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August 31 2009

Contest Poll: Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos

By Mark Sisson

At the beginning of the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge I put out a call for Primal Recipe videos. When I started this contest I had no idea what sort of response I’d get. It takes time, effort, equipment and forethought to put together a coherent video, but a number of MDA readers were up to the challenge. They opened up their homes to show us how they prepare their favorite Primal meals. A big thanks goes out to everyone that participated in this contest.

I’d love for everyone that submitted a video to be able to win the grand prize, but only one lucky contestant will get all of the prizes listed below:

Since polling MDA readers on all 17 videos (most of which were 5+ minutes long) doesn’t make sense the Worker Bees and I have picked our favorites to narrow down the field. Trust me. It was no easy task. Each video submitted had its own charm.

Now it is up to you, readers. Vote for your favorite Primal Blueprint Recipe Video, and do it quickly. This poll ends tomorrow morning, 9 am. Click here to view the videos.

Thanks again to everyone that has participated! (P.S. If you don’t win or you missed the deadline to send in your own Primal Blueprint Recipe Video don’t fret. Check in tomorrow for details on future contests.)

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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40 thoughts on “Contest Poll: Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos”

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    1. So sorry, Andrea! Not everyone could make the cut. There wasn’t a truly satisfying way to handle this. It was either picking one at random (didn’t seem fair to those that clearly went the extra mile and it wouldn’t have created an incentive to produce quality videos), or I pick the winner by executive decision (this was tough, too, because I thought they were all great) or I leave it up the readers to decide. I thought this was the best way to go, but asking the readers to watch 2 hours of videos before they can make a choice on the poll didn’t make sense. If I’d included everyone I imagine the shortest videos or those featured at the top of the poll or video list would have had an unfair advantage. After thoughtful deliberation and by aggregating the rankings from the Worker Bees these six stood out. Though, and I know this is no consolation, your video was very close to making the final cut. It was a terrific recipe and video. I hope you’ll continue to participate in future contests as it’s clear you have what it takes to win one of these. Thank you, Andrea!

    1. That certainly wasn’t my intention and I’m sorry you feel that way. All of the videos, yours included, were fantastic. And even some of those that were clearly superb didn’t make the final round of Worker Bee voting. Thank you for participating in this contest and for contributing to Mark’s Daily Apple, Emily. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

        1. and both videos were ones that I told my husband about and said, “we have to try making this!”

          So… Emily and Andrea, even if you weren’t finalists, I hope you still feel great about putting yourselves and your recipes “out there” for the rest of us! I know I appreciated it!!!

    2. If it makes you feel any better, I made your kale chips over the weekend and have been thoroughly enjoying them.

    3. Can’t wait to try the Kale chips, and I thought your video was great. I’ll be making them when I’m back from vacation. (I’m introducing my in-laws to Mark’s Moroccan Chicken tonight.)

  1. Yeah, it is a tough call and someone has to win. From watching the videos it looks like most people went the extra mile. Some were truly exceptional IMHO. Is this the most “fair” way to judge, possibly… but it is the only way to make it happen in a reasonable amount of time. I applaud the MDA team for their hard work on this project. It is an undertaking that very few online entities would even venture to consider. Good luck to everyone and congrats to those that made the effort and didn’t make the final cut. You all did amazing work and have helped to facilitate some amazing changes in other peoples lives.

  2. Every single one of the entries is a winner in one way or another (I know that sounds trite, but I really do mean it) and each one has helped me in one way or another.

    Thank each and every entrant for going “the extra mile” to give us all some great eating!

  3. Everyone quit being butt hurt! Think about all the content Mark and the worker bees had to poor over the last 30 days! A pile!!!

    They’ve done a great job organizing all this, getting the sponsors, putting up personal money & prizes.

    Thanks Mark. Even if I didn’t win anything I did enjoy participating. You’ve been instrumental in helping me get back my health, and that’s almost a cool as a new pair of Vibrams 😉

    1. And many thanks to you, too – for your participation, for you kinds words, for your daily comments. None of it has gone unnoticed.

