Contest Poll: The 2011 Grokfeast Challenge

I’d like to thank the 13 groups who participated in the Grokfeast Challenge this year. Your level of creativity, commitment, and enthusiasm serves as a hallmark for Primal living at its best. It’s been an immense pleasure reading and publishing your experiences on Mark’s Daily Apple.

As good as they all were, only one group can win the cow. One more shout out to US Wellness, who is donating all the grass-fed beef. If you ever want to take your beef eating to the next level, hit up their newsletter and join the grass-fed revolution.

UPDATE: This poll is now closed. Congrats to those that participated in and submitted the Grokfeast in San Antonio, Texas. Grok on!

OK, now on to business. Below are the three finalists. I’ve posted the finalists’ videos, but please click through to the individual posts before voting. Check out the recipes and read their stories. Then vote on the Grokfeasters who you believe best captured the spirit of going Primal. You have until Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. PST to vote.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Grokfeast in San Antonio, Texas

Grokfeast in St. Louis, Missouri

Grokfeast in North Carolina

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34 thoughts on “Contest Poll: The 2011 Grokfeast Challenge”

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  1. Maybe it’s just me but there seemed to be a lack of last years enthusiasm this year.I know my own Grokfeast was thwarted by total lack of interest by others I couldn’t find! I had a pig and a pit ready to go and everything? Bummer,

  2. They’re all great! Hmm.

    The San Antonio one makes me laugh. A lot. Very creative! I gotta vote for this one.

    Clever exercises in the St. Louis one, love the log trial.

    I think the North Carolina one has more of the primal “party” aspect to it that would be more popular. OTOH I would’ve liked it more if it were more video and less photo-based.

  3. Wow. San Antonio did such a great job. I love that they involved so many families. AWESOME!

  4. NC that’s awesome! Can’t get much more primal than the beach. And munching the Jalepeno! OMG!

  5. The WOB Grokfest!! Hands down the BEST fest video! Creative, genuine, entertaining, primal!


  6. Texas one rocks… was happy about that! Made me laugh at the end lol…


  7. I LOVE the texas one. Looks like they had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the movie too!

    I would have loved to do a Grok feast (even if I don’t really need the cow; I have my own to butcher next month!) but I was traveling during most of the challenge and it just wasn’t gonna happen. 🙁

  8. The San Antonio video was so clever and original, I just had to vote for it. Plus, those kids really did look like cavemen, or cavekids. I loved that they involved the whole family. I don’t think there have been any other winners from the videos (recipe and workout videos) that involved kids, so they got points for incorporating the wee-groks.

    Honorable mention goes to North Carolina. This fest reminded me of last year’s winner, with the exception of some really clever games, like the human catepillar and four-square pushups!

    1. Actually, I’d disagree about the wee-groks. The kids have literally no idea what’s going on, they don’t read or follow the PB, and they don’t spread the ideas on the internet. While they are cute, they don’t do much to spread the word of the PB, not to mention that their parents were probably giving them off-camera Cheerios and crumb cakes to keep them cooperating. And half of the group is wearing shoes that don’t match their sarcastic outfits the whole time in the video. I voted for North Carolina because they didn’t make fun of the PB, exploit children, or use any fake accents. Seems those NC guys and gals actually strive to live a primal lifestyle, and the San Antonio group just mocks it.

  9. oh it’s so close! I want to be friends with all of those in North Carolina. Any chance you want to collectively move to guatemala?

  10. I am part of the NC Grokfeast! It was the time of my life and a way of life I am proud to be introduced to. On a sad not I was LITERALLY ran over by a truck, hit and run accident in KY on 10/8/11. If I could attach a picture of the tire tracks on my back I would. Anyways I’m alive w/ minor injuries (lucky I guess) and would love to rejoin my WOB/NC friends again, feasting over a COW! Let’s see how lucky I am, help us WOB-lers WIN a COW! Go NC! I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

  11. Thank you for the votes and the encouragement! Involving our whole families in the creative and playful process was an amazing experience. I can’t really describe how much fun playing and acting with our kids really was. I recommend a that everyone gather friends around a meal and try acting an adventurous story with the kids.

    Today is Dana’s birthday (the huntress saving our stone-carrying friend from a lion), and winning a cow and being forced to hold another party would be an amazing present!

  12. I vote for North Carolina! The others were entertaining and all, but this shows how fun and practical primal can be today instead of just making caveman jokes. And the original music is cool!

  13. WOW.. Those Texans are crazy… That was a great Video from San Antonio, TX… Good Luck!!!!

  14. I have to be honest and say I am not that impressed with this years entries. You would have to take parts of each video to make an good grokfeast. I loved the moving of the logs and having to chuck them over the fence. But I did spot a hot dog on a bun in the St Louis video, as well as a Monster energy drink in the background of NC’s video.

    IMHO, none of the videos wholly exemplify primal living…even if just for a day. Need to set myself up for an entry next year.

    1. Yes…a gluten-free bun. Glad SOMEone watched the video close enough to even notice…lol. The farmer wanted to contribute to the feast and brought out his birthday cake — German chocolate. We were primal (rude) enough to decline.

  15. My family was in the St Louis video and it was an amazing day. A wonderful experience. Thanks for the opportunity to get together with our primal friends.

    I’ll take the heat for the bun, still transitioning my kids and that was a gluten free bun for my little girl. 😉

    Looking forward to doing it again next year!

  16. The Baby Groks are asking if they need to a organize another hunting party or if their next meal will be delivered via FedEx. Is this contest over or are people still voting?

  17. Thank you, North Carolina WOBlers and friends, for an exciting contest. The Primal force is strong with you. =)

    1. Absolutely, good game indeed! If u wanna hook me up with a steak or 3 I’d gladly accept 😉 Grok On!

      1. You bet! Let me know when you’ll be moseying on over to San Antonio.