Contest Poll: 2012 Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos

It’s time for you to decide another winner! At the start of this 21-Day Challenge I put out a call for Primal Blueprint Recipe Videos. MDA readers got right to work. As a result, YouTube has never seen better looking food.

As you might imagine, my crew and I had a tough time narrowing the field. We lost nights of sleep, shed many tears and cursed our duty of having to eliminate so many great videos from the running. And in the end we held a blind vote. To everyone that didn’t make the cut, many thanks from myself and (yes, I’ll take the liberty) the MDA community for your contributions.

Before the vote, a recap of what’s at stake:

The Prize:

A Primal/paleo Cookbook Library including The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals, Make it Paleo, Practical Paleo, Paleo Comfort Foods, Eat Well Feel GoodThe Garden of Eating, Everyday Paleo, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, Well Fed and Paleo Pals: Jimmy and the Carrot Rocket Ship.

Tropical Traditions Coconut Package – 1 gallon of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, a 2.2 lb bag of Organic Coconut Flour, a copy of their Virgin Coconut Oil book, AND a $100 gift certificate to buy anything you want at

Pure India Foods Ghee Package – One case (12 jars) of 7.8 oz. jars of Grass-fed Organic Ghee, and one Assorted Sampler Pack containing one 7.8 oz. jar of each of their six Herbal/Spice infused ghee flavors.

Vibram FiveFingers – The winner will get to choose their favorite men’s or women’s style and color.

The Primal Blueprint Platinum PackageThe Platinum Package is the ultimate in supplementation and is what thousands of Primal enthusiasts and I take daily. Includes: Damage Control Master Formula, Primal Fuel, Primal Flora, Vital Omegas, and Vitamin D booster.

That’s about $1000 worth of Primal goodies.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Congrats to the winner!

Watch the videos below and then make your vote count. This poll will close and a winner will be announced at 4 pm PDT, Wednesday, September 26.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Such a difficult choice between Primal Panang and Spanish Omelet. Wish I could’ve voted for both 🙁

  2. Almond muffins with HONEY??
    1/4 cup of HONEY!

    Suddenly HONEY is primal??
    And the almond muffin recipe is in the finals!

    What did I miss??

      1. I’m of the opinion that raw, natural honey would absolutely be primal. You think Grok wouldn’t have eaten the entire hive, bees and all, every time he stumbled over one? Nay, methinks a hive dripping with that golden stuff would have been well worth a sting or twenty.

    1. I agree. We are not supposed to have honey. It is still sugar!

    2. So what you are saying is that when Paleolithic hunters came across a hive they wouldnt risk taking the hive for the honey? Hunter gatherers around the world still do this today. If you’re not diabetic why wouldn’t you have it occasionally? The reality is that if you have honey containing 20 grams of carbs the end result is still the same as eating sweet potatoe with 20 grams of carbs. I’m type 1 diabetic so i know about the effect foods have on your blood glucose. The blood sugar will still rise the same amount, maybe not as fast but it all turns to glucose in your system. Now the quality of honey and the frequency of consumption is what you should be questioning.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a poor sport since I also have an entry in the contest this year, why out the guy who won last year in the top again and with a recipe loaded with white potatoes? I mean, really, he ALREADY won once. Let others have a shot. There were a ton of fabulous entries.

    1. *Put. On another note, that Panang looks fantastic! Totally on the menu this week! Chris & Cherie, how crucial is the fish sauce? I’ll have trouble finding it where I live. Can I just skip it?

      1. Hey Monique,

        We have made this dish many times and forgot to add the fish sauce once or twice; it was still really good. On the other hand we forgot to add lemon juice once and it just wasn’t the same;).

        Cherie slept on the couch for that one!:)

        1. Nice job this year on the video brother. Love the fish, was that wild caught?
          You got my vote.

      2. You can buy fish sauce on Amazon along with plenty of other primal goodies, often for less than brick-and-mortar stores. I usually get my coconut oil there, as well.

      1. I am confused. I thought white potatoes were a no go? So potatoes are ok?

    2. i’m with u on the taters…which prior to primal was my fav…but this time last yr i turned primal & my only tater is sweet

  4. I had a hard time voting for the food and not the actual video. The entries are so damn funny. Between panang and hweenies for me. I like panang better (to eat) but the hweenie video had me smirking the entire way. Both videos did! Omelette had white potato and muffins had too much sugar. Getting picky, but I take my right to vote very seriously. 🙂 GREAT JOB by everyone. I’m so impressed.

