Contest Contest: The Contest!

The Prize:

Praxis. In the department of simple/versatile, Praxis unrolls and attaches to a door, tree, fire escape, or anything else to give you six anchor points for your resistance bands. And yes, I’m talking to you P90Xers out there and anyone else who has been snapped in the face trying to jury rig a resistance band to a portable pullup bar in an over-sized door frame.The folks at Praxis have set up a special landing page for MDA readers, complete with a exercise video and $10 discount + $10 flat rate shipping. Winner will receive both the Praxis and a heavy resistance band.

But why stop at one resistance band.  Enter today’s second prize, the Rubberbanditz. It’s a package of resistance bands, door straps, handles, and carabiners; this is the second year running I’ve featured this little bag-o-resistance. Maybe it’s the charm of Ari’s video, but give me these over the mass-marketed “Biggest Loser” branded bands any day.

The Contest:

Last year’s challenge saw a few interesting and unusual contests with fairly successful results. While I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve for upcoming original contests as well as the return of a favorite, I’ve got a spot left for one more. And you get the chance to tell me what that contest is. In the comments section of this post, leave an idea for a cool Primal contest. If your idea is good enough, along with winning the above prizes, your contest may be featured later in the challenge! A few guidelines:

  • Should in some way or another support an idea about Primal living.
  • Anyone in the world should be able to enter (i.e. no contests just for New Yorkers or just for red headed people)
  • Shouldn’t take too much time for an average person to complete.
  • I already have three open video contests. Unless the idea is pure brilliance, it is very unlikely that I will add a fourth.

To give you a concept of fringe contest ideas, the “Give-a-stranger-steak Day” and “Vegetable Swimwear” contests were both eventually struck from this year’s roster, but (as some of you know) the secret Grok Tattoo and Grokpose contests made it through just fine.

The Deadline:

September 20, 8:00 am PST. 24 Hours!

Who is Eligible:

New Yorkers, redheads, and everyone else.

How a Winner Will Be Chosen:

I’ll pick one.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Actually, is better than this set of bands. Plus they have a site.

    1. Contest:

      Rule #10, use your mind!

      Using any artistic medium (painting, sculpting, crayon, cave drawing, etc.), recreate the animal you are going to eat tonight. We would prefer the animal in its original form, not the “about to be devoured” form. Take a photo of the masterpiece and send it in.

  2. At risk of sounding too much like the professor I am, how about an essay contest? Impose a strict word limit (to keep it to about a page in length) explaining in a nutshell a) Why to go primal (e.g., health, vitality, longevity), b) How to do it (e.g., foods to choose/avoide, example grocery lists/recipes, exercise dos and don’ts), and c) What to expect (improved mood and body comp), attenuation of aches and ailments big and small, the looks the girls/guys give you in social settings, etc.

  3. Idea: It’s Grok’s birthday! What birthday meal would you cook for Grok? Take a picture of it.

  4. Take a picture of you and a friend doing the Grok squat and Grok hang.

  5. Where Grok walks: pictures of feet in Grok-like places, doing Grok-like things.

  6. It seems like many people are really eager for sample menus on the PB. How about sending in a sample daily menu that is easy– no need for actual recipes, but some new mealtime inspirations. It would be great to then have a compilation of all the best ones for newbies to reference, or for those of us who could use some new ideas.

  7. Clean your cave like Grok! Best primal (homemade, non-toxic) recipes for cleaning products.

  8. Primal is all about going against the grain (literally and figuratively). Whether its your silly shoes with toes or your different (but delicious!) spaghetti with veggies instead of pasta, you’re not afraid to be different. Let your fellow Groks and Grokettes know how you are different from your average gym going, 12-whole-grain-servings-a-day, conventional wisdom following friends or family.

    Take a picture or write a brief description that sums up your willingness to go against the grain in the name of primal and healthy living.

