Contest: Give Advice, Win Books

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The Prize:

A Primal Library. A collection of handy books to fill out the shelf of any newcomer or Primal veteran. Included are:

  • The Primal Blueprint – A pastoral drama that explores the tension and frustration of unrequited love between a farm hand and an aristocrat during times of… just kidding. It’s my book!
  • The Primal Blueprint Cookbook – And so is this one!
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories – Gary Taubes seminal work on the take down of the old “calories in, calories out” approach to health.
  • The Garden of EatingPresents a practical plan for obtaining the health-building benefits of an alkaline, produce-dominated diet that includes pastured-animal products. Includes 250 delicious, family-friendly, grain- and dairy-free recipes.
  • Sugar Shock – The ultimate handbook for yanking out the sweet tooth. And if you’re looking for some serious schooling on curing your sugar addiction, check out Connie Bennett’s 6 Week Online Course.
  • The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook – Yes, there’s a giant cake on the cover of this one. But fear not, Grok Stars, Elana (of Elana’s Pantry) does some truly wondrous and Primal stuff with almonds inside the cover.

The Contest:

Got knowledge? Want to spread that knowledge? Do it now. In 50 words or less, leave a comment on today’s post with your best piece of advice for folks just starting out with the Primal lifestyle. While some of you have been reading Mark’s Daily Apple for years, many folks reading this hadn’t heard of “Grok” or the idea that “fat is healthy” until just a few days ago. So for anyone who’s spent a little time on the blog, now’s your chance to tell folks the one thing you wish you had been told at the beginning of your journey. A winner will be picked at random from all eligible comments.

The Deadline:

September 12, 8:00 a.m. PST. You’ve got one day, make it count!

Who is Eligible:

Anyone. Except the Easter Bunny. Because (spoiler alert) the Easter Bunny does not exist.

Fine Print:

Indeed, all the print you’ll be receiving if you win is fine. So fine.

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About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Short and sweet:

    Did you have a little too much beer over the weekend? Splurge on some delicious(but not primal) Mexican fare? Don’t sit around moping about your failures, move on! These slip ups will be insignificant bumps on the road of life!

  2. When starting out, follow all the rules. The amount of information required to change your life is overwhelming, and sometimes the best filter is a narrow one. If you start as clean as possible, you set yourself up for a much better future, even if you find yourself adding back something like dairy after a few weeks.

  3. Find a friend. It can be a buddy a girl/boyfriend. Just like everything two heads are better than one. If one you are having a hard time the other can crank up the motivation. It’s much easier to make the transition with a friend than on your own.

  4. Don’t choose imitations. When going Primal, commit by eating foods Grok ate, not by creating imitation foods you already eat using primal friendly ingredients. Primal foods are delicious, so start enjoying them. Enjoy your food; don’t focus on how it doesn’t live up to the real thing.

    1. So, you’re saying that Grok wouldn’t make fajitas, so I should just eat roast meat? I am not being sarcastic…but serious.

  5. I was vegan when I found PB. I have been primal for a year now. My advice to someone just starting would be to have an open mind/heart and to listen to your body. Read the book or Primal blupint 101 so you understan why you are doing what you are doing. Figure out how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat (you) need. The mistake I made at first was thinking I already knew what was in my food. Fitday is going to be a great tool at first. Give it 100% and at the end of 30 days (listen to your body). Do you feel better? If so keep going!

  6. Convince yourself wholeheartedly of the truth, that grains and processed foods are bad for you. Then remove them from your place of residence and don’t allow them back in.

  7. Get educated! Read everything you can on the subject. Get a cookbook to help keep it interesting and exciting. Get support from your friends and family. Join a crossfit or similar type gym where you’ll find tons or support and fellow groks.

    Good luck!

  8. Giving up grain is easier than you think. After a couple of days without bagels, pasta, rice…. you won’t even crave it anymore, and you’ll have leaped what you thought was the toughest hurdle of becoming primal.

  9. KEEP IT SIMPLE, salads with lots of veggies and protein are great for lunch (they pack well). Dinner is meat seasoned well with lots of fresh veggies. Breakfast, fast or protein shake, eggs etc. Don’t try making mock recipes the first week, enjoy good food first, it easier that way.

  10. Read as much as you can. Read blogs, books, research reports, and most importantly nutrition labels. You’ll be amazed at how much crap was in what you ate (and how much it was killing you). It won’t be long until you can’t even consider eating banned food without getting queasy.

  11. Three words. Plan, plan, plan! Always have a PB option available to you at all times. This means carrying primal snacks and knowing what you are going to eat a few days ahead of time. You will find it much easier to ignore neolethal distractions and stick to the plan knowing you have a yummy meal waiting for you at home. Bulk cooking and freezing are lifesavers on those days when you just want take-out.

    Any time I have ever strayed it has always been through lack of planning.

  12. Just can’t live without your Indian or Thai curries? Instead of pouring them on rice, pour them on finely shredded cabbage. Also, most recipe sites have tons of “low carb” ideas, read carefully and get inspired – not deflated!

  13. Primal can be done on a tight budget! Don’t sweat it if you can’t go 100% organic! I can’t afford it because I am just a poor college student 🙁 Just make to that you get plenty of good oils. Just by giving up sugars, and grains you are already a huge step ahead of everyone else! And don’t let others bring your way of eating down, stick to your guns, and bring a friend along for the ride

  14. Get out of the “all or nothing” mindset. This is not a diet, it’s life. If you go out to eat and have dessert, you didn’t fall of the wagon. There is no wagon! Count it as your 20% and move on.

  15. Don’t spend a whole bunch of time, energy and money trying to convert “neo” food favorites to “primal” safe recipes. Things like almond meal cookies keep you from fully embracing primal eating. Keep it simple. Hungry? Eat! Eat meat! Eat veggies! Eat some berries! Eat some nuts! Super simple, super satisfying.

  16. Socrates said “Know thyself.” Living a Primal lifestyle can be a big adjustment. I needed to slowly replace old habits with new ones over time. However, friends have found success going “cold-turkey”. What works for you? Finally, Primal isn’t a contest; take it as far as you prefer.

  17. grocery shop frequently. buying less and going more often helps you waste less and always have something on hand to eat. second. lean into it first. 80-85% first then try going 100%. that helped me tremendously! third. listen to you body and not the media. believe what mark tells you and i promise you will feel better than ever.

  18. Don’t delay! Why start with dipping your toes in the water? Dive in head first with your loin cloth flapping in the breeze!

    It takes a leap of faith to disregard conventional wisdom, but this is the leap that will change your life.

  19. Be willing to learn to cook for yourself, and start as quick as you can collecting awesome recipes. This diet can get boring if you treat your meat the same way all the time.

    1. I LOVE this comment! More of a slogan, or a personal mantra. Short, sweet, and to the point!

  20. Go out and read as much as you can on living primally, and make it a true lifestyle: a long-term commitment where, “on average,” your health comes out ahead. That means learning not to obsess over the small things or the occasional “cheat”. Just cut carbs and don’t drink calories!

  21. Understanding that fat is healthy has been the hardest challenge. I tried fit day but it takes so long to enter all the foods. Until you get it have some blind faith and just follow the Primal Blueprint recipes until it comes more naturally. It really does work.

    I love to read MDA whenever I need a little more motivation or understanding. I also love talking to or face booking to friends who have gone primal.

  22. Don’t EVER let someone else make you feel like some weird outcast because of your lifestyle choices. People will make unsupportive comments and remarks. Have the passion and focus on your own health and brush off the ‘peer pressure’ from others to conform to the Standard American Diet.

  23. Jump right in! It’s worth the effort to make big changes because (1) you’ll start to feel stronger very quickly, and (2) you won’t be going back to how it was. The more you eat well and move your own bodyweight, the more you’ll be able to (and want to!).

  24. Don’t stress yourself out! This lifestyle is a learning curve, so don’t worry about being perfect from the beginning. Stressing is not Grok-like, unless it’s immediate stress resulting from being chased down by a vicious creature of your choice =)

  25. Keep a bag of your favorite nuts close by. A couple handfuls goes a long way. You’ll be surprised you missed lunch, but aren’t even hungry.

  26. Try being strictly paleo–no 20% slipping–for, say, a month. It’s not that long. You may find by the end that you no longer want a lot of the bad foods.

  27. It’s very easy to “Go Primal”. Just eat food (real food-what your grandparents have been eating), stay fit by exercising, and sleeeeeppp!!! Balance it all out. You will realize that this Primal way of living will naturally takes it’s place in your life.

    1. Caveat: if your grandparents ate bread 4 times a day like mine did, you may want to go look at someone else’s grandparents 🙂

  28. Clean out your pantry, forget CW, phone a Primal friend, be patient. Life is a journey, not a destination, so enjoy the trip, celebrate your successes, and never beat yourself up when you trip (or fall).

  29. Being a college student I was afraid that my budget wouldn’t be enough to cover this new lifestyle. And to begin with it has been a little more expensive than what I would normally pay for groceries, but the majority of that is because I didn’t have any spices or oils or anything to cook with. Now that I have started a collection of ingredients I’ve seen that I can actually buy “primal”-ly and afford it. So if you’re concerned with your first few visits to the grocery store to make the primal change, don’t worry about it too much! It does get easier.

  30. Use common sense! You can listen to someone telling you to eat highly processed foods filled with chemicals and additives, or you can listen to someone telling you to eat the fruits of the earth, wholesome meats, vegetables, and fruits.
    You decide.

  31. Keep it simple, and learn to cook. When getting started stick to the basics: real food! Avoid replacements and substitutes. Don’t go crazy on nuts. Sleep a lot. Oh, and veggies taste awesome with butter.

    1. Veggies are also awesome when they have a little coconut oil on them. Mmmmm!

  32. Think about who you have to live for. Then imagine accomplishing that and teaching them how to live a long and healthy life. Going primal is not only effortless, but full of amazingly flavor and filling dishes. So give it a try, what’s the worse that could happen? Better health!

  33. It’s hard for others to relate to this way of life unless they fully understand it. Find a Primal Partner who can help keep you motivated and stay confident, even on the slip up days.

  34. Approach this initially as a one week challenge in self-discipline. Don’t fret over what you’re giving up or why at first – just consider it an experiment and see what happens! The results will almost inevitably make a believer out of you and old habits will be much easier to break.

  35. Primal eating in a nutshell: When you are hungry (not craving) eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then wait until you are hungry again, and repeat.

  36. Make a commitment to purchase and try at least one new Primal food every week. This will really keep you motivated and excited as you discover how delicious clean and primal foods really are!

