Contest: Be Featured in the Upcoming Book The Primal Teen

The Primal TeenWhen you guys ask, I certainly try my very best to deliver. Within the Primal community there’s been a growing demand for information about the differences between being a Primal man and woman, like the effects of fasting, battling cellulite, and dealing with menopause. As many of you know, my wife Carrie began her research on the topic and we are eagerly bringing you Primal Woman mid-next year.

However, is there another group of individuals I’ve left out? What about teenagers? I’m sure you all remember growing up and dealing with new hormones, peer pressure, and the opposite sex. Heck, if you can’t remember that far back, you probably have some youngsters of your own going through these issues as we speak.

If listening to mom tell them what to eat isn’t sticking, and The Primal Blueprint is too big of an undertaking at their age, you’ll be as excited as I am about our latest addition to Primal Blueprint Publishing, The Primal Teen: A Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle Survival Guide for the Modern Girl currently being written by Leslie Klenke. (Don’t worry; she will deliver a Primal Teen for boys next, but ladies first!)

Leslie and Mark at PrimalCon OxnardI had the pleasure of meeting Leslie at PrimalCon Oxnard back in April of this year. Shortly thereafter, she stopped by the offices in Malibu and pitched her idea for The Primal Teen. I know there is a large audience for this kind of content and trusted right away that Leslie was the right person for the job. She truly presents the information I have shared with you all in The Primal Blueprint in a voice that any teen girl will relate to. (It’s even an excellent refresher course for adults – think CliffsNotes for a woman at any age.) Leslie has left no topic uncovered: the 10 Primal Laws, meal and fitness plans, puberty, motivation, DIY recipes and beauty products, and the reason I’m coming to you today – teen success stories.

In order for Leslie to share all of your truly inspiring teen success stories, she needs a way to collect them first. When she asked me to reach out to Mark’s Daily Apple readers, I was more than happy to share her request and get your Primal teenage daughters involved in this project. Whether your daughter has been Primal alongside you since you started or if she’s just now getting her toes wet, this could be her opportunity to get published and share her story with millions of other teens facing the same challenges.

The Prize:

Fame, riches, notoriety. Kidding, of course. But this is your chance to be featured in the upcoming book The Primal Teen. Share your story with thousands of other teens so they can learn from what you’ve already accomplished. This is an opportunity to change lives and help people. I’d say that’s prize enough, but hey, you’ll get free copies of the book for friends and family, too, of course!

You’ll also be entered to win the regular Share You Success Story contest prize package: 2 PaleoKrunch Samplers, 2 Steve’s Club Samplers, 2 Seasonal Samplers, 2 PaleoChef Samplers, 2 Sauce Samplers, a 10 meter Blackthorn Battle Rope, a Blackthorn Sling Trainer, Nick’s Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, and a Primal Essentials Kit.

The Contest:

Share your Primal teen success story by filling out this form.


You must be a teen (between 13-19 years old), and a girl. No middle aged guys dressed in a wig and makeup.

The Deadline:

October 7, midnight PDT. Less than two weeks away!

How the Winners Will Be Determined:

Leslie, myself and the Primal Blueprint Publishing team will choose select stories to be featured in the book.

To track all the contests visit the 2013 Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Contest Page for daily updates.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Considering the reduction in sugar cravings, acne and cramps I’ve had since going primal, I only wish I had known about it as a teenager…

    1. That’s interesting….

      I wish I had known about it too. I wonder if it would have made a difference.

      1. I suspect it would depend on who gave the book to you. A parent? In my case forget it. CW nerds from hell. A friend? Probably would’ve read and accepted it… Imagine the difference it could’ve made… boggles the mind.

    2. You know, I’ve said the same thing to myself as I’ve been writing The Primal Teen! Think of all the yo-yo dieting and setbacks we could have bypassed with this kind of information at our fingertips at such an a young age. Moving forward, I hope this new generation has all the tools they need to be healthy and happy adults!

  2. I will be looking forward to the book. Both of my children are girls, age 11 and 19, and neither one of them is primal. Thankfully the older one has moved past her vegetarian phase. I’ve been nudging the younger one in the right direction, but it’s slow going. This book could be quite helpful.

    1. Man, can’t wait for the one about teen guys. If they publish that one before 2015, I might have a chance to be in it! A hearty shout out to any other Primal teens here on MDA! Grok on.