  9. Because, sadly, not all of us can make it to PrimalCon, design a Primal family vacation. It doesn’t have to involve running around in the woods or hunting, but it should rely heavily on physical activity and creativity for entertainment. It must be in line with the 10 Primal Laws, and not outrageously expensive or impractical (Antarctica, rafting the Amazon, that kind of thing). Added bonuses for making it environmentally friendly.

  10. Most funny CW story… best before and after pic… primal dessert recipe contest… most primal thing you ever did contest… menu from the last/next three days… favorite “play” activity idea..

  11. I’d like to see some sort of all-day physical activity (stalking/hike/picnic/game, etc.) that a multi-generational community of people do together. It should hit a good bunch of the primal blueprint activities in one day. How about a contest to come up with ideas for that activity?

  12. I think a design you own loin cloth would be a great idea. Design, make and model doing all those great Grok activities

  13. How about a picture contest to contrast primal living in a modern setting.

    For example trying to wear your VFF’s in a buisness meeting ( disclaimer im not to blame for getting fired)

    Picture yourself eating a big ass salad homemade ofc -in Mcd’s

    That kind of thing i think could be pretty interesting and challenging.

  14. Contest- have a Grok camp out/ sleep over. Build a temporary shelter, cook by fire pit, sleep outside. No electronics other then camera for documentation. Submit photos of structure, dinner, guests.

  15. Re-use ideas for all that junk that gets cleaned out of the cupboard. Flour-based papier maché kids’ Halloween masks anyone?

  16. Convert a Victim of Chronic Cardio… Go to a park with some friends and engage in some play (frisbee, touch football, carrying rocks around) in a well-populated area of the park. Whenever you see a Victim of Chronic Cardio go by, try to get them to join in your primal fun instead! Show them how much better it feels to engage in social and productive play than wearing down their bodies.

    Write a short entry detailing the successes and failures of the endeavor. Even if you can’t get anyone to play, at least you still had a great day out with friends!

  17. Well, as someone who is pretty isolated in my primal/paleo habits at work, I think it would be cool to bring Grok to work for a day. Now whether you physically have a Grok you can bring to work, or have to rely on a cardboard cutout, or even just your Primal Blueprint, I think it would be a good exercise in the getting the word out, and challenging as a contest. We would have to submit something in a visual/textual format to show how your “Bring Grok To Work Day,” went.

  18. Long shot since it is a video idea, but how about going to local mall, hangout or ballfield and interviewing random people about what they think the primal lifestyle is? Maybe said interviewers could have a handout with info on The Primal BluePrint.

  19. Write a song about how primal living can change or has changed your life.

    If possible, to the tune of a popular jingle or song so that Mark can have fun trying to sing it to himself without a recording or video needing to be sent 🙂

  20. A Grok overnighter – Where you would go, what you would eat, what you would do. Could be overnight camping, fishing for your meal, hauling everything into the wilderness or staying in a penthouse hotel suite (climbing all the stairs of course), walking about the city, and finding a Grok meal at a restaurant. Best (or most original, etc…) would win.

  21. To find as many primal followers in your area and have a primal party grok style..with animal skins..hunted food and primal fun and games.

  22. It’s kind of early for this one, but how about a “Grokolantern” carving contest for Halloween. In other words, a pumpkin carving contest with a grok theme.

    Maybe throw in a pumpkin cooking recipe made with the scooped out pumpkin for bonus points.

  23. Build your own Grok tool. Have a video of you building a DIY Grok tool to use during a workout. Once the tool is done show yourself doing a workout with it.

  24. GROK ART! Id love to see a contest that embraces artwork inspired by cave drawings, carvings, primative pigments, and other ancient and natural art techniques. Each person could be asked to create original artwork that captures the spirit of primal living. YUP.

  25. “Bakin’ with Bacon” – Give your favorite and most interesting ways to use bacon.

    Or how about a contest detailing creative and useful things to do with non-primal foods people are cleaning out of their pantry this month.