      Yes, the Health Challenge and Contests proved to be quite an undertaking – thousand of emails (if you haven’t heard from me yet, everyone, know that I’m still working through them!) and a lot of content to edit and get through. But it has been worth all the effort and I feel like I’ve received much more than I’ve given. This community is getting stronger every day and I’m just very glad to be a part of it.

      Grok on!

  4. Coconut pancakes are impossible to make. I tired this past weekend and almost all fell apart. Please tell me how to keep them together.

    1. I made some coconut waffles the other day (not the one in the video because I had run out of almond flour) and they held together perfectly… I will be posting the recipe on my blog in a bit, so keep an eye out for that! It was PERFECT.

    2. Because coconut has no gluten, you have to make sure there is enough egg to hold things together. It’s not intuitive, because you would think that as thick as coconut flour makes things, it would hold together. But use MORE egg and a little LESS coconut flour, and you should be okay.

    3. I had the same problem with the coconut pancakes. I found that if I made the pancakes small, they didn’t fall apart when I flipped them.

  5. Hi Justin. I bought some organic coconut flour and added about 1/4 cup. Also, make sure they cook long enough on one side before flipping. Next time I’ll try adding some baking soda.

  6. I had a really hard time deciding between the skinless gyoza and the primal nuetlla… man, I could go for those both right now (though not in the same bite).

  7. Man, seeing how well the coconut pancakes are doing in the poll sure makes me wish I had a video camera and could have filmed myself making my almond pancakes ( since they’re so delicious and gorgeous! Very sad that there wasn’t a less elitist competition for us recipe-designers without all the gadgets.

    If you are having trouble with pancakes falling apart, try just using the flour (almond or coconut) and adding eggs until the mix is wet – it won’t be as runny as the usual pancake mixture). For me, this is usually 1 cup of flour and 2-3 eggs depending on size. Heat a generous amount of coconut oil or butter in a pan, add the mix, and wait until some bubbles form and pop in the mix, then flip. I’ve yet to see this fail for anyone with hands.

    1. Tee hee… “anyone with hands.”

      Those look great! And I have almond flour right now! I’m gonna try them very soon!!

  8. Wow! I’m so honoured to have been included in the vote! Thank you Mark and team! Really great recipe videos everyone!! Woot! I’m gonna go make me some kale chips and coconut waffles. 😉

  9. Thanks to everyone for the tips. I will try an extra egg and I’ll pick up some coconut flour if that seemed to help. They tasted fantastic I just couldn’t get any to hold together. I even burnt one thinking if I cooked it longer it would help.

    1. Remember: the coconut flour will make it thicker, but it will NOT help it hold together (kind of non-intuitive, huh?). The extra eggs are the key.

  10. Hey Adam: Great looking pancakes and waffle. Guess you get this cooking bug from your Dad. Take care.

  11. Glad to see all the conversation about coconut pancakes!

    To get them to hold together, make sure you’re cooking them long enough. I don’t like an over-eggy taste, so I don’t use more than one or two eggs, and they still hold together fine if you cook them long enough, and don’t try to make them too huge.

  12. I’m honored to be included in the final poll. I really had fun with this contest and especially enjoyed watching everyone else’s videos. Will definitely be trying the pancakes and gyozas!

  13. This has got to have been one of the most exciting polls I’ve seen in a while. It was a great way for me to introduce this site to so many of my friends and collegues. Hopefully, all the new people that voted will see it more than just a competition. I’m already getting friends flooding my inbox asking what primal is and who grok is. I’d like to thank all of the kind readers of this community for all your support and for everyones participation as I feel we have all learned and grown as a community.

    I’m currently on vacation with my wife and kids at busch gardens. Let me just tell you how intense the last hour of voting was. I was waiting on lines with my daughter for rides and was constantly refreshing my iPhone to check the polls… Let’s just say that I’m glad I’ll never be running for office.

    Thanks for a fun experience Mark!

  14. Mark,

    The Primal Pancakes/waffles video doesn’t seem to be loading. Is anyone else having this problem?

  15. My very good friend’s .. who introduced me to Primal.. birthday is in a couple days and I wanted to make him something “birthday worthy” but also Primal 🙂

    Wasn’t there a brownie recipe on posted? I cannot find it.. any help or other recipe suggestions??