Contest: Name a Blog, Win a Bag

Stay tuned for the third installment of the J.J. Experiment.

The Prize:

A Sandbag. The unwieldy lump of heavy. I’ve been using one of these sandbags since I featured them a year ago. Mine has taken some real abuse and has yet to show a tear. Courtesy of Henkin Fitness, the winner of today’s contest will receive his or her choice of the Burly, Strength, Challenge, or Power packages which includes the heavy duty sandbag plus ebooks, training videos, a fundamentals DVD, and a poster. As for the hardcore Primal Groks, sure you could use an actual carcass for your strength training, but sandbags smell better and keep longer.

The Contest:

Mark’s Daily Apple isn’t the only source of information when it comes to Primal health and fitness. There’s a growing community of like-minded folks blogging their experiences, recipes, information, and advice. Today, I want you to share what you read.  In the comments section below, leave the name of a good Primal (or semi-Primal) blog, along with it’s URL and a short description of what it is or why you like it.


Mark’s Daily Apple
Primal Living in the Modern World

Not every blog has to be directly Primal. If it’s good and in someway can better the minds, bodies, or lives of Primal folk, feel free to share. For instance, I’ve got Free Range Kids on my list; it’s not a health blog but does fit in with the spirit of Primal living. Hopefully this contest will give you some great options for filling up your RSS feed (if you don’t know what an RSS feed is, it’s a great way to browse through dozens of blogs in just a few minutes).

A winner will be chosen at random among all eligible entrants.

NOTE: All comments which include links must be approved by a moderator, thus you may not see your comment right after you post.

The Deadline:

September 25, 9:00 a.m. PST. 24 Hours.

Who is Eligible:

You, him, that guy, her, all those people, and anyone else not mentioned.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    The Mobility Wod should take you four to 10 minutes to complete. Do it everyday. Remember the areas that feel like a Shaman’s Blow

    quick workout, for helping to keep your joints happy 🙂


    i started reading her site years ago and loved the way she focused on eating healthy (and sharing recipes) and offering good advice/techniques/pictures for working out.

  3. perkinskit’s posterous
    A stats-based approach at the first six-weeks of primal living.

  4. What’s in What You Eat?
    My favorite feature of this blog is the “Paleo in Seattle” which detail Paleo-friendly local restaurants. It has definitely made the occasional meal out easier!

  5. The Wilderness Childe

    I love this blog because it highlights some wayyy different recipies (like mealworms for a snack, roasted wild boar) and I like hearing about the pagan religion. Im not familiar with all the holidays and rituals and its neat to learn about it. Also the fact that Diana has had amazing progress, its an inspiration! 🙂

  6. Purely Primal!


    I just discovered this blog a few weeks ago, and I really like it. It’s great to read about other people cooking primal in the modern kitchen. I’ve already tried several of the recipes and they are great! (Esp. the Coconut Curry)

    1. Wow Claire – I don’t know how you stumbled upon our little site (we’ve only been around a couple of weeks), but thanks for the kind words!

      As for me – a quick scan down this list shows that someone has already hit on everything I’ve got bookmarked, and shows there are a LOT more I need to check out…

  7. Lately I’ve come to appreciate Melissa McEwen’s Hunt-Gather-Love
    Sure I follow all the Drs. and fitness professionals that blog too, but I like her perspective as a more “real-life” or genuine person, not only concerned with health but that unattained and always just-out-of-reach wisdom.
    She posts frequently here successes and also her failures, what is or isn’t working for her and always with an analytical mind. She shares, and does so intelligently.

  8. It was this site that first turned me on to living a primal lifestyle. Shortly after I was following this site, I found marks daily apple and have been living primal for about 6 months now and have lost 25 lbs.

  9. HuntGatherLove
    This site features great commentary on different aspects of living paleo and eating responsibly and various traditional diets and lifestyles. Much of the commentary is personal as she has and continues to have health problems which have mostly been healed by living and eating paleo/primal. I love reading about her continued insights and journey along the paleo/primal path.