  37. Sign up for the forum using the Forum Link above. There is a ton of support and alot of good advice from other grokstars.

  38. Eliminate temptations and surround yourself with primal food options. Make sure you stick with primal at least 1-2 weeks.

  39. Get rid of the grains. Purge your fridge, cabinets and pantry. That is one of the hardest things to do especially since most people are addicted to carbs and sugar. Once those toxins are out, don’t let them back in!

  40. Forget conventional wisdom. Ask yourself how the humans evolved and try to hear your deeply-seated instincts. Stock up on healthy primal foods, move and play as if you were a child, and you will have a nice journey toward vibrant health. Read MDA for inspiration!

  41. Don’t take everything you read here to be the whole truth! Think and investigate for yourself and find what works for you.

  42. The third day is the hardest! It is almost like when you quit smoking, for some reason the third day is the hardest. So no matter what on that third day do not cheat AT ALL then when you wake up on the forth day it feels like a HUGE accomplishment and it motivates you and you feel great and you feel like you can do it!

  43. Think long-term not short-term. You didn’t become unhealthy overnight, and you won’t become healthy overnight either. Over the long run, many great decisions outweigh a few bad ones. Don’t beat yourself up over minor slip-ups! Get back on that Primal horse and RIDE!

  44. Primal living is all about what’s best for you, so use this as a time to nurture yourself. Take lots of naps, walks, hot showers. Eat lots of yummy foods. It’ll be okay when you mess up; just keep going. Don’t get caught up in perfection; instead, focus on you.

  45. It’s easier than you think! Even easier if you have a partner who is doing it with you. You really won’t miss the grains especially with all the glorious fats! But I wish I was more prepared for the “withdrawal” after giving up grains. I was lethargic for a few days, but then back to normal energy levels. Then after a few weeks my energy was really really good…. Even with having two small energetic children to chase after!

  46. Take note of all of the everyday ailments that afflict you (bloating, gas, afternoon slump, minor joint aches, sun sensitivity, sensitive teeth/gums, etc.). Write them all down on a list. Go primal for one month. Then revisit the list and see if anything has changed. Simple as that!

  47. Don’t overwhelm yourself with doing a complete 180. Take the changes one at a time, progress will always be felt before seen. Build upon each day with another successful goal; everything will start to come naturally. Suddenly your physical appearance will change. Embrace your new life, and never look back.

    1. The very best advice! Feeling overwhelmed is a big reason so many quit. Don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress.

  48. The first few days are the hardest, but stick with it, and by the second week you will have never felt better, and it is all downhill from there!

  49. Focus on eating real foods. Mostly meat and vegetables. Avoid grains, sugar, and vegetable oils. Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how and why grains were ever a significant part of your diet.

  50. When you go to the grocery store- Stick to the perimeter, stay clear of the middle isles. You want to eat foods with a short shelf life to give yourself a long primal shelf life!

  51. Don’t keep food around your house that you know don’t belong to the PB. When you shop read labels, you will find so many products (like a tomato sauce for example) that are made with sugar. Usually fewer ingredients is better; avoid the weird names, and look for “no sugar added”, “all natural” and “no preservatives” on the labels.

  52. I have only been eating primal for about 5 weeks but my best advice is to start slow and take about a week to completely eliminate grains. If you sit down to dinner knowing it will be your last pasta/pizza/sandwich then you are less likely to crave them. Your body will feel so good in the following weeks and if you do slip up you will realize how bad grains make you feel and you will never want to eat them again!

  53. When I first started living primal I decided to do it for 30 days and see how I felt. Trying something instead of just reading and judging. Doing instead of critiquing. I feel so much better and that’s what it’s all about! Commit to your 30 days and then decide if it’s right for you!

  54. The most important thing to know: It’s easy. It seems overwhelming to start but once you get a handle on the concepts and basics it all seems like common sense. The food is deliciously simple and the exercise is satisfyingly fun!

  55. 2 weeks in and I feel better than ever. It’s not about restricting your diet – but revising what you consider healthy. Insulin response and whole foods are the biggest things to change – it can save your life! Literally. Drop processed foods, drop the grains and sugars – enjoy the foods we were meant to eat!

  56. Tupperware! it will become your best friend. Bake a pack of chicken for the week and eat it with sliced avocado, or prepare all your veggies for the week sunday night.

  57. Everyone–young, old, fat, thin, healthy or those with health problems or limitations– can benefit by going Primal. Set optimum health as your intention, follow the guidelines, and success will follow.

  58. Don’t give up! The results in the long-run will be well worth it, and it won’t seem like a “sacrifice” anymore. Also, pull the “food allergy” card if others are relentless.

  59. Find a good sushi/steakhouse place that you can trust for social outings. Peruse grocery ads for sales, stock up on meats and fish when on sale. Remove grains, legumes, processed/packaged foods, and fat-free dairy items from your home. Don’t let slip-ups snowball, but don’t live deprived. Enjoy very dark chocolate.

  60. It’s a big change and it’s not for sissies. It’ll be tough and you’ll have to hang in there for a few days to a few weeks. But you will not regret making the change, and you will not look back.

  61. Primal eating is so satisfying to body, mind, and spirit. It’s amazing that at some point in my life a donut might have felt comforting. Now to think of something like that is repulsive; especially with the way the donut makes you feel afterwards: heavy, lethargic, weak. To me that is not “comfort”!
    To embrace this lifestyle is to live life to its fullest. I have never felt better, ever.
    I know those starting out are “afraid”, afraid of letting go of past habits and cravings. But let me assure you, there is nothing more freeing you can do for yourself. If you want to feel vibrant and alive, don’t you owe it to yourself to try this. Once you do, there really will be no turning back to old thoughts and patterns.
    For me, sugar has been the hardest to part with. But now fruit tastes sweet enough to fill that void. If I can do this, anyone can. Bread was another tough thing…but I can replace that with a big juicy steak and say “bread who??”
    Have Fun and Eat Well! :o)

  62. It’s simple. Eat whole organic food when you’re hungry. The feeling and electrified energy are better than any food could taste. Above all take it day by day. Live in the now and tell yourself each morning that today you are going to do the best you can for your body.

  63. One thing that has surprised me is how little I was really giving up. A lot of what I thought I’d miss seems worse than what has been switched to. A trip to the grocery store is simple now, no need to think about vast swaths of the store at all.

  64. Dieting can be an arduous and painful journey. There’s so much scientific research and painstaking calorie-counting to be done. Why not just forget about dieting and use the Primal Blueprint to get you lean, strong and healthy? Eating and exercising will be fun again.

  65. Remember that money spent on quality food now is money you won’t have to spend on the dr/pharmacy later. Don’t let that aspect deter you. Go for the best, because you are well worth it! Real food!!

  66. oops 50 words or less…hmmm I have a hard time with rules I guess. Is there a way to edit?

  67. Just stick with it. The results will speak for themselves, and the more you learn about this way of life, the more you will want to stay.

  68. Your attitude during this challenge is what’s most important. Don’t look at a pizza and think “Damn, I wish I could eat that”. Say “I don’t want to eat that!” because you don’t! You’re doing this to feel good and to look good, maintain the right attitude.

  69. Be careful with nuts!

    While they are more nutritious than sugary junk, they are high calorie and most contain more omega-6 fats than the more beneficial omega-3 fats. They are great as a transition snack, or if you can truly eat only a SMALL handful on occasion, but if you eat a few several times throughout the day those calories will add up and stall your weight loss.

    Enjoy them, but in moderation!

    1. Looks like I need to read the 50 word rule as well! Yikes! Still good advice though…

  70. The mighty one gave you five senses, use them all. Enjoy that primal bacon and advocado salad listening to birds on the outside, not in front of TV. Do your exercise on music that pump you up, not listening to the outside trafic…

  71. Don’t use a small setback as an excuse to let yourself lapse even further.

    Accept the setbacks, acknowledge them, and then move on without beating yourself up over the small things. Use them as motivation to move ahead.

  72. My 50 words or less entry:

    Primal eating is so satisfying to body, mind, and spirit. The hardest part is to undo everything that you’ve ever been told by a food pyramid!

    Go against the grain 😉 and stay away from the sugar monsters and all will be well I promise.

  73. My best advice is to commit 100% for 30 days. Don’t cheat at all- not even chewing gum. If you can get through the first 30 days, then it becomes much much easier!

  74. Studies can be fudged and interpreted to meet any result. So question the motivation behind it. Why do many studies find fat to be bad? The motivation is money. Why am I and many other people giving you advice today? The motivation is prizes… Remember, skepticism drove the scientific revolution.

  75. The PB is the answer you have been searching for. It makes sense and really works.

  76. Why everything you’re not supposed to eat is good for you. A primal tale for modern health.

  77. Eat primal foods, read, inform yourself, breath, go slowly, and keep it simple. Always use Primal Blueprint as a food paradigm, do not get caught in the details. It’s simple!

  78. Regardless of your short term goals, you follow this lifestyle because that’s the way you were meant to spend your life. Don’t think of primalizing your life as as something hard or unpleasant, but as an oppurtunity to regain the vitality and attractiveness that are inherently yours. Each (tiny) step is another great achievement on this journey!

  79. This is NOT a diet. It is a way of life. Don’t get into the habit of thinking that this is all or nothing for a short period of time. If you slip up, don’t go crazy and think that, “i’ll just eat the rest of this cake and start again tomorrow”. Except the slip up, don’t obsess, and GROK ON!

  80. To the newcomers and all related to being Primal, just one advice. Our Paleolithic ancestors died—living healthy and awesome. Mark’s Daily Apple is here to bring the Primal knowledge back. Immerse yourself in them. When you DO leave this world, God says, “WOW. THIS ONE HAS NO FREAKING REGRETS.”

  81. Read everything you can get your hands on. There is too much information available to not take advantage of it. Constantly learning and identifying with the sucesses and struggles of others is the best path to success.

  82. Don’t stress, worry or think too much about it. Just ease into it and take it day by day at your own pace – a big ass salad here, a sprint workout there and suddenly you’re living primal. Soon you won’t even noticing the difficulties just the results.

  83. My piece of advice would be to read as many of the articles as possible. They are a wealth of knowledge and really help you learn how your body works. Also, try fasting as soon as possible. It really does “reset” your body allow the primal lifestyle to take over.

  84. Don’t fear the fat! And don’t let little slip-ups derail you entirely. Ate a cookie? Move on with your primal lifestyle at the next eating opportunity. Don’t use it as an excuse to binge on junk food for the rest of the day (or three!).

