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Contest Results: What Does It Mean to Be a Primal Family?

In past years, you’ve shared pics of your Primal-stocked fridges [1], of your breakfasts [2], lunches [3], dinners [4] and Primal dishes [5]. You’ve shown your groceries [6] (two years in a row [7]) and your best Grok poses [8]. You showed the world what it’s like to forage in a fast food nation [9]. And don’t forget the time Grok was spotted far and wide [10].

This year I asked you what it means to be a Primal family [11]. Now, this comes as no surprise, but as the pics show, Primal families laugh together, play together, and they stick together. They go barefoot, climb trees, and love the great outdoors. But more importantly they love each other. Many thanks to everyone that submitted a photo for this contest. It’s a real pleasure to see the faces of real-life Groks around the world.

I said the Worker Bees and I will pick a winner by choosing the photo that we think best represents the Primal family life, but any one of these could take home the prize. So I’ve done this by way of random drawing instead.

And the winner is…

Melissa Y.!

Congrats, Melissa. Again, thanks to everyone for participating in this fun contest, and for showing the world how great being a Primal family can be. Grok on! [12]