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October 03 2010

Contest Results: Show Your Groceries

By Mark Sisson

Earlier in the month I asked readers to send in pictures of themselves surrounded by a week’s worth of groceries. Over 40 families sent me pics. This is really one of my favorite contests. Getting to see a slice of the Primal community, to see how people shop and eat, to put real faces on the world of readers out there who eat Primal on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone who participated, and here’s to another year of splendid groceries.

Congratulations to Sally & Dan who were randomly selected to win this contest. Enjoy the Alaskan Salmon!

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9 thoughts on “Contest Results: Show Your Groceries”

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    1. Yeah, that was awesome. 😀

      I also love all the pics that include cats. Are the cats eating this too? Are the cats part of the food? Decisions, decisions!

  1. ok the baby IS cute, but I really liked the picture of 2 cows 🙂

  2. What’s the guy doing with the banana? Looks like it was going to get x-rated.

  3. I love seeing what others are eating! I seem to go to the market every other day. I buy small but often so mine wouldn’t look as impressive.

    I made the Primal Pto Roast last night….GROK ON, BABY! It will be on the weekly menu!