  85. Listen to your body, and plan in advance! Read this blog and others to educate yourself and help break down those boundaries and what you thought you had to have for meals. Plan meals, plan for snacks, so you can be healthy even when time is short.

  86. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find those foods, exercises and other practices that have the greatest beneficial effects on your health and happiness. If experimenting on yourself seems scary consider that other people are already running these experiments on you. Who has your best interests at heart?

  87. The more you learn about a healthy lifestyle, the more you want to follow one. As you learn more about how bad the poisons most Americans eat are, it gets easier to pass them by.

  88. Positive mind change is absolutely a huge part of optimizing one’s healthy lifestyle. You have to push yourself to learn and grow. Otherwise, you just won’t get anywhere.

    And really just have fun with it!

  89. Don’t be discouraged. Pick one thing to work on and commit yourself to that one thing 100%. When you feel that is under control, move on to the next. This is a lifestyle.

  90. Fat is good for you. If you crave fat, eat it. If you crave carbs, eat fat. If you crave protein, eat it with fat. Fat keeps your skin soft, your hair shiny, and your mind sharp. Make sure you are getting plenty of fat.

  91. Since I’m one of the newbies, I would have to say my only recommendation is to say that moving is a great time to start this. I had three boxes: keep, donate, and trash. It certainly helped with moving because carbs are heavy! Now new place is carb-free.

  92. You’re not crazy for staying away from processed carbohydrates/sugars and following a way of eating which data supports.

  93. My piece of advice: Avoid the center of the grocery store and the frozen section; stick to the edges!

  94. Don’t get discouraged! Eating primal can be difficult at times but you can do it. If you fall off the wagon and pig out on bread one night, just be strong and get back on track the next day! Remember 80/20!

  95. Get rid of all the refined, processed food and replace it primal foods. Just throw it away. That way, when hunger strikes anything you reach for will actually nourish your body. E.G. Grass-fed Beef Jerky, Boiled Eggs, Berries, Some nuts, etc

  96. First step: Give up grains. Whenever you crave bread, crackers, pasta or cereal, chomp on a fried egg or a lovely salad with a vinegar/oil dressing instead. Or both. Repeat as necessary.

  97. Focus on food quality. Eat real food, and keep it simple: meat, veggies, and some fruit. Don’t count calories or carbs at first. Set aside a month to eat this way strictly, and see how you feel. This alone will make most people feel fantastic. Begin now.

  98. My Suggestions for the Newbies: Make this a fun adventure. Read Mark’s blog for inspiration. Make a list of annoying symptoms you have i.e.lack of energy, congestion. You might see some of these improve going Primal and return when you start miseating again. Go barefoot, play, savor good food.

  99. Cleaning out the pantry is key. It makes cheating impossible so you reach for a Primal snack and not junk. FitDay accounts make sure you are on track with your daily intake too!

  100. It’s simple. Your body does what is easy. It naturally will burn sugar/carbs and store fat. So don’t put that in your body and your will respond by burning protein and fats and the nutrients in these foods efficiently. Leading to a leaner, healthier you.

  101. Focus on eating REAL food…vegetables, fruits, and meats…make sure all the items in your grocery basket and refrigerator are made up of only ONE ingredient!

  102. Read the Primal Blueprint. Attracted to one or more parts of it? Commit and record progress to those parts for 3 months. When you see your success, go back and try to incorporate more primal elements. Need an easy start? Cut carbohydrates and sugar. Eat fresh, play hard, Grok on!

  103. It’s a lifestyle. Not a diet. Make positive little choices one by one or go cold turkey. Whatever works. But this is your life we’re talking about. 🙂

  104. Commit to the plan for 30 days and evaluate how you feel. If you don’t feel great, you can always go back to conventional eating.

  105. Live and eat like you were supposed to! Period Survival of the fittest!

  106. Read the article on the “low carb flu” before jumping in, because you might start feeling terrible the first week and think that going Primal is not for you. You may have to ease into it. Listen to your body and work with it.

  107. **** Live and eat lke you were supposed to! Period! Survival of the fittest!

  108. You want advice? well why don’t you just KISS…….

    Keep It Simple Stupid 🙂 To much information will cluter your mind, eat as Mark outlines and exercise to give yourself a nicer body shape. Make the decision to change and stick to it.

  109. Once you commit to the lifestyle, don’t waste time on guilt. Really embrace and enjoy the things CW might make you feel badly about, whatever they are for you. For me: butter, sunshine, lamb, long walks instead of marathons, a nap when I need it.

  110. Dive straight in, primalize your pantry, get out and move, befriend pushups, ignore your friends telling you you’re gonna have a heart attack, and eat bacon!

  111. Primal food doesn’t come in a package. Plan ahead for when you’re too tired to cook, too hungry to wait, or on the road by by keeping hardboiled eggs, cooked bacon, cooked chicken breasts and roasted vegetables on hand. That way there’s always primal food available.

  112. The best way to get psyched and motived into the Primal lifestyle is to make learning about how your body works a daily routine. The daily lessons will keep you focused on why you have chosen to purge the mass amounts of poisonous foods/activities from your life.

  113. Even though this we are currently in a 30 day challenge. Start with one change at a time. If you not exercising or are exercising following conventional wisdom this can be a tough process. Take one law at a time. Health, fitness and longevity is a marathon not a sprint.

  114. Embrace the Primal Blueprint as a lifestyle, not another “diet program”.

  115. Eat real, fresh food raised the way it was meant to be raised. That’s most of the secret. Then, you can liminate grains, sugar, legumes, vegetable oils and non-foods from your diet. If you have to drop one thing at a time to do so, don’t fret that you are not fully primal. Just do it.

  116. Being still fairly new to the Primal lifestyle, I still have to remind myself to take it one step at a time. There should be no beating yourself up for eating something you shouldn’t. The 80/20 goal is amazing in that it gives you the freedom to not condemn yourself with every little mess up.

    And freedom is what the Primal lifestyle is all about… Freedom to enjoy good real food… Freedom to exercise in a way that is fun and not overbearing… Freedom to be healthy. 🙂

  117. Throw away your bathroom scale. Grok didn’t weigh himself when he woke up dehydrated in the morning or after every time he voided. Take front and profile pictures of yourself minimally clothed. Take more in monthly intervals. Best indicator of progress and very motivational.

  118. I actually do tell this to people, as I am a Licensed Acupuncturist known for giving nutritional advice:

    “Proof me wrong, follow this way of eating 100% for 2 weeks, only 2 weeks and together we will see the changes”

    No matter what we are treating, everybody sees the impact and nobody yet has gone back to the old way of eating!

  119. Treat food as your drug. Put the foods with the most value into your body, and it will respond back with the upmost energy and sense of well being allowing you to live life to the fullest.

  120. Starting out on the PB, be mentally prepared for the possibility that you might experience carb withdrawal. Don’t fret! It’s mildly unpleasant, but only lasts a few days, and then the fun begins: energy comes back with a vengeance, bodyfat goes missing, and you forget all about the Carb Ages.

  121. Get informed and ask questions. Mark’s Daily Apple and the community here are a wealth of FREE information and support to help make your transition easier. Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

  122. don’t expect to be primal perfect from the start – take it in stages if you have to. eliminate one CW food at a time, save your worst CW food for last. don’t focus on what you’re giving up – look at all the delicious food you are able to eat and how it’s improving your body. patience, grasshopper.

  123. (I thought of another so I thought I’d throw it in as well) Instead of thinking “What can I not eat?” and feeling deprived, try thinking “What are all the delicious things I can eat?” You”ll feel a lot better and more excited about sticking to the diet

  124. Make a commitment to prep. Prep prep prep. It’s the secret to success. Get a crock-pot and cook a brisket or a pork shoulder once a week. Keep a big jar full of meat in the fridge at all times and snack on it throughout the week.

  125. It’s called a blueprint so you can follow what works. Get a FitDay account to learn what you put into your long-suffering body. Read the Forum and be inspired by (and inspire) others. Notice that you are feeling youthful, energetic, happy. Play (mentally and physically)! Share! Embrace the joy!

  126. I’m fairly new to Primal, but that’s my own fault. A good friend has been leading this horse to water for a long time now and I’ve finally begun to drink.

    Advice: it’s a journey. Keep your eyes on the horizon and keep moving forward. Stumbles and tumbles will happen. Get back up.

  127. Changing your lifestyle is the difficult part of this decision. Fat loss, muscle gain, no more eating guilt, lowered inflammation, smooth digestion, and enhanced energy are the easy parts. If you need to know why, the science is here to back it up, and friends are here to explain it.

  128. Patience, Grok. Slow and Steady Wins the Primal Race, for this is a marathon, not a sprint (…but don’t forget to sprint occasionally!).

  129. Hang in there!

    The increased vitality and free-flowing life you’re soon to experience far surpass the fleeting and addictive gratification of carbs and sloth.

  130. Start slow. Pick one thing to do primal, then let it spread into everything else you do. For example, first work in some primal snacks, then start making one meal a day primal. Soon you’ll be donating all your unopened non-primal food to the local food bank and eating all your meals primal. The same goes with exercise.

  131. Go for quality over quantity when it comes to eating and exercise. As for sleep, quality and quantity both matter.

  132. My other favorite is 5P’s:

    Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

    If you plan to live a primal lifestyle, you won’t be as tempted to fall of the wagon.

  133. The hardest part for most is changing diets. First time I tried Primal I ate mostly chicken/turkey white meat (not very fatty). So I was always starving after an hour of eating and craving all the “poison” foods. Learn to love the grass-fed-healthy-fat-red meat, you’ll learn to love primal.
    And always: WWGD (What would Grok Do?

  134. Do the best you can in each situation, in each day, in each minute. Learn from past mistakes, but don’t dwell there…live in the present to have a better tomorrow! Remember…this is a lifestyle.

  135. Breathe. Know that much of what you hear is going to go against what the “experts” have been telling you – but hey, if their advice worked, you’d be as healthy/fit/lean as you wanted to be already, right?

    To start: jump in, both feet. It’s easier than you think.

  136. Anyone can do it! It’s not about “not eating certain items” it about choosing foods to fuel your body for your day. Once I started to think about it those terms it was SO much easier to pass on the non-primal food.

  137. Cook your own meals as much as possible. It’s so satisfying to visit the farmers market, buy a bag full of meat/veggies and then put the ingredients together to feed your family. You know where everything comes from and you start establishing a real connection to what you eat.

  138. Start off simple. In your first month you shouldn’t be worrying about the alkaloid levels in your bell peppers, how your favorite fruit has too much sugar, or how that veggie you like has a crappy G.I. Ignore numbers and minuscule factors, stay with a big picture state of mind when your starting off.

