down and just get 8 hours of sleep. I am trying to get earplugs and an eye cover to help with that.

    I am excited to continue the journey!

  182. my struggle is trying to get my sleep pattern on track. it seems as if i wake up on my own after 7 hours. I do feel refreshed and ready to start the day, however waking up at 430am is not always a good option for me!! I guess i will have to stay up a little later to try to offset this!

  183. Well for me it’s got to be lack of motivation this week, over availability of macadamia nuts, and fasting too long.

    Just was not motivated to work out at all last week so I think I may switch up from the attempted heavy barbell stuff I’ve been doing to a more PBF bodyweight routine. Even though I really want to pack on some muscle I think I need a change to make it fun again.

    NO MORE BUYING NUTS!!!!! I’m fraking addicted to the damn things as they’re the only primal snack I allow myself, so back to boiled eggs as a standby and maybe an attempt to make jerky.

    IF only goes for 24 hours for me. I attempted, and followed through with, a 48 hour fast in accordance with scientific info I had read here on the forum by pklopp. While I think the science is sound and I really wanted to maximize the benefits, my body just does not like going that long running on bodyfat only. Bad headaches and a general malaise during the last 8 hours. From now on skipping breakfast and lunch will do, and maybe after a good period of very clean and low carb eating a 36 hour IF where I skip a whole day and have a big breakfast, but we’ll see about that.

    All in all I’m thrilled with the results of the PB lifestyle so far. 14lbs less fat in 6 weeks, after stalling on SAD with a 38lb loss, and feeling absolutely awesome!

  184. MONEY! My biggest issue has been money. I spent almost my whole months budget for food in the first week. I have tried this several times in the past and it’s always the same for me, I run out of money. I find the transition to be fairly easy when I have plenty of good primal food in the house. After the first week or two I am not getting as much food so I’m hungry and resort back to the cheap carb calories. I am a really big guy and have a family of 6 so our food budget gets pretty large.

    1. There’s actually several good articles on here giving alternate cuts of meat and recipes to feed families cheap. I find that eggs and ground chuck go a long way especially when mixed with some frozen veggies and new spices.

      Eating this way will never be as cheap as rice, ramen, beans and canned veggies but you’ll feel a heck of a lot better. I’ve literally lived out of my car when I was young so I understand eating cheap, but this diet can work on a budget and getting rid grains and finding good veggie alternatives will make an enormous difference.

      Good luck and Grok on!

  185. Oh man…One thing thats got me struggling is the constant discussions between myself and family who are so neck deep in cw that they are convinced that I’m killing and depriving myself by becoming primal. Its so draining having the same conversations over and over again and still getting as far as a rat on a wheel. But…No matter how much convincing I try to do, I know that my physical transformation (which is surprisingly already coming to fruition) will speak much louder than words.

  186. My challenge was to get adequate sleep. An unexpected redeye flight derailed my plans just a few days in; in general, some days, knowing I have to get up at 5:15 isn’t enough to get me in bed by 9. The girlfriend wants me to watch TV, and I’m wired still and thinking about the day past and the day to come. To overcome this challenge, I’m trying really hard to shut off all electronics by 8, and read after that point, so that I can ease down a little more gently.

  187. My struggle has been resisting sweets. I have a total sweet tooth and have found that hard. However…the tip about dark chocolate in a home made trail mix has been a lifesaver!!

  188. My struggle has been lunch. Working in manhattan it seems every decently quick option is surrounded by bread(tacos, rolls, heros, hot dogs, pitas, etc.). Just recently I have found a quality market which offers fresh made healthy choices that aren’t bread dependent. So this is my way to beat my struggle. I plan on developing a relationship with the cooks at this market in order to assure that the ingredients are strickly primal.

  189. I’ve always loved to cook. When I can find the time, I really love to be active. I’ve been following Primal/Paleo blogs and people for the last half of this year, and had transitioned some of my meals to Primal/Paleo, but with no commitment.

    The Primal Challenge this month gave me a fun reason to commit! Not a day after I noticed I had gained — gained back! — a belt notch, the story-blog today was about just that: I had to laugh out loud.

    Things are actually going great. Instead of having fun cooking some great meals a few times a week, I’m having fun cooking great meals all week! My GF is trying, too, and she’s at about 60/40 Primal/Non.

    My struggle is looming … I don’t want to slip back, so I’m trying to use the excitement I have in this attempt and the community resources here, to keep me inspired.

    I hope the energy I have never leaves!

  190. my struggle was staying primal while visiting and staying with friends for the Florida State and Oklahoma football game last weekend, its amazing what a couple days of drinking and junk food can do to your body 🙁

  191. My struggle so far is the 80/20 rule. Once I decide to have a little piece of the 20 I go overboard and it ends up more like 30. I plan to overcome this by putting things in perspective and looking at the big picture.

    What is the real reward for my Primal efforts? Is it pizza and a few beers on the weekend, or is it a lifetime of improved health, increased energy and looking good naked?

    In other words, is my goal for going primal “cheats” or something bigger? Once I get my head wrapped around that concept I’ll be in a good place.

  192. I have had a lot of mini-struggles this week, but the biggest one by far is navigating social situations with grace about my primal food preferences. It stinks to have to turn down a dinner party invitation because I won’t be able to eat anything offered. It also can be uncomfortable being tagged as the “picky eater” of the group. Oh well. My health (and waistline) is worth it. 🙂

  193. My struggle this week has been snacking, especially at night after all is done and the kid is in bed. Not really hungry, just boredom. My plan s to be mindful of it and go to bed earlier. This well help stop the mindless eating and help me get more rest. 🙂

  194. I’m also having some trouble with the half supportive household keeping non-primal foods around.
    But mostly, I am struggling with motivating myself to do the sprints.

  195. My struggle is sugar. Cutting grains is easy, but sugar is everywhere! I’m trying to be proactive by peeling some organic carrots and having fresh fruit readily available to grab whenever i’m tempted by a pre-processed lump of disaster.

  196. When I first started going primal it was because my doctor pointed me at this site. My initial challenge was confronting CW, but once I got over that and began to transition I had a whole new struggle. My family. They are still all very much in line with the low fat high carb. So its tough eating primal while they live off of sugar and bread. I plan to get over this hump by making the dinners more primal with more fruit and veggies and less grains and sugar. Now if I could only figure out how to keep my 3 year old daughter from jumping on my back while I’m doing my LHT workouts…

  197. My problem is complacency. I lost 80lbs fast being primal, but once i started feeling good about myself, i started cheating . . I’ve been semi-primal and on a plateau for months now.

    My plan is to set physical goals, that way i have something to shoot for, i know i cant do it with just exercise.

  198. My struggle has been getting more sleep. Last month I started a new job where I’m commuting 1.5 hours each way taking 3 different trains, which was pretty bad for my sleep schedule. It’s a temporary measure until I move closer to work in a few weeks, but I figured its as good a reason as any to get out of my bad college habits of sleeping 1 am – 11 am. I’ve made sure my room is absolutely dark at night and I’ve found that taking a nice walk through the suburbs around my house at night helps a lot – winds things down nicely and gets me out of the artificial lighting in the house. Takes some getting used to, but I’m making progress.

  199. Everybody at work orders pizza for lunch…its tough to say no to nyc pizza.

  200. My struggles for this month are trying to reduce nut snacking, reduce wine consumption, and trying to improve sleep. I am making some progress in the sleep department – long term issue. some progress in the wine department, and fail in the nuts so far. At least they are soaked!

    Oddly, my biggest primal challenge over the past year has been getting enough good red meat in my diet. After years of healthy CW low fat, avoid red meat, it is hard to get into the habit. I have found overall that it is easier to eliminate things than add new things in diet.

  201. My struggle is finding the time to cook more of my own food. With a 16 month old and another on the way, my free time is virtually zero. I have a few go to meals out which include either chicken or steak with a bunch of grilled vegetables, but I’m sure they are cooked in a non-primal oil or the meat is not the quality I would prefer.

    My goal by the end of the 30 day challenge is not only eat the right foods, but also to prepare most – if not all – of what I eat. I plan to do this by cooking in much larger portions so that one dinner could also act as 2-3 lunches with leftovers. The first meal I plan to prepare like this will be a soup/stew with a beef roast, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and whatever else we have on hand. Hopefully this will take the pressure off of eating out as often and will spur other ideas to follow the primal diet more closely.

  202. My biggest struggle is to avoid the temptation of fruit. I gave it up for the 30-day challenge to see if it really had an effect on my blood sugar. This would normally not be a problem in the winter time when they only thing available is an apple but there is still an abundance of local peaches and plums not to mention yummy watermelon. So hard but I made it a week and lost 3 lbs to boot so I know I can do this!

  203. My struggle has been with planning. We had a really busy week getting ready for a yardsale. My next struggle will be a trip we’re taking this weekend. I’m planning on taking a cooler with some quick items.

  204. My major goal during the challenge is to get more sleep. In the past week I’ve gotten precisely 0 more hours than in a regular week. 6 weeks is a great weeknight and 5 is typical. I just can’t seem to manage my other life demands well enough to squeeze out a few more minutes of shuteye each night.

  205. My challenge has been to play meals that work for me and the rest of my family.

  206. I’ve been trying to get closer to the 80/20 rule, right now I’m eating around 60/40. I’ve gotten rid of all the sweets in the house, and plan on going full primal for few days. Now I just need to fully convince the girlfriend…

  207. My struggles are: too much diet soda and sitting all day at a desk job. I need to re-establish green tea and daily walks!

  208. I went cold turkey from eating pasta and such to paleo. I’ve had some trouble getting enough meat in my diet and resisting the desserts! I’m eating at an all you can eat buffet style cafeteria. Sometimes I’ll sit down to eat with my friends and they’ll all be eating the most delicious looking chocolate cake I have ever seen!! To fight this I’m going to go buy some fresh fruit and keep them in my room so I can munch on them instead and get some dark chocolate. The meat problem however is more difficult because we can’t cook meat in the dorm kitchen so I’m playing with the idea of making some food at a friends and keeping it in my room.

  209. I have been eating Primal for a few months now, so I decided to use the challenge as a time for fixing other bad habits.

    My struggle has been that I never get up when my alarm goes off, even when I’ve had sufficient sleep. I take the dog out and feed her, and then I always crawl back into bed rather than making use of my extra time in the morning when I could be making a better breakfast, reading a book, writing for myself, or myriad other things.

    I plan on moving my alarm clock across my room, and shutting the door when I leave the bedroom. Also, I may ask my wife to kick me in the stomach if I get back into bed, though I’m afraid of the bodily harm that may result!

  210. My husband and I struggle with our usual kick off to the weekend on Friday night. We usually like to start off the weekend with a pizza and a cold beer. Now we’ve tried to substitute with a bacon and veggie frittata and a small glass of red wine.

  211. The two biggest challenges are getting sufficient sleep and changing one’s food intake while family members struggle. How to overcome both of these challenges? Listening.

    Listen to your body when it gets tired after sunset – rather than pushing through until you get your second wind, respect what your body is telling you and go to bed – don’t power through and stay up for a couple more hours.

    Listen to what your body is telling you when you eat primally, and encourage those who struggle to listen to how they feel after they eat a piece of cake. Sugar jitters and caffeine jitters are very similar.

  212. I am struggling a lot with body image right now.

    I know this sounds ridiculous and trivial, but I work in an industry that is very appearance-centered and it’s especially hard being female working among a male majority.

    I tend to eat when I get anxious so it’s been challenging to recognize the pattern of “angst-make bad choice in food-eat” and SHUT IT DOWN.

    I admitted in my journal on the forum that I came to this initially as a weight loss plan, but I feel so freaking fantastic that it’s become more of an obsession to get as healthy and strong as possible.

    The most challenging thing is to really LISTEN to those who are supportive of my choice to go Primal, and even making drastic changes to emulate and assist me in my Primal goals. Like my Best Beloved.

  213. I have been primal for about 8 months after my DH finally talked me into trying it and I will never go back. I am using this challenge to tweak mainly my diet, especially coming off all the summer BBQ’s, etc. Social gatherings are def. the hardest part. Went to a party this weekend and all there was to eat was chips, pizza and alcohol or soda. So mad because I would have brought some veggies and primal ranch dressing if I knew that was all that was going to be there. I think having some primal food on hand to fall back on is very important to getting through those situations.

  214. Breakfast is my usual struggle. My standard non-primal breakfast isn’t cereal or a bagel, but chai or green tea lattes from Starbucks.

    I found myself turning to that usual breakfast a couple of times last week, but this week I’m rededicating myself to finding primal substitutes. Smoothies are good, especially with raw eggs for protein. 🙂

  215. I know I’m responsible for what I put into my mouth, but my boyfriend is so good at sabotage. At least twice a week he doesn’t want to eat what I’ve prepared (steak!). We wants fast food, soda, and fries. I don’t want him to feel denied of this “fun,” but gosh this is getting old. I admit there have been times I’ve gone along with it. I’ve been working so hard to make sure there’s enough primal food in the house, so there is always something here, but he doesn’t want it half the time. Although this morning he told me he’s not doing fast food and soda anymore, so here’s hoping. He’s shocked by how much weight he’s gained and how much stamina and strength he has lost.

  216. I struggled with adapting to crazy plan changes. One minute my plans were solid, then up in the air for several days, then completely turned around. Because of this, I didn’t meet many of the goals I had set for myself, including getting on a solid sleep schedule, getting to work at 8:30 (instead of my typical 9:30-10), working out every morning, talking a walk at lunch every day, making it to a CrossFit workout 4-5 times a week, and abstaining from alcohol on week nights.

    That being said, I did manage to sleep about 8 hours each night (just not at the times I had planned), get to work around 9, sprinted once, hiked once, walked in the morning once, walked at lunch a couple of times, LHT at CrossFit once, and ran Warrior Dash this weekend. I only had one drink during the week, and kept my drinks to a 2 drink maximum per day on the weekend. Meals were good, and I even made a huge batch of eggs and soup so I can just quickly heat up my meals for the next few days. I did have one slightly questionable meal after Warrior Dash, but that’s it! All in all, this week wasn’t too horrible, and I did accomplish much of what I set out to do. I wish I had been able to more, but it could have been A LOT worse.

    My solution is to prioritize. If I can’t do it all every day, then just focus on getting the most important things done and not stress about the rest. 100% is preferable, but 80% is acceptable sometimes. Food = #1. Always. Next comes sleep and working out. Then comes sprints, walking, and hiking. Last comes getting to work early and refraining from alcohol during the week.

  217. My struggle has been resisting all the college food and greasy pizza. My friends want to order out or go on social events a lot, and I find myself struggling to resist temptation. I plan on trying just to order the healthy options at the places we go, or just eat beforehand.

  218. My biggest struggle so far has been obtaining an adequate amount of sleep. I’m a busy college student and no matter how much I say I’m going to go to sleep early, I never do. This has got to stop! I tried going to bed earlier every day this past week and I only succeeded once. And I felt great the next day! I definitely need to work on improving my sleep cycle because I can’t afford to fall asleep in bio class again!

  219. I’ve been doing well on the sleeping front. (But mainly because I’m on vacation right now.)
    My problem is the working too much. I keep forgetting the play part–even while on vacation. I start analyzing things and working when I’m supposed to be relaxing. Hard to step away from things…luckily I have some friends who are encouraging the “less-workaholic” me.

  220. I’m having trouble cutting back on a lot of the fruits I used to eat way too much of (several bananas and lots of grapes each day just to name a couple). Going to focus on berries (frozen and fresh) to curb the sweet cravings!