  10. Gym Jones has inspired me so much in the departments of motivation and functional strength. I also like the attitude and honesty. Someone on the MDA forum turned me onto this site.

  11. Steve’s Original is an incredible partner in the help for a more primal and hence more cooeperative world. Steve uses the primal food and snacks he sells to benefit inner city youth. He employs many of the youth to help with the operations of his Paleo food kits. A huge component of our evolutionary genetics is the social aspect of primal living. Grok would have had a close knit community that he supported and that helped to support him in various capacities throughout his life. This is what Steve is all about…fostering that community through good clean food, activity, and community. It doesn’t get any more primal than that!

  12. Robb Wolf
    Paleo nutrition and health info, plus strength and conditioning to boot

  13. Ooooh, it’s hard to choose. I read a LOT of primal/paleo blogs. Small Footprint Family at is not purely primal, but a lot of its philosophy (particularly natural/green living and the promotion of real food) overlaps and it has given me some good ideas.

  14. Everyday Paleo

    Amazing recipes, workouts that don’t require gimmicky new trends, and all from a woman who is as busy as I am. It shows you that this type of lifestyle is suitable for anyone, no matter age or schedule!

  15. The Heart Scan Blog

    Not exactly primal per se, but I have learned a lot from Dr. William Davis. Topics include the “right information on diet, nutritional supplements, and hopefully the avoidance of medication”.


    Helps me with #10- use your brain. 🙂

  17. Nightlife
    Chronicles of Less Urban Living, Fresh from In the Night Farm

    The person who writes this blog is one of my best friends in the whole world. She’s the one who taught me about being primal, and showed me how it was done. She directed me to MDA and I’ve been here since. She’s a wonderful writer with amazing insights.

  18. I love, love, love Melissa McEwan’s blog HuntGatherLove ( because she comes at the primal/paleo thing from a female and a foodie angle, as well as throwing in a lot of good anthropology.

    But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Primal Toad (, too, because he’s just generally awesome.

    by Rusty Moore

    Awesome fitness tips for looking great year round, getting, being and staying fit, and in general being a healthy person. Big fan of paleo, Eat Stop Eat, body weight workouts, and movies. I find this blog super informative and a whole lot of fun to read. Make sure to check it out!


    This blog by Felix Olschewski is the first German Paleo site out there.
    He has great information about everything paleorelated on the site and also a great youtube Channel.
    He also started selling cookbooks and other stuff aswell.

  21. Robb Wolfs Paleo Solution Blog
    Revolutionary solutions to modern life – really a great blog written by a great guy. Robb is very science driven and doesn’t buy into any BS. The podcast is pure gold.


    Original Paleo and Primal Recipes that are easy for anyone to make. All of the recipes are so flavorful and good that even people who aren’t Paleo or Primal love them! Not boring at all! Great Blog!

  23. Whole Health Source
    Exploring diseases of civilization and the lifestyles of traditional cultures

    lots of knowledgeable people to answer questions, must like here


    I love stumptuous because she talks about weight lifting specifics for women. Our issues, our fears, and our imagines frailties are dealt with, as well as detailed instruction on how to actually _do_ the lifts.
    She also works with women to improve their eating by encouraging them to eat real food.

  26. Feasting On Fitness
    Discussions on topics relating to Crossfit and a paleo lifestyle.

    Modern Paleo offers writings and other resources by Objectivists on the principles and practices of nutrition, fitness, and health most conducive to human flourishing.

  28. Primal Toad is the only one I subscribe to so far (besides MDA). I am a real newbie and MDA has become addictive, moreso than Facebook-dare I say!
    I also check out Loren Cordain’s site from time to time.

  29. Birthday Shoes
    For fans of barefoot, Vibrams, and other minimalist footware and footcare


    As Keith Norris puts it: “Real World Applications of Diet and Fitness Know-How, for Busy, Intelligent People”.

    Great blog, emphasis on exercise.

  31. This Primal Life

    A blog about the Primal Blueprint diet and lifestyle

    Just found this one last night, and loved watching her workout videos. She does a great job incorporating primal into her busy Mommy world, and she’s a perfect Grokette model!