  26. Another Meal idea. Examples of meals on the go.

    Lets say you aren’t going to be home all day and don’t want to eat out. What are some of your best to go meals.

  27. Getting yourself into the grok pose is easy. How about seeing how many people that you don’t know that you can get into the grok pose. Hit someplace like a farmers market, park, your college, or anywhere there are people. Snap a picture and make a collage or an album and submit it.

  28. Create a short and simple one-page/ business card type, explanation of the Primal BluePrint that can be handed out or given to friends/doctors/haters that explain why you chose to live this way. Use diagrams or pictures for bonus points.

  29. Mark’s mission…
    “to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness”
    …the challenge lies in passing this way of thinking on to as many people as possible.

    Contest idea…have an advertising campaign. MDA readers can send in photos of their advertising tactics in action. Whether it be “” post-it notes plastered along the cereal aisle of their local grocery store or a banner stretched across an overpass. Let’s do our very best to reach as many people as we can to spread the word about healthy living.

  30. Create and take a picture of the most primal cooke you can make it.

  31. Most Primal Photo contest:

    photo yourself doing as many primal things at once as you can. Example: sprinting while eating a hard boiled egg; lifting something heavy while getting extra sleep while drinking a meal replacement shake…you get the idea.

    GROK ON!

  32. As someone with physical limitations I’d like to see detailed suggestions on how to modify exercises. How could Grok lift heavy things with one arm? How could Grokette sprint with bad knees?

  33. “Random Acts of Primal” Challenge
    Make Grok cut outs; on the back of each cut out write down one way to be more primal and the benefit of doing so. The more Groks you make, the better.
    Hand the Groks out to strangers (or, if you are too shy, to friends, family, or co-workers who know nothing about primal living).

  34. Primal Cribs Contest (kind of like ‘MTV Cribs’ but instead of being vapid it could be inspirational to others trying to live a primal lifestyle. Share in 300 words and 5 pictures your ‘primal crib.’ Describe your primal pantry, in home primal gym, primal commuting vehicles (bikes etc.) or any other primal elements to your crib.

  35. Contest:
    Create a primal workout. Not an exercise, but a workout. The workout should use moves that mimic Grok’s hunting adventures. The sequence should make sense.

    For example: Running = prey chasing, clean and jerk = clear a large stone out of the way, sled drag = dragging hunted animal back home for cooking.

  36. Portable meal recipe contest. I think a lot of PBers struggle with lunch on the go more than breakfast or dinner at home. I know I do. It may be MDA heresy, but I get tired of BAS for lunch everyday 😛

  37. Iron Chef Grok style.

    reveal a secret primal ingredient and see who can come up with the best primal recipe featuring the ingredient. points awarded for creativity, presentation and actually featuring the ingredient in a prominent way. ie if it’s a lemon don’t just sprinkle lemon juice on some meat, make a primal lemon pie

  38. Candid Groksquat camera! Get a friend to follow you around with a camera until he or she gets a good shot of you hanging out in the Groksquat. Extra points if you can get a shot of someone looking at you funny while you do it.

    (This could also work substituting Vibrams/barefoot for Groksquat…)

  39. Host a flash mob of Primal groks in their favorite gear to whatever large attractions in that area and send in pictures. For example, I live in Boston so I might organize a flash mob of groks at Newbury street or Fenway park.

  40. Title could be ‘WHAT A LOAD OF GROK’

    Dress up like Grok/Caveman or Cavewomen and video record or take pics of yourself either out, at home or exercising dressed like grok.

  41. Submit ideas for Primal Blueprint bumper stickers. Some examples:
    I Grok, Therefore I Am
    Think Globally, Act Primally
    Grok is “Korg” spelled backwards
    Each could contain a web link in smaller print.

  42. Submit Gork’s favorite motivational work out music either home produced or off iTunes.

  43. contest idea: create the ultimate primal meal

    that is, with a specified set of ingredients. contestants are to take the ingredients, make something, write the recipe and process down, and upload them along with pictures. the primal community would then decide their favorite recipe.

    go primal!