  221. My struggle has been exercising at a slower pace. I’m an ex-collegiate swimmer and training hard is the only way I know how. I’m making sure to take my dog or kids and enjoy my exercise this week. If it’s not fun….I’m not doing it!

  222. My struggle this past week has been finding time to exercise. I tended to think, “I only have half an hour… I will just do some work instead.”

    If I would time my sprints or kettlebell workouts, I would realize that I do, in fact, have time to get a quick workout and shower (if needed) completed in half an hour. I will just start doing my workouts this week instead of thinking about doing them.

  223. My struggle has been having no support in my life for going primal. Today, though, I talked with one of my bio friends about some studies regarding the effects of carb-intake, and he seems to be seriously considering cutting out most carbs in his diet.

  224. All has been smooth sailing this week except that satisfying IPA after a long work week. next week I will stay away from the grocery store on the weekends.

  225. My struggle is bread. I love subs, hamburgers, breakfast sandwiches, etc. Someone brought a box of Panera’s bagels and pastries to my office last Friday, and I almost cracked.

  226. I’ve been struggling with a few things… sprinting has been put on the back burner these past couple weeks. My body has just been craving long walks and intense lifting but not sprinting even though I know how beneficial it is and how accomplished I feel afterwards. I also have been lagging on sleep just a bit.

  227. A couple of months into going primal, I started to have insomnia at night. I have been pretty much all primal with some dairy. Although the few times I have indulged in some grains, I have noticed I sleep better. So my challenge/struggle is to find out what is really going on and to treat it without a bowl of Kix before bed.

  228. This isn’t my first time around, I came on board during the Primal Challenge in 2010. In the year since my Primal lifestyle shift I’ve gone off course twice, once for Thanksgiving and again once last weekend on vacation.

    I know that my one -massive- weekend of cheating won’t break me, but it’s so frustrating to sit around today lethargic and sweating and bloated. Ick. The organic ice cream was nice, but it set off the chain of events leading to the less than organic pizza.

    I’m already in recovery mode. Today is a workout and dialed in meals with specific macros, tomorrow is a day long fast, Wednesday is extra fat and extra low carbs, and by Thursday I should be lean, kicking, and back on my rock climbing wall like a pro.

  229. Getting rid of all grains was easy, but I’m having trouble avoiding vegetable oils. I’m going to try experimenting with skipping lunch and/or driving the extra mile or two to go home for lunch.

  230. This is my first post!
    I found the Primal lifestyle while researching low-carb things. I’ve had success with Atkins before, so I’m used to the low carb thing. But I’m finding it sooo much easier to just cut out grains altogether – being free from counting is wonderful, and there are no cravings. Doesn’t bother me to be around the bad stuff, and I don’t have to have it.

    My biggest challenges are getting enough sleep and making time for workouts. No grains? No problem. Sleep more? While I’d like to, it’s not been easy. But I’m planning to dial bedtime back a bit at a time to work on that.

    I’d like to try a sprint workout as well – I think I will plan a trip to the park this week.

    Thanks to Mark for this terrific site and to everyone else for the additional motivation! 🙂

  231. I’m injured. I bruised and possibly cracked a couple of ribs at the spartan race (most primal event ever) and so I am limited in what I can do for exercise, which makes me want to reach for my ultimate comfort food: peanut butter.

    I’ve been a little lax since i got hurt (just over three weeks now), but since the 30 day challenge started i’ve noticed a little bonus: i think i’m healing faster.

  232. My struggle is with scale obsession. I have used that as a motivator for the past two years, and I am having a hard time letting it go. I feel great and have so much energy, but still felt disappointed when I didn’t have a good number on the scale last Friday so I had to weigh myself again this morning. When my husband and I first started working getting healthy we would weigh ourselves daily and track it. Once we went primal we cut back on it, but I can’t give it up completely. It is especially notable since I started lifting weights the last four months and can tell a difference in my body composition, but have had no change in weight.

    I am not sure how to get over the struggle completely, but we did get a set of calipers and have been measuring our body fat %. I am working on being more accepting of that number than the number on the scale.

  233. I teach HOT yoga and I find that I am very low on Energy when I don’t have carbohydrates. What can I do to stay hydrated and have energy without grains? I recently had my gallbladder removed and have trouble with nuts and beans.

  234. I am having a problem with snacking at night. My goal was to work on sleep but somehow I always find myself looking for bad snacks after dinner before I go to bed. My strategy to fix this is going to be to have my dinner and have a set time where I will get in bed. If I’m not tired yet ill read but need to be in the bed by then. However if the craving hits me before bed time my plan is to go for a quick walk with my wife. Usually the snacking is due to being bored so I plan on taking a quick walk to take my mind off it and if I’m still hungry I will snack on some nuts and see how I feel. I am hoping that the walk will distract me and the nuts will be filling enough. I plan to go out and buy a few different types of raw nuts so I don’t get bored with the nuts every night I get hungry.

  235. My biggest struggle has been resisting the mid-afternoon carb craving. I always want some potato chips, something starchy, around that time. I admit I did succumb to this desire a couple of afternoons last week.

  236. My biggest struggle has been the carb-loaded snacks that my roommates keep in our room. I am in the constant presence of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, chocolate chips, peant butter, vanilla sweetened yogurt, oatmeal… you name it, it’s in my room, and it’s not primal. (I’m currently trying to go Primal in a dorm room and using a dining hall!) I had a great first week, and the weekend just ruined it. But I’m back on track for today, and for the week!

  237. It’s been a struggle to find the time for a work out. I walk home from work most days, about a 30 minute brisk walk, but I promised myself that I would do some bodyweight resistance work as well 3 time s a week. So far I managed twice last week. Oh well, at least that’s better than 0! Aiming for thrice this week.

  238. Argh, the struggle! I actually started my primal journey on July 31. I’m seeing wonderful results so far and I refer to my first week as the narcoleptic week. Once I got through that and my body relearned how to process its fuel, I was good to go.

    Now that I’m over a month in I’ve hit a couple different struggles. The one over my last week has been finding the inspiration to cook. I’m a single cavegirl who lives in a one person cave. Since it’s just me, I use to eat out probably at least one meal a day. Now, I’m cooking all my meals, everyday. After a month and a half I’m dragging my feet in the kitchen and whining like a five year old about cooking again. And then there’s the dishes! **sigh**

    I’m trying to work around this by getting inspired with some fresh recipes. I’ve been watching the food network and in my head primalizing each recipe they make to keep my brain engaged and inspired. Last night I tried Sarah’s Enchilada recipe from Everyday Paleo and that got me excited. I think I’m now on a shrimp kick.

    I’d love advice on this one for when the shrimp kick wears off.

  239. My biggest struggle has been getting adequate sleep. Being a full time student and a full time mom makes it hard to find enough time to study and be a parent. Here’s to eight full hours tonight!

  240. My biggest struggle is getting adequate sleep, I am probably getting 7 to 7.5 hours a night but I know I would feel much better if I got more. I am usually get up early to do laundry and pack lunches. My plan to overcome this is to get help from the kids with laundry and lunch the night before. They should be able to help me with this after dinner.

  241. I struggle in social situations with both food and exercise — at home I’m in control of it. This weekend was a workshop with box lunches. They had a green salad, and I’d planned to take the meat from the sandwich and put it on the salad…except the 1st day it was Tofurkey! Um, not for me, thanks. And so…I was hungry and ate chips for the 1st time in 3 months. The next day…I had the sandwich. And a cookie. And got heartburn. Lesson learned. I hope! Next time, I’ll forgo the boxed lunch and bring my own.

    My friends love to do high cardio classes, and I love to be with them. I’m trying to frame it as my ‘play’ time, but sometimes I’m really not having fun getting lost in choreography. I’m trying to get them to come to the weight lifting class with me, but the instructor… she sings. And not well!

  242. My biggest obstacle right now is my husband, a vegetarian, who is really not supportive of my diet. He still eats fish, but plans on even giving that up at some point. He’s a new vegetarian too, having only been meat-free for a couple of months, so he’s all fired up about it and scolds me for eating meat. He doesn’t even notice that since going veg, his health has not only not improved, but seems to be worse! I plan to gently educate him on why we’re meant to eat this way, and suggest this is something we can both do responsibly and sustainably. I’ll try!

  243. I am a carnivore at heart so the eating plan has been good. Avoiding the treats at work can be tough and we have subsidized snacks in our lunch room which can be tempting at times. I put a jar of almonds on my desk. When I really feel the need for a snack, I grab 4-6 almonds and that knocks out the snack gremlin.

    Struggling a little with the energy level. I am a crossfitter and thai boxer. The days with more cardio work are still killing me. Trying to hold back on upping my carbs until I have another week or so to adapt.

    Rock out with your grok out people!

  244. My biggest challenge seems to be snacks and temptation on the weekends.
    I need to read online and figure out some healthy, quick snacks that are good for both home and work.
    I find that on the weekends, I am trying eat primal and everyone around me is eating pizza, burgers with rolls, soda, beer, etc.
    I had a few minor slip-ups this weekend and am trying to figure out the best ways to keep them from happening again.
    I think this will also go back to having the healthy quick snacks at hand. If I am able to curb off a temptation with a quick snack then I will be able to prepare a nice healthy meal for myself.

  245. The hardest part is satisfying, yummy snacks. I tried to put my Celiac son on this diet as well to cure him of his eczema, seasonal allergies and asthma. He said he was willing, but he just doesn’t have the will power to say no, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him he couldn’t have popcorn when everyone else was. It is hard enough when you are 7 to be told No all the time being a Celiac, I am having a hard time trying to tell him he has to be even MORE different than everyone else his age. I need SUPER DELICIOUS snack ideas that can be in my purse, not refrigerated.

  246. I’ve still been struggling with getting enough sleep. I was sick for the first couple of days of the challenge (as were several of my friends, so I guess it was going around), and it made it very hard to get restful sleep. I have covered up my windows and have gone to bed on time every night (!), so I hope that it improves in the coming weeks.

  247. Felt great all week. There was a couple of nights through that I was really hungry for some bad stuff. I tried veggies, some almonds, and fruit but it was just not working. Then I started having dinner a little later than normal and those hunger pains went away. Love all the veggies that I am getting now and they make a huge difference during dinner.

  248. My struggle this week was maintaining primal eating while visiting my boyfriend’s family in Texas. They already know that I am gluten free, so when they went out of the way to make sure I had snacks like GF crackers and cereal for my stay, I felt guilty not eating them. I followed Mark’s 80/20 rule, I ended up eating about 15 meals while I was on the road, and 2 of them had sugar and one had grains.

  249. I struggled this week with eating primal while traveling and visiting relatives. Carb-heavy airline meals and in-laws who serve a mound of white potatoes on the plate at every meal proved a bit of a health challenge.

  250. My husband and i have done well so far. We have been pimal/paleo for 8 months. Together, we have lost 44 pounds. My husband has also raised his HDL by more than 30 points. We decided to give up our weekly cheat meal with this 30 day challenge. Our biggest temptations include dark chocolate covered ginger bites and protein bars (they both contain a lot of sugar). We don’t crave much anymore. We also have discovered that we don’t feel well when we do indulge.

  251. My struggle has been all-or-nothing thinking. I ate well for 6.5 days, with no dairy or alcohol, but then I went out for Thai with friends. Ate the rice and who-knows-what in the sauce.

    I was so mad at myself for not even making it a full week, and I felt like just throwing in the towel and having donuts for breakfast.

    I am reminding myself of 80/20 and the real failure would be giving up entirely in the face of setbacks.

  252. My struggle is turning down a second, third or sometimes 4th beer. Went to the Patriots game yesterday and handeled the food like a champ. Hubs and I brought primal chicken stuffed pepperoncinis wrapped in bacon and bacon cole slaw. I also had a late day hamburger that I just ate off the fork to avoid the bun (didnt have any lettuce). I kept myself away from my favorite salty snacks, but couldnt turn down the beer.

    How will I handle it? Next time I will only bring as many beers as I want to drink and no more so I dont get tempted. I am also going to plan out and pick just ONE more day that I will allow myself some beers for the month.

  253. My struggle this week is that I find it hard to pack food when I’m on the go. In the past, if I was going to be gone all day, I would pack a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and chips/pretzels, or a granola bar. Now, I have to make the time to prepare some kind of meat to take with me… it’s not just grab and go, especially if going for more than 1 day, which makes it easy to slip back into non-primal diet.
    My plan is to always have almonds, dried berries, and cut-up veggies ready to go. If anyone has a protein-on-the-go ideas, let me know.

  254. My challenge came this past Saturday when I took my son to a friend’s birthday party. I ate before the party so that I wouldn’t get hungry while there and get tempted to eat. The only food available at the party was pizza, chips, and cake. When it came time to cut the cake, I declined a piece and that was when the comments started that I hadn’t had anything to eat the whole time I was there. I explained that I ate before the party, but that didn’t stop the comments. I then tried to explain primal eating and the benefits but the comments that I get is “that’s easy for you, you’re already so small”. I really detest it when people make this comment. I’m 5’2” and 115lbs. Yes, I’ve always been small but I haven’t always been healthy. Until recently, I never had muscle tone and I could never do a push up. Anyways, after some comments (some kind of hurtful) I decided to just eat some cake and hoped that would take the attention off of me. Thankfully, the other moms finally left me alone but I was disappointed at myself for giving into their “peer pressure”.

  255. I didn’t truly feel my struggle until this past weekend. My daughter (12 yrs) and I attended a Outdoor Survival Camp. Unfortunately, they would not allow us to bring our own food and I was at the mercy of carb loaded “kid food”. I struggled, failed, and struggled again. My saving grace was an introduction to fasting and the chance to truly integrate PLAY into my life. The result? I bonded with my daughter like you wouldn’t believe and got plenty of sun shine. I also walked away with an enlightened of sense of “what the crap is my kid eating?” I am always looking for a “workout buddy”, basically someone to keep me motivated….apparently I birthed one and didn’t even know it.

  256. My struggle is not being scale obsessed. Also a birthday dinner for my father in law last night at all you can eat sushi. I lost that struggle, but I’m ok with that because it was damn good sushi and it happens so rarely there’s no chance of it becoming a pattern.

  257. My biggest hurdle is work! I’m a 911 dispatcher, so the hardest thing for me is packing enough nutrition for a 12 hour shift, two days in a row. Making sure I actually eat it is another problem. Sometimes we get so busy, we don’t have time to do much but answer the phone or the radio! I’ve been standing more at work but we only get a few 15 minute breaks to walk around the parking lot. Another hurdle has been stress and sleep. I go to bed at 9 pm, but I wake up a lot in the middle of the night and then can’t fall asleep again. We’ve been trying to go on more walks in the evening and bike ride in the mornings that I’m off. I need to incorporate more exercise but my busy schedule makes it difficult.

    Regardless of my difficulties, we are making progress. My digestive system is working so much better now. And I have a lot more energy than before I started Paleo! We intend for this to be our permanent lifestyle. Thanks for all the help Mark!

  258. My challenge last week was dealing with being sidelined by Plantar Fasciitis. I am continuing my morning walks, but have shortened them tremendously.

    My plan is to up my “recovery” plan by including more activities that focus on this area: rolling a frozen water bottle with my foot, doing more wall stretches, and rolling a golf ball under my foot while at work and on the couch at home. Step 1: Find a golf ball!

  259. Every Friday work provides breakfast. It’s easy to skip the breakfast, but leftovers are put in our break room/copy room which I can’t avoid. It’s very hard to pass up the doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, etc. every time I go in there.

  260. I’ve struggled with time more than anything. Of course work has been super duper extra busy since starting this challenge, and I’ve got a new puppy at home that is taking a LOT of my time and energy. It’s been tough to allot enough time in the mornings for food prep, so I’m going to do a better job of getting as much food prep done at night as possible. I know I can get through this with just a bit more planning!