  139. Focus on what you CAN eat, and remember that most breads/crackers/pastas/etc. are just a conveyance method for getting more delicious foods into your mouth.

  140. 50 word entry –

    Read what you can and get the best overall knowledge you can, so that you can start and not look back. I found it much easier after I knew what was healthy and what was not. The workouts work…so do them! I am a Police Officer and am in the best shape of my life due to the primal lifestyle. It works and is worth the extra work.

  141. Want to live longer, be stronger?
    Eat wiser, move often. Not too fast, however. Enjoy. It’s simple: play, eat, move, rest, repeat.

  142. Get back in touch with your inner human by following the 10 primal blueprint laws. You’ll feel more alive the more you live primal.

  143. Making major lifestyle changes is a personal decision. Others may react to it, but don’t be discouraged. It’s because they feel insecure that you’re choosing differently than they have, and they would be more comfortable if you’d confirm their choices instead of making more challenging ones. But it’s YOUR life and health!

  144. Get off the Sugar Rollercoaster! Seriously, once you stop eating sugar, after a few days it’s so much easier to go without. You’ll find yourself looking forward to perfectly cooked green veggies with butter and sea salt or a juicy medium rare steak. Sugar just won’t cut it anymore!

  145. Make a grilled chicken breast and salad mix your best friend! Try to make 10 different variations in your first Primal week.

  146. eat lots of vegetables. eat a moderate amount of fish and meat. eat a few berries. put fat on all of it. make sure all of the above is as organic/wild/unaltered as possible. go for a walk in the woods.

  147. The transition can be tough, but always think when you wake up in the morning “I am going to do just a little bit better than I did yesterday.” Before you know it you have transitioned into totally primal.

  148. Remove non-primal temptations from your pantry or you will eventually succumb to them. If you do cheat, remember the 80/20 rule and don’t feel guilty. In time your own body will enforce the 80/20 rule for you as it craves grains and sugars less. Trust in the process, it works!

  149. This 1st week is the hardest!! No matter how much fat or protein you eat, you will probably still be hungry. If you have sugar cravings, just eat a bit of fruit. After a week, the carb induced hunger will disappear. I was actually undereating a bit the 1st month, because I never had the intense hunger I had when binging on carbs. Also, plan meals ahead of time, if you don’t you won’t have the necessary ingredients and will be forced to eat or order something non-primal. Best of luck!

  150. Find a calendar and mark each day you’ve successfully followed the Primal Blueprint. Keep this near places where temptation normally strikes; the fridge, for example. After a few days it may not look impressive, but after thirty days, you won’t want to break the chain and start over at one.

  151. 50 words or less:

    This 1st week is the hardest!! No matter how much fat or protein you eat, you will probably still be hungry. If you have sugar cravings, just eat a bit of fruit. After a week, the carb induced hunger will disappear and it will be a breeze.

  152. In my experience, if I aim for 80/20, I end up with 20/80! So, here’s my attempt at balancing the themes I see repeated above, namely “all-or-nothing” vs. “ease into it”:

    Aim for 100%.
    Forgive yourself for 80%.
    Learn from 20%.

  153. If what you are doing is working, you are feeling good and achieving your goals, then you are Groking. Eat your veggies, eat your fruits and of course your delicious meat. Different things work for different people, as long as you are following the basic principles and your health is benefiting, you are on the right track. If it isn’t working, try using an online food tracker for a few days to see where your eating needs tweaking.

  154. There is a huge diversity in methods that people use to lose weight. Don’t be afraid of low carb or ancestral diets – it’s difficult to predict what will work and will not work for you. So experiment, listen to your body, and work with what works for you.

  155. Eat lots of eggs, bacon and veggies for breakfast. Marvel at how not hungry you are hours later. Repeat.

  156. Fix your eating first – 80% is diet. Start with whole foods. If that means pounds of fruit to begin with, fine – eat clean. Then adjust your carb count. THEN, as you get over carb flu, ease into the fitness aspect. If all-or-nothing discourages you, you’ll quit.

  157. If I can eat primal and lose 45 pounds anyone can. I lived off of bread, pasta and rice. If you care about your health, you can do this.

    The forums are here for your support. And we all slip up.

  158. Toss the sugars and grains. Eat meat and fat. Youll feel a million times better and look it too!

  159. If you are young and like partying remember: it isn’t the alcohol that throws you off, it is the midnight snack that kills you.

  160. Realize that this body is the only one you have. Accept that in the short term, you may spend more on food, but you will get more nutrition than ever. Give yourself permission to honor your body, and not feel guilty for spending extra on yourself; you ARE worth it!

  161. The advice the government gives is not always best! The health of Americans has declined as we have been told to eat less fat and more carbs; this advice is NOT supported by research. Read to educate yourself. Read Good Calories Bad Calories and The Primal Blueprint to start.

  162. Primal living is something you can cannonball into or you can wade in bit by bit. There is no right way to approach it. Find what works for you – approach it at your own pace.

  163. Meat, Veggies, and a little Fruit. The options are endless. Social events are easier than you think. Eat ahead of time and nibble. No one will even know you are on a diet!

  164. Don’t let your CW believing friends & family get you down, just show then the results in your boundless energy & looking great!

  165. Persistence, not perfection. Don’t think I have to do 100% or it’s not good enough. It’s okay to make mistakes – it’s not about being perfect. It’s about persistence – as long as you get up the next day and make a fresh effort, you’re still on track. Perfection is about giving up when things aren’t 100%. Real life is about not giving up. Ever. No matter what.

  166. This way of life is wonderful for families. Play, cook together, get out and forage…make the changes with them not for them. Success of all sorts will follow: Better health, more energy, a joyful family.

  167. I suggest to anyone interested in being primal to make it their own. Truly embrace it. Make a mantra declaring your new lifestyle and start living. There are plenty of people here who have your back and probably have been where you have been. Take care of you.

  168. While there’s something to be said for starting slowly and gradually making small changes to your life, I find that it’s most effective to take a one or two week 100% trial approach. Try eating, exercising, and living totally Primally for a dedicated period of time and feel the difference!

  169. Read ingredient labels carefully and remember: Organic poison is still poison!

  170. Start with kicking the bread out of your kitchen. If you cross this barrier, in two weeks time you’ll be totally hooked. Go easy and simple: veggies and meat, salmon and greens, nuts, berries and some more veggies. You gonna love it.

  171. Quality not quantity.

    Listen to your body and enjoy your training and your food. I used to think hours and hours of training would equal better results but that is not the case – train smarter not harder. Use the extra time to be with loved ones, rest, play, sit in the sun.

    At the end of our days these are the times we will remember.

  172. Fat is your friend, my friend! so eat more of them.
    And Cereals and grains are your worst enemy my friend! son dont eat them.
    Ah! you dont believe me, because of conventional wisdom. Then look around in the streets, 99% of people follow nutrition pyramid. Shocking! rigth!
    Now are you ready to take the fat pill 🙂

  173. Do whatever it takes to continue primal eating, and almost paleo, for at least six weeks without cheating. Without question, you will be through the physical transition. And, your eating habits and mental food baggage will have been given a positive attitude adjustment. Then, Grok On!

  174. If you find youself falling short of 100% (or 80/20), just keep at it! You didn’t develop your current lifestyle in a week or month, so it may take a few false starts to change it! Your perseverance will inspire you and others!

  175. There is a huge support group of groks on the forums, if you find yourself needing anything or having any questions, just ask. Odds are someone has been there before and can help you.

  176. – Committ to 30 days strict…Anyone can to this for 30 days
    – Cook leftovers..who wants to cook up meat everytime they want a snack?
    – allow yourself dried dates, honey, and fruits the first week to ween you off sugar
    – Take before pics
    – keep jouranal…of experience. Even just a sentence or 2 each day.

  177. Invest in and read the book. The Primal Blueprint is a well written, entertaining book filled with information that is essential to understanding why you are doing this.

  178. When you look at food – don’t separate things into categories like good/bad or allowed/not allowed. I think when you set up ultimatums and absolutes in a lifestyle plan (not a diet!), you’re bound to mess up, feel guilty and continue a negative pattern.

  179. It seems everyone is different. Read all the great advice on this page, pick what you think will work for you and go for it.

    If that doesn’t work, try an alternate path.

  180. The Easter Bunny may not exist, but if he did he’d make a damn fine meal.

  181. My advice: Commit to being primal for a month and then you will never want to go back.

  182. Breakfast is important. Make it as healthy, primal, filling as you can. If you put your blood sugar on a roller-coaster from the get go it’s hard to set straight again! It is the meal most likely to become habit so make a good choice! Plan for it!

  183. Start out small. Change breakfast first; make over your snacks; learn how to pack a primal lunch. Substitute old staples with primal-friendly foods like cauliflower for potatoes, and zucchini noodles instead of pasta. Gradually phase out non-primal foods. Walk more; find a friend to share the journey with you.

  184. As you experience the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of going primal, notice how deviations make you feel. When you realize that grains make you bloated and sugar makes you anxious, you’ll be less and less tempted to “cheat” because such foods will simply no longer appeal to you.

  185. Do all the research, believe in yourself and your choices, and then take it a day at a time.
    Don’t beat youself up if you don’t get it 100% right 100% of the time.
    Just keep trying to be that bit better every new day.

  186. Keep it simple—at first, just eat real food (meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats–lots of ’em) and don’t get bogged down in paleo miniutiae and other lifestyle changes. Simply eating real food will improve your health more than you would have dreamed possible.

  187. Get your friends and family to go Primal with you too. It’ll be easier to resist temptation and you’ll have their support and encouragement as well. If they don’t want to give up on Conventional Wisdom, going to the forums on MDA for support and inspiration will make the transition easier.

  188. Just ignore what the others think of you and embrace Grok. Live life the way it was meant to be!

  189. Reach for the moon; even if you miss, you will land among the stars. —Anonymous

    Shoot for the 80% mark without judging yourself. If you eat too much neolithic food, don’t worry—tomorrow’s another opportunity to do better. If you feel marginalized or defeated, get inspired by the online primal community.

  190. How to get Primal:
    1. Relax! This is not a race, competition, or test. Stressing about your diet is as bad as a bad diet.
    2. Get knowledge. You are going to re-educate and de-brainwash yourself.
    3. Be reasonable. Don’t expect miracles, and little slips won’t kill you.