  44. In the spirit of going green and saving the world…. why don’t we recycle???

    Show pictures of CW objects that now have a new Primal function.

    For example
    *My grandmother’s rolling pin is now used for crushing nuts and cracking heads. =)

    *The tins that used to hold flour and sugar are now used for flowers, feathers and rocks that I find on my after dinner hikes.

    *My running shoes are still in the closet… but now they are my secret hiding place for the (mad money).

  45. I didn’t read through so maybe somebody said this but…

    Live for 24 hours without electricity? Write or take pictures of what you do for 24 hours unplugged.

  46. Favorite places to do primal workouts. For example, I like to run on the beach because of the different terrains, or anything that sounds interesting.

  47. take something that is typically nonprimal and come up with a primal way of cooking that meal, provide pictures and recipe..most original idea wins (would help if it was delicious as well)

  48. Two ideas:

    A “Progress Report” Comments post – where primal challengers write a comment to report on some metric of their progress. Weight lost, improved sprint times or deadlifts, inches lost from arms/legs/waist, etc.! Best man and best woman could each win, or you could pick a winner at random.


    A Polyvore Primal challenge – Folks email in their best Polyvore composition. – lets you mix’n’match cut’n’paste images from shops around the web, especially retail sites. Sample collage would have Vibrams, coconut oil, a couple of grass-fed steaks, a spear or two, maybe a cavewoman in a dress. You pick best submission, or some semifinalists and let readers vote for the best.

  49. Unless you’re working on it already…how about a design contest for a FEMALE grok for the t-shirts, tattoos, etc.

    1. Dude seriously, it is sorta hard to be a lady on this site, I mean we are in meathead paradise here. We need a girl grok, and I would love if Mark’s wife would start posting!

  50. The Primal Traveller: share your best primal on the go ideas, whether that’s for a day at the park, a weekend camp out, or an international trip. How do you forage for the best food, make sure you are following the fitness laws, and otherwise taking care of yourself modern Grok style.

    Entrants are encouraged to take photos that illustrate their ideas, whether that’s the meal they’d take along or the stuff they’d pack in their luggage.

  51. Potluck primal replacement dishes. We have all been there, going to a potluck and needing to bring a dish. Lets have a contest that involves coming up with a primal main dish and a primal ‘dessert’ recipe for potluck settings. Full recipes with measurements and instructions. Then the next time your work or family has a get together you can have choices of what to bring to stay on track and influence them through their taste buds, which often works better then logic! 🙂

  52. Contest: Most creative uses for bacon and coconut oil. Use your imagnination to put the two together in the most interesting combination ever.

  53. Farmer appreciation day. Farmers that raise clean meat and organic veggies for you bust their butts hardcore, likely with little profit compared to the work. Volunteer for a few hours helping a local farmer that you buy from and get a pic of what you did. A chance to say thanks for raising healthy food.

  54. Grok’s Birthday Party Contest – plan a kid’s birthday party in classic Grok style.

    Each contestant needs to come up with:
    • a primal menu, of foods that kids will actually eat
    • a primal kids’ craft
    • a primal kids’ game (something active, naturally!)
    • primal-esque party favors

    Yeah, it’s fun – but it’s also a great way to spread the message of Primal living in a curiosity-encouraging, non-threatening (non-preachy!) kinda way. And, it’s a great way to include the kids in building a healthy lifestyle from the start.

  55. Grok-tini-design a primal cocktail that is both delicious and full of antioxidants.

  56. I’d like to see people post the best options for dining out primally in their area. I’m on the go frequently these days, and it takes a lot of time to research where I can eat.

  57. Share a picture of your Primal Organic Garden.

    What better way to make sure you are eating the freshest organic produce than by growing it yourself! Everyone can participate, whether they have a few herbs growing in their apartment or what looks like a farm in their backyard!

