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Contest Results: What Does Primal Living Look Like?

We know from last year that Mark’s Daily Apple readers live across the world [1]. But what are all of you up to? Apparently you’re standing at work, playing, dancing, lifting heavy things, and hiking in the great outdoors. You’re cooking, getting some sun, napping and spending time with family. You’re rolling around in mud, leaping over fire, acting goofy and, as it turns out, climbing lots of trees (who knew so many of you are tree climbers!). In other words, you’re getting Primal.

One week ago I asked what living Primal looks like [2]. And you answered that question with snapshots of your Primal lives. (See above. It’s broken into two slideshows because Photobucket only allows 100 pics per slideshow.)

I said the Worker Bees and I will pick a winner by choosing the photo that we think best represents the Primal lifestyle, but any one of these could take home the prize. So I’ve done this by way of random drawing instead.

And the winner is…

Connie B.!

Congrats, Connie. Thanks to everyone for participating in this fun contest, and for showing the world how great living a Primal existence can be. Stay tuned for the Primal Blueprint Recipe Video contest poll held later today. Grok on! [3]