  5. How do you vote,I tried just pushing the one I liked but did not work. I am on my IPhone, do you have to vote from real computer?

  6. I don’t do rice (Panang), potatoes (omelette), or honey (muffins), so it’s hweenies for me. But Nacho’s video makes me miss Spain!!

  7. Great job to the finalists (and the rest of the pack)! I know what I am eating the rest of the week.

  8. The video’s are all great and all so creative! Hard to choose between them. Love the food ideas, and they all can be modified for individual tastes. If I could get my son to stop buying Oreos at school and eat almond muffins instead – I’d be psyched 🙂

  9. Had to go with the hweenies! I love how the entire family was involved, and sugar and potatoes are a no no for me. Congrats to the finalists, and thank you!

  10. Boy, these are all great. Have to go with Panang (the butt squeeze sold me) with Nacho an extremely close second.

  11. Bacon-Wrapped, Stuffed Hweenies are:
    2. FUN
    4. VERSATILE: Grilled, baked, sauteed
    5. FAMILY ENJOYMENT in making
    7. EYE appealing, too!

    I was amazed at some of the contestants using “questionable” Primal ingredients: canned tomato sauce/paste, potatoes, etc.

  12. Man, that Panang totally took it for me. It looks fantastic and I’m a sucker for Army guys! Can’t wait to try it out!

    1. Hey Eileen,

      If you think it looks fantastic wait until you taste it;). It’s soooo good.

      I’m a sucker for army guys too. Thank you dollar store!

  13. I believe you can veer off the path every once in a while. As soon as i watched the Omelette video, I had to go directly to my kitchen and try it. I modified it to add Mushrooms and Bell Peppers. It came out great. I think a recipe like this once every couple of months should be fine.

    1. I made the omelette right away too and it was amazing! and so cheap just add what you have in the fridge!

  14. I am surprised at all of the negative comments regarding the recipes. They all look delicious! Yes the muffins may be more of a treat than a food, but they still deserve a place in my personal cookbook for those one or two times a month when I feel like making muffins!

    As far as potatoes go, my body has no problem with them. But obviously everyone is different, and many may not do so well with potatoes. But the recipe is still solid in my mind.

    Really impressive stuff submitted by all! Good work : )

  15. “Steam is hot…. It’s steam.” Truer words have never been uttered.

    1. The ingredients scroll at the end of the video…and are listed in the “more info” tab in the top right corner of the video.

  16. Potatoes are not a grain , bean or legume.
    Honey is about as primal a sweetener you can get
    The hweenies have a cheese option
    The panang has a rice option

    Quit Whining!

    Did you really expect a recipe for plain raw animal flesh???

    I really like the apple parody of the hweenies, but the stop motion and camera angles of the panang won me over. I will also be trying a spanish omelette post work-out.

    1. There exists a mutualistic relationship between honey-guide and mammals: in order to obtain wax, the bird guides people and honey-badgers to the nests of wild bees. The Hadza whistle “dialogs” with the honey-guide that mimic the bird’s song.[33] The role of the honey-guide is reflected also in Hadza mythology, both in naturalistic[34] and personified forms.

      BAM! minds blown.

  17. I liked this! Voting that is. All the videos were fun, to a point. I agree with lots of the earlier comments. It was hard to separate the video from the recipe. Seems like 2 different tasks. All the videos had fantastic creativity. However, all were too long and got out of balance with said creativity and lost me, except Almond Muffin which almost lost me. As for recipes, I too was confused with potatoes and honey ingredients. It was a fun ride all in all. Thanks MDA for the idea. Let’s do it again!

  18. I was disappointed to notice that the Panang folks have a Paleo recipe blog, as did other folks that entered. My hat’s off to the folks that made this up just for this contest…
    On another note….The Hweenies ad wasn’t as polished, but was creative…and bonus points for getting the whole family involved!

    Well done to everyone!

  19. All of the videos looked great —Very Entertaining and creative BUT I would have to say it is a toss up between the Panang and the Omelette.
    PANANG gets my vote though.

    1. So you are the reader to our blog! My mother has some explaining to do… I thought it was her.

    2. Crud… I meant that comment for PrimalJimmy. Ok… well, if you read our blog, that would boost our readership by 100%.

    1. Radford,

      Thanks for your kind comment and hopefully your vote.;)

  20. My vote goes to the person who provides a transcript and a recipe. Who has time to watch all those videos?!

  21. El mejor sin duda es la tortilla del Rubio, por lo perfecta, esponjosa que está, su sabor vanguardista y por la gran dificultad que entraña hacer una tortilla spanish en inglés. Aupa Nacho!!!