  261. I didn’t plan an early morning this weekend well enough to leave time for my go-to primal breakfast and instead was sucked in by the power of convenience at the D&D drive-thru on my corner. An hour later, the gut-wrenching (and emptying) reminder of why I don’t eat crap was enough to kick me back into gear the rest of the weekend.
    I find that actually listening to your body can be the best feedback and motivation.

  262. My stumbling block has been emotions…
    My father passed away and I’m not handling his death very well.
    Although I’ve followed PB for the past several years, the past few weeks have been hard emotionally and I’ve resorted to the old “comfort foods” (a lot of loving, caring friends have brought a ton of non-primal food to the house), therefore, this years challenge couldn’t have come at a better time…
    As I sort through the grieving process, this challenge reminds me to take care of myself. I am trying to focus more on doing what is good for me instead of doing what is easy.

  263. I was doing great until I had to travel to a college football game this weekend. I wasnt going to beat myself up over it but I did feel guilty when it was all said and done. The workouts have been the best part. The primal workout approach is different than anything I have really tried before so it has kept me interested.

  264. Biggest struggle this last week was giving up the fruit. I was up to 4 apples a day (Hey, if you can’t have an apple a day, what’s with mark’s daily apple? I feel like bacon or chicken would make more sense in place of apple) and it was a challenge giving them up. Solution? Start a leptin reset which avoids me from snacking all together. I realized most of the time I was just eating them to keep my mouth occupied, not out of hunger.

    Predicted weekly challenge – friends are having a carb fest (Aka pasta dinner) saturday night pre-race sunday morning. Planning on just filling up on something meaty beforehand and bringing some steamed veggies or sweet potato mash to share.

  265. 8 days into the Primal Challenge and I am feeling great. I have been following a somewhat “Quasi-Paleo” diet the last few months on and off. I wasn’t consistent and not watching my carb intake and I just didn’t seem to be feeling any different. But I started the Primal Challenge last week, fully committed and have been tracking my carb intake (50-100g/day). I also started reading the Primal Blueprint. Since then, my energy has increased, I am more regular. Trust me, it is not easy. I grew up Italian so pasta, garlic breads and pastries were a BIG part of my diet. And since the birth of my daughter four years ago I have been hooked on sweets. I have 40 pounds to lose, so I am hoping that I can not only lose that “baby weight” but also lower my cholesterol in the process! I havent weighed myself yet, but I am sure that they weight will be coming off soon enough!

  266. My challenge is been getting enough sleep and dinnertime eating. I manage to eat very well and structured throughout the day but when I get home and finally wind down and eat I seem to never get satisfied and feel like I am deprived if I go to be hungry. To combat this I may eat a bit more through the day to keep my energy level up compared to my activities and hopefully getting to bed at a more reasonable time.

  267. My struggle this week has been dealing with my craving for ice cream… even the relatively clean stuff… My plan of action is a mix between perseverance and social obligation in that my vocalization of my challenge and that I will not succumb to my weakness will give me strength to push through it…that and I bought some fancy grass fed beef as a treat…yummm

  268. My goals are to bring my primal lunch with me to work each day and to stand at my desk the majority of the day. Bringing lunch is fine and I’ve enjoyed making my own meals (and eating them). However standing has been really tough for me. I can walk ALL DAY. But standing makes my joints ache. I always end of switching my weight from right to left. Should I get some kind of floor pad to stand on? Any advice is more than welcome! Thanks!!

  269. I’ve been primal/Paleo for about a year and half now but this month has presented me with one of my toughest challenges: I convinced my husband to go primal, and we just started feeding our two year old primal. These boys can EAT and now we run out of bacon and eggs ALL THE TIME!! Don’t get me wrong…I love that my family has made the switch…It’s just that….*sigh* I miss not having to share the bacon.

  270. It seems my struggle is with me 24hrs a day in one form or another. My wife is not a MDA-er, while she eats what I would describe as better then most. And at work (fire dept.) I am currently stationed with some serious CW carboholics. My plan to overcome these struggles is to do more of the cooking at home (our deal is whoever cooks decides what is for dinner) and to smile and wave at work. The results will speak volumes. Grok on

  271. My struggle was visiting family. My sister brought a dessert and we all went out to eat. I skipped the meal and just drank water and bbq’d some chicken and veggies when I got home but I did try a bite of the dessert. I think they understand the diet a little better so the next family get together shouldn’t be too bad!

  272. My biggest struggle has been sticking to primal food while living outside. I have a camper stove to help out, but what I can make is quite limited. I don’t have a full sized refridgerator either, just a small one with a teeny “freezer” that doesn’t keep things frozen. I’ve been resorting to eating out a lot, forcing me to raise my food budget and lower my primal-diet standards. This week I’ve made it a priority to research recipes and storage techniques to improve my diet and increase the thickness of my wallet, I’m fairly confident that with enough time spent looking up recipes I can make this work.

  273. I’ve got the nutrition honed in pretty well. Batch cooking is a tremendous help! I struggle more with the other primal commandments. I just started law school and a. I can’t read and walk at the same time and b. libraries aren’t very sunny. So today I am taking advantage of my car being out of commission and making the two-mile, uphill walk home from the train station. Moving frequently at a slow pace AND getting some sun! If I can figure out how to read casebooks at the same time I will be golden!

  274. My struggle has been alcohol, I have cut down on my microbrews, but I need to get rid of them altogether!!

  275. its difficulte I just went to a work lunch and had to smell french fries and onion rings at a nearby table but it is mind over matter and I had all those things for 29 years and I matter so I will succeed. Jacob

  276. It’s always social outings and alcohol! I had been doing great — no problems with my food choices and exercise, but we met friends at a brew pub and I couldn’t resist! I felt like garbage the next day, which is a good thing. I’m hoping I can keep that experience in mind next time we’re out. Beer doesn’t help me achieve anything! Wine, on the other hand …

  277. I have struggled in all areas this past week. The worst was my son’s 8th birthday. Cake is my biggest weakness and I “had” to have a piece because how do you not have a piece of cake with your kid? But I figured in for a penny, in for a pound and ate two big pieces. I told myself I was doing myself a favor, getting it gone and out of the house, but I immediately felt like crap. Physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve long since gotten over cereal, bread, chips, etc. I’ve even managed to convince myself that I can do my coffee with just Half & Half. But sweets are a killer for me. I will not allow myself to give in again. Dark chocolate (a single piece or two) has been my saving grace. Exercising is my other big hurdle. It’s cold and rainy here and I just want to cuddle up under a blanket. I will be working on that this week.

  278. My biggest struggle, like many others, is getting enough sleep. I am setting a “get into bed” time of 10:15pm this week. I have a book I’m currently reading and will read it until I fall asleep – that usually works for me. I’m also struggling with completing all the fitness goals, but consider the sleep a higher priority (also believe it will indirectly help me to have the energy to do the fitness activities).

  279. My biggest hurdle: My daughter’s birthday party. We had planned in advance of the challenge to have our daughter’s party at a trampoline place (literally a huge indoor arena with tons of trampolines). We thought that this would be great for the kids we invited, as well as for the parents– at least the ones not too embarrassed to jump on them. Biggest issues were the food and cake. The place did not allow us to bring in any food, so we were forced to serve pizza. We also did do the traditional birthday cake. Hopefully we depleted our glycogen stores enough that the sugar wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Also, I made sure that my wife and I ate a huge breakfast of eggs and bacon, so that we wouldn’t be hungry at the party (worked like a charm). We both did have a slice of cake to celebrate our daughter’s birthday, and both paid dearly for it afterwords. Trying to recoup on a Monday is not fun !!

  280. My struggle with the first week was profoundly silly sounding, but I kept forgetting that I was doing this. I mean, it is not a diet, it is a way of life, and changing your way of life is soooo not like ‘going on a diet’. You go on a diet overnight. But you change your life over the course of time, bit by bit. I think this 30 day challenge is meant for us to, as WinkBlu stated, change things one by one. And then over 30 days these new habits get practice so that hopefully at the end of the 30 days they all stick. I also have a hard time thinking about consequences. What consequence will having a slice of my best friend’s one-year-old baby’s birthday cake have? After all it is his first birthday. I get to say I ate the cake. I was not the stuffy ‘dieter’. Interestingly my friend (she knows me very well) when offering me the slice said ‘Rachel you don’t want this, right?’ But I took it; there were many people right there eating it, I don’t want to seem like I think I’m too good for this cake. But the fact is 800 calories and a carb load later that slippery slope led to other non-paleo foods not just that day, but all weekend. And today as I write this I sit with the consequences. No, I am not a failure, I am human. But being human I have yet again eatten crap my digestive system is not used to and for good reason does not like to deal with.

    1. It is so hard! Especially when the consequences aren’t so obvious. “Oh one piece of cake.. Oh one cookie!”

      My weekend was similar. One coffee with half & half led to another, then a sugary latte.. and oh gosh.

      We’re in the boat together my friend.

  281. I’m having a very hard struggle, mainly because my other half is not participating with me. So the food in the house is not 100% primal. While it isn’t SAD diet, its not great for primal eating either. There’s cheeses and half & half and diet sodas… I did really great the first 2 weeks of my own personal 30 day challenge and lost about 4 pounds too, but I’ve been guzzling the sodas over the weekend and even had some hummus and pita bread on Saturday. In company, its impossible not to eat what others are eating, especially if its the only thing available. I have no self control. I tell myself “I’m going to be healthier” while I’m drinking a latte.. I tell myself “I’m going to bed earlier tonight” and its already midnight. I don’t know what to do. I wish that I were allergic to all this stuff so the detriment was more obvious. As it is I just have to convince myself that I’m killing myself with every bite.

  282. My struggle is with shutting off the computer and going to bed. I work full-time, am in school and I have three young children. There is always a lot to get done in the evenings after they go to sleep. I was successful 5 out of the first 7 days. The other two days were a STRUGGLE. I am committed to 8 hours of sleep per night during this challenge and my husband and I have come up with some creative teamwork to ensure that this happens as often as possible.

  283. As a massage therapist I sometimes find myself balancing with my knees in people’s hamstrings for hours. I’m certainly not an athlete — at least not yet — but strictly meat and veg has left me feeling ravenous and not properly re-fueled after prolonged exertion. I think I will do some more research on what the “endurance athletes” do to re-fuel and maintain strength and stamina even though my situation is a little different!

  284. My struggle since I started PB has been making time to move frequently at a slow pace between LHT & sprint days. It’s too easy to sit behind a desk all day, then come home and sit some more. So I’ve been trying to get out of the house every day with my wife and son to move around as a family. We go to our local big box store on weeknights and let our 2-year-old walk around the store while we chase him. On weekends with good weather, we go to a park or playground, and my son and I climb on the jungle gyms together and play on the the slides and the swings. I get funny looks from other dads, but I suspect they’re envious. Climbing on stuff with your kid = very primal, not to mention fun.

  285. The hardest part has been a kid’s birthday party I went to. How on earth do you turn down cheesy, saucy, pizza? And once you cave for that, why not just go for the cupcake with sprinkles, too. . .

  286. my struggle has been my afternoon sweet-tooth on work days. dark chocolate is super tasty, but in moderation! my plan is to try cinnamon tea first, then real food if hungry, then limit it to 1 square savored over a long time.

  287. My struggle has been finding paleo foods with enough carbs to help me get through my workout without adding weight. I also gave up coffee (was drinking up to 50 oz a day) since I absolutely CANNOT drink it black, and everything I add in there is deinitely not paleo!! Tired & unmotivated is not how you want to start a workout!

  288. My struggle has been with being a busy graduate student who really only gets to see her boyfriend when they go out to eat….trying to eat primal out is hard! I’m managing it thanks to some interesting workarounds…I’m trying to convince him that we should cook for each other, but he’s not on the primal boat. I’m keeping on though!!!

  289. I did great during the week, but completely blew it over the weekend. I did however manage to get to the gym 5 days last week and lost 3 pounds. I just think how much more I could have lost if I had maintained focus during the weekend as well :-(. This week will be better.

  290. Really nice beer. A year working abroad in Asia leaves me vulnerable to temptations of the microbrewed variety. An occasional drink is perfectly fine with me, but I need to realize that a year (or month, week, day) of deprivation does not justify a year of equally painful and unnecessary indulgences.

  291. I’m having trouble getting enough sleep while being in graduate school. I am however getting more than I used to so I do feel a little better. Also, I’m struggling with removing baked goods and ice cream completely from my diet. It’s hard for me to say no when someone offers me one of the above mentioned. I don’t want to be a bad guest or anything, haha.

  292. I’m still challenged by beer consumption. I’m limiting myself, but we homebrew, and beer is a lot more than a drink in our house.

  293. My goals during this challenge were to give up ice cream (pretty much my only non primal food at this point), so far so good on that, and to exercise more. For some reason I always seem to forget until bedtime and then think…crap I didn’t workout today. I may have to try scheduling times and put them in my phone.

    1. I did do a corn maze (no eating of course) on Saturday, I guess that covers 2 – 2 1/2 hours of “moving slowly”, emphasis on the slowly…

  294. As many others have said, my struggle has been getting enough sleep. This also throws me off for working out. Such a vicious cycle.

  295. My struggle has been to do more/enough primal exercise. My plan to correct it is to schedule out when I’m going to do what at the beginning of each week so that I don’t have to think about it (and talk myself out of it) each day. 🙂

  296. UGH! I just let my struggle get the best of me again. Someone brought a Costco cake into work and I ate a piece. Man, I hate when I do something like that. It didn’t even taste good

  297. Dinner with my grandparents.

    I like to have dinner with my grandparents every week or two, and this last week they prepared the usual: mashed potatoes, potato salad, Meijer pork cooked on the George Foreman, etc. Not wanting to be rude, of course, I stuffed my face. (Hey, potatoes are my weakness.) The effects? I was tired the rest of the day and had to suppress a migraine with some Excedrin.

    1. Oops, forgot how I’m going to solve it!
      I invited them over for dinner, and plan on cooking a wholly Primal meal for them. I think I’ll hook my grandpa on the meat the first time, and my overweight grandma will undoubtedly love what I tell them about the diet. (She lost 100 lbs on Atkins once before, so she’s not too opposed to high-fat. I’ll be sure to explain the many differences, of course!)

  298. My biggest challenge so far is still finding food that I can eat as breakfast that will get me going. My wife and I are on a tight grocery budget, and it’s difficult to find great primal food that works well as breakfast material. I’ve heard that a lot of primal enthusiasts have dinner leftovers or salad for breakfast, and I’m still having some trouble wrapping my brain around that concept. To me, breakfast = cereals, eggs, bacon, and so on.
    I think I may try doing the salad thing for breakfast, or try to find some sort of nut/dried fruit mix I can do that will get me the energy to start my day.

    1. I eat something like this every day for breakfast. A chicken thigh, beef sausage, or some other piece of protein. Sautee in pan with spinach, some peas, both, broccoli or some veggie of choice. I sautee in coconut oil and butter. Then I scramble in 3 eggs or poach or fry 3 eggs and place on top. I season the sautee with pepper, cayenne, tumeric, cumin, a 21 seasoning from costco and a little salt if I want. Very good and delicious and no hunger for quite some time.

  299. My struggle this year is the same one that popped up around this time last year: resisting all the pumpkin-flavored junk that’s been coming out. Always loved them, especially DQ’s pumpkin pie blizzard. Overcame it yesterday by making a primal “sensible indulgence” batch of pumpkin bars.