  191. Two realities: 1) The detox from carbs sucks. Take a nap and watch Food Inc. to keep you on the straight and narrow. Your persistence will be rewarded. 2) Eating clean is expensive. Shop smart and around. Don’t be afraid of Walmart, SuperTarget and Costco…many basics at good prices.

  192. Oh jeez. So many possibilites, so many different people!

    Trying to keep it generic:

    I’ll give three suggestions– at the beginning, stick to the rules and don’t cheat (by that I mean blatantly– don’t sit on your couch for two weeks at a time, don’t eat a case of candy bars or a bag of chips) for the first month or so. If you find you want (eating-wise) something that isn’t allowed, find it’s primal equivalent and go a little crazy on that… the less of two evils, so to speak. Lastly, tailor it to you– don’t try to be doing what works for someone else… If you find, for example, that you should be out wandering around more than those who do the bare minimum and are okay for it, go move more! If you find that dairy’s good for you, by all means.. If you find eggs don’t sit well with you, cut them out– don’t try and force it, or it won’t last..

  193. Don’t think of going Primal as a restrictive diet. Instead, focus on how privileged you will be to be eating nothing but the best food on earth, like farm-fresh vegetables and animals who ate only what they in turn evolved to eat!

  194. As someone who is still on the path to primal herself, here’s my advice:

    Don’t try to undertake all ten challenges at once. Choose a few that are fairly easy to adopt or that you think will make a big difference. When you are successful in meeting those, add more. Your transition may take awhile, and you may backtrack by reverting to old habits. Think of going Primal as a journey, not a destination. Enjoy and learn as you experiment and experience the Primal path.

  195. Don’t get over whelmed. Take it slow. Cut past out, then the bread, and so on. For exercise, start walking more. Enjoy taking the stares. Then get under some weight. If you fall off, get back on. Consistency is the key to success.

  196. Going primal is doable and affordable! Just find a friend to keep you accountable and visit your local farmers market often! Don’t have one? Start a garden in your backyard! And remember it’s a blueprint, so show yourself some grace!

  197. I thought I would start losing weight right away, but it took a few months for me to start losing weight, and then, because I was at near normal weight, I only lost about five pounds. But that’s ok.

  198. Don’t be afraid to take it one step at a time. The first thing I dropped was grains. That was a giant step as I LOVED bread, bagels, cereal, etc. Each week or so I look at my progress and tweak my diet. Less sugar, less carbs, more protein, etc. I’ve also started sprinting which feels great and I’ve cut out jogging replacing it with long walks. The point is, baby steps are the way to go. Trying to do everything all at once I think can be overwhelming. It’s ok to do one change at a time. Every little thing will make you feel better!

  199. I’ve gotten two people interested in the Primal lifestyle this week. My weight loss from over 300lbs to 228 was all they needed to see. They asked what I was doing and I told them about MDA and PB. ‘Nuff said.

  200. Rip that bandaid off. Go 100% from the get-go. Babying yourself into becoming healthy only prolongs the pain (and the glory!). So commit, give it all you’ve got, and revel your amazing success. Because (L’Oreal was right): you’re worth it.

  201. The best organic meat is wild game, the fastest way to cut carbs is to cut out cokes and grains.

  202. It’s cliche, but this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Primal is not even just about food. Be conscientious of everything you put in or on your body, notice how many chemicals are involved. If you think about it rationally, Primal just makes sense. Give yourself some time to adjust, it is almost like unlearning a lifetime of conventional wisdom as well as learning all these new things. Always look to the future, you cannot change anything in the past. You really have nothing to lose and so much to gain!!

  203. Look in the mirror and own your health and lifestyle choices. Forgive yourself for the past. Feed someone you love (you wouldn’t give them crap, would you?!) Eat and exercise mindfully. Keep a journal. Read MDA and all the comments. Surround yourself with support. Avoid naysayers when you’re vulnerable.

  204. Don’t approach this as a life sentence—I can never eat wheat again Ever for the Rest of My Life (oh the deprivation!). Instead, treat it as an experiment: start with 14 days and see how it goes. You’ll be surprised when you realize you don’t want it any more.

  205. rule #7 “Travel light”

    rule #8 “Get a kickass partner”

    rule #29 “The buddy system”

    and the most important:

    rule #32 “Enjoy the little things”

  206. The most important thing for me was to focus on the positives. The minute you start thinking about the bread your not eating is the minute you want it. Think about how delicious your next piece of bacon is going to be instead!

  207. Living Primal means weathering each day, each challenge,and choosing to carry on for your health. Knowing what you are doing it for is more important than what anyone else has to think about it. Do it for yourself…

  208. Don’t be afraid of giving up the foods that you think you love. I now avoid sugar and grains, not because I don’t like them anymore, but because I remember how I felt when I consumed them regularly. And being in control of my appetite and my health is a much better reward!

  209. Yes, giving up bread and grains will be tough (perhaps the hardest part of going primal). Just stay a way from it for three weeks and then you’ll how you ever eat that stuff!

  210. Try to get breakfast right. If you can start the day on the right track it’s easier to get with the programme. So even if your not a great planner have 7 breakfasts worked out.

  211. Learn to tune in to your body – it holds all the wisdom you need about what to eat. Just pay attention to how vital and alive you feel whilst eating the primal way, and how sugar/grains etc can give you moodswings, headaches and mucous (amongst other things…)

  212. Realize that it might take a week or two for your body to adjust. You might feel worse before you feel better. Don’t let this deter you. If you push through you’ll be a much happier person on the other side.

  213. The 3 Primal Knowledges:
    Know yourself. You will need to pay attention to your body and mind.
    Know others. You’ll need support. Even if you just join our amazing e-community, it’ll keep you afloat.
    Know your goals. Remember what you are fighting for. When it’s tough you’ll need that motivation.

  214. take photos as you won’t believe how your composition changes. when your body starts an initial carbing out (switching from carbs for fuel to fats) you will feel dizzy…eat a piece of fruit such as an orange to help. eat nuts out of the shell to minimalize intake.

  215. Don’t be scared to about what you are loosing (grains, sugar, etc), concentrate on what you will be gaining, you will soon find how amazing real food can be and how good you can feel!

  216. Be prepared for the fact that some people will be unsupportive! Unfortunately you may find that some that are close to you don’t really have your best interests in mind; whether it be jealousy about your weight loss, not wanting to lose a drinking buddy, etc. It’s sad, but it happens 🙁

  217. For anyone who doubts the benefits of going primal: give it an honest, full commitment for just 2 weeks. You’ll feel great and be convinced that primal eating is worth it.

  218. Buy some small food containers and fill them with berries and nuts for when you get hungry and there’s no primal snacks nearby.

  219. Vegetables & Fruits, Meat & Eggs, Nuts & Seeds, no sugar. Stay Active. Don’t over do it. Relax. ENJOY LIFE.

    1. Vegetables & Fruits, Meat & Eggs, Nuts & Seeds, no sugar. Stay Active. Don’t over do it. Relax. ENJOY LIFE.

  220. Never give up! For some, lifestyle changes tend to be two steps forward, one step back. But if you never quit and the overall trend is heading in a positive direction, eventually you will reach the goal of primal living being your default lifestyle.

  221. Just try it. When you are feeling weak, remind yourself that you only need to do this for 30 days (or 60 or whatever). The chocolate chip cookies will still be there at the end if you don’t like the new lifestyle.

  222. If a restaurant server gives you a hard time or you’re in some other position where you don’t want to have to explain why you eat the way you do, just saying that you’re “allergic to gluten” or wheat or whatever else you are trying to avoid. People understand allergies much more easily than they do the desire to only eat real food. I’m not saying you should hide what you’re doing, but this strategic can help avoid some awkward and unnecessary conversations.

  223. Simply put: Eating within the guidelines of the Primal Blueprint will help you achieve an optimum level of health and fitness with minimal effort. It’s the perfect human diet.

  224. The “low carb flu” during the first week or two is totally normal. Power through it, and some mighty fine times lie ahead. This is coming from a guy 8 months in 😀

  225. The hardest part is before you start and you’re thinking about favorite foods you’ll miss. Actually making the switch to primal is pretty painless; you’ll quickly feel strong,energetic, and not only will you not be hungry for those former favorites, they won’t even appeal to you.

  226. You will have an internal emotional battle because of years of Conventional Wisdom telling you “fat is bad”.

    Keep reminding yourself:

    Grok ate fat, not carbs!
    YOU are built to eat fat, not carbs!

  227. Just try it. Give it a one month trial – if you’re not happy, you can quit. No big deal. But you may find that you’re feeling happier, healthier, and really thrilled with the amazing new body you’re creating!

  228. You aren’t the only one who can benefit from eating how they naturally would in the wild – pets are family too! Try letting them in on the primal fun.

    Also, don’t ever stop loving yourself, no matter what size, shape, or way that you’re eating 🙂

  229. Whatever you do , Don’t let others tell you that this is an unhealthy diet. They are brainwashed by a lifetime of government driven health agendas. Also, be creative with your food. I am becoming quite a chef these last few months of going primal. The possibilities are endless.

  230. Breakfast the most important meal of your day should be the most calorically dense regardless of your goals.(fat loss, building muscle) This will in turn help keep your metabolism running efficiently while priming you for a productive day. never skip it…it’s that important.

  231. It’s okay to put away the food scale. Really. You do not need to track your macronutrient percentages. Okay, do it for a week, adjust to meet 100-150g carbs, then eat and enjoy. In other words, freedom! Freedom to eat (primally, that is) without worry or fear, just enjoyment.

  232. You don’t need grain to serve as a vehicle for real food. Enjoy your eggs, meat, butter, and cream. It’s real food, it’s delicious, and it’s great for you. Dig in.

  233. Don’t freak out about what you’ll have to “give up”…You’ll be so excited about how you look and feel you won’t miss it. I noticed a change in 3 days. After a month I couldn’t believe it. You couldn’t make me eat the things I thought I’d forever miss.

  234. Anxious about uprooting your current food lifestyle? Don’t be. Go at your own pace. Slowly incorporate more of the good stuff while subtracting the bad. Ups and downs are natural… before you know it, you won’t believe how far you’ve come. 🙂

  235. The best advice I can give is to get rid of anything that you’re not allowed to eat. The first time I tried to go primal I failed because I didn’t clean out my pantry and the cravings were too much when I had the food in the house. Take it from a former sugar junkie.

  236. Don’t focus on the foods you used to like but can’t eat anymore. Focus instead on the primal foods you DO like. And remember, nothing is absolute. A slice of grandma’s famous pumpkin pie at your family Thanksgiving get-together is not going to derail all your progress… just don’t eat it on a regular basis and you’ll be fine.

