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Contest: Let’s Chat

The Prize:

Let’s talk. Seriously. I’ll call today’s winner.

The Contest:

Tell me why I should call you. Need help with the challenge? Maybe you have unusual obstacles you need to overcome, or you need help tailoring Primal living to the demands of your lifestyle (work, school, location, finances). Or maybe you’ve done great on the challenge and you’re ready to take Primal living to the next level with more specific advice on improving your meals and workout routines. In the comments section of this post, tell me who you are and why you want a one-on-one consultation.

IMPORTANT: Don’t leave your phone number in the comment board. I’ll contact the winner via email for a phone number.


I hesitate to give you a specific example of what I’m looking for or I might see 50 comments emulating exactly that, but I can give you a few tips:


You’ve got to have a phone number.

The Contest End Time:

Midnight, tonight (August 26th)!

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

Executive decision. I’ll pick who I want to call. That’s the winner.

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