  58. Dining Out: Primal Style

    Fairly simple, we can’t all cook all our meals all the time. But pretty much every restaurant can have SOMETHING you can order/modify to make it primal. So we can pose a simple question:

    “What’s your favorite restaurant, and what do you order there to make it Primal?”

  59. Educate..
    Stop someone on the street, supermarket, kid’s school, or anywhere just spread the word about primal living and what it’s all about. i.e. A brief explanation about how your diet is mostly fat and your loosing weight or why you look like your having the time of your life doing or goofy workout. Or for those of us that have those “toe shoe thingies” how Grok didn’t have arch support so why should I. Just educate someone every chance you get.

  60. Lets keep it simple.
    Post a picture of your primal plunge. Save this contest to the end of the month so the water has a chance to get colder. Also you could make sure to include your primal friends in the plunge.

  61. pick an animal, list all the different ways you prepare/serve that animal adhering to primal cooking. winner drawn at random from everyone that enters.
    the point… a hell of a lot of ideas for cooking whatever you can get your hands on.

  62. Contact at least one mainstream advocate of CW eating habits or a “fad diet” promoter and present your arguments for primal living. The more convicing your data and direct the contact the better but a simple email outlining the main points will at least give your “opponent” something to think about.

  63. Submit a picture of your Grok-ified fridge! Perhaps a video of you explaining the contents Of the fridge as well.

  64. A Grok Arts Contest:

    Create an artistic piece that symbolizes, represents, conveys the essence or certain aspects of primal living. It can be one or all or some combination of the following: visual (sketch, paint, creative movement, sculpture), audio (musical or spoken word), or literary (fiction, poetry, drama).

    Rationale: The arts are a powerful medium to metaphorically represent concepts and life in general. Metaphors promote transfer of learning into long-term memory.

    1. I decided to post my idea before looking at any others, and then I saw two comments above mine the idea of cave paintings. I assure all that I did not build off that in any way.

  65. Design a primal based award to giveaway for another contest. Utilize something Primal, make it into a Trophy and offer it for another contest.

  66. Convince a friend or loved one to go 100% primal for a week, and then report back the results.

  67. Dressed up like Grok or Grokette (you know – loin cloth, spear(okay maybe not the spear), barefoot) attempt to get on the local news by handing out primal snacks/food at lunch time in the downtown of your city. Tell people how you are promoting a heatlhy lifestyle and raising awareness of getting back to more simple, healthier foods.


  68. We’ve all read, seen, and been inspired by others’ primal success stories. People have lost ridiculous amounts of weight, rid themselves of various medications, and gotten leaner and stronger.
    But what about those who’s #1 goal is not weight-loss or drastic fitness improvements, but simply improvements of their day to day lives?
    For this contest, people could share how implementing one or more of the 10 PB laws improves their day-to-day life.

  69. I don’t know if this is lopsided (more for parents) but I’d love to see ideas of primal parenting!

    -kids being primal
    -love the art ideas…and so would my kids!
    -kids favorite primal dish
    -kids cooking/baking/eating primal

  70. Submit five completely primal entrees from your favorite chain restaurants. The submitted entrees may not contain major substitutions. The list with the most variety, appeal, and flavor wins!

  71. A primal holiday contest.

    I suggest the date of June 21 – summer solstice. It is the longest day in the year (daylight minutes). That provides maximum opportunity for contestants to utilize the whole day for activities or celebrations that embody the primal lifestyle.

  72. day of random kindness – primal style. do something for someone else – cook some primal snacks for your neighbors you don’t know. donate some primal food to the homeless shelter. get some friends involved in some fitness activity. spend a day serving others.

  73. How about a contest to create a completely primal Thanksgiving menu? Requirements would be 1 meat entree, 2 veggie side dishes, 1 fruit dish and 1 dessert. Of course that would be the bare minimum, one could come up with more than 1 or 2 of each of the above items. And submit 1 recipe for 1 of the items in your Thanksgiving menu.