  32. This contest is hard, because it’s difficult to choose just one blog! One of my favorites is the “Eat Like a Caveman” blog of Evolution Catering, at

    The lovely crew at EC post amazing primal recipes which even I can recreate!

    Grok on…


    The PaNu blog is great. Kurt Harris has some great blog posts. He has not been as frequent with his writings as of recent but he has some good ones in the archive. One of the greatest things is the getting started section which breaks down how to become primal into 12 steps, a true 12 step program! The reader can gather more information by clicking on the hyperlinks. Overall, it is an excellent resource for those interested in paleo nutrition

    Great personal entries that I can relate to as a woman gone primal…..Also, there are some really great recipes on the site. Serves as an additioanl source of Primal info.

  35. Curious: Do the worker bees check for multiple entries by a single user on these “random drawing” contests?

    Just wonderin’… *ahem* 😉

  36. Modern Paleo
    Modern Paleo offers writings and other resources by Objectivists on the principles and practices of nutrition, fitness, and health most conducive to human flourishing.

    I like this site for its critical thinking, recipes, and weekly roundup of other paleo blogging resources.

  37. The Paleo Solution

    Robb was a student of Dr. Cordain when he was doing research on Paleo living. Now he is bio-chemist gone coach(cross-fit,MMA, strength/conditioning), which is good for those who want to know how to tweak the primal lifestyle to accommodate your fitness goals beyond general fitness. Plus big bonus he has a podcast which is informative and funny. Plus his book comes out tomorrow! lookin forward to expanding my paleo mind.

  38. John Duran’s “Hunter-Gatherer / How to live wild in the modern world”
    Seeing John on The Colbert Report is what opened my eyes to “ancestoral” health in the first place. Plus the fact that he’s able to do what he does IN THE MIDDLE OF NEW YORK CITY impresses the heck out of me!


    I love it because I don’t have the money yet to purchase any books, so I gladdy accept the free advice of other’s via the internet.
    The advice is usually spot on.

  40. Animal Pharm
    The lessons science and pharmacology teach us about achieving optimal health, vitality and maximal lifespan with a low carb, high saturated fat evolutionary diet aligned with DNA and how I lost 50 pounds of body fat. A sorta fairy story.

    Another great source of referenced info with Dr. BG’s attitude, wit, humor, and spunk.

  41. Against the Grain
    a blog about Paleo nutrition and working out by a CrossFitter who has done Whole30 twice and went to the CrossFit Games for her affiliate team. Right now she is documenting every meal she eats for a month.

  42. Whole Health Source

    This blog is amazing. Stephan’s posts are always very logical and backed up with research. I just wish he had the time to post more often!


    Richard’s website was wear I first heard about a primal approach to human health. Incidentally, it was because I saw a link making fun of him for quitting using soap/shampoo.

  44. This is a very new blog which talks about the journey of a newly converted primal “dieter.” Its actually how I found this blog. She talks about how she’s participating in your 30 day challenge and there is a really great recipe on there for primal nut bars, not to mention a few others. I like seeing how someone else new to primal is making out, while learning from her experiences.

  45. Paleo Chix

    Fun and informative blogs on topics of exercise, food, attitude, and general healthy living. I enjoy that they are written by women with real issues and concerns, not being preachy about their lifestyles. ~Karyn

  46. The Paleo Solution

    He was some of the best articles dealing with gut health and fitness. I love his podcast (listener #13?) and often have to listen to segments twice to completely grasp the knowledge that is spewing into my ears.

  47. I like Paleo for Life, because they have a “Latest News” sections which lists “the latest news, events, blog posts, and analysis related to the Paleo diet and lifestyle”. I can see a bunch of blog post titles from such Paleo luminaries as Hyperlipid, Free the Animal, The Heart Scan Blog, and…. Mark’s Daily Apple! It’s a great way to keep up with a bunch of science-minded Paleo-esque blogs.


    I thought someone would have already linked to this blog! John Durant is the author who is doing a lot to help spread the primal word. His tagline is: “How to live in the modern world.”