  237. Effortlessly convert your body from burning sugar for energy to burning fat for energy by going Primal. Drop the grains, Jenny Craig points, Glycemic Index Numbers, Lean Cuisines and long treadmill runs, and just eat real Primal food. Food tastes better and I’ve lost 38 pounds because of it!

  238. Starting takes 2 things: Commitment and patience. Commit to yourself and your family because your bodies deserve it.Have patience.This journey is one to be savored and enjoyed.You will stumble but you will also learn and improve. Primal is fun! Primal is awesome! Start today!

  239. Listen to your body instead of the naysayers who eat SAD. Also, you can still eat delicious things while Primal. Delicious doesn’t have to mean unhealthy or full of sugar. Your taste buds will adjust faster than you realize.

  240. As a newcomer myself I would say: “Don’t get discouraged if you cannot afford to buy organic or grass fed right away. Stay on the outskirts of your grocery store as a start, then work your way towards organic and never stop educating yourself. Grok On!!

  241. Get organized and stay organized. Plan your meals for the week before grocery shopping. Chop, wash and store veggies as soon as you get them home for convenience. Make at least one meal a week larger than needed so you have leftovers for the next day. Leftover steak or tenderloin is awesome with eggs or in salads.
    The easiest way to slide off track is to get home after a long day with groceries running low, and no idea what to eat. This is when unPrimal urges rear their ugly heads.

  242. Clean out the pantry!! Don’t have the breads, pastas, rice and beans around. Make sure to have PLENTY of primal snacks available. Once you’re stocked to go primal, the first 3 to 7 days will be rough…it’ll pass. Your craving for a loaf of bread will move on and within a week you’ll be feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!

  243. Do what feels right and listen to your body. Remember that it’s not a race to the finish and if you stay on course, you will make it.

  244. Think “I’m not going to eat that right now” when confronted with a tempting naughty dish, rather than the more depressing “I can never eat that again.” Tell yourself you can eat it on another occasion – next time, you may not even want it! If you do, hey – 20%.

  245. Change your perspective on life, go to your roots, get rid of clutter in your life, free yourself and most importantly go barefoot. If you take in slowly what is around you, you end up enjoying life much more. When this happens, you tune in more to your own body so reward it and it will reward you back. Listen to your body.

  246. The easiest way to slide off track is to get home after a long day with groceries running low, and no idea what to eat. This is when unPrimal urges rear their ugly heads. Get organized and stay organized. Meal plan, prep foods, get excited about cooking.

    ** my initial post was over 50 words so I made this one more concise**

  247. One way to help with the feeling overwhelmed is to the flock to the forums!People have great posts on there daily that will help and motivate you. People ask questions you want answers to, and best of all, you can ask questions to the friendly group yourself!

  248. Buy a Crock-Pot! Those things are one of the best investments that you can make. It’s so easy to throw some meat and veggies in with a little seasoning and have a fantastic primal dinner.

    1. This is great advice! Not only is it easy – but cheaper cuts of meat are much improved by slow cooking.

  249. The most important thing is to remain unstressed. If you cheat, don’t stress out over it. If little slip-ups along the way help you completely make a shift to the primal way of living, then they were worth it anyway. Stress free, healthy eating. Oh, and get some sleep.

  250. Whether you work better with hard and fast rules or your prefer guidelines that allow some flexibility, going Primal will work for you.

  251. It’s okay to skip meals. Quit agonizing over making sure you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Go without sometimes. Listen to your body, not the clock. Sometimes, skip a meal just for the heck of it too, even when you are hungry.

  252. Move actively towards taking care of yourself and being better. You need to take action to see that change in 30 days. Aim so much higher than “it’s better than nothing”. For you are worth so much more than that.

  253. More than anything focus on the big picture, understand the main concepts, and don’t obsess over tiny details. Enjoy the food that you are cooking and eating; good quality is worth the experience.

  254. If cravings still hit – try giving up dairy. For some reason it seemed to help me.

  255. Slow and steady wins the race. Pace yourself by making small changes one at a time. Give yourself time to make adjustments and you will never look back.

  256. Have faith in yourself and in the possibility of change! Don’t regret what you’re leaving behind, but rather savor the all the pleasures of your new primal experiences. If you’re willing to take the leap, a transformed you awaits…as well as more bacon 🙂

  257. Join an organic food co-op to save $$ and get friends to chip in to buy a whole animal or two from a local organic/pastured farmer.

  258. you can only be your own success story, not someone elses. find what works for you and will last a lifetime

  259. The Primal Blueprint is quite flexible and full of options. Make it work *for you*. If that means making almond flour pancakes and spinach bread often to get through cravings for old favorites, or sticking to straight meat and veg and avoiding primal subtitutes, eating only fish and chicken or eating mostly red meat, eating some dairy/avoiding dairy, etc–just do what *you* need to do to make it work for *you*. There are many ways to be ‘primal,’ which is just one of the multitude of reasons that the Primal bBueprint is so awesome and can help such a wide range of people.

  260. Once you start to seriously adapt, you will gain a sharp intuitive sense about whether foods are good for you.
    Start by following the lists, and then later, follow your heart.

    I knew this had happened to me to the nth degree when tortellini, my life-long I-cannot-resist-that-food, became something i could take or leave. I just did not want it.

    This still sort of amazes me, and lets me know how radical the changes since April 3rd have been!

  261. Don’t stress out about it.

    Want to feel like a rebel? This is an awesome rebellion. You are going against everything you’ve been told. Except, instead of sneaking cigarettes which will kill you faster, you’ve made a decision to live longer, and hey, you still irritate the people who raised you. 😉

  262. Go gung-ho from the beginning. You will see benefits straight away which is encouraging. Nail the eating part of the lifestyle first and then work on the exercise to keep the pressure off of yourself. Don’t make things too complicated either. The beauty of the primal diet is that fresh and unfussed food tastes amazing!

  263. My advice: just take one step, one day at a time. With so much conflicting information and opinions, just take Mark’s pragmatic recommendations and you can’t go wrong.

  264. Don’t think about all the grains you have to give up. Think about all the glorious fats you get to eat all the time! There is a withdrawal period though…. But it only lasts a few days and then you’ll feel fantastic: no more bloated belly!

  265. Get through the first few weeks and enjoy it! Don’t let people’s criticism get to you. A lot of CW people don’t understand being primal, so instead of trying to explain it, show them by example! Your energy, weight loss, self improvement will be words enough.

  266. Play a lot, and enjoy the world you’re in. Eat things that could be eaten raw or over a simple fire– fresh, real, honest ingredients. Experiment from there, but forget grains and sugar. Learn everything about being alive from children, and unlearn your inhibition. Eat with your hands. Be amazed.

  267. I think the simplest way to get started is to eat real food. Nothing that comes in a box. Eat meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, nuts, seeds some fruit. Drink water. If you can’t hunt it or grow it, ditch it!

  268. Don’t worry about what you’re not accomplishing to begin with, focus on the little things you ARE doing to make a difference in your life. One walk around the block is better than sitting on the couch – every time. You can’t jump in to new workouts expecting to start at the top, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress! Figure out what works for you

  269. Commit to try it for 30 days. You can always go back to your old ways, but your won’t want to. Sure, it might be tempting occasionally when you are offered sweets or foods you used to love, but the benefits make it easy to stick to. You will notice increased energy, weight loss, better skin, and an increased sense of well being. After 30 days, it’s just intuitive and you can remain primal just by following the cues your body gives. As a fun aside, you will also find everyday discussions with friends, family and co-workers more entertaining as they 1. notice how great you look but look at you like you grew three heads when you explain how 2. tell you that you will soon die of a heart attack because of your high fat consumption, or 3. lecture you about the many “important advantages” of grains (not enough fiber! oh my).

  270. Pledge to follow the Primal Blueprint as closely as possible for a period of time (30 days, for example). You’ll get the most benefit this way, and it will get you through any unpleasant adaptation phase as quickly as possible. By the end, you’ll probably feel so good that you won’t want to go back to your old ways!

  271. There’s more than one way to start this path, be honest about which way will work best for you:

    1) make a few changes you feel confident you can accomplish and stick with them (but make sure they are a big enough change to make a difference).
    2) jump in following all the “rules” all the way for 30 days.

    Both work and both can be used at different times as you progress.

  272. Following the Primal Blueprint is just about the craziest sounding sanity. Commit to trusting it completely for just a short while and after just a few days every other diet and exercise program will seem like insanity by comparison.

  273. In the first little bit you are going to slip up and eat some non-primal food. Don’t dwell, accept it, and move on. The GOAL is 80/20, primal to non-primal, but it’s O.K. if you start at 20/80! It’s a lifelong process that starts with education. Enjoy the process.

  274. Body Weight Exercises are Primal Exercises. Fit Deck (available on Amazon)has decks of cards with simple, no equipement needed, exercises. Ten to twelve of them can be done in fifteen minutes or less.

  275. Focus on what you do like that is healthy for you instead of things you like that you can’t have. Also, don’t beat yourself up or quit if you get a little off track. Remember that its not a diet but a lifestyle change:)

  276. Fitness is freedom. Freedom to climb a mountain, raft a river, throw a shotput, run for miles. Freedom to dress how you like and take pride in your strength. Freedom to eat without fear. Fitness is your reward for the choices you make this instant, today, tomorrow. Choose to be free.

  277. If the thought of completely cutting out grains and junk and processed food all at once is overwhelming, there’s nothing wrong with slowly making the switch to Primal eating!

  278. Just remember “you dig your grave with your fork”. It’s so worth it eating Primal for all the health benefits!

  279. Don’t fall in the egg and bacon trap. Eggs and bacon is great, but not for every meal. Seek out new vegetables and go for variety!

  280. Don’t think about tomorrow. Get through today. Changing your lifestyle can feel daunting so don’t fixate on the future. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll look back to see how easy it really was.

    Oh, and if it comes in a bag or a box, DON’T EAT IT!

  281. I’m a newbie, but I would say, don’t forget about the other parts of the primal blueprint like exercise and especially play. Focusing on these aspects will take your mind off the foods you can no longer eat, and will motivate you to eat better quality foods as well.

    1. Great point: I always end up fixating on the food part. Incorporating primal exercise is key!

  282. Gradual transition (1-2 weeks per step):
    1. Eliminate ALL sweets; start fitday.
    2. Eliminate all grainy, bready products.
    3. Go all grass-fed/organic.
    4. Eliminate beans.
    5. Replace Omega-6 products with healthy primal satfats and mufas.
    6. Micromanage nutrient ratios.
    7. Optional: Tackle nuts and dairy.