      1. ninjainshadows, I will start the guy’s book the end of this year or early next year, so you’ll definitely have an excellent shot at having your story published! Be sure to check back on MDA or email me directly at [email protected]

        1. Can’t wait for the boys’ book!!!! We are paleo and I have two boys (6 and 9) it would be GREAT to have a book for my oldest as he wonders why he is the only kid at school with vegetables in his lunch. And it would be wonderful if someone other than ME could explain this to him.

    2. b2curious, I myself was vegetarian for a year before going Primal and know from experience what a difference the transition from a life of beans and tofu to steak and veggies can make – internally and externally! I hope my book speaks to your girls 🙂

  3. I just want to know if you plan to cover teens that are primal, and living with families that are not primal? I think it is a very important topic to cover. What are teens supposed to do when their mom’s keep serving them spaghetti, or nachos?

    1. wynn, I definitely cover this topic, as many people under one roof often have different dietary needs or preferences. However, it can be tricky if the parents or caretakers strongly disagree with a choice that a teen wants to make for fear that “too much fat is dangerous” or “that you absolutely need whole grains in your diet”. Sometimes it’s just a matter of educating the parents as well. I really believe that if we can help everyone understand the science behind the Primal lifestyle, that we can all at least come to an understanding on it – weather that means everyone partaking in the lifestyle or not.

  4. OMG as an author for teens I am SO EXCITED for this!!!!!! AWESOME!!!

  5. I’ll be placing it on my girl’s bookshelf as soon as it is released…she’s 8 months old right now so no rush

    1. I’m so excited for both of these books. My daughter has had a HUGE transformation since going primal. Overall appearance & health (physical & emotional) are amazing. She had borderline severe cystic acne & it’s gone. She was so tired she had difficulty going to school (needed 16 hours of sleep a day) & a short slow walk was barely doable. Perhaps she had chronic fatigue syndrome but we didn’t go as far as a diagnosis. She still needs about 10 hours of sleep a day but now has a pep in her step & I can’t keep up with her. Life changing. I’d love for her to submit her story.

      1. momupthecreek, what an incredible difference! Yes, please be sure she submits her story! I’m so excited to see all the changes these young girls are able to make in their lives. It’s going to be really powerful!

    2. Maybe you should wait because by the time she’s a teen there may be an updated hardcover edition or pdf

  6. I’m 17 and have been visiting this site and wanted to go primal for about a year now. Unfortunately my mum’s having none of it! When I finally move out one day, I can eat the way I want but until then I’ll just have to educate myself as much as possible, will definitely buy this book when it comes out!

    1. I’ve been primal for a little more than a year now and am 17. Your mom seriously doesn’t let you take care of your own diet? That’s… stupid. I’m so sorry for you. If you had a weight problem, ed or only wanted to eat crap food I’d see the point, but that… Wow.
      Why let her stop you, though? You can eat whatever you want! She can’t monitor everything you eat, neither can she force you to eat grains, processed crap, legumes and all the things we know are bad for you.

      You go girl 🙂

      1. Stupid? I think that’s a bit harsh.
        First, there could be genuine concern for her health, considering primal diet contains everything they’ve been told is bad for us all their lives (high fat, saturated fat, lots of eggs, red meat…) well everything except sugar.
        My mom would be shocked if she knew I eat eggs for breakfast every day now…
        Second, there can be practical reasons like food budget or the prospect of having to cook separate dinners.

        Fluorescent Adolescent, good for you that you are educating yourself! You’ll be ready for the day you are completely in charge of your lifestyle.
        In the meantime, try to make the best of the situation. No-one can force you to drink soda or fruit juice instead of water or unsweetened tea and both are practically for free.
        If you have some money to spend (parttime job or allowance) you can buy some of your own food (extra protein, an avocado for good fat, etc) Maybe you can influence your family’s grocery list a bit. Suggest a side salad for a high-carb dish, offer to whip up a quick dressing (olive oil w. (balsamic) vinegar or lemon juice) instead of grabbing the bottled concoctions. Would your mom give it a second thought if you prefer mixed nuts over potato chips or popcorn as a snack?
        Good luck!

        I am curious about the book, I hope it will adress these issues and coping strategies for these situations tailored to the different reasons behind the parents refusal/reluctance.