    He started Eating Paleo in NYC which would be awesome to be a part of. They also just had a party for the release of the Paleo Solution.


    She is very funny and her recipes are really good. Plus I like that she adapts to the fact not everyone in the house is primal. Good tips for getting others to join you in a primal lifestyle.

  50. Hunter-Gatherer
    How to live wild in the modern world

    I first found out about John Durant through a friend mentioning his appearance on The Colbert Report. I started following him on Twitter and following his blog as well. He’s a down to earth and interesting guy. Everybody should check him out that hasn’t done so already.

  51. This one will be a bit of a stretch, but I haven’t seen many strength/fitness blogs on this list. And if strength and athletic performance is a priority for you, this should be on your radar.

    70s big

    The site is managed by Justin Lascek, who trains and coaches out of Wichita Falls Athletic Club (owned by Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength). It’s usually fun and lighthearted in nature with some definite testosterone-filled undertones but if anyhthing it is a good introduction to barbell training and if anthything it will expose you to the Starting Strength methodology of barbell training.

  52. I like Constantly Varied,, it is really easy to understand and covers topics ranging from what to eat in order to be more Primal/Paleo to what supplements you really need to different ideas on exercise. Its a great read, I suggest you check it out.


    Great research on fitness and nutrition, many years of experience in the paleo/primal way of living and because I want to look like that in my 70’s. He is a espectacular live experience…

  54. I thought i read alot before… so much for trying cut back on my computer addiction. Awesome contest Mark.

  55. Tom Naughton’s blog for his movie Fat Head.

    I’m not sure if I read it because of the articles that make me laugh or because of the one’s that make me throw things at my computer screen.

    1. Yay, I’m glad I’m not the only one here with Stumptuous love. 🙂

  56. Robb Wolf and The Paleo Solution

    They guy knows an insane amount about nutrition. Very interesting things he talks about on his podcast, and his book is incredible.

  57. I found through stalking the MDA forum and loved some of the recipes and crafts she had up on her blog. Her site also helped me introduce eating primal to my sister-in-law who had her first baby a year ago!

  58. Gluten Free Goddess-
    With A Side Of Life by Karina Allrich.

    She’s just great! (Next to Elana’s Pantry) Has cooking/baking tips including substitutions for common foods or ingredients to all kinds of preferences. She’s also has recipes for those who are Vegans. Very unique & creative. Sugar free. Casin free. From breakfast to desserts there’s something for everyone 🙂

  59. Love me some and my #1 man-crush, K-Starr of MobilityWOD:, but since they’re already spoken for, I’ll add another fitness-related site that’s got some great ideas for the outdoor-focused: Mountain Athlete:

    That link takes you directly to their Exercises page, which is a great resource for getting some variety into your functional workouts. Enjoy!

  60. I use iGoogle RSS widgets… and have alongside Mark’s Daily Apple blog RSS feed, the following 2 other blogs I enjoy reading:

    Average To Elite from Jordan Vezina (RKC Team Leader)

    Basically anything to do with kettlebell training and the RKC way of doing it. Jordan offers a lot of free training videos on youtube that I learned a lot from.

    And Ross Enamait’s blog,

    Ross approaches training simply… no fancy equipment, no hype, just hard-work and dedication. HE shares a lot of his knowledge freely with the community and posts many inspiring videos and stories he comes across.

  61. Circuit Training Critique

    Rich and Shane

    Blog about different circuit programmning. They take circuits from CrossFit, Simplefit, GymJones, Ross Training, SealFit, Brass Rings Fitness anywhere and everywhere they see something that looks fun or challenging, try them as RX’d and share thoughts…


    When I’m not sprinting, jumping, pulling, or pushing I’m usually playing! During downtime there isn’t much better to stimulate the primal mind than a good game of chess (what mind game is more primal?). I have strived for years to better my rating (its currently 1974)and staying involved in the chess community has helped tremendously. Stop on by for some great tips.

  63. got me started with wheat-free living through their 30-day transformation. Great low-key, see-what-works approach that I found very congenial.