  300. Think like a caveman, you might not be able to hunt for yourself but you can gather daily at your local farmers market. Get what you NEED AND NEED ONLY for that day its how I live and its awesome.

  301. I’ve been trying to fast once a week. Although it’s not necessarily the prescribed amount, my goal is to make it an entire day each week with nothing but water and coffee. Everything goes great until bed time. I have always been a pre-bed snacker. My routine used to include a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and a glass of skim milk. Now, my routine includes a few spoonfuls of almond butter and a glass of coconut milk. No problem! Except when I start trying to go to bed on an empty stomach. I can’t sleep. My mind races. I don’t want to turn on the tv because I don’t want to absorb all that blue light. Next thing I know, I’m at the fridge–totally ruining my goal.

    Any fixes for this mind-racing problem? I am thinking about adjusting the goal:once a week I will not eat until dinner.

  302. Committing to MY time. I get myself caught up in everything else going on and ended up with one weekday evening at home. I’m learning to prioritize and put my needs first, but it’s amazing how quickly things change. I get so frustrated, which is silly since it’s my time, but I end up with “obligations”. This week’s goal is to do most of my workouts in the a.m. Even if I slept like crap. That’s a doozy.

  303. My struggle is getting my evening meals on track. I am able to manage meals for morning and lunch, but evening dinner with the family always seems to be a task. So to combat this, I have decided that for the next 4 weeks, I will be cooking, and dinners will be “Primal” for the whole family.

  304. We were out of town this weekend– that was much harder than I anticipated. I didn’t accomplish the goals I set forth. The nachos at the game were too much to resist. Yesterday put me back on track and hopefully the rest of the month will be much more successful!

  305. My biggest struggle in week 1 is always the sweet craving for a piece of chocolate or a gummi fruit snack. I never realized how ‘dependent’ I’d become on those after lunch or dinner, but clearly, I had since I was jonesing for something sweet nearly every day after a meal.

  306. My struggle lately has been cooking from scratch, and not relying on packaged food. It takes a lot of time, especially with a toddler running around. The health of my family is a top priority for me though, and I hope that this new way of cooking will become less intimidating over time.

  307. Committing my time to the workouts in the morning. I have to make the time since I always seem to get caught up in things to do after work and then trying to get myself to bed by 8:30 hoping at least 6 of the next 8 hours I’m actually sleeping. I let myself get flustered, but I need to schedule and follow through this week. Make a routine. Make it my life.

  308. My struggle this first week has been a fracture in my foot. I have an air-cast on for the next month and then more X-rays. I am so bummed!! I had started cross fit and was loving it, and now I’m just in so much pain. It is really hard for me to be patient and not push myself before I’m healed.
    Food wise, I’ve actually been doing well. Its easier at home though. We had a family dinner out last night and saying no to hot fresh bread was hard… But worth it. Aside frm my foot, i am feeling much better eating this way.

  309. honestly my first week was good for the first two days, then I went to my school’s cafeteria and ordered the grilled chicken. It came out completely raw. I should have had a salad but instead I had the chicken fingers. Since then I have been off track until today. The main problem for me is finding food in my college’s cafeteria that is acceptable to my picky taste buds and also fits under the primal blueprint.
    I plan on telling all of my friends about the challenge, instead of just my roommate, and asking them to intervene if they see my going for anything not paleo. For now it seems my big bag of mixed nuts and salads at dinner are my only option but that’s what I will do

  310. I have been primal for 2 weeks. I find it difficult to replace the food I have been eating all these years. These 2 weeks I replaced bread/cereals in the morning with nuts and some fruit. Lunch: noodles/pizza’s with salads/sweet potatoes/omelets. Dinner: skip the rice (yup i’m asian) and I just eat the dishes. My parents are skeptical, because I’m sluggish now (carb-flu?). I hope this changes when the first month is over…

  311. My struggle has been the weekend, mainly during this time because of it being football season. Since turning 21 (okay maybe a little before) having a nice cold beer while watching my team has been a staple. Now I know that a beer or two may not be horrible, but I normally like very good beer, that is very high in carb, and after a few of those, I want something greasy. This weekend I failed, so my wife and I were trying to find a way to avoid it this weekend. I’ve already purchased some chicken drummies, and i’ve got the spicy buffalo chicken wing page bookmarked. My plan is to this week, make food ahead of time (wings) and to go cold turkey on the beer. I figure skipping it completely will be the best, so 1 doesn’t lead to 3.

    1. I like beer during the game, too. One thing I thought of is the local full line grocery store’s liquor department has a small section where they’ve taken some bottles of “the good beer” out of the packs and sell them individually. The idea is that a 6 of Joe Shmoe’s Unfiltered Grain Juice might be intimidating if you’ve had it, buying 1 bottle to try out isn’t. Must be successful marketing as they’ve done it for years. A single bottle of beer in the fridge for Sunday? Doable.

  312. Visiting family can be quite difficult. I never want to insult anyone, and the food choices can be quite tempting. I think I’m going to do my best to fill up beforehand and always choose the lesser of two evils when indulging. For example, I might indulge in a scoop of ice cream but avoid bread.

  313. My struggle this week has been getting enough sleep. I have made myself get as close to 8 hours a night as I can but it is HARD sometimes with 2 little kids to get quality sleep. My solution, is to keep trying and to make it my goal every night. I am waiting for that moment when I wake up for work, before my alarm, feeling refreshed….is that possible at 5am even with 8 hours of sleep???

  314. Before the Primal Challenge I was 330lbs. in July. August came around I told myself, getting healthy is my gift for myself when I celebrated my birthday last July. The first 30 days of August I was on a just juice fast/feast. thought about it and now done it. I’ve lost 33 pounds, now Initially I thought I was going to be become a vegetarian! but I crave meat so much that I stumble on Paleo/Primal. now my 19th day on the Paleo diet… no Lifestyle and a week on the Primal Challenge I’m still struggling with White rice and bread as it is all around me and a staple being in a Filipino Household. I haven’t had it in 49 days! specially soda and sugary drinks. As far for the workouts? I love it. it’s becoming Play for me. throwing a really heavy rock and chasing my dog or nephew around. Oh I really credited Dr. Doug Mcguff also he’s very Primal/Paleo about the workouts. I’m really embracing the whole “caveman mentality” goodluck everybody.

  315. My struggle is breaking the cycle of not cooking at home. The amount of fast food and cheap restaurant food I used eat is staggering (although, I think I could write a decent blog on how to eat on the cheap and never set foot in a kitchen except to reheat leftovers O_o). After many years of eating like this, it’s too easy for me to just say “oh, we’ve got stuff to do this evening, let’s just go to ____’s and order the usual” and have half for lunch the next day or grab some cheap fast food. Always eating out means no need for cook-able food at home, so when there is some desire to cook, there are never any ingredients to make anything. By then the desire is gone and we’re on our way to ____’s.

  316. I have struggled during the first week. I am very good during the week because I am pretty structured with my work week. It is during the weekend that I often slip. All of my slips are completely preventable if I prepared ahead. Friday night I was at the Phillies game and did not have anything prepared so I ate at the game. Again, had I prepared the night before, I could have cooked something and ate it before leaving work. Also, I was not as strong as I wanted to be in the exercise department this week. Though, I did end the week with a 2-hour walk on a fall, crisp night, which was nice! My goals: to be prepared more for every situation and not let my emotions throughout the day determine what I eat.

  317. My struggle is sugar and alcohol. I have come up with some amazing primal desserts – like fruit dipped in salted agave caramel sauce – and have enjoyed sipping some good Anejo tequila. Primal life is good!

  318. I went to a music festival this weekend and passing on the beer was not easy!

  319. I have to say my main battle came this weekend during our watching of Doctor Who. We always have Jellie Babies. I overcame this by sauteeing some veggies when the hubby brought them out so I wouldn’t be tempted. So of course, he saved me 2. Which I told him to give to the kids. Battle overcome!!!! Now, just have to win the war.

  320. My struggle has to be with the headaches. Like Ken’s wife Karen in the primal allegory so eloquently written here, I drastically cut down on my carb intake. I’ve always had pretty rough headaches to begin with, and cutting down on carbs only emphasized the tension in my noggin. Thankfully, I’m not really having cravings for bread or cereal or other grains – which makes it easier to deal with the headache; it doesn’t feel like such a sacrifice without the cravings. The increased headaches do make it difficult to get motivated to move, though. Once I start moving, especially if it is something fun like a run with my big lug of a mutt, the tension certainly eases.

  321. My struggle must have been with my diet. When I went camping this weekend, I was able to pack a good amount of healthy foods (and hiked A LOT), but there were definitely was a time when I didn’t care about my diet, and went ahead and had a big ‘ole ice cream cone in the nearby town. I must say, the huckleberry ice cream was delicious though! Also, this week I’m making cookie and brownie ice cream sandwiches for my fraternity’s bake sale. I may have dipped my finger in the bater one too many times and had some left over ice-cream… oops!

    How I’m going to overcome this is probably to have over people bake the goods for me, so I wont feel so temped. Also, I have no more breakfast foods in my fridge, so I’ll probably start intermittent fasting this week by skipping breakfast. Lastly, I’m going to start doing some CrossFit routines in the gym, which should definitely help me build some nice lean muscle!

  322. My biggest struggle when I began two years ago was dumping sodas and candy but once I got it in my head that I felt better without them it was easy to quit. With this 30 day challenge I keep trying to come up with ways to quit stopping at McDonalds…it’s just to convenient. Have been able to dump iced coffees by just making my own at home (no sugar just honey). But I just found a way to kill that stop was to make a great salad the night before with some fresh bacon…bingo!!! It’s all about convenience if you give in to your brains impulse it receives you’ll lose everytime which is my problem. Having the meals ready to go has helped me out immensely!

    Only problem now is to come up with an easy way to cook bacon, don’t really like the oven one as it loses some of the flavor of frying. Anybody???

  323. The struggle I find is not so much with myself as it is with family and friends. Many do not look outside of the “established medical community” when it comes to healthcare and primal foods. Seeing the physical and mental changes with myself do open some eyes, but a lot more are closed to the reality. Change happens slowly-especially when it comes to established medical dogma! JPDitto

  324. My Biggest struggle was finding the right options. As simple as the primal diet is, there are many things I have found confusing. Is a coconut a fruit? or a nut? Are peas a veggie or a legume? Im doing my best to transition my husband and I but I have hit some drawbacks. I have just been trying to do better each day bu eliminating more foods and not letting little road bumps upset me. Also my sweet tooth has been a big struggle, I have been having a piece of fruit or some coconut when the cravings hit to help squash them.

  325. I struggle with the refrigerator full of sodas and the smell of freshly popped popcorn we keep for our customers!

  326. For me getting 15 mins of sun everyday has been the hardest. I work 8 to 6 M-F and its usually very hot and humid at lunch so I’m reluctant to be outside for any length of time. Plus only my arms and face are exposed in my work clothes, so I feel like its kind of pointless – even though I know any exposure would help my cause. I’m hoping as the weather cools I’ll be able to eat outdoors or something without becoming a sweaty mess.

    1. Hi-found that 1500 mgs of D-3 daily propped up my levels when sitting in the sun was not feaseable.

  327. Working out lately has been a struggle. Been eating Primal for almost a year now so that’s not the problem. I injured my elbow and have been having problems lifting because of it. So have not been working out as much as I was before.

  328. I can’t stop eating freaking almonds. I bought some a few weeks ago planning on just having a small amount, I ended up scarfing down a ton of them in just a few days.

    Gonna have to be more careful about what I have in the house.

  329. I live on a farm with a few people, including a bread baker and 2 vegans, so I have been struggling with the “carb flu” this week. I have a lot more energy today, so I am looking forward to an energetic month. The headaches and sleepiness kept me from wanting to play too much, not to mention that it is getting very cold here. Bypassing the vegan diet on the farm has been relatively easy (we just started cooking separately because the vegans don’t seem to trust us when we say that the veggies we are cooking are still vegan), and although we work hard on the farm, I still want to incorporate more play/exercise than usual, so I will be using my calendar in the future.

  330. My struggle the last week has been snacks. I would like to have little things that I can grab when I’m in a hurry or just feel like I need a little boost of energy. I have not found any suitable snacks to have around the house. I have been combing the web for ideas and I have a few that I will try out in the next week.

  331. My struggle has been the unusual events that pop up, either during the workday or on the weekends. The co-workers who buys a dozen donuts for “all” of us to eat or the weekend Mexican restaurant trip. I have been resisting all of these temptations!

  332. My struggle has been waking up energized. I plan on investing in some super dark curtains and going to bed earlier.

  333. My struggles, I’m sure, are the same as everyone elses. I’m busy and broke, a deadly combo that means $1 menu at “golden arches of doom” more times than I’d like to admit.

    This first week has been particular difficult because of being a week behind at work, requiring 18 hour days to catch up, and an unwanted surprise bill that needed immediate attention.

    After the mounting frustration of “not having time,” I finally sat down with my boss and unloaded all of my anxiety and disappointment. I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been, I’m 25 years old trapped in the body of an obese 55 year old (at least!), and life is getting in the way of my success.

    Always one for being practical versus emotional, my boss outlined a plan with me. We’re banning sodas from the office, as well as chips and crackers, and making breakfast/lunch up here for the rest of the month long challenge, and then walking down the county road after work.

    So to sum up a completely ridiculous lengthy comment, I’m using the encouragement and accountability of others to help me overcome my challenges in sticking with it.

  334. One word….’beer’
    Love the crisp taste and the ‘thirstquenchiness’ of beer
    But 1 becomes 2, 2 = carb craving and binge eating …. Pizza, chocolate, bread etc

    The plan? There’s a gluten free beer on the market here. $5 a bottle so that’ll keep me at 1 bottle. Too expensive to drink more than 1 at a time

  335. Sleep. That is my struggle. Going to sleep once in bed is not a problem, getting decent sleep while in bed is not the problem. My problem is actually winding down and making it to bed. I work basically two jobs, and getting into bed for at least 8 hours of sleep seems impossible. I average at best 5 hours of sleep, maybe 6 if you include the weekend.
    This week I am pushing to cut my TV and Computer usage and shoot for at least 8 Hours.

  336. I’ve been struggling with getting getting 3 hours of exercise, normally I hit the treadmill for 45 minutes at a time. But I’ve been to busy or just easily distracted to get over there. I’m going to try to mix it up and do some walks outside at the park and what not.

  337. My struggle this week has been the occasional sugar craving, which I cured by making baked peaches with cinnamon, chopped walnuts and coconut milk whipped cream for dessert when my mom and stepdad came over for dinner. They were so delicious!

    So, when cravings strike again, I plan on turning to fruit/baked fruit and journalling. I just started, and I find that it helps, so I plan to continue!

  338. Well my struggle is not to eat to much fruit. I mean come on, it’s the hight of fruit season. Harvesting killer Italian plums, peach’s & pears. Oregon’s best bounty= to much sugar.

  339. I struggle with ice cream. We have a great little shop here in town that makes fresh small batch ice cream. The stuff is pure bliss. In the evenings when we’re taking a nice walk after dinner my boyfriend will say “icecream?!” I give in about once a week and I tell myself “at least they use full fat milk” 🙂 The rest of the time we curb our cravings with greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

  340. My struggle, eating to much fruit. It’s that time of year, the bounty of Oregon’s best, peach’s, berries & Italian plums = too much sugar!

  341. My struggle is to overcome my own personal inertia. While I have my diet under control, I’m not getting the exercise I should be. I do ride my bike back and forth to work 5 times a week (don’t get too excited, its only 1.1 miles or so, with a final hill climb at each end point; does cycling even count? It’s not a paleo activity by any stretch).