    1. Or instead of Thanksgiving (for those in other countries) how about for any holiday family get-together type meal. 🙂

  74. Make a difference.

    Talk/call/write to five places (shops, restaurants, libraries etc) and kindly ask if they could stock grass-fed beef / organic nuts / serve butter instead of margarine / sell primal books. Make a list of your five. If hundreds or thousands of people will do it, something ought to happen.

    1. The one above (make a difference by five a day) was me, I wasn’t signed in properly.

  75. Subversive Primal Eating:

    Cook a primal dinner, lunch, etc for unsuspecting CW-loving friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors without telling them that it was healthy, primal, fat-filled meal until after they have eaten. Report back what you cooked and the results. Did they miss the carbs? Love the fat? Impressed by the freshness and variety of vegetables? Incredulous that the delicious and satisfying meal they just ate was actually good for them?

    1. Maybe “Subversive Primal Meal-sharing.” I’ve done this quite a few times.

    2. this is what i was thinking but i would expand it more as part of a project. i think all the MDA readers are trying to share this life with someone special. maybe a family member who you know is headed down a bad path, or a co worker who is almost there but has chosen to follow a less efficient path.
      sneak them a great primal meal with out telling them. and invite them to a simple PB activity (the possibilities are endless). then add this to a diary of your quest to get them on the right path. admit the struggles you have in dealing with them.
      changing peoples minds is difficult and takes time.
      this is communal. it is primal. and very organic.

  76. Primal Improv Workout:

    Takes picturesof, or just describe, a quick primal workout you did with things not intended for exercise use. For example, tree branch pull-ups, Grok crawl with sledgehammer in hand, tire throwing, and chasing a chicken around the yard for agility/conditioning.

  77. Show us your best primal dessert. Recipe with instructions. Pictures would be optional. How many people are holding on to a great recipe or six that could be shared. Who doesn’t love discovering new primal treats.

  78. Come up with Grok’s tribal chant or music! All primitive peoples express themselves through music somehow! It was certainly a part of Grok’s life!

  79. A joke contest!

    Q: What did cavemen use to get to the moon?
    A: A Grok-it!

  80. Find Grok in nature.

    Find something in nature that resembles Grok and take a picture of it. This applies to challenges 8 and 10 (the later since it may take some creativity to hunt for Grok outdoors. Kind of like a Where’s Waldo), but can incorporate almost an of the other challenges. Are you taking a long hike through the woods and see Grok in a tree? Then you’re meeting challenge 3. How about you are sleeping outside and wake up to a Grok-shaped cloud floating by overhead? There’s challenge number 6 for you.

  81. find somewhere in nature thats been undisturbed, away from civilisation, take a picture and describe how that place made you feel

  82. Awesome contest ideas! Here’s mine! The contest is titled: overcoming your pinch point!

    It’s centered around the simple, yet profound challenge of engaging in and accomplishing some primal related activity a person was afraid or hesitant to do!

    The contest is a written, 100 words or less description of what a person did, why they feared /hesitated doing it, and what they learned afterwards!

    For example, a person could push themselves to try a new/scary workout or excercise (like a muscle up for me personally) or a new primal dish (like bone marrow or organ meats)!

    Often our fear of the new and/or challenging prevents us from discovering how truly capable we are! This challenge is all about facilitating the breakthrough moment!

  83. Go for a long walk like the groks use to back in the day and report back how it made you feel.

  84. Contest: Making our teens go primal.
    Many of us parents find it a real challenge to make the primal blueprint a way of living also for our teenage offspring (isn’t it so Mark?). Being a teenager is usually a non-primal thing. or is it?
    tell us ideas, sites or things that will help our teenager embrace the primal way.

  85. Contest: How has your point of view changed?

    In a few words, explain how you differently view people / places / things since going primal. do you see dogs as an alternate food source? Do you size up people when you first meet them to see if you could out grok-crawl them?