    Paleo nutrition, exercise, and living.
    As a CrossFitter, I have followed this blog for a very long time now, and just bought his new book. HIs information is what lead me to go from a grilled-cheese-heavy-vegetarian-diet to a healthy paleo diet, and ultimately, what lead me to marksdailyapple also! : )


    While rarely about fitness or physical activity, this site helps me remember to rid my life of nonessentials, thus allowing me to pursue the Primal Life with more joy, energy and ease. The ultimate K.I.S.S. blog!

  66. Free the Animal
    Richard Nikoley

    This was my first stop after Dr. Cordains site. Opened my eyes to the other side of Paleo, which then lead me to Mark’s daily apple and onward and upward. Erwan Le Corre, not much of a blog, but an awesome tool and lifestyle, plenty of motivation.

  67. MeatEats
    Reviews for “paleo-ness” of local restaurants in Portland, OR. Great site for anyone new to Portland and looking for primal friendly places to eat out!

  68. I love Stumptuous – I think that’s actually how I discovered MDA! It’s basically a weight lifting website for women. (The proprietor, Krista, has gone primal/paleo since the food sections were written.) It takes a bit of deprogramming for women to get inspired to lift heavy things – Stumptuous did the trick for me. Love love love.

  69. Fat of the Land
    A great blog about foraging in the Pacific Northwest. A lot of fun, very inspiring and informative!

  70. Check out the Lean Saloon…

    Johnny talks about incorporating fasting and fitness into a fun and fulfilling lifestyle. How about that for some alliteration!

  71. Blair Morrison is a Crossfit enthusiast and Crossfit Games competitor. He eats quite primally; however, the most impressive thing he does he shows you how to workout anywhere with just about any equipment.

  72. I love Dr. Eades’ Protein power blog. Not really primal lifestyle oriented, but the information he shells out is definitely rewarding from a primal perspective.

    Protein Power


    Grok didn’t shop at the grocery store, and you don’t have to either! It’s not an explicitly primal website, but at the heart of it is something primal. The group started out mapping fruit trees on public land – food fair game for everyone – and have expanded to something much more. They deal with redefining what “space” is, what public land is to the public, from protests to community jam-making sessions with home-grown or picked fruit. Being primal means being in a community too!

  74. Kat’s Food Blog

    Great blog on food sources, recipes, and healthy living for people who follow the ‘specific carbohydrate diet’ which is super-primal.

  75. Paleo Diet – So Easy a Caveman Can Do It!

    This guy hasn’t posted in a while but it is great for a newbie to primal living. It is really motivating to read about his journey as he blogs about his 1st year on paleo. He eliminates his type 2 diabetes, lowered his blood pressure and lost weight. I really enjoyed it so I though I would share.


    the blog that is responsible for pointing me in this direction. It’s the ongoing story of a real person pursuing fitness. It’s amazing, inspirational, and funny.

  77. Nourishing Our Children

    Great, simple explinations. This is one of the first sites that I’ll refer people to when they ask me why I decline the whole wheat toasted bun and ask for extra bacon. Here is a great quote,
    “One molecule of glucose requires 15 enzymes and numerous vitamins and minerals, especially chromium and magnesium, to produce 38 Units ATP. ATP is the energy carrier in the cells.
    One molecule of fat requires 5 enzymes and vitamins and minerals to produce 146 Units ATP. Hence, one molecule of fat produces energy more efficiently than one molecule of carbohydrate or glucose.
    The USDA’s 2005 revised food pyramid still suggests that fat should be consumed sparingly. Grain is still We propose the reverse. If fat is more nutrient dense and fuels our energy most efficiently why is it not a foundational element of our modern diet as it was for millennia? So – we encourage you to have a little bread with your butter.”

    I use at least 3-4 recipes of this web site a week. There are a ton of primal recipes or ones that can be tweaked to be primal. I’ve passed it on to a ton of people I know even if they don’t eat primal.

  79. Lean Gains
    Intermittent Fasting Diet for weight loss, muscle gain, and health

    Not exactly primal in approach but a great source for learning about intermittent fasting. If you’ve been thinking about it then check it out!


