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Contest: Foraging in a Fast Food Nation

The Prize:

Sledgehammer. Because the old, withered, tractor tire just had it coming… It’s Hammer Time. From the guy who brought you the workout mace [1] earlier this month comes another swingable, loadable, weapon tool of extreme visceral power. Fill it with shot and pound some sand. Winner will receive one SLS medium Sledgehammer [2], courtesy of Stronger Grip [3].

BONUS: Use “MDA20” when ordering from www.strongergrip.com [3] for a 20% discount. And if you like to build your own hammers and equipment, check out Stronger Grip’s companion blog, DIY Strength [4].

The Contest:

Yesterday I asked you to go out and find the highest quality food in your area. Today I’m asking you to do nearly the opposite. While grass fed burgers and locally grown tomatoes are ideal, they aren’t always an option. McDonald’s happens. Or Taco Bell. Or Red Lobster. Or The Olive Garden. Whether you’re attending a friend’s birthday, coming home from a track meet, or trying to sell your jet-propelled pogo stick idea to a potential buyer at a local Chili’s, national chain restaurants are part of the American topography and are not always avoidable. The goal is to keep your meal as Primal as possible when life leads you to the Cracker Barrel. And I want you to take a picture of it…

Visit a national chain restaurant (either fast food or sit-down) and order the most Primal meal you can. Take a photo of that meal, email it to me [5], along with the name of the dish and the name of the restaurant. And be clear on what you may have done to make the meal Primal. Ditched the bun? Asked for omelet to be cooked in butter? Substituted thick vegetable-oil ranch for olive oil and vinegar? Share your tips and tricks with the community.

Use the subject heading “Primal Fast Food.” A winner will be picked at random among all eligible contestants. Photos will be published on Mark’s Daily Apple.

The Deadline:

October 4, midnight, PST. Same deadline as the “Meet a Farmer [6]” contest.

Who is Eligible:

Unfortunately this one is only available stateside. In the case of an international winner, a substitute prize will be offered.