    Its just that on days I don’t work, I don’t do much. I don’t just feel motivated.

  342. I have had two struggles this week, one I can work on, one I am completely clueless how to fix.
    Lifesaver spearmint! My favorite thing to chew on. Someone at work brought in a huge bowl of them. I have resisted so far, but it has been tough. I’m afraid if I have one, I will keep going.
    The second thing is my restless lef syndrome. For some reason it seems when I reduce carbs my RLS intensifies! I even have had it in my arms 2 nights. The good thing though is that even with less slepp I feel energized, so I guess its a fair trade off.

  343. I am the Food Service Manager and head chef for a small environmental outdoor educational school and this is the busiest time of the year for me and I am unfortunately averaging about 60 hours a week in my kitchen, so getting enough sleep is a challenge at the moment, but it’s not one I can do anything about at the moment.

    So the thing I am challenged with at the moment that I can do something about is cutting down on dairy. I’m a huge cheese fan and snack on it constantly, but this is my challenge for the next week or so. It’s time to minimize greek yogurt and cheese.

  344. Just the idea of giving up my staples is killing me… tortillas, beans, pizza… this is gonna be rough. I’m also with the people who are dealing with the financial struggles of this.

  345. My struggle this week has been with snacks. On the weekend I attend school for 10 hours and I didn’t have any snacks the second day or a lunch. My teacher brought in Krispy Kremes and next thing I know I had 3 of them. 🙁 I felt really bad, physically and I don’t want to binge like that again.

    I have also struggled with maintaining my journal regularly. I really want to commit to that because I know it will help in the long run.

  346. My greatest challenge is avoiding sweets and starches, particularly when I visit my mom’s house. M&Ms, cereal, cookies, breads, etc. So hard to resist all the sugary goodness.

  347. I have not been incorporating fitness this week. My baby daughter is having a bit of a rough time. I usually stay in bed while she is in bed, but I’m still short on sleep. Being short on sleep makes me feel less like exercising. Although I do carry heavy children around often and move a lot during the day.

  348. My struggle was with my epic Diet Pepsi addiction. I found a substitute (iced green tea w/ lemon), discovered it might be part of my depression (now supplementing with tyrosine) and then I cheated after 9 days of being diet soda-free and it wasn’t that great. So I think I’ve kicked it….

  349. My struggle are: 1-getting enough dietary fiber while not going sugar load crazy. I want to meet the 25 DF a day, but I noticed that stuff (fruit and some veggies) are loaded with sugar. What is the average amount of a sugar a female should be getting to have adequate fat loss? (my carbs is between 70-85 a day). 2-My other thing is my sweet tooth and eating out- I yearn for sweets at night and always go to the dark chocolate or fruit.. and then when we eat out everyone (being my husband and mom) order fries,etc and I order the bunless lamb burger with side salad.

  350. My goal was to ditch grains and sugar. I haven’t craved them too much, but the struggle is that since I am a college student living with a meal plan and little money to buy my own food, snack foods (with hidden sugar and grain) have been tempting. It’s certainly difficult to find healthy, primal food in the cafeteria!

  351. I’ve been struggling to get to sleep early enough and then staying asleep throughout the entire night. I tend to wake up at least twice during the wee hours of the morning. Also, preparing meals lately has been a struggle. To tackle these pitfalls, I will buy an eye mask to wear when I’m sleeping and will cut down my internet time at night. For the food, I will have to make sure that I do more prepping and cooking on the weekends. Even just having veggies and chopped and ready to go should help!

  352. Alcohol… I love the stuff and my group of friends are very socialable and we love to drink! Beer is always easist but I have switched to mostly wine and whiskey, but keeping it to one day a week has really helped.

  353. My struggle has been managing a week with a LOT of work-related eating out. I’ve moved some meetings to coffee or non-imbibing, but most were already planned. I think I’ve done about 80/20 at those meals (with the 20 being those “unknowns” that go in the food or salad dressings). But the good news is that one of my clients was so impressed by my results over the past month,that she’s gone primal too!

  354. I am struggling with the sleep component. My (15mo) baby does not want to cooperate and allow me to get a good 8+ hours of sleep. On the plus side, I’m going to bed earlier because I know she will wake me up.

  355. Well, this past weekend was a work retreat, and I have a hard time resisting free food! I ended up having some not so primal pizza, buns and a cupcake over the course of two days – but managed to resist my biggest weakness being mac and cheese. Moving forward I’m going to not beat myself up and try to stay primal the rest of the time and keep a positive outlook with the knowledge that if i can resist the mac’n’cheese, i can do anything!

  356. i was weak and had a chocolate chip cookie…and then another… at a work party. (they were home made!) 🙁 so, i’m trying not to guilt myself too badly, but reaching inward for strength and resolve. i put a daily reminder on my phone to help motivate me towards my goal. (it includes a list of primal foods that i love as well as a reminder of what i need to stay away from.) good luck fellow groksters!

  357. I am struggling with exercise, which I plan to overcome by actually scheduling it in. Last week I also struggled with carb-y breakfasts, but I’m out of that environment now so I should be much better with that challenge.

  358. My struggle is keeping enough food in the house for three growing boys, myself and a husband!!!!! My “Blister sisters” at my local crossfit have been my support, helping each other find deals, couponing,sharing paleo recipes, laughing and getting fit and healthy all at the same time while raising kids and working as we all must do to make our lives and the world a better place for the generations to come!

  359. My struggle has definitely always been chips. I always miss chips and guacamole, salsa, etc. Creating my own chips has always seemed like too much of a hassle. Thankfully, I have discovered Brads Raw Chips – they are delicious, healthy and I use them for everything!

  360. My struggle has been sticking to my Primal diet when I went away this past weekend – lunch on the road, dinner out and lunch at my friend’s place. I dealt with it by packing an avocado, tin of tuna and some cherry tomatoes for lunch on the road. Then I made sure we went out somewhere without too many carb temptations – we ended up going to a Spanish restaurant and had tapas (most of it meat!!). Then at lunch the next day when everyone was making sandwiches I asked for a ‘deconstructed’ sandwich – all the salad and meat on a plate but no bread!

  361. My struggle is beer, I’m a homebrewer so the eating is a little easier for me than the not drinking (my and other’s delicious beers). I need to try to stick to (minimal) whiskey and wine and save my homebrew for the 20%.

    My plan to overcome is to focus on the other aspects of homebrewing this month, try to concentrate on temperatures, transfers and yeast and not worry about the finished product for a while. Also I’ll not hook up the next two kegs and let them sit a while, that should help!

  362. My *little* struggle is the temptation of grain carbs. Oh, my, oh my…But as long as I don’t keep these too close too me, I can handle it!

  363. The biggest struggle for me has been coming up with Primal foods that the husband and son will eat. The son didn’t like Rivven’s almond bread, so I tried it with coconut flour, but the texture didn’t work out so well. I did some research & tried a few flax-based recipes to see if he’s more into one of them. I’m going to cook up a ton of the egg “muffins” lined with bacon and boil a bunch of eggs for breakfasts on the go.
    The other problem has been getting some workouts in, which I think is why I haven’t seen a noticeable change, weight-wise. With a 6yr old and 2yr old twins, it seems I either choose having a non-gross kitchen and a manageable pile of laundry or working out – there are not enough hours in the day for both! I do a fair amount of activity just chasing the kids around, but certainly not enough heavy lifting. I’m going to try to start getting in what I can during lunch at the gym in my building, even if it’s just 10 minutes on the rowing machine or a quick set of squats and pushups.

  364. My struggle this weekend was eating out with my in-laws; I ended up surrounded by grainy temptation. I plan to overcome similar problems in the future by requesting restaurants with good Primal choices, and making creative ordering decisions if I’m stuck with a less-than-ideal menu.

  365. My struggle is my energy levels. I have been completely wiped out for the past week and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling well since when I’m really strict Paleo I always have TONS of energy. I felt off in other ways so I took a pregnancy test on Friday and it came back positive! I’m still planning on following the challenge as much as I can but I’m afraid my before and after pics won’t be quite as impressive as most. 😉

  366. Well yesterday was my birthday. It’s one thing to decline random sweets but it seemed almost unnatural to have no form of cake whatsoever on a birthday. I decided it was better to skip it completely than try to make a primal substitute, so I celebrated with steak, not cake.

  367. My biggest struggle is eating old habits. Case in point, last night we went to one of our favorite restaurants, a Mexican restaurant. I looked through my options, all fairly familiar, as we have eaten here for 10+ years. Just about everything comes with rice and beans. Oh, let’s not forget the big bowl of corn chips!

    I settled on the carnitas. Fatty pork chunks fresh from the grill, avocado slices, lettuce, tomato. And then I did as I have always done before — I wrapped all that goodness up in a flour tortilla with rice and beans. Once the plate was in front of me, I probably didn’t think twice about it.

    What to do about it? Hmm, perhaps next time I should investigate the ala carte portion of the menu. Maybe I can try to fight my “if it is on your plate, you have to eat it” upbringing (did your parents tell you to think of all the starving children in Africa, too?)

  368. I took a fall after Sunday dinner. We all enjoyed a barbecue dinner with a glass of red wine and I just couldn’t pass up the dark chocolates. One serving turned into two. Oh well. 80/20 right? And at least the beef was grass fed from the backyard : )

  369. Been doing great so far, tailgated a Phils game with some friends. Had a plan to just have the grilled meats, but somehow talked myself into a cheeseburger with a potato roll. Didn’t torpedo me, but still wish I hadn’t.

  370. As a 20+ year vegan/vegetarian (former that is), I honestly thought the switch to meat would be my biggest struggle… and I readily admit that attempting red meats is still psychologically difficult… however, its the carb addiction withdrawal that’s pushing me over the edge of sanity… so I find myself attempting a “fix” with fruit… lots and lots of fruit… the first several days were the worst… slowly but surely I am finding myself able to cut out such massive quantities of fruit AND am finding energy levels are returning.

  371. My biggest struggle this week has been eating primal when others around me haven’t found this lifestyle or don’t understand what I’m doing yet. I really struggle with immediate family who have very different eating styles than my I do. When food is being prepared for you at a family gathering, the assumption of being rude for NOT eating the pasta and gravy laden food is very strong. I ate it and felt awful afterward. Luckily my hubby did too in that he is starting to see that primal makes him feel better. Daughter just plain refused to eat it. That’s my struggle. Luckily dinner is at my house this Sunday. 🙂

  372. Last week I struggled with coming off of a week long vacation to the east coast, land of Italian foods, a certain donut chain and scrapple. Not to mention road trip foods meant purely for recreational eating. I was very eager to get back to my lc primal way of eating, but have been kinda down, realizing that I gained 4 real lbs. I look softer, even. I got in four days of movement, eating a bit healthier, and trying to sleep more. I probably have indulged too much on chocolate, even though it is dark, plus a few other odds and ends. This morning I had my tonsils out, so out will

  373. Still missing things that are no longer primal.. Like delicous deserts, fresh bread, and pancakes. It’s especially difficult with items that are only really good certain times of the year that speak the season like ice cream in the summer, pumpkin muffins in the fall, apple/pumpkin pie during the holidays. I plan to learn how to do the primal versions of these.

  374. I’ve been very active and has fun riding my bike to work in the rain yesterday, but I learned a hard lesson that I really need to keep my kitchen well stocked with primal foods. As the only one in the house doing this, it’s tough to ignore the wheat based foods (and man, I had no idea how much wheat was around before!), especially when I’m hungry and all I have left is coconut milk and bacon. I bought myself a ring with a primal looking feather on it to remind me to stay the course! I look at it when I’m tempted to stray. It’s worked thus far!

  375. Had my tonsils out today, so that should set my eating priorities up properly again, since I need to make every thing count while I heal. I made bone broths ahead of time, and have soft meats and veggies ready when I’m able to swallow better. I was struggling with eating too much chocolate and drinking too much coffee.

  376. My struggle is to be able to eat protein with no money available. I am able to get free food but it is usually carbs.

  377. I’m actually on week #3… I started a week ahead of schedule.

    My biggest challenge so far is exercising. Even just going for a walk is tough… I don’t have the motivation to get moving. I think I will try to join my husband when he goes for a walk or bike ride; spending more time with him should motivate me. 🙂

  378. I am really enthusiastic about this new lifestyle! My stuggle comes from the other junk that is around the house. I have a queazy feeling that comes and goes and it is too easy to just grab a pinch or small bite of whatever carby thing my husband and son are eating. This is happening less, but then last night my husband ordered a pizza and that did me in. On the good new front … just read the recipe posts and can not wait to make “Meatza”! So, it’s all good .. afterall, it is a lifestyle change and one that rings true with me. I really want to embrace it, and I will … very excited about the future!

  379. My struggle is cheese, and primal desserts.

    I knew cheese would be a problem since I can admit that I am a cheese “addict” conniesuer. But with my 3 yr old son not going primal with me cheese tends to make all the primal meals I make at home more palatable for him. It’s so delicious and just seems to round the meal off so nicely! BAH! Curse you cheese!

    As for Primal desserts….the worst time is when I’m at home on the weekends and I am near my kitchen. There are so many yummy primal recipes to try! I find myself staring at for far too long. Even though they are ok as a once in a while treat I tend to just eat the whole damn recipe if I make it. Boo!

  380. My biggest stuggle is the lure of late night desserts from a non primal wife. I’ve been overcoming by snacking on a few frozen organic blueberries, not quite chocolate ice cream but it does the trick!

  381. My struggle is really with finding the time to get good exercise in. I don’t exercise AT ALL, so even the minimalistic approach of primal (compared to chronic cardio) has been hard. Other than some pull ups (assisted) and pushups here and there its been pretty sad. My goal is to improve this by scheduling in time for exercise.

  382. My struggle is just willpower. And pregnancy hormones that I know would be in better check if I’d stick to the plan. I find if I just eat on plan despite any cravings, the cravings are gone once I’m full.

  383. Sugar. That’s always been my weakness… too much of a sweet tooth. I have successfully drank my tea unsweetened since the challenge began, except for one fail day (Red Rooibos just isn’t the same without sugar).

  384. My goals during this challenge are to eat more veggies and get more sleep. I have been doing okay on the veggies part, and in fact I went to get some play in at an amusement park and was able to stay primal 🙂 I avoided all of the toxic spun sugar and sweets and ate the snacks I brought.

    My struggle has been getting enough sleep. I am going to try to go to bed earlier tonight so that I’ll be well rested after my workout tonight and for my day tomorrow.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  385. My mom just returned from the hospital because of a major concussion so I decided to head to my parents house in the suburbs for the weekend. I came a bit ill-prepared on the food front. I didn’t realize my dad had resorted to living off of potato chips and hoho’s and my mom just ordered out for buffalo chicken cheesesteaks. So there was literally nothing I can eat in the house, and considering it was in the suburbs and I do not have a car (and didn’t bring my bike) there were no farmers markets I could get to easily. Luckily I was able to find some raw mixed nuts, and some free range chicken eggs at a local grocery store and live off of that all weekend.

  386. My aim was to reduce dairy a little, get more sleep, and try to shift more of my exercise outside of the gym! The first is going great, I’ve reduced my dairy to cream, butter, some full-fat greek yoghurt or cottage cheese, and unpasteurized artisan cheeses, all in moderation. I’m also factoring in a non-dairy day. As for sleep, I’ve managed to start turning off a half-hour earlier than usual, so steady on! Trying to do more outdoor workouts has been hard since I live in London, but some early-morning exercise in Southwark park is feasible!

  387. I think one of my biggest struggles is the whole prep time. I’m single and moved to a new city so I often find myself sacrificing quality food to hang out. I think I am going to try taking a couple hours on Sunday and just making a bunch of food and freezing it for the week.