    Most of mine regular stops are taken, but I dind’t see Primal Mama Cooks…and dishes on life – she has great recipes and a great sense of humor. She’s recently taken her blog “semi-homeade” – recipes will be labeled paleo or primal and she’s focusing on “quick” meals.

  81. Joyful Abode

    Hmm… I have a few favorites, but I think the one I visit the most is Emily’s blog, Joyful Abode. It’s one of the very first blogs I started visiting after finding MDA. Em has been a great inspiration for my own blogging, and she has some of the best Primal recipes out there. I LOVE her waffle recipe. I use it for everything I need batter for. I think I reference her recipes more than anything else on my blog- lol.


    I’m a huge Mistress Krista fan, too! Have followed her blog for several years and credit her for reigniting my love of lifting the heavy stuff!

  83. Hunter-Gatherer
    How to live wild in the modern world.

    I like this blog because John Durant’s world really is as “modern” as it gets (lives in NYC), but he stays true to his primal roots! Also, he is always very playful and fun in the way he writes!

  84. Mad Dawg Fitness

    My Crossfit affiliate’s blog. Most affiliates have them, and it’s a great way to reinforce the community spirit that you develop there. Event schedules, training eating and lifestyle ruminations, links, just an all-around good way for me to stay connected.

    This website helped me understand the actual science and how to apply it to my training for optimum performance


    Krista inspired me to learn to squat. I love that she sees all bodies as being capable of exercise, that she treats the gym as a fun place, and that she encourages more than just fitness and food as keys to health. Her instructional stuff is really good, and she has great woman-specific information that doesn’t treat women like wimps.

    rusty isn’t totally primal but offers his own interesting swing on things – cool articles and he is in mean shape

  88. Everyday Paleo

    The website is mainly recipe entries by a mother of two (i think only two). She is a cross-fitter and posts amazing recipes along with a few random (non-recipe) entries every once in awhile.

    She is also going to be releasing a book in the near future. Can’t wait.


    This is my gym and I visit the website everyday. Not only does it have kick ass workouts each day, it also has many awesome thought provoking links that help me through my work day! It’s how I discovered MDA!

  90. If I can only say one it will have to be
    Todd is also new to the primal lifestyle so it helps to kind of be on the same level and he has very informative info and is a huge fan of Priaml blueprint :))) He always keeps me coming back ))

  91. I like Tom Naughton’s Fat Head blog. While not really Primal he espouses a lot of the same values and attacks the conventional wisdom on nutrition, low-fat, carbs, etc. and he’s pretty damn funny. I also like how he took Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me down in his Fat Head documentary.

  92. Son of Grok

    SoG isn’t an expert on everything Primal, but an everyday guy living a Primal life, making him easy to relate too. I especially like all the primal recipe posts.

  93. I am relatively new to this nutrition and fundamental fitness lifestyle. I have always trained hard, but ignored what my body was really telling me.
    I was prompted by a “CrossFit” friend to have a look at the daily apple web page, and from there my addiction to better living has grown.
    Here is my newest stumble;
    Have a look, its worth the effort.

  94. i like
    not everything is primal (lots about soaking/fermenting grains) but lots of recipes that are primal or that can be converted. checkout the “mounds” candy bars with less honey… pretty great!

  95. The 9 Blog | Whole9

    This is Melissa Byers/Urban’s blog, she used to write Byers Gets Diesel. I follow it, because, well, I liked Byers Gets Diesel. It revolves mostly around clean eating/meal recipes with tidbits of CrossFit related things, as they travel the CrossFit circuit.

  96. Pay Now Live Later

    This website is run by a Welsh guy who goes by “Methuselah”. He uploads pics of his meals, has a graph of his own body composition over time, and writes articles about food, fitness, mountain racing, and barefoot running. His ‘Paleo in a Nutshell’ videos succinctly introduce the lifestyle and they were my introduction to Paleo.

