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Contest: Design the Next Primal Blueprint Poster for Cash Prize

[1]The Prize:

Benjamins. Moolah. Dough. Bread. (No, not that kind of dough and bread.) I’m talking cash. Cold hard cash you can use to buy whatever you want. (May I suggest some Primal fare from a local farmer or dining establishment [2]?)

The winner of this design contest will receive $500. If I actually print the design and distribute the poster the designer will receive an extra $1500, for a total prize value of $2000.

The Contest:

The Primal Blueprint Poster (click the image to the right to zoom in) was designed a few years back. While it’s holding up OK, I think it’s time for an update – a makeover, as it were. And that’s where you, or at least all the graphic designers amongst you, come in. Design the next Primal Blueprint Poster for a chance to win the prize above and have your design end up on garage, bedroom, classroom and gym walls around the world.

Now, what’s this poster all about? The purpose of this poster is to showcase what the Primal Blueprint is and – at a glance – how it is done. So it needs to be educational, but it also needs to be eye-catching and engaging. The best designs will capture the spirit of the Primal Blueprint in the design (we went with a sandstone background and savannah imagery for the last poster), and the message of the Primal Blueprint in the content (what it is, the problems it solves, why it works, how it’s done, etc.).

Here are a few of the things you can include to accomplish this, but there is no requirement to use any of them:

One requirement: “Primal Blueprint” needs to remain in Trajan font. (And if you’d like to use the Primal blue, it’s hex code #1962c6.)

Be creative, have fun with this, and see what you can bring to the look and feel of this poster. Once you’re happy with your design, email it to me [13] in PDF format. Include “PB Poster” in the subject line of your email. I receive hundreds of emails a day. If the subject line isn’t correct, there’s a chance I may miss your submission entirely.


Open to all denizens of planet Earth.

The Contest End Time:

September 24, midnight, PDT.

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

The Worker Bees and I will choose a winner.

Fine Print:

To track all the contests visit the 2012 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Contest Page [14] for daily updates.