  388. My struggle this week has been a combination of family eating habits and low energy on some of the days. For the last 7 years we have been getting a Pizza every Friday night and this Friday was no exception. I really really wanted that Pizza and garlic bread, but I resisted and made myself a nice hamburger with salsa and a sweet potato instead. Then on Sunday my kids enjoyed chocolate muffins from wegmans. I just avoided the kitchen during that feeding frenzy since I wasn’t hungry for real food and eating the muffin would have only been about the routine. I have been finding myself dipping into what I assume is the “carb flu” that has been described with some days being low in energy and a very very slight headache. My plan is to stick with this lifestyle change to see if I can achieve the same energy and results as other posters here.

    Thanks Mark et al.

  389. I can’t participate but I’ll share my struggle anyways. Im not new to primal living (been at it for 6 months now) but I still have trouble with the carbs, and not lowering them but the opposite lol! Sometimes the way I eat gives me >20 a day and I know it’s not healthy for my body. I’ll use fitday to track my eating and relax about eating those sweet potatoes. 🙂

  390. Breakfast is bacon or sausage and eggs. Lunch is leftovers from dinner or salmon. Dinner is always a meat and veggies with lots of butter. It’s the after dinner that is the hardest for me. It’s when I crave something sweet. I have no problem doing without breads or pasta. It’s the sugar I want. Chocolate or icecream or something. Anything. LOL But I’ve noticed that I crave sweets even more if I eat fruit during the day and less if I don’t. So I’m cutting fruit for now and it’s helping a lot.

  391. Last week was a struggle with my Crohn’s Disease. Despite eating well (Primal, baby!) I encountered some Crohns related issues… blood in the stool, bloating, and general fatigue. Hoping this will improve as I stick with this lifestyle longer and as I more regularly take supplements of the big 3 (fish oil, vit d, and probiotics especially). Really the frustration is more mental than physical as it gets me down to see my health still struggling despite hard work on my lifestyle to head in the right direction. Any specific advice on eating/exercising primal (ly) with Crohns Disease?

  392. I’m a teacher. Somewhere it’s written that teachers must subsist on diet soda, cookies, muffins, and little chocolates. I have been tied up in math textbook selection meetings for days and all that is available for eating are insuline spiking pseudo foods. So far so good. A little salad, some portable fish, and a mix of herbs and spices has kept me fit. With your help I’ve been teaching for a bit now and have kept to my fighting weight. No teacher’s +35 lbs in my classroom.

  393. My biggest struggle is organization! I have 4 boys ranging in age from 1 to 21, I work full time and have a husband that eats more than all the boys put together. Trying to remember to slow down and take care of myself is always a challenge. Now I’m trying to also remember to pack a paleo lunch and trying to reform those “automatic eating” habits. So far, I’ve done pretty well and also have lunch options scoped out for days when I might forget. Other than that, I feel great and have tons more energy than I have in years!
    Kim 🙂

  394. My struggle is with emotional eating. I’ve had some disappointments this week and I tend to crave carbs when I’m an emotional wreck. I also have an 8 year old boy who loves his sweets! It’s hard to tell him no all the time. It’s been a challenge lately when we’ve been so busy and sometimes it’s just easier to say yes.

  395. My challenges were sleep improvements and stress reduction. I’ve done ok so far, but have a ton of room for improvement: Caffeine, wine, general slowing down and quieting my mind being the biggest hurdles.
    After giving some thought and reading other people’s posts, I’d like to add in some night yoga for relaxation, soda water with lime/lemon or “true lemon” etc products. I’ve never heard of those before. I like the Sudoku idea too.

  396. The hardest struggle for me is not coming up with great tasting primal snacks and meals for my four used-to-be-mainstream kids. Nor has it been convincing said kids that primal is delicious and healthy and they should eat it with gusto. That’s been the easy part.

    The hard part has been the negative feedback from friends and family. Why the news that as a family we are making a change and working towards a better level of health has caused so many raised eye-brows and snarky comments is beyond me. It’s hurtful and isolating.

    My mother-in-law worriedly asked if my kids were going to lose weight now that they don’t eat pasta. The suggestion that my husband and I would put our children in danger is appalling. The truth is they’ll be absorbing more nutrients now that the grains are out of their diets! She can’t comprehend this.

    My daughter’s teacher said, “You don’t eat grains on purpose? Well is she allergic to gluten?” “No. But we prefer she doesn’t eat grains.” “But if she’s not allergic, then I don’t see the problem.” “It’s a lifestyle choice our family is making and we would appreciate you letting me know if the class is having a party or such so I can send in a replacement snack for her.” “Uh-huh,” as she rolled her eyes.

    Even my 7 year-old son had to battle our neighbor who, in response to my son saying we don’t eat bread anymore, said, “Not eating bread is the stupid. You’re mom is stupid.” My poor guy was ready to do battle before his older sister stepped in and calmed him down.

    Anyway, we’re staying strong on our Primal mission regardless of the negativity. If we’ve been cast as “radical” in our primal decision, so be it. We’re not budging. 🙂

  397. My struggle has been the light easy movement (Walking, hiking…) along with the lift heavy things. Working full time and going to college 3/4 load along with wife and kids has made it hard to make time.

  398. I’ve had a lot of personal success so far this week in the challenge. But I’ve struggled with interacting with people who aren’t aware of or don’t share my new food values. I’m having a hard time finding a balance of respecting the fact that not everyone is open to the drastic shift away from conventional wisdoms, and the urgency that I feel to share this information with my friends and family whom I love. I don’t want to be a pusher…but I also want healthy, happy loved ones!

  399. I’ve struggled with overeating. Which is hard on the stomach when it’s rich foods like meat and fats! I would like to work on listening to my body better. So this week I’ll be using a journal to write about how I feel in body and mind through out the day. I’ll find the feeling of satisfied and stop there. All in all, I love being primal so far!

  400. My struggle is mainly at work. A lot of biscuits and hamburgers get brought in and shared here.

  401. I’ve been needing to get more sleep (I usually get 5-6 hours) because I have very rigorous classes and tons of homework, and I get home late and am involved in lots of extracurricular activities. I plan on trying to work more efficiently to get work done faster and then have more time for sleep.

  402. My biggest struggle so far was a dinner party we were invited to Saturday night. They served Mexican food. I guess I should have thought ahead and asked what was being served, but assumed that there would be some variety. Everything has a sauce and was cooked in a tortilla. So I tried to eat carefully, and had the stomach ache the next morning to show for it. There were also tons of baked desserts that I managed to stay away from.

  403. Since I’m already no grains, no beans, and little dairy, my struggle is staying off of caffeine, I’m dealing with it by going to bed one or two hours early each night. I know caffeine is accepted by many in the primal community and I wish I could still enjoy it but at some point it started giving me headaches. Still calls out to me, but no longer makes me feel good.

  404. I’ve been having trouble staying primal while switching from my mom’s house to my dad’s house. I’ll probably just plan ahead better, so I have all my food.

  405. My struggle has always been waking up to snack in the middle of the night. I was hopeful that if I went 100% primal and ate heartier meals during the day, the overnight cravings would subside but so far that hasn’t happened. I’m snacking on much healthier foods but the additional food will slow down or stall my weight loss, not to mention being disruptive to my sleep. Unfortunately I’m out of fresh ideas for breaking this habit. I’ve tried so many things over the past 4 years and nothing has worked. Intellectually I know I am in charge of my eating and if I want to stop, I should just stop, but my intellect and my resolve goes out the window when I wake up in the middle of the night.

  406. Getting my co-workers to understand that while their offer of free Tim’s doughnuts and muffins is well intentioned, I really don’t want that stuff dropped on my desk for all to partake in.

    The Solution: I moved it to a different room and avoided entering the whole work day, simple but easy solution.

  407. I had trouble with cravings! Who decided to start this challange the same week as my TOM anyways?!? I did ok but it wasn’t easy.

  408. Actually, I’m doing great now. But back in January when I switched to Primal I had a bad case of the “low carb flu.” I was in such a mental fog that I ended up getting a photo traffic-violation for running a red light that I didn’t even realize I ran! I had to pull up the video evidence to convince myself it wasn’t an error. (Warning: Don’t operate heavy machinery during the transition. LOL.)

    But even amid that fog I could tell all the other wonderful benefits that were already starting for me from switching to Primal. I just kept what little focus I had on the successes and stuck with the process. In a few weeks mental clarity returned along with a bunch of new energy! It’s soooo worth it!

    Grok On!


  409. I’ve been having a hard time kicking the sugar and getting sleep. I use to eat tons of late night (and all day) sugar and that is the single hardest thing is to only eat something that contains no added sugar. I’m still not doing well on sleep, but that is probably because my spoiled chickens wake me up at the crack of dawn to go let them out. Also, to kick off Paleo, my wife and I are doing a week long juice diet to cleanse our bodies. I have lost 11lbs since the paleo challenge began. Just need to lose about 45 more and I will be happy and healthy!!

  410. Twistee Treat Ice Cream! I was trying to cut Dairy but caved this weekend and devoured an entire prailine crunch sunday….boy did I regret it.

  411. I promised myself I would make sleep a priority. I remind myself of this at, oh, say 1am while I’m still playing martyr and cleaning up the house. Ugh! I am also trying to go dairy-free for 30days, which is WAY harder than I thought it would be….

  412. My biggest struggle has been to eat somewhat cleaner than I had been (previously I had been aiming for 80/20, not mostly with a treat once or twice a week). Part of the problem is that due to the job, I work outside of the office and it is expected that we go to lunch (instead of being able to brown bag it) and that I do eat at least 1-2 meals a week that I don’t prepare to be social.

    As for how I’ve been trying to overcome these issues, is to load up on more primal fare for the meals that I do control, so that when I do cheat, it is less than I would be inclined to if I was hungry.

  413. My struggle is to eat enough meat. I was previously a lifelong vegetarian (30 years!) and while I feel a hundred times better with animal protein in me, I find it hard to eat enough of it. I’m usually satisfied after a few bites. My strategy is to give it time, try new recipes and let my body adapt.

  414. I have been struggling some with motivation and seeing a difference. I already had a good exercise regime and am young without any major health problems. I want to feel a big difference in eating primal versus fueling my body on junk, but right now I don’t. When you hear so many great testamonials from people about the big difference it has made in their livea, you want to feel that difference too. Right now I am disappointed because I don’t feel that difference.

  415. I have been struggling some with motivation and seeing a difference. I already had a good exercise regime and am young without any major health problems. I want to feel a big difference in eating primal versus fueling my body on junk, but right now I don’t. When you hear so many great testamonials from people about the big difference it has made in their livea, you want to feel that difference too. Right now I am disappointed because I don’t feel that difference.

    I guess to overcome this struggle I need to press on ahead and have faith that change will come in time. I am also going to try and define some specific shorterm goals that might help me measure the difference my primal eating is making.

  416. Right now, I’m living with someone else who pays for my two pound a day meat habit (it’s grass fed beef at 5.99 a pound from Whole Foods Market which is most convenient), but living Primal will become a challenge when I move out and have to pay for my own food. I however will solve this with a meat freezer, and a visit to my local farmer. ^_^

  417. My struggle has been Chick-Fil-A. Seriously, have you been around one during lunch time? I am not the only one with the problem.
    My fix, is to just stay clear of all fast food and if I want “breaded” chicken then I use good old crushed pork rinds for the crispy outside crust and I just bake it instead of frying.

  418. My challenge has been my toddler. He is an amazing, wonderful kid, but a terrible sleeper, so I’m struggling to even get 6 or 7 hours a night, interrupted several times. He is also primal/GAPS when I can get DH to stop feeding him pizza, and it was his 2nd birthday yesterday, so we’ve had more fruit and nuts in the house than normal, which leads to bingeing for me 🙁

  419. If only I was in the U.S. and knew about this on time. I may have had a chance.
    My struggle lately is having shelter. I was sleeping in a tarp but a couple warning flashes of lightning one night when I was chilling there unable to sleep resulted in me looking around town for supplies and collecting forklift trays, wood panelling, glass and screen doors, cinder blocks, and chunks of concrete.
    I stayed up all night organizing this stuff and then used cinder blocks and chunks of concrete for a foundation and the other stuff as walls, held up by more cinder blocks at the base, with a removable panel I use as a door. I didn’t build a roof, just covered everything with the tarp instead. Inside I have all my clothes and stuff strewn about on a foam mat that I sleep on and in one corner I have a candle.

  420. My biggest hurdle has to be the snacks during the weekend. I’m usually okay during the day but over the weekend – while I’m at home more – it’s hard to stay away from the chips and crappy snacks. Other than that I’m doing okay besides the fact that my wife and kids aren’t paleo. Dinners can be a challenge but not as hard as staying away from the snacks!.

  421. My struggles are: Living as primal as possible on a budget and which corners to cut. We are a single income family of seven. My spouse is very supportive. At home, we are pretty much grain free for everyone, with an occasional corn product. My kids have been amazing with the transition. (I’m going to try to get a success story in)But, I am still overspending my already increased food budget.

    Also, I definately have some trouble managing stress. I’m trying to live “as if” and let go of my “control freak try to make everything perfect which is impossible so I try harder or give up” ways.
    Thanks for the fun challenge!!

  422. Craving sugar or carbs in any form, desperately, worse right now from lack of sleep. I’m just gritting my teeth and trying to get through it, but man do I want some bread right now.

  423. Right now my biggest struggle seems to be that I don’t have any struggles! – or at least I think I don’t!

    DH and I are retired so I sleep when I want and as long as I want. I belong to a gym, walk every day in the sunshine anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 miles, I have time to cook yummy primal foods, I have time for a veggie and herb garden, I don’t have any kids at home to worry about, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks about my “diet” when eating out with friends/family or in social gatherings. DH is supportive even tho he’s not entirely primal (he still eats wheat bread) and readily eats what I prepare for dinner so no problems there.

    We’re not the richest old people around but we manage to eat very well. Thanks to this lifestyle, we don’t need to spend all our money on monthly prescriptions like a lot of our non-primal friends/family so that money goes toward purchasing high-quality organic foods, etc. instead of subsidizing the pharmacist’s IRA.

    And best of all I need to struggle to not constantly pat myself on the back because I was smart enough to give up sugar almost 2 years ago and all grains many months ago as well(and if ever there was a carb junkie I was it). Sorry for sounding so self-righteous, but I just want everyone to know this can be done and there is a light at the end of the tunnel – just do what you can when you can and the rest will fall into place.

  424. My challenge has been exercising. I have gotten 3 good walks in this past week, but I cannot seem to get motivated to get myself to the gym. I had started a HIIT routine a few weeks ago, but I have not gone at all the last 2 weeks…..I have used one excuse after another. I am making a promise to myself right now that I will go tomorrow and Thursday. Putting it on my calendar now!