  97. This is a website for people who don’t want to use pharmaceuticals to correct their health problems. It is a little on the extreme side (for example, they take the position that the FDA makes people unhealthy), but I think it is aligned with the primal blueprint in the sense that it preaches natural ways to turn health problems around, rather than pill-popping.

  98. I know there has been a lot of controversy in the paleo-sphere regarding Matt Stone, but I still enjoy his blog and the lengthy discussions that bust out in the comments: Degree Health

  99. Arthur De Vany’s Blog

    I first discovered paleo/primal through Art De Vany. He’s a brilliant guy who looks great for being in his 70s. His blog contains great information on the fitness side of a paleo lifestyle, along with nutritional recommendations.

  100. The recipes she has on here are easy to do and taste great. I can make them for the rest of my non primal family.

  101. The Art of Manliness
    Reviving the lost art of Manliness

    Art of Manliness isn’t a chauvinistic forum for making men feel better than women; it is instead a wealth of information that can help reduce social stress and prepare the reader for myriad situations.

    Hunting/fishing, survival, nutrition, and social harmony are all discussed – all of which are important skills of old, and can be great additions to a Primal lifestyle.

  102. zenhabits – smile, breath & go slowly
    Mr. Leo Babauta’s blog is more focused on minimalism, but it throws in primal living ideas occasionally. His blog was also how I found out about Mr. Mark Sisson.

  103. lifehacker
    really not related to primal or paleo anything – but there are similarities nonetheless. THey give tips and tricks based on simplifying your life, living easier, happy, and healthier. If you simplify your eating and living habits, why not your tech, work, and lifestyle habits too?

  104. Can you say Paleo Shepards pie??????? ok ok I did used to live in England and was raised on the tato stuff. This is space years better than that!!!! Great recipes and great commentary too. A fun read. Humor always woks in my life and the pics are great too.

  105. Warrior In Shape
    Fitness and nutrition

    Great blog on fitness tips and nutrition. Has primal tips and references to Mark’s Daily Apple and Primal Living. Also tips for a minimalist approach to being in great shape.

  106. Birthday Shoes
    Barefoot toe shoes news

    I’m always looking to find more publicly acceptable ways to keep my feet happy. Teaching college courses in VFF’s is an interesting though excusable endeavor, but attending meetings in them is not acceptable.

  107. I enjoy reading Blair’s anywherefit blog and also this blog:

    I find the blog posts to be inspiring and I particularly like to ingest their words before it’s time for myself to work out! For some reason it pumps me up. I’ve also learned to branch out on my own and utilize different “tools” for my workouts….right now my landlords old 70lb heavy bag is my favorite to lift, carry, and throw down all the time!

  108. Girl Gone Primal
    This is a favorite primal spot of mine to catch up on some great recipes from down under and to read about her adventures in converting to the Primal lifestyle!


    I love Richards point of view on so many topics.

  110. It’s not really a blog, but PaleoHacks

    is a great site for questions about diet, exercise and lifestyle, answered by fellow members who vote for the best answers, which then float to the top. Sometimes provocative but always informative.

  111. This is actually my blog I started recently. I am a professional cook who graduated from culinary school, an amateur food photographer, and cooking educator. My blog and my style is mostly primal with the occasional use of white potato and beans (rare).

    I would be happy to have anyone here following my blog. 🙂

  112. The daily apple above all others, but one of my favorite websites for a fitness and nutrion perspective is:

    This is a crossfit affiliate with a paleo/primal perspective – great stuff for getting your WOD or WOW inspiration and some paleo/primal insights!

  113. Perfect Health Diet

    The Perfect Health Diet is more than just a diet — it is a program for perfect health.

    I just discovered this blog and it’s the best I’ve read in a long time. Alongside PaNu and Whole Health Source, it’s now one of my favorite.

  114. Everyday Paleo

    Insightful blog written by a mother and wife trying (and succeeding) to feed her family Primal!


    Really great inspiration and instruction from Erwan Le Corre about natural movement and simple positive living. I love his ideas because I like to do everything in the woods.

    Blunt straight forward information and discussion on paleo/primal diet and lifestyle.