  283. Following the primal blueprint is the simplest health plan on the planet. Embrace your inner caveman. Think: What would a caveman do? Cut out grains and sugar, eat meats, veggies, and fruits! Get the cookbook if you have no imagination. And hey, You were born to do it!

  284. Tell a friend or loved one. Be accountable to someone else. Eat real food. Eat more real food. Move slow and fast. Lift heavy things. Perfect, now repeat tomorrow.

  285. Don’t skimp on the ingredients. Buy the best steak you can afford, the most decadent cheese, farm ripened local organic produce, homemade dressing and make yourself an amazing, mouth watering, enormous salad. Lick your lips, possibly your fingers, then go for a walk, maybe chase down some deer.

  286. There’s a whole lot of advice, opinions, etc., out there, but no matter what, if you’re not committed to change then it’s not going to happen. Be honest with yourself and go for it.

  287. Enjoy the ride and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that you’re doing this to look and feel better for years to come, not just to drop a few pounds before the holidays. Keep your long-term perspective. Reward yourself every now and then.

  288. Replace bread with walnuts, dry raisins, pistacchio and caju for the morning snack. Replace bread with cheese at lunch. Replace your sandwich with a banana when hungry. Replace beer with wine and keep off everything your great-grandmother would not recognize. Eat smart, run more, feel better, die later.

    1. Just wanted to add: replace wraps and tortillas with romaine lettuce leaves. Wrap around some ground beef and onions with avocado and tomato: primal mexican!

  289. Go primal one meal at a time. Doesn’t matter which you choose for starters. Think about that meal, plan your approved alternatives and do it. And give up prejudice about what can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Leftover curry with natural yoghurt makes a sensational breakfast.

  290. When you stop losing weight, you’ve slipped off the wagon. Every time I’ve stalled out, I’ve been eating more conventional dairy than I should or I’ve had too many cheat days back to back. It sneaks up on me, and I don’t realize until the scale hasn’t moved for a week or two that something is even wrong. So remember, constant vigilance!

  291. Read. Read. Read everything. Knowledge is power. The more you know about going Primal the more you will want it. Also, find a produce stand and go there 1-2x’s a week. Your body will love you for it.

  292. firstly – don’t worry, you will love it, you just need to get over the initial difficulties of starting something new.

    Think of replacements for your typical staples. What primal can you eat for breakfast? What can you take to work for lunch? So you won’t be caught standing hungry and desperate in front of your fridge or (o horror) a vending machine in your office!

    Always have two-three dozens of eggs in your fridge. These are life savers!

  293. Think of replacements for your typical staples. What primal can you eat for breakfast? for lunch at work? So you won’t be caught standing hungry and desperate in front of fridge or a vending machine!

    Always have couple dozens eggs in your fridge. These are life savers!

  294. Know what you’re stepping into. Find out as much as you can, and understand WHY you’re following the Primal Blueprint. Your level of commitment will be many times stronger just by knowing the difference between good food and bad.

    What I wish I knew- that this is something you make yours. While the primal lifestyle has an ideal set of rules, sometimes you can’t do it all. Basically, don’t be afraid to experiment to find the primal way that works for you.

  295. Primal food is EASY to prepare! Not many complicated processes, no precise measuring, just some rules about what ingredients to use and how to make them tasty and healthful and you are good to go!

  296. Find your supportive friends, there’s more than you think! Many of them will ask questions to further help you cement your position whether they agree or not. Even better some may join you. Either way no real friend will be angry that you are taking steps to a healthier/happier life.

  297. During the adaptation period, getting some short intense exercise (lifting weights, sprints) can help immensely with energy, motivation and blood sugar stabilization. Even if you don’t think you have the energy to get started, just do it!

  298. Tell someone your goals (set some first!) and ask that person to keep you accountable, especially in the first 60 days.

  299. I was addicted to chronic cardio for YEARS. I could ride my bike forever, but I was always catching colds and could never drop the last few pounds I wanted to. I now spend WAY fewer hours exercising each week, but I look better and feel better!

  300. Approach your food with joy. Eating whole, natural food is amazing once you explore all that PB does include instead of worrying about what it doesn’t. Make time to “forage” at the market and cook your meals. Farmers market shopping can count as “moving slowly” and “lifting heavy things” too!

  301. Eating primal means a lot of cooking from scratch. It is enjoyable but time-consuming. Cook big batches when you have time and freeze. Use seasonal ingredients and experiment with real stuff. Never watch TV or read when eating, just enjoy the flavor, enjoy eating! ..and yes, maybe ot the best to start with almond meal cookie and bread replacements, this is all about simplicity, quality and the real thing (loads of plants and animals, remember).

  302. Just give it 3 weeks and your body will do the rest for you. Listen really closely to yourself to learn what your body wants. The sugar cravings in the first weeks are just temporary – soon you will be emancipated from everything holding you back that you weren’t even aware of. Welcome to the cult!

  303. I buy mixed nuts in the shell..and if I feel a “snack attack” coming on, I have to crack em open. More difficult/time consuming to overindulge…I can plow through a can/bag of shelled nuts in no time, but, hey, Grok had to smash his nuts open, right? I mean, um…

  304. For me it’s all about feeling. Primal feels good. Focus on now, on feeling good now. Take Primal for a test drive. How does it feel to be Primal ? Great! Slip ups happen and they feel AWFUL! But they’re a great reminder of how awesome it feels to be Primal!

  305. Go for the good stuff: experience the pleasure of eating Primal. At first, if you want a huge handful of macadamia nuts, have them. Splurge on that sexy piece of rib eye. Even if you want to lose weight, a “honeymoon” will make the transition far more appealing!

  306. You will never feel more in touch with your body’s natural state than when you start living primally! I didn’t know what “normal” was until I started PB… And now I realise that bloating, irritation, and continual sickness is not normal! Being healthy is the best thing you will ever do for yourself… Ever!

  307. Become best friends with your body. Listen to it, let it be your tool, connect with it and nourish it. The rest will follow.

  308. The more committed you are to the principles the more quick and dramatic your results will be, but every small step counts and beating yourself up for your mistakes tends to do more harm than good. It’s your journey do it for yourself and enjoy every bit of it.

  309. Enjoy the process! You are taking control of your health and that’s amazing. You’ll start to notice how polluted the modern world is and knowing that you are actively changing the way you eat and live is exhilarating. It’s empowering.

  310. Start out small. Don’t be overwhelmed by the many aspects. Any one of them can make a big difference to your life. Quit wheat. Start sprinting. Either alone is a triumph. It’s a journey, not a change. Assumed truths are not. Question everything, one at a time.

  311. Real food does not come in packages. It does not have a list of ingredients. It lived or grew before it became food. It looks, for the most part, the same on your plate as it does in nature.

    Eat real food.

  312. Multitask the laws.

    Download primal/paleo podcasts to exercise your brain and body at the same time.

    Master a primal cooking skill and eat the results.

    Walk in the sun with friends to a play place or if you must go by yourself climb (grok up) a tree.

    Singletask sleep 😉

  313. For me, the PB is an exercise in taking care of myself and paying attention to the choices I make. It’s empowering to realize that each action is a choice, free of judgment. And I’m learning I enjoy fresh broccoli with butter more than pasta…

  314. Don’t be afraid of easting fat. Let go of everything conventional wisdom has told you and embrace the fat. Butter (and bacon) make everything better!

  315. It seems strange to be told to enjoy all the things you have been told were bad for you. Actually, eating Primally is a refinement of what you have been hearing for years: more fruits and vegetables, lean meats,healthy fats, avoid processed anything. You’ll feel and look better.

  316. No one can solve your health problems but YOURSELF! Don’t wait for something to happen, take charge, break the barriers concerning conventional wisdom. The PB way of life wll lead you to a better you.

  317. It’s not that hard. Don’t overthink,you can start right now by eating real food that grow/roam on land (plants and animals) or swim in the water (fish). As simple as THAT.

  318. Throw the crap out of your refrigerator and pantry and start with a clean slate! If it contains sugar or enriched flour, it’s crap.

  319. Be proud of yourself! By deciding to live and eat primally you have already grasped the fundamentals. As time passes you will feel better and better – possibly better than you could ever have imagined. Keep in touch with MDA, dive into the books and as your knowledge and experience grows revel in the health that you have created.

  320. When you’re struggling just take a look around you at the world conventional wisdom has created then log onto MDA for support.


    Cavegirl 🙂

    ps Having a picture of Grok about your person is really motivating too and it doesn’t have to be a tattoo!

  321. Look to the ‘self’ of tomorrow to help you decide for today – to decide your food intake, your exercise, your amount of sleep, your sun exposure.
    I have grown to draw great motivation from how I ‘imagine’ myself feeling.

    Tim 🙂

  322. Try to get your family on board from Day 1 by cleaning out your pantry and fridge. It’s more difficult when you’re eating one way and the rest of the clan is eating cheese doodles and nachos. And it’s healthier for your family, too!

  323. Giving up grains is NOT difficult. Climbing Mt. Everest is difficult. Fighting for your country is difficult. Labor is difficult. Keep things in perspective and stay positive.

  324. If you’re just starting on PB living, do not despair if you happen to fall off the wagon (whether eating at a restaurant, at a family gathering, a moment of weakness). The best way to forget a poor eating experience is not to mentally punish yourself and go through pointless restriction. Treat the blow-ups like a fast: it happened. So what. From here on out, eat as normal and exercise as normal. You’ll be juuuuuust fine.

  325. If you’re hungry, eat. An eat until you’re full. Don’t graze like an herbivore and don’t try to put it off with snacks. You’ll end up eating WAY more than you wanted to.

  326. Be patient. Learn as much as you can. Read, read, read. Scour the internet and the library (and other primal folk) for as much useful information as you can. While learning, implement what you know as best you can and continuously develop your practices as you learn more.

  327. I ate way too much fruit early on when I craved carbs. Especially eaten early in the day, fruit wakes up the sugar monster and keeps him roaring all day long. Now, I limit myself to 1/2 – 1 small piece only at the end of the day.

  328. Yes, you can give up bread and pasta. You will crave it for a few weeks, but the cravings quickly disappear because you can now eat items that used to be considered “special occasion” foods. Carbs make you crave more carbs, fat makes you feel full and satisfied.

  329. Start living Primal! But how?
    Get sleep, take a hike, do a WOW
    Ditch the sugar and wheat
    Eat veggies, fruit meat
    You can feel your best right now!