  425. Here’s my first comment on MDA, though I’ve been sneaking around for a while. My biggest struggle this week was trying to stay true to the 30 day challenge while my pregnant wife and I move in to our new home. I definitely got though a lot of “lift heavy things” and “move frequently at a slow pace”, but the eating part was shaky. The last week was a mix of IF, buying food I could prepare/eat without all the kitchen ware (still in boxes), and primal eating out(LOL). On Saturday my Wife told me she couldn’t find her wedding ring. After tearing the house apart we were both convinced it was gone. That killed most of the day and we went back to working on the house both in a pretty bad mood. Next thing I knew it was 10:30 at night, I’m starving and not in the mood to deal with driving around looking for food. I broke down and we ordered pizza. Funny what pizza (with jalapenos) does to your stomach. I felt awful on Sunday. It was like being hungover. The next time I even think about junk food I will remember how the food made me feel. I’ve heard that pain is a good teacher. On top of that I will be stocking the fridge and pantry with all kinds of primal goodies. I am going to be extra vigilant to keep the junk out of the house all together because this was a reminder of how easy it is to mess up. I feel like I’ll have a better chance of reaching my goals by not having junk food within close reach. Come to think of it, some convenient meat, nut, and berry snacks would be great for this situation… Just Saying. (PS…My wife found her ring)

  426. My biggest struggle is my family that is addicticted to gluten and casien. I told my family that they needed to tell me what they wanted frim the grocery store so i could puck it up but…….my wife went to the store pissed because all i talk about is this primal stuff and proceeded to buy all the snacks and gluten and casien packed things we have always gotten for our kids. I was kinda sick. I wish they would do it too just for the health benefits. Anyway. Joined an ultimate frisbee league to get my play time in for the week. First regular season game tonight.

    Primal mostly for four weeks and down 11.5 pounds and feeling better

    Steve – psuloon.

  427. As a college student, I’m finding it very hard to find the time to lift heavy things on a regular basis. With the transit time it takes to get to the gym, and a roommate who hangs out in the room with her friends, it’s very hard to secure a space where I can work out. The weather is getting quite cold (I’m in CT) and outside is becoming not an option. I’m going to do my best to lift on Friday mornings, and do two bodyweight workout sessions in my room right as my roommate leaves for class in the morning.

  428. I’m currently a medical student. There is a lot of dealing with CW, which is awful. A lot of skeptics. But the worst part is about every other day they bring free lunch consisting of pizza, mexican food, pasta, sub sandwiches, ice cream, and donuts. To have to sit in the middle of lectures as a poor student, with yummy smelling food all around me. The pizza really kills me…. It’s definitely my achiles heel. But I’m pushing forward!

  429. I am a breastfeeding mom of a 10 month old. I am in a las vegas wedding in 4 weeks and i feel like total crapola!! I have been losing the weight nicely and my husband says i am looking good!! The headaches are just aweful!! I am extra tired as well. I am just feeling a little out of wack here!! I have to cook every meal and provide snacks for a 4 year old, 2 1/2 year old and even the 10 month old. I nurse only 1-3 times a day now . No Night feedings.For breakfast i have scrambled eggs sometimes some bacon and a small 8oz cup of organic coffee w/organic half n half and two teaspoons of sugar in the raw which i need an alternative to cause i cant do stevia anymore…i am burnt out on it!!
    Lunch makes me feel better, lately i have been eating organic grass fed hotdogs no bun of course and will have an avacado w/tomatoes and some home made ranch dressing. Dinner is usually steak or fish or chicken and some steamed veggies. My snacks include almond butter on a spoon and mini carrots. I drink alot of water and i LOVE my coffee too. So i have been trying to deal with the low-carb flu by eating a little more of the above than i would normally eat. Just having an extra serving and drinking an extra glass of water or even sometimes having a 16oz coffee instead seems to really help!! Also right before bed to help me sleep on occasion i will have a slice of organic cheese or a spoonful of almond butter and the headaches disappear. And a quick cool discovery i just found is that when i take my fish oil right before bed i get better sleep and wake up happier. Hmmmm i know my body is trying to tell me something but i am still trying to learn how to listen to it.

  430. I am struggling to make those lifestyle changes other than food and exercise. I think the hardest thing is having re-evaluated my priorities, and having decided to live more primal, is to keep those new priorities. The food and exercise are fairly easy. The hard thing is to not get so caught up with work, to not fret the little things, to not try and cram too many things into one day. If I can do that, then I think finding time to play and get enough sleep will fall into place. Then the stress levels should drop.

  431. I am really struggling with how to explain this to friends and family who are considered “healthy eaters,” who think that I’m crazy. A lot of them are not even convinced by any scientific research studies, because they’re convinced that the studies are carried out by quacks, since they don’t support conventional wisdom.

  432. My husband started primal and got me into it. I officially switched over in August. However, our children ages (3 and 1) are not fully primal yet. This is my challenge. It is hard preparing non primal food that I will always crave and avoiding subconsciously putting it in my mouth. Loving the 30 day challenge.

  433. I’d have to say my biggest struggle has been PB Fitness. I’m not an exerciser of any sort. I did manage 2 hours of easy moving last week and am slowing working on the Lift Heavy Things.

    It helps that my daughter is doing this with me, she guilts me into doing them.

    I have lost 6 pounds in this first week and that is also a motivator.

    I have set aside time in the afternoons, before I even sit at the computer, to go for an easy walk. 2 days a week in the mornings, before breakfast, is the time for the LHT aspect. Hoping that this week’s walks will be 30 minutes instead of 20.

    And as I was just reminded, we still need to Sprint, have not done that yet at all. That is a biggie for me as I’m asthmatic and concerned about triggering an attack if I try running. Not sure what the solution to that is.

  434. My struggle was dialing back on the exercise this first week. Just taking some extra time to rest and get a little more sleep has left me feeling so much better. Sleep really is such an important piece of the primal puzzle.

  435. I can’t find a way to sprint! I do low level stuff all day (housework, caring for a VERY active 9 month old), and I’ve managed to do some lifting (baby makes a nice weight!), but sprinting? How? When? I literally have a baby on me 24/7, don’t have the space or the money for a jogging stroller (and he doesn’t tolerate them anyway). It’s also still hot as hell out there…

  436. My struggle so far is being social with friends. We had a couple of social events last week and a few coming up this week, and it’s difficult to stay Primal when I’m surrounded by non-Primal foods. And I *hate* to be that person who brings my own foods, because that’s what I used to do in my SAD days of calorie-counting and it made me miserable.

    How am I going to solve this dilemma? I’m thinking I might bring tasty snacks to share, such as bacon-wrapped dates or another treat even non-Primal people will enjoy.

  437. Play is always one of the hardest things to fit in and arguably one of the most important. Without play, what’s the point. But we’re just two working stiffs who need to spend more time with the frisbee. My plan…spend more time outside on the weekends PLAYING!

  438. My struggle was staying primal while out on the town with friends. I had the best of intentions, but a little to much red wine definitely made it difficult to pass up the hummus and pita a friend ordered. Luckily, I usually keep the partying to a minimum, so I’m hoping this is something I don’t have to deal with often!

  439. Today’s struggle is that the community center is closed for the next two weeks for maintenance, so I missed my bootcamp workout. With two small kids it’s been difficult to get in the exercise I used to. Instead, I spent the time conquering my kitchen. I now have a pile of containers of grains and sugars, pie crust and cookie making equipment, plant oils and grain-based cookbooks ready to give away. I love the extra room in the kitchen drawers and pantry.

  440. My struggle has ben ice cream. The fix? Whipped coconut cream! Yum…. I hope.

  441. My biggest struggle is finding the right balance of exercise. I think I may have been over doing it, even though I just do lower impact DVD’s, as my hips are always sore and stiff. I’m in pretty good shape, and it’s taken awhile to get here, so I don’t want to step down too much. Any ideas on how I can find the right amount?

  442. Definitely has been the working out. I’ve been primal for a while and was on a fairly good schedule (just lacking a little weight training). But this week I just got slammed with many things that can’t be put off. Need to get back at it!

  443. My goal has been to move slowly more often. I’m sort of doing OK. Been working (preschool teacher) so I’m active the whole time I’m there, but making it out to take a walk every day or every other day has been problematic. Also at issue is my hubby’s delicious peach pie!

    How to overcome these obstacles? Well, keep on plugging away and not get discouraged. Eating more filling than crust of the pie would be good, LOL.

  444. My struggle is that I’ve just started a wonderful new relationship with a great guy — however he’s been rather detrimental to my primal eating. Not intentionally — in fact, he’s very supportive — but he’s one of those people who seems to have visible abs no matter what he eats and I have the urge to cook things for him. Most of the time it’s primal friendly, but sometimes I feel the urge to cook comfort food type stuff from my childhood. I’m sure this can be overcome though, especially since his diet is rather primal already (seriously his breakfast for months has been a salad of ham, tomato and cucumber with sour cream) and he loves meat and eggs.

  445. I’ve been primal for over a year, but I decided to go extra strict during the challenge. Went to a birthday party last night, and EVERYONE ate tons of “treats” and cake. I heard so many people say “this cake is the best I’ve ever eaten,” but I stood my ground and thought about how proud I would be of myself for not eating any. And then when I got home, I WAS proud.

  446. This is not my first week being paleo/primal, but my biggest problem with the transition has been boredom snacking. During my days off when I’m at home and bored I make trips to the kitchen to see what I can snack on. It’s gotten a bit better since I don’t have as much snack food that I can eat anymore, but sometimes I dig up some nuts, or a piece of dark chocolate, or a few dried apricots, or some homemade jerky, even though I know I don’t need it. It’s not bad here and there, but sometimes several of those trips add up! I’m trying to get a glass of water any time I go into the kitchen instead of a snack now, but sometimes I cave.

  447. The biggest problem I’ve been having is my digestive tract. It’s not wanting to adjust to the new regimen. I never have been able to eat a whole lot of certain vegetables. I’ll spare you the gory details. So to overcome this problem, I’ll have to experiment with some different stuff I’ve never eaten before…expand my horizons.

  448. My struggle this week has been the sprinting. I had a total hip resurface last May and going all out on the treadmill still isn’t a good thing. However, I am back to a lot of primal style bicycling and so my solution is to hit a few steep hills for my all out effort. Geez, I huff and puff up those hills!

  449. Carbs, carbs, carbs, I can’t seem to stay away from them. Every day I tell myself I’m not going to eat any bad carbs (flour, sugar, etc), but everyday I have lost the battle. How can I break the carb crave?

    1. Try eating more good fats, like a couple of eggs cooked in butter. Fried eggs with a bit of butter on the top after cooking is wonderful. 🙂
      For me, when I ate larger amounts of meat and fat, the carb cravings totally disappeared.


  450. Trying to give up snacking between meals. I’m going to avoid grocery stores with those “bins” that are so easy to sample from – sticking to the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s from here on out.

    Also moved the candy jar into the other room in the office – now it’s harder to get one of those hershey dark chocolate squares (if they are even chocolate, anyway).

  451. So far I feel pretty good about going primal but some small problems. A little about me I’m 28 years old, 5’11” and 143 pounds, trying to get up to 155 of lean muscle. I have always had the super fast metabolism and small body frame, but hardly any fat, just muscle, but not big muscle. I first weighed 127 when I decided to bulk up, and I did the usual thing of eating bread, bagels, pasta, rice, legumes. My weight got to 152 at one point but I took a break from working out and went back down to 141.

    During my process of “bulking” up, something strange happened that had never happened to me before. I started gaining fat on my stomach. My abdominal muscle began to disappear even though other muscles were becoming more defined and larger. After reading the Primal Blueprint and other primal related books and studies, I decided the heaving grains were causing it.

    I’ve done a good job at kicking the grains out, even though I’m a lover of pasta and bread. My first struggle was not being able to eat out as much. One of my goals was to cook at home more often anyways, which would allow me to eat more often and save money, but I just have not gotten around to it yet, and I don’t have full confidence in my cooking abilities. Most of the places I had enjoyed eating always included some type of grain or legume. I have found myself getting over that hurdle pretty quickly and enjoy the satisfaction of cooking my own foods.

    The second problem was social gatherings. My friends often invite me out to eat, and once again, most places have a grain or legume. Not wanting to skip out on the social interactions, this is where I have faulted two times so far. I chose my meals with that I would think is the best possible given the situation. Both times I made it by with having only eating legumes and was able to avoid the rice and grains. This will probably continue to be a problem in the future, as also eating at my parents house.

    The third problem has not occurred yet, but I fear will occur. I travel often, and I worry about eating primal while traveling. I plan to bring nuts and seeds, fruits when I can, and dried meats such as biltong and jerky.

    The fourth issue is being hungry more often. I think the pastas and breads held my fast metabolism over longer and did not feel as hungry on that diet. I can finish a steak with lots of steamed veggies and a salad, and feel hungry 30 minutes later. I think I actually need to increase the amount of meat I eat at each sitting. I’m going to experiment with that and see how that goes for my hunger, and strength training.

    So far it’s still to early to see any perceivable positives or negatives. I’m going to go the full thirty days. If what fat I do have on my stomach goes away, my strength and size increases, and I feel better overall, I’ll be completely sold.

  452. My struggle this week has not been with the challange directly, but something that came out of my primal lifestyle. I am trying to raise much of the food we eat. This year I raised turkeys and we “processed” them last weekend. Never having done or experienced anything like this, I feel I met the challenges pretty well. One thing I definitely learned is not to do 6 turkeys in one day – way too much work and hard to get it all in a fridge or freezer quickly. Now I am dealing with cooking and vacuum sealing this huge amount of meat (the Tom turkeys were huge – >40lbs each, hens were >30lbs).

  453. My struggle with the Primal challenge thus far lays in the topic of completely forgetting what I had been taught and told my whole life… “conventional wisdom”. I have been able to fully adapt to the primal way of eating and actually understand the biological explanations behind it. It’s just so hard to accept the fact that doctors headline the news with information that is doing us harm. We are suppose to trust these people… I just don’t get it. However, my solution to overcoming this hurdle is just to go with my “instict”, listen to my body’s messages and signals it is sending and respond in a primal fasion, so to speak. 🙂

  454. My biggest struggle has been the social part. When I’m not hanging out with my friends, and I can stick to my routine, I still to the Primal lifestyle 100%. Its when my friends wanna go to the bar, go to brunch, etc that my routine gets thrown off & I make bad choices.

    My solution for this years Primal Challenge is to take it one choice at a time. I try to load up on the Primal things, and decline as much as I can the non-Primal foods & drinks. I do allow myself 1 glass of wine.

  455. My struggle has been how to pull it all together. Working different shifts screws up my sleeping and eating patterns.
    I think the thing I have to do is sit down and actually write out my schedule, including all I have to do and what meals I will make when.

  456. My week is a leaning into this and now I am ready to go 100%. I feel i need a tracking sheet to keep track of the appropriate fitness this week to fit the plan. The battle for me is going out late with a friend after a movie and then eating a bit of the bread. Bad habits mostly for me when I am out.
    I can kick this! Especially with the support of you all and my nutritionist who wholeheartedly supports this diet. My courage to go to fats and elim the carbs, and allow myself some chocolate, here I come.
    I am feeling really good about myself and how well I have started. But another level would be great to really see it fly.

  457. My struggles have been to quit or limit poisoning my body with cigarettes and to ignore funny looks from people while I get my grok on in random places like the courtyard at school or parking lot at work. I just have to keep going and making time to be healthy.

  458. Not a US resident(I am in canada, although I have a US address to ship to)

    On Saturday, I had a Bar Mitzvah to go to… Started at 9am, so I was still fasting. After 3 hours in synagogue, plus another hour for socializing, plus an hour for speeches, we were looking at like 2pm and I am starved… So they start serving food.

    First course is a salad, with pineapple chunks, Mango pieces, pita chips, and a really sugary dressing. I passed.

    Second course Was chicken and rice, with Potatoes and candied vegetables.

    Then came desert. Crepes with apples smothered in maple syrup, and trays of pastries and cake.

    Sitting there and not having any at that point was probably the hardest thing I’ve done since I went Primal in March.

  459. I had a very hard time with co-workers bringing in food that is loaded with carbs! Last week was a pot-luck and today someone brought in a huge pile of freshly mad doughnuts. So far I have been sucessfull in not eating any of it. I also missed my sprint workout and I have never done a workout like that so I don’t exactly know what to expect. Overall though I really feel strong and lean already!