  22. I have never heard of hweenies before. I’m definitely going to make that. I thought the panang video was an amazing work of art.

  23. Nice work on all of them. Creating a recipe is hard enough, but shooting a video that is fun and interesting is really tough (trust me!). Way to go!

  24. Hweenies lost me about a minute in… too slow.

    Nacho was awesome. I wish I had an elevator in my kitchen!

    Love the stop image videography in the Panang video.

    But the muffins won my my vote because the recipe is quick, easy, and something I know my kids would eat without a fight. Yes, they would fight me about the hweenies.

    Will a text version of the recipes be put out so we don’t have to rewatch the videos each time we want to prepare the recipes?

  25. The omelet recipe can be made exactly the same way with sweet potatoes. I make this all the time. Great video!

    Hweenies were lost on me, although if I see a traditional recipe I will give it a look. Watching the video is too slow.

    Muffins? Way too much stuff in there to avoid. Yep, okay for a once-in-a-blue-moon treat. Don’t need the recipe though.

    Love the panang – the rice is definitely optional and not an integral part of the recipe. This is a dish I could put into my regular rotation. So I voted for it!

  26. I loved the mockmanship of the Hweenie video. Since I have never had this particular food, I will certainly try it! The Panang looks awesome, and I shall make that too. Muffins with all that honey and the omelette with all those potatoes were not very original recipes nor do they really stand out as being truly primal. too starchy. kinda like wanne be SAD food. so if I have to vote, I must use some kinda criteria and these are mine. My vote: Hweenie 1st place (hey, I work in Cupertino and most of my patients work at Apple) and Panang second.

  27. The panang looks delicious — and I would think you could use the “riced” steamed cauliflower as a sub if you didn’t want the small amount of white rice.

  28. Well, I think we’ve got ourselves a winner!
    congratulations! You got it this time!
    I’m travelling abroad with little and weak access to the internet so I couldn’t see the videos… I will as soon as I get home.
    Anyway reading the comments everything seems to be delicious and the videos must be great.
    Thanks to everyone that vote mine!
    It’s been really funny!

  29. Nice job on the video, Chris and Cherie! Love the recipe and the video. Fantastic acting, by the way. Congratulations!
    (Now you have to come to town and make it for us!)-Paul

  30. Congrats, Chris and Cherie! Definitely worthy competition! I agree with everyone on here, the Panang looks tasty and can’t wait to give it a try (Thai food is a favorite for us from our travels in the pacific).

    I’d also like to thank everyone for all the great comments on the Hweenies… We’ve had fun coming up with them and our first foray into video production was a great project with the kids. Just being on YouTube was prize enough for them.

    Mark — I hope I can purchase the cook books through your site, as I promised Tricia I’d get her the cook books one way or another. 😉

    Well done everyone, and again…thanks for all the nice words on our submission!

    Jeff and Tricia Babinski

  31. Wow! Thank you to everyone who voted for us and for all the kind words. We had so much fun making the video and obsessively checking the results.

    We really want to thank Mark Sisson for having this contest and personally speaking, for changing my life. Thank you.

    The Hweenies look great, we are definitely going to make those along with the almond muffins (probably this weekend). Great job on your videos.:)

    And Nacho, this was our second year doing video recipe battle with you and it’s been a blast. Losing to you last year was great motivation for this year. Perhaps we will meet again, my friend.


  32. How did my mother manage to vote for us so many times?

    We will definitely be making some Hweenies, Omelettes and Almond muffins for dessert. We loved your watching your videos! Well done.

    Thank you everyone and thank you Mark and worker bees!

  33. I’m surprised no one brought up the ingredients in Sriracha. It’s tasty stuff, but it’s not precisely primal…

    (not that I don’t love it)

  34. The fish looked amazing! I am a new Primal Girl and its tough as I dont eat any meat from land…beef, chicken,pork etc. I can’t wait to try it. Loved the comment about the hot sauce. We love hot sauce in our family!

  35. Love the whole concept here and really enjoyed the videos I’ve managed to watch so far. One of the tops of my list, and which didn’t make it to the final, was the spinach bread pizza. Fun production spoofs and it looked so good I went out and bought the ingredients so I could make it this weekend. There are a lot of layers of flavor there and I can’t wait to try it out.

  36. I voted for and made the panang. Excellent! And the video was well done and entertaining. Good job! I sent the link to my sons and 4 friends who eat this way. Thumbs up!

  37. Nacho-

    You are a funny, funny man. I wish you could live in my basement. 🙂