  330. When 1st starting PB don’t worry so much about the details. For food ask yourself if man had to manipulate it to make it “healthy”, tasty or even edible. If yes, move on.

  331. Just do it for you. Its going to be a battle and you may fall off track. But just jump back on and start with the next meal. Be gentle with yourself because this is a new habit. Stay plugged in to Mark’s website and forum for encouragement. And ALWAYS LOOK at the BIG PICTURE, which is living a more healthy lifestyle and actually really feeling good about yourself and they way you look and feel.

  332. When we started eating Paleo in April 2010, we started eating all of the basic “acceptable” foods, including lots of nuts and Paleo-friendly desserts, etc. I wish that I would have realized that just because it was on the list of “acceptable” foods didn’t mean that it was a free-for-all. I have been able to lose weight since then by cutting sugar (all fruits but berries), dialing in on my carb intake and using 16-8 intermittent fasting. There are so many ways to use primal eating for your body’s benefit.

  333. Don’t look at this like a “strict diet”, because it is a long-term way of life. That is the essence of the 80-20 rule. If you eat outline the blueprint rules during a meal, do not let that destroy your self-esteem or make you angry. That is just one meal. Don’t even look at it like a failure…it’s just a speed bump on the road of life. As long as you continue to try to eat primal, it will only get easier.

  334. Just go with it and in a few short days you will be amazed at how freat your body feels and then you will wonder why you never knew about primal before.

  335. Always have your kitchen stocked with good food. I have noticed that I am more likely to “cheat” if I am hungry, have nothing to eat, and I have to go out and get something.

  336. Stay the course! And this means “progress, not perfection”. In other words, don’t let “perfect” get in the way of “progress”.

    What I’m trying to say is in a way what Mark says in his rule about the 80%. Will you miss a workout? Probably, if you have multiple, conflicting priorities in your life. Will you be out with friends, and maybe eat something not primal? It could happen.

    Don’t get me wrong…this is not an excuse not to try hard, but at the same time a slip-up is not total failure.

    Last but not least…keep it simple. The PB is really a straightforward plan, so don’t let yourself get hung up in the minutia that is so easy for us to create for ourselves, even when the need does not exist.

  337. It takes most a couple weeks to get through carb withdrawal. To help you cope, indulge in meats and good fats to make sure you are satiated…a little nitrite-free bacon makes you feel decadent.

  338. Don’t think about what you can’t eatbut how wide,now your options are. All ofthespices and veg and meats that you can experiment with!
    If you have a skeptic household then dazzle their tastebuds an revel in how they won’t even miss the grains, sugars and processed foods!
    Don’t think of it as giving fuds up but instead a culinary adventure that willleave you feeling and looking better than ever before!

  339. Modern life has domesticated humans. We need to break out of the zoo and return to our true roots to regain health and vitality. We must make our best efforts every day to eat real food, stay active, have fun, get sleep, get sun, and be smart.

  340. No dogmatic rules — only guidelines that work for you, or not. This works for me: eat real food only, nothing processed. Lift heavy things and sprint. Play in the sun. Sleep. Avoid chairs. Find a community to support you. And don’t worry about “screwing up” — just enjoy the journey!

  341. Always have avocados on hand. They make great snacks and are portable.

  342. Don’t get so hung up on researching the perfect plan and getting all your ducks in a row… stop thinking and just do.

    Get up in the morning and walk… the world is so beautiful in the early dawn.

    Most importantly, making the right decisions is just as much a slippery slope as making bad ones. Keep making those small wins each day (e.g., eating cauliflower with your eggs instead of that english muffin) and eventually you’ll be making Grok-worthy choices without even thinking twice.

  343. I know it’s way past submission time, and I’ve already submitted advice, but I had this thought while on my run this morning and had to share:

    Think a lot about today, a little about tomorrow, and not at all about yesterday. Just wake up each day and say “Today I am going to eat well” and take it from there.

  344. Make Primal eating and living your “rock”. Don’t worry about occasionally eating non-primal foods, taking a day off of exercise, or even having that extra beer or glass of wine- so long as you have the mentality that the primal life is your ultimate fallback to health and happiness.

  345. Don’t try to make imitations of your past favorite foods, commit to a better lifestyle and experiment with new foods.

  346. You CAN do this! Take some time to read through the MDA forums, for advice and inspiration. There are so many people out there that have gone before and have great tips and ideas, and they are about the friendliest and most helpful forum bunch I’ve ever “met”!

  347. A small step in the primal direction is better than nothing. Taking the leap is worth everything.

  348. Letting go of the guilt will help you enjoy this lifestyle. At first I had a really hard time with the healthy fat comsumption. I always thought eating fat makes you fat. WELL that is only if you eat the wrong type of fat. Good fat tastes wonderful and keeps you satified so the cravings and hungry feels are never an issue, Hallaluia!!!

  349. Start slow and focus on the fun to make this your very own playful journey of primal discovery. Try some primal recipes, dip into the articles, and play a workout of the week, all in your own sweet time, to build your unique sustainable portfolio of primal tricks and treats.

  350. On Friday I was trying to help a friend make the decision to change. My one advice to her was to eliminate one bad food at a time or replace one bad with something good, one at a time. It is easier to make a lasting change when it is gradual (at least for some of us)

  351. If you’re having a hard time avoiding temptation of certain foods or drinks, there are some great resources to help with emotional eating. I’ve personally had great success with a program called Shrink Yourself…lost 35 pounds with it even before I learned about primal living

  352. After years of conventional dieting to both loose and gain weight either for high school sports or the Marine Corps. Only living Paleo has made me feel actually healthy, fit and excited for the next day. Why should being healthy be hard?

  353. My advice:

    The crave is a lie.

    Your body doesn’t need that junky stuff it’s telling you it wants. You’re the parent, and you’re in charge. Don’t give in to your body’s childish demands.

    The crave is a lie!

  354. For me, I had to have some research to back up the claims that meat and fat were good, and my “whole grains” were killing me. Fortunately I felt crappy enough to spend a day or so online, reading about nutrition. Learning my body really needs fat was key.

  355. Make certain temptation times TOTALLY off limits. Like at my work people give cupcakes, donuts and other baked goods to be ‘nice’. There are enough staff who will eat it AND I view it as junk food so I can eat my crispy almonds when I need a snack and successfully never touch the baked goods. Then I have an exception and that is for some whole fruit. So if they bring in a basket of strawberries and I am hungry I will have that as my snack.

  356. I think I’m too late to enter, but here are my two cents:

    Start by getting enough sleep. This will reduce your stress hormone levels, and get you to a better place to make good decisions about your lifestyle.

  357. Notice how few people look like they are in really good shape (but don’t judge). CW is tough to shake, until you notice all the evidence against it and for primal living around you. Animals aren’t naturally obese.

  358. Eat fat. It will leave you satiated and not wanting to kill someone for a donut. Don’t use eating out as an excuse to finish off the bread basket. Paleo options are everywhere. Your stomach may feel “weird” at first, but wait it out. It’s definitely worth it.

  359. Find a buddy, and don’t think about “cheating” A Chip is a chip, pop is pop, just let them go.

  360. “Do or do not there is no try.”

    Commit or if that word is too scary get pumped up/hyped about change. Then Do it. People tend to say I’ll try when they want to feel better about having an out. So go for it. If you fail. Fine. Learn, adjust and continue.

  361. Don’t be afraid to fail a little bit. Healthy isn’t about perfection… its about steady, consistent progress.

  362. Enlist your spouse, roommate or friend if you can. Makes it much easier. Know that the first week will be hard; you’ll be tired and have cravings. But each week gets better and you’ll be amazed by how “clean” your body feels.

  363. Don’t worry about what other people think. Just know that you are doing a great thing for your health!! Also take it one step at a time.

  364. 1. Pick one thing, like bread, and give it up completely.
    2. Remeber 80% is great, just make sure the 20% is something you really enjoy.
    3. Know despite eveyone else’s comments, you are on the way to a better you.

  365. Slow down your life. Make a priority of cooking as many meals as you can and incorporating fats. Eating fat will ease the transition period from carbohydrates and sugar. Focus on Getting to bed earlier. Move a little walk pushups nothing too extreme at first. Cook, sleep and move. keep it simple those 3 implementations will transform your energy levels and physique.

  366. What you eat (or don’t eat) is the key! Ditch the sugars, starches, and grains; and you will see results – quickly!

  367. Kaizen, the Japanese call it. Small, continuous improvement. I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist, and I would always get excited and try something new only to give it up later because I wasn’t instantly great. The solution: definitely kaizen. Don’t give up, you won’t regret it!

  368. Think positive! Expect to feel pretty terrible for at least the first few days (2 weeks for me) but now I feel like a supergirl. It takes awhile for your body to adjust to metabolising fat and protein instead of carbs.

  369. Boo – I was at Lake Michigan the entire weekend…

    I know I am late but I will still offer my advice since I have been primal for about 5.5 months!

    Believe and conquer your fears. You may be skeptical during the first month or beyond. But did what you did in the past work? Do you want better health? Give the primal blueprint a chance and then analyze after 30 days (or longer).

  370. Love every meal sick. If you don’t love your meals, you’re either boring yourself or you’re forcing yourself to eat food you don’t like. Eat within your taste preferences until primal becomes a habit. Then set out to expand your tastes.

  371. Understand and accept that this is your nature.
    Everything else will fall into place.

  372. I’m just into my 2nd week of going Primal. Is there a physical adjustment period? I feel fine, but my stomach is somewhat bloated. Any thoughts on this?

  373. read up on the science behind going Primal ao you understand the why. Then the how becomes easy

  374. People do not like seeing the evidense in front of their eyes, when you have slimmed down, strengthend up, have more energy, play hard, and LGN…I am 51 and have lots of middle aged friends who want to have their sugar and eat it…going primal is confronting when you seem to be doing a rejuvination and they are accelerating the other way. But stick to the blueprnt, it gets easier, do not miss out on your birthright of good health and good fun.

  375. I have just started on this plan as it was recommended to me by my Crossfit gym. However, my husband does little to no exercise, due to injury and was wondering if this way of eating is good for people who do not do the intense exercise of Crossfit or similar. He is concerned with weight gain.

    1. In a word, yes. He’s very unlilkely to gain weight (more likely to lose fat if he is over weight) because following the primal blueprint way of eating is more satiating. PB isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about health improvements all round so it’ll be of benefit to most people regradless of activity levels. For me personally i’ve gained weight over the last 18 months but it’s 14lbs of muscle gained and a few lbs of fat lost.
      After the intial adjustment you’ll wonder how you didn’t previously live this way.