  86. How about PB inspired spoof songs? Change the lyrics to some well known songs to make a humorous PB interpretation.

    1. oh, we all know who would win that one!!! I bet I’m one of many who can’t wait for his cd release party 😉

  87. Contest: Convert a Friend to Primality

    Share the Good News with someone, have them look over the Primal 101 page(or lend them your Primal Blueprint) and when they’re onboard…have them post on MDA the person’s name they credit to showing them the way!

  88. Write a short essay (say, 250-500 words) on the subject of a particularly difficult, but also exceptionally worthwhile, change you’ve made in the interest of more primal living.

  89. Write down the 10 primal laws, Hand them out to strangers in most creative way possible. A la Moses and 10 commandments

  90. How about a “Day of Primal Life” contest where entrants must describe and document (photo, video) a full 24 hours of Primal activity, nutrition, and lifestyle.

  91. Another idea: Primal cave painting. Entrants must submit simple artwork depicting one or more Primal laws or habits.

  92. Primal Contest idea:
    Show the best way everyone can use grains other than eating them. We have to do something with all those crops.

  93. Recruit contest: recruit one or more people over to the “primal side”. Be their “sponsor” when they feel the urge to eat a jelly doughnut. Share the story of how you convinced them to give the PB a try. The story of how you worked together. Also, of course, the recruit’s success story. Not limited to one recruit; if you can swing a whole family, your office buddies, etc, well then all the better!

  94. Short answer Contest:

    What is the most bizarre thing (by CW standards)you did after going primal? ie.

    When I was feeding my pet Sugar Glider freeze-dried mealworms I actually ate one myself. (true story BTW)

  95. I know I’m too late for the contest, but here’s an idea anyway.

    We all know that Grok was just one member of his tribe and the tribe would never survive without everyone pitching in. So go out and volunteer to do something primal. Lift heavy things for a food pantry, sprint after blowing trash in a park, move slowly for a fundraiser walk. Anything that helps our fellow tribes-folk.

  96. A Primal FlashMob! Get as many people as possible to secretly congregate in a crowded public place and start doing a circuit of primal exercises: air squats, pushups, burpees, etc.

  97. how about creating a Grok dream/vision board and taking a photo of it…a poster board full of images, words, drawings, etc to describe the type of primal life we are currently living and hope to live in the future… food, travel, goals, accomplishments, and more.

  98. I like the T-shirt idea.

    How about a T-shirt logo and motto- something short and catchy.

  99. I love what John Durant from calls ‘The Tom Sawyer workout’- basically taking a chore and making it into an opportunity. I would love to know how other Groks apply this in their primal lives.

    I, for one, have started thinking about how I can change some of my activities (example moving hay bales for my horses), and make them into a more primal activity, and less of a chore!

  100. How about a cooking contest? People can submit their favorite primal recipes.

  101. Primal Contest: Learn how to make a bow drill set (It’s a friction fire method,) and film yourself getting a fire for time.

  102. “My Perfect Primal Day” – in 500 words or less, tell us about your most perfect primal day, whether imagined or real. This is a combination of a ceative writing challenge (how well can you capture the spirit of what it means to be Primal) and the story you tell – how many of the things that are great about Primal living your day contains.

  103. Grok Rock! Write a Primal filk (take a popular song and change the lyrics)

  104. Know it’s too late too win, but I still want to share. What I would love to see is an “Ultimate Guide to Primal Party Planning”. All different kinds of holidays… these seem to be some of the hardest times to resist temptation. But a party planning guide (especially exciting due to the diverse MDA collective members) that covers various holidays, birthday, wedding and other special occasion events. The contest would invite MDA devotees to share their favorite recipe, activity and decorating ideas- all primal of course. Please Mark and Worker Bees please! We love your guidance!

  105. Share your favorite primal quote. So, a ‘real’ quote from someone other than yourself (like from a book, movie, etc–not just something you made up), that happens to relate to primal living in some manner.

  106. How about a contest where people describe an experience where they avoided a stupid mistake (or were able to recover from it).