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September 01 2009

Contest Results: Primal Dinner Pics

By Mark Sisson

It’s the last picture-fest of the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge. You’ve shown us your breakfast photos, your lunch photos, you’re groceries and you even sent in pics of your Primal fridges. But wait! There’s something missing here. Ah, yes. Primal dinner!

Warning: If you’re stuck in a cubical and your next meal is nowhere in sight do not view the photos below. Unless, of course, you’re a masochist and self torture is your thing.

Thanks to everyone for your Primal dinner submissions. And now for the official business. A reader’s photo was selected at random to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Gaucho Ranch.

And the lucky winner is…

Clayberg’s Bison Meatballs, organic tomato sauce with julienne zucchini and side of broccolini. (pictured top right)

Alexandra's Dinner Jeffrey's Dinner Dana's Dinner 1 Dana's Dinner Dana's Dinner Jennifer's Dinner Deb's Dinner Barbiejuice's Dinner Methuselah's Dinner Patrick's dinner Zach's Dinner Amy's Dinner Brian's Dinner Chris' DinnerJaime's Dinner Becky's Dinner Sean's Dinner Brandon's Dinner Megg's Dinner Carla's Dinner Sirena's Dinner Jumpow's Dinner TClack's Dinner Margaret's Dinner Autumn's Dinner Penny's Fridge Rob's Dinner Terry's Dinner Doug's Dinner Wendy's Dinner Judy's Dinner Sharon's Dinner Catalina's Dinner Rhys' Dinner Laurel's Dinner Deborah's Dinner Steven's Dinner Bryce's Dinner Jeroen's Dinner Todd's Dinner Mee-lise's Dinner Katerina's Dinner Justin's Dinner Eric's Dinner Jessica's Dinner Zach's Dinner Anthony's Dinner Christian's Dinner Justin's Dinner Aaron's Dinner John's Dinner Piper's Dinner Caroline's Dinner Maureen's Dinner Amanda's Dinner Jonathan's Dinner Lauren's Dinner Stacey's Dinner Wendy's Dinner Chandler's Dinner Lindsay's Dinner Kevin's Dinner Alison's Dinner John's Dinner Ander's Dinner Chris' Dinner Kristy's Dinner Meredith's Dinner Raphael's Dinner Gillian's Dinner Rebecca's Dinner Edna's Dinner

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  1. Oh wow. I remember why dinner is my favorite now!

    Or was it breakfast? Actually I kind of like lunch too. Primal food rules!

  2. Made the mistake of watching this while in campus. No paleo food in miles… unless I hunt it, hmmm….

  3. Chesapeake Bay steamed crabs – mmmmm. I grew up in Baltimore and I really miss the seafood and the crabs.

  4. I would love to see these recipes sometime!

    Awesome pics ;p nom nom nom nom

    This is kind of funny I thought, I’ve won two things in my life, first a foot long hot dog when I was 12 and now Gaucho Ranch meat! I’m really going to enjoy my prize. LIke Homer says, “yum, good burger”

    Thanks Mark and worker bees 😉

  5. I am fasting until dinner today, which, given my day, is still a long way away. This was the wrong post to look at!

  6. does anyone know where I can find these, and other recipes? I am a new primal eater and am having trouble navigating this, and other sites, for recipes. thanks for any help you can givce me!

  7. What about legumes like beans and peanuts? Are they allowed or is chili an unprimal dinner?

      1. Why aren’t peanuts and beans primal? They’re seeds that are full of protein just like sesame seeds. And I’ve seen certain legumes growing wild.

  8. Peanut sauce is one thing that’s especially yummy on chicken for dinner, and you can’t go wrong with chili con carne… or are those unprimal?