    Not your standard primal/paleo blog, he is constantly experimenting with diet and exercise. From hardcore hunter virbrams hiker to paleo vegan distance biker, there’s something new and different each time he updates.

  117. “Not every blog has to be directly Primal. If it’s good and in someway can better the minds, bodies, or lives of Primal folk, feel free to share..”

    To better our minds, Primal or not..

    1. indeed. i would not have found MDA and the Primal way without Lew.

  118. Robb Wolf
    Paleo Living, Health and Fitness

    Great analysis, Constantly updating, Strong basis in Science.

    Also , b/c it is inspiring to see a modern family doing paleo together and how it coexists in a SAD world.

  119. Wow — hope the worker bees are archiving all these links–what a great set of resources. But it’s Shovelglove for me!

    This site has made me excited about lifting weight for the first time in 60 years. I have had big fun with this–a great workout in a short amount of time and no gym required. Plus it was a treat to go buy my sledgehammer on a work break and see the looks you can get when you’re a middle-aged lady in business suit & pearls carrying a sledgehammer down the street!

  120. 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do:

    This goes along with the Primal rule about play, and the importance of play. As an adult not only should you play, you should encourage your kids to truly play and explore the world around them, to tinker with stuff, to make mistakes and learn from them.

  121. Son of Grok!

    I especially like the recipes, which is something I struggle with sometimes. I love a Big Ass salad as much as the next guy, but sometimes I just. can’t. do. it. anymore. And that is where Primal Enchiladas come in.

  122. Dusk in Autumn

    A fascinating look at all aspects of modernity as understood from an evolutionary perspective: ie,
    “Getting exercise and muscle growth backwards” or “Real vs. Simulated Wildness”

  123. I really really REALLY hope to win that bag

    and my favourite blog is Robb Wolf’s

    – he’s worked with loren cordain and other paleo nerds
    – he’s had lots of experience with himself as well as heaps of clients
    – he keeps reading and keeps himself updated
    – he’s smart, no BS but not rude/sarcastic, and won’t recommend a product or supplement if he does not believe in it
    – he shares information and advises people for free through his podcasts

  124. Can’t wait to check out all these blogs! and are a few of my favorites for great primal recipes.

  125. Erwan le Corre at

    I’d say he is about as primal as they come.

  126. Following links from this site got me a freezer full of 100+ lbs of amazingly delicious grass fed beef from a farm less than 30 miles away. We’ll be repeat customers for sure!


    Smile. Breathe. Go Slowly.

    This site isn’t necessarily Primal but it does encourage a simplified lifestyle. Since I’ve gone primal I find that more and more of the Zen Habits intersect with the PB.

  128. I know I’m not the only one, but the other site I regularly visit is

    Health, wellness, and a bit of humor. All Grok/Paleo style. And the pod-casts rok!

  129. I’m loving P?Nu right now.

    From the site: “P?Nu is an approach to living centered on the thesis that the diseases of civilization are largely related to abandonment of the metabolic conditions we evolved under…”

    Lots of science, and very primal. 🙂

  130. My favorite is thenuttykitchen
    They inspire me to eat primal and keep moving

    Sean Croxton is great and through him I found out about the whole primal movement. I found out about you on one of his podcasts!

    A wonderful blog called Play hard, Eat good, full of wonderful recipes and idea’s.
    I am a little biased because this blog belongs to my daughter, she alone is responsible for me taking the primal challenge. Hope you will visit her blog and try some of her amazing ideas.

  133. Lot’sa fascinating links. My contribution? A simple link to the BioPod Plus which may encourage people to think about what they feed the food they eat.

    Don’t know these folks and am not promoting a product. I just like the idea of putting soldier flies to work. March, hup, two, three, four…

  134. Besides marks daily apple Timothy Ferriss is my other daily source of inspiration and lifestyle information.

    Timothy focuses on lifestyle design with tips on how to de-clutter our email, and technology saturated lives; in order to live freely and find the mobility do what we were really meant to do.
    He is avid about fitness, loves his vibrams and just recently posted about going Paleo!

  135. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!