  460. I’m dealing with a bit of low carb flu. I’m eating more primal carbs to get through it and gradually adjust.

  461. My struggle has been finding a snack that my 18 month old and I can both enjoy without much prep. I’m goin to Google some paleo snack ideas to see if anything sounds tempting to this pregnant lady and her tot.

  462. Toss the carbs? Check. Toss the frisbee? Check. Toss at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep? Stalemate.

    Despite best efforts, I’ve struggled this entire week with my nightly sleep quota. That is, until I traveled for business and was reminded of the power of black-out curtains. Slept like a baby.

    I’ll definitely be purchasing a set of these for the bedroom when I return!

  463. My struggle has been dealing with the food on the move. I had to deal with military stuff this weekend, so I wasn’t in my house, couldn’t make my own food. Add in that I drill near a small town where the healthiest thing is probably the China Buffet, and you can understand why I am still feeling it today. Good news is, I have lost 7 percent body fat following the Blueprint!

  464. My biggest challenge is sticking with any plan long enough to see results. You see, I am one of those “lucky” folks who has a VERY hard time losing weight. Merely Primal is not enough, and 80% is a recipe for weight gain. I still believe that a very low carb version of primal will work, but only if I can just do it and distract my attention from success or failure. I plan to do this by avoiding my daily weigh-ins. I did weigh once since starting the challenge, only to see a slight gain. I slid the scales back under the dresser where they will stay until the end of the 30 days!

  465. I went primal for a few months this spring and I’m starting to have the same struggle that I had then. I’m getting a little bored of the foods I’m eating – I eat a lot of variety within a given day, but I often eat the same things from day to day and week to week. I need to find ways to mix it up.

  466. My struggle is mostly with primal exercise plan, specifically with strength and sprints. Most days I walk in the park, do my qigong exercises in the morning but I find excuses not to lift heavy things. I don’t know how I will motivate myself.

  467. My mother in law was in town with little notice and I spent most of my evenings entertaining or being entertained — no time to cook! Fell off the wagon, but the recipes from this weekend were great inspiration and I planned ahead when grocery shopping — this week should be a tremendous success!

  468. My struggle has been finding good food choices at a weekend long family gathering. Birthdays = cake.

  469. My struggle is getting my husband and threesons on board with our new lifestyle. I plan to give away all the unhealthy processed foods and keep the pantry and fridge stocked with real healthy primal food. I have started packing their lunches instead of letting them buy the school lunch. They will eat vegetables and fruits if there is nothing here unhealthy to tempt them.

  470. I’ve been struggling with fatigue the first week. Totally expecting this to taper off this week and I should be feeling great by week three.

  471. I work night shift – 3 to 4 nights a week, I work 1700 to 0530. It’s been a struggle to find a balance between eating primally, exercising enough and SLEEPING enough. It’s hard somedays to switch from a 1st shift schedule to a night shift schedule (my preferred and natural awake time being sunrise to sunset – even before primal, I liked to do this!).

    Things I’ve found helpful to getting enough sleep on nights: TOTALLY dark room with minimal light exposure (even when having to potty I try to keep my eyes closed and/or have all lights off) as well as eating a fatty fatty meal before bed in the morning – protein doesn’t really do much for me sleeping and carbs definitely don’t (and the carbs keeping me up is actually how I stumbled onto the primal way of eating) – I do best with high saturated fat meals right before going to sleep. I stay satisfied and asleep for longer! I’m still working on eating at work and balancing my exercise level (I’m a little overcommitted right now with tri training, marathon training and starting crossfit!)

  472. My primary struggle came with a gout flare on Saturday morning. CW states gout is associated with purines which is a byproduct of processing protein rich foods but the more current research points toward grains and HFCS as the cause. Since my gout started before I went primal (and the height of my 6pak/day Pepsi habit) I’m assuming that’s where my issue started and I’m not going to change my eating habits back. Even if eating more protein IS the reason for my gout flares, I feel so much better in every other way.
    Anyway, when I woke up with the flare on Saturday morning I wanted to skip my scheduled sprints and I craved comfort food. I took lots of Vitamin I to get through the sprints with only slight discomfort. For the comfort food, I did indulge in a primal treat… good dark chocolate. I’m calling the weekend a win.
    (I might be primal but I do like modern medicine. I also scheduled an appointment with my doc to look at tweaking meds.)

  473. My goal is just to stick to the diet. That is it. It is tough. I gave in the other day for a work meeting. I could not pass up the free food. Then of course I figured I might as well go all out so I got custard and maybe had a cheeseburger with a bun and fries. Maybe. I think that once I get over the sugar and carb cravings that it will be much easier. I wish everyone luck!!!

  474. My struggle has been not eating enough food to fuel my work outs. Since doing primal I find I have to eat more to keep from losing muscle.

  475. Struggle is sugar cravings before bedtime. Plan is to go to bed earlier and stop falling asleep in front of laptop. Speaking of which – night night.

  476. This has indeed been a challenging week for me! I have been trying to follow the entire 30 day primal challenge, exercise, sunshine , good sleep, play and trying to closely follow the primal eating plan. I am extremely pleased that I have lost 8 lbs. total since last Monday. My son has been so encouraging! He is on this challenge too. He started at the end of May and has lost about 50 lbs and had so much energy.

    I quit smoking when I was 30 (pregnant with my son). There were so many triggers to make me want to keep smoking, but I didn’t. I feel the same way now. It seems like bread is everywhere, on billboards, with a breaded chicken in between buns, just everywhere I look. I am really trying to break the habit of eating products containing flour, but OMG!! It is everywhere!!! Still I am committed to giving the primal challenge my all out.

    1. I forgot to mention that as long as I eat primal and also eat a high protein / fat snack as necessary, the bread craving doesn’t seem to overrule my better instincts.

  477. Hmm…my apologies if this shows up twice. I don’t see it posted.

    My struggle has been doing “enough” moving slowly activities. I’d like to do some every day, but that’s not been happening. Plus, I just can’t seem to resist my husband’s peach pie. Oh, yummy goodness.

    So, the solutions? Not to be down on myself for what I haven’t accomplished and to be more positive about what I have. Oh…and maybe just eat the insides of the pie…

  478. The first week, my biggest struggle was sleep. Opening week at the theater means I was out until 11 or later every night, and getting enough quality sleep is something I never quite managed.

  479. I’d like to go out to eat for dinner, but I can’t really think where to go? I don’t want just a salad, and I honestly get tired of asking for exceptions to my meals since I’m already gluten and dairy intolerant. I would love some ideas on this one.

    The other challenge I have is all the food prep time. My main item I have lunch or snack with is rice crackers. Now that I don’t have that, I have to prepare something else to eat, even if it’s just celery sticks. I broke down on Friday and bought a bag of potato chips and scarfed half of it down with some guacamole. Something’s gotta give.

  480. My struggle is doing any exercise. Since the challenge has started I have only gone to the gym once. I need to at least take a walk every day.

  481. I had an issue with getting Primal Fitness-y (it’s a word!) enough. I wasn’t paying attention, and went on a very long, fast-paced hike that left blisters on the balls of my feet. I didn’t notice them until I got home, but the minute I took my FFs off I was hobbling around like an old lady. But, I got some Injinjis to (hopefully) prevent that from happening in the future, and a kettlebell so I could keep moving while my feet heal. I’m pretty excited about both!

  482. Challenges:

    1. Tennis elbow is making it difficult to LHT. Most of the heavy lifting is done by arms, and both together. I’m frustrated, because I want to tone up the wings!

    2. Giving up dairy (self-experimentation) leaves me with a big hole in my diet. What do I fill that hole with? And how do I possibly drink black coffee???

    3. Ditto Stevia on the black coffee!

  483. My struggle has come from having to prepare 2 meals or a special “carb” at each meal for the rest of the family (Wife, 5 yo, & 2 yo twins). I’m preaching and doing, but wife feels that she is in “paleo purgatory”. But, it all will come out in “the wash” when my results come in; I’ll be sleeping better, running faster, more confident… fresh prepped meals are delicious but time consuming. My family will get used to it.

  484. I made my goal to get more sleep. Unfortunately, I find myself having a ton of energy in the evenings, which makes it difficult to actually get to bed any earlier!

  485. My biggest struggle is getting enough sleep and not stressing. Its been difficult because school started, a lot of late night studying. Oh well I’ll just have to play more on the weekends (:

  486. I committed to cutting out the sugar and the wheat and this past weekend we had family in to work on residing my parents house. Of course it’s a giant food fest but I was strong up until dessert came out. I tried a little bit of it and then the rest of the weekend snowballed.

    So now I know I need to refrain from sweets completely during the challenge to avoid another face-first fall into decadence.

    Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile.

  487. I’m struggling to give up the “chronic cardio” and figuring out how much carbs to add to my diet in order to fuel the addiction whilst I try and get it under control. I plan to go on a walk with my baby girl tomorrow instead of my usual 1 hour spin class.

  488. My struggle is getting myself outside when it is cloudy and chilly out. Since I live in the NW that can limit your daylight time.

    My plan is to go outside at lunch time even if it is raining at least 3 times a week. If I don’t do lunchtime I won’t see daylight for months. It is dark when I go to work and dark when I go home. Even cloudy daylight can help.

  489. My major struggle this week, was sleep. I had a lot of homework to do last week so I didn’t get much sleep. Also in addition to late nights that led to some unhealthy snacking, since I didn’t have the time to cook food especially for snacks and didn’t plan ahead. But luckily this week is less work intensive, so I should be able to get more sleep

  490. I don’t think this will win me the prize but I will say it anyways.

    Im an avid crossfitter and Fireman

    Ive been living primal for a little over a year and half and don’t ever foresee myself turning back.It has made my job, raising my son and my daily activities much much easier.

    for the first six months I had plenty of urges that took mind and will power to overcome. slowly, but surely they began to dissipate to the point of where I don’t desire the unmentionables anymore.

    My point is that you will struggle in starting your new lifestyle, but everyone does at first.

    Find the strength to overcome it and your life WILL get easier

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Pat! Even if you don’t win a prize for the comment, I like to see testimonies of those who are commited to the lifestyle! 🙂

  491. I am struggling with sleep. Even when I go to bed earlier, I wake up multiple times per night. This is a reminder to keep this information in my journal to see if there is a pattern. My bedroom is very dark and my bed is comfy and I am relaxed and able to fall asleep faster than ever but I wake up 3 or 4 times a night.

  492. Okay, I struggle with a few things. 1. Wanting carbs – like peanut butter or whole wheat products that I used to eat everyday. I actually gave in and ate some this past weekend.
    2. Fitting in exercise. I know I don’t need to spend more than 1/2 an hour a day, but it’s still difficult to find the time of day.
    3. I know I don’t get enough sleep. I’m a college student! Do college students ever get more than 5-6 hours a night?

  493. My struggle, like most people, is to get enough sleep. I’ve been Paleo/Primal for a while now and have developed solid strategies for eating in or on the run, going out, or away for a weekend, and even while vacationing. However, sleep is still a constant battle. I’ll continue trying, however, until I’m in a more solid career I don’t believe it’s going to come together exactly how I want it to for a while.

  494. My struggle is finding/planning for healthy meals with a typical crazy schedule that either puts me in un-primal situations. Every day seems that I’m in a training class, or a organization dinner or something that throws a challenge my way. My plan is to continue to prepare and plan and carry my paleo kits with me. Also fruit and a bag of carrots travel well in my bag

  495. I am struggling with not giving up. I’ve been working really hard at eating primal (I started 1 month before the challenge did) and seeing very little in the way of results. I think i’m having some hormonal issues that is hindering weight loss. So I am very frustrated. My plan is to stick with it for the 30-day duration and then assess myself.

  496. my struggle has been pizza! being in the NYC metro area (No. NJ.) I am surrounded by incredible pizza places. it’s hard, but I have prevailed. in two years of going paleo I have lost 4 inches from my waist and 36 lbs ( and still going). Once in a while..I do treat myself to a slice…and it tastes sooo good…!

  497. Recently my girlfriend and I have made an effort to go to the beach more often. During the day, it’s a great sunny Grok-fest. But if we go at night, bonfires and smores tend to be the norm.

    Awful for me, but so delicious looking in a nutrient-vacant way. Must find a way to resist…

  498. I think I’ll try packing some fruit and yogurt as my healthier dessert and see how that treats me. (Probably better than graham crackers, chocolate, and weird puffy sugar) [crosses fingers]

  499. Trying to kick my chocolate habit is HARD! I know it gives me a stomachache, so that’s one motivating factor… I’m graduating from lower cocoa content bars to higher, to no chocolate at all!

  500. getting to bed on time so I can wake up at a consistent hour, especially now that it’s starting to get darker out earlier

  501. oops, forgot to write what I plan to do…made lunch for tomorrow already so I can get into work a little earlier and leave a little earlier…and have my book ready…heading to bed NOW! no more blue light…good night!

  502. My struggle was a surprise to me. My daughter came home Saturday with a nasty cold. When she gets sick, I get sick since I take care of her primarily. I was truly concerned with her well being, but I couldn’t help worrying about how getting sick would sabotage my primal ways. Then something interesting happened. Instead of being immediately bowled over by cold symptoms, I woke up at 5 a.m. Monday with what I knew was a low grade fever and some achiness. I thought a lot about Mark’s recent post about listening to your body, and instead of reaching for the ibuprofen, I decided to let my body’s natural line of defense take control and work to prevent the bug from replicating inside of me. By noon on Saturday, the fever was gone and I had no cold symptoms whatsoever. I believe that living Primally for the last 50 days made my immune system much stronger to fight off the infection and, perhaps more importantly, opened my mind to just what a properly nourished body is capable of doing. That in turn has reshaped my personal challenge. I will still try to avoid alcohol and get better sleep…but now I realize how important it is to try and introduce some of the Primal lifestyle into my young daughter’s life.

    Thanks everyone for letting me share! Good luck in the coming weeks!


    1. I know this submission is a *touch* late. I hope I may still be eligible for the prize. If not, still a great opportunity to share a little piece of my journey to healthier living.

  503. My biggest struggle this past week has been keeping from wanting to snack in the evenings. I always snack on paleo foods (nuts, fruit etc) but it almost gets to the point of borderline binging. Am I just eating out of boredom??!

  504. My struggles have been diet coke (although I am currently down to <1 per day), and getting in lifting. I love to run, and it helps me de-stress getting out in the fresh air, but I can't seem to muster the same enthusiasm for lifting/strength training.

  505. My struggle is kicking my sugar cravings. I went home for the weekend to visit a friend and we celebrated her birthday. As in any traditional American birthday, there was cake! Not just any cake, though. This was cheesecake. I haven’t had sugar for quite a while, so I just had a small piece. I don’t completely feel like I’m starting at square one, but I have had sugar and chocolate on the brain for the last few days. It is pretty frustrating…

  506. Aw I missed the deadline by half an hour because I was travelling today 🙁 My struggle has been dropping sugar recently. To avoid it, I will be prepping for the day with a full breakfast full of protein & going on a stocking-up grocery run tomorrow after work! I’ve found that a spoonful of almond butter takes the edge off any cravings though, but will try a spoonful of coconut oil to avoid the nuts 🙂

  507. Easily, the biggest struggle I have had is acceptance from my wife. She is an Ironman and believes that everything I am doing is ridiculous. She will not cook for me now because apparently everything I make is delicious and she will not substitute food items in her meals. She hates the fact I have lost weight doing very little cardio and sleep better every evening. I cannot argue with someone who is miserable and doesnt want to change their ways. On the other hand, my 2 boys love hanging with Grok!