        1. oh, and make the most of the other lifestyle factors: sleep, play, daily dose of sun etc. You may have more influence in these areas than you think!

        2. Feather, great feedback for these girls! And yes, it will cover reasons ranging from fear and the parents just not understanding the science behind the lifestyle, to money/budgeting issues, to ethnic and/or religious reasons, and beyond.

      2. People, I’m not saying her mother is stupid. Please don’t get me wrong. I was talking about the situation, relax.

    2. I’m sure your mom wants what is best for you & her only reluctance is the fear of the unknown. Maybe this upcoming book will give her the assurance she needs to let you go primal. There has been so many fad ‘diets’ that turned out to be bad for you that she’s being cautious. Ask her if she’s open to learning more about it. Good luck!!

    3. Fluorescent Adolescent, I think this book will be a great tool for you and your mum! Be patient with her, just as you expect her to be patient with you. She just loves you and wants you to be safe! The more she understands about the lifestyle, the more I’m sure she’ll be open to it 🙂

  7. Can college students enter? I’m in college, but still 19. That book looks awesome! Now we need one for college students!

  8. Great Idea! I can hit my son over the head with the book & then force primal food down him while he’s unconscious. Daughter – on board, Wife – slowly coming around. Son – Meh!

    1. WelshGrok, have no fear, the boy’s book is not too far off! And maybe once your son sees some of his sister’s successes, he’ll realize there’s a little something to this “Primal thing” after all 😉

  9. Great idea! My daughter is 14 and went Paleo when I went primal and she is so much happier for it. Her breakouts have all but diminished, her body shape has changed so much! She feels so much better about herself and looks amazing! I am so proud of her for tackling her body weight and image with a healthy course of action and thrilled that she is learning tools that she can carry with her for the rest of her life.

    I am encouraging her to enter


    1. I hope you cover eating disorders. .. as the mother of a recovering anorexic who was at deaths door last year there is a whole other dynamic… no food is bad food is one of the cornerstones of recovery. . So I have to butt out as the one one on the ‘ wierd diet’… nothing like having the finger pointed as to having caused her illness too. I see her classic SAD related issues but just have to keep it to myself. .. sooo frustrating. ..

      1. sarah, eating disorders are covered in my book. I’m so sorry to hear what you and your family have gone though and to have the finger pointed at you for your “weird diet” is heartbreaking. I think taking a step back and looking at this simply as a whole foods diet without processed junk is hard to argue with. However, I do understand the delicacy of the emotional side of eating disorders and really try to touch on that. With ED, at the end of the day it’s more about having the power over something as opposed to a problem with food. I hope you and your daughter are finding the love and understanding it takes to overcome a problem like this.

    2. Brick, that’s so amazing to hear! I hope she does enter, it sounds like she’s made such an incredible and empowering difference in her life. Her story could help other girls that were once in her shoes 🙂

  10. Although I am a teensy bit bummed that I missed the cut off for inclusion in the book by a couple of years (I’m 22), I am still so thankful to have found this way of life while I’m still quite young. I’m coming up on two years primal and have never been healthier or happier!

  11. There are a gudjillion primal paleo books all over my house but I’m the only one who reads them. Everyone else, wife and teenagers, completely ignore it and plow down the pizza pills soda and cereal. I think I need book about Primal Psychology for Teens.

    1. Carl, this book covers all aspects of the Primal lifestyle – not just diet and exercise. I think it could be a beneficial read for your teens!

  12. I am so excited about this book!!! I went Primal a few years ago with great success, but when I lost my dad it was hard to maintain. One thing I did achieve–the complete conversion of my teenage daughter to the primal lifestyle. She is now my partner in getting back on the horse. I can’t wait to tell her this book is coming out!

    Thank you!!

    1. Randi Smith, sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Large emotional setbacks can certainly derail us. Congrats on the success of helping your teen daughter, though! You should take much pride in that 🙂 And a good partner in crime is the exact thing we need to get back at it sometimes. I wish you both luck! If she meets the age requirements, have her submit her story!

  13. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the positive feedback so far. This book has been a joy to write (almost done!) and I can’t wait to share it with you all! I’m so excited to read the success stories and share them with the world! Let’s do this together 🙂

  14. I wish I’d known about primal when I was younger. I’ve got a 7 yo daughter who’s still not convinced she can live with out bread. I’ll be buying her this book.